Monday, 2020-11-30

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mckoangood morning07:46
LetoThe2ndyo dudX & GM mckoan07:48
wyrehi guys, what are the differences between these three? and ?07:56
wyrewhy so many different scripts for the same setup?07:56
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* qschulz waves at people :)09:19
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* LetoThe2nd rewaves to qschulz with an anchor:
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ernstpCan I submit patches to the mailinglist as attachment? Fighting with email clients...09:43
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qschulzernstp: no09:48
qschulzwe need them in the mail to be able to review them inline09:48
qschulzin the mail = as body of the mail09:48
qschulzthough some people have contrib branches in poky-contrib so maybe there's something you can do here, it's documented somewhere in the manual IIRC09:49
LetoThe2ndernstp: why not just git-send-email? no need for fighting.09:49
ernstpLetoThe2nd: git-send-email is not very nice with either Office365 or Gmail :-)09:49
mcfriska lot of people use it with gmail, not that hard09:50
ernstpmcfrisk: you have to temporarily enable the less secure authentication method...09:51
LetoThe2ndor set up a dedicated account. a very common practise.09:53
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LetoThe2nd(jump through the hoops once, be done)09:53
ernstp(a GitLab/Gerrit like system would be neat :-) )09:55
LetoThe2ndshe said jehova!09:56
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rburtongit-send-email and gmail is fine, just set an application password10:06
* rburton has been using it for years10:06
rburtonif you're not using two step you can just auth like normal10:07
rburtonernstp: ^^^10:07
ernstprburton: thanks!10:09
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emriusHello everyone, I have another one to discuss :)
emriusDo you know a more elegant way of doing that other than through a systemd?10:29
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PaowZ'morning there !10:36
LetoThe2ndhowdy PaowZ10:38
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PaowZyou're fine over there ?? ready to tackle December and its load of upcoming surprises ?10:46
PaowZwill the jester turn into a pixie or cute goblin ? :)10:47
LetoThe2ndno real surprises in sight here. besides a disturbing lack of glühwein.10:48
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fenrigin my bbapend I'm creating a dir and putting a symlink, but in my resulting image its not included (put some comments)10:53
PaowZ..reminds me my mother last time I visited her, she wanted to please me with some Christmas Beer.. the cheap sticker glued onto the bottle shall had warned me.. and my tong just confirmed.. xD10:53
LetoThe2ndthere are good christmas drinks around here. i can confirm.10:54
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PaowZyou guys have nothing to learn from, in terms of beer, no doubt about that..10:58
fenrigwould anyone know why a ${libdir}/engines/*.so is not included in the resulting image rootfs?11:06
fenrigI tried checking logs but found nothing of interest there11:06
qschulzfenrig: oe-pkgdata-util find-path /usr/lib/engines/*.so11:09
qschulzin which package is your symlink?11:09
neverpanicProbably because you're not packaging it, or sothing your .so gets packaged in the -dev package because it isn't version.ed11:09
fenrigits an openssl engine11:09
neverpanicoh wow, that line got messed up.11:09
qschulzfenrig: have you checked with the line I gave you?11:10
fenrighow can I move it to not get packaged in dev11:10
neverpanicProbably because you're not packaging it, or your .so gets packaged in the -dev package because it isn't versioned.11:10
fenrigno not yet :)11:10
neverpanicCheck the docs for the SOLIBSDEV variable11:10
fenrigERROR: Unable to find any package producing path /usr/lib/engines/libssle-client.so11:11
fenrigsame with * btw11:11
qschulzfenrig: are you even sure your bbappend is applied?11:12
qschulzbitbake-layers show-appends <recipe>11:12
fenrigyeah I can see it reflected in the image dir in the recipe11:12
rburtonoe-pkgdata-util list-pkg-files -p [recipe]11:12
rburtongreat to see what went where, maybe another package took the file first?11:12
fenrigi can see the bbappend :D11:14
fenrigbut I put a typo :D11:14
fenrigits engines11:14
fenrigah no i put it right :o11:15
fenrigthe bbappend is matched so its applied11:15
fenrigmaybe I have to run bitbake again?11:15
rburtoncheck the do_install log just in case lnr is failing but not reporting an error11:17
rburtonCOMPONENT is set correctly, right11:18
fenrigi you look at my gist, then you will see that the lnr was done but just that when putting in the rootfs that engines dir and the subfile are not being "imported11:23
qschulzfenrig: do you happen to have a INSANE_SKIP somehwere in your recipe that would silence a file not being installed in any apckage?11:27
qschulzfenrig: have you cleaned your tmpdir before running oe-pkgdata-util?11:27
qschulzyou need the workdirs/tmpdir for it to be successful IIRC11:27
fenrigAHA now I have it, it's indeed in a dev file11:29
fenriglibssle-client-dev: /usr/lib/engines/libssle-client.so11:29
fenrigputting FILES_SOLIBSDEV to ""11:29
fenrigis not enough I guess11:30
fenrigaha it seems it puts unversioned symbolic links in PN-dev still11:31
rburtonqschulz:wrong,  oe-pkgdata doesn't care about work dir at all, that's the point11:31
rburtonit works on the pkgdata, which exists as long as the package was built in some way (from sstate counts)11:32
qschulzrburton: for some reason, when i clean my workdir it does not work anymore (on thud though so don't know)11:32
rburtonqschulz: depends how you clean. the data is in tmp/pkgdata.11:37
rburtonso if you delete tmp then you'll need to bitbake the right recipes to extract the pkgdata from sstate11:37
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fenrigdoes anyone know how to exclude symlinks from being put in the dev package?11:44
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fenrigok I can override FILES_${PN}-dev but I wonder if thats a good idea11:47
neverpanicSetting SOLIBSDEV = "" usually does that.11:51
fenrigomg :D ok thx I was playing with solibs11:52
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neverpanicHowever, you may have to explicitly add ${libdir}/engines to FILES_${PN}. I'm not sure whether it's matched by the default.11:52
fenrigwill do :D11:53
fenrigI probably need that insane skip on dev-so11:53
neverpanicNope, leave that off. insane skip is almost never needed.11:54
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fenrigSOLIBSDEV doesnt seem to do it :/11:59
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fenrigmanually putting FILES_${PN}-dev does the trick :o and insane_skip on dev-so offcourse12:06
fenrigotherwise I would run in qa issue12:06
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qschulzor you know... just version it :)12:34
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LetoThe2ndqschulz: böring!12:47
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JaBenis there a simple way to build a single package using a different gcc version? the only way I can think of right now is to use a multiconfig build but this seems pretty overkill to me.13:59
RPJaBen: I think meta-clang may show how to switch compilers14:02
JaBen@RP: thanks, will take a look14:03
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mckoanin a scenario where you manage your kernel configuration through devtool menuconfig, what is the best practice to finalize the .config modifications back to the recipe?14:10
mckoanI expected to have a sort of detool defconfig14:10
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qschulzmckoan: bitbake -c savedefconfig virtual/kernel14:25
qschulzthen you take the defconfig from the WORKDIR of the kernel and you can add it to your recipe14:26
mckoanqschulz: yes of course, I expected something à la devtool ;-)14:27
qschulzmckoan: not aware of it though I also don't use devtool that much. Something to add to devtool maybe :) ?14:31
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JaBenjust to clarify, there is no simple way to build and include multiple versions of a package, right?15:24
qschulzJaBen: you can with different recipes15:25
qschulzwhich are named differently of course15:26
JaBen@qschulz: but and would not work? or you it suffice to set the PN in one of them to e.g. gcc-8?15:28
qschulzJaBen: no it won't because you can only have one version of a recipe15:29
JaBenI am trying to use ADI's u-boot which doesn't build with gcc 9. so now I'm trying to somehow create two separate GCC build toolchains... fun stuff15:29
qschulzJaBen: try to find upstream patches for gcc9, shouldn't be too much of a hassle15:30
qschulzit's probably much easier than trying to get two GCCs15:30
qschulz(from my PoV obviously :) )15:30
emriusHello everyone, I have another one to discuss :)
emriuswhoops... that was an accident15:38
alimonrburton: hi, i'm looking at the autobuilder and only find this error in multilib,
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rburtonthats not very useful is it16:03
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alimonrburton: it is a network error on mips32 failed to ping... may be some infra error16:07
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RPalimon: I think there are other open bugs like that, its some kind of race :(16:18
RPalimon: in other cases if we rerun it just works :/16:18
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alimonRP: ok, did you take care of master-next failures?, if not i can take a look to identify the patches that are failing, i just subscribed to yocto-builds and trying to identify new errors17:34
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opellohi, i'm trying to override a function provided by a .bbclass in a single recipe, i redefined the function completely in a .bbappend, and it shows as i would like in `bitbake -e` but the base implementation is still being used ... is there some other way to change the function for a single recipe? (even inspect.getsource couldn't find the source, was my second pass attempt)20:32
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RPalimon: Sorry, was in meetings. I did the minimum needed to keep the builds moving. I replied about the pseudo ones to peter20:59
RPalimon: I don't think there are any broken patches left in the queue right now, its only the intermittent failures that broke in some builds21:00
alimonRP: ok good21:23
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Androo/usr/bin/python when meta-python2 is used is a symlink to python2 and I'm wondering if anyone can point me to the best way to change this to python3.  "oe-pkgdata-util find-path /usr/bin/python" tells me this symlink comes from python-core, but I'm unsure where to go from here.21:47
Androo(unfortunately still need python2, working on removing it, but want the default system python to be 3)21:48
rburtonAndroo: you'll have to bbappend the recipes to do that22:04
rburtonjust delete the symlink in python and create it in py322:04
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Androorburton: I was thinking perhaps it was an install order issue?  Like the python2 package is installed after python3, overwriting the symlink, and I could just change the ordering so that the reverse happens?22:13
smurrayAndroo: I don't believe the python3 recipe installs the link at all22:33
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