Wednesday, 2021-01-27

vdlRP: the problem is lines like this assuming it has only one value: image-live.bbclass:40: INITRD_LIVE ?= "${DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE}/${INITRD_IMAGE_LIVE}-${MACHINE}.${INITRAMFS_FSTYPES}"00:00
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RPvdl: right, that doesn't sound good :(00:09
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vdlRP: if INITRAMFS_FSTYPES support multiple values, there's no safe way to construct the full image name in fact00:19
RPvdl: I suspect only one value will work with the current code, that wasn't the design intent though originally afaict00:20
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JPEWRP: Heh, my company firewall blocks presumably because of the "bot"?01:56
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mckoangood morning07:43
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RPJPEW: that is rather sad and unfortunate :/08:17
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qschulzJPEW: pass it in :p08:33
qschulz(basically using google as a proxy, it's not a troll :) )08:36
LetoThe2ndwhat fun did i miss?08:36
dsueiroRP: the following commits broke our bitbake builds: and This is the error that we are getting: `ERROR: Failure expanding variable get_musl_loader[vardepvalue], expression was ${@get_musl_loader(d)}08:37
dsueirowhich triggered exception TypeError: must be str, not NoneType`. Any idea how to track down this? Is it related to the python version used to run bitbake?08:37
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RPdsueiro: you probably need
RPsakoman: ^^^08:43
user29433dsueiro 1. How do you know for sure that that commit is the culprit? 2. probably the variable in get_musl_loader can't get expanded08:43
nacknickHi. How to install native 32-Bit GCC on 64-Bit Yocto env?08:45
dsueirouser29433: I reverted that commit and everything is working as expected.08:45
RPdsueiro: I was probably a little keen to merge the bitbake fix :/08:46
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user29433dsueiro nice catch!08:49
dsueiroRP: I can confirm that cherry picking in dunfell and gatesgarth the issue is not gone. Should we backport it to these branches?08:50
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dsueiroRP: Sorry. There is a typo on my last message. I can confirm that cherry picking that commit the issue IS FIXED.09:09
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intera91Good morning yocto people ;-)09:28
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user29433intera91 good morning jeffrey09:28
intera91lol name's Patrick09:29
RPdsueiro: yes, we need to backport it09:29
user29433intera91 whatever you'd prefer;D09:30
iceawayhi everyone. I am looking to include the SHA1 checksum of my "main" custom layer to the generated image file, i.e. IMAGE_NAME, for convenience purposes. Is there any obvious mechanism for doing this? I tried setting up a custom image name in my distro.conf file, but getting the specific layer checksum there feels a bit awkward.09:30
RPdsueiro: wondering if I should just do that09:30
intera91am still getting that error on my yocto build, the working build directory once built contains a bin directory and all the execs in that directory and subdirectories get packed in the rpm, that is cool but whatever lays in the lib/ directory is ignored and therefore ... dependency error09:31
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intera91has anyone got any clue? also I need to add some files to the rpm how do I go about that?09:32
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RPdsueiro: I've just merged it since it would take a while to review09:33
qschulziceaway: what about just getting the git hash of the current layer? that might be easier09:35
qschulzkind of confused as to why you need this but eh09:36
qschulzintera91: oe-pkgdata-util find-path '**' and give us the output09:36
iceawayqshulz: yeah absolutely, the distro.conf is in the right layer. But how do I get that checksum into the filename? Is there a variable ? I tried looking in the manual but found nothing obvious.09:38
intera91Traceback (most recent call last):09:38
intera91  File "/home/patrick/workspace/poky/scripts/oe-pkgdata-util", line 621, in <module>09:38
intera91    main()09:38
intera91  File "/home/patrick/workspace/poky/scripts/oe-pkgdata-util", line 601, in main09:38
intera91    tinfoil = tinfoil_init()09:38
intera91  File "/home/patrick/workspace/poky/scripts/oe-pkgdata-util", line 33, in tinfoil_init09:38
intera91    tinfoil.prepare(True)09:38
intera91  File "/home/patrick/workspace/poky/bitbake/lib/bb/", line 409, in prepare09:38
intera91    config_params.updateToServer(self.server_connection.connection, os.environ.copy())09:38
intera91  File "/home/patrick/workspace/poky/bitbake/lib/bb/", line 73, in updateToServer09:38
intera91    ret, error = server.runCommand(["updateConfig", options, environment, sys.argv])09:38
intera91  File "/home/patrick/workspace/poky/bitbake/lib/bb/server/", line 403, in runCommand09:38
intera91    raise bb.BBHandledException()09:38
intera91am working from toaster mainly so if it is talking about what's in build instead of build-toaster-2/09:39
intera91not sure09:40
qschulziceaway: what's wrong with IMAGE)NAME?09:41
qschulzintera91: I don't use toaster so don't know /me shrugs09:41
iceawayqschulz: I want to add the checksum to the filename, but it only has the datetime now.09:41
qschulziceaway: I mean, what's wrong with adding the checksum to IMAGE_NAME?09:42
olani[m]intera91: Inspeact the packages-split directories to see what files end up in what rpm-package.09:42
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olani[m]intera91: Also, I'm not clear on what you mean by 'dependency error'09:43
qschulzolani[m]: +1, that's the manual way :)09:43
qschulzolani[m]: file-rdeps on a lib09:43
olani[m]intera91: If you do not get any 'files not packaged' errors your file from ${D} is packaged somewhere09:43
intera91qschulz: there is on directory: bin/09:44
qschulzintera91: why is your lib in bin/ ?09:44
iceawayqschulz: That is exactly what I am trying to do, I'm just not sure how to get the checksum. I have set up IMAGE_NAME="${IMAGE_BASENAME}...blahblah" in my distro.conf, but not sure where to get the checksum to put it there as well.09:44
intera91in it the executables found in the build/bin09:44
intera91it is not in bin09:44
intera91it is in build/lib09:44
olani[m]intera91: Files in build are typically not installed, you need to see them in workdir/image09:45
olani[m]intera91: Correction, that the file is in build does not mean it is installed09:45
dsueiroRP: Thanks for the backport.09:45
qschulzintera91: what olani[m] says. go into build/tmp/work/<architecture>/<recipe name>/<recipe version>/packages-split/09:45
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intera91ok we  are getting somewhere, how do i make the lib directory and its content in image directory?09:46
intera91must be something in the recipe09:46
qschulzintera91: can you PLEASE tell us where your lib is in the directory I told you about?09:47
olani[m]intera91: I'm guessing you broke the install stage somewhere when you modified the cmake-files.09:47
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intera91am sorry the library is neither in packages-split nor in image09:47
olani[m]intera91: When cmake install (sorry, not familiar with cmake) is done, you should see the files in image.09:48
qschulzthen olani[m] is right, the install step is now broken :)09:48
*** nerdboy <nerdboy!~sarnold@gentoo/developer/nerdboy> has joined #yocto09:48
qschulz(or was never working, who knows)09:48
intera91ok I will inspect the cmake of  the library09:48
intera91thanks for the pointer guys09:48
qschulzintera91: some cmake don't have install "targets"09:48
qschulzso you might have to add it yourself or create an install task in your recipe to do it manually09:49
intera91I know the install of the binaries work so I have to get inspiration from that09:49
qschulzdon't have experience with cmake either :)09:49
intera91me neither09:49
intera91nor yocto09:49
qschulzintera91: good luck :)09:49
qschulzwe're here to help for the yocto part at least09:49
intera91nor the software I just started in this company lol09:49
intera91was working with buildroot at the previous company09:50
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intera91your help is invaluable guys thank you so much09:50
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chryshmorning! is there a way to compile a package of a certain version?10:10
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olani[m]chrysh: Use the recipe for that version?10:11
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chryshlike, I have a recipe and one gcc_10.2.bb10:14
chryshis there a way to select which one I want?10:14
chryshor just in local.conf, setting the preferred version?10:14
qschulzchrysh: you probably want this in the distro configuration file10:14
qschulzbut yes, it has to be in any conf file and with PREFERRED_VERSION_gcc10:15
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chryshand if a recipe is in meta-arm-toolchain, can I use it to compile a native compiler as well or not?10:20
chryshI want to have gcc 10.2 on the target10:20
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iyilmazgoturemem namaz var10:26
olani[m]chrysh: It depends.  The recipes in oe-core should let you build gcc for target.  Not sure what the recipes in meta-arm-toolchain does.10:26
olani[m]chrysh: Also, in yocto 'native' typically means the build host architecture.  The destination system is known as 'target'.10:27
chrysholani[m]: yes, I want to have gcc on my embedded system10:31
olani[m]chrysh: Do you need specifically the toolchains from meta-arm-toolchain?10:32
chryshno, I just need a gcc 10.210:37
olani[m]chrysh: Then adding the correct gcc package to your image should "just work".10:38
olani[m]chrysh: I've never done that myself, but you are not the first.10:39
chryshI didn't see any gcc 10.2 recipe in the bsp provided by the vendor10:39
chryshso I wanted to add a recipe now10:39
chryshand I am trying to find out what the right process for that is10:39
olani[m]chrysh: Right, what yocto version are you working with?  I'm on gatesgarth and have gcc_10.2 in oe-core. If you use an older yocto version you have to add gcc recipes, and including meta-arm-toolchain could be the right choise.10:42
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*** armpit <armpit!~armpit@2601:202:4180:a5c0:34ae:4777:d25b:f2f4> has joined #yocto10:48
chryshadd recipes by hand or should bitbake-layers layerindex-fetch do the job?10:59
olani[m]chrysh: Never used layerindex-fetch myself.  You need to download the layer and add it to bblayers.conf somehow.11:00
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*** Js32 is now known as JE11:16
JEchrysh, I am a Yocto newbie but I was interested in your question, so I googled it and came across this one which explains about changing the used gcc version for target, may be it is helpful for you11:19
*** Bunio_FH <Bunio_FH!> has quit IRC11:20
JEseems to be doable and straight forward, I haven't tried it myself though11:20
*** intera91 <intera91!> has joined #yocto11:22
*** vijay <vijay!a4a45f09@> has joined #yocto11:23
*** hpsy <hpsy!~hpsy@> has joined #yocto11:23
*** thekappe <thekappe!c65a42b1@> has joined #yocto11:23
vijayI had installed a library into the build by writing my own recipe, but cmake couldn't find my installed package. Please anyone suggest what I have to add in my recipe?11:23
vijayCMake Error at recipe-sysroot-native/usr/share/cmake-3.16/Modules/FindPkgConfig.cmake:711 (message):11:23
vijay|   None of the required 'libopentok' found11:23
vijay|   Call Stack (most recent call first):11:23
vijay|   CMakeLists.txt:14 (PKG_SEARCH_MODULE)11:23
qschulzJE: I think it's not what chrysh wnated. chrysh wants a specific gcc version on the target, not a specific gcc version to cross-compile packages for the target (the latter is what's explained in your link AFAICT)11:24
qschulzvijay: do you have libopentok in your other recipes' recipe-sysroot/ ?11:25
JEqschulz: you are right, thanks for the clarification!11:28
*** thekappe <thekappe!c65a42b1@> has quit IRC11:28
*** thekappe <thekappe!c65a42b1@> has joined #yocto11:29
marexchrysh: meta-tegra had some example of changing the gcc version, since the nvidia userspace needed gcc 7 or something like that11:35
marexchrysh: you might want to look at what they did there11:35
vijayqschulz No, but I had given recipe name in depends11:36
*** nacknick <nacknick!4d8b8317@> has joined #yocto11:37
nacknickDoes anyone know how to compile 32-bit program inside 64-bit Yocto?11:37
qschulznacknick: multilib11:37
qschulzand you prefix all your 32b packages with lib32-11:38
qschulzvijay: in your libopentok recipe, where is libopentok library installed? (is it even installed?)11:38
nacknickqschulz: multilib is installed. It helped me to *run* 32-bit programs. But how I do *compile* inside it?11:38
qschulznacknick: my bad, misread :)11:39
vijayqschulz I can see under image folder of libopentok and build was successful11:41
olani[m]vijay: Do you have a .pc file?  Because I think that is what FindPkgConfig is looking for.11:42
vijayNo, I dont have .pc file. installed package didn't provided any .pc file.11:42
*** Bunio_FH <Bunio_FH!> has joined #yocto11:43
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*** Js71 is now known as JE11:48
olani[m]vijay: Is the cmake file yours?  Maybe you need to change how it searches for libopentok.11:49
shahriar7Hi all. I want to add  libreadline-dev package to yocto. I am using CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL += "libreadline-dev" in local.conf. But it is not working. Can anyone please help me?11:49
*** georgem_home <georgem_home!uid210681@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto11:50
vijayolani[m] No, Cmake file is not mine. It is using PKG_SEARCH_MODULE(LIBOPENTOK REQUIRED libopentok) to search for libopentok.11:50
vijayolani[m] I tried using find_package(), but didn't worked.11:53
*** Amelia95 <Amelia95!2ed17334@> has joined #yocto11:54
vijayolani[m] qschulz I can find libopentok under tmp/work/aarch64-poky-linux/opentokapp/1.0-r0/recipe-sysroot/usr/lib/11:55
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*** B0ned1ger <B0ned1ger!> has joined #yocto12:09
olani[m]vijay: I think PKGSEARCHMODULE uses pkg-config which requires a pc file12:10
olani[m]vijay: In that case you need to either change the cmake files, or create a pc file somehow.12:11
olani[m]vijay: But if you get both recipes from someone that has used them before it is reasonable to think it should work without this change.12:11
vijayolani[m] Got it, thank you.12:12
*** yizhao <yizhao!~zhaoyi@> has quit IRC12:13
vijayolani[m] I had searched in openembedded layer, but it was not available, so I had written recipe on my own.12:14
Amelia95Hi all. I want to add  libreadline-dev package to yocto. I am using CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL += "libreadline-dev" in local.conf. But it is not working. Can anyone please help me?12:14
*** yizhao <yizhao!~zhaoyi@> has joined #yocto12:14
olani[m]viajy: Wich of the recipes?12:14
vijayolani[m] Sorry, I didn't get you. Are you asking library name? it is libopentok.12:16
olani[m]vijay: Did you write both recipes yourself?12:16
vijayolani[m] Yes.12:16
olani[m]vijay: But both pieces of software were written by someone else and are supposed to work together?12:17
vijayI had written one recipe for installing libopentok and another recipe which runs an example application depends on libopentok recipe.12:18
vijayNo, both were written by me.12:18
olani[m]Have you built them in some other environment where it works?12:19
*** amerigo <amerigo!uid331857@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto12:20
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vijayolani[m] I had built in same environment, and this is my first recipe. I'm new to yocto.12:24
mcfriskhey, is there a good(TM) reason for kernel.bbclass to not compile modules too via execution of do_compile()? I find it annoying to remember that for kernel do_compile() isn't enough to compile everything and need to run also do_compile_kernelmodules() task...12:24
olani[m]vijay: What I mean is, have this cmake file worked outside of yocto?  Just want to figure out if this is a yocto problem or something else.12:25
vijayolani[m] Yes, it worked.12:26
vijayolani[m] cmake is also searching similarly for sdl2 using pkgconfig, and it found.12:28
olani[m]vijay: Then you need to figure out what files are available when it works that are missing from the recipe-sysroot dir of the failing recipe.12:30
*** vijay <vijay!a4a45f09@> has quit IRC12:31
*** vijay <vijay!a4a45f09@> has joined #yocto12:32
vijayolani[m] Ok, thank you, but I can see under tmp/work/aarch64-poky-linux/opentokapp/1.0-r0/recipe-sysroot/usr/lib/ directory.12:34
* RP is hoping he might have a little bit of a build speedup brewing12:40
qschulzvijay: probably havne't passed the sysroot to cmake or something12:42
qschulzor you are hardcoding variables in your cmake that are set and passed by yocto12:42
vijayqschulz How to pass sysroot to cmake?12:46
qschulzvijay: it's passed for you by Yocto IIRC (thanks to the cmake.bbclass)12:47
qschulzso, it's more, what are you hardcoding in your Cmake?12:47
qschulzor... are you using CXXFLAGS, LDFLAGS, etc...12:47
vijayqschulz SET(CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS "${CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS} -std=c++11 -stdlib=libc++")12:49
vijayThat is all I set.12:50
olani[m]vijay: Is there a pc file for sdl2 in your recipe-sysroot?12:51
vijayNo, I didn't find any. I had installed  sdl2 package from openembbeded layers.
*** vijay <vijay!a4a45f09@> has quit IRC12:54
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vijayolani[m] qschulz Sorry, I my lost connection. Did I missed any suggestions?13:06
*** nacknick <nacknick!4d8b8317@> has quit IRC13:06
vijayI lost my connection*13:08
qschulzvijay: no. you have logs for this IRC channel available publicly so you can always check by yourself :)13:09
vijayqschulz great, thank you.13:11
*** thekappe <thekappe!c65a42b1@> has quit IRC13:12
vijayqschulz what path I have to give if I want to use target_link_libarary(executable path) instead of pkgconfig?13:14
*** NiksDev <NiksDev!~NiksDev@> has joined #yocto13:14
qschulzI don't have experience with cmake sorry13:15
vijayIt’s ok. Thank you.13:16
*** vijay <vijay!6ace0ee6@> has quit IRC13:17
*** vijay <vijay!6ace0ee6@> has joined #yocto13:18
manuel1985Does anyone know how to add iwd support to NetworkManager 1.22.10 of dunfell? Technically, that version should support iwd out of the box.13:18
*** vijay <vijay!6ace0ee6@> has quit IRC13:19
chryshJE: Thanks, this will be usefull for later!13:19
manuel1985But I get some NetworkManager log entries "(wlan0) config: unknown or unsupported wifi-backend iwd"13:19
manuel1985bps: Do you perhaps know? (I'm the one you talked with a week or so ago ;) )13:20
*** vygu2 <vygu2!9eff70c2@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has joined #yocto13:25
vygu2Hello, since gatesgarth I meet several pseudo-abort issue when I build my yocto in a container with the do_install of several receipes eg. nginx, opencv, python3-cryptoauth, etc. Have you an idea how to solde that?13:29
bpsmanuel1985, I haven't used NetworkManager before but I suppose it could be that the version in dunfell is kinda old?13:32
vygu2-solde +solve13:33
manuel1985bps: I forgot -- you are using ConnMan!13:34
manuel1985The NetworkManager version should be new enough. basic iwd support is given since NetworkManager 1.12 I read.13:35
bpsused to use connman, but not for a while. now we use iwd on its own and systemd-networkd for IP configuration13:35
manuel1985bps: lol yes ;) Just read up on the log I saved from back then. Never trust your memory.13:54
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intera91hello qschulz15:19
intera91right I think my Makefiles and cmake are doing their jobs properly and I end up with all the bins and lib in the right place. (work/corei7-64-poky-linux/myproject/1.0-r0/build/bin for the binaries and work/corei7-64-poky-linux/myproject/1.0-r0/build/lib/ for the versioned libraray15:22
intera91however in packages-split only the content of the bin directroey gets picked, lib never gets picked15:22
olani[m]intera91: As we said, they are not in the right place unless they are in image15:23
intera91am at a loss here15:23
intera91how do I inject the lib and a few other dependancies in the image15:23
olani[m]intera91: build is the working folder of cmake/make/meson.  image is where files should be placed by make install or equivalent.15:23
olani[m]intera91: And with image folder, we do not mean the image recipe folder, but the workdir/image folder of the recipe producing the lib15:24
olani[m]intera91: If cmake does not install the files for you, you can do that with a custom doinstall in your recipe.  Once doinstall you should see all of the files in workdir/image15:25
intera91of image15:26
intera91only include bin/ folder15:26
*** JE <JE!> has quit IRC15:26
intera91so is cmake responsible or is it at recipe level?15:26
intera91cd bin15:26
intera91gives my binaries nothing else15:26
*** intera91 <intera91!> has quit IRC15:26
olani[m]intera91: Then there is something missing in the cmake files as the libs are not installed.  You can do that in doinstallappend of your recipe with commands like install ${B}/lib/whatever ${D}${libdir}15:27
*** Js1 <Js1!> has joined #yocto15:28
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qschulzintera91: proper SW does it for you, otherwise you need to either patch it in te sources or append to the do_install task like olani[m] is suggsesting15:40
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intera91qschulz:  that's done, QA still complains about the absence of a needed library and the library is packed in -dev rpm16:08
qschulzintera91: that's your issue16:09
intera91I thought the FILES_${PN} in the recipe would take care of that16:09
qschulzyou have named your library lisomething.so16:09
qschulzinstead of
qschulzx and y being major and minor version numbers16:09
intera91the so file is just alink16:10
intera91a link16:10
intera91as yoi said16:10
intera91you said16:10
qschulzdid you change something your FILES_${PN} ? or PACKAGES?16:10
qschulzor FILES_${PN}-dev16:10
intera91there was no FILES_${PN} I created one16:10
intera91FILES_${PN} = "${bindir}/* ${libexecdir}/* ${libdir}/*"16:11
intera91it comes after the do_install function in the recipe file16:11
*** leon-anavi <leon-anavi!~Leon@> has quit IRC16:12
qschulzcan you send us your recipe in a pastebin somewhere?16:13
tlwoernerOEHH in ~45 minutes16:15
*** ThomasD13 <ThomasD13!> has quit IRC16:31
RPIf someone wants to poke around an interesting bitbake bug:16:34
RPkergoth: that one might give you a "laugh"16:34
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zeddiithere's a good talk, in the last slot of the conference!16:49
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vdlRP: about yesterday, INITRAMFS_FSTYPES having multiple values and code guessing the image full name; since multiple values mean all of them are supposed, can the code (e.g. an image recipe) simply pick the first one to build the image suffix? e.g. "${INITRAMFS_IMAGE}.${INITRAMFS_FSTYPES[0]}" (example positional syntax)17:22
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RPvdl: that would probably be safer17:40
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vdlRP: is such syntax implemented?17:55
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RPvdl: not that neatly18:00
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vdlAn image recipe cannot set UBOOT_EXTLINUX_* variables by default. Is it ok to inherit uboot-extlinux-config or is this class only meant for u-boot recipes?18:04
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