Thursday, 2021-01-28

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vdlwhere is features/overlayfs/overlayfs.scc?04:06
vdldo kernel features only work with the linux-yocto recipe?04:12
zeddiithey work with any kernel recipe that inherits the linux-yocto bbclass.04:13
zeddiiand to answer the other question:
vdlI see04:13
vdlyup just found out, and linux-ti-staging obviously doesn't inherit linux-yocto...04:15
zeddiistandard defconfig wrangling, or if they have their own config scheme is the way forward.04:15
vdlit's kinda tricky. If I'm using yocto, I would've gone all yocto and using its linux-yocto recipe, but I guess there might be some (e.g. graphics?) features in linux-ti-staging that I might be missing without the manufacturer recipe...04:16
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zeddiiif a platform is well supported upstream, then linux-yocto would inherit that same support. But the vendor BSPs do have all the features, etc, that are often not in mainline. That's the dance with the vendor trees.04:18
zeddiiand yah, that normally means graphics, some enhanced power management, drm, daughter cards, peripherals, etc.04:19
vdlI'm playing with a beaglebone black at the moment, not sure which features I will really need yet04:19
zeddiiless so now though, than say 10 years ago. Since most platforms pickup standard peripherals, etc. that leaves closed source blobs for the most part.04:20
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zeddiithe beaglebone is largely upstream, just probably some of the graphics you were mentioning, I haven't check recently myself.04:20
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vdlit feels weird to use the machine provided by the manufacturer (meta-ti) but not its kernel though, hum...04:21
vdlthat said I've already switched from uboot-ti-staging to poky's u-boot recipe for extlinux.conf support04:23
zeddiiif it's building and booting fine with their tree, I'd stick with that, but really, it just depends if you want a different kernel version, etc. As you've seen the build system has that concept separation so you can make that choice.04:23
vdlzeddii: yep I just needed to enable CONFIG_OVERLAYFS in the kernel, then I found the KERNEL_FEATURES thing, but this... :)04:25
zeddii:D it's good to check out all the things, learning a bit in each diversion.04:26
zeddiiI'm checking out for the night, back at it tomorrow. cheers.04:26
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JustAskingAQuestWhat commercial offerings are available in Europe for off-the-shelf Yocto based distributions with 5+ years security support? MontaVista and Wind River? Anything else?05:56
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vijayHi, I'm using extended sdk and deployed my application, executable is copied, but not dependent library's. How to deploy dependent library's too?07:24
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NiniC0c0Hello, I have to 2 recipes with opencv dependency. How can i have 2 opencv "config file". Currently I have only one bbappend but I can get only one configuration... any idea ? what i have miss ?07:26
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ad__hi, tried several ways to override SERIAL_CONSOLES for imx8qxpmek machine (dunfell). I need to change ttyAMA0 to ttyLP0 in inittab. None of the methods i tried worked. What is the proper way to do this ?07:40
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX07:47
LetoThe2nddid i miss the memo saying that KERNEL_IMAGETYPE can only have one value? or am i misinterpreting something.07:47
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dromanwhich steps should I do to create a custom image? I made a copy of recipes-core/images/ with a different name and added a line with IMAGE_INSTALL += "openssh" but openssh don't appears in the rootfs08:36
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mckoandroman: you need IMAGE_FEATURES_append = " ssh-server-openssh"08:38
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dromanmckoan: thanks, that will be cleaner for this package. But we will also need to install additional software like chrony, how we should proceed in that case?08:42
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mckoandroman: use IMAGE_INSTALL_append09:08
dromanthat's what I did. So I guess I'm missing something because it didn't worked as documentation says09:11
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qschulzad__: give your attempts first so we can spot obvious mistakes before thinking too much :)09:29
qschulz(also, run bitbake -e <recipe> | grep -e "^SERIAL_CONSOLE" and let us know if it is the content you expect it to be)09:30
qschulzdroman: bitbake -e <image recipe> | grep -e "^IMAGE_INSTALL=" to the rescue09:31
qschulzif it does not have what you want in it, then run the command again but pipe it to less or a file and then look for the lines above the one starting with IMAGE_INSTALL= and read its "history" to investigate09:32
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ad__qschulz, SERIAL_CONSOLES uses a "=" in imx8qxpmek, actually i solved with a sed in a sysvinit-inittab_%.bbappend do_install_append09:34
ad__hope is a proper solution09:34
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qschulzad__: proper way would be to create your own machine based on imx8qxpmek09:46
ad__qschulz, thanks a lot.09:47
ad__can try that09:47
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qschulzad__: FYI, you can "require" other machine configuration files09:50
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dromanqschulz: thanks09:58
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lukmaDear community, I do have a question regarding Dunfell's gitsm://10:01
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lukmaI've encountered a strange issue - I do have a project, which uses submodules10:01
lukmawhich (as a git project) also is using submodules :-)10:02
lukmaIs gitsm fetches supporting fetching submodules for submodules ?10:02
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intera91morning all10:52
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NiniC0c0Hi all, someone here knows the simplest way to have 2 opencv  configuration file ( or other package of course) and how to switch according board or recipe ?10:54
intera91I have the following recipe which works and compiles both the program and the library:
qschulzNiniC0c0: when does the opencv configuration apply? at build time for the opencv recipe?10:55
qschulzintera91: install -m 0777 ${WORKDIR}/build/lib/ ${D}${libdir} is incorrect10:56
NiniC0c0qschulz currently I have set EXTRA_OECMAKE_append inside a bbappend but it's probably not the best idea10:56
qschulzNiniC0c0: that is not the question I asked :)10:56
qschulzintera91: you need to version your library10:57
NiniC0c0qschulz So I'm not sure to understand the question :)10:58
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intera91now my problem is that the library ends up in the -dev rpm and QA complains that the executable requires the library: requires, but no providers found in RDEPENDS_myprogram? [file-rdeps]10:58
qschulzNiniC0c0: this configuration file, it applies to what? opencv or the recipe depending on opencv?10:58
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qschulzintera91: version your library10:59
qschulzintera91: or whatever10:59
qschulzand not a symlink, the actual library10:59
qschulzyou can create a if you want, that'll land in -dev package10:59
intera91library is versionned and both and a link called are copied in build/lib10:59
qschulzintera91: no11:00
qschulzdo_install only installs library.so11:00
qschulzin the recipe you snet11:00
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qschulzif you added an install target to your cmake, just remove the do_install11:00
intera91so remove the install step in cmake then11:01
qschulzNiniC0c0: I'm trying to understand if you want to have a different opencv per recipe that depends on it (impossible)11:01
qschulzintera91: does not matter, your do_install in the recipe overrides the one in your cmake11:01
intera91ok removing the do_install and trying to build again11:01
NiniC0c0currently I have only one opencv_%.bbappend to configure opencv recipe. and has some different opencv dependencies but opencv_%.bbappend is parsed all the time. what i have miss, seems simple :S11:02
qschulzNiniC0c0: app-test1 and app-test2 are supposed to be installed in the same image and for the same machine?11:02
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qschulzintera91: there's a lot of implicit/hidden stuff going on in Yocto. When you inherit cmake, a default do_install task is created for you which calls the install target from your cmake11:04
qschulzwhen you set do_install, you override this implicit do_install11:04
qschulzso usually, you want to do do_install_append if you're missing something11:04
NiniC0c0qschulz nop app-test1 is for and app-test2 is for image2.bb11:04
qschulzNiniC0c0: ok, but same machine?11:04
NiniC0c0qschulz nop11:05
NiniC0c0qschulz it to different app but each need different opencv configuration11:05
qschulzNiniC0c0: that's an issue11:06
qschulzbecause recipes cannot modify other recipes11:06
qschulzonly configruation files can11:06
qschulzso... either two machien configuration files11:06
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qschulzor two distro configuration files11:06
qschulzin your case, two distros seem to make more sense11:06
qschulzNiniC0c0: however, in some cases, you could hack around stuff, I wouldn't recommend but it could be a nice work-around if it's the only thing that needs to be differnet11:07
qschulzbecause having two machine or two distros induces a lot of build time overhead11:07
qschulzso, the work-around would be to have two opencv recipes, named differently11:07
qschulzone with the conf file you want for app-test1, one for app-test211:07
qschulzin app-test1, you would depend on opencv-test1, app-test2 on opencv-test211:08
NiniC0c0qschulz interesting... I will think about that . Thx you for your time11:08
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qschulzthis works if opencv isn't used by other recipes11:08
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qschulzotherwise it starts to be a nightmare :) (having to duplicate all those recipes too)11:08
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NiniC0c0qschulz thx for all details! Appreciate that11:21
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chris_beris it possible to fetch these informations json formatted?
chris_berfrom a trusted and maintained source11:27
qschulzchris_ber: what do you want to do with it :) ?11:28
intera91we have progress,  the error is now: QA Issue: myprogram: Files/directories were installed but not shipped in any package: Please set FILES such that these items are packaged. Alternatively if they are unneeded, avoid installing them or delete them within do_install.11:29
intera91myprogram: 3 installed and not shipped files. [installed-vs-shipped]11:29
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intera91inspection of produced rpms still show no library in the main rpm11:30
intera91the -dev contains the library still11:31
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qschulzintera91: remove your FILES_${PN}11:33
intera91so the cmake install must install in build/usr/bin and build/usr/lib?11:34
intera91or is that ok to have build/lib and build/bin?11:34
*** amitk_ <amitk_!~amit@unaffiliated/amitk> has joined #yocto11:35
intera91removed FILES_${PN} line rebuilding11:35
intera91Issue: /bin/myprogram contained in package myprogram requires, but no providers found in RDEPENDS_rinicom? [file-rdeps]11:36
chris_berqschulz: we implemented a toolchain to organize our dependencies (apps, libs). One feature is, that it can show us with graphviz dot that lib-xy-v0.2.3 dependes on lib-abc-v3.2.1. In addition it shows e.g. that for lib-abc also the version v3.2.2, v3.3.0, etc are available. Now i want to expand it to yocto. Since yocto/openembedded not using branches instead of tags i need something to rely on.11:38
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intera91difference is now the -dev rpm contains no file11:39
chris_ber*yocto are using branches instead of tags11:41
chris_berwith yocto, apps and libs it is easy to get lost in versions11:42
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LetoThe2ndchris_ber: i don't understand what you are actually looking for11:52
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chris_bersimply a source where i can find the the yocto project versions and the corresponding branches taht i can rely on.11:54
LetoThe2ndand whats wrong with the git repo?11:54
LetoThe2ndthere are branches and there are tags. bot even in numerical and codename format, AFAIK11:55
chris_berLetoThe2nd: in the git repo i can see the branches, but i can't order them by the yocto version. Tags? i can't see tags, but i will check again11:56
LetoThe2ndchris_ber: shows a lot of tags.11:56
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chris_berok, now i see what went wrong. I didn't look into the git repo of ycto. Instead i looked into the git repo of openembbed and openembedded is not using tags12:03
LetoThe2ndwant one more try? ;-)12:05
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chris_beri feel a bit stupid. maybe i have to get a new identity in this channel :D But there is one exception: i started to look here: <- in this git repo, there are no tags.12:08
LetoThe2ndchris_ber: hehe yes. thats correct. the key point its that meta-openembedded essentially is a community-based best-effort offer, which branches match the state of the same-named branches in openembedded-core12:10
LetoThe2ndchris_ber: so as in contrast to oe-core and poky, meta-openembedded does not have coordinated states/releases. it just is there, and matches as good as possible.12:11
chris_berhow do you manage this repo by yourself? Sometimes changes in meta-openembedded could lead to a big rebuild and this could/is very annoying. Therefor we changed to a commit hash, but this is ... well you know, not the very best option.12:15
LetoThe2ndchris_ber: it depends on the use case. we're not afraid of rebuilds, hence not much of a concern in the way you have it.12:16
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chris_berallright, thanks for you time. I will think about.12:18
LetoThe2nd:) have fun12:18
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*** georgem_home <georgem_home!uid210681@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto13:03
qschulzintera91: /usr/lib is where the libs should be13:08
qschulzchris_ber: otherwise, might of help too13:10
*** iyilmaz <iyilmaz!~iyilmaz@> has joined #yocto13:10
*** Konsgn <Konsgn!> has joined #yocto13:12
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*** |Sno| <|Sno|!> has joined #yocto13:44
JPEWhalstead: Any update on being able to add my reproduciblility summary page to the website?13:45
*** Konsgn <Konsgn!~Konsgnx3@unafiliated/joyseph> has quit IRC13:45
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chryshI just do not understand...if I do bitbake -c cleanall -f <image>, and then do bitbake <image>, how can a file in build/tmp/.. be missing ? Isn't that sequence of commands supposed to regenerate all files that are missing?13:48
chryshor should I just wipe tmp completely?13:48
olani[m]chrysh: You only clean the parts of tmp that belongs to the <image> recipe.  Not any other recipe.13:49
JPEWchrysh: It depends.... if the file missing is part of the image recipe then that *should* work. If the file is part of another recipes it might still be missing13:49
JPEWchrysh: What file is missing?13:49
LetoThe2ndchrysh: a) whenever you think you need -f, you're in trouble anyways. b) wiping tmp is no problem, if you don't "accidentially" wip sstate too.13:49
chryshyea, but if I clean A and rebuild A, shouldn't that involve all the recipes?13:49
LetoThe2ndchrysh: define "all the recipes"13:50
LetoThe2ndif you clean an image, but nothing that the image consist of has changed, then only the image should be rebuilt.13:51
chryshI might have removed it by accident, it is crtfastmath.o in sysroots-components/../libgcc/..13:51
JPEWLetoThe2nd: -f is really useful when using externalsrc "bitbake -fc compile my-recipe" (or even better "bitbake -C compile my-recipe" ;)13:51
JPEWchrysh: You need to "-c clean" the recipe that provides that file then13:51
JPEWThen it will rebuild that recipe, and in turn the image13:52
LetoThe2ndJPEW: TBH i've never needed that. devtool modify myrecipe, then bitbake myrecipe always happily rebuilds. thats at least my experience13:52
*** anoo1 <anoo1!~anoo1@> has quit IRC13:52
JPEWLetoThe2nd: Ya, I don't use devtool as much as I should; I have a lot of sandboxes outside of Yocto I have a deal with anyway so it's easier just to point externalsrc at them anyway. Also, I still have to use 2.2 so devtool behaviors can be... inconsistent13:53
chryshbut what would be the way to go if I wanted to start a build form zero really. nuke tmp/?13:53
JPEWchrysh: Yes. If you have a sstate cache (outside of tmp/ !) it should rebuild fairly quickly13:54
*** anoo1 <anoo1!~anoo1@> has joined #yocto13:54
LetoThe2ndchrysh: assembling from zero: nuke /tmp. really start from zero: nuke /tmp and sstate :)13:54
qschulzchrysh: recipes cannot impact other recipes. So when you run the cleanall task of the image recipe, it'll clean everything for the image recipe. But the image recipe is just a recipe13:55
qschulzso all other recipes won't be impacted13:55
*** Wouter0100 <Wouter0100!> has quit IRC13:58
chryshthanks all! that solves a big misunderstanding about bitbake I had for a long time!13:58
*** jmassot <jmassot!> has joined #yocto14:00
LetoThe2ndthat recipes can affect other recipes? ;-)14:05
*** sakoman <sakoman!> has quit IRC14:08
*** sakoman <sakoman!> has joined #yocto14:09
*** usr8392123 <usr8392123!> has joined #yocto14:10
usr8392123hi I'm Joseph14:11
qschulzusr8392123: o/14:11
usr8392123nice to meet you q14:12
chryshLetoThe2nd: that recipe dependency does not apply to clean14:13
usr8392123just curious, how many developers are there official working for yocto? I want to know the company's size14:13
chryshwith make, any changed file is recompiled. I don't have a good understanding yet how the mechanism is for bitbake14:13
chryshIn my head it makes sense that when the dependency graph can be generated when building an image, it should also be able to do that when cleaning, but what do I know14:14
usr8392123chrysh I hope bitbake uses hashes...14:16
chryshusr8392123: you hope?14:16
usr8392123yup, make doesn't uses hashes, so if you put a space it will recompile it...14:16
usr8392123don't know about how bitbake detects it though, I have to still check it14:17
chryshLetoThe2nd: What happens if i nuke only one of the two, either only sstate_cache or only tmp/?14:17
*** Wouter0100 <Wouter0100!> has joined #yocto14:17
usr8392123chrysh you'll get arrested, I hope14:17
olani[m]bitbake does not look at the individual files of a package unless you are using externalsrc14:18
usr8392123olani[m] depends on the type of build14:20
LetoThe2ndusr8392123: yocto is no company, hence nobody is officially working for it ;-)14:22
qschulzLetoThe2nd: well isn't Richard technically paid to work on it by the LF?14:25
LetoThe2ndhe's contracting.14:25
qschulzchrysh: what if I want to clean everything for an image recipe but not the package recipes?14:25
LetoThe2ndbut contracting != being part of a company, and the question was explicitly: " I want to know the company's size"14:26
qschulzLetoThe2nd: indeed :)14:26
chryshqschulz: yea, what then?14:26
*** usr8392123 <usr8392123!> has quit IRC14:26
*** Js10 <Js10!> has quit IRC14:26
*** intera91 <intera91!> has quit IRC14:26
*** JustAskingAQuest <JustAskingAQuest!> has quit IRC14:27
qschulzchrysh: well the cleanall of the image recipe would clean all my package recipe14:27
*** cheeyang <cheeyang!2abd2792@> has quit IRC14:27
qschulzin the end, everything is "just" task dependencies14:27
qschulzwhen you bitbake <something>, IIRC something:do_build is called14:27
qschulzthis task depends on others14:28
*** lxc <lxc!> has joined #yocto14:28
qschulzand DEPENDS for example is more or less just a task dependency from recipe A to recipe B14:28
chryshso I have to go through the dependencies by hand?14:28
qschulzwhen you request cleanall task for a recipe, you will execute the whole dependency tree of that task too14:28
qschulzhowever, there aren't any :)14:28
qschulzchrysh: if you want to remove all from an image and the recipes it needed to build but not for any other image/machine/package recipe, then... yeah14:29
qschulzotherwise like others said, remove the sstate-cache, deploydir and tmp14:29
qschulzwhich is basically a different way to do everything from scratch (git clone poky and all)14:30
lxcfound this in a bb recipe, but when is it being called? python () { ...14:30
qschulzlxc: at parsing time14:30
qschulzit's an anonymous python function14:30
*** Js50 <Js50!> has joined #yocto14:31
lxcqschulz thx14:32
qschulzchrysh: the mechanism for rebuilding on Yocto is "simple"... My understanding so far is the following: each task has a hash of its content. I'm pretty sure adding a space there or a comment would trigger a re-execution of that task14:32
lxcanonymous functions are not found in listtasks? can they be executed with bitbake -c?14:32
qschulzany task that needs to be re-executed, will trigger a re-execution of tasks that depends on former task14:33
qschulzlxc: they are executed at parse time, so... always14:33
*** geissonator <geissonator!~geissonat@> has joined #yocto14:34
qschulzchrysh: this can involve other recipes as DEPENDS and RDEPENDS use cross-recipes task dependencies14:34
*** usr8392123 <usr8392123!> has joined #yocto14:34
qschulzchrysh: Yocto also keeps a list of variables that are used in a task (after they are expanded as much as Yocto can?) so that any change will trigger a re-execution of the task14:34
qschulzthis can be looked into with bitbake-dumpsig -t <recipe> <task>14:35
usr8392123LetoThe2nd cool!=D14:35
qschulzfor files in SRC_URI, ONLY if it starts with file:// (or for externalsrc, but different thing) will they be watched over14:35
qschulzand they are watched over by storing a map of "filename": hash of the file14:36
qschulzand will be put as "dependencies" of the do_fetch or unpack task, don';t remember14:36
usr8392123LetoThe2nd Wait a minute, if it is not a company then who collects the fees/money and who pays the people that are working on it (not including the people who do it for fun)? Never mind, not my business 8)  just happy there exists yocto on this planet14:38
qschulzusr8392123: do you pay to have Yocto?14:39
chryshqschulz: Ok, so I will add spaces to files when I want to recompile :P14:39
qschulzchrysh: noooooooooo14:39
usr8392123For clarity, I meant the huge "Membership fees"
usr8392123qschulz Nope, and I like to keep it that way X-P14:40
qschulz:D I know it's a joke, but for completeness sake, this will actually work only if you change the task differently every time otherwise you'll reuse the sstate-cache of a "space-added" task later14:40
qschulzchrysh: ^14:40
*** rcw <rcw!~rcwoolley@> has joined #yocto14:40
LetoThe2ndusr8392123: hehe, but thats not what you asked.14:41
qschulzusr8392123: well, one has to pay for servers hosting multiple YP services, at least RP is a contractor, so he kinda needs to be paid :)14:41
usr8392123I know :)14:41
usr8392123you got me there, noted :)14:41
LetoThe2ndusr8392123: there are at least one fulltime and one part time contributor being paid. theres a webmaster/admin, pplus the infrastructure..14:41
LetoThe2ndusr8392123: but those are technically not part of any form of "yocto company" ... that was your wording :)14:42
usr8392123hahaha indeed :')14:42
usr8392123I should mind my wording in the future, you guys are quick14:42
qschulzusr8392123: free software isn't (usually) "free" :)14:42
qschulzat one point the project is so big it cannot be maintained on just free time14:43
qschulz(and not wanting to maintain a project on free time even if it's not big is also valid :) )14:43
RPusr8392123: the project is hosted by the Linux Foundation so they collect the membership dues, buy infrastructure and pay people to do things as directed by the project members14:43
*** thekappe <thekappe!c65a42b1@> has joined #yocto14:44
*** dexterlb <dexterlb!~dexterlb@2a01:9e40:2:2::2> has quit IRC14:44
RPusr8392123: the testing infrastructure is quite vast in itself, needs admin work along with the other IT services, I'm funded by the project as is the LTS maintainer/work.14:45
thekappehello guys !14:45
*** intera91 <intera91!> has joined #yocto14:45
usr8392123In my opinion the engineers in general need to get paid more than the business persons who drive luxury cars etc.... but hey just my opinion14:46
LetoThe2ndRP: like is said, "there are at least one fulltime and one part time contributor being paid." :)14:46
intera91qschulz: hello again14:46
intera91so removed the do_install function and the FILES_$ line and we are back to yesterday error14:46
intera91QA Issue: /bin/myprogram contained in package MYPROGRAN requires, but no providers found in RDEPENDS_rinicom? [file-rdeps]14:46
thekappeI've one question.. in the following bbclass14:46
thekappethe generated fitimage/s is/are copied in the DEPLOYDIR. Wat do I need to do to add them also in ${D}/fit folder ?14:46
RPLetoThe2nd: just agreeing :)14:46
qschulzintera91: are you linking against the correct library?14:47
qschulzcmake should link against the versioned library14:48
intera91linking against the one in build/lib14:48
intera91one sec14:48
thekappeI've tried adding14:48
thekappebut the task is run before the fitimages are compiled14:48
*** jrdn <jrdn!> has joined #yocto14:49
qschulzintera91: I've checked again and /lib/ seems to be fine too (in addition to /usr/lib), so that's not an issue14:50
qschulzthekappe: the task is added between do_bundle_initramfs and do_deploy14:50
intera91thanks for checking now I have to explore the  CMakeLists.txt to understand how the software links against the library14:51
qschulzintera91: remove the symlink first and check if it finds the versioned library14:51
qschulzat least you'll get that out of the way14:52
intera91at present in build/bin/ ldd myprogram results in not finding mylibrary.so14:52
qschulz(and symlink is anyway by default only in -dev packages and those aren't instaleld byu default in the rootfs14:52
qschulzintera91: are you running ldd manually?14:52
intera91yes from the command line just now14:52
qschulzwell, you don't have the sysroot set for it so it's no surprise I'd say14:53
qschulzintera91: bitbake -c devshell <recipe>14:53
qschulzfrom the shell that pops up, you can use the same command as one would do in a recipe14:53
*** frsc <frsc!> has quit IRC14:54
qschulzso for gcc, you would use $CC for example14:55
*** Bunio_FH <Bunio_FH!> has quit IRC14:56
intera91bitbake -c devshell <recipe> does not work14:56
thekappeqschulz, the strange thing is that from log.task_order14:56
intera91maybe cause am working in toaster14:57
thekappedo_install is run before do_bundle_fitimage and do_deploy14:57
matthewcroughanIs Nicolas Dechesne here?14:57
*** frsc <frsc!> has joined #yocto14:57
qschulzmatthewcroughan: ndec14:58
*** dexterlb <dexterlb!~dexterlb@2a01:9e40:2:2::2> has joined #yocto14:58
matthewcroughanThis is not strictly yocto related, but I've been having trouble with sphinx and #sphinx-doc is dead.14:58
matthewcroughanThe yocto docs moved from DocBook to Sphinx, and I'm very curious how you managed variables and substitutions, because I cannot figure it out.14:58
qschulzmatthewcroughan: what's the issue?14:58
LetoThe2ndndec: how much are you gonna pay me so i'll testify that you are *not* around? ;-)14:58
LetoThe2nd"this is not the ndec that you are looking for!"14:59
qschulzmatthewcroughan: poky.yaml defines variables that needs to be substituted14:59
matthewcroughanin what? The docs?14:59
*** Js50 <Js50!> has quit IRC14:59
ndecLetoThe2nd: who are you talking about? ;)14:59
thekappe--> do_install (22688): log.do_install.2268815:00
thekappedo_populate_sysroot (23115): log.do_populate_sysroot.2311515:00
qschulzthen you have the :ref:``, :term:`` etc mechanism15:00
thekappedo_package (23114): log.do_package.2311415:00
thekappedo_packagedata (23327): log.do_packagedata.2332715:00
thekappedo_package_write_rpm (23352): log.do_package_write_rpm.2335215:00
thekappedo_package_qa (23353): log.do_package_qa.2335315:00
thekappedo_bundle_initramfs (23557): log.do_bundle_initramfs.2355715:00
thekappe-->do_assemble_fitimage_initramfs (23559): log.do_assemble_fitimage_initramfs.2355915:00
thekappedo_deploy (23600): log.do_deploy.2360015:00
qschulzthekappe: please use pastebins15:00
matthewcroughanqschulz: that doesn't let you do if statements.15:00
LetoThe2ndndec: heh, just joking. somebody asked for you concerning sphinx.15:00
qschulzmatthewcroughan: you have to be more specific, what is your question?15:00
matthewcroughanLike "if arm64 is set as a var, then .. include: |VARIABLE|/thing.rst"15:00
thekappeqschulz, yap sorry, but it's blocked15:00
qschulzthekappe: pastebin is not *one* website :)15:01
matthewcroughanqschulz: Check this out.
qschulzthere's probably one you can find15:01
matthewcroughanI've defined exactly what I've done below this comment in Sphinx, but that is not seemingly possible, and I find it hard to believe you guys can live without this sort of feature.15:01
ndecmatthewcroughan: we decided not to use 'built in' variables substitutions. and implemented something fairly custom, see15:02
*** Bunio_FH <Bunio_FH!> has joined #yocto15:02
matthewcroughanI cannot `.. include:: |ARCH|-qemu-command.rst`. So RST substitution isn't enough.15:02
matthewcroughanndec: you know, I found these two things that might interest you. First, using Jinja inside the .rst file:
matthewcroughanSecondly, mkdocs, supports this stuff out of the box.
ndecrigth. there are too many limitations with the |ARCH| notation..15:03
ndecwe use variables a lot in code snippets, and here too it was not possible to use them.15:04
matthewcroughanindeed, I'm reading your commit message and can relate to it so well15:04
ndechence the custom extension..15:04
matthewcroughanndec: Your custom extension is pretty much exactly the same as this one
matthewcroughanI cannot see how you could CONDITIONALLY include documents using poky.yaml15:06
matthewcroughanI need the &ARCH variable to be different depending on what file is importing it.15:06
matthewcroughanarm64.rst does .. include:: generic-template.template15:07
matthewcroughangeneric-template.template has inside of it "Use &ARCH for this"15:07
matthewcroughanarm64.rst needs to redefine the &ARCH variable15:07
kergothFYI, -> docs -> reference manual is a 404. (in the docs dropdown).
kergothsubmit a bug?15:09
kergothnot sure how the web process works15:09
RPmcfrisk: first indications are about 6mins improvement of master-next on 70mins so around 10% speedup :)15:11
RPkergoth: bug would be good thanks15:11
matthewcroughanndec: Is what I described allowed for by ? "subst_vars_replace runs once per file"15:12
qschulzRP: nice15:12
matthewcroughanHahaha, yes! This happens even if you use Jinja and Jinja extensions in Sphinx/. "+    #FIXME: if poky.yaml changes, files are not reprocessed."15:14
*** B0ned1ger <B0ned1ger!> has quit IRC15:14
matthewcroughanIt's just too bad, to me it seems like Sphinx has flaws that'll never be fixed, because nobody wants to do the work, due to its age and complexity.15:14
*** B0ned1ger <B0ned1ger!> has joined #yocto15:15
ndeckergoth: thanks, it's a bug. i think we should simply remove the link. please open a bug!15:16
*** B0ned1ger <B0ned1ger!> has quit IRC15:17
matthewcroughanndec: is it fair to say that is a pre-processor?15:17
matthewcroughanSo I could just do the same thing with sed in a makefile?15:17
*** B0ned1ger <B0ned1ger!> has joined #yocto15:17
qschulzthat's what we did15:22
qschulzmatthewcroughan: and I'm pissed because html_css_files and html_js_files15:23
qschulzalso aren't watched over15:23
*** ThomasD13 <ThomasD13!> has quit IRC15:23
matthewcroughanMkDocs sorted all this out. Ans it even rebuilds in milliseconds, not minutes or seconds.15:23
matthewcroughanYou've shown me that I need to find a better way <3. That said, you have a treasure trove of sphinx usage in the commits. Thanks so much.15:24
ndecmatthewcroughan: yes, it's a pre-processor. i don't think we are ready to migrate the docs again now ;)15:24
qschulzndec: considering that we might not even have finished fixing the last bits, yes, please no migration again :D15:25
matthewcroughanI don't want to moan. But I cannot believe how hard it is to inject data into these files in the "proper" way. It's very complex. I thought it was supposed to be a 'framework', i.e something that makes life easier and less complex.15:26
ndeci am , for sure, not doing a new migration!15:26
matthewcroughanYou are the only Sphinx wizard I've found that is still active online.15:27
smurrayisn't the kernel using Sphinx as well?  I'd expect there to be some active folks there15:27
qschulzsmurray: that was one of the reasons to use Sphinx IIRC15:28
smurrayqschulz: right15:28
*** mckoan <mckoan!~marco@unaffiliated/mckoan> has quit IRC15:32
thekappeI've added a new task to be sure that is run: after do_assemble_fitimage_initramfs before do_deploy15:40
thekappeNow I can see the fitimage in kernel-build-dir/image/fit/15:40
thekappeby the way the fit/ folder is not added to the "rootfs" folder of the image to be built15:41
thekappealso, I have rebuilt the image after a cleansstate, so I am sure that the rootfs has been refreshed15:42
*** ilikecaffeine <ilikecaffeine!> has joined #yocto15:44
qschulzthekappe: because files have to be added between do_install and do_packages_split15:44
qschulzdo_package sorry15:45
qschulztry to replace do_deploy with do_package in your task dependency15:46
*** rcoote <rcoote!> has quit IRC15:46
qschulzand pray it's not going to introduce a circular dependency15:46
thekappeqschulz, uff..15:49
thekappewhat's make me smiling is that the files are currently installed also in ${D}/boot, and I need them in ${D}/fit15:51
*** tomjose <tomjose!~tomjose@> has joined #yocto15:54
*** chris_ber <chris_ber!~quassel@> has quit IRC15:55
*** alexlarsson <alexlarsson!> has joined #yocto16:02
qschulzthekappe: that might be easy to do in do_install_append16:06
qschulzbut... probably need to create a /fit directory and I don't really know if it's easy to have a new directory at root of the rootfs16:07
qschulzthekappe: but... why in /fit specifically?16:07
*** AndersD__ <AndersD__!> has quit IRC16:07
thekappeqschulz, nope because I need also the initramfs fitimage, but that one is built after do_bundle_initramfs16:07
qschulz /boot is pretty much standard?16:08
thekappeqschulz, don't ask me16:08
qschulzthekappe: well, you can move everything except the one you don't have16:08
thekappesomeone seems to like /fit much more16:08
thekappethe point is that a need to build a .wic image with multiple partitions16:09
thekappein the /fit partition I need to put the fitimages16:09
qschulzthekappe: why didn't you say that in the first place?16:09
qschulzI'm pretty sure you don't need to have the fitimage in the rootfs to have a partition in wic for that16:09
qschulzdon't quote me on that but please investigate before spending too much time on it :)16:10
thekappeI'm also trying to do that16:10
qschulzspecifically, that's probably done for raspberrypi?16:10
qschulzor any system using u-boot and wic for that matter?16:10
thekappepart /fit  --source rootfs            --ondisk mmcblk --fstype=ext4 --label opt  --align 4 --fixed-size 500 --rootfs-dir=${WKS_FIT}16:10
qschulz(I haven't used wic in ages so can't help with that one)16:11
thekappealso I'm setting WKS_FIT in my conf file16:11
matthewcroughanCheck this out ndec :D16:11
thekappeWKS_FIT = "${DEPLOYDIR}/my_fitimage16:12
thekappebut it seems that DEPLOYDIR can't be resolved16:14
thekappe"Couldn't get bitbake variable from /my_fitimage.env"16:14
RPJPEW: can I merge the patch in meta-mingw master-next btw?16:17
qschulzthekappe: DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE
qschulzthekappe: DEPLOYDIR is for within a recipe16:21
thekappeqschulz, that's good to know16:26
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thekappethanks man16:26
JPEWRP: seems fine to merge16:26
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RPJPEW: thanks, it fixes master-next builds16:28
RPReal data on the performance change of maser-next:
RP3-4mins on a 70 min build on that machine16:29
RPnot quite as good as the other numbers I saw but I'll take it :)16:30
RP7% disk usage reduction too16:31
RPmcfrisk: ^^^16:32
RPand says 7% speedup, 5mins on 53mins16:35
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*** hpsy <hpsy!~hpsy@> has joined #yocto16:37
RPvmeson: not quite the 10% I was seeing from rough numbers but I'll take 7% :)16:38
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ndecmatthewcroughan: pretty cool! jinja templates in docs! we need that for sphinx :)16:44
matthewcroughanndec: you can do it in sphinx, but it's impossible! I can't figure out how to get pagename into it, if you know what I mean?16:45
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*** Shikadi` <Shikadi`!> has joined #yocto16:47
matthewcroughanI can't get it to be like {% if pagename == arm64.rst %}, because it'll always fail with something like Handler <function rstjinja at 0x7f0da01dadc0> for event 'source-read' threw an exception (exception: 'pathto' is undefined)16:50
matthewcroughanany ideas? How does it even know to call that `pathto` function?16:50
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ndecmatthewcroughan: never looked into that! I will check it out.17:11
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matthewcroughanrsalveti: o/17:20
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RPJPEW: is going to be coming on the radar with autoconf 2.7017:57
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:59
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JPEWHopefully an easy fix18:15
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vdlI've run bitbake linux-ti-staging -c cleanall; and now it's stuck at:18:41
vdlNOTE: recipe linux-ti-staging-5.4.74+gitAUTOINC+9574bba32a-r22a: task do_fetch: Started18:41
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halsteadJPEW, You should have just received a Wordpress account invitation.18:50
JPEWhalstead: Got it. Thanks18:54
halsteadJPEW, Can you make use of and from you script?18:55
JPEWOh, Hmm.... Were you thinking the autobuilder would generate a page with results and update the wordpress page?18:58
*** beneth <beneth!> has left #yocto18:59
JPEWhalstead: I'm very familiar with wordpress.... how do I get the ID of a page?19:07
halsteadJPEW, Yes I was thinking whatever produced the results could automatically update the page.19:08
halsteadJPEW, I made a new page at and I think the ID is 22223.19:09
JPEWhalstead: Ah, I was thinking I could pull the latest testresult.json file and parse it in javascript, so the page would pretty much be static19:09
halsteadJPEW, That works for me.19:09
*** beneth <beneth!> has joined #yocto19:10
halsteadJPEW, In that case we need to put the javascript in a hook that can be called on page load. I don't want to add the ability to embed javascript dynamically. Do you already have some JS written you can provide?19:13
vdlas usual, rm -rf build/tmp seemed to fix my issue.19:13
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wyreis there not any recipe for ?19:39
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JPEWhalstead: Yes... let me post it somewhere and I'll get back to you19:55
halsteadJPEW, Okay. I need to travel some today so I will be slow with responses.19:56
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ad__is it possible to remove a packagegroup coming from inherited image ?20:25
neverpanicSure, just VARIABLE_remove = "packagegroup" whatever variable adds it to your image.20:26
ad__oh thanks. it seems to be in MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS20:33
neverpanicYeah, then MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS_remove = "packagegroup".20:35
neverpanicOr outright overwrite MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS20:35
ad__neverpanic, thanks, setting it in mymachine.conf, ok ?20:35
neverpanicErr, that likely won't work. I was assuming you are editing the image recipe directly, or at least bbappending it in your layer.20:37
ad__neverpanic, it seems to have worked, i am in do_rootfs now20:37
neverpanicmymachine.conf could work if you use one of the values in $OVERRIDES, e.g. MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS_yourmachine = "new-value", or MACHINE_EXTRA_RRECOMMENDS_remove_yourmachine = "packgegroup"20:38
ad__let see if it get angry20:38
neverpanicWell, yes, it'll work, but it will affect all images; I assumed you only wanted it to affect a specific image?20:38
ad__well, packagegroup is related to wifi, and the machine/board doesn't have it, so maybe machine conf is approrpiate20:39
ad__yes. btw it worked.20:39
ad__thanks a lot !20:39
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vdlI'm adding a .cfg file to the SRC_URI of my kernel recipe, stored in a folder prepended to FILESEXTRAPATHS, but it isn't applied. Any clue?21:32
vdlthe file contains CONFIG_OVERLAY_FS=y but my kernel doesn't show overlay in /proc/filesystems21:34
vdlif I enter the menuconfig and set the option manually, it works. What's wrong?21:35
zeddiidepends on if your kernel recipe inherit's linux-yocto.21:35
zeddiiotherwise, the config is defconfig based, or whatever scheme the provider has used21:35
vdlzeddii: it's linux-ti-staging, and I think they are using a custom thing (it contains use-tisdk-config=ti_sdk_am3x_release)21:36
zeddiiI can look quickly at their recipe. which version ? I see a few in their master branch.21:38
*** amitk_ <amitk_!~amit@unaffiliated/amitk> has quit IRC21:39
zeddiiahah. well, I see they are doing their own merge_config, so you'd be best off asking on one of the ti lists (I don't know which ones they are), but my quick glance says look into  the variable KERNEL_CONFIG_FRAGMENTS21:42
zeddiiand a note in their function:21:43
zeddii    # Fourth, handle config fragments specified in the recipe21:43
zeddii    # The assumption is that the config fragment will be specified with the absolute path.21:43
zeddii    # E.g. ${WORKDIR}/config1.cfg or ${S}/config2.cfg21:43
zeddiiI have to go, but that should get you moving.21:43
vdlthank you zeddii!21:44
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briYocto best practices question: say I am using someone else's layer to build a BSP for their platform (e.g. Xilinx's zynqmp-zcu102).  Now I want to customize it (add software, drivers, etc).  Seems ideal to make a new layer with my changes, and then still build exactly the same way (e.g. MACHINE=zcu102-zynqmp bitbake petalinux-image-minimal)21:57
*** ilikecaffeine <ilikecaffeine!> has quit IRC21:58
briMy issue is, how do I now build the original zynqmp-zcu102 BSP without my changes?  Do I have to remove the layer, possibly clean everything, and rebuild?  Is there any better way to allow switching back and forth?21:58
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briOoops...  Lost my connection...  If anyone had any suggestions please repost as I didn't see it.  (probably not, just wanted to make sure)22:03
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wyrewhata's the website with docs and courses about embebed systems?22:24
wyresomeone like bootin?22:24
wyreooh, it's bootlin 😁22:24
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abelloniindeed, bootlin22:47
* abelloni puts his sales guy cap on22:47
abelloniwyre: are you looking for a specific course ? :)22:48
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Guest1750RP:  rburton
*** JaBen <JaBen!Thunderbir@gateway/vpn/mullvad/jaben> has joined #yocto22:57
Guest1750this is with autotools 2.7022:57
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RPkhem: I was just looking at that, I'm not really surprised. oe-core isn't clean yet either but closer23:02
RPkhem: fixes for apr, lrzsz, at, ruby, msmtp are in -next now23:03
*** vmeson <vmeson!> has quit IRC23:12
RPkhem: heh, 2.7.1 is out now23:12
RPer, 2.7123:12
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