Monday, 2021-03-22

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khemzeddii:  yes master-next00:46
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pankaj347Hi i am trying to build fakeroot1.18.4 for raspberry pi4 but i am getting following error07:49
pankaj347ERROR: fakeroot-1.18.4-r0 do_compile: oe_runmake failed07:49
pankaj347ERROR: fakeroot-1.18.4-r0 do_compile: Execution of '/home/pankaj/Yocto/ARM/Build_Dir_ARM/tmp-glibc/work/cortexa72-oe-linux/fakeroot/1.18.4-r0/temp/run.do_compile.7978' failed with exit code 1:07:49
pankaj347make  all-recursive07:49
pankaj347make[1]: Entering directory '/home/pankaj/Yocto/ARM/Build_Dir_ARM/tmp-glibc/work/cortexa72-oe-linux/fakeroot/1.18.4-r0/build'07:49
pankaj347Making all in scripts07:49
pankaj347make[2]: Entering directory '/home/pankaj/Yocto/ARM/Build_Dir_ARM/tmp-glibc/work/cortexa72-oe-linux/fakeroot/1.18.4-r0/build/scripts'07:49
pankaj347sed -e 's,[@]prefix[@],/usr,g' -e 's,[@]bindir[@],/usr/bin,g' -e 's,[@]libdir[@],/usr/lib,g' -e 's,[@]fakeroot_transformed[@],'`echo fakeroot | sed -e 's,x,x,'`',g' -e 's,[@]faked_transformed[@],'`echo faked | sed -e 's,x,x,'`',g' -e 's,[@]signal[@],TERM,g' -e 's,[@]SHELL[@],/bin/bash,g' -e 's,[@]VERSION[@],1.18.4,g' -e 's,[@]DLSUFFIX[@],.so,g' -e07:49
pankaj347's,[@]LDLIBPATHVAR[@],LD_LIBRARY_PATH,g' -e 's,[@]LDPRELOADVAR[@],LD_PRELOAD,g' -e 's,[@]LDPRELOADABS[@],0,g' -e 's,[@]LDEXTRAVAR[@],,g' -e 's,[@]MACOSX_FALSE[@],,g' -e 's,[@]MACOSX_TRUE[@],#,g' < ../../fakeroot-1.18.4/scripts/ > fakeroot07:49
pankaj347chmod +x fakeroot07:49
pankaj347can someone help me if they have latest fakeroot sources or to fix this issue ??07:50
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mckoankhem: thx07:56
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ptsnevesHey guys. Does meta-security have it's separate mailing list?08:23
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JaMaptsneves: meta-security/README says yocto@lists.yoctoproject.org08:51
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ptsnevesJaMa thanks, and sorry for the stupid question.09:01
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Manjuhow to inherit any classes in bbclass file09:02
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ptsnevesManju:  inherit <class> inside it, the same as you would in any bb09:05
Manjuwhat i meant to ask was how to define a class globally so that i can create its instances in different functions09:06
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ptsnevesi think you might be misunderstanding classes in yocto. You do not instantiate classes in yocto09:13
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simonpe^^Is u-boot-fslc supposed to work with the NXP uuu tool?09:32
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simonpe^^if so, do I need to enable something special?09:34
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paulbarkerHi folks, I'm trying to provide documentation links to a customer. Using the version selector dropdown field on doesn't seem to load previous versions anymore10:14
paulbarkerLooking at, the links for dunfell don't work10:15
* paulbarker Ok, it's just 3.1.6 that doesn't work:
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Sponge5paulbarker: not a problem with the dropdown menu, I remember searching and that doesn't work either10:20
mcfriskany hints or resources from yocto side to reproducible and archived build environments? e.g. collecting a full download cache and building in off line mode only? am fed up with on-line builds doing silly things and things like python setup script changes breaking every other SW component build..10:25
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mcfriskI'm guessing a separate download cache update process needs to be executed before the off-line build, e.g. to run bitbake all fetcher tasks to update download cache locally, then a way to upload to central download cache for releases, then do the off line build.10:28
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shoraganmcfrisk, something like this?
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mcfriskshoragan: yea, but I'd need to convert this to be the default, and provide way to update caches. otherwise on-line builds will erode things as SW components rely on internet access etc.11:07
dl9pfessentially you can use the archiver to create a proper DL/mirror (paulbarker's changes make that now nicer than just cp'ing the DL folder) .11:08
dl9pfthen setup PREMIRROR11:08
dl9pfwould complete that11:09
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shoraganmcfrisk, generally, all dependencies (for python packages as well) should come via SRC_URIs, so should be fixed to a known hash11:11
shoraganif not, i'd argue that that11:11
shoragan's a bug11:11
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mcfriskshoragan: yea, except in reality that't not the case at all. maybe it is for poky layers, but in custom project specific meta layers I have severe issues with build reproducibility, including BSP layers. I think only way to fix this is to move all builds to happen off line, e.g. kill network access from build container and configure bitbake to only access local download mirror. but then I need some way for11:26
mcfriskdevelopers to update things into the download mirror. I guess the mirror needs a version/hash based on content.11:26
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eduardashello, any good recommendation for a lightweight, but secure HTTP server usable on an embedded Linux device?12:00
eduardaspreferably already packaged for Yocto/OE12:00
eduardasthere are quite a few options and I am unsure what to use for a new project12:01
derRicharddefine lightweight :)12:07
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caiortpeduardas, what kind of support do you need? only CGIs, python, php.. lua scripting...? Multiple user auth...?12:15
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eduardascaiortp: only CGI, should be usable on systems with only 128 MiB RAM12:21
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derRichardbusybox httpd :)12:22
eduardasderRichard: yes, that certainly came to mind. But I am not sure how much maintenance it gets, how popular it really is compared to other options for this usecase or how secure it is.12:25
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icherguiHi everyone,12:42
icherguiHope you are doing well12:42
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eduardasderRichard: seems busybox-httpd does not support SSL, so that is not acceptable12:55
derRichardeduardas: well, use stunnel12:56
derRichardthis is a common approach12:56
eduardasderRichard: was not aware. first time I've heard about it. thanks13:01
derRichardon the other hand, a real websever like apache/nginx isn't much larger13:06
derRichardsince you seem to depend on ssl you system is goning to be bloated anyway :P13:06
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Sponge5Quick question, when there are multiple recipes of the same name, the one in the highest priority layer is chosen, correct?13:37 in my custom layer doesn't seem to override the one from poky13:38
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eduardasderRichard: a colleague ust found that Technicolor SA routers provided to end-users by Telia here in Lithuania do in fact use nginx13:40
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smurrayeduardas: lighttpd is widely used, I think13:47
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derRichardIMHO either go super mini using busybox httpd, or go real with apache or nginx13:51
SpoosterJust hopped in, but I just went through setting up nginx on our rpi413:52
derRichardnone of these is huge nor a memory waster (if configured properly)13:52
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SpoosterI missed the first half, but we're planning on displaying the website through Chromium... Running webkit in some sort of a slimmer fashion might be worth looking into if you're trying to keep system resources to an absolute minimum13:55
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icherguiHey guys, I'm facing to an issue when using the FIT image. fitImage in not installed into the rootfs (in /boot directory).14:57
icherguiI'm using Poky with a master branch, I'm enabling the fitImage.14:57
icherguiUnfortunately, the fitImage is not packaged and not installed into the root file system.14:57
icherguiAny help would be much appreciated.14:57
SpoosterI haven't worked in with FIT's in a long while, but one debugging step would be to check if you successfully built the fit artifact...14:58
icherguiThe fitImage is well generated and deployed in the deploy directory but it is not installed into the root file system and it is not packaged.14:59
SpoosterAwesome. I'm definitely going to show my inexperience here... but the last time I remember workign with FIT's, I recall having to flash the FIT, and rootfs onto the device's storage into two different locations15:00
Spoosterand then telling u-boot where everything went in the config... but at the time, I was working with u-boot's shell to handle loading a couple of binaries15:01
*** frsc <frsc!> has quit IRC15:02
ichergui12How you have done it ? could you please elaborate ?15:02
SpoosterWe'll see how much of this ends up being accurate... it's literally been years... but I remember using dd to copy multiple images onto the devices storage at specific offsets... then booting, and dropping into u-boots shells15:04
Spooster*u-boot's shell15:04
*** frsc <frsc!> has joined #yocto15:04
Spoosterfrom there, I could load multiple kernels, and Xen, and kick off the boot process...15:05
Spoosterthat was later hardened into a u-boot config15:05
Spoosterso I don't think that's the best path forward for you here... ideally you just have one big-binary blog that you write to your devices storage.. and it boots happily... but I don't know how much of that will be out of the box here15:06
smurrayichergui12: iirc, you'll probably have to add the fitImage to IMAGE_INSTALL15:06
*** thaytan <thaytan!> has quit IRC15:06
ichergui12I can not use IMAGE_INSTALL because the fitImage is not packaged15:08
*** tedfernau <tedfernau!~tedfernau@> has joined #yocto15:09
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Spoosterichergui12: is this the first FIT? or are you loading multiple?15:14
ichergui12I have only one taht I want to install it in /boot (rootfs)15:15
icherguiHere is my updates in the conf/local.conf file15:16
icherguiKERNEL_CLASSES += "kernel-fitimage"15:16
icherguiKERNEL_IMAGETYPE = "fitImage"15:16
icherguiINITRAMFS_IMAGE_BUNDLE = "1"15:16
SpoosterI saw one user in the mailing list mention setting INITRAMFS_IMAGE in the conf15:16
Spoostermight be something to follow up15:16
icherguiwhich mailing list ?15:17
ichergui12Sorry, but this old, I'm talking about the recent implementation15:17
ichergui12I'm using master branch of Poky repo15:18
*** TaileS <TaileS!> has joined #yocto15:19
SpoosterIt looks like that property is still supported...15:19
Spoosterdo you have it set? does it not do anything?15:19
*** gonkulator <gonkulator!> has quit IRC15:21
ichergui12The problem is not in the FIT image generation but it is not packaged and not installed by default into the root file system15:24
*** frsc <frsc!> has joined #yocto15:26
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SpoosterI think you already answered this... but you aren't interested in loading the rootfs from within the FIT right?15:26
*** thaytan <thaytan!> has joined #yocto15:30
Spoosterthis seems eerily close
ichergui12I will take a look, thanks15:32
Spoosterlooks like this user hacked up the kernel recipe to avoid coping over certain files when deploying the FIT... I'm unsure if we're missing the first part... and we're missing a config option to not deploy the FIT... or we're in some new territory15:33
Spoosterhappy hunting!15:33
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SaurRP: Any reason /var and /tmp aren't in PSEUDO_IGNORE_PATHS? We apparently has some tool that is executed in pseudo context that creates files in /var/tmp, which may cause pseudo to abort.16:00
*** gsalazar <gsalazar!> has joined #yocto16:02
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RPSaur: I was warned about these by Peter/Mark16:03
SaurOk. What's the problem with them?16:03
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vdlhi all -- bitbake core-image-minimal and bitbake mc::core-image-minimal must produce the same image, correct?16:15
* vdl is confused whether local.conf is read or not in a multiconfig-enabled build16:15
*** ENPJ <ENPJ!~ENPJ@2001:a61:3a33:7901:b0dd:8b05:f149:714f> has joined #yocto16:16
JPEWvdl: It is read in all multiconfigs16:20
*** jobroe <jobroe!> has joined #yocto16:22
vdlJPEW: is multiconfig/foo.conf defines DISTRO = "dist-foo" and local.conf defines DISTRO = "dist-local", which distro is picked when building the targets "mc:foo:core-image-minimal", "mc::core-image-minimal", and "core-image-minimal"?16:23
JPEWThe local.conf one I think?16:30
JPEW"mc::core-image-minimal" and "core-image-minimal" are the same thing IIRC16:30
JPEWAnd, I *think* local.conf always overrides a multiconfig (but, I could be wrong). Try "bitbake -e mc:foo | grep DISTRO=" vs "bitbake -e | grep DISTRO="16:31
vdlI'm confused about why one would use the "mc::" target preifx16:32
smurrayyou can override DISTRO in the multiconfig, I've done so16:32
JPEWsmurray: Ya, I guess that makes sense, given the intended use16:33
*** frsc <frsc!> has quit IRC16:33
JPEWvdl: In most cases, you wouldn't use it. The only time you might want to is if you need an mcdepends (or similar) on the "base" configuration16:33
JPEWvdl: OK, smurray is correct. In your case, DISTRO for mc:foo:... will be dist-foo16:35
JPEWlocal.conf is read, but multiconfig/foo.conf overrides it16:35
*** AndersD_ <AndersD_!> has quit IRC16:36
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vdlJPEW: that makes sense, thank you16:39
vdlshould I also set different TMPDIR values in multiconfig if I'm building different distros?16:44
vdl(damn mondays)16:44
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*** bobo <bobo!> has joined #yocto16:49
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vdland same goes for different machine I presume17:00
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jonesv[m]I know I already asked, but just in case: I opened a bounty with my "MBR to GPT" question here:
*** lexano <lexano!> has quit IRC17:44
*** lexano <lexano!> has joined #yocto17:45
mckoanjonesv[m]: AFAIK wic doesn't support GPT properly17:45
mckoanjonesv[m]: try creating the partition table manually17:45
*** geheimnis` <geheimnis`!~geheimnis@> has quit IRC17:47
jonesv[m]aha! That's interesting17:48
jonesv[m]mckoan: though I don't know how to do that, so I'll need to read about it. But thanks for the insights, at least I have something to try now :)17:48
*** geheimnis` <geheimnis`!~geheimnis@> has joined #yocto17:50
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*** TundraMan is now known as marka17:55
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away18:05
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JPEWmckoan|away: Can you clarify on wic not supporting GPT? I've been using it fine on several platforms18:21
zeddiikhem: my scripts aren't bumping those SRCREVs, I'm sending a few patches shortly and will bump them.18:26
*** Sponge5 <Sponge5!> has joined #yocto18:31
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*** ssajal_ <ssajal_!> has joined #yocto18:35
vdlbuild/conf/auto.conf is read after build/conf/local.conf, correct?18:37
vdlhum no actually the opposite would make more sense18:38
*** ssajal <ssajal!> has quit IRC18:41
JPEWvdl: auto.conf is before local.conf18:47
JPEWlocal.conf is last.... multiconfig is even last-er ;)18:47
*** yates <yates!> has joined #yocto18:51
JaMakhem: should meta-clang start providing llvm-native? the issue is that mesa adds dependency on llvm-native with gallium-llvm PACKAGECONFIG[gallium-llvm] = "-Dllvm=enabled -Dshared-llvm=enabled, -Dllvm=disabled, llvm${MESA_LLVM_RELEASE} llvm-native  and then sets LLVMVERSION to 9 in dunfell and meta-clang to 10 which causes mesa to depend on unavailable llvm-native-1018:52
yateswhat does the term "virtual" represent in the yocto lexicon?18:52
yatese.g., PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/${TARGET_PREFIX}binutils = "external-arm-toolchain"18:52
yatesor (i believe) bitbake virtual/kernel18:53
khemJaMa:  if you use meta-clang then it overrides the Core version18:53
JaMakhem: yes it does, which break mesa18:53
khemit should not18:54
*** B0ned1ger <B0ned1ger!> has quit IRC18:54
JaMaI can set LLVMVERSION back to 9 to unbreak mesa, but that might break clang instead18:54
khematleast on master18:54
*** B0ned1ger <B0ned1ger!> has joined #yocto18:54
JaMakhem: llvm in meta-clang doesn't provide llvm-native (at least in dunfell)18:54
JaMaand meta-qti adds LLVM_VERSION variable into the mix for their :/18:56
khemJaMa:  yeah backport some parts of
JaMakhem: ah, thanks, should have looked a bit more18:58
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khemRP: at times I do see which seems like pseudo is bailing out,  see I plan to remove that function and just delete this in do_install_append or something, but thought of sharing it if you want to see something for pseudo's point of view19:17
*** oobitots51 <oobitots51!> has joined #yocto19:26
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jonesv[m]JPEW: Oh you're using GPT with wic? Have you seen my wks here? Is there something that seems obviously wrong?
*** Bunio_FH <Bunio_FH!> has joined #yocto20:12
JaMakhem: the issue with llvm-native was reproducible with meta-clang master as well, but the root cause was something stupid in our internal build (someone added whole meta-clang to BBMASK) so the LLVMVERSION was set in layer.conf, but clang recipe to provide it wasn't available due to BBMASK20:23
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khemJaMa:  k20:32
vermaeteanybody here using the cve-update-db-native recipe in an air gapped network?20:33
vermaeteWe do have a local copy of the meta and json.gz files on our own servers20:34
RPkhem: the fix is probably to mark that task as fakeroot, then it should be ok?20:34
vermaeteBut the recipe does't use e.g. SRC_URI what could be handled by pre_mirror e.g.20:34
khemRP:  yeah I think something for pseudo ignore paths probably too20:39
*** snikulov <snikulov!> has quit IRC20:44
rburtonvermaete: yeah that won't work. patches welcome.20:52
*** pablocastellanos <pablocastellanos!> has joined #yocto20:55
pablocastellanosHi, I'm looking for syntax documentation of /etc/network.conf20:55
RPkhem: but that isn't an ignore path issue, its because you're changing do_install data outside of pseudo21:00
khemRP:  its an idependent task though or is D owned by do_install alone ?21:01
*** feddischson <feddischson!> has quit IRC21:02
*** Sponge5 <Sponge5!> has joined #yocto21:02
khemcode looks legit to me21:02
khemits inserting a function between do_install and do_package which alters D21:02
RPkhem: any task altering D needs to be fakeroot21:05
RPkhem: also, the code assumes that things are done altering D when do_install finished so its likely a race issue21:06
RPkhem: definitely not legit21:06
*** rcoote <rcoote!~rcoote@2a02:908:692:81c0:718e:f862:b784:27b> has quit IRC21:07
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pablocastellanosHi, I'm looking for documentation, don't know if this is the correct channel or #yocto-training21:10
pablocastellanosI have this embedded system, running poki 8.0.2 (Yocto Project 1.3.2 Reference Distro), and I want to modify /etc/network.conf21:10
pablocastellanosThis is the current configuration,
pablocastellanosBut I don't know how to add another static address. (Only have knowledge in Debian and Gentoo)21:10
vdlIf I always build for the same underlying hardware architecture and libc, I can share TMPDIR between multiconfig, correct?21:13
kergothvdl: even changing arch should work. multimachine builds have long been supported. but libc and distro stuff needs a different one21:15
kergothso yeah21:15
khemRP:  ah yes I was not thinking straight 🙂 you are right21:19
khemI think I will move this into a do_install_append and get the issue sorted21:20
khemRP:  stress-ng failure is interesting, so musl declares sigqueue function in system headers but its not impelmented, stress-ng has added a check to find if platform implemented this function but the linking succeeds and sigque is marked as UNDEF :(21:21
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*** BCMM <BCMM!~BCMM@unaffiliated/bcmm> has joined #yocto21:24
RPkhem: yes, moving to do_install append will fix it21:24
RPkhem: should musl really be declaring it then? :/21:25
*** beneth <beneth!> has left #yocto21:27
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yatesis the output of do_populate_sysroot the items in tmp/sysroots-components?21:39
RPyates: effectively21:39
*** Sponge5 <Sponge5!> has joined #yocto21:40
RPkhem: on a musl target system, does the gettest iconv macro am_cv_func_iconv_works report yes?21:42
khemI think yes21:42
khemit has internal iconv21:42
RPkhem: so we could set that in the site files everywhere?21:42
*** Sponge5 <Sponge5!> has quit IRC21:45
khemI think so21:47
RPkhem: wondering about
*** kpo__ <kpo__!> has quit IRC21:50
*** kpo__ <kpo__!> has joined #yocto21:51
khemlooks ok. you might also set ac_cv_have_iconv_detect_h=yes21:51
RPkhem: Well, I'm just avoiding the broken test right now...21:51
RPkhem: this way it should be safe for baremetal and other things21:52
RPnot that you'd use gettext with baremetal  :)21:52
khemwhile hear fix this test too perhaps although its ok to defer it21:52
RPkhem: are there issues with the other test?21:53
RPkhem: that doesn't look like a standard marcro from iconv.m4? :/21:54
khemI think I was thinking if it will use predefined iconv-detect.h too21:54
khembut I think we are not using that at present21:54
JPEWjonesv[m]: No, it looks OK to me21:54
khemRP:  lets stay with what you have21:54
RPkhem: I'll put it in for testing21:54
khemI think you will need a pregenerated iconv-detect.h too21:55
RPkhem: for that error-report issue, I think it should be fixed server side21:55
RPkhem: I put out a patch to use bleach instead, hard part is testing21:56
khemto completely bypass iconv poking21:56
JPEWjonesv[m]: I've used that SoC family a lot, but we've always used MBR partitions21:56
RPkhem: I'm simply trying to avoid having to patch gettext macros at this point21:56
jonesv[m]JPEW: right, so it could be an issue with the SoC and not with wic, correct?21:56
RPand get rid of a couple of non-upstreamable patches21:56
JPEWjonesv[m]: It could be. Someone from TI might be able to tell you if the boot ROM support GPT21:57
jonesv[m]JPEW: you mean I may find somebody from TI here in #yocto?21:57
JPEWjonesv[m]: Ya, or on a forum or something21:58
jonesv[m]got it21:58
jonesv[m]Thanks a lot :)21:58
JPEWjonesv[m]: np21:58
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khemRP:  the sigqueue issue is actually a bit different, problem is pthread_sigqueue not sigqueue which is there in musl, but pthread version is not. and its also not defined in headers, and local build passes ok and it rightly detects that this function is absent but on OE jenkins the test for pthread_sigqueue passes and it fails see
khemso now I wonder if there is some cross compilation issue where its poking at host libc somehow22:25
khembut then local build seems to work ok22:25
khemin the error log if you search for pthread_sigqueue you see it being detected autoconfig: using pthread_sigqueue22:26
khemon my local build this detection fails so final build works22:27
*** Sponge5 <Sponge5!> has joined #yocto22:29
RPkhem: hmm, that does sound a bit like a host issues :/22:30
RPkhem: its all custom makefile tests so it could be having cross compile issues22:34
khemI think another difference is ld-is-gold so let me do a local build with ld-is-gold22:34
khemgold linker has subtle differences too22:35
RPkhem: could be a pthread linking issues I guess22:35
RPkhem: the Makefile calls uname to determine some features to build :/22:36
khemright the make tests for test binary creation and calls it a success I wonder if somehow it ends up creating the binary even though it is not correct22:36
khemyeah saw that too, earlier I was also suspecting that its perhaps calling host CC and detecting the features which works on glibc systems most of the times22:37
khemdo you see it fail on AB on any musl builds ?22:38
RPkhem: no, I was a bit puzzled on that22:38
khemI also dont see it on arm64/musl build22:39
khembut only on x86/musl22:39
khemarm64 build is not with gold linker though22:40
RPkhem: looks like it only builds the test prog, doesn't run it, so it should be cross compile safe22:40
RPkhem: hack it to remove the 2> /dev/null and see what the error is on the OE builder?22:41
khemthere was another failure where it also detected pidfd_open function22:41
RPkhem: although I guess somehow it gets compiled even when it shouldn't :/22:43
RPkhem: is TMPDIR reused?22:43
khemno, it just builds musl/x8622:43
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RPkhem: I can't see any change in the upgrade around this :/22:49
RPkhem: also seems to build here correctly22:49
RP(for musl)22:49
khemyeah its a bit baffling22:50
khemand its consistently failing in everything either 1 or 2 undefined symbols as seen above22:50
khemmaybe gold linker has something to do lets see22:51
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khemoh well its not even gold linker23:02
*** McAwesome <McAwesome!> has joined #yocto23:07
RPkhem: some kind of disk cache race on that system? the linker may create the file then destroy it and the makefile races and sees it?23:12
RPit shouldn't do that...23:12
RPkhem: removing the 2> /dev/null redirect would make that clearer23:13
RPkhem: maybe add an echo of the command too23:13
khemhmm its using ramfs23:13
khemyeah I will add it23:14
khemit forces -j1 on those tests so there must be a reason why they do it23:14
khemI think one workaround is to pass these via  EXTRA_OEMAKE += "HAVE_PTHREAD_SIGQUEUE=0" so the test is avoided23:17
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RPkhem: the real fix may be to move the compiler output into place, gcc X -o A && mv A || true23:26
khemyeah true23:27
*** matthewcroughan <matthewcroughan!> has quit IRC23:27
*** matthewcroughan <matthewcroughan!> has joined #yocto23:27
khemI have added a vebose patch
khemwill run with this one cycle and see if logs show something interesting, then second try will be to try mv path23:28
*** BCMM <BCMM!~BCMM@unaffiliated/bcmm> has quit IRC23:29
khemthese builders are slow so each cycle is 6 hrs23:29
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RPkhem: ok23:59
RPkhem: might be worth a local try redirecting that task's workdir to a ramfs?23:59

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