Sunday, 2021-01-03

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estani'm a bit new to the ecosystem.. when doing IMAGE_FEATURES_append_<something> = "blah", will this do a deferred append to IMAGE_FEATURES? and if so, what does the <something> mean/refer to?01:03
estane.g. here xilinx are doing something like this:
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estanah i think i found it in the docs now.01:06
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seebsso someone found a lovely quirk, which is that FD_ZERO blows up under msan with glibc, because glibc is doing inline assembly for "zero out a small array", which is probably not even a good candidate for inline assembly as opposed to trusting the compiler to recognize a loop.05:39
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user23413213what kind of projects are you guys working on in which you use yocto, perhaps somebody likes to share a story to start 2021 off :)11:03
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RPseebs: sounds 'fun'11:26
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seebsturns out that glibc killed the x86 inline assembly implementation of FD_ZERO recently anyway, which is a good choice since it's ridiculous to hand-code "zero this loop" in a thing that's not even used all that often.15:27
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dvcan't find omp.h while building rpm-native with gatesgarth
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RPdv: that sounds familiar, can't remember the fix though :(23:08
RPseebs: it does sound like an interesting choice of optimisation...23:08
RPseebs: sometime this week we need to find out why creating packages which contain a fifo fails but only on arm hosts (pseudo segfault), not x86 ones :/23:09
dvsome people already faced that
RPdv: ah, it did look familiar! :)23:10
RPdv: sounds like its host gcc version?23:10
dvRP, 8.4.023:11
RPdv: give buildtools-tarball a try?23:19
dvwhat is it?23:19
dvRP, I found the solution: installed libgomp-devel package and stopped on the different step:
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RPdv: looks related, " undefined symbol: omp_get_max_threads" suggests it can't find libomp :/23:29
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dvRP, yes. thank you23:33
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