Wednesday, 2020-12-23

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dv|2 says, I should talk to but the page seems outdated00:28
dv|2I want to add y patches to yocto-kernel-cache... which mailing list should I post to?00:28
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snoI have often log lines like05:58
snoNOTE: recipe updatable-image-app-1.0-r0: task do_populate_sdk_ext: Started05:58
snoBitbake still alive (5000s)05:58
snoin my nightly (AUTOREV) builds. Is there any chance to configure a watchdog for such a process?05:58
snolast lines in log.do_populate_sdk_ext are:06:06
snoDEBUG: Executing python function copy_buildsystem06:06
snoNOTE: Skipping layer /build/buildbot/sources/meta-security/meta-tpm, already handled06:06
snoNOTE: Generating sstate task list...06:06
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Guest5532sno:  I see something like this too, you have to kill bitbake06:20
Guest5532so I put a mac time on builds like 12 hrs and let it kill it06:20
snoGuest5532: I wish there would be something more automatic :)06:21
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mckoangood morning07:46
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dv|2I want to add y patches to yocto-kernel-cache... which mailing list should I post to?08:23
dv|2 says, I should talk to but the page seems outdated08:23
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qschulzdv|2: probably
qschulzplease send a patch for the README also if that is the correct mailing list :)09:33
pharaon2502I have a weird issue that the Esdk fails (sdk is built normaly), and it seems to be connected to INITRAMFS image. Aynone had issues like that? | error: | linux/ failed with exit code 'setscene whitelist'09:40
dv|2qschulz, It could be more convinient if I'd be able to do git push. Am I?09:44
qschulzdv|2: that's not how contribution to open-source projects works usually :)09:45
qschulzIf it is really a long series of patches or one big patch, you could probably request write access to some -contrib git repo09:46
dv|2qschulz, On github it is very convinient: I can fork the project, do my patch and ask for review and merge...09:47
dv|2how much time does it usually take to process and show my e-mail to the group?09:51
qschulzdv|2: in some cases (very long patch series), you can probably push to a personal github repo and send a mail to give the URL of the repo with the branch. Up to the maintainers to accept or not09:54
qschulzdv|2: you need to register to the mailing list before sending mail IIRC and then it's just there, you can check in the archives here:
qschulzgive it tops an hour after you've been successfuly registered. If you don't get a mail to register (confirmation mail), the link does not work or you cannot send a patch series, just let us know here09:56
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qschulzdv|2: worth a read probably:
qschulzit gives you the whole process09:56
dv|2qschulz, OK. thanks. But I think if you setup the github-like workflow for the merges it will make life easer. BTW, I've already registered and posted. Still not appear in the messages list.09:57
qschulzdv|2: it's been discussed already, might come back on the table one day too (or maybe even worked on right now, can't talk in behalf of the official team)09:59
qschulzdv|2: what was the email address you used?10:00
qschulz(the mailing list's)10:00
dv|2oh, linux-yocto@yoctoproject.org10:00
qschulzyeah no10:00
qschulzyou need to resubscribe IIRC: linux-yocto+subscribe@lists.yoctoproject.org10:01 is the new address10:01
qschulzwe changed to a different backend a few months ago IIRC10:01
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dv|2qschulz, sent the e-mail to . No reply yet10:03
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qschulzdv|2: or.... maybe: ?10:04
qschulzI did it long time ago so don't really remember how I did unfortunately :/10:04
dv|2I already logged in. I see two lists: yocto and linux-yocto.10:06
qschulzok, then send the mail now to the correct mailing list address and monitor the archives10:06
wooosaiiiHi guys... I use a custom class to set some of the variables in my recipes... Now I do bb.warn() in case I detect some condition in this class... but the problem is that this message from bb.warn() statement floods console output with like 20 statements10:10
wooosaiiiis it possible to somehow ratelimit or print this statement only once?10:10
paulbarkerwooosaiii: The issue is your class will be parsed for every recipe which includes it10:11
paulbarkerIs bb.warn() in an anonymous python block in the class?10:11
wooosaiiipaulbarker: well I have a class and a method... I call this method from recipe to set PV variable...10:13
paulbarkerwooosaiii: Ok. That may be a little trickier. You'll need to separate the checks you're doing and the bb.warn() call from the method to generate a string for PV10:14
paulbarkerThe checks and the warning can be placed in an event handler which fires only once10:14
paulbarkerFor an example see
wooosaiiipaulbarker: thanks :)10:14
paulbarkerThe "bb.event.SanityCheck" event may actually be the right one for you if what you're doing is checking validity of the configuration10:15
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dv|2qschulz, doesnt see my e-mail in the group yet...10:47
qschulzdid you check that you're registered with the email address with which you're sending the mail? did you triple check the mailing list address too?10:50
dv|2qschulz, probably git send-email -1 --to ... doesn't really work... How can I pack the patch into my thunderbird and send?10:59
qschulzdv|2: try git send-email with your own mail address (or a different one you own) first to check it works correctly (correct credentials, it does not end in spam folder or is caught by spam filter of your email provider (happened to me a few times already))11:01
qschulzI don't use Thunderbird so I cannot help with that :/11:02
dv|2qschulz, No, it doesn't send. Looks like I need to dump my patch, create e-mail and send it from my e-mail client. everything is not convinient...11:04
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dv|2how can I easily do that?11:04
dv|2dhooo.. made it finally. Please, think about github-style merge requests...11:09
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dv|2anybody has the experience about openbox vs matchbox-wm ? which one requires less resources?11:26
qschulzit's probably going to be hard to have people online for the next week or so with the holidays season. If you don't have answers to your questions, we're not actively avoiding you so please ask them again next week or even in January :)11:28
dv|2qschulz, NY is the best time for pushing your work to public :)11:29
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tlwoernerRP: for how long is the current merge window open?13:41
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RPtlwoerner: for what? M2?13:49
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tlwoernerRP: ah, found it:
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tlwoerneri want to tweak the CFLAGS of just one package. TARGET_CLFAGS_append_pn-package = " -DDEBUG" should work?14:21
tlwoernerit kicks off building a whole bunch of packages instead of just <package>14:22
tlwoerner(looks like all it's upstream dependencies)14:22
RPtlwoerner: dates are also in the weekly status report14:23
RPtlwoerner: that should work and only recipes depending on that package should rebuild14:23
RPtlwoerner: btw, I worry one of you patches might have resulted in
RPtlwoerner: I don't have "proof" of which patch caused this yet though, its something in -next14:24
tlwoernerRP: the package in question is psplash, which should be pretty far out on the dependency tree (i.e. towards the leaves) but the TARGET_CFLAGS_append-pn-psplash line above kicked off builds of gcc-runtime rpm-native glib-2.0… iow "root" packages14:27
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qschulztlwoerner: bitbake-diffsigs on the gcc-runtime package maybe to identify what triggered a rebuild?14:42
RPtlwoerner: It shouldn't, I don't understand it. diffsigs should say why as qschulz says14:44
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tlwoernerhmm… diffsigs didn't bring up anything. and then it went away. i must have ended up making some other change14:53
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manuel__Is constantly slow for everyone or is it just me? Can't remember that page ever being fast.19:25
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manuel__Is someone using kas in the vendor provided docker image?20:33
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tlwoernerRP: i take it you narrowed the problem down to 52a3a3fd4e105058781d23918550d3d552c6f83c ?20:53
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tlwoernerRP: the problem is, there *is* a bug in that code which i fixed. if that caused a "bug" that might mean that some software was relying on the bad code :-(20:54
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tlwoernerhow do i go about re-creating a build from the AB? on my humble home machine?21:19
tlwoerneris there a relatively easy way to get the conf/local.conf conf/bblayers.conf and know the SHAs of all the layers used?21:19
RPtlwoerner: I don't honestly know if it is that, I reverted it for this run to see22:00
RPtlwoerner: the reproducer should be oe-selftest -r runtime_test.Postinst.test_postinst_rootfs_and_boot_sysvinit22:01
RPtlwoerner: and/or or-selftest -r runtime_test.Postinst.test_postinst_rootfs_and_boot_systemd22:01
RPtlwoerner: I have another build running but it hasn't gotten to these tests yet22:01
RPtlwoerner: I will admit I'm trying to avoid powering on build machines and debugging things so I'm a bit "lazy"22:04
manuel__ What's the difference between crops/poky and crops/yocto?22:13
tlwoernerRP: no worries. i was reading the commit and associated bugzilla report that lead to the change that i "fixed", it feels like a bit of a rabbit hole, setting pi_dir to point to the wrong place was intentional :-S22:23
tlwoernerRP: if i understand it correctly, if pi_dir is wrong then the image's postinsts won't get run, only the package manager's22:25
RPtlwoerner: I have not looked into it at all22:25
tlwoernerin bash, one doesn't break out of a case statement with "break", so when i saw that i figured it was a mistake. when i then noticed that pi_dir was being left set to the wrong location, i was sure it was wrong22:26
tlwoernerbut it turns out that was the "fix" for something else, lol22:27
tlwoernerit feels like something that could do with a little more TLC, but not today :-)22:27
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RPtlwoerner: it may need some comments or something for sure...22:35
tlwoerneris there a way to create a fifo as part of a recipe?22:36
tlwoerneri.e. create a fifo in the image22:36
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RPtlwoerner: that could be interesting. I have no idea if it would work22:41
tlwoernerokay, i'll keep poking at this one. i'd like to see a nice clean solution too22:41
tlwoerner(that works on sysvinit) especiallly since the first boot is a slow one, and feedback would be a good thing22:42
tlwoerneri like the tweak to print the task that's running above the progress bar, i think it's a nice touch22:42
tlwoerneri'm looking into adding that same behaviour into the systemd bootup as well, although i don't know that it'll work as well (being parallele)22:43
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tlwoernerRP: doing a mkfifo in a recipe doesn't work, it causes do_package_qa to hang (it's probably trying to read the file?)23:48
tlwoerneri.e. the file contents or something23:49
tlwoerneris there a way to tell do_package_qa to skip a file, or, ideally, it would skip fifos on its own :-)23:50
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