Thursday, 2020-12-17

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v0nkhem: indeed, run the build again and MACHINEOVERRIDES doesn't help in the creation of build/tmp/deploy/images/<machine>, still "beaglebone".00:15
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moto-timoJPEW: tlwoerner: which rock pi 4 to buy? 4b or 4c?01:11
moto-timoJPEW: tlwoerner: add on boards?01:12
* moto-timo realizes shipping will now mean post sabbatical and that's ok...because #202001:12
v0nkhem: well requiring directly doesn't create images/<machine>/ neither, I don't get it :-(01:14
v0nwhy building for MACHINE=<my new machine> doesn't create a deploy directly with its name?01:17
khemok show me your machine conf file01:18
v0n'require conf/machine/beaglebone.conf' as the first line, then I += KERNEL_DEVICETREE, IMAGE_BOOT_FILES and IMAGE_FSTYPES.01:19
JPEWmoto-timo: I think mine is a 4B01:19
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JPEWUnfortunately, they have different device trees and meta-rockchip is set to 4B.... ideally we would include them all in the FIT image and let u-boot pick, but I don't know if there is any way for u-boot to know the model :/01:20
* JPEW checks if u-boot knows the board model....01:20
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khemv0n: add MACHINEOVERRIDES .= ":beaglebone" as well in your machine conf01:23
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JPEWmoto-timo: u-boot does not appear to currently know the model. We may have to split the machines in meta-rockchip :/01:27
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khemmoto-timo:  rev C has one additional Mini DP port for dual display and the HDMI port connector is changed to Micro HDMI01:34
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v0nkhem: still no <machine>/ in deploy/images/ :-(01:49
v0nkhem: this is my conf/machine/foobar.conf:
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v0nShould I change DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE myself?02:12
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khemno, this looks ok.02:13
khemare you using MACHINE=<yourmachine>02:13
v0nkhem: i'm using machine: <machine> in the kas file, which results in MACHINE ??= "<machine>" in build/conf/local.conf02:16
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khemare you sure its respecting that ? what machine name do you see02:28
khemfor MACHINE02:28
v0nthere's a bitbake command to grep that?02:28
khembitbake -e <yyour image>|grep "^MACHINE="02:39
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v0nkhem: there's no "MACHINE" variable per-se02:45
v0nthere's MACHINE_ARCH="<machine>"02:45
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v0nis it supposed to have a MACHINE= variable or only MACHINE_ARCH= is fine?03:01
khemMACHINE is needed to be set03:06
khemdoes MACHINE_ARCH translate to something ?03:06
v0nkhem: MACHINE_ARCH=<mymachine>03:06
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khemI dont use kas so I perhaps would not understand more but if you just use it normally perhaps you can find whats going on03:11
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moto-timoJPEW: interesting03:39
moto-timokhem: the micro HDMI is slightly appealing due to rpi4 cables already attached03:40
* moto-timo looking for good "modern" candidate boards for the board farm03:41
moto-timothat don't cost $500 or $250 each03:42
moto-timojust no03:42
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moto-timogo away if not around $100-$15003:42
moto-timo(but I'd rather $35)03:42
moto-timoand if you are $1500 I will just laugh at you03:43
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moto-timo(you can send me one for free and I will integrate it into the board farm and blog nicely about it)03:56
JPEWmoto-timo: There are a lot of rockchip boards out there04:04
JPEWmoto-timo: Allwinner boards too. I have an H6 based board, but it's kernel support is lacking :/04:06
JPEWmoto-timo: IMX8 is populare also04:07
moto-timoJPEW: kernel support "lacking" will put it on my shit list04:21
moto-timoJPEW: I am also targetting so if there isn't a well defined, functional korg tree GTFO04:21
moto-timoupstream first you dummies04:21
moto-timodo it now04:21
moto-timoGreg KH told you so04:22
v0nkhem: I tried manually, same problem (kas just source the init build env and triggers bitbake for you).04:35
khemso what does it see for MACHINE ?04:36
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v0nI told you, the output of grep shew a few MACHINE_* but no MACHINE variable04:39
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moto-timov0n: be nice... people will not help you when you say "I told you"05:16
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moto-timoJPEW: IMX8 is too generic, I need a specific board to buy... I don't have time to go searching around05:36
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cengiz_iohow can I create a symbolic link to /dev/null in a recipe? "ln -s /dev/null ${D}${sysconfdir}/systemd/system/serial-getty@ttymxc0.service" fails06:36
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cengiz_ionvm fixed it by creating the destination directory first07:31
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RobertBerger1@moto-timo: I have a couple of imx8 "vendor" boards pls fsl eval board (which is upstream) More expensive, but works with a 5.10.1 upstream kernel (headless)09:22
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kanavin_homeRP: not quite there yet with ptest stability :(11:14
kanavin_homeAssertionError: Failed ptests:{'glib-2.0': ['glib/']}11:14
kanavin_homeuntil all of those are weeded out, I guess it's good to (manually) keep an eye on regressions such as opkg11:15
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JPEWmoto-timo: Rockchip is probably your best bet then. ASuS tinkerboard (a little older, 32-bit RK3288), Rock Pi 414:24
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JPEWmoto-timo: Orange Pi 4 looks good also (don't have one myself)14:28
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JPEWmoto-timo: ROC-RK3328-CC or ROC-RK3328-PC from Firefly looks good too. It's based on a Quad core RK3328 (64-bit)14:30
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qschulzmoto-timo: what about pine64?14:43
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RPkanavin_home: if you could make it a warning as I mentioned, that would help keep an eye on it14:56
RPkanavin_home: rburton knows the glib ones well ;-)14:56
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rburtonmoto-timo: i have a rockpro64 which looks fun14:57
JPEWqschulz: Ya, I was looking there. I saw the Rock64, but I don't think it's made anymore. Missed the RockPro6415:01
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JPEWmoto-timo: For IMX8, you can get the Google coral board or the IMX8M Pico Pi... there aren't a lot of low cost IMX8 dev boards out there (that I've seen). Also, you'd probably be disappointed with the upstream support15:05
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tlwoernerrburton: i can expect a MACHINE conf file for the rockpro64 then? ;-)15:06
tlwoerneri guess i'm going to have to get one of those 3328 boards then and look at adding support15:07
rburtoni assumed there was one already tbh15:07
rburtonits still in a box15:07
bernardoaraujometa-rockchip has a few MACHINEs, but I think rockpro64 is not there15:09
bernardoaraujoI have a fork for meta-rock64... I wrote a sdimage bbclass did some tests with warrior last year15:11
smurraymoto-timo: note there are several "i.MX8"s, that could mean MM, MQ, QXP, etc.  There are EVKs from NXP for all of them, I think15:11
tlwoernerbernardoaraujo: why a fork? why not contribute upstream? :-D15:12
bernardoaraujostill open:
smurraymoto-timo: scrolling back, they're all likely too expensive for your price point15:12
bernardoaraujoI think Leonardo doesn't have time to maintain it anymore15:13
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qschulzJPEW: I was meaning pine a64 actually :)15:15
qschulzbased on allwinner a64, upstream support afair15:15
tlwoernernice, another rockchip fork (lol)15:15
bernardoaraujohaha yeah... but rock64 is also 3328... perhaps we could join forces and make some relevant contributions to meta-rockchip?15:16
tlwoernerbernardoaraujo: thanks for the link, i'll take a look at integrating it into meta-rockchip15:16
tlwoernerbernardoaraujo: yes, that would be ideal!15:16
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bernardoaraujowriting this PR  was a very nice learning experience... I basically looked at meta-raspberrypi and followed its sdimage bbclass as a template15:18
bernardoaraujoperhaps some silly mistakes here and there... it would be nice to get some feedback15:19
qschulzbernardoaraujo: haven't sdcard images been replaced by wic generated images?15:21
bernardoaraujoI also considered writing wic but the learning curve was a bit too much for me at the time... so I went for sdimage bbclass because I felt more confident15:22
bernardoaraujobut you could be right, idk15:22
tlwoernerbernardoaraujo: meta-rockchip is using wic as much as possible, converting shouldn't be too difficult (famous last words?)15:24
bernardoaraujoin that case wic is more desirable indeed15:25
qschulzand I think meta-raspberrypi migrated too so if you want, you can probably take inspiration from what they did15:25
*** gpanders <gpanders!> has joined #yocto15:25
JPEWqschulz: Ah, ya. I only have one allwinner board (H6) and support is... spotty15:26
moto-timoooh, no shortage of board suggestions :)15:26
JPEWFor example, it runs the upstream kernel, but only at the base clock frequency :/15:26
bernardoaraujoqschulz: interesting... thanks for pointing that out15:26
moto-timothank you JPEW, RobertBerger1, qschultz, rburton, smurray15:26
bernardoaraujotlwoerner: perhaps it's a matter of looking at the boot flow and disk layout and applying that to a sdimage-rk3328.wks?15:27
smurraymoto-timo: if you're keen on i.MX8, SolidRun make some cheaper boards, but they'd required some BSP work, likely15:28
qschulzJPEW: Hxx -based boards aren't that well supported comported to A or R series, they're usually the dirt cheap kind (no PMIC for example)15:32
qschulzif youre considering buying allwinner based boards, you can probably just head out to #linux-sunxi and ask if there's decent support or not15:34
*** vermaete <vermaete!> has joined #yocto15:38
vermaeteIs there a kind of SOURCE_MIRROR_URL  for git?15:38
vermaeteWe have a few local copies of git repo's of gitlab.15:38
vermaeteBut how can I point in the recipes to or own git server iso the one on Intenet.15:39
JPEWFair enough. I have the H6 board because it has a very specific GPU for which we needed upstream mesa support15:39
tlwoernerbernardoaraujo: yes, that would be the goal15:39
vermaeteIf I understand SOURCE_MIRROR_URL correct, this is all about download source archives and not about git repo's itself.15:40
*** tgoodwin <tgoodwin!> has quit IRC15:40
bernardoaraujotlwoerner: cool let me know if you need any help15:41
qschulzvermaete: maybe have a look at PREMIRRORS (shot in the dark)15:42
tlwoernerbernardoaraujo: sure, send me a board! ;-)15:42
vermaetePREMIRRORS looks for me kind of the same.15:43
vermaeteIt's there to download the archives.15:43
bernardoaraujotlwoerner: hahah I have a rock64, I can test the wic if you want15:43
vermaeteBut I could be wrong.15:43
vermaeteWell, PREMIRRORS can be used to download a (local) archive of a git repo.  But I would like to just get the code from our local git repo.15:44
*** zkrx <zkrx!> has quit IRC15:47
kergothvermaete: premirrors can be used for any change to the url you want. it doesn't have to change from git:// to http://15:47
kergothvermaete: you can change it to another git://. it's just search/replace15:48
*** jkprg <jkprg!~jkprg@> has quit IRC15:48
vermaete@kergoth I will give it a try.  But what if it's more that e.g. replace git:// to git://mygit.15:49
vermaeteWhat if it's about git:// to git://mygit/c15:49
kergothagain, it's search and replace15:53
kergothregular expressions. on a per-component basis15:53
kergothyou can change anything you want, url scheme, host, path, whatever15:53
kergoththat'll work just fine15:53
vermaeteThanks, I will give it a try.15:53
kergoththe key thing to note is that *first* it splits up the url into its components. scheme/host/path/etc, then the replacement is done for each of these individually15:56
kergothso it's not a single search for this entire url and replace it with this15:56
armpitRP, is the swabber still supported ?15:57
armpitI think we can close bug 451715:59
*** mbulut <mbulut!> has quit IRC16:00
*** oberstet <oberstet!~oberstet@> has joined #yocto16:02
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*** tgoodwin <tgoodwin!> has joined #yocto16:05
RParmpit: its not about swabber!16:07
*** mbulut <mbulut!> has joined #yocto16:17
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tlwoernerJPEW: from where did you procure your rock pi x? (out of curiosity)16:23
*** paulg <paulg!> has quit IRC16:28
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v0nHi all16:46
*** zyga-mbp <zyga-mbp!~zyga@unaffiliated/zyga> has quit IRC16:46
v0nI'm defining my own machine in conf/machine/foo.conf, but bitbake -e core-image-minimal | grep -E "^MACHINE" doesn't show me a "MACHINE" variable.16:46
v0n(there's a MACHINE_ARCH=foo though)16:47
v0nis it normal?16:47
*** paulg <paulg!> has joined #yocto16:47
v0nI do not have a tmp/deploy/images/foo/ directory, only a beaglebone one (which my board is based on)16:48
*** zyga-mbp <zyga-mbp!~zyga@unaffiliated/zyga> has joined #yocto16:48
JPEWtlwoerner: seeed studio16:48
tlwoernerJPEW: oh, from them directly? okay. i noticed the usual suspects (digikey, mouser) didn't seem to carry it, was curious if you found it somewhere other than directly from seeeeeeeed16:49
*** dreyna <dreyna!~dreyna@2601:646:4201:e280:2c20:b041:c753:abd> has joined #yocto16:49
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JPEWtlwoerner: Do you want a "backport" of the serial port fix to gatesgarth, or do you want to fast-forward the HEAD one commit?17:02
rburtonzeddii, RP: is the checklayers problem we're hitting with meta-arm-bsp.17:03
tlwoernerJPEW: i'll just backport it (likely cherry-pick)17:04
*** bobJ <bobJ!> has joined #yocto17:04
tlwoerner(and thanks for the subtle reminder, lol)17:05
*** gsalazar <gsalazar!955a6fad@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has quit IRC17:05
*** kiwi_29 <kiwi_29!> has joined #yocto17:06
bobJAnyone have any advice how to get around this build issue  It is regarding adding wireguard to an image recipe.  I've added wireguard-tools and wireguard-module to my IMAGE_INSTALL_append variable in my image recipe.17:06
tlwoernerJPEW: i guess i'll just get the rock pi x directly then. i had been wanting to pick up a couple of these too anyway:
bobJWhat is the correct way to install wireguard into an os-image?17:07
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bobJSorry, here's the pastebin again
bobJI added a '.' on the end accidentally in my original post17:11
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JPEWtlwoerner: FWIW this is the power supply I've been using:
*** frwol <frwol!> has quit IRC17:24
rburtonRP: and is the license bug, chased a bit further17:24
tlwoernerJPEW: this is mine:
*** ahadi <ahadi!> has joined #yocto17:25
tlwoernerJPEW: oops!! sorry, this one:
tlwoernerQC3 + PD and 60W17:27
bobJno tips here: ? As I've said I added the wireguard-tools and wireguard-module to my IMAGE_INSTALL_append in my image recipe17:33
kanavin_homeany idea why test seems to abort mid-way? it's intermittent17:33
kanavin_homee.g. this one succeeds
tlwoernerJPEW: in any case, i think it's hilarious i've never seen a stable console *until* now (pre patch)17:34
rburtonkanavin_home: exit 1, so it's not crashing17:36
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*** jkprg <jkprg!> has joined #yocto17:39
RPrburton: hmm, right, good to have them filed. Who to own though!17:41
rburtonRP: your thoughts on them would be appreciated17:41
*** amitk <amitk!~amit@unaffiliated/amitk> has quit IRC17:42
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v0nany idea why DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE doesn't correspond to my image name?17:50
*** JaBen <JaBen!~Thunderbi@2a02:8109:86c0:1c58:bd52:f0ef:80f0:e69e> has joined #yocto17:51
JPEWtlwoerner: Hmm, interesting. I guess mine maxes out at 18W, which I think is the upper limit of what the Rock Pi 4 needs.... I guess maybe it could be my power supply. Strange17:52
RPrburton: replied as best I can17:54
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:55
rburtonneed zeddii to chime in on the kernel one17:57
RPrburton: it needs more understanding of where things are being added to the hash :/18:00
*** manuel__ <manuel__!> has joined #yocto18:00
RPrburton: I remember helping with that code, it looks like something isn't working as it should though18:00
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v0nkhem: moto-timo: I've found the problem! My images are now in build/tmp-glibc/deploy/images/foobar/ instead of build/tmp/deploy/images/foobar/!19:20
v0nis it expected? builds for other machines go into build/tmp/...19:24
*** zkrx <zkrx!> has quit IRC19:29
khemsomewhere TMPDIR is being changed from tmp/19:29
khemdefault in poky is to use tmp but in oe-core is to use tmp-LIBCNAME19:29
*** zkrx <zkrx!> has joined #yocto19:33
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v0nkhem: ok this explains eveything, thank you! I started from poky+beaglebone(-yocto) but then I created my own distro+machine at the same time.19:37
v0nhum I'm mitigated on that one, tmp-LIBCNAME seems like a good idea if you're trying multiple libc, but tmp/ is more conventional and easier to script the storage of built images...19:42
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v0nactually it makes a lot of sense that oe-core use tmp-LIBCNAME and a distro, which is supposed to define its libc, uses tmp/.19:56
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JPEWRP: Mind running master-next of meta-mingw through the AB when you have a chance?20:25
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tlwoernerJPEW: gatesgarth updated. sorry for the delay, i wanted to build and run test it :-)21:04
RPJPEW: will trigger now21:04
*** gpanders <gpanders!> has joined #yocto21:05
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ecdheI am specifying a uboot recipe in my machine conf file with PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/bootloader ?= "u-boot-myrecipe".  I have another recipe which depends on uboot being built first by DEPENDS = "u-boot-myrecipe".  Is there any way to DEPEND on the PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/bootloader instead?21:06
ecdheThat way when I change U-Boot recipes, I can just update the preferred provider instead of all the reverse dependencies21:07
RPJPEW: its running21:09
RPecdhe: depend on virtual/bootloader ?21:09
JPEWtlwoerner: np. I just started my CI build... should be all green now :)21:10
JPEWRP: Thanks!21:10
*** Shikadi <Shikadi!> has joined #yocto21:14
ShikadiIs there a way to force bitbake to build an image recipe without re-building any dependencies?21:15
neverpanicDon't change any dependencies and it should already do that?21:16
RPShikadi: bitbake <image> -C rootfs ?21:16
*** kiwi_29 <kiwi_29!> has quit IRC21:17
Shikadineverpanic: lol21:17
ShikadiRP: I'll give that a try, though I think I have before and it proceeded to rebuild deps... Basically I'm re-building the kernel to get a new device tree, which nothing actually depends on, but it causes an hours worth of rebuilds of things that depend on the kernel in general21:18
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ecdheThanks RP, that worked21:19
neverpanicAh, we've tried a shot at this problem by introducing something we called compatible dependens – in your case the kernel headers don't change, so there's no need to rebuild libc or anything else.21:20
neverpanicWe eventually gave up on this method, it was just too fragile.21:20
ShikadiI imagine it's a harder problem to solve than it appears on the surface, but I wish there was a way to force it to ignore it temporarily, just grabbing whatever artifacts already exist21:22
ecdheI wrote two ways to acquire a build tool, myutil-native...  The vendor hosts a zipfile with a binary of the tool, so I made a recipe that brings it in.  But I didn't want my build system to depend on the vendor's servers, so I made another recipe that downloads the myutil source from github and builds it.  Both recipes could be called  is there a way in yocto to distiguish them in case I21:22
ecdhewant to revert to the vendor tool in the future?21:22
ecdheRight now I only have one recipe in my layer because I couldn't figure out how to properly name them.21:23
neverpanicecdhe: they can have different version numbers (e.g. one of them the release version, call the other one
neverpanicAnd then specify DEFAULT_PREFERENCE in one of them21:24
neverpanicWe do this for recipes where not everybody has access to the source, bundled with a test for access before the build that sets an env variable.21:25
ecdheneverpanic: that sounds handy actually, may ship a layer to customers who have a tar ball but not git access21:26
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v0nmy new best friend, ~/.local/bin/yvar:
v0n(the last line is wm-specific obviously)21:49
RPShikadi: you can read your question in different ways. I realise you mean something different now.21:50
RPShikadi: you could lock the sstate signature of the tasks you don't want to change which would have the effect you describe but its not easy as there isn't tooling for it21:51
ShikadiRP: Hmm, that sounds worth trying, any idea where I can start?21:55
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ecdheneverpanic: that worked well, thanks especially for the DEFAULT_PREFERENCE reference, I found that in the bitbake manual21:58
ecdheMy board vendor hosts some git repos with tags for their releases, e.g, v2.3.4.  This is the vendor release/package version, not necessarily the version of the software itself.  Nonetheless, it's been handy to make recipes like and then set the SRC_URI="gitserver/user/repo.git;tag=v${PV}" which causes the git repo to be checked out correctly22:01
ecdheHowever, there are multiple repos and multiple recipes... in the future, when they upgrade from 2.3.4 to 2.4.0 I will have to rename multiple files to get the ${PV} value to update.22:02
*** pbb <pbb!> has quit IRC22:03
ecdheI tried naming a variable VENDOR_RELEASE = "2.3.4" in local.conf and referencing that in my SRC_URI... but the variable couldn't be expanded22:03
*** pbb <pbb!> has joined #yocto22:03
ecdheAre there any drawbacks to my current method of just using the vendor package version as the PV?22:06
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RPShikadi: look at the that bitbake <target> -S none generates and try cutting that down and including that file22:07
*** B0ned1ger2 <B0ned1ger2!> has joined #yocto22:07
ShikadiThanks, I'll start looking into that22:08
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kiwi_29Hello I included meta-openwrt layer (dunfell branch) to compile ipset as part of my distro . However when I "bitbake ipset" I get this error23:21
kiwi_29ERROR: No recipes available for: <PATH>/meta-openwrt/recipes-tweaks/iptables/iptables_1.6%.bbappend23:21
kiwi_29My meta layer only has <PATH>meta/recipes-extended/iptables/iptables_1.8.4.bb23:22
kiwi_29how do I solve this23:23
kiwi_29I see that meta-openwrt has <PATH>/meta-openwrt/recipes-tweaks/iptables/iptables_1.6%.bbappend.  and <PATH>/meta-openwrt/recipes-tweaks/iptables/iptables_1.8%.bbappend23:23
*** oberstet <oberstet!~oberstet@> has joined #yocto23:34
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*** georgem_home <georgem_home!uid210681@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto23:43
kiwi_29khem . I see that using BB_DANGLINGAPPENDS_WARNONLY = "1" will get rid of the error .. testing it now23:58
kiwi_29however, I see that master branch in meta-openwrt repo only has iptables_1.8%.bbappend where as dunfell has iptables_1.6%.bbappend and iptables_1.8%.bbappend23:59

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