Wednesday, 2021-03-10

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jonesv[m]khem: Spooster: same when patched: when I then go into u-boot and check with `fdt print`, my usb0 is said to be `dr_mode = "otg"`, though my dts says `dr_mode = "peripheral";` ☚ī¸00:09
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khemyou might have to check if your patched dts is really what is used00:11
khemand you also want to perhaps cleansstate and rebuild image00:11
jonesv[m]Though in `bitbake -c menuconfig u-boot`, `Default Device Tree for DT Control` is set to "am335x-evm", and I do patch `./build/tmp/work/pocketbeagle-poky-linux-gnueabi/u-boot/1_2020.07-r0/git/arch/arm/dts/am335x-evm.dts`00:11
jonesv[m]khem: I have been doing some cleansstate and all for 3 days now, I guess I should now try to make sure the the dts I am patching is what is being used. But I don't know how 😕00:12
jonesv[m]I just assumed it was this one because of what I see in menuconfig ("Default Device Tree for DT Control"), but I don't know if that's correct00:13
Spoosterjonesv[m]: 'bitbake-layers show-appends | grep u-boot' to make sure your .bbappend is actually being picked up00:13
SpoosterI recently had some trouble where I has to push mine around until bitbake was happy where I placed the properly named file00:13
Spoosterchances are, either you need to name it u-boot_%.bbappend or move it around until it's picked up... then you can debug why the patch isn't applying from there00:14
* jonesv[m] sent a long message: < >00:15
jonesv[m]or not at all?00:16
jonesv[m]Like I can tell that my patch is being applied, because if I mess up with it, `bitbake u-boot` fails to patch. And also I can see that the file has been patched00:17
jonesv[m]But the thing is that this `.dts` file being patch does not tell me that the file is actually being used by u-boot. It just tells me that my `.bbappend` patches the file I want to patch. How can I know this is the file I should be patching?00:18
jonesv[m]But when I think about it, I am trying hard to get my usb0 in peripheral mode, but it is already in otg mode, so maybe that's not my issue at all, and I just got away from my initial fastboot problem 🤨00:21
jonesv[m]I guess I need to give up here00:22
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RPzeddii: :/00:44
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zeddiiedgerouter no less!00:51
zeddiiI did have a conflict there, but it built. I'll fire up a new one and re-submit the kernel SRCREV bumps for the yocto BSPs.00:51
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RPzeddii: thanks01:04
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cengiz_iohello there! my kernel module recipe fails to pass installed-vs-shipped QA check due to modules.builtin file. isn't this supposed to be automagically included in FILES_${PN} ?06:44
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jdrolhi is there special recipe to define a new service in /etc/init.d ?06:54
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX08:05
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LetoThe2ndkanavin: hehe, exactly my thoughts @pw08:39
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RPkmaincent: will you reply to Bruce with the perf diffoscope logs (e.g. ?10:34
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kmaincentRP: yes I will, thanks for the diffoscope link10:38
dl9pfRP the issue wrt libtool-native has multiple sides of the medal ... aka as it embeds very compiler/host specific paths, we might conclude that we can't sstate-cache it. or we need to try and mangle it better (which I don't know yet if that produces side effects).10:44
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dl9pfcompiler_lib_search_dirs  is _very_ host specific if we're honest, even if we're on the same host, there might have been an update.10:45
kmaincentRP: did you include the last dnf patch from alexander, in this build ?10:48
kmaincent*libdnf patch10:49
RPkmaincent: that looks like it is from the util-linux patch10:50
RPdl9pf: does it actually need that value on linux?10:51
dl9pfe.g. x86_64-linux-libtool still contains:10:53
dl9pfthis is build-host specifics that end-up in the sstate-cache10:53
dl9pfand predep postdep are quite specific10:54
dl9pfthat is at least what happened here. got the sstate from a debian builder with /usr/lib/gcc/.../5/10:55
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RPkmaincent: we should have diffoscope links for the other two failures as well, need to check it was the same issue. Looks like symbol reordering FWIW so perhaps object linking order isn't deterministic10:58
RPdl9pf: I wonder why libtool needs to care. RPATH supression maybe?10:58
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dl9pfdigging some more ... wonder why its a problem here now10:59
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dl9pfon multiple hosts11:00
RPdl9pf: I was wondering why it was showing up now11:00
dl9pfthe builder populating the sstate mirror in question does use prserv and hashserv11:02
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kmaincentRP: is there a way to find easily the diffoscope of a build?11:05
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RPkmaincent: the directory location is mentioned in the build logs so you can easily build the url from that11:12
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kmaincentah yes got it11:17
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RPdl9pf: it is possible that may expose some issues a bit more but I'm not seeing a direct connection11:20
dl9pfmight have been exposed by accident11:21
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kanavinLetoThe2nd, huh?11:36
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rburtonzeddii: are you actually working on that qemuarmv5 bug?  I'll take a look if you've not got around to it.11:49
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LetoThe2ndkanavin: re the "why should PW go into oe-core" mail12:29
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kanavinLetoThe2nd, I am famous for removing things from oe-core :)12:31
kanavinLetoThe2nd, X server is next on the chopping block12:31
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RPkanavin: we just need to be careful not to alienate users though, for better or worse the X pieces do have users13:02
RPzeddii: when you're around I can try and give perf hints if it helps13:03
rburtonshould be easy enough to move the old server to meta-oe for people who want it13:10
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LetoThe2ndRP: *sing* "I'm an alien, I'm an evil alien, I'm an Englishman in New Yo-hork..."13:12
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zeddiiRP: unfortunately, I'm out of time on perf. It'll be a few weeks again before I can pick it up.13:37
zeddiirburton: it was fixed in the queue that I sent last night.13:43
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RPzeddii: ok, no problem. I will merge the patch so far since its steps in the right direction, there is obviously just some remaining gremlin13:57
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zeddiiI did glance quicky at the diffoscope, and it looks like some machine specific instructions are captured. since that's the nature of perf, it isn't surprising.13:59
zeddiibut they should still be reproducible of course.13:59
paulg"diffoscope"  -- sounds so 1950s....13:59
paulgglowing vacuum tubes and the whole bit.14:00
RPpaulg: vacuum tubes are quite cool though, do love my old school 'scope14:02
* RP once had to create a sample in evacuated glass and has a lot of respect for anything made inside vacuums14:03
paulgI know several people who carry around a complete vacuum in their head.14:04
* RP ponders incomplete vacuums 14:05
ShaunI imagine that'd be quite similar, except their head would make high pitched noises14:05
JaMaOT: anyone fancy 2K EUR Zen Nixie Tube Clock? there is also YT channel how they are producing the tubes nowaydas14:08
kanavinRP: certainly, I guess you've seen the branches I am preparing?14:17
RPkanavin: I have looked at some of it, yes14:17
kanavinRP: one other missing item I want to look into is to package the upcoming separate-xwayland release - that's the only X piece that has a future, and even then only as a legacy compatibility layer. Standalone x server is effectively dead.14:20
RPkanavin: it would certainly make sense to have that14:22
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kanavinof course oe-core will continue to provide and test core-image-sato on top of xorg-xserver, but I think the time has come to transition the core and the test matrix (the bulk of it) to wayland/weston (in the next development cycle of course)14:23
RPkanavin: I agree on changing the mix, how much so, tbd :)14:24
kanavinRP: yeah, it's best to discuss over specific patches, I'm holding them until after the release is done :)14:25
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RPzeddii: I'm wondering if tools/perf/Makefile.perf:$(patsubst perf-%,%.o,$(PROGRAMS)): $(wildcard */*.h) needs a $(sort ) around the wildcard14:43
RPalthough  I think that is just a dependencies line so perhaps doesn't matter14:45
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zeddiiRP: I was looking at your other reproducibility fixes and wondered if that was the remaining thing as well. But didn't have a look at all yet.14:53
zeddiisince like you said, it really just looks like the objects are in a different order between the two builds, which didn't happen on my local one.14:54
RPzeddii: I'll quickly run a diff between the autobuilder logs and some local ones, see if anything obvious jumps out14:54
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RPzeddii: was a nice idea but perf compile corrupts the output and interleaves the commands :/15:25
zeddiiahah. yuck.15:29
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JaMaarmpit: can you please reply in "[dunfell 00/41] Pull request (cover letter only)" thread about connman upgrade backport to dunfell?16:35
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armpitJaMa, I did in the engr meeting.  now I need to find that email17:01
*** frsc <frsc!> has quit IRC17:02
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yatesrburton: when you first bitbake a project, doesn't yocto have to build the cross-binutils (as, ld, etc.)? if so, by what mechanism is this accomplished? via class files? also where do the source files for this process come from? any specific pointers (e.g., in the default yocto build) would be appreciated.17:06
rburtonyates: the gcc and binutils recipes17:06
*** pkar <pkar!> has joined #yocto17:12
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RPzeddii: after a lot of head scratching I think it is pmu-events.c which differs because of JSON  =  $(shell [ -d $(JDIR) ] && find $(JDIR) -name '*.json' -o -name 'mapfile.csv') as the mapfile.csv file isn't ordered deterministically17:17
*** fl0v0 <fl0v0!~fvo@> has quit IRC17:19
JaMaarmpit: please do for us plebs not attending another engr meeting :)17:20
zeddiiRP: ahaha. indeed. filesystem ordering on that find.17:21
zeddiiand then within the csv, is it generated ?17:22
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RPzeddii: the find generates the mapfile.csv contents17:35
RPzeddii: sorry, I'm misreading17:37
*** pharaon2502 <pharaon2502!> has joined #yocto17:40
RPzeddii: its the handling in jevents.c, the ntfw() walks the tree and won't be deterministic17:40
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RPzeddii: Fixing that doesn't look fun. Who would write that kind of thing in C? :)17:48
zeddiikernel savages.17:48
zeddiibut I state the obvious17:49
RPzeddii: scandir() would sort if we could butcher it to use that17:50
*** bobo <bobo!> has joined #yocto17:50
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RPzeddii: maybe17:53
*** beneth <beneth!> has left #yocto17:54
zeddiiI was just reading nftw's opengroup page.17:54
RPzeddii: I'd never really run into this problem as I'd write it in python :)17:55
*** om26er <om26er!6e260b11@ubuntu/member/om26er> has quit IRC17:57
zeddiiwhat about a post processing step ? IF it's the order in pmu-events.c, can't we suck it in, re-order and spit it back out ?17:58
*** SWAT <SWAT!~swat@ubuntu/member/swat> has quit IRC17:58
zeddiisort on .name, or something like that.17:59
RPzeddii: sounds good to me. That would solve the issue17:59
*** vmeson <vmeson!> has quit IRC18:00
RPzeddii: I'm partly guessing at what the issue is but the trace clearly points at something in pmu-events.c changing18:00
* RP -> food18:00
zeddiiit also fits the detail that we can't easily patch perf. I can have a go at a small python thing to do it18:00
RPzeddii: yes, I was worrying about that too18:01
*** beneth <beneth!> has joined #yocto18:01
yatesrburton: so do you mean /meta/recipes-devtools/gcc (for gcc)?18:07
yatesok thanks18:08
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yatesis there a recipe that will just make the sdk? bitbake sdk?18:31
rburtondefine 'sdk'18:33
Guest68851rburton:  Surely Demented Khem :)18:35
*** Guest68851 is now known as khem18:35
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yatessdk in my mind means the binutils + compilers, basically18:37
yatesit looks like "bitbake meta-toolchain" does this?18:37
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yatesin build/conf/local.conf i see "MACHINE ??= "qemux86-64""18:46
yatesdoes this set the target of the sdk/toolchain? e.g. cross-tools will be built for a qemux86_64?18:46
yatesrburton: ^^^^ ?18:47
yatesif so, where are the MACHINEs defined?18:47
khemyates:  SDK is a losely held term. its collection of tools and workflow to develop some sort of software18:54
kheme.g. if you were building containers as output then you will also call this SDK18:55
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JaMashould image.bbclass inherit nopackages?19:18
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rburtonyates: meta-toolchain will build a basic tarball containing binutils/gcc yes.  SDKMACHINE sets that target for the platform that *runs* the sdk (as documented in local.conf for starters)19:25
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smurrayyates: the sections on building the regular and extended SDKs in might be helpful19:39
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yatesrburton: thanks. yes, i saw SDKMACHINE is the "host" (I believe "host" and not "target" is the correct nomenclature, using the triplet syntax defined in
yatesis it correct to say that "MACHINE" defines the "target" in that nomenclature?19:54
kergothyates: yes, machine is the target in that, but it's even more specific than that. i.e. it's not just the target architecture, it's the specific board being targeted, usually19:56
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yateskergoth: +119:57
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RPJaMa: I don't think it can as there was some key dependency chain that breaks21:22
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JaMaRP: for me a dependency on image.do_image_complete somehow includes a search for image.packagedata manifest (which is now an error with my recent change), so nopackages was simples work around, but will look a bit further how it happened21:44
JaMaRP: has few more details21:44
JaMaRP: and on ML I've reported that I've seen it only in gatesgarth build, but then the same build locally shown an error with hardknott while gatesgarth was fine, so there is something else in play :/21:45
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RPJaMa: image.bbclass already has a lot of task pruning, I think I did as much as I could get away with at the time21:57
RPJaMa: the world has changed since but I think some of the dependencies are probably needed. It sounds like there is some underlying issue at play but I'm not quite sure what21:58
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yatesguys, does yocto/tmp/deploy/sdk/ actually embedded all the23:45
yates? it is a shell with binary data23:47
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smurrayyates: that's the SDK installer, a tarball wrapped with an install script, see

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