Sunday, 2020-12-20

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RPkanavin_home: looks like we have intermittent reproducibility issues in grub, u-boot-tools and man :/09:44
RPhad hoped I'd fixed the grub one but obviously not entirely :(09:45
kanavin_homeRP: the easy way out is to add them to the exception list :-/09:48
kanavin_homeRP: the problem with that is things that break reproducibility intermittently would get merged, then fail to reproduce much later, and the list would just keep growing09:49
RPkanavin_home: the u-boot-tools one looks like somehow LOCALVERSION is set on one builder09:49
RPkanavin_home: the grub one looks like file linking commands changing order as far as I can tell09:49
RPkanavin_home: its also possible hash equivalence is "infecting" things :( I'm noticing a growing problem with that :(09:50
RPkanavin_home: I know what you mean about not wanting the list to grow09:50
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RPkanavin_home: somehow the build of u-boot-tools on debian9-ty-2 has the version with "-dirty" on the end, even though when I run the command that should generate that, it doesn't any more :/11:23
* RP pauses that worker until he can look properly11:25
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RPkanavin_home: you'll love the "fix" for u-boot12:14
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kanavin_homeRP: yikes. I never looked at u-boot, as it never showed up in my tests.12:55
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RPkanavin_home: found the second grub issue too (I hope)14:49
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tlwoernerjonesv[m]: there is no such thing as a default bootloader. typically someone (or some company) will put in the effort to port one bootloader to a given board/SoC, and that becomes the bootloader for that board22:55
tlwoernerin theory any bootloader could boot any board… if someone ports it22:56
tlwoernerbut in practice there is generally one bootloader for a given board22:56
tlwoernerjonesv[m]: *in general* grub is used for x86 boards and u-boot for everything else22:57
tlwoernerjonesv[m]: every board is special, but with the raspberry pi, it is even more special (special-er?)22:58
tlwoernerjonesv[m]: when the rpi comes out of reset, it is the GPU that gets run first22:59
tlwoernerit is then the job of the GPU to start up the CPU(s), then load the next stage of the boot22:59
tlwoerneron the raspberry pi the GPU can boot linux directly (GPU → linux), or it can optionally chain-load u-boot (GPU → u-boot → linux)23:00
tlwoernerjonesv[m]: i don't know much about fastboot, that's an android thing. it is used on boards like the dragonboard to load your image into the onboard eMMC via the OTG port23:01
tlwoernerbut that's because fastboot is supported in the SoC's firmware23:02
tlwoernerin the yocto world we rely on the BSP layer for the board to know which bootloader to use and to build and set it up properly23:03
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