Saturday, 2021-02-20

marexkhem: all right00:06
RPalephan: I think we're going to have to bring that one up with glibc themselves, I'm nervous about reverting that00:12
alephanI'll do that too. This will be a workaround for the meanwhile. I don't think it will cause problems.00:14
RPalephan: it is good to have it on the list, we can discuss it and people then know to be aware of it00:15
alephanYup. At the core we know that we are affected by it00:15
alephanAnd we have a workaround00:15
RPalephan: exactly00:16
khemI think its just tunable issue, glibc 2.33 is now using cpu tunables00:16
khemand its not reporting it back since cpu detection is not right00:16
alephanI'm building for that ^00:17
alephankhem: no dice00:26
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RPJPEW: - breaking my builds! ;-)00:33
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alephanFor those of you interested in the icache line size bug in glibc 2.33, here is the upstream report:
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khemAndrei: try removing --enable-cet01:55
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JPEWRP: blerg. I ran the tests...02:14
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JPEWRP: Huh, it passes on master (with my patch), fails on master-next02:23
JPEWRP: Ah, sorry. The patch didn't get applied correctly because it does a rename and I sent it from poky. Sorry02:29
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JPEWRP: Sent an updated patch with the prefix removed02:37
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yateswhat is the latest yocto version (is it poky)?06:04
yatesis there a list of compatible linux distributions on which yocto can be built and run?06:05
yatesthe latest version of yocto, that is?06:05
yatesis it gatesgarth?06:06
yateswhich versions of yocto are compatible with ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS?06:11
yates(if any...)06:11
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malinusyates: latest yocto version? poky? looks at this
malinusyates: you can check the compatible distributions, for a particular version of yocto.07:30
malinuslook in meta-poky/conf/distro/poky.conf07:31
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lukmaDear community - is there any out of the box recipe for linux-backports (the setup which allows building the newest wi-fi for older kernels)07:59
lukmaI've poked around and there is nothing obvious in e,g, poky08:00
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RPJPEW: sorry, I should have realised. Thanks for the v211:15
dvorkindmitryis there a way to add extra script at kernel deploy step? something like deploy_append() ?11:15
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RPdvorkindmitry: that would probably work11:21
RPdvorkindmitry: do_deploy_append() { }11:21
dvorkindmitryRP, thanks. Just curious if there can be a problem, case kernel recipe is very specific11:22
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alephankhem I'll give it a spit later today11:47
alephanSpin not spit :D11:47
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alephankhem: nope. Didn't make a difference.12:30
jonesv[m]If somebody here has experience using Connman on a gadget, I have a question here:
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dl9pfrepro patches for rpm sent.17:33
vdldoes such thing exist: IMAGE_FSTYPES_image-core-image-minimal += "wic" ?17:34
vdlso that I can append "wic" to the IMAGE_FSTYPES only for the core-image-minimal target?17:35
dl9pfhmm ... try IMAGE_FSTYPES_pn-core-image-minimal += "wic"  maybe .17:37
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smurrayor if you have your own layer, you can IMAGE_FSTYPES += in a core-image-minimal.bbappend17:38
smurrayI believe17:39
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vdlyou both are saying that 1) an image recipe is a package (though _pn- prefix works) and 2) you can .bbappend a image recipe?17:43
* vdl learnt 2 things today17:43
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smurrayvdl: yep17:53
RPdl9pf: look good, I'll trigger some test builds17:53
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smurrayvdl: most folks would likely do a new image recipe at some point vs tinkering with core-image-minimal, e.g. myproduct-image-foo17:55
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vdlsmurray: true, but I like to still support core-image-minimal and switch back to it sometimes, since any image/distro/machine combination must work17:57
vdl(but I still need to be able to dd)17:57
smurraymight be simpler to just have wic in IMAGE_FSTYPES globally, then17:58
vdlsmurray: my myproduct-image-foo embeds other .tar.xz images, so I didn't want them to be unnecessarily converted to .wic as well (but I might be nitpicking here)18:00
vdlIMAGE_FSTYPES_pn-core-image-minimal += "wic" indeed works just fine btw18:01
smurrayvdl: yeah, having a mix of sub-images would complicate things18:01
vdlsmurray: that is my scenario indeed18:02
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vdlwhat is the "container" IMAGE_TYPES?18:12
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smurrayvdl: it's aimed at building system or per-application container images18:30
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vdlsmurray: which type though?18:55
smurrayvdl: in oe-core it's just aimed at making a tar file that you e.g. "docker import", there's a OCI image class in meta-virtualization that can be used on top of it as well18:57
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gillesmhello I understand fetch, extract, patch, configure, build and install but what is package task ?20:08
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vdlgillesm: packaging the app? i.e. .ipk, .rpm, etc.22:09
gillesmvdl .. ah ok ...22:10
vdlsmurray: ok, so container is tar. I guess it works with machinectl import-* as well then22:10
smurrayvdl: two things it does are force use of the no-op linux-dummy kernel and set ROOTFS_BOOTSTRAP_INSTALL = "", which drops stuff like run-postinsts that are not needed in a container22:14
smurrayvdl: the image-oci bbclass in meta-virt has a few more tweaks to prune stuff out22:15
vdlsmurray: interesting! I'm currently using tar.xz for my containers but that might be too specific, I also have the DTB installed in them... I'll switch to container to compare.22:20
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vdlsmurray: I get "No IMAGE_CMD defined for IMAGE_FSTYPES entry 'container' - possibly invalid type name or missing support class" but image-container.bbclass is in openembedded-core/meta that I'm using...22:50
smurrayvdl: AFAIK it's tested as part of oe-selftest, so should work.  See meta-selftest/recipes-test/container-image/container-test-image.bb22:52
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vdlIMAGE_FSTYPES = "container" from the image recipe, right?22:58
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smurrayvdl: yeah,it should work23:17
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khemzeddii:  I see that linux-yocto does have qemuppc64 meta, I have a small delta we need for it to work with latest oe-core and also switch it to LE mode since thats the more often used than BE mode and infact most of distros have dropped the BE port
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RPdl9pf: testing looks promising except the go package masking isn't quite working as the filenames are different in rpm23:56
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RPdl9pf: looks like there may be 4 packages that are differing somehow from the deb/ipks as well as the go exclusion issue23:58

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