Sunday, 2021-01-10

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jonesv[m]Hello :)01:01
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idadelHello everyone. I was trying to learn about the meta-spdxscanner layer and how to perform scans using the scancode tool kit. I cloned the layer, added it to my bblayers.conf and did some other downloads for scancode that I came across. I tried running my build after all these but I got errors. I decided to remove the meta-spdxscanner layer  and it from bblayers.conf and try running my build again but got errors still. I'm10:51
idadelconfused and don't know if the issue is from the steps I followed to install the scancode toolkit here . Here's the output I got when running my build and just wondering if anyone could guess or figure out what exactly I probably messed up.10:51
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idadelI checked my python version and it's python 2.7.17. From the docs the required version of python is python 2.7.3 or higher. I've tried googling how to get python 2.7.3 or upgrade to it but almost all the results are for python 3. I suspect my python version is the problem but I can't get the required version of python.11:08
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RPidadel: try bitbake glibc-locale -c clean. I think meta-spdxscanner may not be entirely compatible with the pseudo changes in master/gatesgarth reading that :(11:38
RPidadel: there would likely be more info in /home/idadel/Desktop/Outreachy/task1/build/tmp/work/core2-64-poky-linux/shared-mime-info/2.0-r0/pseudo/pseudo.log about some kind of mismatch11:39
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estanhi folks. while working on making sure that the standard SDK produced by bitbake my_image -c populate_sdk has everything i need, which involves a lot of tweaking of TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK_append followed by 1) populating the SDK, 2) installing it, 3) testing it, is there a way to skip step (2)?13:18
estandoes bitbake my_image -c populate_sdk put the SDK sysroots somewhere so that i can use them directly, instead of having to install it via the generated .sh installer? would save a lot of time :p13:19
estani image it sets up the sysroots somewhere, and then creates the .sh installer from those directories (?)13:20
estanany advise on how to speed up the iteration time in general is much welcome.13:22
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RPestan: look in WORKDIR for the my_image13:59
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jonesv[m]I'm struggling a bit to understand how to use u-boot with yocto. Is there some documentation somewhere that I may have missed?15:46
jonesv[m]Just for the learning exercise, I would like to make a rpi image that runs with u-boot and that I can update/flash with fastboot 😊15:47
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aeroidI just got me a dreambox two and I'm having trouble with NFS ... mounts fine via fstab but autofs seems unable to find showmount (/etc/ ... me neighter. Any package I'm missing? Thanks!16:18
RobertBerger@RP: master (d9928413a40585ba8cbaccfff8d259fe69afd52e) seems to work with meta-spdxscanner16:54
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ant__khem, gold is not guilty here (I removed it though from kodi build)22:06
ant__happens even with bfd/ld22:06
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ant__khem, do you think binutils_2.32 is sane enough for mips? Paqtches needed?22:07
ant__I am having issues with zeus, with kodi/xbmc using private bcm v3d driver22:09
ant__at first linking issues lead to sigbus22:10
ant__now I get error log at leat and segfault :)22:10
ant__interestingly other OE deived distros haqve it running on the samne hw with 'similar' toolchain and 'minor' recipes diffs22:12
ant__catchin it all is ...a nightmare22:12
* ant__ typing in the dark22:14
RPant__: we do out best to keep the core working but its hard with mips :/22:27
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ant__RP: it's part of my fun/hobby to adopt abandonware :)22:28
ant__imagine today someone wrote me about zaurus22:29
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RPant__: I still have a soft spot for the Zaurus22:37
* nerdboy still sad about giving away original zaurus dev model...22:41
* ant__ must poke bluelightning about updating the layer comapt22:42
ant__I did test up to dunfell at the time22:43
dvcan WIC generate fat32 noLBA (0xb) partition?22:50
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