Monday, 2021-01-04

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tprrtHello, I'm integrating on some Go packages and I would submit recipes, is it okay if I submit them to meta-oe?06:45
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mckoangood morning08:32
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qschulztprrt: try and people will let you know :)09:00
qschulzmckoan: o/09:00
qschulzHappy New Year all09:00
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tprrtqschulz: Copy that and Happy New Year!09:02
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mckoanqschulz: happy new year09:23
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RobertBergerHappy new year to all (and less #dumpsterfire)10:22
RPHNY :)10:32
RPRobertBerger: I suspect its going to take a while to dampen down10:33
RobertBerger@RP: I am afraid so as well - my frequent flyer card just got extended for another year - without flying10:34
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RPndec: morning! are we ready to merge the sphinx docs back to dunfell?10:48
RPIf anyone has any issues with doing that, now is the time to say :)10:48
* RP did defer it until the holidays were over10:49
ndechey RP, I have been ready for a long time now ;) so looks good to me. We will need to keep an eye for breakage/issues of course.10:51
RPndec: right, it was the latter I though I'd better wait over...10:51
ndecas I said in the email, we will need to merge what we have first, then update the AB scripts to publish them, then update yp-docs to update the bitbake extlink.10:51
ndece.g. the first time we publish the cross links from yp-docs to bitbake will be wrong.10:52
RPndec: right, I think I may as well go ahead and merge things and get this started?10:52
ndecsure. i am back now.. and I can help with testing/monitoring!10:52
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RPndec: first set is in, is there a patch for the AB script?10:55
RPok, I can have a guess then :)10:55
RPndec: ok, patch for helper in10:58
ndecRP: looks good. will you start a build?11:01
RPndec: yes, done11:03
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thekappehello guys ! I'm struggling to create a .img file like the one generated for the raspberry11:08
thekappein particular I saw that11:08
thekappehere there is the class that generates the sdimg file:
qschulzthekappe: IIRC, they switched to wic images now11:09
RPndec: seems to have gone green11:10
thekappehere there is the variable that enable the dsimg file generation (at least it was I suppose)
ndecRP: let me check a few things, and i will share a patch for the bitbake extlinks.11:11
thekappeqschulz, what is a wic image ?11:11
qschulzthekappe: wic is a tool to create multiple partitions file that you can dd directly to a medium, such as an SD card, which is often the case for RPis11:12
thekappeqschulz, thanks. I'll look into that. I can't verify it now because I'm waiting the final board but what I wnat to do (if it's possible) is to create a .img file with all the files/partitions to boot a Linux Os on a zynq11:14
thekappeI'm planning to write this .img file from u-boot to the emmc on the board11:15
thekappeas the board needs to be flashed the first time11:15
thekappedo you know if it's possible ?11:16
thekappeBTW, thanks for the link11:17
RPndec: merged and build triggered. I've added a patch to autorun docs builds for the new branches but its not applied to the running autobuilde ryet11:25
qschulzthekappe:  SD card, emmc, same shit different name :) I'm not using a GPT table on our emmc (we use blkdevparts with hardcoded offsets in the emmc for "partitions") so can't say for sure but fairly confident it should work11:39
thekappeqschulz, thanks for the hint. Can you be more specific about 'blkdevparts with hardcoded offsets in the emmc in the emmc for "partitions"'. I'm new to the world so I am really interested in any better approach11:45
thekappeOnce I get a fully blank board (no sd, blank emmc), I planned to boot the board via jtag until u-boot. Hence I thought I'll have two options, boot a linux image from tftp and hence write the emmc from the running OS, or alternatively, write a .img file (with the partition table and its related partitions) directly from uboot to the emmc, in order11:50
thekappeto populate it correctly11:50
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thekappeqschulz, sorry i got disconnected11:57
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qschulzthekappe: either should work just fine. I would honestly test both cases if you're interested in performance12:05
qschulzI remember U-Boot had subpar write/read performance for NAND controllers for a long time12:05
qschulzso maybe booting a very minimal kernel and initramfs and flashing from there would be faster12:05
qschulz(might also not have highest possible bandwidth on network too in U-Boot, so the smallest the image to load from network the better?)12:06
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RobertBerger@RP: I am playing around with sourcestats.bbclass vs your hacked package.bbclass and there seem to be inconsistencies ;)12:19
RPRobertBerger: not surprised ;-)12:19
marexqschulz: did you consider enabling icache/dcache ?12:19
marexqschulz: that should help with your performance problems considerably12:20
RobertBerger@RP what I mean is, that hacked package.bbclass  detects inconsistencies while sourcestats does not even realize that there is SPDX info ;)12:20
qschulzmarex: it was years ago in my previous company and we just fixed the NAND controller driver ;)12:23
qschulzbut thx for the suggestion!12:23
marexthere is also this BLOCK_CACHE which makes a huge difference with ext412:25
thekappe@qschulz, thanks. How do you think would help in that ?12:26
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RPRobertBerger: that is explained by package.bbclass seeing into headers which sourcestats would not12:32
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qschulzthekappe: then you don't use the GPT table but hardcoded offsets, that's what we have. Honestly don't remember why hardcoded partitions were preferred, might be historical because we always used NAND before and wrote to raw partitions :shrug:12:33
RobertBerger@RP: OK - yep that would explain it - thanks!12:35
rburtonRP, kanavin: looks like upstream autoconf might have fixed the breakage, will test shortly12:36
RPrburton: ah, cool :)12:36
kanavinrburton: lwn also has coverage of this recent autoconf flurry of activity12:36
kanavinrburton, RP:
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RPrburton, kanavin: Nice to have a YP mention! :)12:44
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rburtonjust doing my job :)12:44
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wooosaiiihi guys... I have a custom .bbclass in which I need to import some custom python module (named svn)... this works only if beforehand I install custom python module on build machine with e.g. "pip3 install svn"12:55
wooosaiiiis it possible to somehow define this svn module as dependency :)12:55
marexcant you depend on python-something-native and let OE build it ?12:56
qschulzpython3-svn-native in that case but it does not exist in "official" layers... might need to create a recipe for it ;)12:57
wooosaiiigood idea :D12:58
wooosaiiibasically in my custom layer I provide recipe for python3-svn-native12:58
wooosaiiiand then do depends in my custom bbclass?12:58
wooosaiiiok, thanks... let me try to implement this :D12:59
qschulzbut do you REALLY need this svn module?12:59
qschulzbecause we have svn support in SRC_URI12:59
qschulz(don't know what this python3-svn is for)12:59
wooosaiiiqschulz: I need to parse SVN revision, etc to set PV, etc accordingly12:59
marexisnt that what the fetcher does already ?13:00
qschulzwooosaiii: what are you trying to achieve exactly? (why do you need to get SVN revision, etc...)13:00
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wooosaiiimy company has a ton of SVN modules... and I want to reduce recipe complexity... thus anyone that tries to add new recipe just sets COMPANY_SVNPKG_MODULE = "app/some-app" and inherits my custom class13:01
wooosaiiiPV, SRC_URI, SRCREV, etc are then set automatically13:01
wooosaiiibut I need to somehow fetch / parse those... and here I need this python3-svn module13:02
wooosaiiiis this sound explanation? :D13:02
marexisnt that something like AUTOREV ?13:03
wooosaiiimarex: well not really... AUTOREV doesn't set PV for example13:04
wooosaiiimarex: all pkgs will have version 1.013:04
marexwooosaiii: doesnt it set SRCPV ?13:05
marexmeta/recipes-core/psplash/ = "0.1+git${SRCPV}"13:06
wooosaiiimarex: have to look into this... thanks13:07
marexwooosaiii: I think qschulz is right, you should be able to achieve most of it using the fetcher and the variables it extracts from the repo on its own13:08
marexwooosaiii: and then maybe what you want is some .inc file instead of bbclass13:08
qschulzwooosaiii: it seems svn supports AUTOREV mechanism, you indeed should use SRCPV in PV13:09
qschulzthen bbclass or inc file would do, though bbclass works better if you have your recipes in different directories13:09
marexqschulz: .inc file works better if you need to override it13:10
marexqschulz: you cant easily override bbclass13:10
qschulzmarex: indeed, if they're the final user and not a vendor, it'd be nicer (well... anyway AUTOREV shouldn't be used at all in that case)13:12
qschulz(AUTOREV is ok probably only during heavy development phase.. but no AUTOREV for production ;)13:12
marexqschulz: ack on AUTOREV, it should only be used during active development, and even then its often source of problems13:12
qschulzmarex: you read my mind :D13:13
marexqschulz: heh13:13
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rburtonRP: just going to do a test build for autoconf270 on the AB13:36
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RPrburton: cool, I have some kernel and other patches I was going to run tests for too13:47
rburtonI've just fired a solo qemuarm64 run, not a-*13:47
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RPrburton: ok, I assume its not ready for an a-* ?13:50
rburtonwell, lets see if this passes first :)13:51
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RPrburton: right, just wondering about my bigger build I'm queuing13:52
RPzeddii: I'm pulling in the 5.10 kernel bits13:52
zeddiiok. cool. was just writing you an email!13:52
rburtonmine will be done fairly quickly and if against all expectations it is green i'll schedule a full later tonight13:52
zeddiiMy last build was mid last week, and I'll spin up some more. I'm here, and will be the rat on the wheel to get anyting fixed.13:53
RPzeddii: I'm catching up on my queue, finally replied to your 5.10 one :)13:53
zeddiiheh. I get it. No worries here. I did almost nothing for the past week, so I'm catching up on suspended things as well.13:54
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RPzeddii: I didn't want to get pulled into opening up files an things, or trying to split  patch series to the different trees ;-)13:59
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JPEWRP: Sorry for the delay, I took some vacation. The action to invalidate an hash-equiv entry is pretty simple (either delete the row, or change the hash). We can manually do that if there are equivalences that you need to remove. Otherwise, we need some mechanism for the code to be able to detect it itself14:15
linumsHi, does anyone know if libpam-otpw recipes exist? Can't find any :(14:15
RPJPEW: No problem, vacation is good. I was looking for a way to do it from a recipe but I think I found a rather horrible one...14:16
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JPEWRP: Hmm, should we add something like: `bitbake -c invalidate-hashequiv <recipe>` ?14:18
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RPJPEW: I don't think it makes sense since I needed to "ship" the invalidation to anyone using the code14:19
RPJPEW: basically when we have a reproducibility issue we need to invalidate the outhash since in these cases we have multiple inputs matching that outhash, some correct and some not.14:21
JPEWRP: Ah, make sense.... perhaps we need to add a variable that factors into the outhash ("OUTREV"?) for that purpose?14:22
RPJPEW: we kind of have one. Its probably a case of deciding if this is the way to promote doing this14:22
JPEWRP: OK. I think something like that is fine. It makes sense to me at least14:25
RPJPEW: it seemed right to me but I wasn't 100% sure, its slightly abusing the variable14:26
JPEWRP: Ya, we could make it the contentation of 2 variable (which I think would make it a little more clear)14:27
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JPEWHaving both a the "global" version and a "recipe specific" version14:30
RPJPEW: I guess it depends how common we think this will become...14:31
wooosaiiiI have a anonymous python function in .bbclass... It wants to import custom python module named 'svn'. Module should be built by the custom recipe named that does BBCLASSEXTEND = "native" and in .bbclass I do DEPENDS += "python3-svn-native".14:36
wooosaiiiI can see python3-svn-native getting built... but then anonymous function fails with "failed to import module svn"...14:37
JPEWwooosaiii: I don't think you can import a python module provided by a recipe in anon python14:37
wooosaiiiwhat am I doing wrong14:37
wooosaiiiJPEW: I also fear this is true for anonymous functions14:38
JPEWwooosaiii: What are you trying to do?14:38
wooosaiiiJPEW: I did some explanations at 14:01:14 :)14:39
rburtonwooosaiii: you can't import external modules from inside anon py as you need to be running on the python3-native python3 binary, which you are not14:39
wooosaiiirburton: so the only solution is to provide external module on the host machine via apt-get or pip3 or something right?14:40
rburtonor write a script and run it in the right python3 instead of using anon poy14:41
JPEWwooosaiii: You could also build in a container, or roll your own buildtools-tarball that your developers must use14:41
JPEW^^ which would make sure python3 svn is installed on the host14:42
wooosaiiiJPEW: I already do use docker container... but I didn't want to add additional dependencies there :D14:42
wooosaiiiguess this will be the easiest solution14:43
JPEWwooosaiii: Ya, that's probably the easiest14:43
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RPtlwoerner: I've added mkfifo to HOSTTOOLS in -next for testing, thanks to rburton for reminding me of the real pseudo issues14:49
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RPdefinitely too many mesons around :)14:54
tlwoernerRP: okay nice14:54
RPtlwoerner: I'll retest and see how we look14:55
tlwoernerRP: thanks, fingers crossed :-)14:56
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* kergoth yawns15:51
Sponge5Hi guys, i have successfuly built dunfell-22.0.4 on my machine and now would like to do zeus-22.0.4, is it as easy as checking out the correct branch and running "source oe-init-build-env" + "bitbake core-image-sato" again?15:57
Sponge5I'm trying to avoid compiling everything from scratch15:58
RPSponge5: zeus and dunfell are different enough it won't reuse much and its safer to use a separate build directory16:02
*** gsalazar <gsalazar!5e3dbd6b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has quit IRC16:04
Sponge5RP: Already ran it, oops. Separate directory would mean I'd build both from scratch, right?16:04
Sponge5thanks anyway!16:05
RPSponge5: yes, but as I said, it will effectively do that16:05
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v0nCan I unsubscribe from main but still being subscribed from poky mailing list?17:29
qschulzv0n: there has never been a message sent to main according to the "archives"17:30
qschulzv0n: "Please note that unsubscribing from will remove you from all Yocto Project mailing lists. "17:31
v0nmmh ok. I asked because I subscribe to poky@ and I also get a subscription notice for main@17:31
v0nokay, I'll keep it then and filter both poky@ and main@ I guess ;-)17:32
qschulzthere are no messages on main@17:40
v0nI hope so :P17:42
*** sakoman <sakoman!> has joined #yocto17:44
RPv0n: main is an implementation detail, no mail from it17:45
*** Sponge5 <Sponge5!> has quit IRC17:48
qschulzmoreover: "Only moderators can post to the group." so you'll be fine really ;)17:49
v0nhe he, perfect then ;-)17:50
v0nsubscribing to a mailing lists to send a few typo fixes is always a barrier17:51
RPv0n: the patches look good, thanks! :)17:56
v0nRP: how do you know it was me!? :-P17:57
RPv0n: I'm making an educated guess :)17:57
RPv0n: I process the patches so I pay more attention than most17:58
v0nthese are silly patches, but there's no bad contribution to start from IMHO. I hope you don't mind18:01
RPv0n: not silly at all, the patches are very welcome!18:02
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zeddiioh perf. why do you hate us so ?!?18:57
*** amitk <amitk!~amit@unaffiliated/amitk> has quit IRC19:00
rburtonzeddii: imagine how much time you could save if you just had a CI bot building perf in all the combinations we care about so you could spam the lists when it breaks19:08
rburtonbasically, why can't kernelci do that?19:08
zeddiiperf for 32bit arm is busted in 5.11 in our env. I could spam ARM folks about that! ;) :P19:09
zeddiiand "our" env means oe-core, not my employers ENV19:10
zeddiithat's even more busted I'm sure :D19:10
* zeddii wades into Makefile hell.19:11
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* moto-timo back from sabbatical19:19
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fraymoto-timo my condolences19:20
rburtonman, pseudo is *really* slow under asan19:20
rburtonzeddii: you know we don't care about obsolete architectures anymore19:20
zeddiiI'm sure 64 bit is busted too.19:21
zeddiiI just haven't gotten there yet :D19:21
rburtonzeddii: honestly, why isn't kernelci catching these?19:21
moto-timofray: thank you19:21
zeddiix86 on x86 would pass19:21
zeddiiso I'm not sure if kernelci is doing cross stuff.19:21
moto-timozeddii: I can make it an agenda topic in tomorrow's kernelci technical meeting... what would you like me to ask ?19:31
zeddiiIs perf being built in kernel-ci, and if so, is it cross built ?19:32
zeddiibecause I'm always seeing it detect things on the host, and getting it wrong.19:32
zeddiiand there's no way for me to easily override them.19:32
zeddiiin this case, its picking a x86-64 libcap from sysroot native for a 32 bit ARM build19:33
zeddiiso clearly, it is off the rails.19:33
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v0nAre the image recipes designed only for complete rootfs image? Or can I use one to create a squashfs containing a single file?19:34
JPEWv0n: They pull in packages from package feeds (primarily)19:36
v0nI'm trying to figure out a simple way to provide a configuration override to a prebuilt system from an (e)SDK.19:36
v0nso a squashfs image containing only /etc/myapp.conf with a built-in logic to overlay it on boot might be neat19:37
*** vmeson <vmeson!> has quit IRC19:51
seebsso long ago, one of the reasons pseudo ended up with horrible fsync workaround hackery was that some (but possibly not all) filesystems did not actually have the ability to flush *just one* file descriptor, so fsync() meant "wait until ALL writes prior to this moment have been flushed", which was Painfully Slow.19:54
seebsdoes anyone happen to remember this madness and/or have hints on which filesystems are or aren't affected, before i go doing science to experiment with it?19:54
frayI don't remember which ones, but the ones at the time it was added were btrfs, xfs, zfs, nfs, and the whole ext* line20:00
frayso it could have been any or all of those20:00
marexfray: oh hey, any news on meta-xilinx-standalone release of matching embeddedsw sources ?20:01
*** zyga-mbp <zyga-mbp!~zyga@unaffiliated/zyga> has joined #yocto20:13
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fraymarex I keep asking, nothing to report at this time.. sorry20:30
marexfray: how hard can a simple 'git push' be ?20:31
*** zyga-mbp <zyga-mbp!~zyga@unaffiliated/zyga> has quit IRC20:31
frayit's a completely different set of sources that what has been previously released20:31
marexfray: surely someone does have the matching sources20:31
fraySo there are a lot of issues with code review, legal review, etc etc..  I'm not in the group that has the code, only one of the people requesting they make it available20:32
marexfray: which btw is also totally baffling, how did Xilinx keep releasing this meta-xilinx-standalone for over two years without noticing that it doesn't even compile20:32
marexis there no CI ?20:32
fraythere are parts of the standalone that do NOT use the embedded software that we're talking about.. specifically the baremetal toolchain components work fine with the exisitng..20:32
frayit's the ability to rebuild the pmufw and other stuff that requires the unreleased code20:32
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tlwoernerrburton: it's a good thing "cp" is one of those rare commands that most users never use (lol) ;-)21:45
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rburtontlwoerner: :)22:04
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marexfray: isn't pmufw one of the most basic boot components on zynqmp ?22:40
marexfray: note that that one can be compiled, it is all the other cr5 stuff which is completely broken22:41
RPzeddii: FWIW the 5.10 patches in master-next seem to test out ok23:09
RPzeddii: should I merge?23:09
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zeddiiRP: yep.  I have no other changes that weren't in that branch.23:41
zeddiiI have some more -stable bumps for 5.10, but they'll flow through the normal process.23:41
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