Monday, 2021-03-15

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mckoangood morning07:41
jdrolhi mckoan07:49
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jdrolsomthinf is unclear for me when  I change something in my own recipe bb and make core-image.base bitbake doesn't run the modified recipe07:55
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jdrolsoemthing sorry07:55
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX08:20
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qschulzjdrol: we need more info, is it a bb or a bbappend that you have and modify? what does "make core-image.base bitbake" mean to you? what's the exact command you are running?08:45
jdrolI have set a bb alone in a layer the layer is shown by bitbake-layers show-layers08:46
jdrolin the bb layer I put a SRC_URI+="file://exemplecprogram.tgz"08:47
jdrolbut sometime it complain  that it exemplecprogram.tgz" does not appear to contain CMakeLists.txt08:48
jdrolbecause on an old release I tested with makefile and he has a makekile08:49
jdrolI don't know how to clear everywhere the old recipe08:49
jdrolI do bitbake -c clear bb but it answer ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'exemplecprogram'08:50
qschulzjdrol: bitbake-layers show-recipes exemplecprogram08:50
qschulzif it returns nothing, your recipe is wrongly named/in the wrong path/in a layer that is not included08:51
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jdrolqschulz, I don't see it with show-recipes08:52
jdrolbut the old recipe in in DL  and in work08:52
RPsmurray: not expected, it should be able to handle that:(08:52
qschulzjdrol: what's the path to your exemplecprogram? what's the content of your BBLAYERS variable in build/conf/local.conf?08:54
qschulzand what's the content of BBFILES variable in your-layer/conf/layer.conf?08:54
jdrolERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'exemplecprogram'08:56
jdrolBBFILES += "${LAYERDIR}/recipes-*/*/*.bb \08:56
jdrol            ${LAYERDIR}/recipes-*/*/*.bbappend"08:56
jdrolin meta-cexample i have recipes-exemplecprogram/08:58
jdrolin  recipes-exemplecprogram/ I have exemplecprogram08:58
jdrolin exemplecprogram I have exemplecprogram_1.0.bb08:59
LetoThe2ndor the content of the recipe is whacked, e.g. PACKAGES overwritten to something unexpected?09:01
jdroldo you want to get a pastebin of bb content ?09:02
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LetoThe2ndwell, "want" is probably saying a bit much. :P09:05
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jdrolLetoThe2nd, yes I know it is not a gift :)09:06
qschulzjdrol: triple check that bitbake-layers show-layers actually shows you meta-cexample in the list. Because it seems to me that BBFILES and your paths are correct09:06
jdrolI changed the  recipe to inherit makefile to cmake09:06
jdrolmeta-cexample         /home/gilles/Developpements/yocto/meta-cexample  609:08
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YumasiHi everyone - I am writing a recipe that defines multiple packages, many of which install systemd services. However, after inheriting the systemd bbclass and defining the SYSTEMD_SERVICE variable for each of those packages, the service is not enabled in the package. Any idea what might cause that ?09:16
LetoThe2ndYumasi: just guessing: this is not meant for separate sets of systemd services:
jdrolfor the content of layer09:21
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qschulzjdrol: please send the content of your conf/layer.conf and of your recipe in a pastebin too09:22
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YumasiLetoThe2nd: since SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE is set as a default value (which I have not changed; just checked with 'bitbake -e') shouldn't it propagate to the packages I define in my recipe ? I did try explicitly setting it to "enable" for each of my packages, but the services were still not enabled.09:30
jdrolqschulz, this one is full sorry
qschulzjdrol: nothing weird going on for me, what's the content of your examplecprogram?09:32
* LetoThe2nd Yumasi: i've never worked in that situation so i can't really explain. its just my gut feeling that says this might not play nice with multiple packages form a recipe. hence, maybe consider splitting it.09:32
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LetoThe2ndjdrol: whacked. why are you setting PN, PV, P manually? this is probably causing your pain.09:37
LetoThe2ndjdrol: DEPENDS+=cmake is also outright wrong - unless you want cmake to be packaged and installed, too.09:38
LetoThe2ndmanually setting RDEPENDS to ""... sorry, but how did that all get into a recipe?09:39
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jdrolI used the generator09:46
LetoThe2ndso you're the perfect example why i explicitly said i'm undecided about it.09:47
LetoThe2ndyou shouldn't need more than this:
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YumasiLetoThe2nd: I looked a bit for recipes using SYSTEMD_SERVICE in the meta-openembedded layer and I found a few that defines multiple packages with systemd services in each one, so I'd say it looks like it should work fine in my case (an exemple of one such package is the owfs one)09:53
jdrolok thank you ...09:55
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LetoThe2ndYumasi: heh then you obviously know way more about it than I do.10:01
jdrolLetoThe2nd, who is in charge of generator ?10:01
LetoThe2ndjdrol: see the left sideboard of that site.10:01
rburtonhuh ten line recipe with so many mistakes in10:02
Ad0does procps package override the busybox commands?10:03
qschulzLetoThe2nd: remove the .tgz at the end of S and make sure the tgz has only one directory in it which is named exemplecprogram10:03
qschulzjdrol: ^^^10:03
qschulzjdrol: otherwise, can only recommend starting with
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jdrolnow I got the message : Getting checksum for exemplecprogram SRC_URI entry exemplecprogram.tgz: file not found except in DL_DIR10:08
jdrolthe pasth is relative from where ?10:08
YumasiLetoThe2nd: well, turns out it was a good old pebcak issue *facepalm*. Sorry for the inconvenience !10:09
qschulzjdrol: pretty sure it's tackled in tutortials I sent you, at least in the bbappend one10:11
qschulzjdrol: recipes-exemplecprogram/examplecprogram and then in a subdir, called files, examplecprogram or examplecprogram-1.010:12
jdrolI know the file: I have to fille the file withe the tgz file ?10:17
LetoThe2ndYumasi: no problem! can you please tell what the problem actually was, so we can check for it next time?10:18
jdrolI wanted to test the download from a local file and git10:21
qschulzjdrol: please watch the tutorials I send you, you can go 2x speed on it if you want, it really explains the basic concepts and recipes in Yocto. it's a good way to get started quite fast10:25
LetoThe2ndand i guess they also include some beer!10:25
medaliyouhi , guys how can i remove getty@tty10:37
medaliyouwhen i do a do_install_append() to systemd it tell me can remove the file because it dosen't exists10:38
YumasiLetoThe2nd: I was checking the package content for the symlink in /etc/systemd/system/multi-user.wants. It occured to me this symlink is actually created when the package is installed, either in an image or by a package manager.10:41
LetoThe2ndYumasi: ah. yeah systemd.bbclass injects things into image creation :)10:43
YumasiLetoThe2nd: Exactly, with its post-inst task :)10:45
LetoThe2ndYumasi: :)10:45
Ad0medaliyou, I think that's a systemd10:52
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Ad0you override the /recipes-core/systemd/ with .bbappend - then add SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE_${PN} = "disable"11:02
Ad0mine is not even found due to some other setting11:02
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Ad0hm it's there lol. guess I'll do the same thing11:07
mcfriskhi, is there a way to disable a bbclass? For example I want to ban out of tree kernel modules so maybe I could enforce this by disabling module.bbclass?11:33
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qschulzmcfrisk: you could override this class to empty it, see BBPATH for it11:36
qschulzbut... why?11:36
jdrolLetoThe2nd, are you  the man from livecoding ?11:36
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LetoThe2ndjdrol: i have repeatedly been called "our man on twitch", yes :)11:39
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jdrolcongratulation I am watching your second video after having watching the first one.. it is clear and you are undestandable11:41
jdrolI like the libanswer exemple11:41
mcfriskqschulz: to enforce that no out-of-tree kernel modules appear on my systems through BSP and other vendors. can't review everything anymore...11:46
mcfriskout-of-tree means crappy quality, security holes, and depending on details, also issues with secure boot and signing11:47
LetoThe2ndmcfrisk: i would probably rather force-extend it (ugly hack with layer ordering, you know it.) so it errs out when yomebody tries to use it.11:48
qschulzmcfrisk: out-of-tree does not necessarily mean worse quality than vendor in-tree kernel driver :p11:49
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: exactly what I suggested :) override module.bbclass and put a python __anonymous () { bb.fatal("No OoT kernel driver allowed anymore") }11:50
mcfriskqschulz: oh yes it does, I've seen and I can't unsee... thanks for the tip!11:51
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LetoThe2ndqschulz: you said "empty" it ;-)11:52
qschulzLetoThe2nd: jhreqwbfghuebrguygvbeurgvyurgv anyway it wouldn't build anymore :p11:53
LetoThe2ndqschulz: hehe. yeah sure. it depends a bit on where and how one wants the error to pop up.11:54
qschulzand how meaningful/helpful the error message should be :)11:55
mcfriskI guess BBMASK doesn't work with bbclasses11:56
qschulzmcfrisk: not advertised at least no11:59
neverpan1cmcfrisk: We have done the bbclass overriding in other cases previously, too, so that works and is probably the way to go.12:00
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aleblanchello, is there any work around building the esdk in dunfell with a linux-dummy kernel ? I'v only seen this
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LetoThe2ndaleblanc: maybe FF12:07
aleblancLetoThe2nd I'll have a look. Is this something you have tried yourself ?12:09
LetoThe2ndaleblanc: nope.12:13
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chris_berdoes somebody use ntpd? My device is not getting time. What i have done: i added ntp into the image. Modified /etc/ntp.conf -> added "server". restarted ntpd. Still not getting time12:51
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yateschris_ber: are you sure you have network connectivity?13:15
yatescan you poing from your target device?13:15
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jonesv[m]Just wanted to thank the OE/Yocto teams. I'm still learning, but I am feeling more and more comfortable using Yocto, and I really like it a lot!13:16
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LetoThe2ndthrow money!13:17
chris_beryates: yes i have (wasn't sure before). I updated the ntp.conf and received date. thx13:18
yateschris_ber: sure, but does anybody really know what time it is?
chris_berbut i have to write a .bbappend for ntp to include public ntp servers13:19
chris_beryates: no sound at work ^^13:20
yatesnow that's a serious problem!13:20
chris_berfeel the same13:20
jonesv[m]LetoThe2nd: is there a way to make a donation to Yocto/OE? Haven't found it. Though I'm learning in my free time for my own information, it's not like I get a revenue from that. So it's costing me time, but not bringing me anything in return. I feel like companies leveraging Yocto should make substantial contributions...13:21
yateshere's a thumbs up to our Russian friends who did this song perhaps better than Chicago themselves!
LetoThe2ndjonesv[m]: hehe nah, it was more like a joke i stole from a concert. stick around, spread the word and if you already know something that another laerning person asks, help them. thats all you need to give back.13:23
jonesv[m]BTW freelancers using an open source project should donate a bit (or contribute code) to that project if they leverage it to get a revenue. I don't know if that's common practice 🤔. I do maintain 1-2 open source projects myself, and I can say that nobody benefiting from them contributes anything. I mainly get feature requests 😆13:24
LetoThe2ndjonesv[m]: you can donate to openembedded though. they will happily accept!13:24
jonesv[m]But there are surely people working actively on Yocto. Are they not being paid for that?13:24
JPEWjonesv[m]: OE is a community run organization. Donations are through Software in the Public Interest (a lot like debian IIRC). You can donate through the "Donate" button on
JPEWYocto is part of the Linux Foundation. A company can become a memeber and join the Yocto project (I think there are fees that go to fund the project through that)13:26
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jonesv[m]Thanks JPEW , that makes it clearer :)13:27
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LetoThe2ndJPEW: are you aware of any pitfalls when building inside a docker container inside a lxc one? any hoops you had to jump through with pyrex? we're seeing strange build "halts" in our usual kas-docker environment, but pyrex seems to happily go on forever, so i'm wondering what the problem might be.. and if you've maybe already hit and solved it :)13:45
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* mcfrisk lols at I_SWEAR_TO_MIGRATE_TO_PYTHON3 *snort*13:54
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RPmcfrisk: where is that? :)13:59
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jonesv[m]Is there a trick that I should be aware of when using `bootloader --ptable gpt` (instead of mbr)? When I change that, my device just does not boot anymore and I don't get any serial output. Could it be that I need to change `part /boot --source bootimg-partition` if I use gpt instead of mbr?14:00
mcfriskRP: <>14:01
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manuel1985LetoThe2nd: Is there a screen recording tool you can recommend?14:30
LetoThe2ndmanuel1985: i usually just push the record button on OBS, as thats what I already have anyways.14:32
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LetoThe2nd hrhrhr14:37
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manuel1985LetoThe2nd, thanks!14:45
dorindaHi Everyone, I am getting this error when i try to build my Yocto core-image-minimal14:45
LetoThe2nddorinda: usually a couple of lines up there is a full path to the log file of the failing task. you can look at that, or post its contents.14:46
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dorindathe log was actually really long, but i will post it14:48
dorindaoops sorry this14:51
dorindathese are the last lines that looked relevant to me, since the log was too long.14:54
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dorindaI also noticed there's a new release of cmake 3.20.014:55
LetoThe2nddorinda: that certainly looks strange. what state of poky and host distro is that?14:55
JPEWLetoThe2nd: Ya, there are a lot of quirks when building in docker. What's the halt?14:56
dorindamy distro is Ubuntu 18.0414:57
dorindaand my poky build configuration is14:57
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LetoThe2nddorinda: so basically latest master?14:58
LetoThe2ndJPEW: i think the only real hint we're seeing is Summary: There were 2 ERROR messages shown, returning a non-zero exit code.14:58
LetoThe2ndException ignored when trying to write to the signal wakeup fd: BlockingIOError: [Errno 11] Resource temporarily unavailable14:58
LetoThe2nd2021-03-12 11:32:36 - ERROR    - Command returned non-zero exit status 114:58
*** kaspter <kaspter!~Instantbi@> has joined #yocto14:59
LetoThe2nddorinda: hmm.14:59
LetoThe2nddorinda: you could look into the autobuilder for a comparable setup and see if its works there (presumably)
RPAs a headsup, I just created hardknott branches for core and updated layer.conf. This will cause the usual ripple effect through the layers15:00
LetoThe2ndRP: you get a branch, and you get a branch... everybody gets a branch!!!15:01
dorindaLetoThe2nd: Alright, will try that now thanks.15:03
LetoThe2ndJPEW: other than that, it just "stops". whatever tasks were in progress, the time counters just go up indefinetely15:03
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JPEWLetoThe2nd: Hmm, not sure. We do run pyrex-in-docker (not LXC though), but it's done DooD style15:09
JPEWLetoThe2nd: TBH, it's been a while since I've done too much pyrex work (it's been working alright). I know it was really tricky to get working, and we had a lot of crashes, hangs and other things, but I don't remember them specifically anymore15:10
JPEWI don't think we ever saw the BlockingIOError specifically15:10
LetoThe2ndDooD style?15:11
JPEWLetoThe2nd: Docker-out-of-docker:
JPEWBasically, we bind mount the host docker socket into the first docker container, then pyrex uses the host docker15:12
JPEWthrough that socket15:12
JPEWI don't recommend it :)15:13
LetoThe2ndJPEW: well the situation is that pyrex seems to work nice on lxc, i just successfully built world. now i wonder what its doing differently.15:14
JPEWLetoThe2nd: Ya, you're running docker inside of LXC?15:14
LetoThe2ndJPEW: yup15:15
JPEWLetoThe2nd: Well, you could have pyrex print out the docker command it's using... add a print before the os.execvp on line ~80315:17
LetoThe2ndJPEW: thanks, will do. sorry, i'm a complete python idiot so i have to ask the most trivial things.15:22
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JPEWLetoThe2nd: no problem :)15:50
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* zeddii hits rm -rf on his build15:58
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t_unix[m]I'm updating the meson recipe and am wondering about the execution time replacements within `nativesdk-meson`.17:01
t_unix[m]while it _seems_ to make sense that the cross file template is part of `nativesdk`, the replacements (i.e. `TARGET_SYS`) translate to the wrong architecture (i.e. host architecture instead of the target architecture). So the template contains `x86_64...` instead of `arm-...`.17:06
*** awafaa_ <awafaa_!sid716@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto17:08
t_unix[m]as the nativesdk variant is the only one used/customized during the SDK installation process, I assume it's supposed to be used to crosscompile for the target architecture, isn't it?17:09
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RPzeddii: I merged perf and removal from the exclusion list, thanks!17:09
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jordemorti'm trying to rewrite some code that uses the sysfs gpio interface to use the new libgpiod interface - anybody have any clue how to convert numbers from one to the other? under the old interface i'm looking at gpio 44 but now i have a series of gpiochips with ios numbered from 0-31 - is old 44 new gpiochip1 13? or maybe 12?17:30
RPrburton: does make any sense to you?17:33
RPhalstead: was there any change to ubuntu1604 during maint on Friday?17:34
RPhalstead: it looks like its taking 5 mins longer on builds for reasons which I can't see17:34
rburtonforce a run of the last fast build to see if that repeats?17:36
halsteadRP, Nothing major. Let me grab a list.17:40
t_unix[m]@jordan: just to safe you some debugging time: keep in mind that gpios that are managed via libgpiod will return to their initial state when you close the corresponding file.17:41
jordemortt_unix: thanks!17:41
jordemorti've figured out i can look at /sys/kernel/debug/pinctrl/30330000.iomuxc/gpio-ranges  to find the mapping17:42
halsteadRP, no change at all on perf-ubuntu1604. Just a reboot. For ubuntu1604-ty-1 looks like minor updates to git, python2, and libglib2.17:44
yatesi'm confused about how to organize my layers, specifically a bsp layer.17:46
yateslooking at i see the meta-arm-bsp snuggled underneath17:47
yatesbut i thought that the bsp layer go under a specific board layer, like meta-raspberrypi17:48
*** kpo_ <kpo_!> has joined #yocto17:51
yatesso in one case it's organized by processor type (arm) and the other by board type (raspberrypi). so which should it be?17:58
RPhalstead: it would have been on the perf worker. Very odd :/17:58
RPrburton: I've queued a rerun17:59
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zeddiiyates. there's no real guidance there. It's actually more about who maintains the layers, the BSP and what structure works best for them. As long as the separate between distro/board/etc is clean, no one really cares.18:05
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yateszeddii: thanks for clarifying18:08
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* zeddii bets wherever rburton is right now. We should hide is keyboard.19:23
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matthewcroughan_What do you guys think of using the word "Yocto" standalone? Is this accepted yet, or is it still annoying?19:25
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* derRichard smells a linux vs. gnu/linux discussion19:26
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RPmatthewcroughan_: Our branding people would be keen to point out it is Yocto Project however lots of people do abbreviate it19:45
RPzeddii: what happened with ross?19:45
zeddiichecking your poky mailing list :D19:45
zeddiiman, I can't type today19:46
RPah, yocto list?19:47
zeddiiyah. that.19:47
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yatesdoes "bitbake meta-toolchain" build a specific recipe? is there bitbake option to show the top level being buitl or other information besides -g?20:13
smurrayyates: see meta/recipes-core/meta/meta-toolchain.bb20:14
yatesalso is there a way to graphically view the file?20:14
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frayI'm trying to understand what the following means: WARNING: sdps-experimental+gitAUTOINC+4ccf80e21d-r0 do_package: Manifest <path>/tmp/sstate-control/manifest-x86_64_x86_64-nativesdk-device-tree-lops.packagedata not found in versal_generic versal-prime versal microblazeel allarch x86_64_x86_64-nativesdk (variant '')?20:18
fraythe package device-tree-lops is NOT a nativesdk -- and it doesn't produce packages, intentionally.. (I have do_package it it disabled)20:19
* LetoThe2nd resists to type snarky comment about understanding WARNINGs20:19
LetoThe2ndyates: depends on your definition of "graphically view"20:20
fraywell I ASSUME the warning has a purpose, thus I want to understand what it means20:20
yatesLetoThe2nd: i mean other than using a text editor20:20
smurrayfray: I believe there's a discussion ongoing between RP and JaMa about what looks like that issue on oe-core20:21
LetoThe2ndyates: hum well you could use a text pager. or you could hexdump it. or you could pipe the file to /dev/fb020:21
fraythis is gatesgarth BTW20:21
LetoThe2ndthe last one is probably the most "graphic" approach, though.20:21
RPfray: I merged a fix for images in master just this morning, I'm likely thinking the change should be reverted in gatesgarth and dunfell though20:22
RPfray: the nativesdk thing is a red herring, its just the last thing it looked for20:22
smurrayyates: you can generate a jpeg or whatever of the graph from the dot, how useful that is is debatable20:23
RPsakoman: can I fast track a revert of that in?20:23
LetoThe2ndsmurray: fb0! fb0!20:24
frayok, so the warning isn't really what it's saying, but still a warning about 'something'?20:24
fraythis is gatesgarth from around January or so..  I'm not yet 'caught up'20:24
yatesLetoThe2nd: do you enjoy being a jerk-off?20:24
Sauryates: It can viewed, in pieces... Creative use of gvpr and tred (from graphwiz) can make it workable...20:25
RPfray: I believe it does list all the things it looked at in the message, the nativesdk is just the last one20:25
frayBasically I have a recipe (that produces a package) that depends on something that only deploys.. it needs to use the deployed content for part of the build..20:25
JPEWyates: I believe graphviz has a program named "dot" that can convert it to many formats20:25
LetoThe2ndyates: yup I do!20:25
yatesJPEW: right, that is what i suspected.20:25
frayso this is coming from the _user_..20:26
fraysince it's do_deploy only, do I need to specify the DEPENDS some other way?20:26
LetoThe2ndyates: but seriously. the pain point about dot / xdot is that on your average box they outright explode in out of memory, because the dependency graphs are way too big for them.20:26
LetoThe2ndyates: hence, the easiest way is in fact a text pager/editor. the second easiest *might* be oe-pkgdata-browser.20:27
RPfray: hmm, do these two recipes have packagedata tasks?20:27
Sauryates: You can also use `bitbake -g -u taskexp <recipe>` to get a GUI to explore the task dependencies.20:27
RPfray: if there is just a deploy task, the first recipe probably doesn't?20:27
JPEWyates: Also true. I never look at the graphical output.... just grep around the dot file and figure out the DAG mentally (I usually only care about a very small subset anyway20:28
RPfray: I'm curious if it was deltask'd or not20:28
frayBasically recipe created a special device tree and deploys it..  recipe B needs to look at the device tree to figure out what components to process..20:28
frayyes, there are deltasks.. sec20:28
fraydo_fetch[noexec] = "1"20:29
fraydo_unpack[noexec] = "1"20:29
fraydo_patch[noexec] = "1"20:29
fraydo_configure[noexec] = "1"20:29
fraydo_install[noexec] = "1"20:29
fraydeltask do_populate_lic20:29
fraydeltask do_populate_sysroot20:29
fraydo_package[noexec] = "1"20:29
fraydeltask do_package_qa20:29
fraydo_packagedata[noexec] = "1"20:29
fraydeltask do_package_write_ipk20:29
fraydeltask do_package_write_deb20:29
fraydeltask do_package_write_rpm20:29
fraythats the stupidness I'm trying20:29
fray(basically there is no reason for this thing to ever 'package' anything', and it kept trying to package until I added all of that stuff.. (fetch/unpack/patch was for other reasons)20:29
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*** kiwi_29 <kiwi_29!> has joined #yocto20:30
RPfray: try changing that to a deltask do_packagedata20:33
fraychange it all, or just add the deltask20:33
LetoThe2ndRP: delltask...20:34
*** kiwi_29 <kiwi_29!> has quit IRC20:35
RPfray: change do_packagedata[noexec] = "1" for deltask do_packagedata20:35
frayok.. I think that fixed it.. but I've got a bunch of stuff to build to really see if it did..20:35
frayya, that looks like it worked20:36
RPfray: basically the messages means "I can't find a manifest yet this task exists. What happend?"20:39
RPfray: if the task doesn't exist, it can't complain about it20:39
frayI see.. that makes more sense20:40
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rburtonzeddii: HAHAHA21:16
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zeddiirburton: PUT YOUR KEYBOARD DOWN21:20
zeddiihow does it feel ?21:27
zeddiithe promotion and all ?21:27
rburtonbeing a double agent? it's great. double PAY BABY21:34
rburtonRP: fwiw i have a fix for ovmf, will be posting shortly. hoping to get an upstreamable version before posting.21:37
RPrburton: ah, cool! Was it a pain to fix?21:37
RPrburton: its not often I look at a build system and run away :)21:38
rburtonhalf the time was figuring out where to put a --zero option21:38
rburtonoh god its horrible!21:38
RP"build system" isn't being fair :/21:38
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kanavinrburton, now that autoconf update is done, can you take care of automake as well?21:58
RPkanavin: did you look at the reproducible pyc issues?22:11
kanavinRP: context please?22:11
kanavinRP: I did fix the ones I saw, but that was weeks ago22:12
RPkanavin: when we enabled reproducible builds someone looked at the pyc issues and fixed them somehow. I can't remember who it was22:12
RPkanavin: the context is that meson is one of two failures outside of go left and its a pyc issue22:12
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RPI'm also looking for anyone with ruby knowledge! :)22:14
kanavinRP: right, the issue in python3 was usage of frozensets, which I fixed by deleting the offending pyc (there were only two of them)22:14
kanavinRP: and it was me :) I can look up the specific commit22:14
kanavinRP: this was reported upstream, but no progress there22:14
RPkanavin: I remember seeing that recently. I wonder if this meson issue is a frozenset problem22:14
kanavinRP: I can take a look, but not right now!22:15
RPkanavin: can we tell if was from a frozenset?22:15
RPkanavin: fair enough :)22:16
RPkanavin: I just thought I'd ask, see if we can figure out these remaining couple of issues :) frozenset is a good lead22:16
kanavinRP:     if language not in {'c', 'cpp', 'fortran'}:22:22
kanavinit's a frozenset22:22
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RPkanavin: thanks. Guess that is the same fix as the other then (or we patch to a list)22:28
kanavinRP: yup22:28
RPkanavin: thanks, I'd have taken an age to figure out the frozenset issue :)22:29
kanavinRP: I think I cobbled together a .pyc disassembler from bits and pieces on the internet, but can't for the life of me remember on which of the AB machines I left it! :)22:29
RPkanavin: I was just looking at :)22:30
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RPlooks like this ruby issue could be the last one22:31
jdrolhello bitbake load in cache my recipe even if I changed the bb file when i execute bitbake recipe ... how can I force to don't read in cache ?22:32
kanavinRP: it would be nice to beat everyone else to the 100% reproducibility claim22:33
RPkanavin: I wondered about proposing removing go from core to help that :)22:33
kanavinRP: if nothing in core actually needs go, I can't say no22:34
RPkanavin: you could remove the entire of core recursively that way :)22:34
kanavinRP: you know that's my eventual goal ;)22:34
kanavinbut really, rust is far more needed in core22:35
RPkanavin: I know, and that is being worked on22:35
kanavingo can be in meta-oe for now, but not rust22:35
kanavinRP: yeah, I've followed Randy's work, it's getting there nicely22:35
RPkanavin: it was close for 3.3 but just not quite there22:36
kanavingo has the problem of being a 'google thing', which I can imagine some people have a problem with22:36
RPkanavin: we deal with each case as needed, they're all a little different22:37
kanavinRP: I mean, go as implementation language for something open source - e.g. in the linux kernel22:37
kanavinor core libraries22:38
RPkanavin: oh, yes, definitely22:38
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