Thursday, 2021-02-25

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khemah unsupported setting GO386=387. Consider using GO386=softfloat instead.00:02
khemwhich is true for go 1.16 387 is dropped00:03
RPkhem: sounds like a straightforward reconfig hopefully?00:05
RPthanks for the other fix btw, I have put that one into new testing00:05
RPkhem: hopefully our minimum commonly used tunes are SSE200:06
* RP -> sleep00:06
khemyeah I sent a untested patch to ml00:06
khemyou can pick the two I sent today on top of go ones from yesterday before bed :)00:07
khemRP:  I think DEFAULTTUNE_virtclass-multilib-lib32 = 'x86'00:16
khem should be DEFAULTTUNE_virtclass-multilib-lib32 = 'core2' perhaps in the test builds00:16
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khemor perhaps core2-32 is right value00:22
mischiefi wonder if my compiler issue is due to icecc.00:27
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mischiefyes, something is wrong with icecc... at least with gatesgarth on ubuntu 20.0400:43
mischiefthe zstd library is captured incorrectly00:44
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mischiefjust me or does json-c-native fail to build?03:35
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yatesis the smart package manager still supported? or is there something better (apt?) available nowadays? (I used smart some 2-3 years back)04:45
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smurrayyates: dnf has been used for a while now05:24
smurrayyates: and I believe it's possible to build with apt, but I've not tried it05:25
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yatessmurray: thank you05:43
yatesisn't there a site of all (or many) of the open-source layers available for yocto?05:44
yatesi'm confused - what's the difference between the layers here: and the ones listed here:
khemyates:  layer index as the name says list all layers which are available, they can be housed anywhere, is one such location to house the source code for some of layers which are supported. by yocto project05:50
khemhope that helps05:50
yatesyes, thanks khem05:54
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yatesi was asking earlier about how cross-toolchains (i.e., binutils) are built and it seems that somehow yocto builds it from source but may require some customization for a specific or custom architecture. which layer is responsible for this?06:04
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yates ?06:06
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yatesis it this one? ?06:17
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yatesis the device tree typically provided as part of the bsp layer?06:28
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mckoangood morning07:32
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dwagenkyates: that's the way I've seen it usually done. The BSP layer adds the needed devicetree files as kernel patches and declares wich one to use in the machine config07:47
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qschulzyates: bsp layer = everything needed to reach userspace (init system excluded) and all needed firmwares/drivers. Bootloader, kernel, device tree, firmware, out-of-tree drivers,...09:14
qschulzwhich usually requires a machine config file as dwagenk said09:15
RPdl9pf: overnight build still shows the font issue :(09:17
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dl9pfRP  with sstate?09:24
dl9pfsstate might contain the old metadata09:24
dl9pfor we did not disable the macro w/ our call.09:25
dl9pfRP where is the diffoscope or files ?09:26
RP from for example09:27
RPdl9pf: version B should have been from scratch09:28
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dl9pfRP: help me understand what happenz in case A) do we get the finished rpm file out of sstate or the package/package-split and rerun rpmbuild ?09:37
dl9pfto me A does not find the fontcache binary, thus shorter. and the fully build B) does find it and adds the extra data09:38
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RPdl9pf: A could pull out of sstate for everything09:39
RPdl9pf or build from scratch, depends if it is in sstate09:40
dl9pflets assume it is09:40
dl9pfnow with our change B should not have the metadata, so back to that09:41
dl9pfcan we inject 'rpm --showrc' dump   before we call rpmbuild ?09:42
dl9pfB) clearly executes e.g. "/usr/bin/fc-query --format '%{=pkgkit}' /usr/share/fonts/100dpi/charB10.pcf.gz"09:43
dl9pfwhich we don't want09:43
RPdl9pf: What you're saying is I need to debug it on that machine09:43
dl9pfwe need to find why the --define did not take effect09:44
RPdl9pf: right09:44
dl9pfor we simply patch out in rpm's when building rpm-native09:44
RPI'll see if I can have a look shortly09:45
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX09:58
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dl9pfrpm --define '__font_provides %{nil}' --showrc | grep font   works as expected ... hmm09:59
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bantuHello everyone. I am trying to overwrite the do_install() task using a bbapend file. However, it seems that both do_install() tasks are executed.10:48
bantuWhat am I missing?10:49
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intera91morning, am slowly running out of space (work/tmp taking 110GB) can I safely delete the build/tmp directory? also there is a cache directory which one is it and can i safely delete it?10:55
intera91sorry mean build/tmp is taking 110GB10:56
qschulzintera91: sstate-cache and downloads directories should be kept, the rest can be removed11:00
qschulzintera91: have a look into rm_work class to be inherited globally too11:00
intera91qschulz: I have not yet mastered the classes but I know I can safely delete build/tmp which is enough to give me back the space I need11:02
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tprrtintera91: To not keep all artifacts built, you can use the "rm_work" bbclass. And to reduce the size of your sstate folder you can use the command " --yes --cache-dir = $ SSTATE_DIR --stamps-dir = tmp / stamps" that will remove the duplicated sstate cache files of one package, only the newest one will be kept.11:09
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intera91tprrt: thank you  I will look  into that class and how to use it11:11
prabhakarladHi All, Is there a option in wic to generate compressed image instead of .direct ?11:11
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tprrtintera91: you are welcome11:13
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qschulztprrt: FWIW, I do a simple find -atime +30 -delete sstate-cache every now and then.11:36
rburtonyeah, same here11:38
rburtonweekly cron is all you need11:38
tprrtqschulz: thx11:40
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qschulzprabhakarlad: can't you have an IMAGE_FSTYPES = "wic.gz" or something along those lines? is this what you're looking for?11:46
prabhakarladqschulz I have  a requirement to  have a rfs inside a rfs so I am using wic to do the copying and create a .direct image11:51
LetoThe2ndyo dawg, we heard you like builds, so we put a build in your build....11:53
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rburtonRP: am i right in thinking that meta/recipes-devtools/gcc/gcc/0002-gcc-poison-system-directories.patch includes a change so that cross builds pass -Werror=point-system-directories by default?11:56
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yatesthanks for the responses re: bsp/device tree12:09
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RPrburton: that is what it is supposed to do but looking at the patch I'm not sure it is enabled12:15
rburtonme neither12:15
rburtonjust doing a build test now but i had to rebuild the compiler because I updated12:15
RPrburton: its possible there is some other config that makes it the default in the cross compiler12:16
RPrburton: += "--enable-poison-system-directories"12:17 += "--enable-poison-system-directories"12:17
rburtonI discovered an old patch i had that removed all the 'CROSS COMPILE Badness' detection from insane, which hasn't been output since 201012:17
RPrburton: I think I have seen that12:17
rburtongonna write a test for this :)12:18
RPrburton: cool12:18
manuel__Can I somehow check to which directory DL_DIR and SSTATE_DIR were set to at last build?12:22
manuel__when I still have the TMPDIR around12:23
qschulzmanuel__: bitbake -e some-recipe | grep -e "^DL_DIR="?12:24
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manuel__Hmm. Let's see how to get kas doing that.12:27
rburtonmanuel__: export those variables before calling kas and it will use the variables you set12:27
rburtonso you tell kas, instead of needing to find out from kas12:28
rburton(but you can do what you want with kas)12:28
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rburtonRP: its just a warning12:35
rburtonthis could be fun12:36
rburtonis it possible to configure gcc so that a warning is on by default and fatal (without passing -Werror=... every time)12:38
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RPrburton: we could probably make it fatal by now...12:54
RPrburton: although I remember that having interesting side effects with configure12:54
RP"does gcc support X" "no as it errored"12:55
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hchis the current opkg maintainer here ?13:29
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LetoThe2ndhch: at least people with commit rights are here. what is it about?13:32
LetoThe2ndRP: can you check if the contributing doc of opkg is up to date, especially concerning the ML?13:40
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RPLetoThe2nd: is the right place?13:43
LetoThe2ndhch: ^^^^^^13:44
rburtonRP: well minimal built with -Werror in cflags and ldflags13:44
RPrburton: promising13:44
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hchrburton: don't put -werror in production code13:45
RPhch: the link before that links to opkg-devel13:45
RPline before13:45
hchthat documents states "For now, please submit all patches to both the Yocto Project mailing list ( and the opkg mailing list (,"13:46
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rburtonhch: yes, i know. this i special.13:47
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hchi got a 'Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender' from <> (expanded from <>)13:48
hchjust wanted to report13:48
rburtonah the address is wrong13:49
rburtonfeel free to send a patch fixing the readme too :)13:49
hchif that's intended, fine :)13:49
hchoh. will do13:49
RPhch: sorry, yes, there should be a lists. in there. Didn't spot that!13:50
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hchthat note is only present in opkg-utils/CONTRIBUTING, not in opkg/CONTRIBUTING13:52
LetoThe2nd:) LetoThe2nd> TheYoctoJester guess it should be, the MLs move a couple of months back.13:52
LetoThe2ndhch: see, staying in channel would've been easier :)13:53
wbwHello, I'm trying to compile the iotedge-cli from meta-iotedge. In the logs it looks like there there is something wrong with the variabels : error: failed to parse manifest at `/tmp/work/aarch64-ktn-linux/iotedge-cli/`  the file is located at /iotedge but there is no /iotedge/iotedge13:55
wbwdirectory. My question is, where can I find out what function and file is actually running that command? I have looked in the Makefile for the recipe and the .bbfile but here is no do_compile function nor any cargo command. Not sure if this is the right forum but thought I would give it a go (:13:55
rburtonboom minimal test case13:58
rburton$ aarch64-poky-linux-cpp -I/usr/include -Werror=poison-system-directories < /dev/null ; echo $?13:58
RPrburton: :)13:58
LetoThe2ndwbw: well you've checked all dependencies are in place (layers) and that releases/branches match?13:59
*** fitzsim <fitzsim!> has joined #yocto14:01
LetoThe2ndwbw: because this sounds a lot like some rust magic is missing.14:01
hchRP: is sending to that yocto list even relevant really?14:02
RPhch: good question. It doesn't hurt anything but cross posting isn't ideal14:03
hchi just realized the mailerdaemon notified me that i'm not subscribed to that list14:03
wbwLetoThe2nd: I checked and you are correct, the meta-rust does not seem to have a dunfell branch. Is my only option then to downgrade everything to a matching branch? In this case Sumo14:09
LetoThe2ndwbw: if the branches don't match then you're in for trouble. sumo is basically deprecated and out of support, so choose wisely.14:11
rburtonfor meta-rust, master might work with dunfell14:11
rburtonif it doesn't then harass the maintainer as the layer says it does14:11
LetoThe2ndrburton: yeah.14:12
LetoThe2ndif the documentation says "works with" then compatible vars should be set accordingly. if not then its essentailly a bug - either in the docs or in the layer.conf14:12
wbwThis error comes from master branch, I can try go back a few commits maybe something broke recently14:13
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*** ks156 <ks156!> has joined #yocto15:31
ks156Hello! I'm currently trying to compile dunfell, and I need to add out of tree kernel modules. Kernel is compiling fine (I'm on a 5.10 megous version). When I try to compile my modules, the make-mod-scripts recipe fails during the configure. The error is related to <gmp.h> not found : gmp.h: No such file or directory. gmp-native is correctly15:41
ks156compiled. I don't understand why I'm getting this error. Someone already faced this kind of problem, or someone has an idea ?15:41
*** pharaon2502 <pharaon2502!> has quit IRC15:43
wbwin my experience missing .h files usually means something is missing on the host, do you have libgmp3-dev installed?15:45
LetoThe2ndwbw: nah thats certainly not the case.15:47
ks156@wbw indeed, libgmp3-dev was not installed ... I installed it, and now I have an error concerning mcp.h:D  I'll install the missing dependencies, and it should be OK15:48
LetoThe2ndks156: i would guess that the modules makefile is broken/not cross compile aware. maybe try with a generic, simple OOT module. if that builds fine then that also indicates a problem with the module.15:48
LetoThe2ndks156: i am sure that you're on the wrong track. now you're randomly installing host packages that leak into your build, making it buggy/unreproducible.15:49
*** ssajal_ <ssajal_!> has joined #yocto15:49
zeddiiwe do out of tree module builds every night with the AB, thousands of them.15:51
khemRP:  core-image-minimal testimage is failing with couple of tests failing it was working ok a day ago so something changed yesterday15:52
LetoThe2ndzeddii: and let me guess, you don't manually install gmp headers :)15:52
zeddiinope :D15:52
zeddiilttng-modues is out of tree. and builds frequently.15:52
khemhe seems zeddii is in trouble15:52
ks156LetoThe2nd I'm using a minimal docker image for the build, so that's explain why I don't have these libs installed. I installed libgmp3 and libmpc, and make-mod-scripts works now. Anyway, if the problem is not related to my host installation, what could cause the issue ?15:52
*** Spooster <Spooster!> has joined #yocto15:53
zeddiirecipes-kernel/make-mod-scripts/ += "gmp-native"15:53
khemwe should add  mpc and gmp to DEPENDS for kernel15:53
zeddiiit's already covered.15:53
LetoThe2ndks156: so you want me to repeat it a third time literally?15:53
khembut not mpc ?15:53
LetoThe2ndks156: i would guess that the modules makefile is broken/not cross compile aware.15:54
zeddiiI've never run into it, and haven't installed any mpc dev files locally15:54
zeddiiand I tend to build quite a few kernels15:54
khemperhhaps you need libmpc-native in deps too zeddii15:54
zeddiii don't have any issues :D15:54
zeddiinor do the ABs15:54
khemah Works For me (TM)15:55
khemlook mpc is always installed on machines but containers could be bare bone15:55
ks156LetoThe2nd I was suspecting my modules to be faulty. So I tried with this simple module :
rburtonJPEW: 'WARNING: SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH value from sstate '0' is deprecated/invalid. Reverting to SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH_FALLBACK '1302044400' <-- is that your fault15:56
rburtonif i can ignore it, should it be a warning?15:56
JPEWrburton: Actually not! dl9pf added that code ;)15:57
khemlibmpc is needed by gcc so it should get in automatically on a system where you install gcc and we do need gcc on build machines so I wonder why it is not installed on the docker image15:57
JPEWrburton: Which task?15:57
rburtondoesn't say15:57
LetoThe2ndks156: so if at all, then adding the dependencies as khem discussed is the way to go. randomly installing packages on the host is not.15:57
*** Spooster <Spooster!> has quit IRC15:58
LetoThe2ndanyways, calls it a day.15:58
vdlno escape character (for multiline) allowed in .wks files?15:59
dl9pfrburton: for now we need to see it prominently, can revert to a note in a few days16:00
khemgn LetoThe2nd:16:01
rburtondl9pf: ok16:02
*** AndersD__ <AndersD__!> has quit IRC16:03
dl9pfrburton: what task/package did spit that out ?16:03
*** marble_visions <marble_visions!~user@> has quit IRC16:03
rburtondl9pf: the message should say that: i was building a recipe from clean, so can't tell16:03
*** marble_visions <marble_visions!~user@> has joined #yocto16:04
dl9pfrburton: the messages here look like:16:06
*** Spooster <Spooster!> has joined #yocto16:06
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*** Spooster is now known as spooster16:24
vdlI have kind of an existential question. Since a .wks file is hardly bound to a machine and a machine can only define one .wks file to use, wouldn't it be better to have machine variables in include files like WIC_PART_FSTYPE_boot = "vfat", WIC_PART_EXTRA_SPACE_boot = "100M", etc.16:28
vdl(similar to UBOOT_EXTLINUX_FOO_label variables.)16:30
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RPvmeson: failure of rust-native on debian816:45
*** gsalazar <gsalazar!5e3dbd6b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/> has quit IRC16:46
paulgrevert with malice!16:48
* paulg runs.16:49
RPpaulg: not merged yet so even easier ;-)16:49
zeddiiNAK WITH MALICE16:50
RPvmeson: ah, selftest isn't happy either. I'll write an email ;-)16:51
RPyou know it's bad when I can't explain on irc :)16:56
*** kiwi_29 <kiwi_29!> has joined #yocto17:04
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paulgyeah, I understand.  Peopler aren't supposed to use cuss words on here.   ;-P17:19
RPpaulg: coming to kernel modules near you soon? ;-)17:19
* smurray shudders17:20
* moto-timo makes popcorn17:20
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paulgcan pretty much guarantee there will be someone new every year or two who will run "git grep <insert word of choice here>" and get on LKML in an attempt to save the unwashed heathen scum from poisoning the minds of the sheep.17:22
paulgafter some 25 years, you just don't even see it anymore.17:22
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RPzeddii, JPEW: - perf diffoscope17:47
RP has the other remaining diffs for non-reproducing packages outside of go17:54
zeddiiclearly i need to learn how to read that output :D17:57
*** zyga <zyga!~zyga@unaffiliated/zyga> has joined #yocto17:58
zeddiiAlthough I used your tip from earlier, and at least searched for 'bison' and it is more than just size differences in headers17:58
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RPzeddii: key first observation is the size change in the rodata section18:01
RPchanges to DW_MACRO_define_strp·​-​·​lineno·​:​·​0·​macro·​:​·​DOCDIR·​BUILD_STR(/​home/​pokybuild/​yocto-​worker/​reproducible-​centos/​build/​build-​st-​41742/​reproducibleB/​tmp/​work/​qemux86_64-​poky-​linux/​perf/​1.​0-​r9/​perf-​1.​0/​tools/​perf/​Documentation)​18:02
RPzeddii: basically hardcoded paths making it into the binaries so start finding where those come from18:02
RPIf anyone wants to help, the boochart2-doc and libid3tag packages don't look too bad to fix18:03
* zeddii nods18:04
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zeddiiRP: yah, some simple grepping shows that it does capture the srcrc18:10
zeddiisrcdir, I should say18:10
*** ncaidin_lf <ncaidin_lf!a2fa0255@> has joined #yocto18:11
zeddiiI need to learn how to run the reproducible builds here though, otherwise, I'm going to just be guessing.18:11
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khemRP:  I have sent a v2 which potentially should fix mingw issue, I think its because of a backport that came into 2.36 branch which has been fixed in master but will need some dependent backports first so I will let upstream binutils devs figure the required backport to fix it until then we use a SRCREV before that breakage18:19
*** zyga <zyga!~zyga@unaffiliated/zyga> has joined #yocto18:19
khemthis is the fix I am talking about;a=commit;h=cca8873dd5a6015d5557ea44bc1ea9c252435a2918:21
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RPzeddii: I can give a crash course on how to test it if that helps20:37
*** mischief1 <mischief1!> has joined #yocto20:37
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RPkhem: seems reasonable to me, JPEW is the mingw maintainer20:37
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RPJPEW_: is an example of the issue we talked about earlier with hashequiv invalidation :(20:42
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RPdl9pf: still seeing rpm mismatches but its hashequiv issues now :(20:42
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dl9pfyeah, i see pre/post fix20:48
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JPEW_RP: So this is the same input hash causing 2 different outputs ?20:51
RPJPEW_: yes. before I fixed rpmdeps the fonts output could appear depending on whether the system had fc-cache20:51
RPsince we now get the same output after the fix, it has the thing crosslinked20:52
JPEW_Ok, so task hash OLD made both output hashes GOOD and BAD. Now task hash NEW also produced GOOD so hashequiv assumes that OLD is equally valid?20:54
RPJPEW_: yes20:55
RPJPEW_: and BAD is the one chosen in sstate20:55
*** olani[m] <olani[m]!olanimatri@gateway/shell/> has joined #yocto20:56
JPEW_The "easy" fix it to remove the OLD/GOOD pair in the database20:56
JPEW_The hard part is detecting it20:56
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RPJPEW: right, I don't know how to do it :(20:58
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RPJPEW: question is do I bump the hash version for the 4 font recipes or... ? :/21:06
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JPEWRP: It seems a little odd that OLD has both GOOD and BAD in the database in the first place... only one of them can be in sstate?21:23
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RPJPEW: well, that sounds logical but doesn't seem to be the case :/21:27
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JPEWRP: Well... should we only allow one OUTHASH per TASKHASH? The OUTHASH needs to match whats in sstate...22:08
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RPJPEW: could we enforce that?22:12
RPJPEW: I think the issue might have been that we have the same TASKHASH but different OUTHASH e.g. per arch22:13
JPEWAh, that package is noarch?22:16
RPJPEW: yes22:16
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rabbit9911I have a strange situation..   I have a  that is a softlink to This seems to upset yocto when another package rdepends on libgbm.22:36
rabbit9911If I just copy to it seems to work.. but its 18MB!22:37
rabbit9911Even if I bypass the file-rdeps dnf gets upset...  So this just seems like a bad thing but I also feel like I am missing something because softlinks for so are normal.22:38
JPEWrabbit9911: libmali is a mess :(22:51
JPEWWe gave up and switched to panfrost (mesa)... *so* much better22:52
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rabbit9911I think I see the root of the problem...  I have a recipe that has multiple packages.  libegl libgbm. but they all softlink to the   Can you have a package that depends on another package in the same recipe?22:59
JPEWYou should be able to RDEPENDS on other packages in the same recipe23:00
rabbit9911Hmm. Well all of this looks right now but I still get the same errors.. It seems yocto and dnf dont like the base to be a softlink to another library.23:08
rabbit9911Problem: conflicting requests23:08
rabbit9911  - nothing provides needed by glmark2-20191226+0+72dabc5d72-r0.aarch6423:08 is there as far as I can tell.. its just a link.  not (64bit)?23:09
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