Monday, 2021-03-01

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mckoangood morning07:51
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ayakaI need to add a c flag for a package recipe that make it pass gcc header file checking08:43
ayakathat package is using cmake and I try to add CFLAGS or TARGET_CFLAGS none of them would work08:44
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LetoThe2ndayaka: look at the cmakelists.txt if it actually honours passed flags. if they are completely overriden...08:47
ayakaLetoThe2nd, yes it does, but just bitbake -e won't show those variable08:48
LetoThe2ndayaka: then you might be doing something wrong, like not appending correctly or such.08:51
ayakaok, then I would try _append instead of +=08:52
LetoThe2ndayaka: it depends, really. if nothign is showing up in bitbake -e at all (it should give you the complete evaluation history per variable) then the error might be something else, too.08:53
ayakaOK, I think I figure out why, I have two recipe with the same PN and PV in the a different layer08:54
ayakathen I modify the lower one but not the one in the upper layer08:54
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medaliyouhey guys, please how can i add systemd without networkd and make connman automatically connect to ethernet10:05
medaliyouas i checked both connman and networkd cannot coexist10:05
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intera91@JPEW: good morning10:21
intera91JPEW:  it at all possible to launch the pyrex driven build from a bash script?10:23
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intera91@jpew: Problem wiith sourcing pyrex-init-build-env in a bash script results in: ERROR: /tmp/test/poky-amd/oe-init-build-env not bound in container (File doesn't exist).10:26
intera91@jpew: when the file actually exists10:26
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LetoThe2ndintera91: jpew is usian, don't expect an answer in the upcoming 4 or 5 hours.10:32
dwagenkmedaliyou: remove networkd from systemd's packageconfig? networkd is in there with a weak default (??=) through poky/meta/recipes-core/systemd.10:32
ayakaLetoThe2nd, and thank you10:33
medaliyounot from packag config, but i need systemd support but without networkd10:34
medaliyoui want to use connman in place10:34
medaliyouPACKAGECONFIG[networkd] = "-Dnetworkd=true,-Dnetworkd=false"10:35
medaliyoui ddin't know how to write in local.conf10:35
intera91LetoThe2nd: Thank you ;-)10:35
LetoThe2ndayaka: have fun.10:37
rburtonmedaliyou: either write a bbappend for systemd, or PACKAGECONFIG_remove_pn-systemd = "networkd" in local.conf10:37
dwagenkmadaliyou: last Paragraph is about changing the value via a configuration file10:38
LetoThe2ndrburton: blergh!10:38
LetoThe2nd"in your distro conf"10:38
medaliyouthank you rburton and dwagenk10:38
dwagenkyou're welcome.10:39
RPDown to 9 non-reproducible package exclusions in the reproducibility test10:56
RP(ignoring go)10:56
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RPAnyone who understands ruby able to look at the ruby does one?11:02
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LetoThe2ndany ideas why i could be seeing a lot of D states in a container when starting processes?12:11
LetoThe2nde.g. even a git clone or such blocks for a couple of seconds12:14
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dl9pfRP: do we enable wayland DISTRO_FEATURE by default also in the selftests ?12:29
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RPdl9pf: depend whether poky does12:39
dl9pfPOKY_DEFAULT_DISTRO_FEATURES  includes it12:40
RPdl9pf: so yes12:40
dl9pfok, I've a change to meta-selftest/files/static-[group,passwd] then to add the wayland groups12:41
RPdl9pf: fair enough12:41
dl9pfshows up of you add core-image-weston to the repro build for example12:41
RPdl9pf: right, makes sense. I think the test only checks the packages, not the image fwiw12:42
LetoThe2ndhm. building latest dunfell qemuarm core-image-minimal with cold tmp cold sstate in 19 minutes. ok?12:43
RPLetoThe2nd: seems ok to me12:43
RPLetoThe2nd: image-sato is about an hour on the performance benchmark machines12:44
LetoThe2ndRP: cold tmp, cold sstate?12:44
RPLetoThe2nd: yes12:44
LetoThe2ndbut hot dl12:44
LetoThe2ndok, lemme give it a spin.12:44
LetoThe2ndRP: ipk and qemuarm are fine? or something else for better comparability (is that even a word?)12:45
RPLetoThe2nd: that is the config we benchmark12:46
LetoThe2ndok, thx12:47
LetoThe2ndkicked off, now lets see :)12:51
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LetoThe2ndalso gave it INHERIT "testimage report-error"12:53
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dl9pfRP: seen this one before ?13:09
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RPdl9pf: hmm, no13:20
dl9pfok, will watch for it and file a bug13:21
LetoThe2ndRP: wooohoooo!
RPLetoThe2nd: nice :)13:28
LetoThe2ndi think it qualifies as fast. :)13:29
zeddiiRP: quick question. When I try to re-run the reproducibility test (and hopefully reuse the sstate for a faster build), it tells me that build-st already exists and exits. But when I look in that directory, I see and sstate dir. If I remove it, won't I toss out the hot sstate ?13:29
zeddiiand yah, when I removed perf from the exclusions. I see it failing now, so can poke at it.13:29
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intera91@jpew: are you there sir? and good morning by the way13:49
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RPzeddii: there is a keep build dir option to oe-selftest14:04
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eFfeMAnyone an idea which recipe provides a full-fledged readlink?14:19
eFfeMresolvconf uses readlink -m but the busybox readlink does not support -m14:19
dorindaHi Everyone, I ran into this while trying to run my yocto build, I wonder what could be the problem14:20
dorindawhat I've tried `rm -rf /home/dorinda/Poky/build/tmp/work/qemux86_64-poky-linux/core-image-minimal/1.0-r0/rootfs` but still same error14:21
zeddiiRP: as in '-K' to the selftest ? yah. I tried that, but it still doesn't like my build dir. Maybe its an interaction of the new patch you did (and that I applied to my local branch for sstate re-use in testing perf).14:22
RPzeddii: I think -K not working is a genuine bug. Please do hack around it (or fix it). Also, setting SSTATE_DIR somewhere before running oe-selftest will probably work14:24
RPdorinda: bitbake core-image-minimal -c clean will probably fix it. Before you do, what does the end of WORKDIR/pseudo/pseudo.log say?14:25
zeddiiacked. I'll dig a bit into it now.14:26
RPzeddii: I think with my two pending patches in -next, we're down to a list of 6 repro issues outside of go, perf being one. no pressure ;-)14:28
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JaMazeddii: is anyone already working on golang breakage in meta-virtualization? the docker-moby and containerd-opencontainers failing to build?14:31
dorindaRP: Alright thank you, trying that now. the end of pseudo.log says14:32
JaMathey have shown up in my world builds after go was upgraded on friday14:32
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zeddiiJaMa: I haven't done an oe-core update and rebuild yet, but will trigger one today and look into it.14:33
JaMazeddii: thanks! :014:33
RPdorinda: what does the rest of it say? That is odd but may be caused by the deletion of rootfs you did :/14:34
dorindathe rest....and the error is gone after bitbake clean thanks! :)14:36
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RPrburton: you'd be a good person to help fix the ovmf reproducibity issue, right?14:46
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JPEWintera91: I'm here. That should work, you may need to adjust what's getting bound into the container14:47
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RPdorinda: thanks. I believe the latest patches on master should fix that (related to PSEUDO_IGNORE_PATHS)14:49
rburtonRP: maybe.  is there a bug yet?14:54
RPrburton: no,
RPrburton: one stray path getting in...14:55
dorindaRP: you mean the reproducibility issues fix? Alright.14:55
RPdorinda: no, I mean
RPdorinda: your failure mentioned oe-rootfs-repo14:56
RPrburton: I'll admit I don't know a thing about what is going on in that build, I did look :/14:57
v0nRP: please let me know your view before eventually resending the series:
*** v0n is now known as vdl14:59
rburtonRP: the edk build is a horror show14:59
dorindaRP: oh okay I see, Thanks.15:00
RPrburton: yes, I'm backing away carefully :/15:00
RPvdl: I was unclear how broken it is without the --numeric-owner option :/15:01
RPvdl:  if it doesn't work at all it is an RDEPEND. I'm unclear on how much it works (or not)15:01
vdlRP: systemd-container include /sbin/machinectl. machinectl has many subcommands, which work, except "import-tar" which requires a version of tar with --numeric-owner support. So the package isn't broken per-se, but one subcommand from one tool is, so it's a grey area for me.15:03
RPvdl: ok. that it is a RRECOMMENDS15:05
vdlRP: more specifically, support for machinectl import-* subcommands require the "importd" PACKAGECONFIG entry.15:07
vdlRP: so the series apply cleanly on latest master (systemd recipe renaming is detected without problem). Do you still prefer me to resend?15:08
intera91@jpew: hiya, it works fine the first time, but trying to reproduce build in anbother directory and you end up with : ERROR: /home/patrick/workspace/test/poky-amd/oe-init-build-env not bound in container (File doesn't exist).15:09
vdlOut of curiosity, can a PACKAGECONFIG entry pull in a recommended package?15:10
intera91@jpew: even after docker image rm and docker container prune15:10
RPvdl: please as its difficult for me to start forcing patches to apply15:10
JPEWintera91: You shouldn't need to remove the image... can send me a log the the commands you're trying to run?15:11
intera91@jpew: retry in the original directory and it works, so the original bindng is stored somewhere15:11
JPEWintera91: and your pyrex.ini15:11
intera91@jpews: always  the orignal as built by : meta-pyrex/mkconfig > ./pyrex.ini15:12
intera91@jpew really the question is where is the original binding(s) stored?15:13
eFfeMpardon my ignorance but what is nowadays the proper way to submit a fix (in my case in meta-connectivity, resolvconf package)15:13
JPEWintera91: The binds aren't really "stored" anywhere; they parsed from pyrex.ini and the environment everytime the container starts15:15
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eFfeMqschulz: thanks15:24
intera91@jpew: ok I just have to rewrite the environmrnt variable as the bind section of th epyrex ini is empty15:31
intera91@jpew: thanks ;-)15:31
JPEWintera91: Ya there are two variables you can use: PYREX_BIND is the "end user" variable for the user to bind in whatever they want (e.g. sstate, downloads, extra layers, etc.).15:33
JPEWintera91: Then there is PYREX_CONFIG_BIND that you can set at a "project" level (e.g. if you have a custom layout or init script)15:41
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intera91JPEW: here is the bash script to launch the build from nothing:
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alimonRP: I'm starting to look at swatbot for file new bugs,
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JPEWintera91: That's the one that works? FWIW, you shouldn't do a one-liner to set PYREXCONFFILE and PYREX_CONFIG_BIND when sourcing (see
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RPalimon: you want
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alimonRP: my guess is that ones that already has owner are already done?16:06
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alimonRP: like for example 168849 needs some debug16:06
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GeGokh3Hello All i have a problem including lxc to my mage using meta-virtuaization16:10
GeGokh3IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " network-systemd \16:11
GeGokh3 kernel-module-bridge \16:11
GeGokh3 lxc \16:11
GeGokh3 lxc-networking \16:11
GeGokh3 lxc-setup \16:11
GeGokh3 lxc-templates \16:11
GeGokh3    "16:11
GeGokh3the following error raises16:11
GeGokh3  lxc-setup.aarch64 2.0.8-r016:11
GeGokh3Error: Transaction failed16:11
alephanRP: Have we done anything (or plan to do) in regards to having the build layers reuse compliant? Is this something we are interested in at least?16:11
RPalimon: abelloni can probably help with the current status. I think the ones listed as Pending still need to be looked at to determine what to do with them (new bugs, add to existing bug or report on mailing list)16:12
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RPrburton: filed so we now have a bug too16:36
RPalephan: sounds reasonable. We've been trying to switch to license identifiers. Copyright identifiers are newer and we've not looked at that yet16:38
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JPEWalephan: That's interesting. If that was ubiquitous, it might be able to reduce a lot of OE's license tracking code. It seems to be solving a similar problem16:42
alephanIt might not tackle the same problem though JPEW16:43
alephanThis is more of the metadata license (and patches)16:43
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alephanRP: It shouldn't be very complicated to do but it would add contributions requirements.16:44
alephanFor example each recipe will have to have its correct header and there are discussions about how to handle patches for example.16:44
JPEWalephan: Ya, I realized that :)16:44
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dl9pfkhem: do you happen to run the ptests for lua in your CI ? I do lua-ptest crashing with a general protection fault here (dunfell 3.1.5 + meta-oe)16:46
dl9pfthats lua 5.3.616:46
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alephanJPEW: That being said though, if we have packages reuse compliant it would definitely help to autonate the OE license tracking code16:47
alephanIt would actually make it really easy16:47
alephanYou can also compute the spdx file directly this way16:48
alephan(spdx bom)16:48
RPalephan: I certainly like the idea of improving things, the exact best way to do that is tricky. I know how much work just adding license identifiers was16:49
alephanThis is actually not hard as well - there is tooling that does it automatically16:49
alephanSo for the bulk of stuff is not hard (like recipes, distros, layer confs etc). The discussion needs to be held around patches16:51
alephanIs it reasonable to start requiring a .license counterpart with the headers for each patch? Should we embedded the license metadata as part of each patch? Stuff like that. But once we have we can include CI that lints the players (`reuse lint`) and never worry about it.16:52
alephanI'm going to try it out on an internal layer - and see how it looks. I was interested to check the general feeling of it,16:53
alephanwhich looks positive.16:53
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vdlRP: I've resent, I didn't Cc you, maybe I should've, sorry.17:06
RPvdl: its fine, thanks!17:10
RPalephan: the hard part is knowing who has the copyright17:10
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alephanRP: That is indeed true. And I need to get some legal knowledge there - I'm planning to have a discussion with our legal team soon. For existing shared stage (like oe-core) that will be indeed a challenge.17:13
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smurraykhem: would I be correct in my guess that updating mozjs is quite non-trivial?17:27
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RPJPEW: ltp is so bad at reproducibility, diffoscope can't cope :(18:39
JPEWRP: oof18:40
eFfeMHmm, I added resolvconf to my image but now when building I get:18:41
eFfeM packagegroup-core-boot : Depends: systemd but it is not going to be installed18:41
eFfeMIf I remove resolvconf from the image recipe it builds.18:41
eFfeManyone an idea what is wrong?18:42
RPJPEW: I've ended up with meld to try and get handle on where to start18:42
eFfeM(Oh and I have several other packages using systemd, (but maybe not during boot)18:43
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JPEWRP: I'm a little suprised the diffoscope per-file diff limit didn't kick in19:19
JPEWRP: Maybe that's per file in the package, and there are a lot of package files?19:20
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RPJPEW: there are a lot of files19:33
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RPJPEW: I'm starting to wonder if this explains why ltp is so unreliable on the autobuilder20:47
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* RP has filed bugs for all the remaining reproducible issues22:31
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alimonabelloni: hi, i reviewed the AB job failures today and only found a new issue in meta-mingw regarding a bbappend, any other issue you know that needs some debug/care?22:45
*** agust <agust!> has quit IRC22:46
abellonialimon: sure, swatbot still shows many:
abelloniI'll handle anything older than 16857822:47
RPalimon: the bbappend has a fix on the list, I forgot to include the master-next branch of mingw for testing, sorry22:48
RPI did try and clean up a couple of disastrous builds from bad patches on the list22:49
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abellonialimon: Ah, I see you did update some bugs but you didn't update the status on swatbot, did you properly receive the credentials ?22:52
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alimonabelloni: nop, i don't have credentials23:33
jonesv[m]Given the log output here, should I see "u-boot" appear in those few lines if my system was using u-boot? (it's a pocketbeagle):
jonesv[m]I am new to using u-boot (and go yocto in general), but my machine conf does mention u-boot: I'm just not completely sure how to interact with it (and it starts with verifying that it is actually used at boot time)23:39
jonesv[m]For instance, I have been setting the bootdelay using `bitbake -c menuconfig u-boot`, hoping to get a few seconds to start into u-boot, but it does not seem to wait anywhere. I have `/boot/u-boot.img` on my rootfs, but that does not say that it does load through u-boot23:42
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jonesv[m]also, I'm based on core-image-minimal, which I am not sure is a good idea (e.g. it's ignoring DISTRO_FEATURES and stuff like that, which was a bit confusing at first. Not sure if there is an influence on u-boot)23:45
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