Wednesday, 2020-12-02

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lemoiso I wrapped everything in withCredentials( [[ ]] ) inside my jenkinsfile. should work00:16
lemoithanks for the hints guys :-)00:17
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JPEWmoto-timo: Ah, I *finally* got it working! I'm using KubeEdge to attach a raspberrypi 4 as a edge node to my Kubernetes cluster, and then deploying the labgrid + pdudaemon containers on it01:49
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OutBackDingoJPEW: yeah id vote for KubeEdge to get yoctoized also :)05:18
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mckoan* snowing * \o/08:17
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mckoanLetoThe2nd: too early :-D08:23
LetoThe2ndi miss fosdem.08:24
LetoThe2ndshould really propose somthing for 202108:24
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mckoanLetoThe2nd: too many online events, webinar, whatever and no time08:33
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norcothi all09:10
norcothow can one specify a git repo with dots in the name in SRCREV?09:10
norcotin SRC_URI I mean, sorry09:10
norcotbitbake seems to not like such repos09:11
norcotthis one for example
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LetoThe2ndnorcot: isn't that effectively a version number?09:12
norcotLetoThe2nd, it is the kernel version that driver is for, yes09:13
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LetoThe2ndi would probably name the recipe then and use ${PV} to inject it.09:14
alessioigorHi All,Has anyone something to suggest about, please?Thanks!09:14
norcotLetoThe2nd, I renamed the recipe to and in SRC_URI I changed it now to git://${PV}.git;protocol=https but still the same problem09:16
LetoThe2ndnorcot: what are the concrete problematic effects, then?09:17
norcotRROR: rtl8812au- do_fetch: Fetcher failure for URL: 'git://;protocol=https'. Please set a valid SRCREV for url ['SRCREV_default_pn-rtl8812au', 'SRCREV_default', 'SRCREV_pn-rtl8812au', 'SRCREV'] (possible key names are git://;protocol=https, or use a ;rev=X URL parameter)09:17
norcotin the logs I get: DEBUG: For url git://;protocol=https returning
LetoThe2ndnorcot: so, and do you have a SRCREV set?09:20
norcotyes, I've set it to RCREV = "b29ed41df1c3e47f646dc06e0308ae6f06ae18ac"09:21
norcotLetoThe2nd, ^09:21
norcotSRCREV = "b29ed41df1c3e47f646dc06e0308ae6f06ae18ac"09:21
norcotSRC_URI = "git://${PV}.git;protocol=https"09:22
norcotneeded to specify branch name to "main"09:23
norcotsorry for the trouble09:23
LetoThe2ndnorcot: i see. then its probably really time to either start digging the verbose logs and/or the git fetcher, unless there is some other side effect that you haven't noticed/mentioned. technically i don't thing the dots should make a difference, but thats not an authorative information.09:23
LetoThe2ndah.. :)09:23
LetoThe2ndhooray for projects moving away from branch mastery.09:24
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norcotyeah, didn't pay attention to the repo too much09:26
norcotthanks for the time LetoThe2nd09:26
LetoThe2ndnp, have fun.09:26
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norcotthanks, you too09:31
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mckoanalessioigor: maybe denix can help you ^13:00
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alessioigormckoan: meta-ti was the first place where I started to looking for help ;-) Thanks anyway Marco!13:07
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FloRiAn_Hello, I wonder if there is a best practice how to handle device tree files? ATM I have a recipes-kernel/linux folder within my layer and there is a patch which does add the dtb to the kernel dts Makefile and which does also create the dts file in the /arch/arm/boot/dts/ folder. During development this is a little bit unhandy. I would think about something like the pure dts file in my recipes folder which gets copied over to th13:47
FloRiAn_e arch folder and gets built. Are there any best practice guidelines on such tasks? Thanks, F13:47
alessioigorFloRiAn_I don't know best practice but I do it in this way:13:50
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FloRiAn_alessioigor Thanks for your response. Is the "inherit devicetree" in your recipe enough, to let this recipe build the dtb from the dts out of the given git repo? atm I don't get it, why the dts is compiled.14:05
FloRiAn_I compare it to atm14:06
alessioigorFloRiAn_ Perhaps their is better!14:08
FloRiAn_Anyway "all roads lead to Rome" ;-) It was very helpful that you pointed me to your code! Thanks a lot!14:10
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JPEWRP: Ok, I looked at the hash equiv socket path code. The server correctly does a chdir to ensure the path is not too long; the client does not (and the e-mail was about the client, not the server)14:17
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zygaRP: hi, I'm looking at setting up a CI system for a yocto based system; are there any well-known practices for a workflow involving multiple repositories that I could look at14:21
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zygaI'm not that familiar with yocto or how it is usually developed14:23
LetoThe2ndzyga: multiple repositories as in?14:24
zygaLetoThe2nd as in distinct libraries or other components separately developed in their own repositories that all together participate in a bigger build through bitbake + set of layers14:25
zygacurrently, perhaps unlike what yocto does, this arrangement also uses git-repo and manifest files14:25
zygabut I was curious if it is practiced elsewhere in general, regardless of how the tree is assembled (repo vs other systems)14:26
LetoThe2ndzyga: well i think you're already half-answering your question yourself. all the libraries/components live in their own respective repositories, and there's layers that contain recipes that pull those components in.14:26
zygasure but are there any well-known examples of CI loops around that14:27
LetoThe2ndzyga: the only real variations that matter is how the build setup is actually assembled, e.g. repo vs. kas vs. git submodules vs. combine-layers vs. homebrew14:27
zygamy current thinking is that commit or pull request in any leaf needs to re-assemble a set of "reference" configurations and build it14:28
LetoThe2ndnot sure. but i've also not heard of such.14:28
zygabut there's some, probably, boring glue logic required, setting up the right tree, switching some parts to represent the change (pull request rev) vs what's in the reference manifest, etc14:28
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LetoThe2ndmost cases i know only trigger on the main defition file that glues everything together. but i'm also sure that this is not the whole truth.14:29
zygaI'll be setting up something like this for open harmony, I'll gladly share my ideas and code14:29
zygamy current draft architecture has gitlab pipelines on the main repo and triggers from leaf repos14:30
zygabut since i only have one repo for now, it's rather theoretical at the moment14:31
zygaoh, nice, thanks14:31
zygaI'll go and study that, thank you14:31
emriusfor the sake of completeness here comes the presentation
emriusI'm also building a CI/CD pipeline at the moment.14:35
zygaoh, nice14:36
zygado you plan to reuse tekton?14:37
zygaI didn't know about it so I picked gitlab pipelines as a starting point14:37
zygabut it's  so early I can still change pretty much everything14:37
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emriusAs preparatory work I strongly recommend to setup kas for your project (as I did the last couple of days - thanks LetoThe2nd for the hint btw!). Kas comes in a docker container. Nice benefit is that I can plug that docker container right into my drone-ci pipeline, build my kas projectt. And then hopefully deploy them with mender on my dev boards (I'm not quite there, yet but that would be my personal strategy).14:38
LetoThe2ndsounds nice14:39
zygaI think our environment settled on git repo for now14:39
zygamainly for "comfort" compatibility with the non-yocto copy of open harmony14:39
emriusI guess it's a legit alternative, even though I haven't used that except for cloning some test projects.14:40
zygaemrius as for board deployment, did you pick mender for a specific reason?14:40
zygaI'm personally very, ahem, familiar with lava14:41
zygaand with ubuntu-core14:41
zygabut for open harmony I wanted to go a different route14:41
emrius... I liked their webpage and didn't have any experience :)14:41
zyga(only for CI, not for anything production related)14:41
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emriusheard that lava comes with a steep learning curve (as everything in this field I guess...).14:41
LetoThe2ndthe main pain point of repo is that you either need cusom script magic to setup local.conf, or ship some more-or-less matching template files along. other than its certainly an option, but i personally think its strenghts are not exactly matching the usual yocto development requirements.14:42
bpshello, I am trying to use INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE="GPLv3" to exclude GPL3 licenced stuff from my images. however I have a build-time dependency (DEPENDS) on a package which does not involve any object linkage, so I know it is safe. how can I permit that gplv3 package while still protecting myself from accidentally installing *any* gplv3 package in my image?14:42
zygafor open harmony I'll be separating the remote installation of the built image into a separate component, as there will be several distinct consumers14:42
bpsto clarify: the DEPENDS includes a gplv3 package, but I do not link against it, nor do I include it in the image, but I am not able to build if I simply put GPLv3 in INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE14:42
LetoThe2ndbps: hum, whiteliesten the license for that specific -native package?14:43
zygaLetoThe2nd as for repo, i don't have strong feelings for any of those tools; I perhaps dislike repo because it phones home but I will just patch that away14:43
zygabut that part is out of my hands14:43
mcfriskbps: you can enable build of some GPLv3 recipes, e.g. tooling but mask their binary packages out from images. E.g. in distro config: WHITELIST_GPL-3.0 += "binutils" and PACKAGE_EXCLUDE += "binutils-dbg binutils-staticdev binutils-dev binutils-doc binutils-locale libbfd binutils"14:44
idadelHello everyone, I want to create a variable and load it into the datastore. The example in the bitbake docs shows something like this - export BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE="$BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE CCACHE_DIR". However, I will love to specify the default value of the variable but not sure about how to do it.14:44
bpsLetoThe2nd, so if it's DEPENDS="python3-rfc3987", you suggest to put WHITELIST_GPL-3.0="python3-rfc3987-native" ?14:44
zygaemrius I know lava very well, I think the main learning curve part there is that it requires working board automation14:44
zygaso that you can spin up physical devices on demand14:45
emriussounds tempting!14:45
zygathen most of the bits are not so hard, it's just a bit orthogonal as it comes with it's own set of features for testing that are extras if you just need programming and passing control to something else14:45
LetoThe2ndbps: if its the native incarnation that is being built, yes.14:45
LetoThe2ndbps: for more advanced case, no idea, sorry.14:46
bpsI think the problem is that it wants to build it for the target toolchain, so it still tries to build the non-native version14:46
bpsmcfrisk, I tried to use PACKAGE_EXCLUDE_pn-my-cool-image = "gplv3-package" but I haven't figured out yet if that will work14:47
emriuszyga: I guess I'm a pretty lazy webpage reader and got a little intimidated by the lava landing page...14:47
emriusMight give it a shot soon14:48
zygaemrius it has some nice features that can be valuable if you want to do long term testing and track results14:48
mcfriskbps: one more example from my distro config: INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE_append += " GPLv3 GPLv3+ LGPLv3 LGPLv3+", WHITELIST_GPL-3.0 += "gdb", PACKAGE_EXCLUDE += "gdbserver gdb-dbg gdb-staticdev gdb-dev gdb-doc gdb-locale gdb"14:48
zygamy current setup involves flashing over serial/usb and muxpi for booting with SD cards14:49
bpsmcfrisk, yes, I already had trouble with gdb. thanks for the example. will this still enable me to install gdb in my SDK though?14:49
emriuslooks similar on my end14:50
zygaemrius are you using muxpi by any chance?14:50
emriusunfortunately not14:50
zygaI want to package the muxpi ecosystem, mainly the firmware side, for Debian so that it can be maintained there14:50
zygaright now setting up a new board is rather manua14:50
zygaemrius are you familiar with that board though, I don't know of many other systems for boot testing devices that only do SD cards14:51
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emriusNo, sorry! I've used orangepis and raspberrypis using SD flashed OSs14:53
zygaemrius flashed by hand?14:54
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mcfriskbps: I think so, though I might have some other magic for SDK. but it allows to build gdb but makes sure none of the packages are allowed on images by default, but can be installed from package repo.15:04
qschulzzyga: Samsung have a developed a system for that, lemme skim through the talks15:05
bpsmcfrisk, thanks a lot for your help, I think it's exactly what I need!15:05
zygaqschulz yes, slav15:05
zygaI'm familiar with it15:05
zyga(small world in some way)15:05
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zygaqschulz muxpi is a part of that stack15:05
zygaubuntu-core is using muxpi for testing already and, I believe, they hired the board designer a few years back15:06
qschulzI got lost reading only half of the messages so I'll stop here :)15:10
qschulz+by reading15:10
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RPJPEW: ah, right, yes, on the client side. I think I was getting confused in the meeting yesterday15:29
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JPEWRP: I have a patch to fix it for the synchronus client; I'll send it in a bit15:38
RPJPEW: cool, thanks!15:38
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Ad0can INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE be put in image recipe ?16:07
Ad0will it be read / respected there16:08
LetoThe2ndAd0: nope.16:09
LetoThe2ndAd0: yocto chant #1 applies.16:10
Ad0hah what is that16:10
Ad0rofl nice16:12
Ad0I will put it in the distro base files16:12
Ad0I need to find an alternative to bash I guess16:12
qschulzAd0: busybox has some16:13
qschulzdash and ash IIRC16:13
qschulzor bash from meta-gplv2 if you like outdated stuff16:15
Ad0well should all my bash scripts just be /bin/sh at the top to not be tied to a specific bash16:16
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LetoThe2ndif you don't have bashism in them, thats well16:19
Ad0damn bluez requires readline16:19
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Ad0readline is gpl316:22
rburtonAd0: its optional, turn it off16:30
rburtonbonus points for sending a patch automatically disabling it if GPLv3 is in incompatible licenses16:31
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emriuszyga: sorry for the late reply. Yes flashed by hand. Or flashed remotely using mender16:33
LetoThe2ndrburton: bonus beer points or bonus brownie points?16:35
rburtonbrownie, obviously16:39
rburtonI have a stash of genuine beer tokens that i'm not going to use but they're of limited value outside of a 20 mile radius of here16:40
jonmasonYP website down?16:43
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RPjonmason: works here16:45
jonmasonweird, I've tried it multiple times now16:45
kanavin_homeRP: world repro is not quite finished yet, after adding to exception list everything that non-reproduces reliably, a few more failures popped up that are sporadic16:47
jonmasonand it works on my work laptop via vpn....something is hosed somewhere16:47
kanavin_homebut I am getting there16:47
kanavin_homeRP: and adding the links to sporadic failures so that anyone can have a starting point:16:48
RPkanavin_home: no problem, I know how annoying some of the issues can be to track down16:48
RPkanavin_home: feel free to send work so far if that helps16:48
kanavin_homeRP: yes, typically it's something like os.walk() which returns files in different order depending on whatever16:48
RPkanavin_home: its great even to get down to that list!16:48
RPkanavin_home: yes, those are a pain. I've chased those in bitbake's parsing too16:49
RPkanavin_home: I've been watching the branch and quietly cheering you on! :)16:49
kanavin_homeRP: yeah, frankly I would add items like piglit to exception list, but I have already made four custom patches to it, and that makes me press on with it :D16:50
qschulzI'm upgrading  my custom kernel from 4.14 to 5.4.47 on thud. For some reasons, it cannot build when icecc is enabled (race apaprently for CONFIG_IKCONFIG)16:53
qschulzMight be a long shot, but anyone got an idea?16:53
qschulz(compiling on thud)16:54
qschulz| {standard input}: Assembler messages:16:56
qschulz| {standard input}:10: Error: file not found: kernel/config_data.gz16:56
qschulz| ICECC[12969] 16:10:18: Compiled on
qschulz| /tmp/StreamSDK-build-yocto/work-shared/stream1955music/kernel-source/scripts/ recipe for target 'kernel/configs.o' failed16:56
JPEWqschulz: Ah, that16:56
JPEWThe file doesn't exist on the remote compilation node16:56
JPEWBecause it's a binary being embedded into an assembly file16:57
qschulzJPEW: very not aware of what icecc is doing behind the scenes so not sure to understand the bug/limitation?16:58
JPEWit's sending the pre-processed source code to be be compiled on remote nodes16:58
qschulzalso, is there something I can do about this except disabling icecc for it?16:58
JPEWNot really :/16:59
qschulzquite frustrating for a kernel16:59
JPEWqschulz: Ya16:59
qschulzone of the biggest piece of SW built on our Yocto :/16:59
JPEWIt's possible they've improved it in newer versions of icecc16:59
qschulzdepends where this is handled17:00
JPEWqschulz: Almost all of the "important" logic in icecc is client side17:00
qschulzbecause well... using old stuff for our product is not enough, we also dev on old distros...17:00
qschulz(some of us at least)17:00
qschulzso an icecc upgrade...17:00
JPEWAt least, all the quirks are handled client side17:00
JPEWYa; do you build in a container?17:00
qschulzof course not :)17:01
qschulzand probably not an option either, at least short term, so we'll anyway have black sheeps in our icecc "pod"17:01
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qschulzwell, don't know how you call a network of machines connected through icecc17:02
qschulzlike, we have one scheduler and all our machines are available to the scheduler17:03
JPEWqschulz: ah. "cluster" usually17:03
qschulzyes, thank you17:03
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qschulzwell... I guess that's how I end a day of work. /me sad17:04
qschulzJPEW: thx, have a nice evening17:04
qschulz(also, why didn't this fail in 4.14?)17:05
JPEWqschulz: They changed how the config is embedded17:05
qschulzand I guess we're not using icecc on the autobuilder right?17:07
JPEWqschulz: Depends17:07
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moto-timoJPEW; that is cool about KubeEdge... and I think I agree with OutBackDingo it needs to be yoctoized ;)18:35
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FloRiAn_df -h23:06
armpitout of space23:07
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