Tuesday, 2020-12-01

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LetoThe2ndyo dudX! first snow!08:59
mckoanLetoThe2nd: hi, same forecast here \o/09:02
qschulzFirst negative temperatures here o/09:06
LetoThe2ndnegative here since about a week, but way too much sun :(09:06
qschulzLetoThe2nd: It's pitch dark at 4:15pm here :(09:07
* LetoThe2nd likes dark.09:08
LetoThe2ndplus, vienna is a couple of 100km east.09:08
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: I like darkness too... but I start working late so having half my day of work in complete darkness is quite depressing :)09:28
LetoThe2ndqschulz: have kids, get up early.09:29
qschulzLetoThe2nd: my sleep is sacred, can't have kids09:30
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yannlooking for guidance in extending the Wget: our primary need is to be able to download files served by private gitlab.com (from npm package repository) using an "Authorization: Bearer XXXX" header.  My initial PoC just adds an authz_bearer parameter to the wget URI, but that may be too specific, and I'd also like to specify it outside of the URI but I'm not sure on the best way to go09:42
yannbasically what I'd like is modifying FETCHCMD_wget, that way any --header option can be used, but I did not go that route in the PoC because the token is for a single URI and I don't want it to be sent to other servers09:44
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yannnow we have the "name" URI parameter - would it be correct to allow something like FETCHCMD_wget_append[$name] for such a usage ?09:47
yannwhat's foremost annoying there is that the FETCHCMD_$method default is hardcoded in bitbake so we just can't use _append09:50
yannwouldn't it be useful to have the fetch method do a setVar in their ctor and remove the "or $hardcodedcmd" ?09:53
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yannAnd then there is the idea of using the "name" parameter for this: it seems safe as Wget URIs can only ever have one name specified this way, but does that make it a good idea ?10:10
zandreyLetoThe2nd: it also snows pretty heavy on the west side of Austria here. ski resort owners are getting happy! ;)10:16
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qschulzzandrey: let's wait to see if the ski resorts can re-open ;)10:18
zandreyqschulz: Swiss and Austrians would not give up on this! :D10:19
qschulzzandrey: France already decided they would open the ski resorts but not the chairlifts hehehehe10:22
qschulzand i heard Germany is pushing hard for no ski season in Europe10:22
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zandreyqschulz: no chairs??? that would be chaos! :O and Germans really went pretty extreme, heard that on the news the other day. one day skiing - 10 day home with no wages! :O10:23
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zandreythis year would be mad in the mountains... i didn't even waxed the board, not even talking about season pass... :(10:26
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qschulzactive low10:56
T_UNIXI'm trying to put git, make and python into a sdk generated via `bitbake -c populate_sdk my_image`. I've created a `nativesdk-my_app.bb` companion recipe that adds `nativesdk-git`, etc. to `RDEPENDS_${PND}`.10:57
T_UNIXbut those never end up in the generated sdk10:57
T_UNIXare they somehow filtered by `ASSUME_INSTALLED`(?) ?10:57
T_UNIXI tried to go with DEPENDS+="git-native", etc. in `my_app.bb`, but that wouldn't work out either :-/11:00
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TPRobertsHi all, long time lurker. I have recently got into Yocto to meet my professional requirements. I am wondering if I can get some opinions and previous experience from people on this chat. I am in my early stages of prototyping and software requirements haven't been nailed down yet but I know I will need some form of recovery. I am trying to cover the potential situation of corruption to the systems and restore to a known good image, this would ideally be11:17
TPRobertsautomatic for corruption situations but user intervention is still possible if the automatic approach isn't possible.11:17
TPRobertsI am thinking of going down the read only rootfs but haven't experimented with this yet and I would ideally have a duplicated partition I could boot to for recovery purposes. I am thinking of having two images (system and recovery) and a custom kickstart file to partition the final image appropriately. Then can modify the something low down in the boot partition of the board to choose appropriate partition, not sure how I'll do this at the moment. I was11:17
TPRobertswondering is anyone has wanted to cover this situation before and what they decided?11:17
neverpanicTPRoberts: Seen two solutions so far, obviously depends on what your board supports. One was a separate kernel with a minimal initramfs that gets booted by the bootloader if it can't successfully boot the real thing.11:19
neverpanicThe other is a bootloader that accepts a sideloaded image during boot (if its signature checks, of course).11:20
qschulzTPRoberts: swupdate, RAUC or probably other upgrade mechanisms should supportthis more or less11:21
qschulzyou're probably looking for A/B partitioning mechanism that you can find on Android/ChromeOS for example11:22
neverpanicA/B doesn't necessarily help you recover a sample where both partitions are broken, though.11:23
neverpanicBut yes, A/B is a good idea regardless, if you have the space.11:24
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qschulzFWIW, we use swupdate with one fitimage with an initramfs (with swupdate in it) and from production image we ask to boot into this fitimage at reboot11:26
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qschulzit also does reboot into the "recovery image" if you can't reach production usersapce for too many times11:26
qschulzneverpanic: there's always a scenario you won't be able to cover. If you have corrupted your boot partitions, you're fucked too anyway11:27
PaowZ<T_UNIX> hi <LetoThe2nd> Z ... amp user spotted..11:27
T_UNIXPaowZ: hm?11:30
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TPRobertsneverpanic & qschulz thanks for your input, wasn't expecting a replies so quickly. I am working with Raspberry Pi4, it wouldn't of been my choice but I came to the project too late. The Pi 4 doesn't have the traditional bootloader on other Pis uses EEPROM for initial booting, however I could possibly use this bootloader to boot to a side loaded image or intercept in some way using the recovery.bin. I think this involves more reading and experimenting11:53
TPRobertsfrom. Appreciate the input, I didn't think about side loading a image, I think it might help.11:53
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rburtonkhem: have you recently looked at merging the ldconfig-native hacks upstream?  was there any traction there?12:44
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qschulzTPRoberts: RPi supports U-Boot too. But obviously, you're bound to whatever the bootrom is giving you. DOn't know much about RPi specific boot process though (before the "sw" bootloader, e.g. u-boot)13:05
Ad0the rpi bootloader is very complicated13:09
qschulzAd0: starts from the GPU IIRC. Anyway, it was more like, if you need redundancy onyour bootloader, it depends on the actual "hardcoded" bootloader (in bootrom or other things, before you can boot a more common bootloader such as u-boot)13:10
Ad0#raspberrypi-internals is good for that13:11
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zandreyqschulz: are you on the 2020.10 u-boot? was just wondering because the fit requires proper "bootm_size" to be set and "initrd_high" with "fdt_high" removed.13:32
Ad0hm I am still in doubt how I should name image recipes. I would really like to have separate names per machine I build for or whether it's production or development. just to have different image names. can image names have a suffix or something generated based on machine or something? or should there just be separate image recipe names which inherit from the same one ?13:33
zandreyTPRoberts: if you boot from eMMC - then you might look into PARTITION_CONFIG, which would allow you to store dual copies of boot sector and swap in between almost "atomic".13:34
qschulzAd0: sure, why not? an image depends on the machine (yocto wise at least), so I don't see why not (famous last words)13:37
Ad0why not to a) have separate image files, b) generate suffix (if possible) ? :)13:37
qschulzAd0: separate image files?13:38
Ad0thanks man13:38
qschulzb) just add the ${MACHINE} to the IMAGE_BASE_NAME or something like that?13:38
qschulzno, t'was a question :) didn't understand what you meant wioth separate image files13:38
Ad0ah ok LOL . I mean having separate recipe files for each type of image. like machine-a-dev.bb13:39
Ad0but that will be too clunky13:39
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qschulzzandrey: no, (way too) old u-boot for us13:42
qschulzI don't have either of the mentioned variables in u-boot env13:44
zandreyqschulz: 2020.10 is too old? :D i can only say wow in this case!13:45
qschulzzandrey: no, the one we use obviously :)13:45
zandreyas for vars: they do depend on board config include, so you might be lucky it has been adapted already. ;)13:46
qschulzI remember we needed loadaddr and entrypoint to be set correctly13:47
zandreyqschulz: ah ok! :) then it is definitely the board you use was cleaned-up.13:47
qschulzin the its13:47
qschulzzandrey: it's a custom board so don't know really :p13:47
qschulzalways starting more or less from scratch13:47
qschulzdon't like BSP stuff13:48
qschulzvendor BSP stuff*13:48
zandreyok, got it. actually, for the bootm to work - it is needed that the proper size should be added into bootm_size. this is for aarch64 though.13:50
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yanntell me, variable flag names cannot start with an underscore ?  I can set such a flag with VAR[_flag]="foo", but then getVarFlag() does not see that :)13:52
qschulzzandrey: check if bootm_size does not exist it's not taken from filesize by any chance13:55
TPRobertsqschulz thanks. I wasn't actually aware of that, I must be blind as I missed that in the BSP layer. I thought u-boot was never adopted for the RPi. I'm so out of the loop.14:00
zandreyqschulz: for us it was a lack of bootm_size and presence of both fdt_high and initrd_high, which caused overlap when fit was loaded.14:00
qschulzzandrey: but you had loadadd and entrypoint set in your its?14:00
TPRobertszandrey thanks as well, I was playing around with different partitions and changing the desired rootfs partition in the cmdline.14:01
qschulzzandrey: I remember there's a magic value for fdt_high and initrd_high, (0xffffffff?) to tell to not reloacte IIRC?14:04
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zandreyqschulz: for loadaddr and entrypoint - iirc kernel-fitimage does set it correctly.14:05
qschulzzandrey: we manually craft our fitimage so can't say :/14:05
Ad0I set IMAGE_BASENAME , but tar fails of image , "Cannot stat: No such file or directory" - should I clean something to make it rebuild or is there something that doesn't quite handle it ?14:05
zandreyfdt_high and initrd_high are exactly where the issue was - it was not relocating, but instead - uncompressing in place. ;)14:06
zandreywhich ended up is a overwritten image14:06
Ad0"dd: unrecognized operand my-image-dev.ext4"14:07
Ad0bitbake my-image -c cleansstate  ?14:08
zandreykernel-uboot.bbclass does compression on aarch64 kernels, hence during execution of bootm it was nuked14:09
zandreynevertheless, this is fixed in 2020.10, so i was wondering if you also hit this case with your fit image. but it actually depends on several setup factors like ARM architecture, board config, kernel compression defined in ITS...14:11
qschulzyeah, gzipped here on arm and aarch6414:12
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qschulzthe issue either never happened or was handled before I joined the company14:13
Ad0qschulz, the variable should be IMAGE_NAME14:13
Ad0then it doesn't break things lol14:13
zandreyqschulz: lucky you! :D14:14
qschulzzandrey: currently upgrading from 4.14 to 5.4, not painless ;)14:17
wzhey everyone. can somebody please help me to understand how does EXTRA_OECMAKE_append_xxx variables in bitbake recipes work? i.e. what is the 'xxx' part. example: http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/meta-zephyr/tree/recipes-kernel/zephyr-kernel/zephyr-kernel-common.inc#n1814:23
*** vineela <vineela!~vtummala@> has joined #yocto14:25
qschulzwz: _xxx means do whatever is before the _xxx only when the build is marked for xxx14:26
mckoanwz: xxx is MACHINEOVERRIDES14:26
wzI'm trying to add support for building more BSP with meta-zephyr, as for now it supports only arduinos and qemu. my first target is 96boards nitrogen and I've already identified I have to clone missing Nordic HAL sources and point cmake to it. I'm trying to mimic how it's done with cmsis, but HAL can't be included in non-nrf boards builds, hence I guess a similar trick with EXTRA_OECMAKE_append_ is14:26
wzneeded, but with something different than 'arm'.14:26
qschulzxxx can come from OVERRIDES or class-target, or things like that14:26
qschulzmckoan: actually more variables than MACHINEOVERRIDES but yeah :)14:26
wzok, that sounds like a missing piece in the puzzle, thanks!14:27
mckoanqschulz: yes, my fault, actually is OVERRIDES that usually includes MACHINEOVERRIDES14:27
mckoanwz: you're entring the rabbit hole14:27
wz@mckoan can't wait to see more funny stuff14:29
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mckoanwz: you are starting with tough stuff14:31
*** emrius <emrius!~emrius@dslb-088-064-250-061.088.064.pools.vodafone-ip.de> has joined #yocto14:38
wznot quite my own choice, but I can handle it :)14:38
qschulzwz: you'll thank me later but if you ever modify MACHINEOVERRIDES, TRIPLE check the value of MACHINEOVERRIDES with bitbake -e because I can almost guarantee you it's in the wrong order ;)14:39
qschulz(sometimes it can be ignored, because... context. Sometimes it makes you pull your hair for hours ;) )14:40
Piratyif i issue: `opkg install ./local_file.ipk` , can i make opkg resolve deps from a specified dir where many packages reside?14:44
Piraty(possibly not yet installed packages)14:45
*** BCMM <BCMM!~BCMM@unaffiliated/bcmm> has joined #yocto14:49
wzqschulz: thanks for the bitbake -e tip, I can see that there are some values in my MACHINEOVERRIDES and they seem to make sense. adding them to EXTRA_OECMAKE_append_ does not have any effect, but now at least I have something to debug. thanks!14:53
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tlwoernerpaulbarker: i'm attending the osfc conference and won't be at today's project call15:12
paulbarkertlwoerner: No problem, I'll load up on some coffee and take some notes15:12
zeddiiadd yaml as an input to your project they said .. sure that'd be easy. until you have to dump it again and the python yaml dumper/representer stuff is the most complex thing I've ever seen.15:13
* zeddii shakes his fist and wanders away15:13
qschulzzeddii: are you using ruamel's? or the official python lib?15:15
RPzeddii: should have used json :)15:16
* RP hides behind the flameproof shield15:16
zeddiijust the official lib. I can't bring in dependencies very easily.15:16
qschulzzeddii: it's super outdated IIRC, does not support YAML1.2 right?15:16
zeddiithe ruamel dude is super prolific hawking his wares on all the forums though15:16
zeddiiI don't have any need for 1.2, but yes, it only has partial support.15:17
JPEWYAML is the best of a lot of sub-par options.... I don't know if expressing structure configuration will ever be "easy"15:17
zeddiitry device trees, and then complete subsystem representations in yaml15:17
JPEWAt least, it's the best when it has to be both machine and human readable (with emphasis on the latter)15:17
zeddiiand then having to go back and forth between device trees and yaml15:17
zeddiiJPEW: indeed, that's why they landed on yaml.15:18
kergothtoml isn't bad. lacks some of the flexibility of yaml, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. not a fan of yaml's references myself15:18
* kergoth yawns15:18
JPEWzeddii: What is it for?15:18
zeddiiLopper my other open source hacking for Xilinx.15:18
zeddiiDevice Tree evolution project.15:18
JPEWzeddii: Ah15:19
JPEWkergoth: references are one of those things that you need to use sparingly, but when *must* use them, they are pretty good15:19
JPEWkergoth: They are easy to abuse though15:20
* kergoth nods15:20
* zeddii makes the executive decision to say "your sequences will be expanded if you write the yaml back out", and someday will poke at ruamel since it may help. 15:21
* zeddii has patches to merge .... and will do that instead15:21
kergothrelated: https://github.com/tomwright/dasel is awesome when doing quick scripts15:22
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qschulzkergoth: https://xkcd.com/927/15:38
qschulz"Say good bye to learning new tools..." [...] "This means that once you learn how to use dasel" :shrug:15:39
tlwoernerpaulbarker: awesome, thanks!15:39
kergotheh, dasel doesn't implement a new configuration standard, it fills in a gap. jq is invaluable, but only for json. yq works, but that's just for yaml. and both of those are less easy to use to update rather than query. if i want something to query and update toml files, there isn't anything else that i've found15:43
kergothnow there's an argument to be made that if your script is complex enough to need to futz with those it's time to rewrite it in python, but that's not always workable :)15:44
*** kaspter <kaspter!~Instantbi@2409:8a1e:9114:db10:7d10:332e:322f:1cc7> has joined #yocto15:44
qschulzkergoth: was just scratching an itch of mine, I don't even know what's the use case for that :p15:45
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moto-timozeddii: any luck with k3s?16:05
zeddiino. I've done a round of updates on all the components, still nothing. I'm going to focus on the log failure today/tomorrow (hopefully it won't be that long), since without those logs the debug is super random.16:10
moto-timozeddii: the log symlink issue?16:11
zeddiiyah. unless you figured out another way to query those busted containers for what is really going on. journalctl is worthless.16:11
moto-timozeddii: k9s showed some events, but not anything that really helped16:12
moto-timozeddii: which would be the same that kubectl events foo shows (I forget the syntax)16:12
moto-timoJPEW: did you get keadm working? Curious why all of that is commented out on kube-battlestar-cluster16:13
JPEWmoto-timo: I juts got it working last night16:14
JPEWIt's.... unforgiving16:14
moto-timoJPEW: I set up a rpi4 as labgrid-controller... but I want to ansible the setup. This on top of the raspbian 64-bit beta16:16
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JPEWmoto-timo: Ah cool. I was going to try using kubeedge to orchestrate the labgrid containers on raspbian16:21
JPEW... of course, there are no ARM labgrid containers :(16:21
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moto-timoJPEW: are you using rpi4 or rpi3 for the edge nodes?16:24
moto-timosadly pi0 is no longer supported by k8s (armv6)16:24
*** fl0v0 <fl0v0!~fvo@i59F44F1C.versanet.de> has joined #yocto16:24
moto-timoI would only have tried to run k3s on it, but pi0 cluster would be super inexpensive16:25
moto-timounlike the rpi4 cluster I just ordered (8 rpi4 8gb)16:25
smurraymoto-timo: the 512M on the pi0 doesn't become an issue?16:26
moto-timosmurray: it would for etcd most likely16:26
moto-timosmurray: but you can't even build for armv6 anymore, so academic... unless you want to revert to k8s 1.616:26
* moto-timo does not ;)16:27
smurraymoto-timo: heh16:28
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zeddiimoto-timo: on k3s, I admit to feeling a bit abandoned by the submitter on getting the final issues worked out. If I wasn't already working on the support myself, I would have chucked it all in the bin by now.16:33
zeddiiRP: like new kernel and libc headers :D16:34
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moto-timozeddii: k3s troubleshooting was not fun at all... and I don't think I got anywhere (other than a semi-ok recipe for k9s)16:35
*** bluelightning_ is now known as bluelightning16:35
emriusHey, I switched to using kas and reconfigured a couple of things. Unfortunately, dnf complains about not finding a `repomd.xml` file when I try to upgrade packages on my target device. I tried running the 'package-index' command but that didn't generate that file either. Which flag do I miss setting here?16:45
khemrburton:  not really, glibc patch upstreaming is in my long list of things to do16:47
emriusAh I think I found the mistake. I ran the `package-index` command on the wrong project *blush*16:47
emrius... hmm... no that was not the issue16:51
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vmesonfrom wiki: The Year 2038 problem (also called Y2038, Epochalypse ... -- ugh, the Epoch-alypse!16:58
* paulbarker facepalms16:59
zeddiiman, when time hits, steven nukes us hard!17:01
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moto-timono soup for you!17:19
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:34
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rob_griesHello all, what's the best way to assign permissions on files in /dev in Yocto? I'm integrating pulseaudio and I want to change the ownership of /dev/snd/* to root:audio before the system starts up. I tried to run chown root:audio /dev/snd/* at boot via an initscript, but that's not reliable.20:45
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bluelightningrob_gries: I think probably udev scripts would be the best way to achieve that (not Yocto specific)21:44
bluelightningor rather udev rules21:45
bluelightningonce you have a rules file you'd just need to create a recipe to install it into the appropriate location (i.e. ${D}${sysconfdir}/udev/rules.d in do_install)21:47
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rob_griesbluelightning: Thanks that makes more sense.22:02
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tlwoernerare you kidding me? the one time I don't attend the weekly yocto call and bluelightning shows up?!22:34
bluelightningtlwoerner: heh... I have been in the last couple also I think22:35
bluelightningtime changes made it possible22:35
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kergothagh, knew i was forgetting something23:13
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lemoiis this the right channel for bitbake support? I'm doing a yocto build that requires a credentials-protected docker image. In other words, bitbake needs to perform a docker login before a docker pull23:34
lemoidoes anyone have an example for this? What about credentials exposure?23:35
*** qschulz <qschulz!~weechat@ns326003.ip-37-187-106.eu> has joined #yocto23:36
frayI'm not sure how that would work..23:48
frayother things that require credential support have alterantive methods, but those are SCM, https, etc connections23:48
*** Ida100 <Ida100!81006514@> has joined #yocto23:48
rburtonyou could whitelist an environment variable and pass it into the build that way23:50
frayenvironment is the bestway to handle this, if the code supports it23:51
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