Saturday, 2021-01-23

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jonesv[m]I don't believe the sources have an issue. They published 12 releases over a year, if something like `cpu_suspend` had been wrong in the sources, they would have seen it. `drivers/Kconfig` has a small issue (lack of a closing "), but that's more believable I think01:09
* jonesv[m] sent a long message: < >01:11
jonesv[m]If `` is incorrect, could it be the reason for my `error: too many arguments to function ' cpu_suspend'`?01:11
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yokygoodmorning sunshines07:03
yokyis there a meta layer available for the lichee pi nano? I couldn't find it when googling, I only found
yokyis it possible to tweak that one for the lichee pi nano?07:05
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yokyif I get no answer then the answer = yes07:25
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mcccHi, I've got an Autobuilder question.08:26
mcccIs there a way to manually over SSH on a yocto-worker as pokybuild3 quickly set up a build environment and add all the layers necessary to try debugging a recipe?08:26
RPmccc: for you on your own autobuilder? or in general?08:28
mcccOn my own autobuilder.08:28
mcccUsing yocto-autobuilder2 and yocto-autobuilder-helper08:29
RPmccc: I don't see why not. Failed build directories are usually left behind s easiest is just to go into a failed build directory08:29
RPmccc: you can just replay the commands from a build08:30
mcccWhen I do, the layers have already been removed by the build.  Is there a single script I can run to re-add all of the layers?08:30
mcccAnd get the same environment?08:31
mcccI tried setting the environment and running:08:31
RPmccc: you'd need to replay the commands the build ran08:31
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mcccOkay, thanks for the info.08:32
mcccI'm still developing the workflow I'm using to debug build errors in my local autobuilder.08:33
RPmccc: there should be a run-config command its running which would take care of most things08:33
mcccWell that's what I tried to paste above but didn't go in,08:33
mcccI did copy and paste the run-config with --stepname add-layers from the add-layers step,08:34
mcccbut it didn't work, I'm guessing I either didn't have a prerequisite setup from running the previous commands, or something wasn't right in my environment.08:34
RPmccc: how recent is your yocto-autobuilder2? I ask as the code did change recently08:35
RPmccc: I think since you mention --stepname you're on the later version08:37
mcccAbout a month and a half ago, but I can deploy one from 3 days ago, I'm building the yocto-autobuilder2 controller and worker images using.. the autobuilder :)08:37
RPmccc: the way the later version works, it queries the number of steps and then calls individually so each step is run with its own log output which displays better than one big log08:38
mcccI think I have that change, it does have the "Check run-config steps to use" step.08:39
mcccWhen I ran the "add-layers" step copied from the build, I got the output:08:39
mcccTarget task build-rhdev-build-image has 0 steps (1611391178.0: 0.0)08:40
RPmccc: right, you'll see a json output for that step which then lists the different run-config calls it will make08:40
RPmccc: I don't think I added a script which runs each of the commands as a single command as we've not needed that :/08:41
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mcccWould there be any side effects if I suppressed the 'Remove layers' step?  Would something like SSH in to the build machine, su pokybuild3, ./oe-init-build-env build-renamed, work then?08:44
RPmccc: first tip is to move build-renamed back to "build"08:44
RPit renames it so that other builds can't "see" things in their built paths. You could also disable that step for debuggning08:45
RPmccc: for debugging, disabling the step remove layers should be ok08:46
mcccOkay I'll give that a shot.  Rename to build, suppress remove layers, SSH in, set ABHELPER_JSON, run ./oe-init-build-env, and run bitbake... anything else pop to mind?08:47
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mcccEither way thanks again for the help, sincerely appreciate it.08:51
RPmccc: just remember the autobuilder writes to auto.conf, it doesn't change local.conf at all08:51
mcccHow does the autobuilder's execution of bitbake use auto.conf rather than local.conf?08:56
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RPmccc: nothing autobuilder related, see bitbake.conf in oe-core09:36
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mcccGot it, thank you.  Another thing I saw is the reason I wasn't able to run the add-layers step earlier is that oe-init-build-env will by default create a bblayers.conf that includes oe-core before add-layers runs as part of a normal build, but then remove-layers will remove the oe-core layer.  When I later try and run the add-layers script, it won't be able to find bitbake.conf since that comes in via oe-core's layer.09:57
mcccThat's it for me tonight, thanks again.09:58
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RPmccc: if you mv build-renamed to build, you should have the correct bblayers.conf10:12
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jonesv[m]hmm building my kernel `bitbake virtual/kernel` fails with this `Assembler messages: Error: .err encountered` error. One thing I realized when building is that it seems like it builds libc-5.4, though my kernel sources are 3.18. Could that be related? What is the part of my BSP that should tell it to build libc-3.18?17:26
jonesv[m]Like I am setting `PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-skycontroller3 ?= "3.18%"` (my layer is called meta-skycontroller3), but I am not sure if this has any effect at all17:29
jonesv[m]My bad, not libc-5.4 but libc-headers-5.8. Not sure if the kernel depends on libc, though 🤔17:36
abellonithe libc headers need a configured kernel header, the kernel obviously doesn't need the libc17:39
abelloniI guess you will have to share the full kernel buld log if you want us to be able to help17:44
abelloniand my main guess is that your kernel doesn't support the compiler you are trying to use17:45
vdlIt took me too long to realize that a distro layer rarely provide image recipes, since they're orthogonal.17:47
jonesv[m]<abelloni "the libc headers need a configur"> Sorry, I'm new to kernel building 😅. Let me share the build output. My BSP (that I'm trying to write from scratch) is available here, if you are curious:
jonesv[m]abelloni: this is my log output:
jonesv[m]I have been running both `bitbake linux-skycontroller3` and `bitbake virtual/kernel` (I don't exactly get the difference yet), and I have been playing with my machine definition, but without success17:53
jonesv[m]<vdl "It took me too long to realize t"> I still need to understand what a "distro" is. What does a distro layer typically provide, then? Just curious, I haven't read much documentation about that yet.17:55
vdljonesv[m]: the notion of distro in yocto can be tricky. I'm more like a compilation of preferred kernel, the libc to use (glibc, musl, etc.), the package manager of choice, a few core package pre-selected, etc.17:59
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jonesv[m]It's crazy because I have downstream kernel sources published by the manufacturer, and my BSP is super small, but still I can't even start to understand what that error means. Trying to read about machine definition and the compiler being used, as abelloni suggested...18:33
vdldownstream development is fun for sure18:58
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jonesv[m]Well ideally I'd like to run an upstream kernel there, but I figured my best chance at running anything at all on this device is to start with their downstream one, right?19:06
jonesv[m]Also that's a learning opportunity, of course19:06
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vdlyep, start with the official support, then try a mainline kernel19:17
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jonesv[m]right, that's what I'm trying, but failing 😅20:02
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GaffelI'm trying to figure out what layers I need to build an image for Marvell Armada 8040. I'm new to Yocto so if anyone can give me any tips on which layers I need and which config changes I need to make then I'd be very happy.22:41
GaffelI've seen some use meta-linaro layers. Is this the way forward for building aarch64 images?22:45
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armpitGaffel, one resource to check it the layer index.
armpitif you have the BSP layer, the README should call out what layers it needs. if not ping the maintainer of that layer23:06
GaffelI don't know which BSP layer that I should go with.23:07
armpitmaybe Marvell has an unregistered layer23:07
GaffelI'm looking here:
Gaffelmeta-marvell has no readme.23:09
GaffelAnd I don't understand the purpose of this repo:
armpitdid you see
armpitother than that, you are on your own or talk to Marvell23:14
GaffelYup, okay. Thank you. :)23:15
jonesv[m]aargh. Just getting crazy with that error. I don't get how I could be using the "wrong compiler" ☚ī¸23:23
jonesv[m]sounds like the build-time equivalent of a segmentation fault: "Something, somewhere, goes wrong. Good luck." 😀23:24
jonesv[m]Is there something that prevents Yocto gatesgarth from building a kernel v3.x at all? Like is it expecting 5.x?23:32
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