Wednesday, 2021-01-06

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asenmHello, folks! I have the following errors in dmesg [ 8277.175241] Buffer I/O error on device mtdblock0, logical block 0  [ 8277.186081] end_request: I/O error, dev mtdblock0, sector 0 [ 8277.191689] FAT-fs (mtdblock0): unable to read boot sector02:11
asenmare they something to worry about?02:12
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asenmHow can i check where this is [   32.556547] imx2-wdt 20bc000.wdog: Unexpected close: Expect reboot!02:44
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tlwoernerasenm: neither of these are build-related issues. i'd suggested contacting the mtd developers regarding the first issue, and your board manufacturer about the watch-dog issue03:06
asenmtlwoerner both of them are same company and they refuse to help us03:07
tlwoernerasenm: i don't think the mtd developers are board manufacturers. get in touch with the people on OFTC:#mtd about the mtd issue03:09
tlwoernerasenm: you can look through the kernel source code to figure out where the watchdog message is being generated, it might help figure out the problem. does the board actually end up rebooting?03:09
asenmtlwoerner no its not rebooting but i think this is for the gps/4g modem that is rebooting03:11
asenmtlwoerner there are 2 companies together (same shareholders (wahatever) ) one of them is producing the hardware the other one is producing the software and both of them refuse to help us we have 15 000 devices that have tons of problems03:12
asenmso any advice apart from talk to the people who did that would be great03:13
tlwoernerasenm: that sounds terrible03:14
tlwoernerasenm: this channel (#yocto) is on the freenode server. there are many other IRC servers, one of them is OFTC03:14
tlwoernerasenm: on OFTC you'll find the #mtd channel, which is where the linux kernel mtd developers hangout03:14
tlwoernerasenm: you'll have better luck asking about your mtd issue on that channel, than this one03:15
asenmthanks mate will try to figure it out03:15
tlwoernerasenm: btw, using a FAT fs on flash doesn't sound like a good strategy03:16
tlwoerneri'm not a flash expert, but (if i remember correctly) FAT insists on using the same sectors over and over again, leading to premature failure03:16
asenmthe fact that this runs on yocto project doesn't help me at all however its kernel version 3.14 and having no internet connection doesn't help my debugging at all :)03:16
tlwoernerfor things like the boot sector and file directory03:17
tlwoernerasenm: better choices are UBI/UBIFS and FSFS, but again this is just a guess03:17
asenmyeah however we can't really change that since I can't even figure out what is on this chip ...03:18
tlwoernerif my understanding is correct, using a non-flash-friendly fs on a flash device is a severe design decision failure, and that's bad news for your 15,000 devices03:19
tlwoernerasenm: but i realize that's not your fault03:20
asenmyet i'm the one who gets the blame when devices fail :(03:23
asenmcan you help me with other issue? I have to understand why the 4g modem stops working randomly ? and starts working randomly at some point?03:24
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asenmtlwoerner btw i have mmc card as well and this mtd error are not related right?03:36
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tlwoernerasenm: mmc cards are managed, so they don't use mtd03:51
tlwoernerasenm: i don't have much experience with 4g modems. presumably it's an off-the-shelf part that's been added to your design? say it's a hardware issue and you're "just" a software person (lol)03:53
asenmtlwoerner so any idea how to check whats on that MTD and other mtds?03:54
asenmThe script that cause this error doesn't have anything that writes to mtd? how even this error is triggered?03:55
tlwoernerasenm: your device has a (probably) small "disk" somewhere for storing things like configurations and such? maybe NAND or SPI-NOR?03:57
asenmi guess03:57
asenmaccording to lsblk there are few mtd devices03:58
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tlwoernerobu? you work for kapsch or using their devivces?04:01
asenmnah not really obu is called onboard unit so plenty of vehicles have it04:03
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* tlwoerner worked for markiv/kaspch a while back04:04
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asenmtlwoerner never heard of them :)04:13
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EricWalterbeen a long time since i've used irc06:28
EricWalterhey everyone! I'm brand new-ish to Yocto and I'm working on building a recipe for openauto for a go kart I'm building, here's my repo
EricWalterI got open auto running on a PI, but I thought this would be a cool project to learn Yocto06:32
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mihaiEricWalter: good for your, thank you for sharing :)06:45
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EricWalterseeing this error when trying to run my build06:57
EricWalterfatal error: QBluetoothServiceInfo: No such file or directory06:57
EricWalter|    21 | #include <QBluetoothServiceInfo>06:57
EricWalterdoesn't look like the headers path is getting passed in, is there a way to hack that in?06:57
EricWalteror what would be the proper way to do that?06:57
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EricWaltershould I patch the make file to include CXXFLAGS and add CXXFLAGS_prepend = "-I${S} " to my bb file?07:07
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mcfriskEricWalter: make sure SW component build scripts use the cross compile build flags from bitbake, and only append to them if needed. Otherwise compilation will fail or binaries will not work on target. So yes, CXXFLAGS etc from bitbake must be used.07:34
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RPkanavin: so far gio postinst failure and mingw packaging issue09:46
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questionaskerwhen building with yocto, does it automatically add all the device drivers  available or do  we have to create our own layer and then create a recipe?10:10
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Ad0is there any iptables integration in yocto, or do I have to provide my own systemd service to set it etc?10:53
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RPkanavin: and  ERROR: Cannot use 'hosttools/python3', Python >= 3.6 is required11:22
RPso the new qemu has a python 3.6 min version requirement11:22
* RP knows what rburton will say11:22
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* RP remembers the days py 2.4 was controversial 11:24
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kanavinRP: we can insert python3-native there?13:21
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RPkanavin: probably a bad idea and not really needed :/13:29
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RPkanavin: builds are mostly finishing, it looks better than I expected to be honest13:32
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kanavinRP: do you have enough pain points to raise a ticket with qemu upstream?13:49
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Sponge5Hi, quick question, I'm trying to make a recipe that simply copies a textfile into the /home/root directory, but I'm getting a "No such file or directory error" on "cp ${WORKDIR}/hello-world.txt ${D}/home/root/hello-world.txt"...13:54
Sponge5Could you tell me what's wrong with the command?13:54
rburton${D}/home/root doesn't exist yet13:58
rburtonmkdir it first13:58
rburton${D} is initially empty in do_install13:58
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Sponge5rburton: Isn't ${D} the image destination? Shouldn't it be populated at the time of installing packages?14:02
rburtonbut do_install is when you generate the package, not build the image14:03
rburtonimages are just extracting packages, packages are created in isolation14:03
Sponge5ahh, I guess I still don't understand basic terminology a week from starting with yocto14:04
rburtonrecipes generate packages, packages are unpacked into images14:05
Sponge5So it probably isn't good practice to manipulate /home/root from inside recipes, correct?14:06
Sponge5since that gets created when the image is made14:07
rburtonyou can put a file in a package to drop files into there,that's fine14:09
Sponge5get it, thank you.14:12
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Sponge5Ok, one more quick one; where do I specify "FILES_${PN} += ..." It doesn't work, when I put it in the hello-world recipe..14:30
Sponge5I'm trying to fix "hello-world: Files/directories were installed14:31
Sponge5but not shipped in any package14:31
rburtondon't put ${D} in the value14:32
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Sponge5rburton: 2worked! thank you!14:37
RPkanavin: I suspect I've more work to do before I can do that14:38
justasHello, I'm trying to build a userspace application that uses libnl3. However, during compilation I get "fatal error: netlink-private/object-api.h: No such file or directory". I've checked the working directory and in fact that appears to be missing. I can only see "recipe-sysroot/usr/include/libnl3/netlink/object-api.h", in fact the whole netlink-private folder is missing. Could you steer me in the right direction to look for the problem?14:38
RPjustas: I know nothing about nl3 but the "private" sounds like internal headers it shouldn't be pulling in if used correctly externally14:40
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justasI need to do some work with netlink sockets, and for example struct nl_sock is defined in "netlink-private/types.h", the non-private version is very different.14:47
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justasWell it looks like you're right. Checked the source code of libnl and all private headers are set to noinst_HEADERS. Thank you :)14:53
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mcfriskhi, how to avoid that custom python libs executed in "python do_install" create caches to path of the python library, e.g. meta-bla/libs/ creates mata-bla/libs/__pycache__/ directory into the git tree after running the tasks? "inherit python3" in the bbclass isn't enough.15:13
mcfriskoh, poky tree is also full of __pycache__ directories after build. this is ugly.15:15
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rburtonyou can't really stop python doing that, as it runs bytecode not the scripts15:17
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warlockHello to everyone, could someone suggest me the EASIEST way to get a graphical build?? vnc, X11, framebuffer??15:47
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warlockDid somebody get experience on graphical build with yocto?15:54
JPEWwarlock: it depends on your hardware15:54
warlockJpew you are right. My build is just for test and the platform is qemux8615:56
warlockJpew, I tried with core-minimal-xvnc, but the problem is the virtual network device, it doesn't function, probably I should use KVM but the build is already inside a LXC15:59
JPEWwarlock: Ah.... not sure I know then. The only qemu graphical builds I've ever done are KVM + weston16:00
warlockJpew, probably the best answer, but I cannot use KVM from the LXC inside16:01
JPEWwarlock: Ya.... I would recommend using a docker container instead of LXC FWIW16:02
warlockframebuffer culd be a solution, but I didn't meet someone who has experience on it16:02
JPEWwarlock: Actually.... LXC is just a container, not a VM, so you might be able to do it still....16:02
JPEWCan you access the build workspace from the host?16:03
warlockJpew Docker is a over-structure on LXC16:03
JPEW(e.g. outside the container)16:03
tlwoernerthe psplash program is a graphical application that runs on the framebuffer16:03
tlwoerner(i.e. /dev/fb0)16:03
warlocktlwoerner, wooow please tell me more16:04
warlocktlwoerner, does an image exist?16:04
tlwoernerbut you have to do: IMAGE_FEATURES += "psplash"16:05
warlocktlwoerner, great!! have you tried it?16:05
tlwoerneractually, all you need is core-image-minimal16:05
tlwoerneryes, and with qemu16:05
tlwoernerjust do core-image-minimal + IMAGE_FEATURES += "psplash" and you'll see it on bootup in qemu16:05
warlockI aready built core-image-minimal, but it didn't function without nographic flag16:06
*** davidinux4 <davidinux4!~davidinux@> has joined #yocto16:06
tlwoernerusing the most up-to-date (i.e. as of yesterday) master?16:07
tlwoernerJPEW: would it be safe to assume you'll be using resulttool in the near future? if so, do you know which MACHINEs you're thinking of using?16:08
warlocktlwoerner, do you think the problem can be the environment? I mean I build the image inside a LXC16:08
tlwoernerwarlock: not sure. i build on my build machine natively, and i use the sdl backend for qemu16:09
*** davidinux3 <davidinux3!~davidinux@> has quit IRC16:09
tlwoerner(or runqemu, as it were)16:09
tlwoernerwarlock: hahah, oops. i point this out explicitly in my blog then made the mistake anyway16:10
tlwoernerit's: IMAGE_FEATURES += "splash"16:10
tlwoerner(not psplash)16:10
*** amitk_ <amitk_!~amit@unaffiliated/amitk> has quit IRC16:11
warlockok thank you all for your help and support16:11
warlockthank you so much. See you16:12
tlwoernergood luck16:12
*** leon-anavi <leon-anavi!~Leon@> has quit IRC16:14
*** leon-anavi <leon-anavi!~Leon@> has joined #yocto16:14
tlwoernerJPEW: ps, looks like rock-pi-4 kernel builds fail with the new linux-5.10. they split the DTS file into 3 separate ones, one for each board revision (A, B, and C)16:14
tlwoernerso i'll have to add separate MACHINEs for each16:15
*** warlock <warlock!> has quit IRC16:16
JPEWtlwoerner: Yep, my CI *just* caught that :)16:16
JPEWI looked into it briefly, but it doesn't look like they have any way of identifying the machines from u-boot (or at least none that they have published), so I think separate MACHINES will be required :(16:17
tlwoernerbut master supports the building of (at least) 3 different kernel versions (5.4, 5.8, and 5.10 + dev (which is linux-stable, i think?))16:17
tlwoernerso the fix has to be kernel-version specific… somehow?16:17
zeddiinot that it helps, but I'll be deleting 5.8 shortly.16:19
zeddiithat still leaves you one-before that change, and one after16:19
tlwoernerplus -dev, which is after (?)16:19
JPEWtlwoerner: Ya, -dev should be after16:19
zeddiiyah. -dev is on 5.11 -rc2 (but I was asked to not push it until rc3)16:19
JPEWtlwoerner: We can adjust COMPATIBLE_MACHINE so it only works with the newer kernels for those machines16:20
JPEWtlwoerner: I suppose we could even keep the old machine if we wanted too.... but that might just rot16:20
tlwoernerhmm okay, i'll look into it this afternoon then (if that works for you)16:21
JPEWCC me if you make a change and I'll look  at it16:22
tlwoernersounds good16:22
tlwoernerJPEW: do you plan to use resulttool on any rockchip MACHINEs?16:22
*** junland <junland!~junland@> has left #yocto16:23
JPEWtlwoerner: Ideally, it'd use it on all my test boards... but I'm a long way from that16:23
JPEWtlwoerner: I still have to figure out how to tie labgrid into selftest16:23
tlwoernerokay, i'm hoping to look at resulttool sooner rather than later16:23
JPEWtlwoerner: Cool... I'll be curious to see what you find16:24
tlwoernerwatch this space for updates: → (lol)16:25
zeddiiput it on your geocities page16:27
*** zkrx <zkrx!> has quit IRC16:28
tlwoernerzeddii: hahah :-P16:30
* zeddii bets that flew over the heads of some young 'uns16:31
* tlwoerner recently found out a non-technical family relation of mine still pays ~$20CAD/month for AOL in order to have an email account16:32
zeddiiwow. do they pay the CRA in google gift cards as well ? ;)16:32
tlwoernerno, silly, the CRA only accepts Apple gift cards, everyone knows that!16:33
zeddiiahahaha!! that's why they sent mine back.16:33
frayI thought it was visa gift cards!16:33
zeddiiI'm still sad that all my 1 and 2 dollar bills are no longer legal tender here in the great white north!16:34
zeddiiexcept, it isn't so white here. I can see my grass again.16:35
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tlwoerneryou're the 3rd person i know from the ottawa area who has complained to me about not having snow (lol)16:42
zeddiiwe are used to a bit of it!!16:42
tlwoernerironically we don't usually have snow late december, but this year it snowed christmas eve and we've had it ever since :-)16:42
* tlwoerner waits for TrevorG and Randy to chime in…16:43
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tlwoernerzeddii: now you have something to add to your collection of $3 bills16:47
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intera_91good afternoon from the UK17:05
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intera_91got a question as am a newbie on yocto, I am trying to create a layer to include a project of mine in the rootfs, now this project depends on a number of librairies (193 of them to be precise) and only a few of them exist in the image I am building (core-image-sato) the image builds fine and boots and runs ok17:08
*** linums <linums!> has joined #yocto17:08
intera_91question is how do I include these librairies in the filesystem, nearly all of them have rpms and adding them shouldn't be complicated17:09
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sakoman**** Time to select the CVE raffle winner ****17:10
frayfor 2020, I suspect SolarWinds won17:11
sakomanLooks like there are 50 entries:17:11
sakomansteve@octo:~/Desktop$ wc -l cve-raffle-sorted-nodups17:11
sakoman50 cve-raffle-sorted-nodups17:11
sakomanAnd the winner by random selection is:17:12
sakomansteve@octo:~/Desktop$ shuf -n 1 cve-raffle-sorted-nodups17:12
sakomanCVE-2020-1971:  Robert Joslyn <>17:12
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RPsakoman: nice :)17:21
sakomanzeddii: :-) recount demands seem to be quite popular these days17:23
sakomanzeddii: OK, I recounted.  There are still 50 entries ;-)17:24
zeddiithe contents of that file were switched at 3am!17:25
zeddiiwe didn't have any auditors present!17:25
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RPseebs: does look right?17:58
*** ant__ <ant__!> has joined #yocto17:59
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seebsYeah. I was going to ask why you were adding SYMLINK_NOFOLLOW support to the NO_REAL_AT_FUNCTIONS case, but the previous thing explains it.18:37
seebsi gotta say i am not hyped about lchmod existing18:37
moto-timoI might have some peach pie this week.18:39
moto-timowith brown sugar on top18:39
zeddiinot orange meringue ?18:39
moto-timoorange peeps are only for microwave experiments18:40
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idadelHello Everyone. Please I need some help.19:51
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hi66ERROR: Running idle function##########################################################                                                                              | ETA:  0:00:0120:08
hi66KeyError: 'exc'20:09
hi66while running bitbake for yocto20:09
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Guest65308idadel: how does it come to deduce the license to be GPL-2.0 WITH Linux-syscall-note ?20:47
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RPseebs: it doesn't seem like a great idea to me either but it seems it does now :/21:01
RPseebs: thanks for the sanity check :)21:01
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seebssanity. hah.21:22
seebsthis is not a great day for sanity checks i think21:22
moto-timoindeed it is not21:22
RPseebs: I was just looking at the news :(21:27
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seebsi am just so happy for all the lawtwitter people21:31
seebswho have spent YEARS angrily saying "no, that's NOT sedition"21:31
seebsand finally get to say "okay sure that's sedition"21:31
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RPrburton: fwiw I think there is only debian9 using py 3.522:01
RPi.e. not a lot of reason to keep 3.5 as the min22:01
RPkanavin: deleting patches from qemu seems to be fixing failures :)22:02
kanavinRP: that's how I do those restoring-recipe-sanity version updates :)22:02
kanavinRP: start off by deleting *all* patches, then bring them back on a strict needs-to-be-present basis22:03
kanavinno 'someone may have an issue if this patch is absent' nonsense :)22:03
*** Konsgn <Konsgn!~Konsgnx3@unafiliated/joyseph> has quit IRC22:04
RPkanavin: I do know the history of most of the qemu ones but the failures definitely pointed at the patches as now being problematic22:05
RPkanavin: I'm forcing a full rebuild for other changes so will be interesting to see how this build looks22:06
*** pikes <pikes!> has joined #yocto22:07
RPJPEW: would you be able to help with ? (new qemu on mingw)22:07
RPJPEW: I suspect the switch to meson upset something22:08
JPEWRP: Ok22:09
RPJPEW: its building things so hopefully just a path configuration issue, thanks!22:10
JPEWRP: Ugh 32-bit MinGW :/22:12
ant__RP: hi there, while it builds can you maybe comment about using ASSUME_SHLIBS for custom without soname?22:12
ant__seems rather an hack but googling I found worse...22:13
RPant__: it does seem a bit of a hack. Not sure we do that anywhere in core?22:14
ant__well, these should maybe be PRIVATE_LIBS so the question is a bit pointless22:14
ant__no, no, just a layer uses it22:14
RPant__: PRIVATE_LIBS is definitely nicer22:15
ant__ah, ok, then adding the RDEPENDS22:16
RPJPEW: sorry. If we want to jettison that in favour of 64 only... ;-)22:18
JPEWRP: Maybe... it looks like perhaps the actual problem is that the qemu build is eliding all the TLDs ("bin", "share", etc.) when installing22:19
JPEWWhich, to be fair *is* how it gets installed on Windows....22:19
RPJPEW: there was a small change to the "suffix" option which I had to adapt the recipe too, wonder if that is related? :/22:23
JPEWRP: Maybe... let me try a build22:26
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opellohi, i have a crusty old build environment that works and new docker one that doesn't to generate my image ... the difference appears to be in the rpm spec files where some libs aren't being put in the Requires and Provides for my (unnecessarily complex) package and i can't quite figure out why :(22:41
opelloahead of the spec file i found the pkgdata, which shows some ordering differences and some content differences that i've not quite exhaustively correlated yet -- but i'm at a loss to understand how the same 'code' would produce such wildly different results (one includes the sstate-cache that is preserved and shared across many builds, which may be "the key difference")22:43
opellomy best guess is to instrument the part of the system that discovers dependencies by looking at binaries, so any direction as to where to find that would be helpful :)22:44
RPopello: the code is in package.bbclass and lib/oe/package.py22:46
RPopello: the data is written out to pkgdata so if that doesn't look right, that is somewhere to look and follow up22:47
opelloRP: thanks!  yeah in the pkgdata i see the FILERDEPENDS missing for the missing spec file elements, so that's pretty compelling ...22:48
opelloadding debug prints to package.bbclass ends up re-running quite a few tasks, i imagine i can just override them for my recipe too?22:48
RPopello: that is generated by rpmdeps iirc22:48
RPopello: writing a and including that to force the hashes22:49
RP(will stop things rebuilding)22:49
opelloah, i've seen that documented but haven't used it -- will try to make use of that too22:50
ant__RP: the other/worse hack to handle no soname
JPEWRP: Ah, found it: :/23:03
RPJPEW: oh :/23:04
JPEWRP: Supper time. I'll give it a think for a bit23:05
RPJPEW: fair enough. I'm going to run more builds/tests of qemu overnight and I've my hands full with other issues (like the missing pseudo lchmod wrapper breaking reproducibility)23:06
RPJPEW: thanks!23:06
RPant__: That does look worse/horrible23:06
ant__meta-rockchip shoud have the ASSUME_SHLIBS thingy, which I understend as coupled with ASSUME_PROVIDED so not for target23:07
ant__^ add the no-no examples :)23:09
RPant__: docs patches weclome!23:09
RPwell, that is a wiki :)23:09
ant__he, I am still newb against unversioned libs w/out soname..never happened before...23:10
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paulgheh - an old co-worker pointed me at this 6-7y old patch and asked me why it wasn't merged...23:23
paulgI have no idea.   I'd still say using "/home/root" sucks swamp water even today.23:24
sgwpaulg that one certainly got lost!23:42
paulgsgw, maybe kernel people aren't allowed to muck with userspace...  ;-)23:47
paulgneed somebody like RP to give it the holy blessing.23:48
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