Saturday, 2021-02-06

RPkergoth: I've been a bit too distracted to make sense of that, I do remember being surprised by some of the remapping code though :/00:00
RPkergoth: I wish I remembered the details00:00
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jordemortreally at my wit's end with this file permission weirdness in the container02:42
jordemortnow i'm getting a pseudo abort
jordemortliterally NOTHING has touched the volume02:42
jordemortdid a successful build, then brought in a commit that updates my poky submodule, bang, psuedo abort02:42
jordemortis there any way just to run the whole thing as root and dispense with all of this?02:43
kergothRP: no worries, just strange, might have to delve into gcc to make sense of it :)02:43
jordemorti guess i will dump my entire build directory and sstate for the fifth time today02:44
jordemortthere has got to be something extremely stupid that i am doing that is bringing all this down on me02:44
jordemorti just wish i knew what it was02:44
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jordemorthm, i'm using the ubuntu:20.04 version of the container, maybe i should roll back to 18.04?03:04
jordemortreading old logs and it sounds like psuedo and 20.04 have been problematic before03:04
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RPjordemort: distro version will not have much affect on a pseudo abort08:45
RPjordemort: what does the pseudo.log say from an abort? Which directory are you running the build in?08:46
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JaMarebuilding icu 600 times in dunfel resulted in 10 failed build, I guess it's worth backporting that possible fix09:05
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boucman JPEW if you are still around... there is a bitbake command to do what I want, but I can't find a good example of how to use a bb command from within a recipe... any clues ?09:11
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paulbarkerYou should be able to join the FOSDEM OpenEmbedded Stand chat at!
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RobertBergerhey - did someone here try to log in to fosdem?09:21
RobertBerger"There was a problem communicating with the homeserver, please try again later."09:22
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paulbarkerRobertBerger: You could try going to and seeing if that works09:24
RobertBerger@paulbarker: that is what I am trying.09:25
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RobertBergerI am trying to register and matrix seems to be unhappy09:25
paulbarkerYou could try #fosdem on here to get some help09:26
paulbarkerI signed up to their Matrix instance a couple of weeks ago, I know they've been changing things regularly since then09:26
RobertBergernope I didn't try #fosdem here, will try this09:28
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RobertBergerI am in an endless loop on fosdem ;)09:40
RobertBerger -> -> freenode chat -> ;)09:41
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RobertBergerNothing works09:41
RobertBergerHow do you see the live streams?09:42
RobertBergerWithout installing Windoze I mean ;)09:42
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paulbarkerRobertBerger: should work10:03
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GeneralStupidSorry, i left yesterday. So i can combine useradd.bbclass with systemd-sysusers. But is it also possible or even a good idea to remove systemd-sysusers? The more i read into sysusers the more i think it could be good to have a static /etc/paasswd on the device im building10:50
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GeneralStupidand of course the other question is: what kind of permissions do sysusers need to work? I read the sourcecode yesterday evening and it fails with Permission Denied at that point where sysusers tries to lock /etc/passwd10:53
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zeddii@RobertBerger : I just tested my podman 3.x-rc update. works here. I'm going to create a seccomp distro feature to get runc to automatically put seccomp in the packageconfig by default when podman is built with seccomp16:35
* zeddii hit that seccomp startup error16:35
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nucatusquick question: why some layers, especially meta-poky, don't show the GIT hash in the build starting log?17:34
boucmannucatus, if you cloned the standard yocto,17:34
nucatuswhat is the reason for this and how is that achievable?17:34
boucmanthen meta, meta-poky etc. are actually subdirectories of the same git repository17:34
boucmanso bitbake only displays it once17:34
nucatusohh, I see!17:35
nucatusso it is the last layer in the inheritance chain that displays the hash, right?17:35
nucatus...if the layers part of the inheritance chain are part of the same repository17:37
renegade64Has anyone ever had issues building btrfs? I seem to be having an issue where the generated python env does not include setuptools even though it should18:01
renegade64Or does anyone know what the best forum to seek help on this topic is?18:02
jordemortzeddii: i can't open my main repo yet (because we're using a self-hosted runner on github actions and security) but here's what i came up with for podman  3:
jordemortRP: lost now, had to destroy the volume to get a build out, i'll save it if it happens again; i'm all up-to-date on poky and meta-openembedded dunfell branches so hopefully all those pseudo changes that came in will fix me up18:12
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malinusIs my understanding correct, that the gcc version is usally bound up to the yocto version?18:45
malinusI mean, if I want newer gcc, I might as well migrate to a newer version of YOCTO, that uses a newer gcc, right?18:46
RPmalinus: its probably easiest as it will have been tested with that gcc version18:47
malinusFigured, thanks RP. I'll read the migration chapter18:51
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dvorkindmitrywhat destination dir variable may I correctly use for the native recipe?22:41
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dvorkindmitryin do_install()22:41
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