Wednesday, 2021-03-17

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armpitalephan, I have that sitting in dunfell-next. I just need to ask for a merge01:21
alephanGreat. Thanks!01:22
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mckoan_good morning07:53
simonpe^^Hi! I have a kernel and bootloader combo from some old NXP crapper that boots, for reasons not related to this question I've ripped out u-boot, arm-trusted-firmware, and imx-firmware from bitbake and build it on the side, flash it to the mmc of my imx8mn-ddr4-evk board and try to boot a fit image with the same kernel and dtb as before. Thing is, I'm getting a kernel panic when booting and I'm not really07:53
simonpe^^sure what went wrong. I'd appreciate very much if someone could have a look at it.
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simonpe^^I'm not expecting someone to solve my problem but I'm pretty much stuck on this for several days so just asking some relevant questions might lead me on the right path07:55
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MartinH97Hello community, I have some trouble with a self written external kernel module, very close to the hello_mod example. My module also provides a public header file to be provided to all code using the module. Can someone help me with the correct way to install this header? Do I modify my kernel module makefile or do I deploy the header with08:28
MartinH97do_install_append from the recipe? Thanks!08:28
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX08:33
mckoan_hello :-)08:34
LetoThe2ndqschulz: \o08:34
mckoan_khem: ping08:35
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qschulzMartinH97: if you need to share a header during compilation time, you should install the file in a directory listed in SYSROOT_DIRS (${include} is :) ) if you need it at runtime, you need to install in a directory that is included in a package that you ask Yocto to install in the image (IMAGE_INSTALL usually)08:36
qschulzto define which directory is installed in which package, have a look at FILES_${PN}* variables08:37
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MartinH97qschulz thanks! When I add the following to modules_install in the module Makefile I get an error /usr/share/include no access rights: "install -m 644 -D header.h $(DESTDIR)$(includedir)/header.h"08:41
MartinH97When I try to do this via do_install_append() I get the error: run.do_install.4165502: 111: includedir: not found08:42
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qschulzMartinH97: in recipes, it's curly-brackets, not parenthesis around variables, i.e. ${D}${includedir} is where you should install your header08:49
qschulzMartinH97: includedir in your Makefile looks wrong, seems DESTDIR is also not set correctly08:50
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qschulzMartinH97: or let's say, not wrong but different from the includedir from Yocto PoV (/usr/include)08:51
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MartinH97qschulz what is the right way to install a header of a kernel module from its makefile (ignoring all Yocto for the moment)08:53
qschulzMartinH97: I should have started with this question: what exactly do you want to do? What's the use case for this header file? Why does it exist :)08:53
GeneralStupidHi, how should i normally manipulate config files? I need to reconfigure systemd-journal.08:55
MartinH97qschulz good point;-)  I want to compile and install an external kernel module including its header file. The header file shall be available to other recipes and to SDK. My current kernel module makefile does not yet install the header.08:55
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GeneralStupidI tried a bbappend and installed my own config file. But this does not work, its still the original conf file09:00
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LetoThe2ndGeneralStupid: an append with prepending the file path is the usual way. if it is not being picked up, you might need to dig deeper (and check that the file actually is being puled in from somewhere, instead of being created)09:07
GeneralStupidLetoThe2nd: Ok, so i have to take a deeper look. Thank you09:08
LetoThe2ndGeneralStupid: have fun!09:09
qschulzGeneralStupid: also triple check it's really FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend := in your bbappend, it's common to have typos :)09:12
qschulzMartinH97: What I would recommend is to have a simple recipe which only give the header file. Then this "header" recipe would be added to your module recipe via DEPENDS, and you could install it in your SDK too09:13
qschulzMartinH97: the split from your kernel module recipe is not per-se required but it probably makes more sense from a logical standpoint09:14
qschulzMartinH97: basically, what I'm going for right now, is that installing the kernel header file from your kernel module from its Makefile seems wrong, because that's very unusual (modules_install installs the .ko and depmod and all, but no header file since it's not needed on the system)09:15
MartinH97qschulz: interesting suggestion! I was drifting of into researching how to support "make headers_install" from my modules Makefile, but didn't find a clean solution yet.09:16
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MartinH97qschulz: thanks for the input! a simple do_install_append() fixed the issue so that the header file is now included to sysroot and SDK. Sometimes a second pair of eyes is very helpful!09:38
qschulzMartinH97: that's what we're here for, happy that we could help you :)09:40
MartinH97Other question O:3  what is the correct way to add kernel headers (headers only!) to the SDK. There is a lot of chatter on the mailinglist documented, like kernel-devsrc, but what is the current up to date solution?09:41
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LetoThe2ndqschulz: speak for yourself. i'm not happy.09:58
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: sorry you feel this way, you'll have better days. /me offers a virtual hug10:06
LetoThe2ndcan't you offer a fix why kas-docker in lxc b0rks here? ;-)10:07
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ebailHi guys, I want to archive some artifacts with a custom .bbclass started once the build of my image is done. I am trying to retrieve the path of .config file of PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel.10:09
qschulzLetoThe2nd: I prefer to send a virtual beer to help you cope, can't offer better :/10:10
LetoThe2ndebail: apply yocto chant #1:)10:10
LetoThe2ndqschulz: hrhr10:10
ebailI am looking on STAGING_KERNEL_DIR varialbe but it is not pointing to my Kernel build dir10:11
qschulzebail: recipe data is local, you cna't access it from your image recipe since the image recipe is in fact... a recipe10:12
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ebailyes qschulz that is the reason of my question.10:13
qschulzebail: the possible way to do that would be to create (or append to) deploy tasks in recipes you want artifacts from10:13
ebailqschulz: I am using a bbclass so I might add a task10:14
qschulzand from your image recipe, get the files from the DEPLOY_DIR_IMAGE10:14
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LetoThe2ndebail: if the class is inherited in the image, #1 still applies nonetheless.10:14
qschulzebail: the class will need to be added to each recipe you want artifact from, not sure a class would scale actually, might be better off with bbappends10:14
kmaincentRP: abelloni asked me to take a look at bug 14268. Have you an idea of when it happened, to find the swatbot log?10:15
LetoThe2ndif at all then you need two classes. one exporting the data as qschulz said, being added to all kernel providers, and another one picking everything up, added to all images :)10:15
ebailqschulz: Note: I don't need to embed the artifacts (ex: .config) in my image.10:16
ebailyes LetoThe2nd I have no choice to export my.config in my Kernel recipe10:16
ebailwill do that ;)10:17
LetoThe2ndebail: have fun10:17
ebailThanks. And cheers / prost / santé ;)10:18
LetoThe2ndi'm not as think as you drunk i am! ;-)10:18
qschulzam neither I10:19
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Saur|HomeRP: I'm getting errors due to "do_package in both covered and notcovered." I first saw it when building with our layers included and thought it was something we were doing, but today I got it when building with only layers from OE-Core and OE. I seem to get it for some random set of recipes (at least there is nothing obvious about the recipes that10:32
Saur|Homegave the errors).10:32
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RPSaur|Home: that sanity check was added recently and means bad thing are going on :(10:41
Saur|HomeYeah, I know. The problem is that I don't know what those bad things are and what to look for...10:41
RPSaur|Home: I don't really know what to advise. The output from -DD is helpful and looking at the messages around the point this task is added to "covered" and "uncovered". Obviously one of the additions isn't right, question is which bit of the code it is hitting10:43
RPSaur|Home: if you can reproduce it with a -DD log, I'm happy to take a look10:43
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RPSaur|Home: was pseudo-native unavailable and the hard dependency code kicked in?10:46
RPThe mention of do_package makes me suspect that10:46
Saur|HomeRP: It seems to have built pseudo-native in the build that had errors, if that was what you meant?10:49
Saur|HomeBasically, what I did was to update poky and meta-openembedded to latest and rebuilt. Last time I had done that was a week ago.10:51
RPSaur|Home: did it skip setscene for the covered/uncovered tasks due to pseudo-native being missing?10:53
Saur|HomeHow can I tell?10:53
RPSaur|Home: the logs, not sure if the log level would be high enough or not10:54
RPSaur|Home: A while ago I was basically overruled about whether we should have noisy useful logs so we do on the autobuilder, we don't elsewhere :(10:54
Saur|HomeRP: Well, I would love more logging in the tmp/log/cooker/ files as long as I don't get all that in the terminal while running bitbake. Would that be possible?10:57
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medaliyouHi, how to tell bitbake to use specific u-boot version (or maybe a branch or commit) ?11:00
LetoThe2ndmedaliyou: by providing a recipe for it. if you have multiple recipes, PREFERRED_VERSION and PREFERRED_PROVIDER can be used to select.11:02
LetoThe2ndmedaliyou: and no, you can#t just set UBOOT_VERSION_I_WANT = "xxx.yy" somewhere. it doesn't work like that.11:02
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RPSaur|Home: anything is possible. With the current codebase it isn't practical11:08
Saur|HomeRP: Too bad. It would have been useful to be able to get the full log after a failed build, without having to watch them when building normally.11:09
RPSaur|Home: its something I'd like to change/fix11:10
RPSaur|Home: one challenge is that in most automated builder environments it is the console output which ends up easiest to save11:11
RPbut we already know how to adjust that11:11
Saur|HomeRP: Another thing: the "SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH value from sstate '0' is deprecated/invalid." warning. Is it really useful for anything? It doesn't give any useful information, e.g., what recipe or file was at fault. So based on the warning, there is nothing I can do to avoid it.11:11
RPSaur|Home: that should disappear over time and is mainly a sign that your environment hasn't quite moved forward yet11:16
RPSaur|Home: if that doesn't disappear, we have a problem11:16
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RPSaur|Home: the fact it isn't easily traced is a different problem, it is warning of something which should not happen11:17
Saur|HomeI know it should, but since I cannot do anything to prevent the warning, it doesn't seem useful. To me it is just noise.11:17
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RPSaur|Home: you could debug it and find out why it is happening?11:18
RPHaving signs that something is wrong is probably better than having no evidence at all and things just silently breaking11:19
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RPwell, figure out which task it is coming from? I'm not seeing the warning here and I don't know of any system which is. I'd have thought it'd be in some task logs files somewhere so grep for it maybe?11:20
RPmaybe improve the warning message so it can be traced?11:20
RPThe fact it doesn't have a task prefix is a little strange in itself as task based log messages should have11:21
RPbut I am pretty blind here as I don't know what you're seeing other that what you've pasted above which could mean several things :(11:21
medaliyouLetoThe2nd Can i do it from a bbappend in a custom meta layer ?11:22
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Saur|HomeWell, all I get is "WARNING: SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH value from sstate '0' is deprecated/invalid. Reverting to SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH_FALLBACK '1302044400'" so there is not much to go on. It is very possible that it, as you say, is just something that will go away over time. E.g., I have not built in this particular build tree for over a week, and not much11:24
Saur|Homebefore that either.11:24
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RPSaur|Home: if it was an existing build then it is possible things aren't cleanly updating, I really don't know11:25
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yatesis it not true that, to do just about anything, yocto/poky has to build or some obtain cross-tools (assembler, linker, compiler, etc.) for the target architecture?13:25
yatesif so, then which recipe is responsible for this?13:26
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yatesis there a way i can find out for myself? i.e., is there a way to cause bitbake to emit an ordered (prioritized) list the recipes/tasks it has built in its task queue?13:29
yatesi am working with a new machine architecture which has never been built under yocto, that i can tell, and as i see it this must be the first step13:32
LetoThe2ndyates: have a good look at recipes-core and recipes-devtools. and for example at meta-risc, as thats essentially what it does: inject a completely new ISA.13:34
yatesok thanks LetoThe2nd13:34
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*** Yumasi <Yumasi!> has joined #yocto13:39
yatesLetoThe2nd: i cannot find meta-risc. where are you seeing this?13:39
yatesdid you mean meta-riscv?13:40
LetoThe2ndyates: yeah.13:40
yatesis "inherit" == "INHERIT"?13:56
* RP notes his plan to remove stale sstate has flaws :(13:56
yatesRP: dental flaws?13:57
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*** bonettor <bonettor!> has joined #yocto14:02
RPyates: no, thankfully not :)14:03
qschulzyates: INHERIT is inherit applied to all recipes14:11
yatesLetoThe2nd: drilling down a bit, it appears the main workhorse is the cross-canadian.bbclass class. it looks like it's responsible for AR, AS, GCC, etc. am i on the right track?14:13
*** kaspter <kaspter!~Instantbi@> has quit IRC14:13
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LetoThe2ndyates: anything cross canadian sounds like a good start, yes.14:17
GeneralStupidI just found out that, if you want to change systemd configuration you need to append to not
*** ncaidin_lf <ncaidin_lf!a2fa0254@> has joined #yocto14:18
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vdlcan we add a txt file from the image recipe? like cat >> ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}/foo?14:41
qschulzvdl: in the correct tasks yes14:41
RPvdl: look at the rootfs-postcommands.bbclass iirc14:42
*** Blackbetty <Blackbetty!> has joined #yocto14:43
sgwabelloni: RP: just trying to do some swat this morning, is "AUH" builds part of swat?14:43
RPsgw: no14:43
BlackbettyIm kinda stuck. My yocto builds wrong libunwind recipe (from layer meta), when i want to build from (meta-qti-bsp).14:45
Blackbetty`bitbake-layers show-layers` shows priorities:14:45
Blackbettymeta-qti-bsp <path> 1714:45
Blackbettymeta <path> 514:45
Blackbettyany ideas what else may be wrong?14:45
*** camus <camus!~Instantbi@> has joined #yocto14:45
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*** camus is now known as kaspter14:46
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qschulzBlackbetty: look for PREFERRED_VERSION_libunwind variable, maybe it's set?14:55
sgwRP: looks like the other failure seems to be a cascaded failure from a filesystem issue (read-only)14:55
*** Firuxabade <Firuxabade!~firuxabad@2001:e68:544d:e93c:5866:a7c5:cb56:f81> has quit IRC14:58
RPsgw: yes, sounds likely. I think that worker was paused and repaired15:03
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JaMaBlackbetty: or the one from meta provides something which the version from meta-qti-bsp doesn't and something depend on this, I usually add PNBLACKLIST to the one which you don't want and it will usually show what was requiring the wrong one to be built (if it isn't as simple as P_V being set as mentioned before)15:23
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Blackbettyqschulz: didnt find anything with grep15:34
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Blackbettysetting PREFERRED_VERSION_libunwind="1.0" selects the desired recipe though15:36
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Blackbettyok, the problem is visible also with other recipes, for some reason the layers priority doesnt work15:44
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yatesis there a recipe to buld just the "toolchain", i.e., the base (cross-) assembler, linker, gcc, libc, etc?16:12
LetoThe2ndyates: meta-toolchain. (didn't you ask that a couple of times already?)16:13
*** bobo <bobo!> has joined #yocto16:13
yatesLetoThe2nd: yes, you are right. just double-checking16:14
*** jUnG3 <jUnG3!3e6041d4@> has quit IRC16:15
LetoThe2ndyates: i have to admit that i already think twice usually before i type something into your direction. double-checking this way in is essentially willfully wasting the time of people who are helping you out for free here, because you expect them to answer (again). have to admit more, will thinkthrice before typing now.16:16
yatesLetoThe2nd: i apologize for that - i never meant to waste your time. the problem is on my side - sometimes if i can't see the destination i want to reach i backup and re-affirm my assumptions16:19
yatesto be explicit, in this case, i have forgotten, or at least misunderstood, the role the classes play and did not realize that, apparently, the main work (at least for the default poky builds) is done by meta/classes/populate_sdk_base.bbclass16:21
*** B0ned1ger2 <B0ned1ger2!> has joined #yocto16:21
yatesi am relearning yocto/poky - worked with it quite a bit 2-4 years ago..16:21
yatesi've forgotten more than most people ever know about yocto...16:22
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yatesLetoThe2nd: peace, brother?16:26
*** B0ned1ger2 <B0ned1ger2!> has quit IRC16:27
LetoThe2ndi am peaceful, just trying to make you think. and i kind of doubt your last claim, to be honest.16:27
LetoThe2ndanyways. this day is over for me16:28
LetoThe2ndhave fun y'all16:28
yatesmost people have no idea what yocto is, so that bar is pretty low16:29
Spoostercan confirm, have a yocto, still learning16:29
yatesSpooster: +116:30
SpoosterAfter switching to wayland/weston. It appears that /usr/bin/sudo just "went away" *gestures wildly16:49
SpoosterI'm guessing something in X was previously depending or pulling that down... but am I missing something simple or immediately obvious?16:49
JPEWSpooster: I would guess your hunch is correct16:50
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SpoosterI'm not really sure how to best search the breadth of recipes available to figure out where /usr/bin/sudo was coming from... I guess I could try parsing the dependency graph of x11-base and x11-sato to see if anything jumps out at me...16:57
SpoosterI can revert to my inner caveman and `grep /usr/bin/sudo -r .` and see what pops up16:58
SpoosterIs there a bitbake feature here that helps me?16:58
rburtonmini-x-session pulls in sudo16:58
rburtonif you want it, just add it to your image16:58
SpoosterI likely don't want mini-x-session... but... I mean... I'm not going to be surprised there's a recipe just called `sudo` here...16:59
rburtonyes, there is a recipe called sudo16:59
kergothoe-pkgdata-util would tell you where it came from if you have the build17:00
kergothif you're in the image and have package-management installed, you can query the package manager17:00
kergothbitbake -g will tell you what recipes go into building the image, etc17:00
kergoththere are options17:00
kergothand yeah, layer index is awesome17:00
kergothrburton: i kind of wish there was a way to contribute pkgdata information to the layer index in some fashion, to make it possible to search runtime package names and target paths17:01
SpoosterOoo, I think layerindex was what I was hoping to find!17:01
rburtonkergoth: yes17:01
rburtonthere was the plan of just doing a build with qemux86 to at least get the basics in17:01
kergothobviously it'd vary with build configuration and stuff, but even if it could gather the info in *some* way and flag it17:01
kergothah, yeah, that'd do17:01
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vdlfor the image-container.bbclass, shouldn't we set hostname_pn-base-files = "" as the doc states "Having no default hostname in the filesystem is suitable for environments that use dynamic hostnames such as virtual machines."19:06
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yatesis there a specification or description of .bbclass files? for example, i see common python-type functions "def populate_sdk_command(d):" and also other thingies lime "fakeroot python do_populate_sdk() {...}21:29
yatesgoogled around and did not see this anywhere obvious21:29
rburtondid you try
rburtondef and python are subtly different for historical reasons but are just ways to write python functions21:32
yatesrburton: ok, but what is "xyz python abc() {...}"? as in "fakeroot python do_populate_sdk() {...}"?21:36
yatesline 171 of poky/meta/classes/populate_sdk_base.bbclass21:38
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kergothyates: fakeroot flags the task to be run under fakeroot/pseudo. it literally just sets a flag 'fakeroot' to 1 on the task in the metadata, same thing the python keyword does21:44
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jdrolhi I don't understand the rule of pn in hostname_pn-base-files = "mybox" ... can you explain me ?21:46
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McAwesomehey, can I add a recipe to my system without having to building the image again?21:53
JPEWMcAwesome: You can build build a package (ipk, deb, rpm) and install it if the tools are on the image22:07
JPEWMcAwesome: I'm... not sure how, we build read-only images so it's always a full update to change it, but I know it's possible22:07
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McAwesomeJPEW thanks for thw quick answer, do you know how can i know what packing mechanism does my system use?22:19
JPEWMcAwesome: Check the `PACKAGE_CLASSES` variable22:20
JPEWbitbake -e | grep ^PACKAGES_CLASSES=22:20
JPEWMcAwesome: It doesn't really matter *which* one you are using, it would only affect which tool (dnf, apt, opkg) you would use to install the package22:21
JPEWMcAwesome: Bitbake will build a recipe to match whatever your system is already using (unless you change it)22:21
McAwesomeJPEW bitbake -e | grep ^PACKAGES_CLASSES= gives no output22:26
McAwesomeJPEW after installing opkg how can i then add glew for example without having to re-build the image?22:27
*** mrc3 <mrc3!~mrc3@linaro/mrc3> has joined #yocto22:31
JPEWMcAwesome: I think you can copy over the ipk file and use opkg to install it22:32
JPEWAfter you have built glew from a recipe of course22:32
JPEWMcAwesome: I think that you can also tell bitbake to make a valid package feed that you could server over HTTP and have the target pull from it.... but I'm not sure on the details22:33
McAwesomesorry for my newbie questions but what do you mean built  glew from the recipe?  @jpew22:39
McAwesomelike I can see the recipe file and download it from the sources22:44
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