Sunday, 2021-02-07

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jacboainThe link${PV}.tar.gz is invalid07:49
jacboainwhy is it still there then?07:49
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loblikcan I somehow make a recipe to rebuild (not use cache) if output of different recipe changes? I'm trying to getrid of this nostamp (line 25)
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loblikI guess this nostamp makes initramfs always rebuild whatever package I'm trying to build. probably through libc -> kernel -> initramfs dependency chain?16:03
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boucmanloblik, if a recipe change, the signature of the rootfs change so you need to rebuild the initramfs anyway, right ?16:37
loblikif I want to build whole image then yes. but most of the time I want to rebuild just one package and then it also rebuilds initramfs and kernel. that only happens if this nostamp is present.16:46
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loblikI was also thinking about removing the nostamp and writing some hook which would indicate if initramfs from cache can be reused or not. by checking if rootfs has changed.16:54
loblikbut I'm not sure if this is possible16:54
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boucmanok, I don't know the answer to your original question, but if I were you, i'd use "git blame" to try to figure out why that nostamp is here...17:31
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loblikIt's there to make sure the initramfs always contains latest root hash (even in cases when bitbake does not consider rootfs image as changed). It's nicely described here
loblikI'm just looking for a better solution then to always rebuild intramfs.17:39
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OriPessachHi - I'm running into a confusing issue trying to build an image based on core-image-sato the the gatesgarth branch.18:17
OriPessachSome of the packages fail a QA test since they seem to be dependent on glibc 2.33:18:18
OriPessachERROR: zip-3.0-r2 do_package_qa: QA Issue: /usr/bin/zipsplit contained in package zip requires, but no providers found in RDEPENDS_zip? [file-rdeps]18:18
OriPessachERROR: zip-3.0-r2 do_package_qa: QA run found fatal errors. Please consider fixing them.18:18
OriPessachERROR: Logfile of failure stored in: /home/ori/projects/poky/build/tmp/work/core2-64-poky-linux/zip/3.0-r2/temp/log.do_package_qa.2509818:18
OriPessachERROR: Task (/home/ori/projects/poky/meta/recipes-extended/zip/ failed with exit code '1'18:18
OriPessachI can't find glibc 2.33 anywhere in sysroot and the compile log for these packages doesn't seem to be accessing it from elsewhere.18:20
* RzR played with yocto this fosdem weekend : RT <3 !18:42
OriPessachAlso, how can I find which packages directly depend on a package that's reported in a "Nothing PROVIDES 'package-name'" error?19:06
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dvorkindmitryfor native recipe how can I add bash scripts into sysroot-native? at do_populate_sysroot stage? it checks for binaries only, not for .sh19:51
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dvorkindmitryI have native recipe that needs to install bash scripts into recipe-sysroot-native/, but only binaries are installed. How can I include bash scripts?20:14
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kergothdvorkindmitry: you should not be defining do_populate_sysroot at all. write a do_install that installs them to ${D}${bindir} and that's all you need to do21:13
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dvorkindmitrykergoth, it doesn't work. I defined do_install and the binary is not installed into recipe-sysroot-native/ of the recipe B21:25
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loblikOk, I think I now understand more the issue. Is there a way to actively (in a hook or something) stop a setscene task and fallback to rebuilding?21:35
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dorindadvorkindmitry: well i think it's probably what you defined in your do_install that's causing the bash script not to be created23:01
dvorkindmitrydorinda, it is worse. I can't even get the binary from A-native recipe in recipe-sysroot-native/ of the recipe B...23:03
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dorindamaybe you should try:  echo "DV destdir0:${D}" > ${D}/usr/bin/profile.d/myscript.sh23:22
dorindamkdir for profile.d first23:23
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dvorkindmitrydorinda, it doesn't work23:54
dvorkindmitryno myscript in recipe-sysroot-native/ of the recipe B23:54
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dorindahmm, i don't know maybe someone else can help you out.23:59

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