Friday, 2020-12-18

kiwi_29what is the standard practice in this case, is it ok to have two bbappend in repo and expect the developer to put BB_DANGLINGAPPENDS_WARNONLY = "1" in his/her repo?00:00
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moto-timothis system's power button is just a wee bit too close to the USB ports and ... yeah... I totally meant to reboot...01:33
moto-timoI suppose there was probably a kernel update waiting anyway...01:33
* moto-timo looks at the bright side01:33
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tlwoernermoto-timo: there are no other sides01:56
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kergothkiwi_29: best practice is to have separate branches that align with upstream without having to use danglingappends_warnonly. and naturally make sure that all the layres you're using have matching branches checked out02:43
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thomas_deeHi everyone, I'd like to include mkimage into my built image. Does anyone know what recipe to use for that?06:27
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thomas_deeHi everyone, I'd like to include mkimage into my built image. Does anyone know what recipe to use for that?07:21
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LetoThe2ndthomas_dee: probably someting u-boot-ish07:30
LetoThe2ndthomas_dee: but, pardon the remark - wanting to have that sounds strange ar least. care to elaborate why you want that?07:30
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mckoangood morning07:43
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thomas_deeLetoThe2nd Thanks for hint. We are just thinking about our options for controlling the boot process. So we'd like to create a boot.scr on the fly. And for that we obviously need mkimage07:51
LetoThe2ndthat sounds extremely problematic. to say the least.07:54
LetoThe2ndi would strongly suggest to rather try and find a way where a standard boot script can react to the situation and fall back to a sensible default.07:55
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qschulzthomas_dee: don't know about scr scripts but one way to achieve controlling the boot process is having your scenarios in different u-boot env variables and execute one depending on another variable in the u-boot env09:41
qschulzthis variable can be imported from the same env or another (look up `env import` command). The environment can be modified from Linux with fw_setenv available in libubootenv IIRC (u-boot-fw-utils previously IIRC)09:42
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LetoThe2ndyeah. another option is to outright use a patched u-boot that has board/device specific commands to get information.09:55
qschulzdoes not work well for upgrade scenarios (A/B or recovery), but yes, possible too09:56
qschulzLetoThe2nd: 3rd Yocto chant: "It dependsTM"09:57
LetoThe2ndqschulz: exactly.09:57
RPdsueiro: Just looking at that u-boot /boot change, I'm wondering if we're going to confuse users by having both the deploy dir and the sysroot...09:59
qschulzRP: I'm not sure it's the right move honestly10:03
qschulzthough I'm having a hard time understanding what should be available in SYSROOT_DIRS and what should be available in DEPLOYDIR10:04
RPqschulz: I can see the need. sysroot was supposed to be for "inter-recipe" sharing and deploy for the final result10:05
RPthen recipes learnt to go fishing in deploy10:05
qschulzand then "we" "recommend" it?10:05
RPwell, there wasn't really an alternative for some things10:05
RPif you want an image for example, we never put those in sysroots10:06
qschulzI mean, I always applied that "non-lib, non-header fies should be shared through DEPLOYDIR" but don't know if it's a good rule though10:06
qschulzRP: true... let's not tell people that you can have DEPENDS in image recipes though :p10:06
RPMy own metric is more about whether the end user would consume it...10:06
RPqschulz: there is a long list of things I don't make widely known :)10:07
qschulzyet it seems my company is very good at finding those :p10:07
RPqschulz: hard to tell when I don't talk about them ;-)10:08
qschulzRP: keep your secrets then10:09
qschulz(meme reference)10:10
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ebailHi guys. I am wondering if someone already tried to package Cuda for a x86_64 target with NVidia GPU (the meta-tegra should not be suitable)10:30
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LetoThe2ndebail: i would start out with meta-tegra anyways and start beating it into shape.10:38
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ebailYep LetoThe2nd, I think so. I would need to tune COMPATIBLE_MACHINE. I am wondering why meta-tegra was not split into several layers to make SW packaging HW-independant.10:44
LetoThe2ndebail: just ask matt, he's a nice  guy :)10:45
ebailLetoThe2nd: sure. is he on #yocto ?10:46
LetoThe2ndebail: not sure. and if, then probably not until US daytimes.10:48
ebailok LetoThe2nd I will contact him on GH. Thanks for your help10:48
LetoThe2ndhave fun!10:49
qschulzebail: technically you could also add one of tegra's machine into your machine's MACHINEOVERRIDES if it makes sense10:51
qschulzat least that's a good way to start without too many bbappends at once (great to get started, and might even make sense in some cases)10:51
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ebailyes qschulz that's a good way to test it.10:53
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alephanHi guys. Long time no IRC.12:00
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qschulzhello there12:02
alephanfray: I have a question for you. You took care of the shared downloads (sources mirror) strategy in WRS. Can you give me a short overview on how you designed that process? I'm taking this from the traceability and regression point of view so I'm wondering if you were also doing freezing of the mirror per release (not only the build metadata).12:06
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lxcAnyone that have success in using nativesdk-gcc? When I include this in the SDK the sysroot does not get correct when the linker is invoked.12:18
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madisoxebail: The CUDA support could be split out from meta-tegra and extended to handle x86 targets.  There was some discussion of it a few years ago.12:25
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ebailmadisox: good point. I will check this out12:31
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ebailmadisox: I read your GH link. So I guess it is not recommended to start from meta-nvidia which seems outdated. The best would be to split meta-tegra, right ?13:07
ebailmadisox: did you also have some experience using meta-tegra with PREEMPT_RT full ?13:08
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RPkanavin_home: I've sent a patch to bitbake-devel for that os-release issue14:26
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AnarkyHello, I have an issue where the RDEPENDS files of a recipe are not inside the sysroot that DEPENDS on this recipe14:33
AnarkyI have created a post on stackoverflow earlier to better explain things:
qschulzAnarky: you cannot RDEPENDS on a native recipe, that does not make sense14:37
qschulza native recipe is for the host, where you build stuff. You want a target package (without -native) for packages installed in your rootfs14:37
qschulzthat's one issue, reading your post more carefully now14:38
Anarkyqschulz: the "composer" recipe is not supposed to go on my system14:39
qschulzAnarky: which version of Yocto are you using?14:39
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qschulzRDEPENDS for native packages have only been recently added14:40
Anarkybut to build "myserver", which will go on my target, I need to run "php composer.phar composer.lock" on my system14:40
Anarkyright now I'm stuck on thud14:40
qschulzalso... not sure RDEPENDS for native packages is correct14:40
qschulzok, so RDEPENDS in your composer-native won't work14:40
qschulzjust put DEPENDS = "php-native" instead14:41
Anarkyqschulz: on the last version, RDEPENDS is more correct right?14:46
qschulzAnarky: I do not know. Because technically, you're pulling composer-native with DEPENDS and not RDEPENDS14:49
qschulzI don't have much experience with native RDEPENDS, specifically because I'm using thud like you and it isn't supported14:50
qschulzRDEPENDS on native packages*14:50
Anarkyqschulz: the issue is the same with a DEPENDS on composer-native14:51
Anarkyeven after a cleanall, when I build "myserver" it can't find "usr/bin/php" during the compile14:52
Anarkyoh wait :/14:52
Anarkyqschulz: you're right, it works perfectly now, thanks!14:54
Anarkydo you know which version adds the RDEPENDS support for native package? I might be able to update in the future14:55
qschulzAnarky: still I'm not sure it is supposed to work the way you intend to14:56
kanavin_homeRP: thanks! it's crucial for keeping AUH running and not falling behind on version updates :)14:56
RPkanavin_home: if you could confirm it helps, that would be useful14:57
kanavin_homeRP: I guess once it merges, I can re-start AUH builder?14:59
kanavin_homeor is there a way to run AUH against master-next maybe?14:59
RPkanavin_home: I think you could just set the branch to master-next one I add it there?15:00
kanavin_homeRP: yes I can15:05
smurrayAnarky qschulz: if a tool is needed at build time, it should be in DEPENDS as -native.  RDEPENDS on -native packages should really only be needed by other native recipes15:07
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Anarkysmurray: so it's a normal behaviour the problem I had?15:11
qschulzsmurray: the question is when RDEPENDS on native packages make sense? in image recipes?15:17
smurrayqschulz: when something that is native needs another native tool to run, if you grep in oe-core / poky, you'll see there are not many instances15:19
smurrayAnarky: yes15:19
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qschulzAh, like a native recipe which is a bash script calling another binary I guess, no need at build time obviously15:30
Anarkysmurray: but in my case, php-native was needed at runtime for composer-native, so why I couldn't use php during the compile task on my recipe that DEPENDS on composer-native?15:32
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smurrayAnarky: if composer-native needs php-native, then adding the RDEPENDS_${PN}_class-native = "php-native" to the composer recipe would perhaps make sense15:34
smurrayAnarky: that is the usecase I mentioned ("RDEPENDS on -native packages should really only be needed by other native recipes")15:35
zeddiiRP: a few warnings (fixed), and of course stap failure on 5.10 run v1. I guess I'll end up doing that uprev after all ;)15:37
smurrayAnarky: though that depends a bit on your composer recipe, if it's intended for both target and native, it should just have RDEPENDS_${PN} = "php" and I think wouldn't need anything else if it uses BBCLASSEXTEND = "native"15:39
RPzeddii: I guess it could be worse!15:39
zeddiiindeed. or just the obvious ones could be worse. We'll see how more runtime tests behave.15:40
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Anarkysmurray: composer is only native, to build the target recipe "myserver"15:41
Anarkysmurray: right now it's called "" with "inherit native" inside15:41
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smurrayAnarky: okay, likely you want RDEPENDS_${PN}_class-native = "php-native"15:41
Anarkysmurray: thanks I try right now15:42
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qschulzsmurray: why the class-native override? it's a native only recipe, so it shouldn't be needed right?15:44
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smurrayqschulz: yeah, I'm not 100% sure, it might be okay w/o it when using native.bbclass15:44
Anarkysmurray: it doesn't work, is it because it's only "inherit native" instead of BBCLASSEXTEND?15:45
smurrayAnarky: looking at native.bbclass, I think you can just use RDEPENDS there15:47
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smurrayAnarky: if that doesn't result in php-native getting pulled in, I think you'll need to stick with explicitly putting it in DEPENDS15:48
Anarkysmurray: it's what I had on the first place:
qschulzsmurray: also, Anarky is on thud and RDEPENDS on native packages is *NOT* supported in thud15:53
smurrayqschulz: ah15:54
smurrayAnarky: I think you're likely stuck with the explicit DEPENDS, but it's entirely possible I'm missing something15:55
qschulzAnarky: warrior has support according to the release note15:55
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khemzeddii:  I am seeing selftest build failures with 5.8 and also with -dev ( 5.10 ) version its same error
khemzeddii:  any ideas ? before I dig16:49
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zeddiihmm. 5.8 is static in versions, since it is EOL, or I would have suspected my recent version bumps.  I don't have any config changes for 5.8 either. 5.10, could just be the new kernel, I just started running the full uprev through the AB, so I haven't seen all the issues yet.16:52
hipr_cWhile trying to use meta-st-stmp32 BSP layer I'm encountering "/path/ has circular dependency on /path/". Any pointers for a beginner on how to resolve this?16:55
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v0nhow can I remove -MACHINE from the image file names?17:31
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v0nIt seems redundant since images are already in a deploy/images/MACHINE/ folder and having just core-image-minimal.wic for example would simplify the documentation (especially when multiple machine are involved)17:32
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v0nI mean the link core-image-minimal.wic for example, not the ${IMAGE_BASENAME}-${MACHINE}-${DATETIME}.wic file it points to.17:35
AnarkyAnother question, how can I enable the openssl extension when I use the native php binary?17:38
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v0nI would like build/tmp/deploy/images/MACHINE/core-image-minimal.wic -> core-image-minimal-MACHINE-20201217202436.rootfs.wic (instead of core-image-minimal-MACHINE.wic)17:55
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zeddiiRP: I have a fix for the systemtap uprev, and for it on 5.10, but the damn thin oom's on my qemux86-64 run on the default setting (systemd init). So we may start running into memory limits again.18:06
kergothv0n: you can set any of those in your recipe or distro or whatever18:07
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v0nkergoth: thanks! I was unfortunately looking at (which has no occurrence of IMAGE_LINK_NAME) instead of
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* v0n updates his new best friend helper to: yvar () { for var; do firefox "$var"; done; exec swaymsg -q '[urgent="newest"] focus' ; }18:14
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RPzeddii: that sounds like fun :(18:18
zeddiibooting with qemuparams="-m 2048" fixes it up.18:18
zeddiiI'll put the fix for stap on my test branch and see if the AB runs see the oom.18:19
RPzeddii: an init system needs 2GB of memory though? :(18:25
zeddiiI'll try some lower values, that's my goto bump when things oom :D18:26
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v0nkergoth: works beautifully, thanks18:55
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khemzeddii: systemd now has oom daemon, are you enabling it ?19:17
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zeddiikhem: I'm just taking the defaults of current master, so probably not.19:20
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JPEWtlwoerner: Hmm, I have to enable a few kernel configs for the Rock Pi X, which probably means it should have it's own machine. Any suggestions for where it should live?20:41
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tlwoernerJPEW: not in meta-rockchip :-)21:00
tlwoernerisn't the X an x86-based MACHINE?21:00
tlwoernerJPEW: if they're generic enough maybe they could be added to ?21:03
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tlwoernermaybe bsp/intel-x86 or bsp/intel-common21:04
tlwoerneror bsp/rock-pi-x21:05
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v0nwhen creating your own distribution, is it better to stick to core-image-* if possible?22:07
*** bernardoaraujo <bernardoaraujo!uid179602@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto22:11
v0nI think meta-raspberrypi got rid of their custom images in favor of core-image-*22:14
paulgwell, that is kind of useless.  The mailing list archiver obscures e-mail addresses in body text, even if they are a part of an URL....22:17
paulgso all links to anything to do with any list on official archiver "lore" get turned into garbage.22:18
paulglink is truncated because it looks like an e-mail addy.22:18
paulgShould be:
paulgnot sure how one would fix that, but trashing any and all links to the millions of posts archived on lore is...  well, rather "not good".22:20
paulgAt least it seems like the copy that list subscribers got directly was not mangled.22:23
v0nso is it fine for a distro to append IMAGE_INSTALL or CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL or should it define its own <distro>-image-*?22:23
v0nI'm struggling to understand weither it's ok or not to extend the standard image22:24
*** xicopitz[m] <xicopitz[m]!xicopitzma@gateway/shell/> has joined #yocto22:26
RPv0n: defining new images is pretty inexpensive. As a distro you can redefine the core it you need/want too22:28
RPpaulg: I'd mention that to halstead22:29
halsteadpaulg: that certainly seems to be an undesired side effect. I'll raise a bug22:31
paulghalstead, awesome - thanks!22:33
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v0nRP: in other words, if you fetch a distro layer, do you expect to build core-image-minimal and flash it on your board or do you expect custom distro images?22:42
v0nlike if I want the "dev" image to have u-boot configured to tftpboot my kernel+initramfs, should I create a custom image recipe or should I extend core-image-minimal-dev or core-image-initramfs for example?22:44
JPEWv0n: Create a new image most likely22:44
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v0nok I think I get it. For BSP layer, you expect "core-image-*" to boot and just work.22:52
v0nFor distro layers, you certainly expect custom image targets since distro have their own flavors, packages and stuffs and thus "core-image-*" don't make much sense here I guess.22:53
RPright, I'd agree with that22:53
v0nwell Poky isn't a good example of this but it is a reference distro after all22:58
v0nlike if there was a meta-ubuntu distro layer, the instructions would be "bitbake ubuntu" or "bitbake ubuntu-dev" I imagine.22:59
RPv0n: that is true!23:09
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RPzeddii: there was a warning with your latest patchset on poky-tiny:
RP(that is with master-next)23:27
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halsteadThe bug is files thanks you paulg :)23:36
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