Thursday, 2021-03-18

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moto-timorburton: lvgl.io03:26
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mcfriskhi, what runs populate_lic_qa_checksum? can't see which task executes it from 'bitbake -e recipe' output07:26
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mcfriskah, the check is called license-checksum in ERROR_QA07:37
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX08:03
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TheMFor some stupid third party code reason I have to include aarch64 shared libs into the x86_64 part of the SDK sysroot. populate_sdk now fails with a dnf error, because it cannot satisfy shared objects dependencies. Is there an easy way to configure dnf to ignore such errors for selected natviesdk recipes?09:07
TheMExample dnf error: "nothing provides needed by nativesdk-my-recipe-6.0.1-r0.x86_64_nativesdk"09:08
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rburtonmoto-timo: yes, seen that.  very much single-app but a layer would be useful :)09:59
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simonpe^^I'm using the meta-freescale dunfell layer for my i.MX8M project. I'm having some problems with the u-boot-imx-tools-native saying it's incompatible with my (custom) machine, even though the MACHINEOVERRIDES is something like "mymachine:mx8:mx8n:..."10:11
simonpe^^I found some old thread about this but the document the answer refers to is nowhere to be found
simonpe^^It also seems like the poky/meta/classes/native.bbclass just forcefully sets MACHINEOVERRIDES=""10:13
simonpe^^I am clueless how this is supposed to work10:14
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qschulzsimonpe^^: well, why would a target machine matter for a native package?10:23
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simonpe^^qschulz: I guess it won't10:29
qschulzsimonpe^^: If you "guess", we need to explain a bit more then :)10:29
simonpe^^Well I understand why it won't matter, but the u-boot-imx-tools bb is written like that10:30
qschulzsimonpe^^: a native package is built for the host architecture and to be used solely on the host (building) machine. It is essential the native packages aren't poluted by target machines/packages because they are supposed to be shared between all builds (of the same distro)10:31
simonpe^^✦ ❯ cat -p meta-freescale/recipes-bsp/u-boot/u-boot-imx-tools_2020.04.bb10:31
simonpe^^require recipes-bsp/u-boot/u-boot-tools.inc10:31
simonpe^^require u-boot-imx-common.inc10:31
simonpe^^PROVIDES_append_class-target = " ${MLPREFIX}u-boot-tools"10:31
simonpe^^PROVIDES_append_class-native = " u-boot-tools-native"10:31
simonpe^^PROVIDES_append_class-nativesdk = " nativesdk-u-boot-tools"10:31
simonpe^^PACKAGE_ARCH = "${MACHINE_ARCH}"10:31
simonpe^^COMPATIBLE_MACHINE = "(mx6|mx7|mx8)"10:31
qschulzsimonpe^^: what is there in this u-boot-tools*native that you're interested in?10:32
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simonpe^^I assume it's the mkimage_imx8 that the freescale u-boot is looking for10:34
simonpe^^it wraps the spl, firmware, and itb with u-boot + dtb in a flashable image10:35
simonpe^^honestly I don't need that because I do that packaging myself outside of bitbake but I just need to have the build going10:35
qschulzsimonpe^^: then remove the package from the dependencies :)10:36
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qschulzsimonpe^^: we use a slimmed down version of for our imx8mm10:39
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simonpe^^I think I need to figure out how and why the imx-boot is required in the image10:44
simonpe^^I'm only interested of the u-boot-spl.bin u-boot.bin u-boot.dtb and bl31.bin I guess10:44
qschulzsimonpe^^: imx-boot.bin includes atf and optee too for us10:48
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mcburgerhow can I decide which tag I should use for my project? (beginner question)11:29
mcburgerto clarify: yocto version 3.0 is called zeus, but then you have in the tags also somethin glike zeus-22.0.011:30
mcburgerbut you also have a git tag called yocto-3.011:30
mcburgeryocto-3.0 = zeus right?11:31
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LetoThe2ndmcburger: either latest master or latest dunfell11:32
mcburgerLetoThe2nd so I shouldn't check out the latest branch release like explained in the quick start?11:33
mcburgerLetoThe2nd so to be clear, I shouldn't check out a tag at all (use master) or use latest dunfell??11:34
LetoThe2ndmcburger: well chances are that google referred you to an outdated quick start anyways. but dunfell is the LTS release, hence well maintained. latest master is already close to the next release, hence pretty reliable too at the moment. so yes, just using the latest state of either dunfell or master is the best way to start at the moment IMHO11:35
mcburgerLetoThe2nd totally got it, thanks!11:36
yateskergoth: ok thanks for that.11:36
mcburgerLetoThe2nd final question for today: is yocto-3.1.6 the same as dunfell-23.0.6?11:37
mcburger(code name)11:37
mcburgerif not, what is the difference?11:38
mcburger( you have 6 tags for yocto 3.1 and 6 tags for dunfell 23.0 which is why I am asking)11:38
simonpe^^mcburger: the manufacturer of your hardware might also have some requirements (ehrm... limitations) on what OE release you need to go for11:39
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simonpe^^NXP for example is stuck on Zeus, which is end of life11:39
LetoThe2ndmcburger: completely identical (see for yourself in git, where the tags refer to the same commit hash)11:40
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yatesif a bbclass function is not python, what language/syntax is it?11:41
LetoThe2ndyates: bitbake.11:42
mcburgerthanks sensei!11:44
mcburgerand thanks simonpe11:44
yatesyates: see section 3 in the bitbake manual:
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yatesyates: thanks!11:45
yatesthanks LetoThe2nd11:45
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jdrolhi LetoThe2nd :)12:47
jdrolI wrote this recipe
jdrolit is well compiled by bitbake but crash at installation .. idea ?12:52
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jdrolLetoThe2nd, is it an answer to my question ?13:11
LetoThe2ndjdrol: it is a "this is the relevant documentation section, i don't have time at the moment to go through and discuss it"13:12
jdrolI did't speak about external  binary13:13
LetoThe2ndjdrol: and what is the difference between an "external binary" and "whatever file you just want to copy"?13:14
jdrolmy file map is a text file13:16
qschulzyates: if not python, it's shell13:23
qschulzjdrol: "crash at installation"? we need more info if you want to be helped13:24
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qschulzjdrol: clean your recipe workdir and build again13:48
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thekappehello guys !13:49
thekappedoens anybody know why I can see the ouput coming from u-boot but not hte one after the kernel booting ?13:49
thekappeI can't see anything on serial port, but the system is up and running since I can access the board via ssh13:50
derRichardbecause your kernel setup is messed up? wrong device tree, etc...13:50
thekappederRichard, I though it too but the peripherals seems to be working correctly13:50
thekappeand I can login via ssh13:51
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zeddiicheck your kernel boot line. If the console isn't specified properly, you won't get anything. Could also be the init system not taking the handoff correctly as well. The device tree might not be setting the right preferred device for console, etc. There's a few ways it can go wrong.13:52
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jdrolqschulz, ok many thanks ... I delete the build dir and recompile or is there a bibake clean to avoid to delete the conf bblayer files ?13:57
qschulzjdrol: bitbake -c clean my-recipe13:58
jdrolqshulz only the faulted recipe ?13:59
derRichardthekappe: as zeddii said, is the default console output correctly confgured?14:00
thekappethe device tree serialX order has changed14:01
thekappefor some reason14:01
thekappeat first I had serial0=&uart014:01
thekappenow I have serial2=&uart014:02
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thekappeand I run the kernel with console=ttyPS2,115200n814:03
thekappebefore the above changes14:03
thekappeso I've simply tried to use console=ttyPS2,115200n8 instead of console=ttyPS0,115200n8 to reflect the ghanges in DT14:04
thekappethe result ? kernel panic14:04
thekappebut a tleast I got some print14:05
thekappeand that line:14:05
thekappe tty_init_dev: ttyPS driver does not set tty->port. This will crash the kernel later. Fix the driver!14:05
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qschulzjdrol: the error message is self-explanatory14:10
qschulzjdrol: please have a look at
qschulzit'll help you get started much faster than trial and errors14:11
RPrburton: - sorry :/14:17
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rburtonRP: yeah that's a really weird build race, no idea what happens14:53
rburtoniirc there's a ticket already14:53
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sgwRP: morning, swatting failing disk space?  Does that get reported to email or a bugzilla for halstead?15:03
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halsteadsgw, pinging me is a great response for a disk space issue. It means a monitor isn't working right at least.15:21
sgwhalstead: it seems that opensuse152-ty-1 had a disk issue on sda4, but seems to be resolved now.15:23
halsteadsgw, That is one of the smaller disks in the cluster.15:24
sgwMaybe ran out and then a clean-up occurred?15:24
halsteadsgw, Yep it looks like the janitor cleared it up before I was alerted. Hrm..15:25
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halsteadI'll find more to delete.15:26
sgwhalstead: Ok, your alerted now! (swatted!)15:26
halsteadThanks sgw!15:26
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moto-timoI just realized the upgrade to liburi-perl with a different SRC_URI would be helped by a devtool bug assigned to me (to allow changing the SRC_URI). lol15:31
moto-timolibri-perl has two authors, so the URL has been ping-ponging15:32
yatesin yocto terminology, "inherit"ing (or "INHERIT"ing) a class, i.e., a .bbclass file, means to read and parse it as part of the build process. is this correct?15:33
yatesi've read the manual on this but it never defines what exactly "inherit" means:
qschulzyates: in my mind, it inserts the content of the class in-place15:36
qschulzsame for bbappends, inserts the content at the end of the recipe (in order of priority when multiple bbappends)15:36
qschulzexception made to := which are expanded from the bbclass directly15:37
qschulz(e.g. FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend :=  trick in bbappends)15:37
qschulzyates: but... why the question?15:37
yatesqschulz: i'm just trying to understand some of the base mechanisms of bitbake, and this is one of them. perhaps the term is a little bit confusing to me since i've used C++ and it has special meaning in that context.15:39
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yatesis it true that "INHERIT" can only be used in .conf files (not .bb files), but inherit can be used in .bb files?15:41
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RPyates: yes16:00
RPyates: INHERIT is deferred until the end of parsing the conf files and is evaluated once, inherit is evaluated at the point it is in the bb file16:01
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jdrolqschulz, I used ${sysconfig} and not ${sysconfdir}16:32
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RPhmm, a 64GB cooker log is a bit excessive17:00
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yatesthanks qschulz and RP17:33
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McAwesomeHey, I have a problem. I want to use a specific layer because it has the packeges I need(at least the right version of the packages I need). I added the layer with bitbake command and while building the image many errors are showen with almost the same context that the preffered version is not avaliable but only the one I dont want. what can I do17:42
McAwesometo force bitbake to use the layer/packeges I want? thank you17:42
yatesRP: what does "evaluate" mean? does it mean "executed"? for example, if the conf file has some code at outer scope (i.e., not inside a function), would it get executed at "evaluation time"?17:43
kergothwhat exactly do you mean by 'added the layer with bitbake command'? what command did you use?17:43
kergothyates: there is no "code at outer scope" in our file format.17:44
kergothyates: there are functions that are run at various times, and there's inline python in the value of a variable, which is evaluated at the time it's used unless you use := to force it to be immediate17:44
RPyates: evaluated mean the directives in the inherited file are included there and then at that point in the file/parsing17:45
RPyates: which is different to how INHERIT works in conf files17:45
kergothah, i missed the context, inherit17:45
RPkergoth: INHERIT vs inherit17:45
kergothhave to say i don't love that aspect of our format, the combination of imperative and declarative behavior. would be hard to fix, though.17:45
RPkergoth: right, it is what it is17:46
kergothwe could presumably make INHERIT be obeyed in a recipe, but it'd end up parsing those *after* the recipe, not before, unless we played games with the parsed statements17:47
kergothso the ability to override class content would be impacted17:47
kergothi guess we could parse it twice, once to get the value, then a second time *after* parsing the classes17:47
kergoththat'd have performance implications, though17:48
RPkergoth: the trouble is order does matter for inherit17:48
kergothyeah. i think more often than not having the inherit be before the recipe would work, though, it's pretty rare to *have* to set a value before the recipe is parsed, more commonly things need to be done after17:48
RPkergoth: I think we have bigger problems :)17:49
kergothgiven how our expansion works, only recipes that use := would need things set first17:49
RPkergoth: I worry that we've been really creative about bolting on things like hash equivalence, sstate and so on and that its all getting a bit ugly17:49
kergothi always wanted to be able to plug in a new file format, back when all this started, but the format isn't just the format. it's tightly bound to the other components and how things are done. you can't really change the file format without also changing how every other bitbake component interacts with the datastore17:50
RPIts definitely not straight forward :/17:50
kergothI'd actually really like to see a lot of the things we bolt on be done as separate python modules as *plugins* to bitbake, but which live in the layer, rather than shoehorning everything into the recipes and classes17:50
RPkergoth: do you have an example plugin?17:51
kergothwell bitbake doesn't have a plugin infrastructure at this point, but the concept of altering its behavior from a python class i think has some appeal17:52
RPkergoth: we kind of have precedent with the siggens17:52
RPThey have a number of issues but they do give configurable behaviour from the metadata17:53
kergothyeah. i like that idea, keep the metadata a bit more declarative, have more of the bits that change behavior of the build live in code17:56
*** alicef <alicef!~none@gentoo/developer/alicef> has quit IRC17:57
RP - first attempt at removing stale sstate objects pre build17:58
RPJPEW: ^^^ - what we discussed in triage17:58
* RP isn't sure he likes it or not17:59
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khemThanks RP  I will try appending to TEST_SUITES18:05
khemRP:  I sent a patch I am carrying for a long time to let < > be allowed in error report, I know you raised some issues with this in past can you remind me if that patch is ok or not18:06
McAwesomekergoth the command I used was : bitbake-layers add-layer "Path"18:11
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McAwesomesorry I disconnected. kergoth did you answer me?19:15
yatesdoes a .bb file ever contain "code at the outer scope"? from browsing several .bb files, and from my memory/experience, i'd say "no" - they only contain function definitions (e.g., do_install()) and variable definitions; the actual work is done by the .bbclass files and possibly by bitbake itself.19:29
RobertBerger@yates: Do you have an which shows what you mean by "code at the outer scope"?19:33
yatescp -rf ${S}/demos/images/*  ${D}/usr/aiop/bin19:34
yates(copied out of a do_install())19:34
RobertBergerOK and where should this be?19:34
yatesbut i don't think that's "legal", is it?19:34
yatesin a .bb file19:34
RobertBergeroutside of a task/function19:34
RobertBergerSo who should call it then?19:35
yatesRobertBerger: well that's exactly what i'm trying to understand: where are functions / code "defined" versus where are they "called". in C (e.g.) your source code is compiled and then called (beginning with main()) at run time.19:37
RobertBergerNow people here will kill me, but think about bitbake like make ;)19:38
RobertBergerIt's a task executor (shell and python)19:38
RobertBergerIf you want to get really deep there is an example in the bitbake manual which shows you bitbake without OE/YP.19:38
derRichardRobertBerger: why would they kill you? bitbake *is* make on steroids19:39
yatesRobertBerger: thanks - i need to do some more reading i think. specifically in the bitbake user manual.19:40
yatesyes, i got that. i've used gnumake since the 90s..19:40
RobertBerger@derRichard There are quite some differences in how BitBake and make work, but well...19:41
yatesperhaps, if this isn't too stupid of a question, i could ask this: in yocto/bitbake, what gets called first? what is "main()"?19:41
RobertBergerhehe ;)19:41
RobertBergerYou are confusing a few things, I believe.19:42
yatesthat is almost definitely true!19:42
yatesi can't see what19:43
RobertBergerbitbake is the task executor, say make and the .bb .bbclass .bbappend and so on files are the meta-data - the makefiles19:43
derRichardRobertBerger: sure but from a brid's point of view both make and bitbake are buildsystems that build things based of rules19:43
RobertBerger@derRichard: Yep19:43
RobertBerger@yates, so we have one entry point to bitbake, which I guess you don't want to know and then we have meta data magic19:44
yatesperhaps i could answer my own question: do_rootfs()/do_bootfs() are main, from the nice "High Level Overview" diagram here:
RobertBergerYou could inherit a cmake bbclass and then your recipe knows cmake.19:44
RobertBergerIf you don't include anything, the "base class" searches for a Makefile19:45
RobertBergerdo_rootfs is pretty much towards the end.19:45
RobertBergerYou first need to download (fetch) then patch, build,....19:46
RobertBergereach and every package19:46
RobertBergerThe drawing starts from bottom to top19:46
yatesthere is do_fetch() and do_patch() (et al.) there.19:46
yatesyes, i just am realizing that!19:46
RobertBergerYep - this is done first19:47
yateswhat are they, Chinese? most people read L-R, T-B!19:47
yatesthat's confusing..19:47
*** simonpe^^ <simonpe^^!> has quit IRC19:47
yatesRobertBerger: that's like saying: "internet"19:48
RobertBergerand scroll down to the pic19:48
*** LetoThe2nd <LetoThe2nd!uid453638@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto19:48
RobertBerger@LetoThe2nd: Oida!19:50
LetoThe2ndRobertBerger: OIDA!!!19:51
yatesRobertBerger: yes, that is a nice diagram. i'd seen it before.19:51
RobertBerger@LetoThe2nd did you change your timezone to have jetlag without traveling?19:51
*** McAwesome <McAwesome!> has quit IRC19:51
yatesi didn't gaze on it long enough, apparently..19:51
LetoThe2ndRobertBerger: ?19:52
RobertBerger@yates so now, I guess you would like to get the corresponding meta data pieces19:52
RobertBerger@LetoThe2nd: Isn't it late for you for the chat?19:52
LetoThe2ndRobertBerger: Nachtschicht. OIDA!19:53
RobertBerger@LetoThe2nd: Aso19:53
yatesRobertBerger: you mean the specifics like .bb/.bbclass/.bbappend/blah files, how variables are accreted, shell versus python functions, etc.? yes, and i've been reading the bitbake manual for these.19:53
RobertBergerLike base bbclass do_compile19:54
yatesin /meta/classes?19:54
RobertBergerhold your horses ;)19:55
yatesNeee! <stomp>19:55
RobertBerger@yates: search for base.bbclass19:58
yatesgot it19:58
RobertBergernow search in there for do_compile19:59
RobertBergerthere you should see that it searches for Makefile, makefile,...19:59
yatesok, i see several instances19:59
yatesdoes bitbake actually build a Makefile?!?20:00
yatesthen execute it?20:01
RobertBergerIt searches and executes it when it finds it20:01
yatesok this is the makefile from whatever you're building20:02
RobertBergerand you also see addtask compile after do_configure20:02
RobertBergerWhich is highly confusing since it calls do_compile20:02
RobertBergerAnyhow, here you see the sequence compile after configure20:03
*** manuel__ <manuel__!~manuel198@> has joined #yocto20:03
yatesyes, i see the pattern20:04
yatesthanks man!20:04
RobertBergerNow in your own classes/recipes you can overwrite those20:04
kergothyates: when you bitbake a recipe explicitly, bitbake will default to running the task specified in BB_DEFAULT_TASK, which is do_build by default. that's it, that's the only thing that's built explicitly, and only if you don't specify another task. everything else comes in through dependencies one way or another, task or otherwise20:04
kergothi.e. 'bitbake foo' and 'bitbake -c build foo' are the same thing20:05
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kergoththe default set of tasks and their order is covered in the architecture of open source chapter on yocto20:05
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yatesyeah, the specific thing i'm chasing right now (perhaps without needing to) is how the binutils/compiler "fetch/unpack/configure/compile/install" gets done first.20:07
yates..andi think i just saw it..!20:07
yatesaddtask build after do_populate_sysroot20:08
yateskergoth: good to know - thanks20:10
yatessorry if it seems like i ignore anyone - i am very tunnel-visioned..20:11
kergothyates: yep, that ensures that populate_sysroot of the specified recipe is run by default. there are other addtasks of interest in the packaging classes, etc.20:13
kergothyates: beyond that you'd be interested to see flag definitions20:13
kergothfor example20:13
kergothdo_build[recrdeptask] += "do_deploy"20:13
kergoththis means that do_deploy of every recipe this recipe depends on will be run, both runtime dependencies and build time dependencies20:13
kergothdeptask == pull in this task for our build time dependencies (DEPENDS), rdeptask == pull in this task for our runtime dependencies (RDEPENDS_* for pkg in PACKAGES), recrdeptask is both recursively20:15
yatesyou guys are killing me! my head hurts!20:16
kergothwell, it has to have a way to pull in dependencies or the build would never work :)20:17
kergothwhen users define variables it looks like recipes depend on one another and packages depend on one another, but from bitbake's perspective, it runs tasks, and tasks depend on tasks in other recipes20:17
kergoththe flags control the relationship between those two20:17
kergothprobably don't need to know that, but youe xpressed interest in how tasks depend on one another, so..20:18
kergoththe addtask before and after covers most of waht you need to know within a single recipe20:18
RobertBerger@kernoth: and @yates is just at the beginning of all the fun ;)20:27
RobertBerger@yates: so you know the beginning now. The only thing which is sure, there is no end ;)20:30
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RPkhem: that patch imlies escaping is missing somewhere. I thought we fixed the escaping more generically ?21:11
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yatesthanks guys. where can i send the Heinekens?21:23
kanavin_rburton, what is your take on this?
kanavin_rburton, I vaguely remember we did print config.log at some point, then didn't because it wasn't that useful after all?21:26
kanavin_rburton, in this case though, upstream requests we do21:26
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RobertBerger@yates: proper beer please ;)21:30
RobertBerger@yates next time we meet in person21:30
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RPkanavin_: printing config.log just confuses people no end21:43
RPkanavin_: we'll just have to grab one from a failed build. Just remember that "build" becomes "build-renamed"21:43
RPkanavin_: my master-next last night had the same issue21:43
kanavin_RP: yeah, I guess my patch to work around this should not be queued then21:43
kanavin_RP: I also saw this when working on recipe updates, and there's a few more if you look at history of buildtools21:43
kanavin_RP: here's the latest one with the failure, is there a chance it's not wiped away yet?
RPkanavin_: it is still here21:50
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kanavin_RP: thanks, I got to it via ssh as well21:54
*** thaytan <thaytan!> has joined #yocto21:54
RPkanavin_: I've moved that bit of workdir to ~/saved in case you need more21:57
RPhalstead: whilst I was on suse152, I moved a load of old builds to be deleted21:57
kanavin_RP: I reported the issue and attached config log to the upstream ticket
kanavin_RP: let's see if they figure it out or it's somehow our fault21:57
halsteadRP, I removed several this morning as well. Where were the ones you deleted?21:58
RPhalstead: they were build-renamed inside yocto-worker21:58
RPhalstead: found about 12 of them21:58
halsteadThanks RP.22:00
RPhalstead: we should consider that script we talked about to do this during maintenance ?22:00
halsteadRP, Do you happen to know if the file referenced by has changed?22:00
*** aleblanc <aleblanc!> has quit IRC22:00
RPhalstead: shouldn't have done22:00
RPhalstead: this may be the issue JPEW reported on other branches though :/22:00
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halsteadRP, Thanks. I'll look for that from JPEW.22:00
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halsteadRP, Yes. I do need to consider that script we talked about. Corruption on some of the longer lasting workers ext4 filesystems is an issue. Running mkfs during maintenance would be a very fast way to clear everything and solve space issues.22:02
RPhalstead: we didn't get to the bottom of it, was something about the way the oe-selftests were logged in gatesgarth/dunfell22:03
moto-timoRP: I'm sure it will come as zero surprise that there are perl deps issues with liburi-perl upgrade22:03
halsteadRP, I don't know if formatting away all build artifacts on a weekly basis is workable for the dev team though.22:03
RPhalstead: at a guess it has happened in master22:03
moto-timotime to dogfood22:03
moto-timoI'm sure they aren't caught with AUH because perl-modules is installed.22:04
RPhalstead: that wasn't the script I meant. I meant iterating the files in yocto-worker and moving build-renames to trash for the janitor22:04
RPhalstead: we'd have to communicate any builds we needed saved in advance of maint22:04
RPmoto-timo: hmm, not a surprise sadly22:04
moto-timoRP: I thought you _might_ get a luagh out of that... hopefully not tears22:05
RPmoto-timo: I just read the openssh license file so anything is better :)22:05
* moto-timo very happy to not be an attorney22:06
halsteadRP, Yes. What we talked about is much more doable. Maybe reformatting once a quarter would be better and easier to communicate around than every maintenance.22:06
RPhalstead: right. I suspect the filesystems would be fairly light if we did this and they'd scan a lot faster anyway22:07
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RPI've put some changes in master-next to test cleaning stale sstate objects in existing builds. If anyone is feeling adventurous with some existing build directories they're not too precious about... :)22:18
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RPvmeson: current AB load will be doing heavy rebuilds if that helps22:23
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