Wednesday, 2021-01-20

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noob-aHmm, I've hit an error with `base_do_unpack` when consuming a git repo.  Specifically it does not pass the `--origin origin` option to clone and then it assumes the remote name is origin - it is `clone.defaultRemoteName`.  Somehow setting that git config option to origin, with `--global` or `--system` does not workaround the issue.01:48
noob-aHow best to override the method/function `base_do_unpack` in such a recipe?01:49
noob-aOkay its not that simple.... can anyone tell me where the git commands are prepared for `base_do_unpack` maybe I can hack in the `--origin origin` fix.01:58
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kanavin_homeRP: yep, that is fine07:28
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Moh3Nhi. I want to have parted command in my rootfs , by installing wich package I can have it ??08:07
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Moh3Nmckoan thanks a lot08:12
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stephensmithsonhi I'm stephen08:32
mckoanstephensmithson: welcome08:36
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pankaj347hi i am trying to build core-image-sato for ARM with pytorch enabled. Can someone help how i can add it??08:43
LetoThe2ndyo dudX08:45
manuel_LetoThe2nd: El duderino!08:47
LetoThe2ndpankaj347: suggests that there is no obvious recipe for it, so you 1) have to create a recipe for it, probably in your own layer 2) have to create an image that pulls it in.08:47
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pankaj347does someone have recipe for pytorch ??08:49
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olani[m]pankaj347: Look here
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lxcFacing an issue where DEPENDS does not populate the recipe-sysroot with the packet. How to debug?10:32
qschulzis the recipe in DEPENDS yours?10:33
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lxcqschulz yes10:40
lxcqschulz sorry mis-understood. the recipe is not my own. it is openamp, where openamp depends on libmetal. but the sysroot does not get populated with libmetal.10:41
qschulzbuild libmetal first, then go into its ${WORKDIR}/sysroot-destdir. Are the files you're expecting there? No? You know where at least one issues lies10:44
qschulzthen build open-amp, go to its ${WORKDIR}/recipe-sysroot. Is it there? No? use `bitbake -e open-amp | grep -e "^DEPENDS="`, does it have libmetal in it?10:45
qschulzif yes, then it's probably an issue with open-amp not using the correct flags that Yocto passes to its build system (or should be passing but the recipe is not using them)10:46
lxcits there;10:49
lxcraspberrypi3-64 $ bitbake -e open-amp | grep ^DEPENDS10:49
lxcDEPENDS="cmake-native pkgconfig-native virtual/aarch64-xr-linux-gcc virtual/aarch64-xr-linux-compilerlibs virtual/libc libmetal ninja-native"10:49
lxcraspberrypi3-64 $10:49
qschulzoh wow, I admire your patience. Building Yocto on an RPi3...10:52
qschulzand the two first checks I suggested earlier?10:53
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lxclibmetal present in sysroot-destdir10:56
lxclibmetal not present in recipe-sysroot for openamp10:56
lxcand not building on rpi. just showing the pwd, builds is in x86 i7.10:58
qschulzlxc: not a single file coming from the libmetal's ${WORKDIR/}sysroot-destdir?10:58
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olani[m]lxc, qschulz: Also check if there is a libmetal file in openamp's ${WORKDIR}/recipe-sysroot/sysroot-providers/10:59
lxcno libmetal in recipe-sysroot/sysroot-providers11:00
olani[m]lxc: try bitbake -f -c refreshrecipesysroot openamp11:01
olani[m]lxc: and check again11:01
lxcno refresh task. do_populate_sysroot and do_populate_sysroot_setscene and do_prepare_recipe_sysroot11:03
olani[m]lxc: sorry, should be the preparerecipesysroot task.11:03
lxcnow I think I see something11:07
lxcWARNING: open-amp-rel-v2020.2+gitAUTOINC+29eb98c023-r0 do_prepare_recipe_sysroot: Manifest /usr/local/src/yocto-xr/build/infn-xr/raspberrypi3-64/tmp/sstate-control/manifest-x86_64_x86_64-nativesdk-libmetal.populate_sysroot not found in raspberrypi3_64 cortexa53 armv8a-crc armv8a aarch64 allarch x86_64_x86_64-nativesdk (variant '')?11:07
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olani[m]lxc: Any changes in openamp's  ${WORKDIR}/recipe-sysroot/sysroot-providers/11:10
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qschulzlxc: you're building a nativesdk aren't you?11:13
qschulzwhy is yocto looking for *tmp/sstate-control/manifest-x86_64_x86_64-nativesdk-libmetal* manifest then?11:13
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lxcnote sure. but I was able to get it working by adding PACKAGE_ARCH  = "aarch64"11:22
qschulzlxc: ahahahaha11:27
qschulzit's some Xilinx stuff ;)11:27
qschulzeither set it back to TUNE_PKGARCH or use MACHINE_ARCH (or define your SOC_FAMILY_ARCH in your machine conf file)11:29
qschulzsend a patch to meta-openamp too, they shouldn't be using this in non-BSP layers11:32
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RPabelloni: the overnight master-next build was one of the worst for a while, all looks like intermittent load issues :(11:49
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lxcqschulz yep xilinx specific. they assign PACKAGE_ARCH = "${SOC_FAMILY_ARCH}". and looks like they assign SOC_FAMILY_ARCH ?= "${SOC_FAMILY}" in xilinx bsp. but what is the rationale to change PACKAGE_ARCH?12:04
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VijayI had installed .so and .h files into the build by extracting from a tar file, when compiling my application with installed package using DEPENDS I got an error as PKG_SEARCH_MODULE cannot find installed package in CMakeLists.txt. So, how do I add my installed recipe to package config?12:29
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qschulzlxc: (you're gone but maybe you'll read the logs) the point of PACKAGE_ARCH is to have it apply to as many machines as possible so Yocto does not need to rebuild the recipe for different "architectures" even though the outcome of the build is identical between machines12:44
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stephensmithsongeneral question, can I edit/add .S files in yocto before the build or do I have to do that after the build has finished?13:01
LetoThe2ndstephensmithson: that sounds very much like an xy-question.13:04
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LetoThe2ndstephensmithson: beside that, general patching mechanisms apply.13:04
stephensmithsonyes sorry, can't formulate my question correctly :(13:05
stephensmithsonthank you for your answer!13:05
qschulzstephensmithson: just tell us what you want to fix/do and for which reason and we can start from there :)13:06
stephensmithsoncurrently I am looking at what yocto is capable of, I have worked with buildroot before, so nothing specific as of this moment, thanks qschulz :)13:12
LetoThe2ndstephensmithson: the only thing yocto can't do that buildroot can is: "providing a rootfilesystem/kernel/bootloader fast, using little space and moderate learning effort."13:13
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stephensmithsonLetoThe2nd it is indeed easier to use so better suited for beginnersX-P13:16
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LetoThe2ndstephensmithson: buildroot is easier for beginners, there's little doubt about it. but you might run into problems if your real use case is outside the beginner domain, you start out with buildroot and then meet more and more feature needs that you can't cover. so it might or might not be good to choose buildroot or yocto. it all depends.13:18
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JohnKaHi Guys, hope you are doing well!13:24
JohnKaI was using "runqemu" to run an image and I wanted to ssh from the host to the guest but can't find a way to do that especially that I see that "runqemu" doesn't seem to support all options in qemu.13:24
JohnKaI am running "runqemue" with nographic and slirp13:25
JohnKaI saw some patches which were trying to forward port from host to guest but wasn't implemented for performance concerns I believe13:26
JohnKaIs there some way to manage to ssh from host to gust?13:27
qschulzLetoThe2nd: how likely was this to happen a few days after I asked you the same question :D?13:28
LetoThe2ndqschulz: i was just about to poke you!13:28
qschulzJohnKa: runqemu qemuarm64 slirp nographic qemuparams="-nic user,hostfwd=tcp::5555-:22"13:28
qschulzJohnKa: ssh -o "UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null" -o "StrictHostKeyChecking=no" -p 5555 root@localhost13:28
qschulzJohnKa: runqemu probably supports all qemu options, you just need to pass them to qemuparams?13:29
JohnKaqschulz: I see, I thought I am kinda limited by runqemu, now I see.13:31
JohnKaqschulz: awesome, thanks! gonna give it a try13:31
qschulzJohnKa: otherwise I saw ma few articles playing with iptables and all, but couldn't be bothered :)13:33
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JohnKaqschulz: yeah, same here. this one is good enough for what I need13:40
pankaj347can someone share me good tutorial for yocto ?13:42
pankaj347paulbarker:Tq so much13:47
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lxcHow can easily I apply a kernel patch to multiple kernels? I have three kernels for different machine types, but they will share a common kernel patch14:10
*** sakoman <sakoman!~steve@> has joined #yocto14:11
qschulzlxc: if the recipes are in the same directory, just put the patch in a files/ subdir14:11
qschulzif they are in different directories, you can add the directory of the patch with FILESEXTRAPATHS14:11
qschulz(please go with the first option)14:12
*** sesom <sesom!> has quit IRC14:13
JPEWRP: Yep. That works. I have an example webpage that shows the reproducibility stats from the most recent build.... who do we talk to about trying to get it published?14:15
RPJPEW: halstead14:16
JPEWhalstead: I have a simple static webpage that displays the reproducibility results from the latest build (the idea being that can link there for some visibility). How do we get something published?14:20
*** Konsgn <Konsgn!> has joined #yocto14:20
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halsteadJPEW: there are a few ways. Probably scp onto one of the webserver is the easiest. Would that work on your end?14:24
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JPEWhalstead: Fine with me if that's the preferred way.... I wasn't sure if it needed to be "themed" to match the rest of the website, or if my rather plain look was fine :)14:31
*** sakoman <sakoman!~steve@> has joined #yocto14:31
JPEWhalstead: I'm not a web designed for good reason :)14:31
lxcqschulz not in same directory. E.g. meta-raspberrypi/recipes-kernel/linux/ and poky/meta/recipes-kernel/linux/
halsteadJPEW: would it be picked up and themed like is for example?14:34
*** wbn <wbn!> has quit IRC14:34
JPEWhalstead: No, we would be doing an "external" link on reproducible, so we have complete control over how it looks. I modeled ours after:
qschulzlxc: you anyway need a bbappend for those14:35
*** wbn <wbn!> has joined #yocto14:35
lxcqschulz thx14:36
qschulzput the bbappend in the same directory and put your patch in a files subdir and you're good to go14:36
halsteadJPEW: in that case maybe we can add a page to WordPress and you can update that. Then it would get themed automatically.14:38
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JPEWhalstead: OK, we can try that14:40
*** wbn <wbn!> has joined #yocto14:42
halsteadJPEW: I'm going to look into ways to update content there programmatically and email you.14:44
*** leon-anavi <leon-anavi!~Leon@> has joined #yocto14:45
JPEWhalstead: excellent. Thanks!14:45
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NiniC0c0Hello all, after updating to the last version of Yocto i get the following issue : defconfig was supplied both via KBUILD_DEFCONFIG and SRC_URI. So how to override a kernel conf provided by vendor meta ?15:15
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thekappehello guys, I know that's not strictly related to yocto but I'll ask it anyway.. I can't really find an answer to that15:34
thekappewhat's the relation within uboot ram address where I load files and the LOADADDR and ENTRYADDR that one usually specify for the kernel in a fitimage ?15:36
qschulz(ask on #u-boot, that's their stuff ;) )15:37
thekappeI've tried sometimes ago but nobody replied :D15:38
thekappemaybe thay don't know too15:38
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qschulzLOADADDR is where your file will be loaded, ENTRYADDR is where u-boot should jump. Probably something along those lines15:42
qschulzin case of uImage, ENTRYADDR is offset by the size of the uImage header15:42
qschulzexcept if you ask u-boot to not do it, the files you want to boot will be loaded into RAM (possibly a second time if your files were in RAM already). Honestly, big wild guesses15:43
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thekappeqschulz, thanks for clarify16:06
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thekappeSo I need to instruct uboot where to load the itb16:07
thekappeand uboot retrieve the info on where to load and run the kernel from the values written in the itb ?16:08
qschulzthekappe: yes16:08
thekappemy english is really terrible16:08
qschulzbe careful with overwrites16:08
thekappeand also my programming16:08
thekappeqschulz, yeah that was the point16:08
thekappeI was overwrting all day long16:08
thekappethat's style16:09
qschulzthekappe: same for initramfs, it'll be loaded somewhere too16:09
qschulz(if you have one in your itb)16:09
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thekappestrange thing is for ramdisk and dtb I haven't added those entries ( I was following a template)16:09
qschulzthekappe: don't worry about English, it's not the mothertongue of many if not the majority of us here :)16:10
qschulzthekappe: why are you not inheriting kernel-fitimage from Yocto?16:10
qschulzthis should give you a sane default as a base to hack on if you need more specific things16:10
thekappeneeded to add also an fpga entry16:10
thekappeI started from there as you pointed out16:11
*** pankaj347 <pankaj347!0e62b3fe@> has joined #yocto16:11
thekappethe its file autogenerated from kernel-fitimage.bbclass doesn't add load_addr for dtb and ramdisks16:13
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qschulzthen it'll be loaded "somewhere" in RAM16:14
thekappebut maybe is just a matter of conifugration16:14
thekappesomewhere doesn't sound too good to me16:14
qschulzIIRC there are variables in u-boot to define where they should be loaded16:14
thekappeI'll try to add them16:15
thekappesounds better16:15
thekappethanks man16:15
qschulzinitrd_high I think16:16
qschulzand fdt_high16:17
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thekappei can try to load ramdisk at 0x0, kernel at 0128M16:26
thekappeI can try to load ramdisk at 0, kernel at 0+128M, dtb at 0+128M*2, fpga at 0+128M*316:27
thekappesupposing that each file won't exceed 128M16:28
thekappefinally I'll load the itb file at 128M*416:28
qschulzthekappe: check that 0 is a valid RAM address first16:34
qschulz(well, all of them actually :) )16:34
qschulzmy tip is to load small files before the kernel in the RAM16:34
qschulze.g. a DTB won't be bigger than 1MB for sure, so put it 1MB before the kernel addr16:35
qschulzyou're limited because of the hw for the fpga binary too so you know the max size16:35
qschulzkernel can fluctuate a lot16:35
qschulzsame for initramfs16:35
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thekappeqschulz, thanks16:42
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v0nCan I add an image recipe as a dependence for another, so that I build both?18:42
neverpanicYou can, but I'd suggest creating a separate recipe that depends on both images, for better parallelization18:43
neverpanicWe have for that purpose, with a whole bunch of DEPENDS lines18:43
v0nsounds good as well18:44
v0nneverpanic: do you have an example somewhere?18:45
v0nho, I could use WKS_FILE_DEPENDS as well to specify the required image recipe.18:49
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neverpanicv0n: not public unfortunately, no.18:55
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v0nneverpanic: what kind of images your recipe depends on?18:59
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paulgwe leave .pyc files in the bitbake dir of poky -- which (may?)  break when a distro uprev's  py3 and gives a cryptic error...19:07
paulg"ImportError: bad magic number in 'concurrent': b'\x03\xf3\r\n'   "19:07
paulgNote - not the build dir, but poky/bitbake dir.   Wondering if we should be detecting the version change and clean those up as part of the build system?19:08
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smurraypaulg: istr a recent change in master to disable generating those to avoid pseudo issues21:06
paulgsmurray, ok - well I'll ignore it for the time being and go look for that later.21:08
paulgFWIW, I'm assuming the move from ubu-20.04 to ubu-20.10 triggered it, but I can't be 100% sure.21:09
smurrayI'm surprised python doesn't just reparse the .py in that situation21:10
smurraybut I do have memories of seeing it a couple of times myself outside of OE21:11
paulgyeah, I'm laying a good chunk of blame here at python's feet for not cleaning up things itself --- vs. the cryptic error message.21:13
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