Tuesday, 2020-11-24

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ShikadiSo I can compile a module for one machine, but not on another. Same recipe, same kernel, one machine is derived from the other. Only difference I can see is one is 64 bit and the one that doesn't work is 32 bit02:44
ShikadiIt can't find asm/bitsperlong.h for some reason02:44
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sdudehi all, any obvious reason why in a base-files_%.bbappend a do_install_append_my_machine does not get picked up?03:59
sdudea do_install_append does03:59
sdudeand in other recipes do_install_append_my_machine works fine?04:00
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX07:56
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wyrehi everyone, could I fix the colors? https://imgur.com/hYmmNvh.png minicom has -c arg enabled so I guess I need a different PAGER or something like that 🤔08:37
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emriusHello everybody, I need to change the device offset in `/etc/fw_env.config` for u-boot. Is there an environment veriable to do that or to I need to modify the actual file while bitbakeing?09:44
LetoThe2ndemrius: usually you modify/patch uboot09:46
emriusLetoThe2nd: Thanks! Ok, will do09:46
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qschulzemrius: wondering if it's not in libubootenv now though09:49
qschulzcheck with oe-pkgdata-util find-path /etc/fw_env.config09:49
LetoThe2ndqschulz: good point, its always worth checking.09:50
emriusqschulz: Oh, nice!! that comes handy09:51
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emriusqschulz: I didn't know about that tool! That's a killer feature!09:53
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LetoThe2ndnow, somebody mention oe-pkgdata-browser.....09:57
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emriusLetoThe2nd: do you have a session online about these tools?09:58
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LetoThe2ndnope, not explicitly09:59
qschulzAnyone knows from which package I should be able to get libqtquick2plugin.so? I've been told it's part of qtdeclarative but couldn't find it in any of the packages built by that recipe. Note... still on qt5.6.4 (krogoth branch) and cannot upgrade (GPLv3...)10:00
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qschulzJaMa: or khem maybe? ^10:01
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wyrecould you give me a hint of how to deal with systemd colors? because I'm getting the color codes in minicom 😞10:05
wyreand apparently colors cannot be disable in systemctl output10:05
qschulzwyre: I use picocom and use sysv so can't help :/10:07
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wyreqschulz, by default warrior have been built with systemd, which is strange because pyro haven't been10:19
wyreI think this is also a build env var in the building process 🤔10:19
amitk_anybody know if bitbake servers are undergoing any maintenance? linux-yocto-tiny-5.8.18 has been stuck for a few hours10:21
LetoThe2ndamitk_: bitbake servers? linux-yocto-tiny?10:22
rburtonamitk_: fetch, presumably?  control-c and try again?10:28
amitk_LetoThe2nd: core-image-minimal10:30
amitk_rburton: tried Ctrl-C and restart a couple of time on two different machines and it gets stuck on the same package10:31
LetoThe2ndamitk_: it would be really helpful if you tried to formulate a meaningful sentence that we can understand... :/10:32
rburtonbut what is it *doing*10:32
* LetoThe2nd just built core-image-minimal with cold download caches just fine a couple of hours ago10:32
LetoThe2ndrburton: having a beer and listening to metal.10:36
rburtonhalstead: git.yoctoproject.org isn't responding10:37
amitk_rburton: LetoThe2nd: Apologies. :-/ Let's try again. I tried this: https://pastebin.com/bKnr1r9k10:38
halsteadrburton, Checking into it now.10:39
rburtonamitk_: the git server is down, so its probably trying to hit the mirrors at that point10:39
amitk_and I'm stuck at bitbake trying to fetch linux-yocto-tiny-5.8.18.... for a few hours now10:39
amitk_thanks rburton10:39
LetoThe2ndah, the *fetch* was the missing keyword.10:39
LetoThe2ndamitk_: hint: the term bitbake-server actually refers to a process in th build, so if that were under some form of maintenance it would both strange and caused by yourself :)10:40
amitk_LetoThe2nd: thanks for the hint. I should've said git server10:41
qschulzhalstead: hello! git.yoctoproject.org server is down if you didn't already know about it :)10:42
LetoThe2ndamitk_: :)10:42
halsteadThanks qschulz. I just started looking into the problem a moment ago.10:44
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RPhalstead: I also just noticed, my autobuilder keeled over :/10:49
halsteadRP, Unfortunate. I'm forcing a reboot of the VM. I do have a read only mirror ready I can switch to if this doesn't come back up shortly.10:50
LetoThe2ndRP: https://youtu.be/ta-Z_psXODw10:51
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halsteadrburton, qschulz, RP, git services are functional again.10:52
qschulzamitk: test again now :)10:53
qschulzhalstead: thx :)10:53
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amitkthanks for the quick response, qschulz, LetoThe2nd, rburton. Seems to work now.10:54
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RPhalstead: thanks!10:55
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halsteadHappy to get it back up RP. I'm not sure about the cause yet. I see repack processes causing a lot of load.10:56
halsteadThis server will be replaced in the near future.10:57
RPhalstead: I was just thinking about the changes planned and wondering if this was related or not10:57
wyreqschulz, and what about colors in therminal?10:57
RPhalstead: I'm sorry you're  up at this time but having it back is extremely helpful!10:57
halsteadRP, The mirroring is incremental at this point and shouldn't cause trouble. Appears the lots of requests at the same time as running git repack on linux-yocto overloaded this VM.10:59
rburtonhalstead: go to bed now though!11:03
* RP seconds rburton11:04
rburtonwe need that 'remote power switch' thing we discussed earlier11:04
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RPrburton: we are transitioning some of this to other people at the LF FWIW11:04
cengiz_iocan I override variables set in a .class in a different layer?11:05
cengiz_iowithout completely overwriting the bbclass?11:05
cengiz_ioare they global variables?11:05
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RPcengiz_io: in short, yes, usually11:06
halsteadOkay rburton & RP. I've looked at the logs and I don't see anything alarming at the moment.11:06
* halstead heads back to bed.11:06
RPcengiz_io: depends whether the class is globally inherited or recipe specific11:06
rburtonhalstead: g'night11:06
RPhalstead: good plan, sleep well11:06
cengiz_ioRP it comes from AGL, I inherit it indirectly11:07
cengiz_ioand the variables inside have ??= so I guess if my layer's priority is high, these can be overridden by me11:07
qschulzhalstead: night night11:07
rburtoncengiz_io: a distro or recipe can happily override variables in classes if they use ?= or ??=11:09
cengiz_iowhere shoud I put those vars? local.conf?11:10
wyreqschulz, when I use --no-pager in systemd color codes are processed so I guess it has something to do with less (which is the pager that's being used)11:14
qschulzcengiz_io: do you want to modify the variable for all recipes inheriting this class or not?11:14
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cengiz_ioqschulz yep. because the variables are used in many recipes which I don't have control of11:33
cengiz_iohttps://gerrit.automotivelinux.org/gerrit/gitweb?p=AGL/meta-agl.git;a=blob;f=meta-agl-profile-graphical/classes/agl-graphical.bbclass;h=65106db181c634bdf47adcbe7d46215c390f6a15;hb=HEAD to be exact11:34
cengiz_ioqschulz (tty7 is hardcoded but my board has display on tty1)11:34
cengiz_ioI've put them into my local.conf. let's see if it propagates11:36
wyrehow can I check the dependencies for the BSP layer?11:42
dleppichHi, I saw a mechanism in yocto that custom kernel recipes provide configuration changes in ".cfg" files, which are used automatically to create a composed "defconfig" for the kernel to be build. I figured out this behaviour seems to come from the yocto-kernel.bbclass in the poky/meta layer. The function defined there doesn't seem to be used elsewhere. Do you know of any similar mechanism for other recipes, to create a combined configuratio11:48
dleppichI could write something similar like this myself for sure, but I'm quite sure something like this does exist somewhere in Yocto..11:48
qschulzdleppich: just inherit yocto-kernel?11:50
qschulzwyre: you have to be a bit more explicit11:50
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qschulzwyre: easiest way is to have only openembedded-core and you BSP layer and compile until you don't have an error anymore11:50
qschulzcengiz_io: you shouldn't put stuff in your local.conf :)11:51
cengiz_ioqschulz what is the canonical way?11:52
qschulzconsidering how small and easy to maintain this bbclass is, just override the bbclass with yours11:52
qschulzotherwise, if you really only have one machine11:52
cengiz_iowhat if the class gets updated on upstream?11:52
qschulzI would put it into its conf file11:52
qschulzcengiz_io: that's the maintenance burden11:52
cengiz_iomachine conf11:52
dleppichI would like to use a similar mechanism for barebox. I want to have a <whatever>.cfg with some settings changed and add this file to my SRC_URI. I want this file to be processed to create a config file with my changes applied, before building barebox11:52
qschulzwhich you anyway have because you have to override a variable as a whole11:53
wyreqschulz, I need also a distribution layer, don't I?11:53
qschulzcengiz_io: I'm pretty sure the conf files are parsed before the classes so you can just use the same loose assignments11:53
cengiz_iook thanks. I shouldn't use = then11:53
qschulzwyre: poky can give you one, otherwise probably nodistro or maybe your vendor is giving you one already11:54
dleppichSo I want to use this config split stuff, which is done in yocto-kernel, in other use cases, which are not kernel-related at all.11:54
qschulzcengiz_io: you can but I think it's unnecessary11:54
qschulzdleppich: ah... then I don't think it's supported in a class because it's probably specific to the sw you want to build11:54
qschulzthe merging of config fragments is done by scripts in the kernel11:54
qschulzand I doubt the scripts are the same for other pieces of SW11:55
dleppichqschulz: okay, I though a generic version of this merging of config fragments does exist somewhere in yocto maybe :)11:55
qschulzdleppich: maybe but I doubt it, since it cannot be generic as it depends entirely on the merging script used by the SW which to my knowledge isn't generic nor a separate project11:56
dleppichBecause I saw this kind of configuration multiple times already, in different software11:56
qschulzif you manage to make it generic, by all means, send a patch to Yocto :)11:56
cengiz_ioqschulz what about my layer's priority? is 20 a good value?11:56
qschulzdleppich: I think you have this behavior in busybox too11:56
qschulzcengiz_io: I mean... It all depends what you need this priority for?11:56
qschulzthe priority isn't used for conf files or bbclasses11:57
qschulzcengiz_io: BBPATH is what's used for those files' "priority"11:57
cengiz_ioqschulz let's say I need to override a file of a recipe from another layer11:58
cengiz_iothus I create the same path, and put my file there11:58
cengiz_io(specifically a splash screen image)11:58
cengiz_iowhile do_unpack, doesn't it take it by the priority?11:59
*** B0ned1ger <B0ned1ger!~B0ned1ger@82-135-139-249.static.zebra.lt> has joined #yocto12:02
wyreqschulz, https://imgur.com/0bUsAwk.png why is not finding the machine?12:07
dleppichqschulz: Thanks. I had a look into what busybox does and indeed there are minor differences.12:07
dleppichWhen I first thought about this kind of task, my inner code duplication alarm was triggered. But I guess it is fine in this case12:08
wyrethis makes no sense, the layer is included in bblayers.conf and micreogea.conf is inside of meta-engicam/conf/machine folder12:11
wyrewhy is not fetching it?12:11
paulbarkerwyre: What's in layer.conf for that layer?12:11
paulbarkerAlso please use a pastebin rather than sharing an image, we can't search in the text in an image12:11
wyrepaulbarker, http://ix.io/2FiB12:12
paulbarkerwyre: If you set MACHINE back to let's say `qemux86`, can you start a build?12:15
paulbarkerYou can Ctrl+C once it's started and running tasks and share the header printed by bitbake which should say what layers are included12:15
*** davidinux <davidinux!~davidinux@> has quit IRC12:16
qschulzcengiz_io: priority is not in play, you need to create a bbappend for it and prepend to FILESEXTRAPATHS12:16
paulbarkerwyre: Also check the environment variables set in your shell. I've seen silly issues like this when I've moved from one build directory to another and forgot to init the build environment again12:17
carlsb3rgis there anywhere with instructions on how to get grub working without efi? finally come to the conclusion that syslinux is crap12:17
*** davidinux <davidinux!~davidinux@> has joined #yocto12:19
wyrepaulbarker, I've initialized the build environment several times12:19
cengiz_ioqschulz ok thanks.12:20
wyreI'm going to try with quemux8612:20
cengiz_ioqschulz btw is there a log that shows all included files of an image? `require` directives?12:20
cengiz_ioqschulz I think my `require` doesn't do its job recursively.12:20
LetoThe2ndwhere is a short documentation on bb.utils.contains?12:24
*** amitk <amitk!~amit@unaffiliated/amitk> has quit IRC12:34
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paulbarkerLetoThe2nd: http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/poky/tree/bitbake/lib/bb/utils.py#n97012:49
paulbarkerThat's the only docs I know of for that but I may be missing somewhere else, "contains" is hard to grep for12:50
LetoThe2ndpaulbarker: yeah thats the obvious one. nothing more "user friendly", i guess?12:50
wyrepaulbarker, it seems to be something in the build folder, I've created another one and it's building 🤔12:50
qschulzcengiz_io: do you override a file defined in SRC_URI or a file that is require/include in the recuipe?12:53
cengiz_ioqschulz to be clear, this is a completely different question. "btw is there a log that shows all included files of an image? `require` directives?"12:53
cengiz_ioqschulz overriding a splash logo is done, thanks to your help12:54
RobertBerger@LetoThe2nd: http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/poky/tree/bitbake/lib/bb/utils.py#n970 Oida!12:54
paulbarkerRP: If I want to check the test matrix should I be looking at the `yocto-autobuilder-helper` repo? Or is it documented somewhere else12:54
RobertBergerpaul was faster ;)12:54
*** otavio <otavio!~otavio@debian/developer/otavio> has quit IRC12:54
qschulzcengiz_io: what exactly is your issue or what do you want to check?12:55
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away12:55
LetoThe2ndRobertBerger: OIDA!12:56
*** otavio <otavio!~otavio@191-221-68-106.user3p.brasiltelecom.net.br> has joined #yocto12:57
*** otavio <otavio!~otavio@debian/developer/otavio> has joined #yocto12:57
paulbarkerRP: I've also noticed that `opensuseleap-15.1` is listed in SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS but not 15.2 which was released in July12:57
RPpaulbarker: config.json in -helper12:59
RPpaulbarker: we're forgotten to update. Master has fedora33 now too12:59
*** otavio <otavio!~otavio@debian/developer/otavio> has quit IRC13:03
wyreqschulz, what's exactly the distro for? I mean, ... I'd like to build a minimal system, I'm not sure what I need this fsl-bsp-release13:04
wyrecould I build the system with nodistro and don't use this layer?13:04
*** manuel1985 <manuel1985!~manuel@213-147-162-254.nat.highway.bob.at> has quit IRC13:07
cengiz_ioqschulz nevermind. I'd better ask it on #automotive13:08
paulbarkerRP: I see there's an opensuse 15.2 worker listed on https://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/typhoon/#/workers13:10
*** otavio <otavio!~otavio@debian/developer/otavio> has joined #yocto13:10
paulbarkerThe fedora 33 worker looks to be paused13:11
paulbarkerI'm happy to send a patch to update poky.conf if those are both now tested distros on the autobuilder13:11
*** peterk <peterk!~peterk@> has joined #yocto13:13
RPpaulbarker: f33 was paused as we've had issues with it but those issues should be resolved now, I will unpause when the changes in maser-next merge13:15
*** JPEW <JPEW!~JPEW@2605:a601:ac3d:c100:e3e8:d9:3a56:e27d> has quit IRC13:19
paulbarkerRP: Ok, I can send a patch to update SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS for master13:21
RPpaulbarker: sounds good thanks13:22
*** otavio <otavio!~otavio@debian/developer/otavio> has quit IRC13:23
qschulzwyre: which layer are you talking about?13:24
qschulzwyre: also, please have a look at the Youtube tutorials available on the YoctoProject youtube channel, there are some you'll probably find interest in :)13:24
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*** otavio <otavio!~otavio@debian/developer/otavio> has joined #yocto13:24
wyreqschulz, ty, I'm reading the "Embedded Linux System with the Yocto Project" but I'll take into account your suggestion 😄13:27
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zandreyquestion to the general audience, hope that someone could lead me into a right direction: my image installs a single package from linux-firmware (namely: linux-firmware-imx-sdma-imx7d), it is pulled via MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS. It all goes well, and rootfs does contain only that firmware requested. When however, I do set 'dev-pkgs' in IMAGE_FEATURES - I get *all* firmware files installed into rootfs, even though they were not requested.14:46
zandreyLooking at the linux-firmware recipe, I saw that linux-firmware-dev package is indeed present because PACKAGES are set with =+14:47
zandreyif i try to "remove" -dev by explicitly saying PACKAGES = "${PN} <with long list follows>" and have 'dev-pkgs' still enabled - I do not get any firmware package installed from linux-firmware (linux-firmware-imx-sdma-imx7d is totally missing).14:49
zandreyit looks to me as once 'dev-pkgs' is there - you get *all* firmware files as if you request to install linux-firmware "meta" package, and removing -dev gives nothing at all.14:51
*** ericch <ericch!~ericch@pool-108-34-251-214.prvdri.fios.verizon.net> has joined #yocto14:53
zandreyah, the question: does it makes sense to have -dev for firmware-only package, and why if 'dev-pkgs' is set and -dev is not omitted - main package (or package from split) is not getting installed?14:53
zandreys/is not omitted/is omitted/14:54
*** zyga <zyga!~zyga@unaffiliated/zyga> has quit IRC14:55
qschulzzandrey: ${PN}-dev RDEPENDS on ${PN} by default14:58
qschulzlinux-firmware actually RRECOMMENDS **all** firmware packages14:58
qschulzso, it's correct14:58
qschulzone way would be to either remove the RDEPENDS from -dev to normal package (but meh...)14:59
tlwoerneranyone else seeing: "libgomp: Thread creation failed: Resource temporarily unavailable"?15:00
*** rob_w <rob_w!~bob@unaffiliated/rob-w/x-1112029> has quit IRC15:03
tlwoerneri can work around this problem if i set the "threads" and "parallel" explicitly15:04
*** grembeter <grembeter!c108287e@> has joined #yocto15:10
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zandreyqschulz: thanks! this chain i've traced down already. but that does not explain why if i say i want just one specific package from split, and "meta" package does not have associated -dev - split package is not getting installed.15:16
zandreydoes it relates to RRECOMMENDS in this case?15:16
*** otavio <otavio!~otavio@> has joined #yocto15:17
*** otavio <otavio!~otavio@debian/developer/otavio> has joined #yocto15:17
zandreymeaning: no ${PN}-dev means - no ${PN}, so no ${PN}-<split>15:17
*** roussinm <roussinm!~mroussin@bras-base-qubcpq0336w-grc-33-174-93-106-232.dsl.bell.ca> has joined #yocto15:22
*** TPRoberts <TPRoberts!2530e502@> has joined #yocto15:31
qschulzyes to your last sentence15:35
qschulzoh... just re-read and forgot to finish the different things you could do :p15:36
qschulzyou could also add NO_RECOMMENDATIONS = "1" to a conf file or your image recipe but that also mneans absolutely no recommendations15:36
zandreyqschulz: got it. thanks for your advise on the options i have at hands.15:39
zandreyi'd have a look at how to ease those requirements though, since i still do not get why if -dev is not there (omitted or absent) - ${PN} is not getting installed if it is listed in recommendations. this might fire back at some allarch packages, since there are examples there where PACKAGES are defined with =, effectively excluding -dev from being created. If then 'dev-pkgs' are defined by the user - some allarch would disappear from the rootfs, leaving user15:43
zandreyto figure out how this had happened.15:43
zandreygot 2 go now, thanks for help though! (y)15:43
*** zandrey <zandrey!~zandrey@> has quit IRC15:43
LetoThe2ndtime to find a drink and get comfy, we'll be live in 15 minutes at: https://www.twitch.tv/theyoctojester15:44
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moto-timozeddii: https://github.com/moto-timo/meta-virtualization/tree/timo/k3s-wip including 1.19.4+k3s1 and k9s 0.24.116:12
moto-timozeddii: I think the root cause of CrashLoopBackOff is in containerd, but still troubleshooting16:13
qschulzLetoThe2nd: missing s in bb.util16:36
zeddiiI have more commits to push to the wip branch eventually, but didn't get much done yesterday.16:36
zeddiimoto-timo, perphaps, but I ran containerd images manually, so it is at least smoke-test sane16:37
*** frsc <frsc!~frsc@p50937620.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has quit IRC16:39
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: I also like oe-pkgdata-util lookup-recipe <package-name> because sometimes the packagename is not derived from the recipe name16:45
qschulzfray: no it's pretty old, we have it in thud16:45
qschulzmaybe even in krogoth16:45
frayI knew there was a library called that -- but I didn't remember this interface..16:46
frayya, it must be browser I'm thinking of..16:47
qschulzfray: didn't have the chance to play with this yet :p16:47
frayya, I havn't either.. saw it in the Dunfell or Gatesgarth release notes..16:48
qschulzLetoThe2nd: joined mid stream :( completely forgot about it16:48
LetoThe2ndqschulz: no problem, glad you've been around - and helpful as ever!16:48
*** dleppich <dleppich!~Thunderbi@p5098be52.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has quit IRC16:49
qschulzLetoThe2nd: Looking forward to watching the recording :)16:51
qschulzLetoThe2nd: good idea for multiconfig, it's used more and more it seems (or at least more and more people have questions about it)16:51
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moto-timozeddii: I'm still also seeing a lot of thrash creating the veth devices17:05
*** zyga-mbp <zyga-mbp!~zyga@unaffiliated/zyga> has joined #yocto17:05
moto-timozeddii: I'm building an image without k3s and am going to attempt to install using their scripts... although perhaps that is just madness17:05
zeddiialready did that.17:05
zeddiisame result for me.17:05
zeddiicore-image-full-cmdline + I think a couple of extra things, had enough to run their scripts.17:06
zeddiiit was either curl or wget I added, IIRC.17:06
*** junland <junland!~junland@> has quit IRC17:07
moto-timozeddii: ok... so much for that idea17:07
zeddiimight work differently for you. I though the same thing, rule out our image and utilities.17:07
moto-timozeddii: maybe go back to 1.18.x ? was 1.19.x the beginning of the troubles?17:07
*** yann <yann!~yann@> has quit IRC17:08
zeddii1.18 didn't work either, but for different reasons.17:08
zeddiiauthentications stuff, but I don't remember the crash backoff17:08
moto-timozeddii: PITA because I can't get any logs, the symlink to /var/volatile is invalid17:08
zeddiiwhich is what I was saying on the mailing list thread. We need to fixup the logs, but I didn't get the right image features yet, or am somehow messing it up.17:09
moto-timoand I don't exactly know what the 'journalctl -u k3s' is telling me17:09
zeddiiyah, kinda garbage in that.17:09
zeddiiI asked for the image definition that the so-called 'working results' are from :D17:09
moto-timoand google search is useless... the symptoms point to stupid things like selinux (not)17:09
zeddiiand didn't get anything, but it just shows that I need to persist on this and get my packagegroups merged.17:09
zeddiiso that these are not just buildable, but still garbage dumps.17:10
moto-timoat least I am doing the happy dance to have k9s building and working17:10
moto-timosaves a lot of 'kubectl describe pod foo -n kube-system' typing17:10
zeddiihah. I'm in the thousands on that!17:11
*** manuel1985 <manuel1985!~manuel@> has joined #yocto17:11
zeddiiand on my builder that takes a while to come back.17:11
*** B0ned1ger <B0ned1ger!~B0ned1ger@82-135-139-249.static.zebra.lt> has quit IRC17:11
*** B0ned1ger <B0ned1ger!~B0ned1ger@82-135-139-249.static.zebra.lt> has joined #yocto17:11
moto-timoI was debating about opening an issue on k3s github, but then I go in circles trying to figure out what logs they might want to see17:13
moto-timoand then have them say "that's a containerd thing" or "that's a cni thing"17:14
zeddiiin my experience, they just ask a couple of questions, hear that it isn't a known distro and stop answering it, or close it.17:14
moto-timowhich is probably sane on their part17:14
zeddiiyah. I can't throw any stones on that front. I'd do the same.17:14
zeddiiI love the bots that come around and close old issues because they are old.17:14
zeddiiWe need a bot to do that!17:14
zeddii(that would get rid of half my bugzilla's)17:15
moto-timolol... instead of the bug triage "bump it" every two years?17:15
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OutBackDingomoto-timo: be nice if it was in the recipes... k9s17:21
*** vineela <vineela!~vtummala@> has joined #yocto17:22
moto-timoOutBackDingo: I just need to sort out why protobuf keeps not being able to be removed... file permissions issue17:23
moto-timoOutBackDingo: I will absolutely be contributing it to meta-virt17:23
moto-timoERROR: Command '['rm', '-rf', '/srv/build/ttorling/build-ypdd-virt/build/tmp-k3s-host/work/core2-64-poky-linux/k9s/0.24.1+gitAUTOINC+68981ff500-r0/build/pkg']' returned non-zero exit status 1.17:24
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Guest25560qschulz: its in qtdeclarative-qmlplugins17:30
qschulzGuest25560: thx, it turns out you need opengl enabled to have qtdelcarative compile it17:30
qschulzGuest25560: and we don't want to enable it, so we just got rid of this dependency :)17:30
Guest25560thats right17:31
Guest25560are you using eglfs ?17:31
*** Guest25560 is now known as khem17:31
*** khem <khem!khemmatrix@unaffiliated/khem> has joined #yocto17:32
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qschulzkhem: I don't want GPU support :)17:46
*** warthog9 <warthog9!warthog9@proxy.monkeyblade.net> has joined #yocto17:46
khemopengl distro_feature does not necessarily mean you need dedicated GPU17:49
fraycorrect.. that is a setting within mesa, weston or...17:50
qschulzkhem: don't want the DISTRO_FEATURES :)17:54
qschulzwe are size constrained quite a lot and this DISTRO_FEATURES is usually pulling a lot17:55
qschulz(through "dynamic" PACKAGECONFIGs)17:55
frayI've found that things that say they want opengl are usually not appropriate for constrained systems.. :)  (i.e. they have heavy graphic needs)17:56
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dv|2mc in yocto always says "7-bit ASCII mode". Why?19:37
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khemdv|2:  perhaps missing UTF-8 charsets ?21:42
dv|2khem, systemd-localed is there and localectl reports System Locale: LANG=en_US.UTF-8.terminal works with utf821:44
dv|2mc won't set utf8 in "Display bits". it always changed back to 7-bit ascii on startup21:45
kheminteresting does mc have some locale bits parted into its own packages that are needed on target I wonder21:49
dv|2khem, it detects terminal as 7-bit. I think, it is not about the locale files...21:51
khemit is related, can you try `export LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8 `  and then launch mc21:53
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dv|2khem. It detected UTF-8! But the problem in pseudographics stays the same21:55
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smurraydv|2: might be terminfo related instead of locale22:03
dv|2smurray, how can I detect that?22:03
smurraydv|2: from a quick look at the recipe it RDEPENDS on ncurses-terminfo-base, you might need ncurses-terminfo as well if you're using a minimal image22:06
smurraydv|2: the other thing I've seen is that for things like screen or tmux, you might need to tweak things to get a terminfo that matches the default TERM setting22:07
smurraydv|2: worth seeing what TERM is, and perhaps trying e.g. "TERM=vt100 mc" to see if it works22:07
dv|2smurray, ncurses-terminfo-base is there. TERM was xterm, like on my PC. with TERM=vt100 it gets black and white, pseudographics stay corrupted22:09
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dv|2I am running it in Putty on top of bare SSH, no screen, no tmux22:10
smurraydv|2: try TERM=xterm-color22:10
dv|2smurray, oh, I just got MC pseudographics work with "export NCURSES_NO_UTF8_ACS=1". found recipe there: https://serverfault.com/questions/475925/how-to-fix-putty-showing-garbled-characters/705558#70555822:12
smurraydv|2: yeah, I was about to say, likely to be a putty issue22:12
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dv|2smurray, xterm-color gave nothing...22:13
smurraydv|2: that's one of the terminfos that's definitely in ncurses-terminfo-base22:13
dv|2smurray, putty issue... Definitely, I have running it OK with any Linux or other terms. But PuTTY corrupts pseudographics.22:13
smurraydv|2: if you're on win10, the WSL terminal is supposed to be decent22:14
dv|2smurray, I'm Linux guy. what is WSL?22:15
smurraydv|2: windows subsystem for linux, MS's new Linux support stuff22:15
smurraydv|2: I'm a Linux guy too, but that's the new hotness for Windows user's doing Linux22:16
dv|2smurray, oh! my customers are mostly using simple Putty... I have to fix that in my devices, not on they side. OK. What is the conclusion about NCURSES_NO_UTF8_ACS=1? what can be fixed?22:17
dv|2smurray, users, thanks22:17
smurraydv|2: you could hack ncurses in your tree to make that a default, though I suspect there's a non-zero chance it might break behavior for some other terminal22:18
smurraydv|2: or bake in something via /etc/environment or /etc/profile.d/foo.sh, etc.22:19
smurraydv|2: or stick in a mc wrapper.  If Putty sets something in the env you can detect, that'd be somewhat innocuous22:19
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dv|2smurray, thank you. I've thought about profile.d... don't want to hack ncurses, nor add more to mc wrapper22:22
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smurraydv|2: just need to bbappend the mc recipe and move the binary to e.g. mc.real and the install wrapper as mc, seems perhaps the least pain to me22:23
JPEWdv|2: look at create_wrapper() in utils.bbclass22:26
smurrayeven better ;)22:26
dv|2smurray, too long way :) I'd better add two variables export into my default profile.d22:27
dv|2smurray, thank you for your help! Looks suspicious that On any Linux system I have no this bug with ncurses...22:28
smurraydv|2: when I did last use putty about 10 years ago, it had problems like this back then as well, iirc22:31
dv|2smurray, https://linux.die.net/man/3/ncurses says about terminfo the the help... probably my system have no some terminfo packets...22:31
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smurraydv|2: look in /usr/share/terminfo, you'll see what's available22:32
dv|2smurray, xterm is in /usr/share/terminfo and in /etc/terminfo/ too (from ncurses-terminfo-base)22:34
smurraydv|2: if it works fine from a Linux machine and not from putty, that is quite suggestive as to where the problem lies22:35
dv|2smurray, ncurses doc says, it tests for terminal capabilities somehow. =1 means "do not check"!22:36
dv|2smurray, I suspect the problem is probably in wrong information of the terminfo22:37
smurraydv|2: xterm may not be right for putty, it might not something different/simpler22:38
smurrayerr, might need22:38
dv|2smurray, xterm in PuTTY works for other Linuxes...22:38
smurraydv|2: I dunno, break out strace and see what it's doing22:39
smurraydv|2: like I said, I've not used it in 10 years, and I'm also not a mc user, so I've exhausted what I can offer22:39
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dv|2smurray, oh, probably I know what the problem is! I have not "ncurses-terminfo-base" on my PC's Linux. But for device I have both: ncurses-terminfo-base and ncurses-terminfo. MC opens the first one and doesn't go to complete definition at ncurses-terminfo...22:41
smurraydv|2: ncurses-terminfo-base is a OE packaging thing, I wouldn't necessarily expect a desktop distro to reflect that packaging22:43
dv|2smurray, it is in MC dependancy22:43
smurraye.g. on fedora the packages are ncurses-base and ncurses-term22:44
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opellohi, i'm hitting a problem with rpm's debugedit, building against a newer elfutils resolves it ... but even if i PREFERRED_VERSION_elfutils-native too many things rebuild ... not quite sure how to work around this23:29
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opellolooks like with rpm-native changing every rpm will rebuild ...23:35
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