Monday, 2020-12-21

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mckoangood morning07:42
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX07:56
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LetoThe2ndwhats the easiest way to add a rootfs image from multiconfig a into multiconfig b? obviously i need a recipe that packages it up, but whats the simplest, most canonicalform?09:18
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rcrudoI'm trying to build an image but I get this error: Could not invoke dnf. No match for argument: mesa. After some research it seems that the issue is related to mesa not installing anything09:37
rcrudotherefore it should have ALLOW_EMPTY_${PN}. however, I'm wondering why it doesn't have this by default09:37
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LetoThe2ndi would rather wonder why you're trying to install it if you don't actually want anything from it.09:40
rcrudoso far I could find out seems like mesa is used as opengl alternative09:41
rcrudoso, could it be that only the "-dev" packages are in use?09:41
LetoThe2ndopengl provider, not alternative.09:43
LetoThe2ndit could be, i don't know your build.09:43
qschulzrcrudo: it seems to be expected to be empty since 2012:
qschulz(mesa-dri has been renamed into mesa if you follow the git history)09:43
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rcrudoqschulz: so, should it have ALLOW_EMPTY_${PN} somewhere in the recipe?09:45
qschulzrcrudo: it does not for some reason, but maybe you're probably not supposed to install it at all and just install the actual packages you need?09:46
qschulzI think it makes little sense to add all mesa packages since they are hardware specific and one package probably handles only one kind of hardware09:46
qschulz(one to one relationship)09:46
rcrudoqschulz: I see. That might be case then. I am working on project that someone else created. That might be it was added without being required09:49
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LetoThe2ndqschulz: do you happen to know of a simple build-in-build example?10:02
LetoThe2ndqschulz: the manual states how to define MC dependencies, but not how to consume them.10:02
qschulzLetoThe2nd: I would do a mcdepends on a task, then read from mc b deploydir10:04
qschulzdon't know what's the recommended way10:07
qschulzmaybe have a look at freertos+linux Yocto talk at ELCE 2019?10:07
LetoThe2ndah yes, good pointer.10:11
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mbulutgood morning everyone10:28
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mbulutwhat is the recommended way to get gdb-cross-arm built into the sdk?10:29
mbulutI can build it using bitbake gdb-cross-arm, however adding gdb-cross to TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK it says nothing rprovides...10:30
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rburtonyou want nativesdk-gdb* for the nativesdk10:33
mbulutthx, I'll give it a try10:35
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mbuluthmm can't find anything like that10:39
mbulutadded nativesdk-gdb to TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK and it can't find no buildable providers10:40
mbulutalso I cannot find anything like nativesdk-gdb on the oe layer index...10:40
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mckoanmbulut: isn't gdb cross already in the SDK when you set EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES += "tools-debug" ?10:43
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mbulutI wasn't aware that EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES affects the sdk in any way...10:44
mbulutI just have a minimal sdk recipe where I require and add a bunch of other recipes to TOOLCHAIN_TARGET_TASK and TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK10:45
mbulutI'm not running populate_sdk on the image recipe10:47
rburtonyou should be :)10:47
mckoanmbulut: IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " gdbserver" should give you he same result10:47
rburtonrecommended way is to use the populate_sdk10:47
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mckoanmbulut: you have two options: meta-toolchain or the populate_sdk way10:48
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mbulutthis is what I use to define the SDK and I run bitbake -c populate_sdk against it10:50
mbulutso it's the former of what mckoan suggested, now how do I get the cross gdb into that?10:51
mckoanmbulut: populate_sdk should be used to create an SDK related to an image not itself10:51
mbulutso both of you and rburton say I should run populate_sdk on the image recipe rather than a standalone recipe for the SDK?10:53
rburtonthen you know that your SDK contains everything you need for your target10:53
rburtonotherwise its on you to ensure they match10:53
mbuluthmmm - but that builds literally almost everything that's going into the image10:54
mbulutlike idk it yields me a webserver in the sdk which feels kinda odd, you know...10:54
mckoanmbulut: because that's the expected behavior of an SDK10:55
rburtondo it yourself, if you want, the underlying code is mostly the same10:55
rburtonjust the recommended way is to build a SDK of an image, instead of hand-curating your own.10:55
mbulutI understand10:55
mbulutthat recipe I posted was working fine for me and produced a streamlined SDK with only stuff that I would actually expect in an SDK and not just an entire image rootfs bundled as an SDK installer10:57
mbulutuntil this morning, when I needed the cross gdb -- I'd really prefer sticking to my recipe rather than the image recipe (not at least because it builds "only" round-about 4K packages as opposed to nearly 9K packages with the image recipe)10:58
mckoanmbulut: you could create a reduces image for SDK purpose11:00
rburtonmbulut: well adding the cross gdb is trivial11:01
mbulutrburton: how?11:02
mbulut(to my recipe)11:02
mbulutadding a line IMAGE_INSTALL += "gdb-cross" to it?11:02
mbulutno, that don't make any sense..11:03
mbulutAdding gdb-cross-canadian-arm to TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK at least seems to build -- will need to find out if it yields me the desired binaries in the SDK11:06
rburtonas i said, _HOST_ tasks will all be nativesdk-*11:08
mbuluthmm I see, then I'll need to find out what nativesdk-* actually includes gdb-cross, correct?11:09
mbulutI added this line to my sdk recipe:11:15
mbulutrequire ${TOPDIR}/../layers/poky/meta/recipes-core/meta/meta-extsdk-toolchain.bb11:15
mbulutthat seems to do the trick11:15
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whyhow can I remove an rpm package from yocto?12:02
whyi mean on the target itself12:02
whyfor example I want to remove the program "bc" which the yocto yester likes a lot :)12:03
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LetoThe2ndwhy: the jester says: if you don't want something, do not install it.12:13
LetoThe2ndi mean, whats the reason behind doing this: 1) add stuff 2) compile stuff 3) package stuff 4) remove stuff12:14
LetoThe2ndinstead of just 0) do nothing.12:14
whyLetoThe2nd The reason being that at a certain time a package is not needed anymore, since it is possible to add a package afterwards I was wondering if it is possible to remove a package as well12:15
whySo the answer is not possible then?12:16
LetoThe2ndwhat do you mean by "certain time" and "afterwards? are we talking about varous build times during development, or various lifetime moments during runtime of the device?12:16
whylifetime moments12:16
LetoThe2ndso you basically need a package when the device is powered on the first time, and then not anymore, or something like that?12:17
whySuppose I need "bc" now, after 1 month I want to free up space :)  and I really don't need that package anymore, is it possible to remove it on the target12:17
LetoThe2ndif you have runtime package management, then it should be perfectly doable. but depending on your use case other strategies might be favorable.12:18
LetoThe2ndqschulz: cue chant #3, please.12:18
whyso if I have runtime package management, which command can I use to remove "bc" for example?12:19
LetoThe2ndif you are using rpm, then according to it should be rpm -e ....12:22
whyrpm -e bc gives me12:25
whyerror: Failed dependencies:bc = 1.07.1-r0 is needed by (installed) bc-dev-1.07.1-r0.cortexa7t2hf_neon_vfpv412:25
whyrpm -e bc-dev-1.07.1-r0.cortexa7t2hf_neon_vfpv412:25
whydoes nothing it seems since bc is still available on the target12:25
LetoThe2ndokay, so you essentially wnet through everything already yourself, and instead of just asking "hwy i want to do x, but it doesn't work, i get error y" you had me discuss stuff plus even look up the man page for you, right?12:27
LetoThe2ndyou know what? i'm out. screw you.12:27
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whyI didn't expect such a reaction from the kind yocto jester :(12:36
qschulzLetoThe2nd: "It depends TM"12:36
whyyou came with a solution, I tried your solution12:36
whythen it gave the error, so I want to do x, where x = rpm -e ..., but it doesn't work, i get error y12:37
whythen you tell me "screw you", doesn't seem logic to me but ok if that makes you happy12:37
LetoThe2ndwhy: the point is that you just literally wasted 15 minutes of my time to just find out that you are stuck on an erroro message, and not in the process of it. and i tend to be very unkind if i realize that people are wasting my time just because they *think* i shall explain everything over again, just for the fun of it.12:38
qschulzwhy: you could have spared LetoThe2nd 15min of his time by just saying "i want to remove an rpm package from the target, i did rpm -e bc, error (give error), rpm -e bc-dev, error (give error)"12:38
LetoThe2ndqschulz: i couldn't have worded it any better.12:38
whyqschulz LOL, you guys don't seem to get it but its ok I'm not angry :)  After the jester said use "rpm -e ..." I imeddiately tried it out...12:39
LetoThe2ndthen i happily don't get it.12:40
whyjester's reaction @13:22:22 , my reaction at @13:25:0712:40
LetoThe2nd(but i still think the approach os wrong anyways)12:40
whyLetoThe2nd which approach and why?12:40
LetoThe2ndok. to prove that i am a *MOSTLY* nice guy.12:41
whynever mind I'll try to figure it out, thanks anyway (except for the "screw you" part...) :')12:41
LetoThe2ndi am pretty sure that the whole idea of "installing" something first and then "removing it later" is fundamentally flawed. you are trying to do something, and you think thats a way to do it.12:42
LetoThe2ndso you ask about the way.12:42
LetoThe2nd(because you're stuck)12:42
LetoThe2ndwhat i am saying is that you should rather rething the whole approach.12:43
whywell in any linux distribution when there is a package management available you can easily install something for example sudo apt install <package>12:43
qschulzwhy: but in the end, usually you just flash updates of your system, which don't have the package in it anymore. I'm not sure many people use package management on the target?12:43
whyand sudo apt remove <package> so there must be a reasoning behind it12:43
qschulzwhy: don't think of embedded systems as normal computers12:43
whyqschulz yes, but just wanted to know if it is possible :)12:43
whyqschulz true12:44
LetoThe2ndi'm not saying that there is no bug in runtime package management as we have it. its entirely possible. but it doesn't maater much, because tis not meant for it anyways.12:44
LetoThe2ndwe have other use cases, and those require other approaches. so trying to apply your desktop ubuntu mind set will just cause pain for everybody.12:45
LetoThe2ndso, chances are almost 100% that you are actually trying to do something specific and entirely unrelated. and my advice is to rethink this and find an approach that suits the problem domain, not an appraoch that suits "sudo apt" - just because you happen to know that.12:46
whywell I gave the ubuntu example just for understanding purposes only12:46
whythe whole idea is to create a custom os, this means adding (and removing in my opinion), but I think it is best to close this discussion and you can enjoy your lunch, thanks anyway (y)12:47
qschulzwhy: "adding" probably means you need to handle package repos or whatever the name actually is12:48
qschulzyou cannot use Ubuntu's and you need to maintain one feed/repo per distro and probably per machine12:48
LetoThe2ndit should theoretically be possible. if it doesn't work, you might have hit a) a bug in the rpm setup we have b) a bug in the preinstallation handling we have c) any combination or variation thereof.12:49
LetoThe2ndtry again with ipk, narrow the behaviour down. does it happen only on "included" packages, or also on those installed at runtime?12:49
LetoThe2ndetc, pp.12:49
whyI don't want to waste more of my time now that I know the above, appreciate it guys(y)12:51
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LetoThe2ndsuch crazyness. anybody treid/heard of an emscripten-native recipe?13:53
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LetoThe2ndRP: question - maybe i'm just on the wrong track - but: when in a multiconfig environment, doesn't bitbake hold all configs in memory? so, would it be possible to have something like ${mc:other_config:ASDFASDF} to access those? adhering to the usual rules of visibility, of course.14:04
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manuel__Somehow `bitbake -c cleanall my-recipe; bitbake -c do_fetch my-recipe` doesn't clone the source repo into the tmp dir. In did add `RM_WORK_EXCLUDE += "my-package"` to local.conf.14:47
manuel__`bitbake -c do_patch` does. But it patches as well. I would like to have the unpatched source.14:47
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LetoThe2ndmanuel__:  -c do_unpack?14:49
manuel__Hmm will give it a try14:52
qschulzmanuel__: ${WORKDIR}/temp/log.task_order should help you identify in which order tasks were run14:53
qschulzor, you can run bitbake my-recipe -g and read the .dot files with a text editor (don't try to make a graph out of it)14:54
RPLetoThe2nd: bitbake doesn't hold recipe configuration in memory, only the "base" configuration before recipes are parsed14:54
RPit only had a snapshot of some variable values from after it parsed recipes14:54
RPwould it be possible to peek from one config into another config? Probably14:55
RPexcept the data stores know nothing of each other14:55
LetoThe2ndRP: well it obviously could not extend beyond the conf files anyways.14:57
LetoThe2ndRP: e.g. one could inspect globals across multiconfigs..14:58
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RPLetoThe2nd: I think giving people this option will cause all kinds of determinism problems unfortunately :(14:58
LetoThe2ndRP: yeah, it might be my probably naive mental model of bitbake internals.14:59
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manuel__LetoThe2nd: Yepp, do_unpack did the trick. Thanks15:00
manuel__LetoThe2nd: But I don't yet understand why do_unpack is done when the source lives in a repo, not in a tarball. Though do_fetch either clones the repo or downloads the tarball, and do_unpack does nothing if there's no tarball involved.15:08
* manuel__ is reading again.15:08
LetoThe2ndmanuel__: nah, its just your interpretation of the commands that is off. fetch means: "get somethign and put it into DL_DIR"15:09
LetoThe2ndunpack means: "get something out of DL_DIR and put it into work"15:09
manuel__True, I forgot repos are cloned into <build-dir>/downloads/git2/, what I have in the package specific WORKDIR is just a copy.15:12
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smurrayLetoThe2nd: saw your multiconfig question in scrollback, in my container examples I package the container image in a recipe that the host image just includes15:22
smurrayLetoThe2nd: which requires knowing where the container build deploy dir is15:23
LetoThe2ndsmurray: already figured it out. thought there must be a way to pass knowledge from one build to the other, which doesn't seem to be the case. so either magic file, or magic constants.15:23
smurrayLetoThe2nd: right, in my example in my presentation I set variables in the main config15:24
LetoThe2ndsmurray: yep, one option.15:24
LetoThe2ndsmurray: outcome will be presented in 24.5h from now :)15:25
smurrayLetoThe2nd: ideally, it'd be possible to query the env of the other mc's with some syntax, but it'd likely be non-trivial15:25
LetoThe2ndsmurray: scroll back 30 minutes here... :)15:25
smurrayLetoThe2nd: heh, I did say "non-trivial", at least15:26
bernardoaraujoanyone has experience with replacing splash on RPi? I tried the suggestions from with no success15:30
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leon-anaviLetoThe2nd, well done for doing these live streams. I received an email from Twitch and had a look at it for a while.16:50
LetoThe2ndleon-anavi: hehe thanks. It was just a fun session today, the "real" one is taking place tomorrow.16:54
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mckoanLetoThe2nd: I expectd at least an alias name for bitbake in the barbarian language :-D17:04
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RPkanavin_home: found the man-db issue now too, hopfeully17:38
RPJPEW: do you have any thoughts on how we can invalidate individual recipe hash equiv?17:38
RPJPEW: have a small problem in a case like this since we have a "bad" output mapped as equivalent to a "good" output and no easy way to get it out the system :(17:39
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RPzeddii: wonder which of us will win this race for the workers :)17:53
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zeddiithis stupid warning, that I created with the tools, is annoying me. I fix one case, and the other warns.  I think I have it now. But kill my builds if they case problems.17:54
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RPzeddii: its fine, I think I won the race for workers (by luck!)17:59
RPJPEW: I've tried something horrible (on list)18:05
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dl9pfRP: question about _append ... let's say a layer does IMAGE_FSTYPES_append = "foo" . How should a user that does want to define his very own set of IMAGE_FSTYPES get his done ?     In general the question boils down to how to deal with _appends that you might not want _or_ how to (re)set a variable late ignoring the _appends.18:43
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kanavin_homeRP: right, but should those be dropped from exception list as well then?19:00
RPkanavin_home: man-db-doc wasn't on the exception list...19:01
RPdl9pf: this is a long standing problem with _append, its very hard to undo it :(19:02
RPdl9pf: one thing you can do is reset the variable in anonymous python19:02
RPdl9pf: a d.setVar() will clear all appends and removes FWIW19:12
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dv|2how can I submit a new subtree into yocto-kernel-cache bsp/ ?20:01
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dv|2how can I submit a new subtree into yocto-kernel-cache bsp/ ?21:45
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kanavin_homedv|2: I guess the README in the repository should explain that?22:36
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dv|2kanavin_home, ah! thanks22:37
kanavin_homeRP: just wanted to check, was mesa upgrade overlooked, or still to be added to -next?22:51
RPkanavin_home: I probably missed it :/22:59
RPkanavin_home: I'll queue in -next, thanks23:00
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