Monday, 2021-03-08

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jdrolhi trying meta-raspeberypi I got ERROR: No recipes in default available for:06:33
jdrol  /home/gilles/Developpements/yocto/meta-raspberrypi/recipes-multimedia/gstreamer/gstreamer1.0-plugins-good_1.18.%.bbappend06:33
jdrol idea ?06:33
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jdrolok found06:56
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mckoangood morning07:43
flash27good morning everyone. Quick question: is there a reason to prefer ipkg over deb packages?07:44
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flash27sorry, i meant opkg07:45
mckoanflash27: the heaviness. IPK is the lighter but with less features, then DEB, and RPM is full featured bit heavier07:47
mckoanflash27: that's the reason why IPK is preferrend in embedded systems07:48
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flash27mckoan: i noticed that IPK seems the default choice in yocto. Do you have idea of which are the features missing? I could not find a lot regarding IPK. If you know of some comparison, it would be great07:50
flash27if not, thank you the same for the answer07:51
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX08:14
mckoanLetoThe2nd: hi08:15
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flash27@mckoan thank you08:19
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qschulzjonesv[m]: IIRC, the device tree is part of the defconfig in U-Boot, c.f. CONFIG_DEFAULT_DEVICE_TREE09:15
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bpsI have an out-of-tree kernel module that I build with a bitbake recipe. I would like to create a toolchain/sysroot in the same way as a generic yocto SDK so that I can let external parties build the same module against our kernel without having access to our wider Yocto workspace. Is this possible?09:21
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LetoThe2ndbps: doesn't the generic sdk do the trick? maybe with enabled kernel-devel feature orwhatsitcalled.09:35
bpsthat would probably do the job but I just wondered if I could make a slimmed-down version, since all I'm building is a kernel module09:36
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LetoThe2ndhum. i think there is a meta-toolchain target somewhere, but not sure if its maintained properly. so if at all i would just build the sdk for core-image-minimal to pull in as little as possible and live with it, unless there is good reason to spend additional effort.09:39
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mckoanbps: bitbake meta-toolchain is what you need09:41
bpshmm thanks, I'll take a look09:42
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Manjucan we create a class in bbclass file10:35
Manjuif yes what is the syntax10:36
Manjui was able to follow and use functions10:36
qschulzManju: pretty sure one can define classes within python functions/tasks10:46
qschulzManju: but what exactly do you want to do that requires classes?10:46
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Manjui want to create objects11:03
Manjuof a class11:03
rburtonanywhere you can write python, you can define a class.11:04
* LetoThe2nd thinks it would be classy to stand in front of a class and explain classes of classes.11:05
Manjuwill i t be of same syntax11:05
Manjuas in normal python11:05
Manjulike eg: class myclass:11:06
qschulzManju: you're not explaining why you want classes. I'm considering you want to share objects between tasks/functions and I'm pretty sure it cannot work in Bitbake but happy to be proven otherwise11:17
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rburtonthe datastore (d) just stores python objects, so yes you can put a class instance in it if you want11:19
rburtonManju: when you're somewhere you can write python, that text is literally given to the python interpretter.  you can't just do class foo: at the top level of a bbclass, because you can't write python there.11:19
LetoThe2ndrburton: also to the python interprettier?11:20
* LetoThe2nd is severely undercaffeinated. or underbeered.11:20
qschulzLetoThe2nd: at that level, probably should mix beer and coffee just to be safe11:20
LetoThe2ndqschulz: i have conducted extensive experiments, and i can confirm that its not that easy. mixing alcohol and caffeine takes quite some experience to actually archieve desirable effects, instead of just bad taste.11:22
qschulzLetoThe2nd: then go for irish coffee, extensive test was done on that recipe11:22
Manjujust want to know the syntax then11:23
Manjui didnt quiet get rburton11:23
rburtonWhere you're writing python, just define the class11:23
LetoThe2ndqschulz: Test Driven Development!11:23
* LetoThe2nd oO( Test Driven Drinking )11:24
Manjulike python class foo:11:25
Manjupython class foo:11:26
Manjupython class foo():11:26
Manjusorry for my poor understanding here11:27
qschulzManju: in a python task or function only. so in your bbclass/recipe, python some_func() { class Foo: }11:27
ManjuThanks qschulz11:28
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RobertBerger@LetoThe2nd: Oida - Irish coffee is good for me - effects achieved  ;)11:54
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LetoThe2ndRobertBerger: OIDA!11:59
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ventoneicapelliHi all14:20
ventoneicapelliI'm newbie of yocto and I've a question: Given a target image is it possibile to have a list of packages installed on rootfs?14:20
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LetoThe2ndventoneicapelli: its not only possible. just look at the .manifest file that is generated along the image file.14:21
ventoneicapelliHi LetoThe2nd and thanks. Is it also possibile during execution say from a python function, I would like to store packages (ipk/rpm/deb) automatically...14:24
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LetoThe2ndventoneicapelli: anythign is possible, its only software. but what is it you ACTUALLY want to do?14:25
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ventoneicapelliI would like to get list of package used to build the rootfs, then get those packages and store them on a server14:28
LetoThe2ndthat can mean many things.14:28
LetoThe2ndplus it still sounds like you are actually trying to do something actually very much different, and you think that copying the packages is the way to do it. what is it you ACTUALLY want to do?14:29
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LetoThe2ndbecause in itself the question does not make much sense. on a clean build there is basically nothing unneeded, so if you run a clean build then all of the package output is important. but the pakcage output is by definition transient... so?14:30
ventoneicapelliyou are true, I would like to run a function on a subset of binaries that are part of the rootfs. Those binaries are the ones selected by a list of packages14:33
ventoneicapelliand I'd like to do this step as a ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND14:34
ventoneicapelliso, given a set of package I need to get binaries (executable) produced by and apply a function on them14:36
ventoneicapellibefore creating the image14:36
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LetoThe2ndit still sounds wrong.14:38
LetoThe2ndyou want to modify the binaries in the package?14:38
LetoThe2ndwhat is it you *REALLY* want to do?14:39
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LetoThe2ndsome arcane magic because your binaries are so special? sign a binary? sign the image?14:39
LetoThe2ndlicense complicance scanning? because chances are that you are basically on the wrong track14:40
ventoneicapellino its not a matter of licensing14:40
ventoneicapellino it's not a matter of licensing14:40
ventoneicapelliessentially I would like to tag a binary add an elf section14:41
ventoneicapellito be used in a lsm module to check the binary14:42
LetoThe2ndsounds like somethign that should go into a do_compile postfunc14:42
ventoneicapellibut I have to do on recipes written from others....14:42
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LetoThe2ndhooray! breaking news, we do have bbappends!14:43
ventoneicapelliI said I was a newbie, sorry14:43
ventoneicapelliI said I AM a newbie, sorry14:43
LetoThe2ndand i repeatedly said "what is it you actually want to do"14:44
ventoneicapelliit's not a secret I would try to keep things small...14:44
LetoThe2ndno offense meant, but seriously - google XY question, you've just delivered a prime axample.14:44
LetoThe2ndand i'm still mostly convinced that you are actually on the wrong thinking lines.14:45
ventoneicapellioh no...why?14:45
ventoneicapelliI'll have a look at compile postfunc with bbappend and try play with it14:47
ventoneicapelliis there a way to add a function to be called from every package? Like a hook for package tasks....14:48
LetoThe2ndbecause your questioning is so inconsistent. first you talk about a list of packages. then you say you want to put them on a server. then you say you want to do some binutils magic, basically. that all doesn't go together. its inconsistent. it suggests that you are actually trying to solve a completely different problem, of which you think those things are partial steps.14:48
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BlackbettyHello, what are the possible explainations that dependency library is stored correctly in .../recipe-sysroot/usr/lib, but the configure script fails to find it with pkg-config? is there anything more than add it to `DEPENDS`?14:51
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LetoThe2ndBlackbetty: inherit pkg-config ?14:51
ventoneicapelliLetoThe2nd, I'm just trying to think about your new directions. Thank you for your help I don't want you to spend more time14:51
ventoneicapelliThanks a lot14:51
LetoThe2ndventoneicapelli: have fun14:52
Blackbettythanks, but pkg-config is inherited14:52
LetoThe2ndBlackbetty: no problem, but you didn't mention that so far.14:52
ventoneicapelliPetoThe2nd have fun too14:52
Blackbettyim talking about `mesa` recipe which cant find `libdrm`14:52
mckoanLetoThe2nd: he/she did a typo that means 'Fart'the2nd14:53
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zeddii2021-03-08 09:55:00,931 - oe-selftest - INFO - RESULTS:14:56
zeddii2021-03-08 09:55:00,932 - oe-selftest - INFO - RESULTS - reproducible.ReproducibleTests.test_reproducible_builds: PASSED (4759.01s)14:56
zeddii2021-03-08 09:55:02,615 - oe-selftest - INFO - SUMMARY:14:56
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RPzeddii: nice :)14:58
zeddiiunfortunately, it's a hack now. since I can't get bison to not generate path specific #ifdefs, even with that flag14:58
zeddiiso I compile -> generate the .h's, fix them -> recompile.14:59
zeddiibut it does prove that's the last thing.14:59
zeddiibut perf builds so fast, it really doesn't make a difference.14:59
RPzeddii: Knowing where the issues are is half the battle!15:00
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JPEWzeddii: Hmm, there must be more bison hacks needed :/15:04
JPEWzeddii: Err... "fixes" :)15:05
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LetoThe2ndmckoan: no idea how you guessed it but its actually unbelievable fitting today. (TMI)15:06
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LetoThe2ndBlackbetty: mesa is a complicated beast which i always avoid, sorry.15:06
Blackbetty:(  I always tried to avoid it too15:07
Blackbettyso maybe wider question - Im trying to run QtWebEngine on arm. And well - it works. But with no hw acceleration its really slow. I thought - building opengl/mesa would allow me to use hw acceleration. Is it even a good path?15:08
JPEWBlackbetty: Mesa is only going to give hardware acceleration if it supports your GPU15:09
JPEWOtherwise, it will fallback to SW acceleration15:09
JPEW"acceleration" rather ;)15:09
LetoThe2ndSW deceleration!15:11
Blackbettyye, its unusable15:12
Blackbettybut mesa should support that, its snapdragon15:13
qschulzBlackbetty: check it's supported by mesa, then check if your kernel has support for your GPU, then check it's enabled and correct in the Device Tree15:18
qschulzBlackbetty: what I usually do is install libdrm-tests and check with kmscube first15:18
qschulzif it does not work with kmscube, you're in deep shit15:18
Blackbettyoh thats a good advice! i didnt know kmscube15:18
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Blackbettyfrom what I found out the configure script doesnt really check if pkg-config shows the lib, but if LIBDRM_CFLAGS and LIBDRM_LIBS is set... Im not super familiar with autotools (only on user level), what should set those flags?15:21
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qschulzBlackbetty: have you added freedreno in PACKAGECONFIG of mesa by any chance?15:38
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RPpaulbarker: do you know when the prserv patches will be ready? Wondering what to do in the context of the release...16:29
*** LocutusOfBorg <LocutusOfBorg!~locutusof@2001:b07:5d32:c012:826:8902:99d8:5aad> has joined #yocto16:30
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RPzeddii: Could you have a look at meta/recipes-core/images/ and tell me if that bit about kernel modules looks totally bogus to you?16:34
RPzeddii: as far as I can see kernel-devsrc has that all sorted now16:35
*** WillMiles <WillMiles!~Will@> has joined #yocto16:35
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zeddiiRP: yah, everyone gets that with -devsrc now.16:41
RPzeddii: thanks, I'll get rid of it16:42
*** Spooster <Spooster!> has joined #yocto16:47
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RPzeddii: ironically that fixes this runqueue issue I've been chasing but glad to have a proper fix for that16:49
*** zyga <zyga!~zyga@unaffiliated/zyga> has quit IRC16:51
*** oberstet <oberstet!~oberstet@> has joined #yocto16:52
zeddiiso it was somehow racing ?16:52
vdlDoes beaglebone-yocto support graphics acceleration?16:56
*** tnovotny <tnovotny!> has quit IRC16:56
RPzeddii: corruption of runqueue's internal state16:56
*** zyga <zyga!~zyga@unaffiliated/zyga> has joined #yocto16:58
zeddiinasty. I can feel the aura of time spent debugging from the commit.17:00
*** zkrx <zkrx!> has joined #yocto17:00
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RPzeddii: 5 days :/17:04
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frayat least you have an answer17:04
*** zyga-mbp <zyga-mbp!~zyga@unaffiliated/zyga> has joined #yocto17:04
RPfray: I had to get to the bottom of it17:05
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:07
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RPzeddii: could we put a README into yocto-kernel-tools saying where to sent patches/who maintains it?17:15
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jdrolhello I build a raspberry image from raspberrypi4-64 and I compiled for sd card... can I change MACHINE to qemuarm64 and recompile ? I got the message  from runqemu deploy/images/qemux86-64 not a directory valid DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE17:32
jdrolidea ?17:32
*** mprokos <mprokos!> has joined #yocto17:32
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qschulzjdrol: rebuild with MACHINE=qemuarm64 and then use runqemu17:42
qschulzthough you have to understand, most things from raspberrypi4-64 won't be in your qemu image17:42
*** rcoote <rcoote!~rcoote@2a02:908:692:81c0:86:28c2:99ab:4be1> has joined #yocto17:45
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JPEWIs Khem here.... Guest27389 maybe?19:22
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khemyes I am here19:32
*** aidanh <aidanh!~aidanh@unaffiliated/aidanh> has joined #yocto19:32
JPEWkhem: Did you see my image_types_simg patch in meta-oe? I think I forgot to CC you19:35
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zeddiihahah. found the hiding bison call in perf. I can delete my hack now. J20:11
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vdlcan you remove a dependency added to do_image_wic[depends]?20:40
vdldo_image_wic[depends]_remove obviously doesn't work.20:42
LetoThe2ndvdl: whats the usecase?20:44
vdlLetoThe2nd: the board definition i'm using sets do_image_wic[depends] += "u-boot:do_deploy" but I want to use another bootloader, hence removing this dependency20:45
khemJPEW:  infact I missed it, looks ok to me20:46
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LetoThe2ndvdl: is the board definition actually worth it? otherwise, just copy+refactor20:48
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smurrayvdl: that strikes me as an odd way to do that, could be done with EXTRA_IMAGEDEPENDS20:51
LetoThe2ndsmurray: yeah, sounds like another glorious bsp.20:51
vdlLetoThe2nd: smurray: the guilty is meta-ti, the beaglebone machine EXTRA_IMAGEDEPENDS += "u-boot" as well as do_image_wic[depends] += "u-boot:do_deploy"...20:52
LetoThe2nddenix: wake up! :)20:53
vdlso I was considering defining my own machine, like beaglebone-yocto, because only including the SoC .inc file really matters.20:54
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LetoThe2ndthough i have to say, swapping out the bootloader is in fact rare enough a requirement that i'll give the bsp an okay for that. copy-hacking into an own machine is probably the way to go.20:54
vdlmy conclusion was that a bsp layer really is a way to provide a bootable config, but is hardly reliable to define your own boards.20:56
smurraywell, for the ones from SoC vendors they use what they support20:56
LetoThe2ndso "it depends"20:57
smurrayif you want a different bootloader than TI provides out of the box support for, some assembly required shouldn't be a surprise20:57
vdlyeah and meta-ti depends on meta-arm and meta-arm-toolchain, but getting rid of this doesn't look like a bad idea...20:58
LetoThe2ndit all depends on the usecase20:59
smurraymeta-arm is required for the optee firmware, that's actually part of a slow path of improvement versus every vendor having their own20:59
vdlsmurray: well I kinda disagree because on paper you should be able to set PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/bootloader = "other" and you're done ;-)20:59
vdlsmurray: what's the optee firmware?21:00
vdlhum, not sure I need this21:01
smurrayif you're on am335x, you don't21:01
smurraybut TI support other aarch64 based SoCs in that layer that need it21:02
vdlsmurray: do you know if graphics-wise, beaglebone-yocto can do the same as meta-ti's beaglebone?21:02
khemoptee is a secure OS21:02
vdlthe beaglebone is am335x indeed, so that is not required.21:03
smurrayvdl: not right off, I've not had any need for graphics on a beaglebone board in a long time.  denys would have an idea if he's around21:03
vdlLetoThe2nd: btw beaglebone-yocto does the same IMAGE_EXTRADEPENDS + do_image_wic[depends] trick.21:04
smurrayvdl: be easy enough to test it with core-image-sato + MACHINE="beaglebone-yocto"21:04
vdlsmurray: right I'll try this.21:05
vdlso I might not even need linux-ti-staging from meta-ti as well...21:05
smurrayvdl: RP made the change that adds that to beaglebone-yocto.conf, he might be able to comment.  I'm not quite sure I follow the explanation in the commit message21:07
denixsmurray: what's the problem?21:07
denixvdl: which graphics do you mena? if you mean 3D, then you need out-of-tree SGX drivers from meta-ti, which unfortunately also need kernel patching, that is part of linux-ti-staging21:08
denixsmurray: do_image_wic() does not respect IMAGE_EXTRADEPENDS. so if you want to place bootloader into your SD card image, you need to ensure it's deployed21:09
denixvdl: virtual/bootloader is not as widely recognized as virtual/kernel. hence "u-boot" itself is a provider, so you need PREFERRED_PROVIDER_u-boot = "other"21:10
*** FloRiAn_ <FloRiAn_!> has joined #yocto21:11
denixvdl: I guess you could change machine config to do_image_wic[depends] += "virtual/bootloader:do_deploy"21:11
vdlthat'd be more appropriate, it's the purpose of virtual/bootloader after all. I'll try that21:12
smurraydenix: really?  they get added as deps of do_image_complete which do_image_wic should depend on, shouldn't it?21:13
vdldenix: so support for 3D graphics is the only thing that linux-ti-staging provides compared to linux-yocto or mainline for example?21:13
denixvdl: not only21:16
JPEWkhem: Thanks!21:16
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denixvdl: I'd guess more advanced power and thermal support, among others. but otherwise beagle/am335x has quite extensive coverage in mainline - it's a simple architecture...21:18
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*** sbach <sbach!~sbachmatr@> has joined #yocto21:19
khemI think meta-ti version works well especially when your real product will be another TI SOC which usually is case, then using meta-ti kernel would give you some advantage since thats what u will use in the end21:20
vdldenix: thank you. At least yocto makes it easy to switch between kernel providers if I need some proprietary bits from TI21:20
denixsmurray: I don't remember all the details, but it never worked that way - I can try tracing it down later, when I have more time21:22
vdldenix: does u-boot-ti-staging provides an TI specific bits or is it just the bootloader of choice?21:23
smurraydenix: okay, no worries21:25
denixvdl: as both names suggest, linux-ti-staging and u-boot-ti-staging were created as a "temporary" staging area for any changes to support TI platforms until they are fully upstreamed. the original idea was to eventually don't have any needs in this staging trees, once everything will be in mainline. so older platforms are closer to that goal, while newer platforms take very long time to upstream everything21:32
vdldenix: I see! With 3d graphics for example be one of them. Do you have any idea of the upstream status for the beaglebone black?21:33
*** caiortp <caiortp!> has joined #yocto21:35
vdlfunny, beaglebone-yocto sets DEFAULTTUNE ?= "cortexa8hf-neon" while meta-ti's beaglebone has DEFAULTTUNE ?= "armv7athf-neon"21:36
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denixvdl: SGX is a binary blob mess, so unupstreamable21:46
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*** camus <camus!~Instantbi@> has joined #yocto21:47
denixvdl: yes, and I responsible for both... :) I had them both set to cortex originally, but changed meta-ti back to armv7 to share packages with other platforms. the performance gain is negligible21:48
*** camus is now known as kaspter21:49
vdldenix: interesting! Regarding u-boot-ti-staging I meant to ask if it does any particular hardware initialization or something that I might need beside linux-ti-staging?21:50
khemI think armv7athf-neon is better since it would use thumb2 ISA which is compact and most tested on armv7+ so practically it will be optimized path21:51
khemI would not be surprised if it even performed better over cortexa8hf-neon tune21:52
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JPEWkhem: Sent an updated patch for the sparse images.... forgot to CC you again :)22:03
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vdldenix: this fixes using a different bootloader for beaglebone:
*** FloRiAn_ <FloRiAn_!> has joined #yocto22:20
RPzeddii: congrats on the find :)22:23
*** dreyna <dreyna!> has joined #yocto22:29
zeddiitest build running now. with any luck, I'll send the changes out tomorrow.22:30
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RPzeddii: nice :)22:44
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khemJPEW:  np I got it this time23:06
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