Thursday, 2021-03-11

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mranostajyates: yeah you need to execute that binary and it will give instructions where it will extract01:48
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zeddiiRP: a WIP patch for wrapping pmu-events.c in perf is in your inbox. what a pain.04:16
* zeddii calls it a day04:16
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thekappehello guys ! I've a question for you !07:27
thekappeWhich is, in your opinion, the best way to keep track of the software version of a yocto project ?07:28
thekappeLet's say, I need a way to know which is the "build number" of the custom yocto project from the linux user space07:28
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derRichardthekappe: e.g. use the os-release recipe07:34
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thekappederRichardm thanks, never heard aboout that07:37
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RobertBerger@thekappe: cat /etc/version might be what you want07:58
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RobertBerger@thekappe: you can also add additional variables to /etc/build which might customized look like that::
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medaliyouHI guys08:30
medaliyoudo_kernel_metadata: [NOTE]: defconfig was supplied both via KBUILD_DEFCONFIG and SRC_URI. Dropping SRC_URI defconfig08:30
medaliyouhow can i make sure that the kernel uses my defconfig file referred by the .bbappend file with SEC_URI ?08:31
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thekappeRobertBerger, thanks !08:36
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khemRP:  seeing  on AB it seems pseudo might be aborting, is there a way to collect the pseudo logs ? I have seen this happen few times now on AB on this recipe08:54
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hthiery[m]hi all .. i have encountered a problem with the number of inodes09:10
hthiery[m]i see that in the /tmp folder a lot of stuff is created and not deleted anymore09:11
hthiery[m]is that a know behavior?09:11
hthiery[m]can I configure somewhere to delete these files09:11
RPkhem: there is a patch in master-next which is meant to do that?09:12
RPzeddii: thanks, I'll give it a try. It looks like it was painful!09:12
hthiery[m]background .. I have a "small" tmp partion with 2GB and 131072 inodes. the default configuration for in local.conf for BB_DISKMON_DIRS for tmp is STOPTASKS,/tmp,100M,100K09:13
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LetoThe2ndhthiery[m]: that sounds soemwhat wrong, placing a build on /tmp if you only got 2G there.09:14
hthiery[m]LetoThe2nd: I do not know why in /tmp files are created09:15
hthiery[m]my build dir is somewhere else09:16
LetoThe2ndhthiery[m]: then find out if somethign whacks your pathes.09:16
hthiery[m]there are a lot of "_tmp2314130238628230366" folders09:16
qschulz_medaliyou: override KBUILD_DEFCONFIG by setting it to "" ?09:18
medaliyouthank you , @q helpful as ususal09:19
hthiery[m]LetoThe2nd: can you confirm that yocto should not create files in /tmp09:19
medaliyouqschulz_ Thank you09:19
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RPhthiery[m]: it will create files in /tmp but they should be transient and not be too large or there for long09:28
hthiery[m]RP: but in my case the STOPTASK will hit. I see that after a successful build with bitbake the files will stay09:37
RPhthiery[m]: any clue which piece of software is creating them?09:38
kmaincentRP: your last build from the master-next branch raised lots of errors!09:39
hthiery[m]RP: /tmp/_tmp995249292676025234# classes/com/google/devtools/09:39
hthiery[m]RP: does this give you any hint09:40
hthiery[m]RP: I see around ~3500 directories like _tmp<blabla>09:42
RPkmaincent: I think two issues, the createrepo-c upgrade had patch fuzz and the gnu-efi upgrade broken systemd-boot. I've dropped those two09:44
RPhthiery[m]: what is in them?09:45
RPhthiery[m]: I'm not aware of anything from just the name09:45
hthiery[m]RP: this are just some few directories09:46
RPhthiery[m]: looks like modules of some kind but I don't recognise them09:46
hthiery[m]RP: strange09:48
hthiery[m]RP: but all are in classes/com/google/devtools09:49
LetoThe2ndmaybe something in grpc going amok? what kind of build is this?09:50
hthiery[m]LetoThe2nd: is this question to me?09:50
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jmieheAre underscores fine in bbclass names?09:51
LetoThe2ndjmiehe: i think they are, but it seems that dashes are preferred:
jmieheLetoThe2nd: I see, but I can't use EXPORT_FUNCTIONS with dashes ~09:55
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rburtonjmiehe: most likely you don't need EXPORT_FUNCTIONS10:17
rburtondo you know what it does?10:17
LetoThe2ndrburton: it packs a function, puts it on a truck, waits 2 or 3 weeks at customs and then goes on to a customer.10:21
rburtononly three?10:22
LetoThe2ndrburton: well, unless you're starting in the UK, obviously.10:22
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RPjmiehe: underscores are fine10:29
RPjmiehe: dashes have problems with shell so underscores should really be preferred10:29
jmieherburton: I have buildsystem.bbclass which defines do_compile. afaik, EXPORT_FUNCTIONS and defining buildsystem_do_compile instead resolves problems with multiple inheritance10:31
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jmieheI had a look at cmake.bbclass for reference10:32
rburtonif you expect people to want to overlay and do multiple inheritance then yes.  uncommon though.10:34
jmieherburton: so it's preferred to just define do_compile and expect use of _append in recipes?10:36
RPjmiehe: the system was designed to let people avoid that by using EXPORT_FUNCTIONS but most people don't. I'm undecided if that is a good or a bad thing10:37
jmieheRP: "most people don't" is in this case reason enough for me to go with my gut: the class name feels more consistent using a dash, so I'll just define tasks in recipe and use _append where necessary.10:40
jmiehe… define tasks in recipe → define tasks in class10:40
rburtonjmiehe: depends if you expect people to need to construct do_compile from bits.  autotools does use export modules but almost nobody uses autotools_do_compile, and there's only a few users of do_compile_append.10:41
RPjmiehe: FWIW we're planning to start phasing out dashes in class names due to the shell issue10:41
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RPjmiehe: I like dashes too but they don't work with shell10:42
LetoThe2ndseriously, whenever i read the word "undecided" my brain associates with "Undecided Adrian" from the Smoking Gnu
jmieheRP: what about poky/meta/classes as linked above? there's like an awful lot of dash-classes in there. Legacy?10:44
RPjmiehe: yes. There is a bug discussing a plan to list the ones we have and stop new ones10:45
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chryshI am coming back with my question about deactivating SELinux. I have made sure that selinux is not in the environment variables DISTRO_FEATURES and IMAGE_INSTALL. I only have it in DISTRO_FEATURES_FILTER_NATIVE="  selinux". But I can still see the folder /etc/selinux showing up in myimage/1.0-r0/rootfs-original. That is not what I expected.11:11
chryshis there any other variable where I have to remove selinux?11:12
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qschulzchrysh: is not what you want11:19
qschulzit only applies to native recipes11:19
qschulzah sorry, misread11:20
qschulzplease ignore :)11:20
chryshWhen I add those to lines to my local.conf, selinux is removed in my image: IMAGE_INSTALL_remove += "selinux"11:20
chryshDISTRO_FEATURES_remove += "selinux"11:20
chryshany idea why?11:20
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stefan-schmidt[mRP: and others how have an idea on this. We are just discussing on SPDX headers for bb and bbappend files in our layer. This starts to make me wondering what the view from you is on that. I see them in scripts but not in bb recipes (even if they could contain python functions or more)11:22
RPchrysh: is selinux actually present or is it just some config from some individual piece of software?11:22
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stefan-schmidt[mWas that discussed before and I have not found it? Happy for a pointer.11:23
LetoThe2ndoO( why do people add things in the first place just so they can remove them laters in local.conf? i'll never get it. )11:23
qschulzLetoThe2nd: vendor distros/machines, you never know what's going on :/11:23
RPstefan-schmidt[m: Not sure there was documented discussion, I have certainly thought about it and my worry was the meaning of it in a recipe isn't clear11:23
LetoThe2ndqschulz: copy the best, leave out the rest.11:23
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* LetoThe2nd declares yocto chant #411:24
RPstefan-schmidt[m: it is unclear whether the license applies to the recipe itself, the patches or the whole piece of software. It isn't the latter but it could confuse things11:24
stefan-schmidt[mRP: yeah, we also are unclear on copyrightable or not. Really depends on the recipe. It should have no influence on the license of the handled code though, right?11:24
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RPstefan-schmidt[m: well, yes and no :/11:24
stefan-schmidt[mI would say it really only is about the meta build part11:24
stefan-schmidt[mpatches and the original code are different11:25
RPstefan-schmidt[m: I think adding them will confuse a lot of people11:25
RPstefan-schmidt[m: I think a recipe is copyrightable and we probably should have copyright headers11:26
RPa minority of recipes do11:26
stefan-schmidt[mRP: we could clarify the meaning for these headers in a document. But I fully understand that this legal part is no joy. :-)11:26
RPstefan-schmidt[m: we probably do need to do that. I started with the easier bits (scripts and code)11:27
RPstefan-schmidt[m: adding license headers to much of the code in wasn't fun :/11:27
stefan-schmidt[mRP: yeah :/11:28
RPstefan-schmidt[m: fancy proposing a document?11:28
stefan-schmidt[mRP: but its good to understand your position on this11:28
stefan-schmidt[mI feared you would ask that. :-) A fair point :-)11:28
RPstefan-schmidt[m: I have given it a bit of thought, I just wish I had some good answers11:28
RobertBerger@RP/stefan-schmidt[m: isn't something like an SPDX header in a recipe only the license for the recipe, as in a .c file only for the .c file?11:28
stefan-schmidt[mLet me wrap my head around this for a little longer and I can try to come up with something11:29
stefan-schmidt[mRobertBerger: yes, it would be the license for the recipe itself.11:29
RPRobertBerger: in principle, yes. Just as in principle everyone shares the source for GPL binaries ;-)11:29
RobertBerger@RP: hehe I get you ;) But certainly it makes it more obvious when I sue somebody and the SPDX header is all over the .c and .h files11:30
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jmieheIs it safe to create a non-standard directory in $WORKDIR while building, to contain build system metadata?11:32
RPjmiehe: probably, most of the time11:33
stefan-schmidt[mRP: I will think about it more and ping you about it again when I have cleared my thoughts on this11:33
RPstefan-schmidt[m: fair enough :)11:33
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qschulzchrysh: bitbake -e your-image-recipe | less and look for IMAGE_INSTALL and DISTRO_FEATURES and check which recipe/conf files are adding what11:46
qschulzLetoThe2nd: I think it's almost time for YP to have actual songs like OpenSuse does :D11:46
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manuel1985RobertBerger: Nice domain name :D That's some serious SEO right there:
RobertBerger@manuel1985: Hehe - how about ?12:04
gillesMMMhi when I list the layers with bitbake-layers show-layers I see a priority column. Is it the order of layers execution?12:07
wertigonHello, two quick fetch error messages I get when compiling dunfell, no idea if you have looked at these already:12:07
manuel1985RobertBerger: Seems you know your job ;)12:07
manuel1985a.k.a you did your homework.12:07
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wertigonWARNING: xz-native-5.2.4-r0 do_fetch: Failed to fetch URL, attempting MIRRORS if available <-- Said URL is a Sourceforge alias12:08
wertigonNot sure if that is the best source for it12:08
manuel1985by the way I found the link to the screen capture of the Yocto Project Summit 2020 I asked you for via email, but am still in need for the slides, though12:08
wertigonWARNING: netbase-1_6.1-r0.spark1 do_fetch: Failed to fetch URL, attempting MIRRORS if available12:08
RobertBerger@manuel1985: I'll send you some more links ;) Stay tuned.12:09
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wertigonnetbase_6.1 has changed to netbase_6.1~bpo10+1.tar.xz12:09
qschulzwertigon: do you have errors when building or just the warnings?12:10
wertigonNeither give catastrophic errors12:10
wertigonqschulz: Only QoL warnings from fresh build :)12:11
qschulzyeah, it just uses mirrors then12:11
qschulzso nothing to worry about12:11
manuel1985RobertBerger: Thanks! :)12:11
wertigonYes, I know, just thought I should tell someone since it's easy to go months without downloading fresh sources12:11
qschulzit's just that the primary URL is not reachable for some reasons, but the mirrors hosted by YP usually can provide those as a fallback (and they are set as fallback by default in poky local.conf IIRC)12:11
qschulzwertigon: why would we want fresh sources?12:12
qschulzwertigon: we want reproducible builds with fixed versions of software12:12
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qschulzwertigon: maybe I'm missing your point :/12:13
wertigonqschulz: Just thinking from the perspective of a person new to Yocto12:13
wertigonWarnings are scary :)12:14
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qschulzwertigon: I wish everyone was scared of warnings tbh :)12:20
qschulzwertigon: don't know how RP would feel about lowering the loglevel of that kind of warning, since anyway it'll fail the build if mirrors don't have the sources either12:24
qschulzbut feel free to send patches and then we can discuss about them :)12:24
wertigonYeah, I mean it's not a high priority bug or anything, and like you say it is important to keep code "stale"12:26
wertigonNo idea what the solution is, maybe have a preference on a per-package basis for which fetch source to use?12:27
wertigon*per-recipe basis12:28
RPWe do try and fix urls where we can so the warning is a reminder we need to do that12:32
* RP has found the parsing performance issue. Its silly :/12:32
LetoThe2ndlike the gta5 json one?12:32
RPkanavin: should we be thinking about xwayland now or post release?12:33
RobertBergerDon't you dare lowering loglevels to get less warnings. That's like rising the permissible blood alcohol level for driving a car.12:39
wertigonRobertBerger: But it works in the states? :D :P12:42
wertigon(Yes, being ironic here)12:42
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kanavinRP: the final release of standalone xwayland is scheduled for March 17th, so I tagged this as RFC, as it packages a pre- snapshot. I am leaning towards the post release.12:51
RPkanavin: right, makes sense. Just checking :)12:57
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chryshbut seriously, I do not understand where else to search for where selinux gets included. if bitbake -e does not show me that, it's impossible that it gets included, isn't it?13:07
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chryshIMAGE_INSTALL_remove part was only to see whether it compiles and boots at all without SELinux13:08
chryshnow I am wondering how to make it properly13:08
chrysh*do it13:08
*** Saur20 <Saur20!> has joined #yocto13:17
Saur20RP: I just built a core-image-minimal where I had only added vim as a dependency, and got this: path mismatch [2 links]: ino 65115947 db '/home/pkj/dists/poky-master/builds/qemux86-64/tmp/work/qemux86_64-poky-linux/core-image-minimal/1.0-r0/oe-rootfs-repo/rpm/core2_64/glibc-localedata-es-pa-2.32-r0.3.core2_64.rpm' req13:21
Saur20Are we missing some path in PSEUDO_IGNORE_PATHS?13:21
*** jkridner <jkridner!~jkridner@pdpc/supporter/active/jkridner> has joined #yocto13:28
*** jkridner|pd <jkridner|pd!~jkridner@pdpc/supporter/active/jkridner> has quit IRC13:31
RPSaur20: incremental image generation? rootfs/ should be under pseudo control, not ignored13:34
RPSaur20: I've traced that performance regression btw, fix should be out shortly13:34
Saur20Yes, it was an image that I had built a while ago, where I now updated the layers, added the dependency on vim and rebuilt it.13:36
RPchrysh: we don't use selinux by default so it is definitely possible to remove it. It is a question of how you enabled it and undoing that. Perhaps something isn't rebuilding correctly?13:36
*** SWAT <SWAT!~swat@ubuntu/member/swat> has quit IRC13:36
qschulzRobertBerger: warnings for "i couldn't reach the original URL but don't worry I'll try the mirrors" feels silly to me13:37
RPSaur20: perhaps we've now excluded oe-rootfs-repo but this was built before we did that?13:37
RPthat was a more recent change13:37
qschulzchrysh: you have to figure out why adding IMAGE_INSTALL_remove and/or DISTRO_FEATURES_remove make it build without selinux support. I'm surprised that they don't change the actual value of DISTRO_FEATURES but it changes the behavior.13:38
RPSaur20: we don't have code to remove newly excluded paths from the db13:39
*** yacar_ <yacar_!> has joined #yocto13:40
Saur20RP: Ok, that seems likely (it was longer since I built the image the last time). Thanks.13:41
chryshqschulz: yea, but do you have any theory why that could be the case?13:41
yatesthe example poky build is for the qemux86-64 machine. where are machines defined?13:44
chryshyates: poky/meta/conf/machine/qemux86-64.conf13:46
qschulzchrysh: seems like a user issue to me, it seems impossible that _remove for something that does not exist modify behavior of Yocto13:46
chryshat least in my case13:46
yateschrysh: that's where the machine for the build is specified, i'm asking where it is defined13:46
yatesor no, wait...13:47
alephanIs there any update on It is about the warning generated by the CONFIG_SERIAL_OF_PLATFORM addition on x86.13:47
chryshqschulz: How do I rebuild the rootfs then? I thought bitbake myimage -c rootfs -f would rebuild my rootfs?13:47
alephanzeddii: re CONFIG_SERIAL_OF_PLATFORM above ^13:49
RPzeddii: wow - - green - with the perf fix :)13:49
* RP had forgotten what a green master-next looked like13:50
zeddiialephan: its still on my TODO list, it'll be fixed up before the current release goes out.13:52
zeddiiRP: well spotted on pmu-events being evil :D13:52
qschulzchrysh: if DISTRO_FEATURES_remove actually does modify DISTRO_FEATURES, then removing it will trigger a rebuild. It's very rare to need to use -c <task> -f and is not recommended.13:52
RPzeddii: thanks for fixing it, the fix is rather horrible but its a nasty probem13:53
alephanThanks zeddii . How should I fix this locally? I'd like to get rid of the warning in the meanwhile.13:53
qschulzif removing your two _remove does not trigger a rebuild, then they are not the changes you made that made selinux files disappear in your build and you need to check what else has changed in your layers which impacted selinux in your image13:53
RPzeddii: are you going to send the patch out?13:53
zeddiiyep. I'll send it now. so people can revel in the horror.13:53
RPzeddii: at least we know where the issues are now and can try and push upstream to do something abotu it13:54
*** notoriousPig <notoriousPig!~notorious@> has joined #yocto13:54
notoriousPigHi o/13:54
*** cp- <cp-!> has quit IRC13:54
zeddiiexactly. and I can point the devs looking at this upstream to our fix -> green builds as proof that it is worth it.13:54
RPzeddii: right, exactly13:54
*** Spooster <Spooster!> has joined #yocto13:55
*** cp- <cp-!> has joined #yocto13:55
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notoriousPigI'm new to yocto and I wish to understand how layers are stacked. Is there a way to display a graph or something ?13:56
yateschrysh: so if i am creating my own machine, AKA a BSP of name bsp_name, i create a layer meta-bsp_name and provide a meta-bsp_name/conf/machine/bsp_name.conf there?13:56
zeddiiRP: sent, "as-is" with only the WIP removed from the subject. I assume you have the perf removed from exclusions already13:56
notoriousPigI already tried bitbake -g image but there is too many information on it so I'm lost in it ...13:57
RPzeddii: I reused your last patch, yes, thanks13:57
zeddiiwrong list13:57
zeddiiI re-used my yocto-bsp commandline13:57
zeddiiresending to oe-core now.13:57
RPzeddii: I ended up setting git config on the checkouts to avoid that!13:57
yates(and then add that layer to my bblayers)13:58
chryshyates: makes sense to me, the vendor of my board seems to have done exactly that13:58
qschulzyates: don't use underscores in machine names but yes13:58
qschulznotoriousPig: can you elaborate what ytou mean by "how layers are stacked"?13:58
chryshqschulz: "Removing it will trigger a rebuild" ==> you mean if I do bitbake myimage, or when?13:59
*** sakoman <sakoman!> has joined #yocto13:59
*** Spooster <Spooster!> has joined #yocto14:00
qschulzchrysh: yes, and without the two _remove in your local.conf14:00
RPzeddii: I might hold perf in -next a bit longer just to get a few more builds before that one merges just in case there is something else lurking14:01
RPzeddii: 24 hour rollover and other second run issues have been known (see ltp)14:01
zeddiiI just followed up and added a bit of context to the patch so it can be captured in the mailing list archive.14:01
notoriousPigYes qschulz, I wish to understand which layer is on top. I have a xinlinx board and I built a yocto image for it. Now, I need to make some change to the kernel and I need to show to my client (graphicly if possible) where in the yocto stack I made those changes.14:02
zeddiiI don't want someone to try and bikeshed my python, since it was quick and dirty .. and not a forever kind of fix :D14:02
zeddiiRP: I do expect one more blow up. but we are in good position to squash them now.14:02
RPzeddii: indeed. Getting to this point is the hard bit14:03
qschulznotoriousPig: it's not that easy unfortunately to explain, bbclasses and configuration files, if they exist in more than one layers are "first found is taken", in the order defined in BBPATH14:03
qschulzfor recipes, see BBFILE_PRIORITY14:03
qschulzfor bbappends, I don't know exactly in which order they are applied, I'd say BBFILE_PRIORITY too14:03
qschulzbut in 99% of the cases, you don't really need to know how "layers are stacked" if you're adding stuff, because bbappends are always applied14:04
notoriousPigOkay, I will check those variables then.14:05
notoriousPigThanks a lot ! =D14:05
*** jobroe <jobroe!> has quit IRC14:18
alephanzeddii: is there an easy way I can patch the kernel-meta clone from a recipe/bbappend? re to the config warning above14:23
*** NiksDev <NiksDev!~NiksDev@> has quit IRC14:23
*** NiksDev <NiksDev!~NiksDev@> has joined #yocto14:23
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yatesusing for a bsp reference, i'm seeing several conf/machine/raspberrypi_xyz.conf files. so in this case a single bsp layer provides several different machines/BSPs?14:28
qschulzyates: yup14:29
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*** camus is now known as kaspter14:37
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zeddiialephan: you can always provide your own fragment in the SRC_URI and that will silence the warning. That being said, I just did a qemux86-64 build, as does the autobuilder, and I'm not seeing the warning. What exactly is your config ? have you bumped up the audit settings, etc ?15:03
*** abelloni_ is now known as abelloni15:08
alephanzeddii: I'm using dunfell with an upgraded linux-yocto to 5.1015:08
alephanBut the linux-yocto recipes are the ones in master15:09
*** NiksDev2 <NiksDev2!~NiksDev@> has joined #yocto15:10
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alephanI think an update just landed in master - trying it now15:11
alephansame warning with the exact revisions in master15:12
alephanBut it should be reproducible on your side too zeddii It's not in 5.10
alephan(the revert that is)15:16
zeddiiright. That was on purpose. I didn't want to revert it. but the AB isn't showing the warning, so it fell off my radar. I'm trying to bump up my audit settings locally to see if I can make it show up.15:16
alephanGotcha. I'll go down the cfg route for now.15:17
alephanShoot me a CC when this is pushed.15:18
zeddiiwill do. I have a series of meetings coming up, and I'll poke at this in the background today15:18
alephanThanks. No rush. Local cfg will do for now.15:22
*** berton <berton!> has quit IRC15:27
zeddiiI just bumped everything up and forced the config audit. didn't warn. I'll force it to happen. but can you also pastebin your wrming for me, so I can reference it ?15:30
jmieheIf linking to -lssl and -lcrypto (C), what are the corresponding yocto packages?15:40
jmieheSolution: Add "openssl" as buildtime dep15:44
*** mckoan_ is now known as mckoan|away15:45
* jmiehe bites his desk really hard.15:52
LetoThe2ndjmiehe: pics or it didnt happen.15:56
LetoThe2ndjmiehe: plus, manually setting linker flags is almost always a bad idea, use a build system to determine the needed packages instead :)15:57
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RobertBerger@LethoThe2nd: Advanced topics ;) Makefile or even worse gets the right linker flags automagically. Oida!16:13
*** Kyubi <Kyubi!~Kyubi@2601:647:4080:f10:a8a0:3849:29ba:e8a3> has joined #yocto16:15
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jonmasonRP: available now for qemuarmv5 drop/fix discussion?16:32
RPjonmason: yes16:35
RPjonmason: my thinking was just to add something simple to the end of the qemuarm build - core-image-sato only with a testimage16:36
jonmasonthe problem with the testimage was "RESULTS - parselogs.ParseLogsTest.test_parselogs: FAILED (3.95s)"16:37
jonmasonand thats because AMBA driver finds entries that are not used16:37
jonmasonI can hack that out in a kernel patch...but that's super ugly16:38
RPjonmason: we can put that in the parselogs ignore list16:38
jonmasonfair enough16:38
RPjonmason: meta/lib/oeqa/runtime/cases/, see the qemuarm section16:39
jonmasonmy concern was it was not used based on the issues found, but that seems not true (or at least we want it still).  So, I'll fix it16:40
jonmasonThanks for putting me right.  I'll see about finding better solutions per Andre's comments16:41
RPjonmason: I just have a feeling there is a small but definite group of people still using armv5 :/16:41
jonmasonRP: regarding QB_MEM, is your assumption that is a ceiling or a recommendation for optimal perf?16:43
jonmasonI can add some warnings/errors in the places that override it, just want to know how hash to be16:43
RPjonmason: it was originally intended to be a "good starting value". the bigger images then increased it16:45
RPjonmason: there were discussions at the time about how I didn't like the increases :/16:45
jonmasonseems like you can predict the future, I need you to pick some lottery numbers for me16:46
jonmasonI'd hate to make a unique variable just for the max (per khem's suggestion) but it seems like the best choice right now16:47
RPjonmason: the machines probably need to define a "standard" and a max value, then the images pick a value inbetween16:47
RPjonmason: maybe we change it to be "default,max,min" and require qemu to handle the -m bit ?16:47
rburtonremember brett was hitting this same issue a while ago16:48
jonmasonI do sort of hate runqemu parameters taking in the command parts and not doing it in the script16:48
RPjonmason: there is a ton of history here and things being done sub optimally, originally due to shell script :/16:53
jonmasonI'll just rewrite it a piece at a time16:53
jonmasonthis SBSA/SystemReady work is sending me down a rabbithole16:54
RPjonmason: piece at a time is all we can do16:55
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yatesguys, there's something wrong in your doc
yatesaccording to section 1.6.1, i should be able to "source oe-init-build-env build-dir" then run yocto-bsp help18:20
yatesyocto-bsp gives command not found18:20
yatesalso, there is no <source-dir>/scripts/yocto-bsp18:24
rburtonthat's the 1.8 docs18:25
rburtonyocto-bsp was removed after that18:25
yates1.8 of poky?18:26
yateswhat is the current poky ?18:26
rburton1.8 is from 201518:26
khemis down ?18:26
yatesholy #@!$. ok, soryr - i guess google just pulled this up18:26
rburtonkhem: errors.yp, works for me18:26
rburtonyates: google is good at digging out old docs for no obvious reason18:27
rburtonjust change the number to 'latest'18:27
*** LetoThe2nd <LetoThe2nd!uid453638@gateway/web/> has quit IRC18:27
khembtw rburton systemd-boot fails on aarch64 see
khem I know you enabled it recently as dependency18:28
khemrburton: its on musl btw.18:29
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*** bobo <bobo!> has joined #yocto18:30
khemrburton:  I am seeing 10:31:22 ERROR: HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error18:32
khem10:31:22 Preparing to send errors to: errors.yoctoproject.org18:32
khemoh systemd-boot is not musl only , I see it fail for on a qemuarm build too18:35
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*** aleblanc <aleblanc!> has joined #yocto18:36
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halsteadkhem, Not down for me. However we are seeing some network weirdness with the GCE hosted servers right now. Might be related.19:21
halsteadkhem, Is it back for you?19:21
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khemnot sure19:57
khemit was ok a day before19:57
khemits acting up since yesterday19:58
khemstill seeing19:58
khemlast was 30 mins ago19:59
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jordemorthm having a weird time working on a kernel config - i have a working but minimal and somewhat wrong .cfg to tweak my kernel, and that stuff is definitely being applied, and what i want to do is split up what i have into multiple .cfg files, and then do a series of kernel_configme / menuconfig / diffconfig to incrementally create additional .cfg files to tweak different things20:52
jordemortbut it seems like if split up my .cfg or rename it anything other than ${MACHINE}.cfg it doesn't get applied at all, despite each split .cfg being listed in SRC_URI20:53
jordemortand it definitely looks like it can find them: + -O /work/build/tmp/work/sercomm_na503s-bantha-linux-gnueabi/linux-imx/5.4.24+gitAUTOINC+babac008e5-r0/build .kernel-meta/configs///defconfig .kernel-meta/configs//./xt-checksum.cfg .kernel-meta/configs//./ebtables.cfg .kernel-meta/configs//./vswitch.cfg .kernel-meta/configs//./lxc.cfg .kernel-meta/configs//./docker.cfg .kernel-meta/configs///no-can.cfg20:53
jordemort.kernel-meta/configs///bluetooth.cfg .kernel-meta/configs//./docker.cfg .kernel-meta/configs//./lxc.cfg20:53
jordemort(no-can.cfg and bluetooth.cfg being the ones in question, that's a line from kernel_configme output)20:53
jordemortbut if i subsequently do a menuconfig i find that the options in those .cfg files aren't actually set20:54
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yatesi am having trouble with something very basic: when i clone poky, source the oe-init-build-env, and build the core-image-minimal target, what associates that target with the qemux86-64 machine?21:01
*** gsalazar <gsalazar!> has quit IRC21:02
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frayconf/local.conf -- look for MACHINE21:05
*** camus <camus!~Instantbi@> has joined #yocto21:07
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yatesfray: that specifies the machine which will be used, where/how does "core-image-minimal" get picked up? yes, i know it is in /meta/recipes-core/images/; is it from there?21:09
yatesalso, is there a way to use a customized machine and bblayers.conf when running oe-init-build-env? of course i could modify the script, but is that what is intended?21:13
*** zyga <zyga!~zyga@unaffiliated/zyga> has quit IRC21:13
fraybitbake core-image-minimal  instructs teh system to build core-image-minimal.  The files are pulled based on bblayers21:14
frayyou should bring in the environment with oe-init-build-env and configure the bblayers.conf yourself.  Either by bitbake-layers add-layer or direct editing conf/bblayers.conf21:15
kergothyates: bblayers.conf sets BBLAYERS which defines what layers are parsed, it parses conf/layer.conf for each layer. you should really just read hte yocto project docs, and possibly also the yocto chapter of the architecture of open source projects21:15
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yateskergoth: in the ideal world, no one would have to ask any questions; everyone would read everything there is and discover the answers to their remaining questions through painstaking trials.21:20
yatesproblem is, that takes about 15 years.21:20
yatesbut thanks. i am certainly open to pointers to specific docs.21:21
yatesout of curiousity, where is this "architecture of open source projects" doc? is that a yocto doc?21:22
yatesit seems more sane to have a pre-defined build directory (e.g., in a repo, or built from a script in a repo), but you still need the yocto-specific setup part of oe-init-build-env. is there a "setup the yocto environment" subroutine for this purpose?21:24
yatespre-defined for my specific machine, layers, etc.21:25
kergoth first link21:26
jordemorthuh, if i quit forcing a kernel_configme before menuconfig then it works as expected21:28
yateskergoth: thanks. i didn't know it was an actual book, and on-line.21:29
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yatesstill looking for a21:38
yatesyocto-specific setup of oe-init-build-env.21:39
yatesdoes it exist?21:39
*** beneth <beneth!> has left #yocto21:46
RPkhem: systemd-boot issue was the gnu-efi upgrade. I booted it from -next21:46
kergothyates: don't really know what you mean. yocto's buildsystem is oe, oe-init-build-env works fine. there are plenty of alternatives if you don't like that method, see kas, etc21:59
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RPkmaincent: For the buildtools failure on master-next, looks like an intermittent parallel make bug. I've rerun it and it looks to have got past that point23:35
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aleblanchello, is there any work around building the esdk in dunfell with a linux-dummy kernel ? I'v only seen this
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