Tuesday, 2021-02-09

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RPjonmason: I have some idea :(00:10
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mischiefive tried with the sdk on two different hosts (debian, ubuntu, and container ubuntu) but they all just hang. is anyone else having this problem?00:28
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mischiefaha.. i let it sit for a while. WARNING: Error contacting Hash Equivalence Server typhoon.yocto.io:8686: [Errno 110] Connection timed out02:01
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Guest58013How to fix the problem ? Thanks. ERROR: sg-1.0-r0 do_package_qa: QA Issue: sg: The compile log indicates that host include and/or library paths were used.05:54
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX08:22
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dvorkindmitryreading native.bbclass. Can't understand this: bindir .= "${NATIVE_PACKAGE_PATH_SUFFIX}". What is it?08:47
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qschulzdorinda: mmmm... this ssh-server-dropbear thingy should just work. Maybe you want to give us the exact version of poky you're using (commit hash), all layers and their commit hash too, if any of the git repos are dirty and if so, what are your modifications/additions? What's the content in local.conf you modified/added, etc...08:59
qschulzdorinda: but glad you got unstuck :)08:59
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dvorkindmitryI need non-standard path binaries to be in my -native recipe. Instead of ${D}/${bindir} I need it at ${D}/<nativeroot>/somedir. How can I do that?09:17
dorindaqschulz: hmmm, you were right i added this `DEBUGINFOD_URLS = "http://localhost:8002/"` in local.conf, so when i removed it the `ssh-server-dropbear` worked, then i added the `DEBUGINFOD_URLS = "http://localhost:8002/"` afterwards and it still built successfully without error. i wonder why that is :/09:19
qschulzdorinda: if you still have the error log, we might guess but since you aren't able to reproduce it now AFAIU, then... it'll be hard to fix it without knowing the exact state in which Yocto was when building your image09:21
dorindaok here's the error log09:22
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wertigonAllright, making progress, sort of09:24
wertigonSo, I have this working recipe (some stuff redacted due to company policies), but I feel this is a very roundabout way to go about stuff09:25
qschulzdvorkindmitry: just install in those paths?09:26
wertigonWhat I want to do: make sure the kernel tool bpf is crosscompiled for arm64 in the SDK09:26
wertigonThe method I'm using now works, but feels very hack-ish, is there a better way?09:27
qschulzdorinda: corrupted sstate-cache?09:27
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dvorkindmitryqschulz, but ${D} does not contain the complete path while installing into sysroot-destdir/... There are only several dirs defined in native.bbclass (bindir,datadir...) but not the root dir of the sysroot-destdir/+prefix. I am trying to udertand how can I concatenate ${D} + prefix correctly for the native recipe09:30
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qschulzdvorkindmitry: SYSROOT_DIRS_NATIVE09:34
qschulzbut then your path won't be part of PATH in recipes DEPENDS'ing on it09:35
GeneralStupidwertigon: Hey, you helped me yesterday. End of story was: I had to enable file system locks in the kernel... They were disabled09:36
dvorkindmitryqschulz, I add SYSROOT_DIRS_NATIVE += "${base_prefix}/sp_tools" into my native recipe without effect09:36
qschulzdvorkindmitry: define "without effect"09:40
qschulzdo you have your binary in the other recipe's recipe-sysroot-native?09:40
wertigonGeneralStupid: Thanks for letting me know, might come in handy sometime :)09:44
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wertigonGeneralStupid: And sorry I couldn't be of more help, but yeah. The solution was painfully obvious as I suspected :D09:45
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GeneralStupidwertigon: no problem. I just hope the next guy who have this issue finds that solution. I was really happy about everyone that helped me09:45
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JaMarburton: around? do you remember more details about icu race failures you reported upstream? or can you check top 2 commits in https://git.openembedded.org/openembedded-core-contrib/log/?h=jansa/dunfell09:50
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dorindaqschulz: i guess10:00
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dvorkindmitryqschulz, I install it into ${D}${bindir} too and have it at this path. But I need ${D}${base_prefix}/sp_tools too10:07
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qschulzdvorkindmitry: check the value of SYSROOT_DIRS_NATIVE and SYSROOT_DIRS with bitbake -e <your-recipe-native> | grep -e "^SYSROOT_DIRS". Is it of the value you expect?10:10
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rburtonJaMa: looks good10:32
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intera91morning all, just asking if anyone has heard about glslangkernel-modules as nothing seems to proovide that, the error appeared after adding the line "CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL_append = "kernel-modules" to the local.conf I need kernel modules as I need the Radeon driver for the Ryzen am working with11:12
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LetoThe2ndintera91: sounds like you might want to break that doen a bit more.11:14
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RPpaulbarker: did you see the cargo patches on the bitbake list?11:18
intera91morning all, just asking if anyone has heard about glslangkernel-modules as nothing seems to proovide that, the error appeared after adding the line "CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL_append = "kernel-modules" to the local.conf I need kernel modules as I need the Radeon driver for the Ryzen am working with11:18
intera91sorry got disconnected11:18
RPpaulbarker: also, do we have a plan in mind for the hashequiv debug issue?11:18
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qschulzintera91: https://www.yoctoproject.org/irc/%23yocto.2021-02-09.log.html11:19
intera91qschulz: thanks for the link;-)  any idea?11:21
qschulzintera91:  12:14:11    LetoThe2nd | intera91: sounds like you might want to break that doen a bit more.11:22
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intera91ok, sure well the platform for yocto is a Ryzen with integrated GPU (Radeon Vega Series) the software we are ading is using vulkan and other stuff. now in order for Vulkan to work it has to detect the GPU and in order for that to happen we need the proper driver which is a kernel module, I already have the open source xf86-video-ati driver11:26
intera91installed into my Yocto image. The problem is that the kernel module radeon.ko, and all of its dependencies under the GPU and I2C folders seems to be missing from the kernel. Without these .ko files, Yocto cannot recognize the external graphics card, and udev cannot generate an appropriate device node (/dev/dri/card0) for Xorg to use.11:26
intera91I've already tried adding the following line to my local.conf:11:26
intera91CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL_append = "kernel-modules"11:26
intera91and that is where I get this error Nothing RPROVIDES 'glslangkernel-modules' (but /home/user/workspace/poky/build/toaster-custom-images/recipes/mysoftware.bb RDEPENDS on or otherwise requires it)11:27
dvorkindmitryqschulz, yes, I have the directory I want at SYSROOT_DIRS*. But I needto know how can I install to this location at do_install() step?11:27
intera91and indeed our software requires gslang and gslang-native in its bb11:27
rburtonIs anyone else seeing kernels fail to build with odd linkage problems since this weekend in master?11:27
qschulzdvorkindmitry: just install in the path you've given SYSROOT_DIRS but prepend it with ${D}11:29
LetoThe2ndintera91: sounds somewhat fishy in the dependency process, als "glslangkernel-modules" also doesn't match the canonical name, which should be "glslang-kernel-module" or something similar, check the package feed directories for examples.11:32
LetoThe2ndintera91: so my advice would be to start digging where this RDEPENDS actually comes from11:32
*** lucaceresoli <lucaceresoli!~lucaceres@> has quit IRC11:33
dvorkindmitryqschulz, how can I correctly set the prefix to install? I am trying like this: install -p -m0755 ${S}/tools/add_uhdr.sh ${D}/sp_tools/. what prefix should I correctly use at destination?11:33
qschulzdvorkindmitry:  ${D}${base_prefix}/sp_tools should work just fine since it's what you added in SYSROOT_DIRS_NATIVE but probably yours is correct too11:40
qschulzdvorkindmitry: there might be an issue with /sp_tools dir being at the root of the "filesystem"11:40
qschulzI know there were some things to do first11:40
qschulz(you need install -d ${D}/sp_tools/ before that one line btw)11:41
qschulzbut can't remember which things11:41
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moviuroHi all, where should I look for remote support tools that would run on Yocto? (Enterprise/corp. contracting, somewhat strict filtering rules, used in an industrial plant)13:07
moviuroI'm currently doing a quick market analysis, seen things like BeyondTrust, which look promising. Do you have some other specific recommendations? (other than, you know, simple SSH because corps will be corps and SSH is too simple)13:09
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dvorkindmitryin multiconfig how can I correctly set IMAGE_BOOT_FILES += "a926.img" for WIC if a926.img generated by another arch? a926.img is placed into another deploy/ dir and not found by the current WIC tool13:51
dvorkindmitrymay I have the recipe that have an access to two deploy/ dirs (two archs) ?13:52
intera91wshat causes this error message: ("Nothing RPROVIDES 'glslangkernel-modules'") is when the line CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL_append = "kernel-modules" is added to the local.conf file13:53
JPEWdvorkindmitry: It's a little tricky, but you can access the DEPLOY_DIR from another recipe13:54
intera91qschulz: sorry forgot to tag you on previous message13:54
smurrayintera91: you need a space before kernel-modules, _append does not add one13:54
intera91*** hitting oneself on the head with a big ugly stick ***13:55
JPEWdvorkindmitry: The trick is to set DEPLOY_DIR to a known value in each multiconfig so that you know how to reference it from another one; then write a recipe that stages a deliverable from one deploy dir to another13:56
JPEWdvorkindmitry: We wrote a class to help with that: https://github.com/garmin/whisk/blob/master/meta-whisk/classes/deploy-alias.bbclass13:57
*** vineela <vineela!~vtummala@> has joined #yocto14:18
dvorkindmitryJPEW, interesting. may I use it with dunfell or gatesgarth ?14:20
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JPEWdvorkindmitry: Ya, I think it works with either14:30
dvorkindmitryJPEW, is there any simple example using it in the recipe?14:31
*** Minjae_Kim1 <Minjae_Kim1!742ab977@gateway/web/cgi-irc/kiwiirc.com/ip.> has joined #yocto14:31
JPEWI don't have any public ones, sorry. It's just 2 lines: 'inherit deploy-alias' 'DEPLOY_ALIASES = "..."'14:32
JPEWThe trick is that you have to know the path to the deliverable you want to copy, which is where the known paths comes in14:33
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JPEWdvorkindmitry: The tool we wrote to manage our products (https://github.com/garmin/whisk) does this for us14:35
*** vineela <vineela!~vtummala@> has quit IRC14:36
dvorkindmitryJPEW, yea. I see. just going to add this class into my layer and try to use in some MC recipe. just curious how to do it correctly14:37
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RPJPEW: wondering what to do with the hashserve patches and this debug issue :/14:38
*** geheimnis` <geheimnis`!~geheimnis@> has joined #yocto14:38
JPEWRP: Ya, I was going to try and work up a patch series to rename debug( -> debug2( & debug3(14:38
JPEWIIRC, it only affect bitbake proper14:38
RPJPEW: I hope so...14:39
JPEWRight because we only have to change it where tools are using the Python logging facilities. Places using `bb.debug(` don't have to change14:40
RPJPEW: we're not so lucky: meta/lib/oe/terminal.py:            logger.debug(1, 'No custom terminal (OE_TERMINAL_CUSTOMCMD) set')14:40
JPEWSo, it's not as much as it first seems14:40
RPJPEW: not many references in oe but there are some by the looks of i14:41
JPEWHmm, I missed that one14:41
RPJPEW: looks like only two in that file and a couple of commented ones14:41
*** Sponge5 <Sponge5!~adam@cst-prg-96-214.cust.vodafone.cz> has joined #yocto14:54
Sponge5Hi, I'm trying to setup multiconfig, does "bitbake mc::target" make target for all machines, or just one?14:55
*** frsc <frsc!~frsc@i59F4B3EC.versanet.de> has quit IRC15:01
JPEWSponge5: I don't think so15:02
JPEWSponge5: Sorry, I don't think that will build it for all targets15:02
Sponge5JPEW: Already tried and seems like you're right15:03
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Sponge5Is there a way to do that?15:13
*** frsc <frsc!~frsc@i59F4B3EC.versanet.de> has joined #yocto15:15
Sponge5Tried bitbake mc:*:target and it seems to be working. got bunch of "Deferring" messages, but I guess that happens if you run bitbake mc for just one machine before that15:23
Sponge5Because bitbake mc should compile common binaries once, so it makes sense it would reuse what it already had15:24
JPEWSponge5: I don't think there is a way to make it compile the same target for all multiconfigs at once15:24
Sponge5I'll tell you tomorrow morning if it built successfuly :)15:25
JPEWSponge5: We've worked around that with a few classes: https://github.com/garmin/whisk/tree/master/meta-whisk/classes15:25
JPEWWith those classes you can write a recipe that depends on all the targets you want to build across multiple multiconfigs. Our tool (whisk) does this with the all-targets recipe: https://github.com/garmin/whisk/blob/master/meta-whisk/recipes-core/targets/all-targets.bb15:26
JPEWThus, when we run `bitbake all-targets` it builds all the desired targets for all configured products (each product is it's own multiconfig)15:27
JPEWErr, builds all the *default* targets15:27
kergothhuh, so you get around the issue of use of multiconfig with multiple conflicting layers/releases with bbmask?15:29
kergothwhisk seems interesting, might have to play with that15:30
JPEWkergoth: Ya. Just be aware that you may need to backport support... I don't think that landed until gatesgarth(?)15:30
Sponge5JPEW: bitbake mc:*:target-image is building so far, it did show all the machines that it should. I will know tomorrow for sure15:30
JPEWSponge5: Ok15:30
kergothah, good to know. do you run into problems with non-machine changes between multiconfigs? I've had issues changing distro configuration across multiconfigs, for example15:31
JPEWkergoth: No, but whisk automatically gives each mc (product) it's own build and deploy directories15:32
JPEWkergoth: Which probably prevents a lot of those problems15:32
kergothah, so isolating the build area per-product you avoid issues with tmpdir getting mucked up by rebuilding things with differing configs15:32
kergothmakes sense15:32
JPEWkergoth: Right. If they can share something, they do it through sstate anyway15:32
JPEWIt does mean your build directory can get pretty big if you build a lot of products at once :)15:33
kergothyeah, makes a lot of sense, thanks. i'll have to try whisk, seems promising for kicking off multiple builds with differing setups15:33
JPEWYa. There's also not a 1-1 correspondance between products and multiconfigs. It's designed so that if you have a multiconfig for a second coproc you can include it in a product along with the product's multiconfig15:34
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frayWe do something similar (starting with gatesgarth), and using rm_work, the build directory really doesn't get all that big (compared to running individual builds before).15:36
frayOverall the build looks more efficient, but I'm not sure that it's actually any faster then running one build after another (re-using the sstate-cache)15:36
frayWe did observe a problem where there was some sort of deadlock in the task deferral mechansism.  The code thats in there to break the deadlock worked, but ends up running tasks serially after that point.15:37
fray(I've had no time to go back to figure out if there is an easy way to reproduce the problem and/or diagnose what might be there to fix it.)15:37
JPEWfray: Ya, we don't do it for build efficiency per-say, we do it for release management (automatically release *all* these products from a CI build)15:37
frayThe symptom of the deadlock is basically everything gets to a point it's deferred, and then you get messages that nothing is in the task runqueue, so it will just pull the next task and run it15:38
JPEWfray: Huh, I haven't really noticed that15:38
fraywe're trying to do it for both reasons.  we have groups of machines that are tightly related.  As-in 90% of what they build is the same.  So it makes sense to group those in multiconfigs and then do a single build.15:38
fraythe deadlock may very well be related to the environment, including one of our layers/recipes, etc.  Like I said, we've not tracked it down yet.15:39
frayThe configuration was in excess of 150k tasks, across 8 machines15:39
*** Bunio_FH <Bunio_FH!~bunio@clj-165.netdrive.pl> has quit IRC15:40
fray(normal serial build for us takes about 12-14 hours for that config.  The multiconfig build took about 15+ minutes to parse, but then was really efficient [until the deadlock]...  I'm guessing, if we had not hit that problem, we'd have finished in about 10-12 hours.. so anywhere from 2 to roughly even (best case)15:40
*** geheimnis` <geheimnis`!~geheimnis@> has joined #yocto15:40
fraybut I stopped it, and restarted it at 14 hours, no further dead lock and it finished in minutes15:41
fray(parse was cached, and it turned out everything it needed was already in the sstate-cache as well)15:43
JPEWRP: Sent patches15:51
*** zyga <zyga!~zyga@unaffiliated/zyga> has quit IRC15:53
RPJPEW: thanks. I'd better try and sort bitbake version bumps with that too15:54
JPEWRP: Ya15:56
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alephanHi all. I see a couple of reports (in irc logs) about image generation (mkfs) failing on ZFS. Did anyone figured it out?16:19
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vmeson^^^ for those on the YP call -- meta-rpm is a yocto layer that replaces the "poky" base distribution by one based on pre-built rpms from an existing rpm-based distribution. Currently only Centos is supported, but the plan is to allow others too, like Fedora.16:42
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halsteadJPEW, https://www.yoctoproject.org/reproduce/ is a start. I'll get it integrated into the site now.17:16
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JPEWhalstead: Great! Thanks!17:50
halsteadJPEW, Getting close https://www.yoctoproject.org/reproducible-build-results/17:50
JPEWhalstead: Did you have to do anything with the cross-site scripting filter, or does it just work because it's hosted on yoctoproject.org?17:52
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halsteadJPEW, I added a header to Apache on git.yoctoproject.org. I could add one to enable your site as well if you'd like.17:54
JPEWhalstead: Not necessary. I have the browser extension that allows me to fake it for testing, and I don't really want my site to be "cannoical"17:55
*** beneth <beneth!~beneth@irc.beneth.fr> has left #yocto17:56
halsteadJPEW, Does https://www.yoctoproject.org/reproducible-build-results/ look ready? Is there anything else needed?17:57
JPEWhalstead: It would be nice if the tables had a little left and right padding in the cells to make it easier to read, but otherwise it looks good17:58
RzRhi, what is the proper way to overwrite a file (/etc/xdg/weston/weston.ini) ? I am considering to add a link and override weston packaging , or is there anything like debian's alternatives ?18:00
kergothRzR: we have alternatives, yes. you can also just bbappend the recipe to adjust/replace the file, i.e. recipetool appendfile command18:02
RzRok thx i'll dig into this18:04
kergothwith alternatives of course you could install your own recipe/package with a higher priority alternative, but i'm not sure if conffiles and alternatives work well together..18:09
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halsteadJPEW, https://www.yoctoproject.org/reproducible-build-results/ better?18:23
RPhalstead: can that say "OpenEmbedded-Core Master Branch" please?18:32
RPhalstead: nice though, thanks (and JPEW!)18:33
RzRkergoth, yea i am not sure i can use alternatives for conffiles18:33
khemRP:  do we need tcf-agent anymore given that we have dropped eclipse18:34
halsteadRP, Yep. It's using that value to fetch the results so just changing it breaks the page. Easy enough to fix.18:35
halsteadRP, Done.18:37
JPEWhalstead: Excellent! Thank you so much!18:37
JPEWI submitted the PR to update the link on reproducible-builds.org, so it should be live there soon18:38
halsteadRP, I coded it so that "master" is replaced by "OpenEmbedded-Core Master" on output. other branches will still be the branch name.18:38
*** marex <marex!~marex@> has quit IRC18:39
JPEWAh, like: https://www.yoctoproject.org/reproducible-build-results/?branch=master-next18:39
halsteadJPEW, Yes.  RP, should that say "OpenEmbedded-Core master-next"?18:40
RPhalstead: ideally, I just wanted to try and indicate somewhere the numbers were for OE-Core18:40
RPhalstead: I didn't realise it was pulling the branch from the data :)18:40
JPEWhalstead: It should probably always be "OpenEmbedded-Core {branch}"18:41
JPEWRP: Other way around, it pulls the data from the branch argument in the URL18:41
RPJPEW: right, that makes more sense :)18:41
JPEWRP: I was going to ask why there aren't any results for the release branches18:42
halsteadRP, I've changed it to always say OpenEmbedded-Core $branch branch.18:42
RPkanavin_home: might be an incentive to get the exclusion list minimised :)18:42
JPEWRp: e.g. https://www.yoctoproject.org/reproducible-build-results/?branch=gatesgarth18:42
RPJPEW: hmm, there should be something18:42
halsteadhttps://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit.cgi/yocto-testresults/plain/oeselftest/testresults.json?h=gatesgarth isn't quite right eh?18:43
JPEWhalstead, RP: I think it's the right URL, there's just nothing there (on that branch)18:44
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RPJPEW: I have no idea why there isn't, there should be :/18:44
JPEWYay, we are live: https://reproducible-builds.org/citests/18:45
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RPJPEW: http://downloads.yoctoproject.org/releases/yocto/yocto-3.2.1/testresults/oe-selftest-centos/ so they do exists18:45
RPnot sure what happened to the git repo additions18:46
halsteadJPEW, because yocto-testresults is such a huge repo all these dynamic requests are really loading the cgit server. How long can we cache these testresults.json responses without causing trouble?18:46
JPEWhalstead: Probably 24 hours?18:47
JPEWAt least18:47
RPhalstead: long cache times are ok, the test repo likely changes about every 24 hours18:47
smurrayJPEW: I'm curious, is package_rpm not in the reproducibility results because it still has issues?18:47
RPsmurray: correct18:47
JPEWsmurray: Ya, it's not tested yet18:47
RPsmurray: nobody has stepped up to make it work18:47
smurrayRP: how bad does it look?18:47
RPsmurray: no idea now18:48
smurrayRP: okay, gotcha18:48
halsteadThanks. 24 hours will make this simple. ;)18:48
RPsmurray: the content is clearly fine so its just dealing with rpm18:48
JPEWRP, halstead The other option is to pull the testresults.json from a URL not hosted by cgit18:48
smurrayRP: right18:48
malinus6hours to build image + sdk. i5-2500k. Not bad. I kinda want a new cpu though.18:49
JPEWRP, halstead: That's just the only one I could find that had a consistent URL we could use without having to change the js code all the time18:49
halsteadJPEW, That's a good option too. I could even remove the custom header options at that point. Then there is the problem of keeping those up to date.18:49
JPEWhalstead: It could something a simple as having the AB publish results somewhere like: http://downloads.yoctoproject.org/releases/yocto/current/$branch/testresults.json18:50
JPEW(at least, I assume the things in there are published by the AB)18:51
halsteadJPEW, The AB can publish directly to http://autobuilder.yocto.io/pub/18:51
JPEWAh, that would work18:52
halsteadJPEW, I just made https://autobuilder.yocto.io/pub/testresults/18:52
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JPEWRP: I'm not very familiar with the AB, where would I go to make it publish to that URL?18:59
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RPJPEW: http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/yocto-autobuilder-helper/tree/scripts/collect-results and http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/yocto-autobuilder-helper/tree/scripts/send-qa-email19:37
RPJPEW: the latter script is badly named now, it did do just that originally19:37
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vdlI have systemd-container installed, but I don't have systemd-importd.service on my machine. Any idea?21:11
vdlIs Chen Qi here?21:16
vdlit's listed in FILES_${PN}-container. but doesn't end up in my rootfs :/21:23
aleblancvdl are you sure you added the pkg to your image ?21:25
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aleblancand you can find trace in of if in bitbake -e your_image  ?21:26
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kergothvdl: check the image manifests to confirm, or opkg gon target if you have package-management in the image features21:30
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vdlkergoth: the package is in the manifest and I also have binaries from systemd-container on my system ;)21:35
vdlexcept systemd-importd{,.service}21:36
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aleblancon the topic of dynamic checksum , anyone using a specific method ? I'v seen this :  http://www.burtonini.com/blog/2017/06/13/dynamic-source-checksums/22:11
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mooseHello... Not sure how this work but if I have a yocto question should I post it here or somewhere else?22:31
JPEWmoose: Here is fine, just ask22:35
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mooseOkay thanks. Are there any resources or documentations discuss how to setup common IDEs (ex: eclipse or VC) with yocto SDK? The live coding #4 video on youtbe is really helpful and explain how to cross-compile on the commend line but not really sure how to have a full IDE setup where I can cross-compile, remote connect and remote debug my22:45
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mooseapplication/image. I am open to whichever IDE that integrates best with yocto. Apparently, there used to be a yocto eclipse plug-in but that seems to be not supported anymore.22:45
RPJPEW: with https://bugzilla.yoctoproject.org/show_bug.cgi?id=13973 in mind, do you think we should change the format of the data in siginfo files to json?22:46
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JPEWRP: If it's simple types, we could do that. It would make it easier to look at without any tools22:50
RPJPEW: all really simple. I was thinking it would aid readability22:52
RPJPEW: pickle is from before we had json available in python easily :/22:53
JPEWRP: Ya, pickle isn't always the best option anymore22:53
fraypickle will recursively handle certain objects, I'm not sure json does though.. so that could still be a problemw ith some data structures22:54
JPEWfray: It can handle the basic container types (dict, list, tuple) just fine22:57
JPEWAnd you can extended it to serialize whatever you want22:57
fraypoint is it has to be extended for other data structures..  json is much better way to do things IMHO, but it's not all automatic22:58
JPEWfray: Ah, yes. You can't necessarily just replace pickle() with json.dumps()22:59
RPfray: right, but the data here should be really simple, its about key value pairs, not complex data23:01
RPJPEW: I'm also wondering if the parsing problem I found today in bitbake is the long standing memres mystery bug23:02
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