Monday, 2021-01-11

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khemant__:  just kodi wont be enough, you should remove it from system builds00:57
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ant__khem, afais gold is disabled, kodi-recipe was activating it. I think there is another culprit07:27
ant__recipes-support: added older version of fmt, fixed compilation for kodi07:27
ant__it seems libfmt/fmt could also lead to miscompiled bins07:28
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thekappeHello guys ! Does anybody know wich is the correct approach to build a minimal ramdisk to be used as "recovery boot method" given an already set up yocto project distribution ? I am able to build and burn a whole image (kernel/dtb/rootfs) that I usually burn on a SD card or run by a tftboot/nfs server. How can I add a minimal ramdisk ? thanks07:58
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dvhow can I create fat32 partition with WIC? I am using --fstype=vfat and it gives me fat16...08:13
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stuom1Did something change about how ptest should be enabled if I update thud->dunfell? According to mega manual, I see no changes, but I'm getting "nothing RPROVIDES my-package-ptest" when building image. Local.conf has ptest in distro features, and my-package inherits ptest08:36
LetoThe2ndhowdy dudX08:39
erbodv: maybe use --mkfs-extraopts to pass "-F 32" to mkfs.vfat?08:41
erbohi LetoThe2nd08:42
PaowZmorning all.. and hny 2021.08:42
dverbo, thanks! ... --fstype=vfat --mkfs-extraopts="-F 32" ... - is it correct?08:44
erbodv: that's what I would try at least :)08:51
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qschulzMorning everybody09:09
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Sponge5good morning :)09:12
mckoangood morning everybody09:19
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Sponge5Am I assuming correctly that I don't need to do
Sponge5when I'm trying to test with QEMU?11:10
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paulbarkerSponge5: Are you using Yocto 2.2 (morty)? If not, it's worth looking at the more recent docs11:37
Sponge5oh sorry, this was linked to me, didn't bother to check11:37
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paulbarkerOther than that, tbh I don't know if that is needed for qemu or not. Maybe try with and without, see what works, submit a patch to the docs to make it clearer once you know :)11:38
Sponge5which docs version is for dunfell 22.0.4?11:39
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paulbarkerSponge5: You can look up the release numbering here:
paulbarker(I do find the yocto version, poky version and bitbake version numbering confusing myself)11:41
Sponge5Ah I see, I went by the git tags11:41
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qschulzand now... I think we should probably add the release name in the dropdown menu too11:43
thekappeHello guys ! Does anybody know wich is the correct approach to build a minimal ramdisk to be used as "recovery boot method" given an already set up yocto project distribution ? I am able to build and burn a whole image (kernel/dtb/rootfs) that I usually burn on a SD card or run by a tftboot/nfs server. How can I add a minimal ramdisk ? thanks11:45
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LetoThe2ndthekappe: "minimal ramdisk" in terms of initrd? should probably be enough to set IMAGE_FSTYPE to something supported, and tweak the kernel cmdline11:50
LetoThe2ndinitramfs is usually a different bast.11:50
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LetoThe2ndand if you want to combine everything into a single build including bootloader etc, then you're off into wic/multiconfig land11:51
thekappeLetoThe2nd, thanks11:52
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thekappeI am taking a look11:53
thekappeLetoThe2nd, it seems that initrd is deprecated (maybe unnecessarily) so I would prefer to go with initramfs11:59
LetoThe2ndrburton: if i wanted to be nitpicking - you mangled a whitespace fix into the libmicrohttp patch :)11:59
LetoThe2ndthekappe: "it depends" :)11:59
thekappeWhat would you suggest ? I am pretty new to the world12:00
thekappeI need it as a "first time boot method" in order to blank emmc  on the board12:01
LetoThe2nd"it depends"12:01
thekappein order to burn the blank emmc on the board12:01
thekappeSo I will boot unti uboot via jtag, upload kenrel/dtb/ramdisk, boot and burn12:01
LetoThe2ndan example: one of our targets supports booting through a SPL-UBoot-FIT chain from sd card. so while the fit image technically is a "minimal ramdisk" as you worded it, the approach one would take differs substantially from an initramfs.12:03
LetoThe2ndso, it really depends on what your systems boot mechanisms support, and what your manufacturings requirements are.12:04
thekappeI'm not using SPL-Uboot, I am working with a zynqmp and for now the boot sequence (simplified is) ZYNQMP-FSBL->UBOOT->SDCARD12:05
thekappeThe final board won't have an sd card but a blanked emmc, so I need a procedure to burn it the first time the board is powered on.12:06
thekappeIn order to do that I planned to load through tftp a .wic image and write it directly to the emmc12:07
LetoThe2ndyou could also ramload uboot, and that in turn tftp/nfsbootfs12:07
LetoThe2ndmany options.12:07
thekappeit's what i am doing now12:07
thekappewhen the I don't want to burn a new sd card12:08
thekappebut i was told that a mechanism without tftp/nfs would be preferred12:08
thekappeso I started looking ramdisks12:09
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Sponge5Where do I extend BBPATH? In local.conf, or in a recipe?12:13
Sponge5wait, I didn't read it correctly12:14
qschulzSponge5: usually in layer.conf12:14
LetoThe2ndthekappe: probably you actually want a fitimage then. thats basically kernel+dtb+"ramdisk" as uboot can directly use it.12:15
thekappeLetoThe2nd, it seems nice12:15
qschulz(you need fitimage support in U-Boot though)12:15
qschulz(one uses bootm to boot a fitimage)12:16
Sponge5qschulz: sry, I noticed the moment I hit send - read layer as local12:16
qschulzSponge5: :)12:16
thekappeqschulz, it's already there12:16
thekappeI can use a image.ub file with bootm12:16
qschulzthekappe: well... bootm supports uImage and fitImage but they are different things underneath12:17
thekappebut I don't really know who is building it and with wich parameters12:17
qschulz(and handled differently)12:17
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qschulzso you really need fitimage support in U-Boot :)12:17
thekappeqschulz thanks man12:17
qschulzand creating a fitimage from yocto too12:18
qschulzlook into kernel-fitimage bbclass12:18
thekappethere is a template somewhere ?12:18
qschulzit supports initramfs12:18
qschulzit works nice until you need to implement secure boot, but you're not there yet :)12:18
thekappebut I will and that's scaring12:18
qschulzthekappe: first things first12:18
qschulzonce you need secureboot, you'll need to create your own fitimage class which is not inherited by the kernel but by the image recipe12:19
thekappeAm I expected to create a new recipe or append to any already existing ?12:20
qschulzwell... that is if you plan to verify the rootfs integrity/authentication at boot12:20
thekappeit seems a good nice to have12:20
qschulzthekappe: there was patches sent by Bartosz from Baylibre on the mailing list some time ago12:20
qschulzdon't remember if they were ever merged or not12:21
qschulzbut yeah... I needed to write my own class/recipe for that12:21
thekappewhy is it always so complicated uff... :D12:22
qschulzdon't have it anymore (switched companies since I implemented it for a former customer, and I stupidly enough didn't share it publicly /ne shrugs)12:22
qschulzthekappe: secure boot is specific to the hardware, so it's hard to implement something generic enough12:22
qschulzand secure boot isn't easy too :)12:22
thekappeI know that the source file for a fitimage is a .its file, that's like a dts file12:23
thekappeif I create manually this .its file, who is expected to parse it and generate its .fit equivalent ?12:24
qschulzmight help you get started with the secure boot stuff12:24
thekappethanks man12:24
qschulzand explain where the kernel-fitimage bbclass is failing12:24
qschulzthekappe: the output will be a .itb12:24
qschulzit's created by mkimage12:25
thekappebut is it already there a recipe/class to parse these kind of files ?12:25
qschulzthekappe: what do you mean by parsing?12:25
thekappeI mean, once I have this .its, how can I use it inside my yocto/petalinux project ?12:26
thekappewhat am I supposed to do ?12:26
qschulzkernel-fitimage bbclass creates the its and calls mkimage on it to get the itb12:26
qschulzso until you need to work the secure boot thingy, everything is "magic"12:26
qschulzthen you need to reimplement kernel-fitimage by yourself12:27
thekappeI like it12:27
qschulzRP: ndec: any reason to keep switchers.js in sync between bitbake docs and yocto-docs? Or can I fix it so that bitbake's dropdown menu works as intended?12:30
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qschulzwhat about having the following in bitbake-docs: <Bitbake reelase name> (<bitbake release number>; Yocto <yocto release name> (<yocto release number>))?12:31
qschulz(for the dropdown menu)12:31
thekappeqschulz, I'm currentrly using this one
thekappeSo to enable the generation I need to set:12:35
thekappeKERNEL_IMAGETYPES += fitImage12:35
thekappeINITRAMFS_IMAGE = petalinux-user-initramfs12:35
thekappeis that all ?12:35
RPqschulz: I don't think they have to match12:36
ndecqschulz: we could indeed add the bitbake version in the bitbake switcher.js code. however I think that when we deploy to, we override all switchers.js with the one from yp-docs/master branch12:36
ndeci think we should still try to have all the versions information (metadata) split into a config file, which would be read by the website.12:37
ndecswitcher.js knows if we are looking at bitbake or yp (by looking at the url), so it could behave differently.12:37
RPYes, one config would be ideal12:37
ndecthat config file would be maintained by the 'release managemer'.12:38
qschulzndec: the switchers come from though according to Firefox's network debug tab12:38
qschulzso it is possible in some way to have two different12:38
ndeci had tried to do that, but couldn't get it to work. the problem was fetching an external yaml file (and the need for a proxy)12:38
ndecyes, they are different files, so they can be different. i was just saying that today we override them all.12:39
qschulzndec: mmmm... i\m not so sure the switchers.js should be handled in releases12:40
qschulzin which case once a release is EOL, the dropdown menu won't be updated :/12:40
ndecnot the switchers.js but the list of releases and the one we want to display on the website12:40
qschulzmmmm I see12:41
qschulzso the config file wouldn't be versioned in yocto-docs or bitbake-docs?12:41
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qschulzlike something on the side that is then modified by halstea d or others every release?12:42
ndecyes, that's what I mean.12:42
qschulzwell, time for a docs.yaml :p12:42
ndecbut loading the docs.yaml failed for me, the browser refused to do it, i forgot the exact error now..12:43
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qschulzok so the patch I just sent should probably not be merged and have us just look into making this into a configruation file instead12:46
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ndecqschulz: i have an old change that has something like this13:05
ndecwith attributes for each release, that we can then use in the java script.13:06
ndecunfortunately.. i never completed that, so it's not working as i wanted.13:06
qschulzrequires the requirejs script though13:16
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thekappeqschulz, so far so good..13:57
thekappeI've generated and compile the .its fit image13:57
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thekappeI uploaded it with tftpboot in uboot13:57
*** kpo_ <kpo_!> has joined #yocto13:58
thekappetftpboot 0x0
thekappebootm 013:59
thekappe## Loading kernel from FIT Image at 00000000 ...13:59
thekappe   Using 'conf@system-top.dtb' configuration13:59
thekappe   Trying 'kernel@1' kernel subimage13:59
thekappe     Description:  Linux kernel13:59
thekappe     Type:         Kernel Image13:59
thekappe     Compression:  uncompressed13:59
thekappe     Data Start:   0x0000010413:59
thekappe     Data Size:    18283008 Bytes = 17.4 MiB13:59
thekappe     Architecture: AArch6413:59
thekappe     OS:           Linux13:59
thekappe     Load Address: 0x0008000013:59
thekappe     Entry Point:  0x0008000013:59
thekappe     Hash algo:    sha114:00
thekappe     Hash value:   281aa72e1fbe86d373a80e9c18b326cc01f3b5b914:00
thekappe   Verifying Hash Integrity ... sha1+ OK14:00
thekappe## Loading ramdisk from FIT Image at 00000000 ...14:00
thekappe   Using 'conf@system-top.dtb' configuration14:00
qschulzthekappe: aaaaaaaaaaaaah use a pastebin!14:00
thekappe     Architecture: AArch6414:00
thekappe     Hash algo:    sha114:00
thekappe     Hash value:   a981fe162778cf7483b0bec8fc7b718c0928a04614:00
thekappe   Verifying Hash Integrity ... sha1+ OK14:00
thekappe   Booting using the fdt blob at 0x116fc0814:00
thekappe   Loading Kernel Image ... OK14:00
thekappeERROR: new format image overwritten - must RESET the board to recover14:00
thekapperesetting ...14:01
thekappeqschulz, what's pastebin ?14:01
qschulzthekappe: a place where you copy your text and can send a link so you don't flood the channel :)14:01
thekappeit seems a nice option14:02
qschulzany works, there are plenty available14:02
qschulzotherwise... are you sure 0x0 is a valid RAM address (see where the RAM starts on your CPU datasheet)14:03
qschulzdo you happen to have a variable named loadaddr in your u-boot environment?14:03
thekappeI thought that I could use any addr while in uboot14:04
thekappeand that the important thing is that I don't load different files overlapping14:04
qschulzhonestly, that is probably more a question for #u-boot or some linux channel, you probably would need to give the its and the output of mkimage -L (or iminfo in u-boot)14:04
thekappeiìll check the loadaddr14:05
thekappethanks man14:05
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thekappeqschulz, your supposition was right, I changed the loadaddr and now I can boot the kernel with the following bootargs14:20
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thekappesetenv bootargs "console=ttyPS0,115200n8 earlycon clk_ignore_unused root=/dev/ram rw ip=${ipaddr}:${serverip}:${gatewayip}:${netmask} rootwait"14:20
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thekappeBTW the kernel panics as it can't find any fs14:21
thekappe"No filesystem could mount root, tried:"14:21
Sponge5Is there a way to specify that I want only layer specific tests to be run with "bitbake -c testimage core-image-minimal"?14:22
qschulz17.4MiB might be small for kernel + initramfs if you don't have a very small initramfs or have worked on making the kernel smaller14:22
Sponge5sorry for interrupting14:22
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thekappealso the kernel lists 15 ram partitions14:23
thekappefrom ram0 to ram1514:23
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thekappeI've tried also root=/dev/ram014:24
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thekappebut I'm still facing the same issue14:24
RobertBerger@thekappe did you configure the kernel to support ramdisk and set some proper size?14:24
thekappeI've set the following variables14:25
thekappeINITRAMFS_IMAGE_BUNDLE = "1"14:25
thekappeINITRAMFS_MAXSIZE = "524288"14:25
RobertBergerroot=/dev/ram rw should be fine14:26
qschulzthekappe: in your kernel defconfig you also should add support for initramfs, and probably the filetype you're using for your initramfs (cpio, cpio.gz, etc...)14:27
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qschulzthekappe: how big is your kernel (without initramfs)?14:27
qschulzand how big is your cpio image?14:27
thekappecpio image is 41M14:28
thekappe(not compressed)14:28
thekappeor 7.2M compressed14:29
*** eemmrr78 <eemmrr78!> has quit IRC14:31
qschulzmmm, 17MiB might actually be enough then, please check that your kernel supports compressed cpio14:31
*** sesom <sesom!> has joined #yocto14:32
thekappeone thing is that I have two image recipes14:32
thekappeone with initramfs and one without it14:32
*** dleppich <dleppich!~Thunderbi@> has quit IRC14:33
thekappebecause I have a circular dependency problem with the .wic image if I enable the initramfs14:33
*** dleppich <dleppich!~Thunderbi@> has joined #yocto14:33
thekappeso I setup another recipe that basically removes the .wic image_fs_type and add the cpio.gz instead14:34
thekappeBTW i have only one linux.bin file inside the kernel ${B} dir14:36
thekappe # CONFIG_BLK_DEV_INITRD is not set14:41
ant__thekappe, ouch...ah, instead aof root=/dev/ram I'd use rdinit=14:41
qschulzactually, none matters14:44
qschulzwhen you have an initrd inside the kernel, there is no way to not boot the initrd so the root arguments are just ignored14:44
*** midiago <midiago!501e98c2@> has joined #yocto14:45
ant__well, depends how is called his init :)14:45
ant__if any14:46
qschulzwhatever the init is, it still needs to be in the initrd14:46
ant__in the initramfs14:46
qschulzinitramfs != initrd14:47
qschulzinitrd is directly embedded in the kernel binary14:47
ant__aren't you using initramfs?14:47
qschulzinitramfs can be loaded manually via the bootz/booti command or via fitimage14:47
qschulzdon't know exactly to be honest, haven't dug in the kernel-fitimage.bbclass enough14:48
ant__yes, I know very well and can help with it14:48
ant__no idea about fit images though :)14:48
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*** RzR <RzR!~rzr@2a01:e35:2fd7:d710:5e08:ef32:68ac:50f9> has joined #yocto14:57
*** medo <medo!d1851b4a@> has joined #yocto14:59
*** JPEW_ <JPEW_!~JPEW@2605:a601:ac3d:c100:e3e8:d9:3a56:e27d> has joined #yocto15:00
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medoHi, I had a question on the git structure of a typical Yocto project. I understand that you should create a new meta-* layer with your configurations recipes etc there and use git there. However for things like local.conf and the bblayers.conf that are created for us in the build directory what do you do with those ? Do you not put those in git and15:05
medoinstead have everyone recreate it after cloning your repo ? If anyone has a open source yocto project example that they would be willing to link to I would be much obligied. Cheers!15:05
thekappeant__, changing root=/dev/ram to rdinit=dev/ram halts the kernel to15:05
thekappe[   12.023210] Waiting for root device ...15:05
*** yizhao <yizhao!~zhaoyi@> has joined #yocto15:05
thekappePS: I've enabled the INITRD and compressed archive15:06
LetoThe2ndmedo: one of the standard approaches these days is kas (see
*** luneff <luneff!~yury@> has quit IRC15:08
LetoThe2ndmedo: others are, depending on your use case, repo, git submodules, the combo-layer script, and being inspired by the yoe-distro15:08
Sponge5medo: "du -sh build"15:08
medoLetoThe2nd thanks so much didn't realize you made a video about it have only watched the first 5. Thanks !15:09
*** rob_w <rob_w!~bob@unaffiliated/rob-w/x-1112029> has quit IRC15:11
ant__thekappe, once you have CONFIG_BLK_DEV_INITRD=y  and  CONFIG_RD_GZIP=y at least you are ok15:12
sesomhello! Any idea how can I insert a task right before the rootfs_reproducible call?15:22
sesomusing ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND inserts the task before sort_passwd and my task should be after sort_passwd15:23
thekappeant__, qschulz I don't know how but I got it working15:31
qschulzthekappe: quick quick quick: git add -A; git commit -sm "got it working, don't know how it works"15:33
qschulzat least you have something in your git history :)15:33
ant__he he15:34
*** B0ned1ger2 <B0ned1ger2!> has quit IRC15:35
*** B0ned1ger <B0ned1ger!> has joined #yocto15:35
sesomis overriding the rootfs-postcommands.bbclass a way to get some logic just before the rootfs_reproducible call?15:35
ant__thekappe, once yu get accustomished with it, you can discover the meta-initramfs layer and the small-small images you can get with it15:35
sesomany ideas? any thoughts?15:37
qschulzsesom: how did you add your command to ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND exactly?15:39
sesomin the image recipe15:39
ant__sesom, you can add your own task or maybe use [postfuncs]15:39
qschulzno, the actual line I mean15:40
sesomI'm able to add it, only that is executed too early15:40
sesomROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND += " custom_logic; "15:40
qschulzyeah, try _append15:41
qschulzwhich is then added to ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND with: which IIRC is the python way to use _append15:42
qschulzor if it's something that has to do with sort_passwd, then just += or _append SORT_PASSWD_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND15:45
sesomROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND_append = " custom_logic; " didn't do trick. I'll try the SORT_PASSWD_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND_append trick now15:49
ant__wouldn't sort_passwd[prefuncs] =   also  work?15:49
ant__err [postfuncs] it seems in your case15:51
ant__as you like it :)15:51
ant__prefuncs: List of functions to call before the task executes.15:51
sesomant__: I'll try the SORT_PASSWD_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND_append trick now15:52
sesomlet's see which works!15:53
Sponge5I have a test at "meta-mylayer/lib/oeqa/runtime/mytest" and I set "TEST_SUITES = "mytest"" in build/conf/local.conf ... "bitbake -c testimage core-image-minimal" gives me error: Empty TEST_SUITES, so I looked into testsuite.bbclass and apparently test_modules has "mytest", but getSuiteCases has empty return... I have set the layer BBLAYERS in bblayers.conf, so that is not the problem...15:53
ant__yes, can be tricky15:53
*** midiago <midiago!501e98c2@> has quit IRC15:54
*** ondra68 <ondra68!5f50c682@> has joined #yocto15:54
Sponge5I'm stumped on this one for a while so if you have an idea lmk... I'm trying to do Automated Runtime Testing in QEMU15:54
qschulzant__: not sure, because sort_passwd isn't a task but a function15:54
sesomROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND =  ...  set_systemd_default_target; systemd_create_users; empty_var_volatile; sort_passwd;  custom_logic; rootfs_reproducible;15:56
sesomSORT_PASSWD_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND_append worked!15:56
*** plntyk <plntyk!> has quit IRC16:01
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*** yizhao <yizhao!~zhaoyi@> has joined #yocto16:04
ondra68Hi, is there an easy way how to see how the final task (e.g. "do_install") looks like after parsing all append recipes?16:08
*** Chrys <Chrys!a5e14d1c@> has joined #yocto16:09
qschulzondra68: in ${WORKDIR}/temp/run.do_install you'll have the exact content of your task16:09
rburtonif its a shell task then bitbake -e recipe should show you16:12
ChrysHello ! First, I wish you all a good and prosperous Years :) I'm here for asking you some support as i'm noobish to Yocto !    Here the situation : In my highest level of layer, i've removed a package. On a lower layer, i'have the bbappend of the recipe which is responsible of that package. When i generate my image, it tells me that the package16:14
Chrysis missing. What can cause that? Instead of giving me a possible answer, would be appreciate to know how can be debug to find my self. Doesn't want to ask lot of times !  According to the bitbake -g , nobody ask for that package...16:14
ondra68qschulz, rburton I will try, thx16:17
paulbarkerI've managed to create a situation where the base hash for a task is deterministically non-deterministic16:20
sesomqschulz: if the function is appended through the SORT_PASSWD_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND_append way, the ${IMAGE_ROOTFS} variable is not available anymore, as it was with when the ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND tactic was employed16:20
paulbarkerI have the error saying the bashash value has changed from value A to value B. Running the build multiple times those values always stay the same16:21
qschulzsesom: impossible as your custom_logic is still part of ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND16:21
qschulzand sort_passwd and rootfs_reproducible are using it too, so you did something wrong in your custom_logic16:23
qschulzwhat is exactly your error? can you send us a log?16:24
sesomyeah, I saw that in the code16:24
*** gourve_l <gourve_l!> has joined #yocto16:24
sesomIt might be that I'm using it in a wrong way. Now I noticed that this is an absolute path16:24
sesomI always treated it as a relative to the build dir16:24
sesomwhich I guess it's wrong16:25
qschulzsesom: what exactly are you trying to do :)?16:25
sesomdo some particular analysis of the output rootfs before packing it16:26
*** frsc <frsc!> has quit IRC16:26
*** AndersD_ <AndersD_!> has quit IRC16:30
qschulzjust use IMAGE_ROOTFS as is I guess then16:33
paulbarkerI tried following the instructions to run bitbake with `-Snone` then `-Sprintdiff` but got no useful output:
paulbarkerI see the basehash changed but it's unclear why16:36
*** sesom <sesom!> has quit IRC16:37
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RPpaulbarker: sadly that option doesn't often help :(16:56
paulbarkerRP: I think I may have fixed my own problem though I don't fully understand the details16:58
*** dreyna <dreyna!> has quit IRC16:58
paulbarkerI had some code in an anonymous python block setting a variable16:59
*** ondra68 <ondra68!5f50c682@> has quit IRC16:59
RPpaulbarker: the dependency parsing code has no insight into what anon python is doing17:00
paulbarkerDefining a new python function (which returns a string) and calling that in a variable assignment works17:00
*** gpanders is now known as greande17:01
paulbarkerRP: This is messing with dependencies yes. It's a messy attempt at working around bug #13994 until it's fixed on dunfell17:02
sgwRP: Hi, have you had a chance to look at the QMP patches I sent last week?17:02
*** plntyk <plntyk!> has joined #yocto17:03
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RPsgw: no, sorry. Can barely just keep the builds going :/17:07
*** sesom <sesom!> has joined #yocto17:08
paulbarkerRP: shows the working & non-working way of setting the variable if you're interested17:09
paulbarkerThe goal is to set task deps for do_image_wic so that do_image_tar & do_image_ext4 do not run at the same time as it17:09
qschulzpaulbarker: every time the recipe is parsed, your appendvar is run17:10
qschulzand recipes are parsed multiple times17:11
paulbarkerqschulz: Every time it's parsed the variable is reset to the value set elsewhere though. I've added `bb.note` calls, the anonymous block only runs once per recipe17:11
qschulzmmmm, probably mixed up things sorry :/17:12
paulbarkerqschulz: For example, image-live.bbclass uses `d.appendVarFlag` in an anonymous python block and it clearly works ok17:13
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rabbit9911Is there any way to "wrap" a task? As in I want to call an unmodified do_compile task as normal but I want to call it myself.17:39
rabbit9911The reason I want to call it myself is I want to call it with "bear" to build a compile_commands.json database.17:39
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:42
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smurrayrabbit9911: I believe you can call foo_do_compile of the foo.bbclass in your own do_compile, assuming it follows the usual naming convention17:47
kergoththat only works if the class uses EXPORT_FUNCTIONS, which isn't always the case. if it's not, you can always use anonymous python to alter/rename it17:51
smurraykergoth: okay, gotcha17:52
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RPpaulbarker: that makes sense as the code can't "see" into that anon python block18:17
v0nI'm getting "login: can't set groups: Operation not permitted" after trying to log as root with debug-tweaks added to EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES.18:19
v0nIt seems to be related to core-image-minimal, any idea?18:19
paulbarkerv0n: That implies permissions aren't set correctly in your rootfs18:20
JPEW_sgw, RP: I'll try to take a look at the QMP patches in the next few days.18:20
paulbarkerv0n: I had that issue when I was messing around with wic internals18:20
paulbarkerv0n: Are you using wic? Anything special in the wks file if you are?18:20
v0nI tried my own .wks file, then went back to the ti beaglebone one18:21
paulbarkerv0n: Are you on the master branch of poky/openembedded-core?18:21
v0npaulbarker: dunfell18:21
*** LetoThe2nd <LetoThe2nd!uid453638@gateway/web/> has quit IRC18:22
paulbarkerv0n: Ok, that's before the major changes involving pseudo so I doubt it's the same issue I saw18:22
paulbarkerCould you share the wks file via a pastebin?18:22
v0npaulbarker: I tried yours actually (rawcopying the MLO and u-boot.img files), but I went back to meta-ti/wic/sdimage-2part.wks because u-boot didn't boot18:23
paulbarkerv0n: U-boot didn't boot? Or u-boot couldn't find a kernel?18:26
v0npaulbarker: nothing happened, like picocom was printing  'C's every few seconds and that's all18:26
paulbarkerv0n: Ah yes, that means it didn't even find u-boot18:27
paulbarkerI know the BBE images do boot on BBB devices (last time I checked). I guess something else from the meta-sancloud layer may be needed as well as the wks file to get a usable single partition image18:28
v0npaulbarker: is it the same MLO to both from either the first vfat partition or from raw sd card? I don't understand why there's a difference in the behavior18:28
paulbarkerv0n: I'd have to look into it in more detail to answer that confidently18:29
paulbarkerNot got the time to get too deep into it right now18:29
v0nbut that said, I'm fine with a single partition containing the MLO, u-boot.img, kernel, dtb and initramfs.18:29
v0nwhat's bothering me is that adding EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES ?= "debug-tweaks" to my machine conf doesn't seem enough to get a passwordless root login :/18:30
sgwJPEW_: thanks18:33
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v0nI used IMAGE_BOOT_FILES += "${UBOOT_ENV_BINARY} ${KERNEL_IMAGETYPE} ${KERNEL_DEVICETREE}" but I get: "output: install: cannot stat '.../build/tmp/deploy/images/.../UBOOT_ENV_BINARY': No such file or directory20:26
*** zyga-mbp <zyga-mbp!~zyga@unaffiliated/zyga> has joined #yocto20:26
v0nAm I missing something?20:26
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v0nisn't this variable available ?20:35
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ant__khem, forgive my ignorance but how would CMake refuse to link the damned libs (missing soname)? I see apparently the extra libs needs to be specified to the linker..21:40
ant__not working
ant__working (elsewhere...)
ant__well, the patch is a bit different too, not to much :)21:41
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v0nlogin as root with debug-tweaks still says: login: can't set groups: Operation not permitted. Any idea?22:51
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