Tuesday, 2021-03-23

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khemRP: linker is crashing see https://errors.yoctoproject.org/Errors/Details/574353/07:04
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mckoangood morning07:58
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mckoanJPEW: I said AFAIK. Could you share any wks configuration file to study it? and which YP version were you using?07:59
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qschulzmornin' folks08:32
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kayterinagood morning08:34
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RPkhem: interesting. so a gold issue?09:31
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Sponge5Right now I have psplash stopping (QUIT message from psplash-systemd) too early, I'd like to extend it all the way to default.target, how would I go about it?10:04
Sponge5systemd1 manager gives Progress: 1.0 way too early into the boot IMHO. Do you know if it even takes multi-user.target into account?10:10
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RPalimon: ptest-runner fixes look good :)11:45
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RPoobitots51: Looks like the run-postinsts change on list caused failures in master-next. Do you want to reply about that?11:48
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oobitots51Added to already existing but now moving to separate bug11:50
RPoobitots51: it doesn't really need a bug since it isn't merged, just a reply on the list showing the failures the patch caused11:51
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JosephAntonyYocto is showing error12:04
JosephAntonyERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'gstreamer'. Close matches:12:04
JosephAntony  gstreamer1.012:04
JosephAntony  gstreamer1.0-omx12:04
JosephAntonyI need to know which of the above recipe is actually used by my final Image. How to easily find that ?12:04
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qschulzJosephAntony: gstreamer1.0 is what you're looking for12:09
JosephAntonyYeah. My actual doubt was how to find out which of the above recipes are actually dependant on my final Image12:13
JosephAntonyhow can we find that in yocto using bitbake ?12:13
qschulzJosephAntony: the image recipe can depend on gstreamer, not the opposite, so not quite sure to understand the question?12:14
qschulzwell, not depend actually, install or include gstreamer package is a better wording12:15
smurraythe error is from a recipe incorrectly specifying "gstreamer" in DEPENDS, I believe there's more output from bitbake for that error that indicates which recipe it is12:15
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JosephAntonyqschulz Yeah. I told it the wrong way. Image recipe depends on gstreamer. So refarming my question...  how can I get to know, which all recipes my final image depends on ? Is there any bitbake command to know that12:24
qschulzJosephAntony: smurray said the right thing, you should have a few lines above this error which recipe DEPENDS on gstreamer12:25
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RennpaWhat is the correct way to use a non-standard Python module inside a recipe Python task function? Should I do DEPENDS+="python-something-native" or rather pip install something? The first seems cleaner, because it doesn't pollute host's Python installation. But it installs the modules into native Python while the task function is executed with host13:22
RennpaPython, which is problematic for some modules.13:22
JPEWmckoan: http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/meta-rockchip/tree/wic/rk3399-boot.wks13:22
JPEWmckoan: AFAIK, GPT is the default and you have add an option to make it use MBR13:23
JPEWmckoan: I'm actively testing this with 3.1 and later, but I'm pretty sure it works on older versions also (likely also 3.0 and 2.7)13:24
YumasiHi! I have multiple packages that RPROVIDES some virtual package, and I would like to have them conflict with each others when installing them with opkg. Is there a way to do that avoids listings all the other packages in the RCONFLICTS of each packages ? (I have quite a few of them)13:26
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alimonRP: good, i will wait a couple of days to see if someone replies13:39
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yannI'm trying to find out why the LICENSE_FLAGS = "commercial" is there in ffmpeg.bb, but can't find any explanation.  Commit 4acdab05e just mentions, while moving the libav recipe from meta-oe, that it adds this declaration.  Surely there must be a reason, should it be stated in clear in the recipe near the flag setting ?13:45
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yann"shouldn't", I meant13:46
rburtonyann: ffmpeg is full of patented code13:50
yannrburton: you mean "code for patented algorithms", right ?13:51
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yannso this is a blanket flag rather than checking all individual codecs ?14:00
rburtonpatches welcome14:02
JPEWyann: Ya, I think the idea is that OE doesn't want to accidently include something you can't use, so you need to manually evaluate and set the flag if your specific usage is allowed14:02
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yannJPEW: i supposed as much.  But then that forces reevaluation of the flag setting each time someone tweeks their PACKAGECONFIG.  All-or-nothing flag may provide liability protection for OE, but as OE users it falls somewhat short :}14:06
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JaMakhem: one more thing for meta-clang, what about replacing recipes-devtools/clang/clang/0029-llvm-Recognize-yoe-and-poky-as-OE-distro.patch with a sed call (or something similar) which will add whatever is in TARGET_VENDOR variable instead of supporting only "oe", "yoe", "poky" and "wrs"?14:12
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yannrburton: the only direction I can see for a patch, would be to tie the "commercial" flag to individual codecs, ie. to PACKAGECONFIG items.  Maybe adding a "commercial_$foo" flag for each $foo feature, so we could still use LICENSE_FLAGS_WHITELIST="commercial" for ignore all restrictions, or whitelist individually-evaluated algorithms without a need to worry ?14:18
JPEWyann: Ya. I did that recently for a different recipe....14:19
* JPEW looks14:19
JPEWyann: libomxil14:20
yannJPEW: thx14:21
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* zeddii mutters that when people try to undo your commits, they should cc' you directly on patches.14:31
* paulg reverts zeddii and doesn't Cc him.14:31
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yannrburton, JPEW: something like https://pastebin.com/50WPh6h3 ?  I'm not that happy with the embedded split() calls, I guess python should be able to call them just once, but eh...14:38
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yannam I wrong in thinking that gstreamer1.0-libav itself does not need the "commercial" flag, since ffmpeg.bb takes care of it ?14:55
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yannalso, is it a good idea to have "gpl" in the default ffmpeg PACKAGECONFIG ?14:59
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yatesis there a way to see a varible's value in bitbake? i'd like to see the list of AVAILTUNES15:14
yannyates: bitbake -e recipe15:18
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yatesyann: thanks for that. i only get this: AVAILTUNES=" x86 x86-64 x86-64-x32 i586 i686 core2-32 core2-64 core2-64-x32"15:20
yatesi expected a whole lot more than that. is this within a specific processor type, like intel?15:21
neverpanicAbove that line you should see a history of how this value was constructed.15:22
yannyates: any example of what you expected ?15:22
neverpaniccould be affected by your $MACHINE, $DISTRO and other configurations15:22
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yateshow about all the arms? cortex a7, a8, a9, arch64, blah etc.15:22
yatesneverpanic: really? ok15:23
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yatesit looks like they're defined in poky/meta/conf/machine/include/15:30
yateswhat i am trying to accomplish is what i consider step 1a of setting up yocto to build for a new architecture/ machine: csky:ck810: https://sourceware.org/git/?p=binutils-gdb.git;a=blob_plain;f=bfd/cpu-csky.c;hb=HEAD15:32
yatesand get the populate_sysroot working with a good cross-tools15:33
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yatesthere are so many freaking variables/configurations/files scattered about i'm tearing my hair out15:35
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yates(at least if i had hair, i'd be tearing it out...)15:36
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* yates begs for help15:41
* yates would pay for help15:42
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yannyates: is that an arm cpu ?15:51
yannoh, nm :)15:52
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yannyates: I'd suggest you worry about tunes later and first just setup the toolchain - maybe look at riscv support for inspiration as a less complicated ecosystem than arm ?15:55
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yatesyann: aren't the TUNE values used at some level to select (e.g.) the specific binutils that will be built for?16:06
yatesright, it is NOT an arm16:07
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yannIIRC that's the distinctive thing about TUNE: not requiring to rebuild the toolchain and only play with toolchain flags - others will correct me if I'm wrong16:11
smurrayyates: I notice that they have a page indicating buildroot support, probably have to pick that apart as a starting point16:11
smurrayyann: one thing that comes to mind would maybe be to look at the commits in oe-core that added initial risc-v support for comparison16:12
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smurrayoops, that last one was for yates ^16:12
smurrayautocomplete fail ;)16:12
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yatesok thanks for the hints guys.17:38
yatessmurray: what buildroot page did you see?17:38
smurrayyates: just a min, I closed the tab, will need to try to find it again17:39
yatesok, thank you17:39
smurrayyates: https://github.com/c-sky/buildroot17:40
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vdlAs long as I use the same machine include file (e.g. cortexa8) and the same distro libc, I can share TMPDIR between multiconfig, correct?18:48
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smurrayvdl: JPEW can perhaps comment from experience, but in theory yes18:50
GeneralStupidvdl: you can always share the tmpdir, it will rebuilt everything it needs. if its a different architecture it should rebuild everything afaik18:50
GeneralStupidbut i also think shareing State cache is more important?18:51
smurraysame arch with different libc blew up the last time I tried it, but admittedly that was quite a while ago now18:52
vdlGeneralStupid: I thought that you should never share the TMPDIR between different distro? (in fact different libc) and same for difference target hardware?18:52
vdlI'm in the boring step of CI, dug into Jenkins and trying to figure what is really safe to share to speed builds up. Beside DL_DIR, I'm not convinced anything is safe to share :/18:53
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rburtonSSTATE_DIR is sharable19:01
rburtonTMPDIR can be considered transient in CI, have a fresh one each build19:01
rburtonjust cache and persist DL_DIR and SSTATE_DIR19:01
rburtonlatest bitbake most likely will be fine with shared tmpdir but <shrugs> in a CI environment why bother19:02
rburton(the yocto autobuilder shares sstate and downloads via NFS across 20+ workers building all the combinations you could think of. tmpdir is fresh each build)19:03
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frayWhen constructing an eSDK (with PR service enabled) where does the export PR service data end up?19:12
frayI don't see in the cache directory the PR services info, the local.conf doesn't seem to have the PR service enablign stuff either..19:13
vdlrburton: thank you, will share sstate and downloads between builds. Do I need to worry about using the same vs. different tmpdir when using various multiconfig then?19:20
rburtoni'd use a different tmp for each multiconfig19:21
frayI've yet to be able to share a tmp across multiconfigs, but otherwise it's working well19:24
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vdlproblem is automating the upload of built artefacts, e.g. build/tmp/deploy/. Maybe a simple rule like build/tmp-*/deploy/** would do the job.19:28
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vdlrburton: do you move SSTATE_DIR and DL_DIR out of TOPDIR?19:43
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vdlI guess having sstate-cache/, downloads/ and build/ next to each other is simpler since you can remove build (and thus build/tmp*) directly) to start a fresh build.19:57
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yatesyann: did you mean this?  https://github.com/riscv/meta-riscv20:48
rburtonvdl: they're on another volume entirely in my CI21:03
rburtonon my build machine they're on a separate disk21:03
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vdlrburton: would the best be to add a shared/ folder containing sstate-cache, downloads and any cloned layer repositories used by bblayers.conf?21:18
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rburtonthat works21:18
*** sbach <sbach!~sbachmatr@> has joined #yocto21:18
rburtonputting layers in there means you can't use different revisions in different builds21:18
rburtonunless you pull to the layer and then local clone for the build21:19
vdlso we can only place this shared/ directory as a single volume in container using tools such as kas to download and build images21:19
yateswhen yocto executes the do_populate_sysroot task, is one of the first, fundamental tasks to fetch binutils (probably from https://sourceware.org/git/binutils-gdb.git) and build cross-binutils for the processor architecture involved in the image/recipe?21:20
vdlrburton: I see what you mean. Hum the tool must be extended to clone the repositories and then add worktrees for each revisions being used I think.21:20
rburtonno need for work trees and if you use kas then it has magic to do that already iirc21:21
rburtonbut the cost of downloading meta-oe isn't exactly huge21:21
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vdlrburton: kas currently clones and checks out the given refspec. So it'll work for building multiple project with different revisions, but only one build at once...21:22
vdlrburton: yeah it's just that a project can easily have 5-7 layer repositories so it makes no sense to clone them everytime.21:23
rburtonI meant https://kas.readthedocs.io/en/2.4/command-line.html#environment-variables KAS_REPO_REF_DIR21:23
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rburtonjust have a CI step to update the referenced repos first21:26
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vdlrburton: they have to be clone manually first, correct? That seems weird. (I'd expect such tool to populate this repo ref dir itself, especially given the required naming convention)21:31
yannyates: I meant the riscv material in poky/meta/conf/machine/: though meta-riscv builts on it with definitions for concrete board you'll find the basic CPU declarations in poky21:32
rburtonvdl: yes looks like kas expects the directories to already exist21:32
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rburtonwhich yes is silly given 1) naming requirements and 2) it knows the URLs21:33
rburtonhey, easy enough to write a plugin21:33
rburtonshame you can't have external plugins anymore though21:33
rburtonif you write a plugin, send it to me, as I might use it in our builds :)21:33
vdlLet me fill an issue to request this feature21:33
rburtonCC me please.  rossburton on GitHub.21:34
yatesyann: ok thanks21:36
vdlrburton: sure21:38
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