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dvorkindmitrydorinda, I see the big difference between bc-native and myrecipe-native in the workdir:00:05
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dvorkindmitrybc: find ./ -name "bc"00:05
dvorkindmitrymy: find ./ -name "myscript*"00:06
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dvorkindmitrywhere can I find ${bindir} definition for native recipe?00:26
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jonesv[m]Would somebody be able to point me to where I should look to understand how a .dtb is compiled from a .dts residing in the boot/dts/ directory of my kernel sources? I know that it is found from the name set in `KERNEL_DEVICETREE`, and there are classes like `classes/devicetree.bbclass` that seem related, but it feels like the actual compilation (from dts to dtb) is not done there. Is that done by some kernel tool (and not by00:52
jonesv[m]yocto scripts)?00:52
zeddiidtc compiles it.00:54
jonesv[m]The reason I'm asking is that my dts is in another sublevel (boot/dts/qcom/my.dts instead of boot/dts/my.dts), and it seems like something fails because of that subdir. I can workaround it by creating a folder manually in my tmp, but I'd like to understand if I'm doing it wrong or if there may be a bug00:54
jonesv[m]<zeddii "dtc compiles it."> And dtc is a tool built by yocto and run when compiling the kernel?00:55
zeddiithe kernel tree always carries a copy of dtc. but it is its own standalone project, since it is used by more than linux.00:55
zeddiibut yes, there's a dtc recipe as well. and the devicetree.bbclass makes use of it.00:58
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jonesv[m]Right. But then if at compile time "something" fails to create the right subfolder in tmp (for the .dtb.dts.tmp file), should I look into the dtc in my downstream kernel sources, or the dtc recipe?01:03
zeddiican't say. i don't know your kernel recipe, if it is using the kernel to build the dtb (kernel-devictree.dtb), how the variables have been defined in your build, etc. but it is not likely a bug in the kernel or the classes, but one in how the dts is specified (there are hundreds of builds going on daily with various dts, and they are ok).01:07
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jonesv[m]I see... Well I just say "KERNEL_DEVICETREE+="qcom/my.dtb", and it seems to find the corresponding dts. But then the qcom subfolder is missing during the build. The thing is that if I set "KERNEL_DEVICETREE+="my.dtb", then it just does not find the dts at all01:13
jonesv[m]And I'm not really setting anything more than that 🤔01:13
zeddiiit's the kernel doing that compilation. So super unlikely there's a bug. The dts could be in the wrong place, or something else up with the vendor tree. but that's the tried and true kernel build for that dtb. Not impossible, just very unlikely. You can see how the build is handed off to the kernel in the kernel-devicetree.bbclass (which args it passes, etc).01:17
jonesv[m]Got it, I'll go look more into that01:20
jonesv[m]Thanks ☺️01:20
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kergothdvorkindmitry: my guess is you didn't inherit native in your naitve recipe, or didn't use bbclassextend. just *naming* a recipe something-native doesn't mean it'll do what native recipes do02:27
kergothdvorkindmitry: actually posting your recipe would make diagnosing it much easier02:28
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mckoangood morning07:37
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX07:50
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mckoanhi LetoThe2nd07:52
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swissaccent12The following question was asked yesterday by someone and I am curious to know as well: The link${PV}.tar.gz is invalid. Why is it still there?08:20
swissaccent12he meant the link in some recipe08:20
LetoThe2ndswissaccent12: probably because nobody bothered to send a patch for it, then?08:20
LetoThe2ndplus, "in some recipe" is not exactly a good place to go looking for it.08:21
swissaccent12too old I see, it is for the rpi1 if I'm not mistaken08:21
LetoThe2ndswissaccent12: there's nothing wrong with building for the rpi1 :)08:23
swissaccent12respect for the oldies ;D08:24
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qschulzwell I guess we'll never know which recipe they were talking about09:36
* LetoThe2nd doesn't feel like grepping too.09:36
qschulzzeddii: jonesv[m]: on aarch32, all device trees are in the same directory (arch/arm/boot/dts) as opposed to aarch64. So I wouldn't be surprised if there's something broken in qcom vendor kernel09:38
qschulzI might be wrong but IIRC, Yocto builds the kernel in a different directory, which is probably not tested by Qualcomm09:38
jonesv[m]qschulz vocabulary question: "vendor kernel" means my downstream kernel, right? It's an old 3.18.31 fork09:41
qschulzjonesv[m]: "fork" in the name => vendor kernel09:41
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jonesv[m]qschulz so do you think that I should just move the dts out of dts/qcom? I can try that...09:43
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StimfarmerHello, i have a question regarding the recent CVE on sudo that has been published. Is there any patch available for yocto rocko ? Thanks in advance for any info09:54
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qschulzStimfarmer: rocko is EOL for a long time already, so short answer, no.10:14
qschulzYou'll have to backport it yourself or find someone who has done it already and agrees to share it with you10:14
Stimfarmerqschulz thanks for the answer.10:19
StimfarmerBackport is a tough task since it requires an upgrade of the glibc for rocko.10:19
StimfarmerI managed to backport to zeus but not rocko.10:19
LetoThe2ndsimple fix idea: stop shipping sudo! \o/10:26
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tema25Hi, I'm using google repo for my project and I want to work with local git source code repositories instead of a remote. I need something similar to externalsrc but I want yocto to track git repo. Could someone help with my issue?10:47
LetoThe2ndtema25: you mean that you want to create a recipe that builds something, where the "something" is using repo?10:49
mckoantema25: externalsrc is for recipes, google repo is for system setup10:50
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qschulztema25: also define "I want yocto to track git repo". What exactly do you want it to do? what's the use case?10:55
tema25Here is my use case: I check out all source code with google repo and rebuild the image with current uncommitted changes in my app repo during development. I don't want to change recipe hash every time I do rebuild or do a release. During the release, I create pinned manifest with all source code. IDK what fetcher I need for my case.10:57
tema25> also define "I want yocto to track git repo". What exactly do you want it to do? what's the use case?10:57
tema25I need SRCPV from git repo10:57
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LetoThe2ndtema25: i don't get it. what are you you using repo for? the complete, yocto based build? or your application?10:59
tema25Everything is checkout with google repo including yocto layers and my source code.11:03
qschulztema25: reimplement externalsrc with the correct SRCPV read from the git repo... though it does not make much sense as if your git tree is dirty, the SRCPV will still be the same that clean git repo, so it's not really useful11:07
LetoThe2ndtema25: sounds like you are essentially mixing up things.11:07
qschulzIMO at least11:07
qschulztema25: you can also use devtool modify instead of externalsrc if you just want a way to modify sources quickly before committing11:08
qschulz(though, under the hood, devtool uses externalsrc)11:08
qschulzand if you want auto bump of the recipe during dev, you can use SRCREV = "${AUTOREV}"11:09
qschulz(which will take the latest version available in your git repo for each build)11:09
qschulzLetoThe2nd: damn too fast for me11:14
LetoThe2ndqschulz: BAM!11:14
qschulzand Martin too, don't remember what's their nick11:15
tema25I want to develop and rebuild without pushing to remote. It's not convenient thought. What are the best practices to work with yocto when I do local kernel development or local app development?11:16
tema25I need a proper way to provide developers to test their changes locally without pushing anything to the remote.  Current developers do not want to modify recipes.11:16
qschulztema25: devtool11:17
qschulztheir on-going debug or dev session is finished, they push to the remote11:18
qschulzotherwise maybe extended SDK? (eSDK) never used it so can't say11:18
qschulzif your people are doing kernel dev, they probably know how to flash their device too, use tftp and all that stuff which does not require a complete Yocto rebuild and is MUCH faster than debugging with Yocto11:19
qschulzI'd say kernel dev with Yocto is not suitable11:19
qschulztoo much overhead11:19
qschulzlocal app => devtool or esdk I think11:19
tema25devtool looks like a hack for me. I worked with buildroot before and it's possible to use the local site. SDK is good when there is no kernel development.11:20
LetoThe2ndqschulz: exception: when kernel dev means sorting config fragments or such11:20
qschulzLetoThe2nd: that's part of Yocto for me, so debugging Yocto recipes.11:21
tema25could someone provide tutorial how to add custom fetcher?11:21
LetoThe2ndqschulz: for me too, but hey, people might think different.11:21
LetoThe2ndtema25: 1) look at existing fetcher 2) copy 3) hack 4) profit.11:21
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LetoThe2ndtema25: but i'd also say that you are probably on the wrong track, and that re-thinking the process should be step #111:22
qschulzLetoThe2nd: wasn't there a talk about ci/cd and dev in Yocto at ELCE 2019?11:23
qschulzby paul maybe?11:23
tema25Then how to avoid manual work without fixing hash commits in recipes during release?11:23
LetoThe2ndqschulz: there was always a talk about ci/cd11:23
LetoThe2ndtema25: AUTOREV11:23
tema25AUTOREV is bad practice for releases.11:24
LetoThe2ndtema25: and "release" basically means "fixing the hash"11:24
tema25it's okay for dev but not releases.11:24
LetoThe2ndtema25: yeah i misread.11:24
LetoThe2nddevtool finish  should update the rev, AFAIK11:24
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qschulzPretty sure AUH supports this somehow? might need to tag different git repos though11:25
LetoThe2ndqschulz: no more AUHbombing please.11:26
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wertigonTrying to get a systemd timer to work, and I'm stumped - anyone got experience with this? Do I need to register it in a recipe of some kind?11:27
qschulzLetoThe2nd: I used AUH a few times without sending mail bombs :) one just needs to read the doc and conf file :)11:27
qschulztema25: the issue with using an externalsrc-like approach is how you're able to differentiate a dev build from a release build11:28
qschulzhow to make sure that it is really vanilla from the package version11:28
qschulzyou could do this by extending externalsrc to add something when the git repo is dirty.11:29
qschulzand it would mean versioning and version bumping would be the burden of your `repo` tool and conf file, not yocto11:29
qschulznote that if you want to set a variable in a recipe's task/function that applies to other tasks/functions (even implicit ones), the variable setting logic has to be inside the pyth onanonymous function11:31
wertigon <-- My current attempt at a timed service - anything I'm missing?11:34
wertigonIs there a SYSTEMD_TIMER_${PN} perhaps...? So confused :(11:36
LetoThe2ndwertigon: its very well possible that those timers need some special sauce that is not there yet because nobody needed it. at least i have never noticed any specific support for them.11:38
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wertigonLetoThe2nd: Ok :/ Let me see what systemd says about getting timers up and running12:05
LetoThe2ndwertigon: i would try to make it work in target first and then replicate that through recipes.12:05
wertigonhmm, apparently, systemctl enable $NAME.timer12:06
wertigonLetoThe2nd: Ok, I try that12:07
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wertigonHmm, apparently it required addendum of RequiredBy12:17
wertigonAnd WantedBy12:17
wertigonOh, and question #2; if I want to build a kernel tool for a separate package, can I somehow piggyback on the kernel source code?12:20
LetoThe2ndwertigon: "piggyback"?12:21
wertigonWell, basically, I don't want to download two full versions of the kernel source code12:21
wertigonBut neither do I want the package in all my images12:22
LetoThe2ndwertigon: ah. well IIRC the kernel is special in terms of its sources being available in a shared workspace, but you'd have to look for an example recipe yourself that makes use of it.12:23
qschulzcan confirm, it's using a work-shared area12:24
qschulzI would take inspiration from kernel modules recipe because those need the kernel sources/headers to build12:25
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wertigonqschulz: kernel modules recipe, is that poky/meta/recipes-kernel/kmod/
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qschulzwertigon: most of it is probably abstracted in module.bbclass12:41
wertigonAh :)12:50
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koan85beginner question: by default TMPDIR is commented out inside local.conf, why is the temporary folder needed anyway and what are the advantages of uncommenting this?13:03
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mckoankoan85: it is commented to use the default. if you uncommenti it you have to specify a different directory13:04
koan85aha gotcha, thanks13:06
LetoThe2ndkoan85: and it is needed for about everything, because this is where all things are assembled in the end.13:08
koan85but this directory cannot be reused am I correct (using checksums)? (per the comments in that file)13:09
LetoThe2ndkoan85: TMPDIR is unique per build. SSTATE is meant for reuse13:10
koan85then it would be nice to be able to set a variable to automatically remove this directory once the build finishes13:14
LetoThe2ndkoan85: then you wouldn't be able to seize any build artifacts, which is kind of unproductive, right? and for everything else, we have rm_work13:14
koan85sorry meant the temporary files, because this directory holds the temporary files (unique per build so in my eyes unneccessary if I run a build again since it can't be reused) and build outputs (which is what I need)13:17
koan85but you're right13:17
koan85think I got enough information for now, amazing that this channel exists, thanks guys!13:18
LetoThe2ndthis is about exactly what the rm_work thing does.13:19
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dorindaHi All, after building a recipe here
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dorindai was trying to deploy target for the recipe, so after executing runqemu to start QEMU and boot the image....i try to deploy the new recipe like this but am getting the following error13:56
dorindai'll appreciate any help13:59
mckoandorinda: how did you launch qemu?14:02
LetoThe2nd127.0.0.53 sounds fishy for sure.14:04
LetoThe2ndqschulz: didn't you have something worked out for that use case?14:04
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dorindaafter sourcing env script i ran $runqemu qemux86-6414:09
LetoThe2nddorinda: and how did you obtain that ip address? usually the qemus should have
*** sno <sno!> has joined #yocto14:11
dorindaLetoThe2nd: hmm :( i also tried 192.168.100 from list of listening ports14:11
LetoThe2nddorinda: you have to look inside the qemu, not by guessing on your host. hat does "ip a" there give you? put into a pastebin if you need somebody to look at it.14:12
dorindaoh oh i see the qemu ip there thanks, but am still getting connection refused error as above14:16
*** aleblanc <aleblanc!> has joined #yocto14:17
*** bps <bps!> has quit IRC14:18
qschulzLetoThe2nd: mmmm, but by default it's in noslirp mode IIRC, which requires root privileges?14:19
qschulzdorinda: you had to give your user's password when starting runqemu right?14:20
GeneralStupidHi, is there a way to build a static strace, which i can move to the target if i need it?14:21
*** bps <bps!> has joined #yocto14:21
dorindaqschulz: yes password and user as root.14:21
qschulzdorinda: what's qemu's ip addr and your dev machine's netmask/ip addr?14:22
dorinda qemu ip=
*** [Sno] <[Sno]!> has joined #yocto14:26
qschulzfwiw, I used the slirp option14:29
qschulzrunqemu qemuarm64 slirp nographic qemuparams="-nic user,hostfwd=tcp::5555-:22"14:29
*** sno <sno!> has quit IRC14:29
qschulzssh -o "UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null" -o "StrictHostKeyChecking=no" -p 5555 root@localhost14:29
dorindamy machine ip= netmask
qschulzdorinda: mmmm, k so it probably should just work. Can you ping?14:30
qschulzboth ways14:30
qschulzwell, if it works one way it should work the other way except if iptables is wrongly configured but I doubt it :)14:31
dorindaokay, let me try that now14:34
qschulzit might just be that your image does not have an ssh server running14:35
*** Amelia95 <Amelia95!2ed17334@> has quit IRC14:36
*** tema25 <tema25!> has quit IRC14:40
dorindaqschulz: so i ran ssh -o "UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null" -o "StrictHostKeyChecking=no" -p 5555 root@localhost  but got error: connection reset by peer14:48
*** Saur <Saur!pkj@nat/axis/x-khlpywkqyoqkzrzj> has left #yocto14:53
qschulzand you ran runqemu with the exact command I gave you?14:54
qschulzdorinda: next try is `ps | grep ssh` (might be `ps aux`) or `ps | grep dropbear`14:55
dorindayes i did, but with qemux86-6414:56
qschulzok, in qemu now, run `netstat -lauten` and check if something is listening on port 2214:57
qschulz(does it listen to all interfaces? or at least
*** ssajal <ssajal!> has joined #yocto14:57
dorindaps aux | grep ssh on my machine returned15:01
*** minimaxwell <minimaxwell!> has quit IRC15:01
qschulzdorinda: not on your machine, in qemu :)15:02
qschulzsorry, wasn't clear15:02
dorindain qemu am getting15:02
dagmcrhi guys, is there any reason why cmake files are removed in llvm recipe?15:04
dagmcrI'm building a recipe and fails because of:15:04
dagmcr|   Could not find a package configuration file provided by "LLVM" with any of15:04
dagmcr|   the following names:15:04
dagmcr|     LLVMConfig.cmake15:04
dagmcr|     llvm-config.cmake15:04
qschulzdorinda: just ps alone then15:04
dorindabut when i tried to run telnet localhost 22 am getting telnet: can't connect to remote host ( Connection refused15:04
qschulzdorinda:1) did you ping your running qemu from your machine?15:06
qschulzdorinda: 2) `ps | grep ssh` and `ps | grep dropbear` in running qemu. Is something returned by those commands?15:07
qschulzdorinda: 3) `netstat -lauten`, anything listening on port 22?15:07
*** GeneralStupid <GeneralStupid!> has left #yocto15:07
qschulzdorinda: 4) if 2 and 3 returns nothing, add `EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES_append = " ssh-server-dropbear"` to your local.conf and try again (rebuild, restart qemu)15:09
dorinda1) yes i pinged qemu ip from my machine15:10
*** ssajal <ssajal!> has quit IRC15:11
*** rob_w <rob_w!~bob@unaffiliated/rob-w/x-1112029> has quit IRC15:13
*** minimaxwell <minimaxwell!> has joined #yocto15:13
dorinda2) returns15:14
dorinda3) netstat -lauten didn't return any list of active internet connections, about to try step 4)15:18
*** yifan <yifan!~yifan@> has joined #yocto15:18
qschulzdorinda: c.f.
wertigonOk, here is a sample recipe that we're trying to fit. What we want to accomplish; ensure SDK has bpf tool from kernel repository installed.15:28
wertigonIs there an easier way? Biggest problem is that bpf requires special treatment in makefile.15:29
*** ssajal <ssajal!> has joined #yocto15:33
wertigonThe above works, btw, just feels like walking upstream for water15:34
*** OriPessach <OriPessach!> has joined #yocto15:41
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*** sakoman <sakoman!~steve@> has joined #yocto15:49
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*** GeneralStupid <GeneralStupid!> has joined #yocto16:06
GeneralStupidHi, avahi-daemon cannot be started. it internally uses libdaemon and that tries to create an Exclusive lock on /run/avahi-daemon//pid and this returns with EACCES16:07
GeneralStupidAny suggestions?16:07
wertigonGeneralStupid: Make sure you have read and write access to that file.16:10
GeneralStupidwertigon: i have. I can create and write to a pid file as the avahi user16:11
wertigonAlso, see if the file is created on a read-only filesystem16:11
GeneralStupidwertigon: /run is a tmp file system16:11
wertigonGeneralStupid: Mounted how?16:12
wertigonOnly other thing I can think of is that something is holding the file in that case.16:12
wertigonAre you running avahi as the avahi user?16:12
GeneralStupidwertigon: tmpfs on /run type tmpfs (rw,nosuid,nodev,mode=755)16:13
GeneralStupidwertigon: i tried both. It automatically drops root rights. But i tried with --no-drop-root16:13
wertigonOk, good. Then avahi is probably running as something else16:13
wertigonCheck for typos :)16:14
GeneralStupidIts telling me that its switching to the (correct) rights of the avahi user16:14
GeneralStupidHow can i check if another program has a lock on that files?16:14
*** sstabellini <sstabellini!sstabellin@gateway/shell/xshellz/x-ydoglmvaptjphfrz> has joined #yocto16:14
wertigonProbably a case of misspelled groups then16:14
wertigonsee if it's incorrectly typed as avahl or something like that16:15
GeneralStupidchecked that, looks ok16:15
wertigonHmmm... Then you probably have something already creating the lock file or the double slashes could cause problems16:16
wertigone.g. should be /pid instead of //pid16:16
GeneralStupidwertigon: ok, but this is hardcoder :/16:17
*** lucaceresoli <lucaceresoli!> has quit IRC16:18
*** stephano <stephano!~stephano@> has joined #yocto16:23
GeneralStupidwertigon: i just installed lslocks. I have no locks currently16:26
wertigonGeneralStupid: And what happens if you start the service? systemctl start avahi16:32
jordemortmy docker volume woes seem to continue unabated, this is a real weird one right?
jordemort  Exception: subprocess.CalledProcessError: Command '['rm', '-rf', '/work/build/tmp/work/raspberrypi4_64-bantha-linux/bantha-image/1.0-r0/oe-rootfs-repo/rpm']' died with <Signals.SIGABRT: 6>.16:35
jordemortrm gets SIGABRT? not even a permission denied16:35
wertigonIt could be that the service boots before filesystem is up and running16:35
jordemortRP: yeah i've seen that wiki page a lot lately and i have no idea what's happening still16:36
jordemorti'm runing crops/poky, i've got a volume mounted on /work/build, nothing else touches that volume16:36
GeneralStupidwertigon: but if this would be the case, shouldnt it possible to start it now?16:37
jordemorti'll have a successful build and then the very next build will fail with weird filesystem permission stuff16:37
wertigonGeneralStupid: I have no idea then :/ It's probably something incredibly obvious but I have too little experience here to be much use, sorry16:37
wertigonGeneralStupid: That was my thinking too16:37
RPjordemort: its a sign that pseudo file tracking isn't working properly. Have you looked at what pseudo.log says?16:38
GeneralStupidwertigon: Ok, thanks a lot for your help. But this is really frustrating16:38
RPjordemort: is this master or gatesgath/dunfell?16:38
jordemortRP: dunfell16:38
jordemortgetting pseudo.log now16:38
wertigonGeneralStupid: Yeah, tell me about it, I have a similar problem right now with a systemd service on dunfell...16:38
wertigonGot the timer to work finally, but not the service connected to it XD fun times tomorrow!16:39
wertigonTime to walk off work, might check in tomorrow too! GLHF!16:40
*** wertigon <wertigon!> has quit IRC16:40
jordemortRP: pseudo.log says a LOT, mostly "inode mismatch"16:40
jordemortlet me upload it16:41
*** AndersD_ <AndersD_!> has quit IRC16:42
jordemortRP: pseudo.log
jordemorti bet this is because i'm using a named volume instead of a direct host path as a volume mount and docker is doing something stupid between container runs to trash it16:46
RPjordemort: the inode numbers don't look stable so pseudo is getting rather upset16:47
RPjordemort: pseudo won't work properly if inode numbering isn't stable16:49
fraywe've seen issues w/ docker, but never been able to track it down16:49
jordemortRP: makes sense16:49
RPjordemort: basically that log is saying "file has this inode number but now it has that inode number, what happened?"16:51
* RP suspects docker happened16:51
*** berton <berton!> has joined #yocto16:51
jordemort/khanify docker16:51
jordemorthow bad would it be to just not persist that between runs and only persist downloads and sstate?16:54
RPjordemort: not too bad IMO16:55
JPEWjordemort: There are a few caveats when building in a container16:57
*** dvhart <dvhart!~dvhart@> has quit IRC16:58
JPEWjordemort: The one that really bit us WRT to pseudo is that the kernel will SIGKILL all child processes when the container exits, which doesn't allow pseudo to dump the in memory database: See the "" question in
JPEWBut, FWIW we also don't use volumes and instead bind-mount in the working directory, so it could be a problem with volumes also16:59
jordemortJPEW: thank you, i think you just handed me the key to fixing it <317:00
*** dvhart <dvhart!~dvhart@> has joined #yocto17:01
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*** Konsgnx1 <Konsgnx1!> has joined #yocto17:08
jordemorti wonder how hard it'd be to replace pseudo with uidmap17:09
jordemortprobably pretty fscking hard17:09
fraypseudo is a lot more then just uid mapping17:09
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tgoodwin Has anyone seen the use of the AC_PROG_LIBTOOL macro in a break a package?  With it included, I get linking errors during do_compile (missing symbols).  Without the macro, the package is fine.  I've verified it's passing --with-libtool-sysroot pointed to recipe-sysroot, and the resulting linker flags appear to be the same in both cases.17:55
dv_I'm trying to get QEMU to provide an alsa device for testing audio. I added alsa to the packageconfig of qemu-system-native , but that did not help. any idea?17:57
*** JaBen <JaBen!~Thunderbi@2a02:8109:86c0:1c58:bd52:f0ef:80f0:e69e> has joined #yocto18:03
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*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away18:07
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malinusI'm a bit confused. I've got recipe, and a append file, which I would like to apply. The 5.1.5. "Using .bbapend Files" should clarify how to apply them, but even after reading the paragraph I'm not completly sure.18:42
malinusHow exactly do I apply the bbappend?18:42
*** B0ned1ger <B0ned1ger!> has quit IRC18:46
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fraya bbappend file in an included layer are automatically applied18:48
malinusfray: when I run bitbake-layers show-appends, it says (skipped)18:50
*** bobo <bobo!> has joined #yocto18:51
RPmalinus: does "bitbake <recipe>" work? or is it skipped there too?18:52
RPthat might explain why it is being skipped18:52
frayDoes it say the package is skipped or the append is skipped?  Appends are applied based on the configuration in the layer itself.  (i.e. )18:52
frayAssuming the item is available in the layer and picked up my the BBFILES.. then it's likely the recipe is being skipped for another reason (incompatible, etc)18:53
malinusohhh the layer is skipped18:53
malinusthanks, that explain is, doh18:53
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dv_I don't get it. "runqemu qemux86-64 audio kvm" produces something that shows me alsa devices in the VM. and yet, I hear nothing, and pavucontrol on the host shows that QEMU is not actually opening any PCM output.19:10
dv_is audio in qemu broken in gatesgarth?19:11
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BorkoRSHello, I have been trying for a few days now to build yocto with x11 support with core-image-x11 image, but having difficulties with atk library. I have installed both gobject-introspection and  libgirepository1.0-dev (host system is Ubuntu 18.04), but I still get configure: error: gobject-introspection-1.0 is not installed. Can someone please19:24
BorkoRShelp? Thanks.19:24
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kergotharg, this prefix map issue makes no freaking sense. driving me nuts21:24
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adrian_Hello, anyone got this error?| pseudo_client.h:17:65: error: ‘_STAT_VER’ undeclared (first use in this function)21:50
adrian_ERROR: Task (virtual:native:/home/miha/workspace/poky/meta/recipes-devtools/pseudo/ failed with exit code '1'21:51
frayI saw a reference recently about that, but I didn't catch what host OS they were using (gatesgarth ws the YP version though)21:51
adrian_getting it on dunfell branch21:51
adrian_i am using arch linux21:52
fraywhich host oS?21:52
frayHmm.. not sure, I don't know much about arch sorry..21:52
fraythe error BTW is that it's using a variable (likely from glibc) that isn't there anymore..21:53
rburtonmost likely arch being arch and breaking things first.  did they get a new glibc recently?21:53
adrian_Your host glibc version (2.33) is newer than that in uninative (2.32). Disabling uninative so that sstate is not corrupted.21:53
adrian_:) yes21:53
rburtonwe recommend that people using arch either 1) do builds in a container of a known good distro or 2) send patches21:54
kergothhmm, i wonder if devtool/recipetool/etc should be obeying the bitbake log config the way the knotty ui does, or keep doing their own thing21:55
jordemorthm, another kind of pseudo failure:21:57
jordemortpath mismatch [1 link]: ino 16777305 db '/home/builder/.gnupg/private-keys-v1.d' req '/home/builder/.passphrase'.21:57
jordemortthat's understandable because i recreate those files every container run21:58
jordemortbut i don't really want pseudo tracking them, do i need to figure out how to exclude them?21:58
jordemortor do i need to find a better way to inject gpg keys?21:58
frayAdd /home/builder to your exclusion path21:58
jordemortfray: that is PSEUDO_IGNORE_PATHS? local.conf a fine place for it?21:59
frayNot sure.. sorry21:59
fray(but it should be that, you'll likely have to _append)21:59
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dvorkindmitryI need myrecipe-native to be deployed before WIC creation. Now I am using EXTRA_IMAGEDEPENDS += "myrecipe-native", but it doesn't work. How can I deploy some recipe before WIC?22:04
* rburton wonders why pseudo has opt-out path tracking not opt-in22:05
rburtonwe could tell it to opt in to $B $D and a few more, and be done, surely22:06
fraybecause we don't know the paths that can affect teh build.. but we do know paths that don't..22:06
fraySeebs would be able to expand on it22:06
jordemorteh it might not be bad to be overly paranoid about sneaky contamination from the host22:06
jordemorti'd appreciate this failure, if it was something i wasn't expecting to change :D22:06
seebsHuh, that's a fascinating thought. I suppose the question would be, in part, detecting contamination. It might be interesting to scan the database for paths that aren't in $B/$D/etc22:07
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OriPessachHmmm. Not sure that went through. Let me try that again -  I've been using an older branch of Poky to build a genericx86-64 image, and I updated the code to using gatesgarth. I can't figure out how to get the install option to show up in Grub. So I can't get anything other than the live system option (booting off of a USB drive.) Any idea how to22:23
OriPessachget that back in gatesgarth?22:23
jordemortfray: more cautious than optimistic but `PSEUDO_IGNORE_PATHS_append = "/home/builder"` in local.conf seems to be working out, thanks22:29
*** adrian_ <adrian_!~adriano@2a04:2413:8140:6d80:183e:15bc:11f:d03f> has quit IRC22:29
frayI think it's in path format so..:/home/builder (I think), but I'm not sure..22:33
fraylook at what the default value is first22:33
jordemortah looks like it's comma-separated22:37
dvorkindmitryhow can I make my image depend on some native task DEPLOY22:47
RPkergoth: they do things a bit differently :/22:48
RPseebs, jordemort: when sorting out PSEUDO_IGNORE_PATHS, I did scan the databases for exactly that, files which shouldn't be there...22:49
RPjonmason: we're going to get warnings in meta-arm from
*** mischief <mischief!> has joined #yocto23:00
mischiefhi. i made a `standard` sdk but there is no make program in it. why is that?23:00
*** yifan <yifan!~yifan@> has quit IRC23:01
dvorkindmitryhow can I force to do_deploy of some recipe before image.wic build?23:01
RPmischief: its assumed make from your system would be ok. You could always add nativesdk-make to the sdk if you wanted it...23:01
mischiefRP: aha.23:01
mischiefwell, it added nativesdk cmake and meson so i thought the lack of make was curious.23:02
mischiefi installed the sdk inside a ubuntu:18.04 container, which of course lacks anything terribly useful by default23:02
RPmischief: we patch meson and cmake to work better for cross use iirc, make should be standard23:03
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jonmasonRP: if you knew how much we have to drag our guys kicking and screaming to upgrade their u-boot and kernel sources...23:17
dvorkindmitryhow can I restart image creation?
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dorindahi qschulz back again :) so i added the `EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES_append = " ssh-server-dropbear"` to local.conf but got some errors, which i think was probably because some ssh-server-dropbear dependencies were missing, so instead i added `EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES_append = " ssh-server-openssh"`, built the image again and ran QEMU, this time `netstat -lauten` returned LISTENING port 22. And you were right about my image not23:41
dorindahaving an ssh server running, had to set it up and now am able to deploy target for the recipe. Thank you :)23:41
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mischiefhm.. when i run ./ it seems to hang at `Initialising tasks`. can't tell if it's doing something or just stalled forever23:55

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