Thursday, 2021-01-21

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jonesv[m]Say I use SRC_URI to fetch custom kernel sources in a `.zip`, but they are not at the root (they are in `sources/linux/linux`). Is there a way to tell SRC_URI that I am interested in that subdirectory only?00:22
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bluelightningjonesv[m]: you'd set S to point to that subdirectory so that the build starts under there01:03
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jonesv[m]Oh, like simply S = sources/linux/linux?01:07
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jonesv[m]Found it, just before SANITY_REQUIRED_UTILITIES in the manual 😊. Not easy to search for "S" 😁01:11
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jonesv[m]Finally got it to work, thanks bluelightning !01:53
jonesv[m]hmm now it complains that it does not find a `.config` (which is correct, I did not add it anywhere). I managed to get the running config `config.gz`. Is there some place I could put it in my kernel recipe? 🤔01:58
jonesv[m]The idea here is that I want to use a downstream kernel from their sources (and then see if I can do it only from patches, but that's a later step)01:58
jonesv[m]I guess that's this: Slowly starting to find my way around the docs 😊02:00
jonesv[m]Anyway it's 3am, good night :)02:00
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jonesv[m]hmm still not working. Seems like it finds the defconfig, but it does not create a .config out of it02:10
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nuub-abcI've hit a defect in the do_unpack function that I thought I could workaround but now realize I can't.03:15
nuub-abcAnyone able to suggest where to look to alter the git clone statement that is used in that function?03:16
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nuub-abcWe need to add the option --origin origin03:17
nuub-abcCurrently we assume everyone's clone command creates a remote named origin.03:17
nuub-abcThat assumption isn't always true.  False cases break do_unpack03:18
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nuub-abcFound it. working on a patch now.04:09
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JohnKaHi guys, I was building using yocto-2.6.2 for machine qemux86 and that was working well, then I only changed the machine to qemuarm and the image I had has issues like:06:42
JohnKa-  When shutting down, it gets stuck at "reboot: System halted" and never power off after that06:42
JohnKa- anytime I try to ssh to it, I get "ssh_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer"06:42
JohnKaboth issues weren't there when I had an image for qemux86, is there something else other than "MACHINE" was supposed to be changed or what could be a reason for that to happen?06:42
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DanmerZHi! /msg NickServ identify danmer190407:12
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alejandrohsis it expected behacvior if do_populate_lic isnt automatically set on the task dependencies unless specifically building a recipe?, or am I looking at a bug?08:19
alejandrohse.g. it looks like do_populate_lic depends on do_build08:19
alejandrohsso if I build recipe X the task do_populate_lic for X is executed08:20
alejandrohsbut if I build recipe Y which depends on X, the task do_populate_lic for X isnt executed08:20
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RobertBergerI try to install the buildtool extended tarball and an extensible SDK with master from 2 weeks ago and the extensible SDK installation fails with the infamous ERROR: Task (virtual:native:/xxx/meta/recipes-devtools/pseudo/ failed with exit code 'setscene whitelist'08:30
RobertBergercan someone please check if they can reproduce it?08:30
RobertBergerI use core-image-sato-sdk08:31
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jonesv[m]I am creating my own `kernel-recipes/linux/linux-mykernel`, using downstream kernel sources. In my machine BSP file, I set `PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel` to "linux-mykernel", so that it uses my custom kernel recipe. But in my recipe, I had to add `inherit kernel siteinfo` for it to find it (which I copied from the raspberrypi BSP).08:40
jonesv[m]What does `inherit kernel siteinfo` do? Is it correct to include that in my custom kernel recipe?08:40
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RobertBerger@jonesv[m]: inherit kernel: inherits this class:
RobertBerger@jonesv[m]: inherit siteinfo: inherits this class:
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manuel__RobertBerger: While you're around, quick question: Which tool are you using to pull/manage your layers? kas? repo? Or did you come up with some own solution?08:50
RobertBerger@jonesv[m]: I don't explicitly inherit those classes, but I include/require meta/recipes-kernel/linux/, which inherits kernel08:50
jonesv[m]<RobertBerger "@jonesv[m]: inherit kernel: inhe"> Aha! And this defines some do_ functions. Also it resolves my issue with the missing .config. Feels like it is fine to inherit from that when compiling from my own kernel sources, right? Or is that meant to be specific to the linux-yocto sources?08:50
jonesv[m]<RobertBerger "@jonesv[m]: I don't explicitly i"> Oh right. What would be the difference?08:51
RobertBerger@manuel__: My own solution, which is bash scripts + git:
RobertBerger@jonesv[m]: well bbclasses can define various things. inherits a few more classes08:54
manuel__RobertBerger: Thanks!08:54
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RobertBerger@manuel__: I used repo before, but it did not fit my workflow. If you search for an "out of the box" solution, I guess kas is a a good option.08:55
LetoThe2ndRobertBerger: resy, i hoi di mitm...09:02
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RobertBerger@LetoThe2nd: Oida ;) Genau oda Maresi09:15
LetoThe2ndRobertBerger: OIDA!09:15
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rburtonpaulg: i've only seen that when running the same py in both py2 and py310:04
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LetoThe2ndthe buildhistory installed-packages-sizes refers to the actual unpacked accumulated file size of the packages, right=11:28
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Sponge5Quick, likely stupid question; I'm trying to do multiconfig build, do the target_X.conf files inherit variables from local.conf? E.g DISTRO_FEATURES_append and IMAGE_INSTALL11:32
qschulzLetoThe2nd: you can check that by adding the size of them all and compare it to IMAGESIZE in the image-info file in the buildhustory IIRC11:33
qschulzthe IMAGESIZE is before compression11:33
LetoThe2ndSponge5: yep. mc build is basically local.conf + mc conf11:35
qschulzSponge5: you cna always check with bitbake -e I guess. Otherwise, not sure it makes much sense? just add the distro feature to the distro conf file and the paclages you want to install in the image recipe?11:35
LetoThe2ndqschulz: meh. you know i'm bad at maths.11:35
LetoThe2ndSponge5: what qschulz said. its better to just select the distros through mc and have separte distro.confs, otherwise you're mixing up functionlities and make it hard for others to understand. plus is essentially means that a specific target can only be build trough mc, and not freestanding.11:37
Sponge5I see, so I should aim to have local.conf as clean as possible, since confs and recipes all inherit it11:39
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LetoThe2ndSponge5: that always applies, as local.conf is meant to be temporary11:42
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LetoThe2ndqschulz: it doesn't sum up exactly by the way, but basically seems to be roughly correct (give or take a couple of kB)11:43
qschulzLetoThe2nd: probably because of added rounding "errors"12:01
LetoThe2ndqschulz: yeah, not worried about it.12:03
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idadelHello everyone. I'm running into this error when I'm trying to run my build. Please how can I fix this?12:56
RobertBerger@idadel: Looks like something nasty happens which causes a Sigabort ;)13:08
RobertBerger#idadel: You run this in a container?13:08
RobertBerger@idadel: If so, which version of poky?13:09
idadelRobertBerger:  I'm using poky contrib.13:13
RobertBerger@idadel: can you please try with poky?13:14
idadelOkay. I will.13:17
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frscIs down?14:47
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sakomanfrsc: yes, it is14:48
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frscsakoman: hm, ok. That's bad.14:50
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manuel__When doing `bitbake -c menuconfig virtual/kernel` I get a lot of errors like "menubox.c:(.text+0x8af): undefined reference to `wmove'".14:58
manuel__I installed libncurses5 and libncurses5-dev, but that didn't change anything.14:58
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paulgrburton, the poky dir *might* have had pyc files dating back to py2 era that laid there inert until today; I didn't check how old they were before deleting them...15:04
paulgbut I do know I built with that machine and same dir within the last month w/o issue, and it has been on 20.04 for many months before that.15:05
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paulgpython went from 3.8.5 in ubu-20.04 to 3.8.6 in ubu-20.10, so that became my #1 suspect.15:06
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frscAnyone here who is able to fix the server at
*** Chrys8700 is now known as Chrys15:09
qschulzfrsc: that would be halstead probably15:09
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halsteadqschulz, I'm checking on that now.15:16
zeddiiA nice morning gift! :D15:17
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qschulzhalstead: thanks and good morning :)15:20
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halsteadqschulz, zeddii git is back to normal. We were overloaded by web requests.15:22
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zeddiithe botnet is using yocto!15:25
frscOk, seems to be up again. Thanks for fixing!15:25
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qschulzfrsc: you can thank halstead. As quick as usual :)15:28
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qschulzhalstead: thank you :)15:34
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v0nimage recipes are in the distro layer, but the .wks file in the machine layer, but it is applied on image formats15:36
v0nhow do you guys keep this orthogonal?15:36
halsteadThanks for the notice. I need to change the load alert so I get automated notice sooner.15:37
kergothv0n: the .wks should not have any hardcoded references to the particular image involved, so i don't see how it's not orthogonal. distro opts into use of wic via image fstypes, image defines what goes into the rootfs, machine defines the wks to use15:37
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frschalstead: Or throw more resources at the server ;)15:40
frschalstead: Anyway, thanks!15:40
halsteadYou're welcome.15:41
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neverpanicblarz: o/15:49
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v0nkergoth: in my case I'm building an initramfs image, like most linux distros, that I need to mention in the u-boot conf. The name comes from the image recipe.15:54
*** frsc <frsc!> has joined #yocto15:55
v0nkergoth: maybe the image recipe should deploy a symlink with a commonly defined name? (like initramfs.cpio or something)15:55
blarzneverpanic: oh hai ;)16:00
qschulzv0n: make your image recipe create the u-boot conf file?16:01
v0nisn't this even more weird?16:02
*** jkprg <jkprg!~jkprg@> has quit IRC16:02
qschulzv0n: what is exactly your u-boot conf file?16:05
qschulza defconfig or a u-boot script to embed in a fitimage?16:05
*** AndersD_ <AndersD_!> has quit IRC16:06
v0nqschulz: I'm using IMAGE_BOOT_FILES += "custom-initramfs" and UBOOT_EXTLINUX_INITRD = "../custom-initramfs"16:10
v0nshould these variables go into the distro image recipe?16:10
*** frsc <frsc!> has quit IRC16:14
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sgwRP: same failure running  oe-selftest -r efibootpartition with and without -j1, but works correctly when bitbake core-image-sato:do_testimage.  The failure is setting the qmp_port16:20
sgw  qemuparams += ' -S -qmp unix:%s,server,wait' % (qmp_port)16:20
sgwTypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +=: 'NoneType' and 'str'16:20
sgwSee pastebin:
*** alessioigor <alessioigor!> has joined #yocto16:21
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manuel__When I do `bitbake -c do_menuconfig virtual/kernel`, the output looks rather shitty. Lots of ^@ where, I think, borders should be drawn. Anyone an idea?16:24
*** Shikadi` <Shikadi`!> has joined #yocto16:26
RPsgw: so qemuparams isn't set ?16:26
*** minimaxwell <minimaxwell!> has quit IRC16:26
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sgwHmm, I will hae to double check then, but why does it work with testimage.16:27
*** frsc <frsc!> has joined #yocto16:27
JPEWtgamblin: Is there a reason you want a kubevirt container over just running qemu in a container?16:27
*** zyga <zyga!~zyga@unaffiliated/zyga> has joined #yocto16:27
tgamblinJPEW: I did try running QEMU in a container, but I didn't like how much I was tweaking about the way the container ran, so I started looking for k8s-native VM resources, and moto-timo and I have been bashing our heads against it periodically as a result16:29
*** minimaxwell <minimaxwell!> has quit IRC16:29
tgamblinJPEW: I'm not too attached to any specific solution as long as I can automatically run meta-python ptests as part of the pipeline, but using KubeVirt (if possible) seems less obfuscated than building a container with QEMU to boot a test image16:30
*** Shikadi` <Shikadi`!> has quit IRC16:33
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[Sno]otavio_: is it ok when I do the patches for meta-freescale for gatesgarth first? my master branches are not really ready for testing :)17:12
[Sno]I would cherry-pick from gatesgarth and do master PR then ...17:12
*** minimaxwell <minimaxwell!> has joined #yocto17:13
[Sno]otavio_: once linux+fsql+qoriq is on 5.4.9x17:13
JPEWtgamblin: Hmm... it seems like it would be *less* confusing to use the qemu built by OE (which should be able to access /dev/kvm with kubevirt), to run the ptest17:24
tgamblinJPEW: I am starting to feel that way too, after the roadblocks I've hit :P17:25
*** goliath <goliath!> has quit IRC17:30
sgwRP: JPEW: interesting I found the different between oe-selftest and testimage, they take very different paths to the qemurunner.start() code  oe-selftests goes in via targetcontrol which defaults params=None, while testimage goes through the OEQemuTarget and starts with params=d.getVar(QEMUPARAMS).  which is why qemuparams in qemurunner has different default values "" vs None.  I guess I will have to add a simple sanity on qemurunner for"17:32
sgwnot  qemuparams is None"17:32
JPEWsgw: huh17:37
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v0nINITRAMFS_FSTYPES is usually set in the machine conf, right?18:13
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medoHi, I was trying to add wireguard into my build. My build uses the 4.9 linux kernel as such I was trying to add the wireguard-module as well as wireguard-tools as I need the backport for my kernel version. However in my build it fails and says that I should not ask to install a package providing wireguard-module. I noticed that the wireguard-module18:36
medorecipe includes a EXCLUDE_FROM_WORLD = "1"18:36
medo, which reading the Yocto manuals says prevents this from being included. What would the optimal thing to do here ?18:36
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v0nkergoth: did you mean that IMAGE_FSTYPES += "wic" goes into the distro conf or the image recipe?18:55
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v0nIn an image recipe, which variable references the image being built?19:42
v0n(so that I can specify UBOOT_EXTLINUX_INITRD = "../<image being built>")19:43
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ant__RP: hi, sorry to bother you again but I don't want to spread out bad examples21:03
ant__about (R)PROVIDES21:03
ant__iirc you wrote the variable reference list, so I trust that
*** rcoote <rcoote!~rcoote@2a02:908:692:81c0:215d:3d9:dfcf:618d> has quit IRC21:04
RPant__: I thought this was discussed on the docs list and JPEW sent a fix? I wonder if its failed to apply somehow?21:05
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ant__I must have mised yout answer...can you pls in short confirm += is overkill and the var is not 'overloaded' ?21:07
ant__i.e. in our I'd add21:10
ant__PROVIDES = "virtual/kodi"21:10
ant__RPROVIDES_${PN} = "virtual/kodi"21:10
ant__being that 'kodi' is still provided21:10
ant__you see, in that layer the confusion came because the recipe was kodi-21:11
ant__err stb_kodi.bb21:11
ant__so you see the need for virtual21:11
ant__RP: non need, found thx21:16
ant__sounded strange...21:17
RPant__: My argument was that += is probably safer to be used in general21:18
RPant__: virtual/ never makes sense in runtime variables21:18
RPso I'd argue the above is wrong for that reason21:19
ant__I am trying to clean out an offended recipe :)21:19
ant__whit no-comments on the commits...21:20
*** jobroe <jobroe!> has quit IRC21:20
ant__imagine I see even PE used in it :/21:21
RPant__: PE still can be needed although its rare now, thankfully21:22
JPEWRP, ant__: The commit is in master AFAICT21:23
RPJPEW: so it didn't update? or did I missunderstand? (sorry, I'm a bit distracted atm)21:23
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ant__he, imagine there is a kodi recipe and a kodi.bbappend in the same layer/same dir ...21:26
ant__(while koen keep meta-kodi with the 'original' .bb)21:26
ant__ok, go ahead...21:26
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v0nWhat is the simplest image recipe to create an empty rootfs?21:49
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kanavin_homeRP: what's your take on bumping the qemu machines to something more modern than core 2 duo, e.g. skylake? The use case I have locally is that we have something that performs a lot better with avx2 instructions enabled, which is beneficial in test turnaround times.21:51
randallcrookHi. Just working on a couple of recipe's that have file conflicts with base packages and I am trying to figure out how to force override the conflict. In particular I am overwriting the /etc/network/interfaces file with a custom one within my recipe. How do I tell bitbake to that my package is ok to overwrite those files from the base package?21:52
RPkanavin_home: I'm probably ok with it if the autobuilders have the right cpu flags21:52
kanavin_homeRP: thanks; I guess that means host requiremets for yocto would change substantially, e.g. haswell-era cpus would not work anymore when running qemu. I'll cook up a test patchset and try it on the AB before coming out with it to the oe-core list.21:54
kanavin_homeRP: just wanted to check upfront if there's some reason you'd be strongly opposed :)21:54
RPkanavin_home: I don't remember the reasoning for core2duo but it was a long time ago. I do want YP to work out the box without too many issues so it really depends how long ago haswell was out etc21:57
RPkanavin_home: I don't know what the "average" cpu is atm21:58
*** denix <denix!> has quit IRC21:58
kanavin_homeRP: skylake is almost 6 years old at this point, and is the last substantial update that came out from intel21:59
*** denix <denix!> has joined #yocto21:59
kanavin_homesince then I think it's largely been repackaging slightly refined versions, which is why they find themselves in hot waters lately21:59
sgwRP: I worked out my latest issue with QMP. What's a good smaller set of tests from oe-selftest to run to qmp with?22:06
RPsgw: I really don't remember which ones call runqemu and which don't, I'd have to look22:07
RPkanavin_home: we do have older autobuilders :/22:07
sgwRP: Ok I will take a look through them22:07
RPkanavin_home: we can try it, see how it looks22:07
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RPsgw: sorry, I wouldn't know offhand22:07
sgwNo worries, thought you might.22:08
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v0nDoes EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES affect an image recipe defined in DEPENDS?22:21
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JPEWRP: It doesn't appear to have updated22:45
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RPvmeson: I remembered what I was going to ask about. Did you see the mail "adwaita-icon-theme: add version 3.34.3 back"23:07
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JPEWRP, ant__: Weird: is incorrect, is correct23:27
JPEWRP, ndec: Ah, I see. The docs are updating correctly, ndec renamed ref-variables.rst -> variables.rst, and the old generated page stuck around. I'm guessing ant__ has an old bookmark. Should probably delete (or redirect?) the old pages23:30
RPhalstead: ^^^ any tips?23:30
* JPEW eats supper23:31
ant__RP: I see why the virtual...23:31
ant__ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'virtual/kodi' (but /oe/openpli-oe-core/meta-openpli/recipes-openpli/enigma2-plugins/ RDEPENDS on or otherwise requires it)23:31
ant__sigh... a series of small issues...23:31
halsteadRP, JPEW I can remove the retired page and add a redirect.23:32
ant__I think they added the provider to catch the renaming23:32
RPhalstead: I suspect there were a lot of renames dropping the prefixes23:32
RPant__: nothing should be RDEPENDS on that23:33
ant__JPEW, as usual google and caches23:33
ant__RP: right, I'm fixing it backwards23:33
ant__but this will be a series of commits, for the mom I must spare that RPROVIDES -> virtual23:34
ant__ah, RP, are you aware of CMake issues with mips?23:34
ant__strangely I had to ad -latomic -lpthread to compile that kodi23:35
ant__shouln't the class inject this?23:35
RPant__: I try not to think about cmake if I can help it ;-)23:35
ant__eh eh, I am the same but the beast is in front of me23:35
RPant__: I don't know I'm afraid. I'm not aware of any23:36
ant__add a C++ coprocessor (libfmt) ...and I am stuck to ol' C23:36
ant__I'll bug khem oneday23:36
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