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jonesv[m]I am currently using the wic image fstype, which creates one image file I flash using `bmaptool`. Now, I'm playing with fastboot and I would like to flash a single partition. Is there a way I also get a `.img` per partition (right now I have only one), e.g. `rootfs.img` that I could use with fastboot to flash my rootfs using e.g. `fastboot flash rootfs.img rootfs`?02:23
jonesv[m]I'm learning fastboot still, but the question is about the Yocto output. I'd like one `.img` per partition to try to flash them using fastboot, but I'm not sure if that's possible 😊02:23
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eFfeMHi, I'm adding resolvconf to an image but do_rootfs fails with very little/unclear info.  This is the log that I get:
eFfeMAnyone an idea?09:23
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eFfeMah ok, I think I found it, after a clean build of rootfs I got:09:32
eFfeM Problem: package systemd-1:246.9-r0.cortexa7t2hf_neon_vfpv4 conflicts with resolvconf provided by resolvconf-1.83-r0.noarch09:32
jdrolEffem good:) I was reading your pastebin09:32
eFfeMjdrol: the pastebin was from an incremental build; after cleaning the image recipe I got meaningful output09:35
jdrolI have problem to cbitbake the meta-qt package with raspberrypI09:36
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jdrolhow bitbake knows when layer.conf contains machine directory that MACHINE variable will be the name of file in machine directory  ? I see that in meta-raspberrypi11:31
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Ollie123Hi. I am trying to migrate from krogoth to dunfell, and am having issues with a custom machine based off "var-som-mx6", "var-som-mx6-myboard". In krogoth, it sufficed to have SOC_FAMILY in my machine's .conf file. This seems to now have been deprecated in favor of MACHINEOVERRIDE. I have tried playing with this variable, and requiring the15:14
Ollie123"var-som-mx6.conf" file in my custom machine's .conf. However, I am not able to build certain recipes that search for files based on machine name. Two examples would be u-boot, where symlinks to the correct arch's header files don't seem to be being created, and bluez515:14
Ollie123( where due to the new/custom machine name, it is not lookin in the var-som-mx6 folder15:14
Ollie123does anyone know how to fix this?15:14
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khemRP:  you missed,,,20,0,0,0::Created,,Khem,20,2,0,8127422615:55
khemin staging to master-next15:55
khemor do you see any issue with this ?15:55
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khemthere are several packages  where libunwind tests fail due to libunwind needing this dependency on musl, on glibc the getcontext/setcontext are part of libc itself so not an issue there15:56
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khemhalstead: is there some way in to see raw text of emails to grok patches e.g. I was reading through
khemseems there is no easy way kind of sucks16:14
khemperhaps patchwork was/is fillng this need,16:14
halsteadkhem: no but we will offer public inbox soon which will expose all messages in a git repo.16:14
khemoh ok16:15
khemI am spoilt by gitlab and github workflows :)16:15
halsteadkhem: new version of patchwork on the way as well16:17
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khemhalstead: yay, you rock !16:20
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jdrolI try to append the recipe to set a non english keyboard but i got an Error : no recipes in default available .. help please...17:12
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jdrolOk fixed but service keymaps is not created18:03
jdrolidea ?18:03
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jdrolI need help to debug my bbappend of recipes-bsp/keymaps ..18:36
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RPkhem: sorry, just overlooked. Added to the queue22:15
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smurrayRP: I guess this is an expected fallout of the util-linux-uuid split?:
smurrayRP: it does work after moving tmp aside, as you'd expect22:54
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