Thursday, 2021-01-07

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tlwoernerant__: which recipe of which meta-rockchip?03:02
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hmw1hi, any good hints for intro videos into yocto/openembedded07:29
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mckoangood morning08:13
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ant__tlwoerner, hi, I found this series
ant__did not bother to check the final commits...09:18
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RPhmm, private email asking me why backporting a patch from master to sumo doesn't "just work"10:31
mckoanRP it's a hard life10:32
qschulzRP: got tired of the sumo backports that keeps coming on the ML, had to answer. Probably the same people I guess considering the timing10:35
RPqschulz: oddly enough its not, its a big company :/10:35
RPI do think it would be useful for people to collect some of these things together if they are insisting on using obsolete versions10:35
RPI do understand why it can be necessary too10:36
qschulznot sure to follow what you mean by collecting some of these things?10:36
RPqschulz: putting the CVE fixes together on a branch would save each group reinventing them10:38
gsalazarHi, I'm trying to change the INITSCRIPT_PARAMS from the hostapd package in a bbappend in zeus but I keep getting "Postinstall scriptlets of ['hostapd'] have failed. If the intention is to defer them to first boot,10:39
gsalazarthen please place them into pkg_postinst_ontarget_${PN} ()" this does not occur if I use the default INITSCRIPT_PARAMS. I am not really sure on how to add the pkg_postinst_ontarget_${PN} ()  or fix the error. Has anyone encountered this?10:39
* RP wonders how depressed to be that master-next failed with three different failures, all not related to the changes in -next afaict10:39
qschulzRP: I'm afraid there'll be an expectation that the branches will stay up-to-date with the latest CVE fixes even on unmaintained (which technically wouldn't be unmaintained anymore... community-based effort buut still) branches10:39
qschulzRP: I don't think we want to make it less painful for people to stay on long outdated branches?10:40
RPqschulz: right, there are good reasons why we've not "done" it :(10:40
rburtonqschulz: the problem is testing of those patches.  unmaintained branch as there's no maintainer to test.10:41
rburtonhey if someone is using sumo then they can step up and run the branch though the AB10:41
RPrburton: trouble is the older branches are breaking on the AB, as they're not being run regularly :/10:42
RPwe did just about make sumo work but I suspect it will be broken again10:42
mckoanqschulz: I always try to persuade manufacturers to migrate to newer versions but it is very difficult10:42
RPI can't even keep master working well, see comment above10:42
mckoanqschulz: after all they still manage to sell their cards :-D10:43
qschulzmckoan: sure, but then it's up to the user/company buying those cards to either complain or suffer the maintenance burden or upgrade path10:44
RPbash reproducibility issue, apt pseudo file handle issue and a checksum corruption issue with dnf10:44
mckoanqschulz: in a perfect world yes10:44
qschulzmckoan: what is there to earn for Yocto maintainers/contributors to maintain those branches from 5 years ago?10:45
mckoanqschulz: in fact. I totally agree. Sigh10:45
RPrburton: was autotools ready for wider testing?10:46
qschulzmckoan:  I mean, you have to draw the line somewhere as a project and also as a user of some companies' products which are using long outdated software10:46
rburtonRP: yeah i need to rebase and clean up the branch. if the AB is idle though I can throw the messy branch at a-quick though10:46
qschulzmckoan: if they were paying it'd be a different story. See Microsoft with privately maintained XP now...10:46
RPrburton: might be interesting to. I'm just wondering if I need to save off any of these failures :/10:47
qschulzWell, all of this from my perspective of small and occasional contributor and no maintainer of nothing :)10:47
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Sponge5Hello, quick question, according to I'm supposed to test on target, does that mean that the only way to test is to run the image and test from inside the emulation?11:33
* mcfrisk still uses sumo, in decent shape CVE wise, maybe have something to do with the patches on mailing list..11:34
ant__RP: ok, I'll tell you a secret11:35
mcfriskand can't update thanks to a big SOC vendor screwing us up big, big time11:35
ant__lot of OE 'distros' did use sumo until last month11:35
ant__lot of .bbappends and dubious patches, still they build images for DVB / STB11:36
RPmcfrisk: would you want to actually try and collect them up?11:36
RPmcfrisk: sad you're "stuck" :(11:36
mcfriskRP: I have everything in a private tree, but can't publish that. would need to clean it up... and I do have backports for devel tools like python 2.711:37
ant__just look in github for OpenPLi and OE-A11:37
RPmcfrisk: for a while recently we did have sumo building on the autobuilder. Not sure it would work now :(11:38
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ant__now people moved to zeus fwiw, so expect mainenance11:38
RPmcfrisk: I'd guess you have other priorities than cleaning it up :/11:38
qschulzmcfrisk: can't you just make a BSP layer with this SoC vendor crap and update the rest?11:39
mcfriskwe do have CI with target tests and all11:39
qschulzant__: which is funny considering dunfell is an LTS and not zeus :)11:39
ant__I tried way :)11:39
qschulzmcfrisk: and by BSP layer I mean bootloader and kernel?11:39
ant__the issue is enigma2 and python 2.x11:39
mcfriskqschulz: sadly not, some high level SW components from SoC vendor tie up openssl, icu etc versions11:39
RPmcfrisk: right, but your testing != the project's testing for our release quality :(11:39
mcfriskI know, different kind of testing11:39
qschulzmcfrisk: vendors... smh11:40
RPant__: py2 is why zeus and not LTS?11:40
ant__iirc yes11:40
ant__someone must rewrite enigma2 spaghetti code :)11:41
RPwe made an effort to drop py2 from the LTS purely as it was dead then, let alone for the lifetime of the LTS :/11:41
qschulzisn't there a (now unmaintained IIRC?) meta-python2 layer for dunfell?11:42
ant__qschulz, my try
Sponge5sorry to repeat my question, but the #new-recipe-testing entry in dev-manual isn't exactly exhaustive and I'm having no luck with SO/Reddit.11:51
Sponge5Do I have to run the image to test whether all files are where they should be?11:52
Sponge5To clarify, by "run the image" I mean "runqemu ..."11:53
RPSponge5: you should be able to look at the WORKDIR/image directory or look at the generated packages11:53
mckoanant__: hi, are you using OpenPLi ?11:53
qschulzSponge5: oe-pkgdata-util list-pkgs <recipe>; oe-pkgdata-util list-pkg-files <pkg>; oe-pkgdata-util find-path /target/path/to/your/files11:54
RPrburton: diffoscope is off in the weeds again :(11:54
Sponge5qschulz: thanks, I'll look into it!11:55
RPhmm, ppp and vulkan-samples-staticdev11:57
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ant__mckoan, ciao12:22
ant__yes, I use it on vu+ vuduo212:22
ant__I am fixing xbmc/kodi compilation on it12:22
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ant__problems where the mipsel fixes and now the private libs12:23
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ant__it is my new hobby after zaurus :)12:23
ant__mckoan, btw I am A.A there12:26
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RPDoes anyone know how to force make to use a specific shell? Setting SHELL isn't helping :(14:39
smurraythat's the only hook I'm aware of14:40
RPThe issue is - reproducibility issue in ppp, dash vs bash. I can't stop it using /bin/sh14:41
zeddiiyah. SHELL= in the Makefile has always done it for me in the past as well.14:43
zeddiiSHELL = and then exporting it to any submakes, since IIRC it goes back to the environment variable otherwise.14:44
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RPzeddii: I tried export SHELL = /bin/bash, I tried adding it to the commandline, I tried MAKESHELL, nothing seems to deter it14:48
zeddiibugger. and the problematic snippet, is in the first Make call ? i.e. not a submake, because, yah, that should 'just work'14:49
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RPzeddii: no, its in a subdir Makefile with all kinds of parallel stuff flying around but nothing I can set seems to make it work14:50
zeddiiyah. your export= should have handled that case.14:50
zeddiidoes a brute force patch of shell= in each and every makefile fix it, I wonder ?14:51
RPzeddii: tried that too :(14:51
zeddiiif that doesn't work, then yah, there's no sense messing about with exporting SHELL, etc, since it is using something else.14:52
Sponge5It's possible that a command inside the makefile sets the variable to /bin/sh14:52
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RPcan anyone suggest a way to do echo '#include <utmp.h>' in portable shell? :)15:06
RPquoting was screwed up in that report, oh the irony15:07
mcfriskRP: here text? cat > file.c << EOF #include <utmp.h>\nEOF\n ?15:11
RPmcfrisk: its the # character :/15:11
RPmcfrisk: might work, not sure15:11
qschulzescape it with \?15:11
RPqschulz: works in some shells, not others15:12
RPI think this is actually a bug in bash, not a dash vs bash issue :(15:12
paulbarkerRP: `echo -e '\x23'` ?15:16
qschulzRP: it seems backslash or single or double quote escaping is POSIX compliant?15:16
paulbarkerInfact no, that may not work15:16
RPpaulbarker: it uses \ so won't help :(15:16
paulbarkerEugh, printf examples using `echo -e` instead of `printf`15:16
RPqschulz: I just updated that issue report, its a bug in some versions of bash afaict15:17
zeddiiawk 'BEGIN { print "#include <utmp.h>" }'15:17
paulbarkerYep, looks like most of the best bets are awk or perl one-liners, choose your poison15:18
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RPbasically I need a command without # or \ in the command15:19
RPah, but its a makefile so I can use make's variables15:22
zeddiiyah, because any way I can think of to print # without using #, involves a code that uses \15:23
paulbarkerHASH=$(echo 35 | awk '{ printf("%c", $0); }'); echo "${HASH}include <utmp.h>"15:23
RPpaulbarker: that should work :)15:24
paulbarkerIt's only Jan 7th but I think that's a clear contender for the ugliest code I'll write all year15:24
RPUTMPHEADER = "\#include <utmp.h> and then echo $(UTMPHEADER) also works15:24
zeddiipaulbarker, call it "clever"15:24
RPbut I do like paulbarker's version :)15:24
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qschulzRP: I'm confused by your UTMPHEADER solution? where does the bug of unescaped # reside then?15:26
RPqschulz: it pushes the quoting handling from the shell to make15:27
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hithereHow come there are no logs available for 2021??15:39
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hithereor is this irc channel no longer active?15:45
paulbarkerhalstead: ^^^15:45
paulbarkerhithere: I guess the logging process drank too much at new year15:46
hitherewell someone responding means it is still active, one of the two mysteries seems to have cleared up, now the log "issue"15:47
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RPJust for completeness this issue isn't a shell issue. its a make incompatibility17:25
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zeddiithat spells it out pretty clearly!!17:43
paulbarkerRP: Am I right thinking this was the wic/pseudo bug we were talking about on Tues?
RPpaulbarker: yes17:46
paulbarkerRP: Cool, I'll assign that to me. Will pick up up once I've finished fixing
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RPpaulbarker: thanks. I'm just struggling to get to things...17:47
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Ollie456Hi. Sorry if a bit off-topic, but can anyone tell me how to generate a sources folder such as the one found here:
paulbarkerOllie456: Not off-topic at all. Look up the archiver bbclass in the docs18:00
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Ollie456perfect thank you18:02
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v0nHey, why is the MLO and u-boot.img files part of the boot partition for beaglebone, since they should be written raw at the beginning of the SD card if I'm not mistaken18:05
paulbarkerv0n: Either option is supported by the AM335x boot rom.18:06
paulbarkerFor the BeagleBone Enhanced (MACHINE = "bbe") in meta-sancloud we use the single partition layout with no vfat boot partition18:06
v0nhum, interesting, I've just tested to put them all in the boot partition and it doesn't boot18:07
paulbarkerv0n: You could probably use same wic file with the original beaglebone:
paulbarkerv0n: Actually, just remembered some details18:08
paulbarkerYou need either a u-boot patch (ugly) or a u-boot script in /boot in the rootfs (nicer)18:09
paulbarkerWe use as the boot script18:09
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v0npaulbarker: I'll look into your wic file, thanks. If I want to protect the kernel and initramfs images I'm using, can u-boot for example pick these files from a encrypted partition? so that my SD card looks like: [MLO][u-boot.img][Part1(enc):zImage+dtb+intramfs][Part2:rootfs to switch to]18:22
paulbarkerv0n: I'm not sure off the top of my head. I'd be interested to see that working though18:23
v0npaulbarker: or ideally having the MLO and u-boot.img unpartitioned and a single encrypted rootfs containing the kernel in /boot, but I'm not sure beaglebone supports that18:24
v0nI've found patches to encrypt the rootfs with dm-verity but it seems like the secure location has to be in the kernel (signed fitImage)18:25
paulbarkerv0n: It would really be down to what u-boot supports when loading the kernel, dtb and (possible) initramfs18:25
paulbarkerI don't think it's hardware dependent18:26
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smurrayv0n: I could be misremembering, but I have memories of something along the lines of needing to buy am355x parts from TI with the feature not disabled to be able to properly do secure boot19:07
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marexsmurray: the am335x parts with hardware root of trust are indeed on special order (and expensive)20:31
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smurraymarex: heh, good to know my memory isn't completely shot ;)20:31
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v0nmarex: smurray: what's the point of it? it you want an encrypted bootloader maybe? but if your bootloader is not encrypted, it can decrypt and thus you don't need this hardware component, right?20:38
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marexv0n: the bootrom can authenticate signed bootloader blob, if the signature matches then bootloader is started, otherwise the system tries the next blob or hangs20:43
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RPJPEW: any thoughts on qemu on mingw? I think that is the last piece of the qemu upgrade puzzle now20:46
JPEWRP: Only thing I can think of is to add a flag like "--mingw-flat=no" or something :(20:48
RPJPEW: should we just patch it out for now?20:48
*** lexano <lexano!> has joined #yocto20:48
JPEWI'll try to propose a patch upstream to see how it goes over20:49
RPJPEW: I might try hacking something for now to see if we can move forward whilst that happens20:49
v0nmarex: ok then if you don't mind a non encrypted bootloader, you can let it decrypt and boot an encrypted kernel/rootfs without this hardware feature, right?20:49
JPEWRP: sounds good20:49
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smurrayv0n: it's not about encryption, it's about chain of trust20:52
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v0npaulbarker: shouldn't it be --ondisk mmcblk in sandcloud_bbe.wks?20:54
paulbarkerv0n: Yes, `--ondisk mmcblk` is already used in each `part` line20:56
v0npaulbarker: oops I meant  --ondisk mmcblk020:56
paulbarkerI believe the index is handled automatically20:56
v0nho ok20:56
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RPJPEW: confirmed that fixes it FWIW (hack in -next)21:23
marexRP: hey uh, if I want to override TOOLCHAIN_SHAR_REL_TMPL with a file in meta-foo , what do I set into that variable e.g. in local.conf ?21:25
*** dev1990 <dev1990!> has joined #yocto21:25
marexI saw someone using ${LAYERDIR_meta-foo}/files/ , but that seems to fail21:26
RPmarex: you'd need something to be setting LAYERDIR_meta-foo21:26
marexRP: (yes, I am trying to backport the toolchain fixes to thud)21:26
marexRP: is there something which does that for me already ?21:27
marexRP: I was looking around wks, maybe that's what I want (?21:27
RPmarex: not in master, a later might do it21:27
RPer, a layer21:27
RPnot seeing the connection to wks21:27
marexRP: well WKS is also using the .wks file which is located in layer21:28
marexRP: so there should be some mechanism to find that file in a layer already21:28
marexRP: maybe it could be reused somehow21:28
RPah, perhaps. I doubt the toolchain mechanism uses the logic though21:28
RPI suspect wks is done using BBPATH or similar21:28
marexRP: it is21:28
marexRP: I'll keep digging21:29
marexRP: ah, of course I can set it, thanks21:32
JPEWRP: Ok. I just sent a patch to QEMU, we'll see what they say21:39
*** abelloni <abelloni!> has joined #yocto21:40
RPJPEW: cool21:40
* RP somehow needs to unblock the patches in -next :/21:40
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JPEWMy build server just filled it's disk with sstate.... time to buy a larger hard drive21:44
*** zyga <zyga!~zyga@unaffiliated/zyga> has quit IRC21:48
RPJPEW: probably faster than trying to delete it :)21:51
*** sakoman <sakoman!> has quit IRC21:56
JPEWRP: Ya, it's only a 300GB disk, and it's shared with the OS, so it's time for a new one21:56
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RPJPEW: I have a 2TB I keep filling!22:02
RP(just with sstate)22:02
PaowZJPEW: I setup a 1TB SSD drive.. a dream..22:03
JPEWPaowZ: Ya. I just bought a 1.2 TB drive. It's for my build servers, so I'm not *as* worried about the speed. I have SSD for my desktop; it's nice :)22:04
JPEWSpindle driver for the server22:05
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armpitI got a mvme drive.. it just says I am out of space faster ; /22:29
PaowZJPEW: true that bottleneck is CPU first, but still.. considering the number of small files to read and, why not, rootfs writes of several GB :-)22:34
JPEWYa. Decking out my servers with NVMe would be a little bit $$$ for my tastes... it would probably cost more than I paid for the servers in the first place :)22:39
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dvCan't find the complete list of the web browsers in the recipes...22:42
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dvdoes anybody know the recipe for Firefox/Chromium ?23:19
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abellonidv: ?23:56
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