Sunday, 2021-02-28

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rpcme43hey there, having a really strange behavior with do_fetch where I'm getting a segfault.  I'm doing this through an automated process so the container goes bye bye - but what's strange is I can build core-image-minimal with no package adds just fine, but when I start adding additional packages, I get this:03:00
rpcme43Hoping this is a known pattern and something I can just tweak.  I can spin up the container separately and run the command fine.03:01
mischiefcould be psuedo faulting03:05
mischiefi ran into an issue with psuedo recently03:05
mischiefi never figured out why it happened03:06
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rpcme43it's bizarre how so many packages build fine. Hm03:10
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mischiefin my case i think it only happened in glibc03:37
mischiefi forget which step, probably do_package03:38
rpcme43this is specifically a git issue in do_fetch03:41
rpcme43outside bitbake, it's working fine in the container03:41
rpcme43I think it's the built git that's having a problem03:42
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rpcme43ok I reproduced it in the container but outside bitbake. methodically working it, but it's a process for sure...03:49
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rpcme43Unbelievable, it's these flags:  --bare --mirror04:06
rpcme43Ok ... setting bareclone=0 in the SRC_URI "fixed" it but this is happening to a number of github repos... wondering if there's something about the repos that could be causing this?04:20
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kanavinRP: right, maybe it's best that I ask that the other dosfstools patch is rebased on top of mine? I'm not super comfy adding changes to my patches that I don't understand and can't test.09:05
kanavinRP: ah wait, I looked at it again09:09
kanavinit's removing a dependency09:09
kanavinwhich is fine, I'll add that09:09
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kanavinRP: I also have a cleaner fix for gettext/iconv issues (inherit gettext)09:10
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eFfeMHi, I'm trying to add iproute2 to an image, and I added IMAGE+INSTALL += iproute2; baked the image, I see the files in my rootfs folder, but if I flash the iproute2 artifacts are not there. Where am I goofing ?09:58
eFfeMnevermind, problem was between chair and desk :-)10:12
RPkanavin: right, its just a dependency removal which I think should be fine. I noted it in particular as its hard to catch those kind of changes10:42
RPkanavin: cool on gettext/iconv10:42
RPkanavin: I'm slowly getting there with reproducibility10:43
kanavinRP: yep, go is the difficult item10:43
kanavinRP: I think ideally we need to involve the upstream10:43
kanavinand those who know the toolchain well, e.g. khem10:44
kanavinI have some tweaks, but would rather have the specialists take over10:44
RPkanavin: right, I'm ignoring go atm, it will need upstream help10:44
kanavinRP: I wouldn't be surprised if upstream's response will be 'take our prebuilt tarballs' :(10:45
RPkanavin: I really don't know what they'll say...10:47
RPJPEW: "136893 out of 137376 (99.65%) packages tested were reproducible" - I don't think the tests understand a-full test runs :)10:49
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TheCometI'm having some issues with packagegroups. I want to specify the exact version of each package in my RDEPENDS_packagegroup-whatever = "package-a (=1.0.0) package-b (=1.0.0)" but when I do this I get the error "Nothing provides package-a = 1.0.0 needed by packagegroup-whatever-1.0.0-r0.all"13:44
TheCometIf I remove the versions from the RDEPENDS string then it works fine. Any ideas?13:44
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TheCometHmm, it seems to work if I say "(=1.0.0-r0)" instead of "(=1.0.0)". Is there a way to ignore then revision and just match the major/minor/patch version?13:46
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RPTheComet: Is the error from bitbake or the package manager?15:27
RPTheComet: this could be an issue we've not considered before :/15:27
TheCometRP: I believe it's from bitbake. Here's a paste as I'm not 100% sure
kanavinRP: patches sent, they're a-full tested, so I'm fairly confident in them :)15:39
kanavinthere's also a meta-mingw patch that needs to be picked up15:39
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RPTheComet: its from opkg16:19
RPTheComet: you could try a different package backend, otherwise that looks like an opkg level issue16:20
RPkanavin: thanks!16:20
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tlwoernerlooks like i just stumbled across the "error 134" issue, but with a completely up-to-date build on master this morning21:14
tlwoernerthe suggested fix had no effect (PSEUDO_IGNORE_PATHS_append = ":/run/")21:16
tlwoernerbut doing a "bitbake <image> -c clean" then re-running the build fixed it21:16
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gillesmHello I am not an python expert ... do you know what is the @ i ${@time.strftime... found in the doc ?21:55
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bpshello, I am trying to do a simple `find ... -exec rename.ul foo bar {} \;` inside a bitbake task but I keep getting this error: find: ‘rename.ul’: No such file or directory22:02
bpsrename.ul is available in my devshell and I can do a simple find -print on the line before and clearly see that the files are there, so I don't know what gives22:02
bpsI also tried a verbatim rename command and it complained that the command is not found, so I guess I'm wondering how I can get this utility to be available inside a bitbake task22:06
bpsI have included util-linux-native in my DEPENDS22:06
mischiefwhat provides rename.ul?22:10
bpsutil-linux(-native), or so I thought. I could be wrong but I'm not quite sure how I can know22:10
mischieftry uh22:11
mischiefmaybe: oe-pkgdata-util list-pkg-files util-linux-native22:12
bpswoops, I just tried oe-pkgdata-util find-path /usr/bin/rename and it gives util-linux-rename22:12
bpsdidn't realize it was a separate package22:12
mischiefah, there ya go :)22:12
bpsthanks a lot!22:13
mischiefthough IIRC packages are distinct from recipes22:13
bpslet's see if that works if I put it in my DEPENDS22:13
bpsyes the thing is that I did a grep of the util-linux recipe for rename and nothing turned up22:13
mischiefi dont think `util-linux-rename` is valid in DEPENDS if it was made by util-linux packaging it22:14
mischiefits because the recipe is doing python magic22:15
mischiefits not an explicit list of packages to split22:15
bpsERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'util-linux-rename-native' (but DEPENDS on or otherwise requires it). Close matches:22:15
bps  util-linux-native22:15
bps  util-linux RPROVIDES util-linux-rename-native22:15
bpshmm, how am I to specify this? I tired already util-linux-native in DEPENDS and it didn't work22:16
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mischiefi think its just a path issue22:18
bpsthe path in devshell is /usr/bin/rename22:19
mischiefbps: can you try to find rename in your recipe's recipe-sysroot-native/ dir?22:19
bpssure let me check22:19
mischiefbps: yea thats the host's rename. not available in a recipe22:20
mischiefdevshell lets you access any host stuff, inside recipe does not22:20
bpswhat is quilt?22:21
mischiefwrong one, probably not the rename from util-linux22:21
mischiefquilt is like a patch file manager22:22
bpsI did a find in the recipe-sysroot-native directory so I guess it's not there22:22
mischiefcan u set DEPENDS = "util-linux-native" again and rerun bitbake22:22
mischiefthen go look22:22
bpsyup doing it now - think I removed it in the last bitbake run22:23
bpsnope, that's still the only one22:23
bpsone remark - I currently have the recipe checked out with devtool modify. could it be that the DEPENDS are not getting parsed when I do this?22:25
bpsit is difficult to verify what I am trying to achieve unless I have the sources checked out22:26
mischiefnot familiar with devtool very much22:26
mischiefmaybe the recipe is in the devtool workspace and not in your layer?22:26
bpsit threw an error when I modified the DEPENDS in the original recipe so I think it's ok22:26
bpsaha! now I ran bitbake -c do_populate_sysroot and now I can see a rename in my sysroot22:29
bpsI guess it's because I was executing a specific task which was not triggering do_populate_sysroot22:29
bpslet me try from the top22:29
bpsalright, it works! thanks a lot mischief, you saved a couple of hours of my life :)22:32
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mischiefnow if you could make my router work that'd be great22:46
bpswhat's wrong with it?22:47
mischiefextremely OT here, but i just bought a with the extra 4-port NIC card, and i'm setting up openbsd on it to be my new router.22:49
mischiefafter like 2 days of fucking around i finally got a set of ansible scripts working that configure it but i think it's not 100%. sometimes forwarding just stops22:50
mischiefnice machine though. probably make a good yocto target22:50
bpsnice, I use a as my home router but I am running linux on it... never used openbsd :)22:53
mischiefwell, i got this for 2.5GBASE-T.22:59
mischiefalso, i am not a fan of iptables.23:00
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