Thursday, 2021-03-25

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yatesRP: is it checking MACHINE in the metadata or in an environment variable?03:16
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yatesRP: does bitbake use a variable to determine where to check for a conf/local.conf, or does it just directly check <builddir>/conf/local.conf?03:22
yatesif the build directory is out-of-tree, how does bitbake know where the main poky folder is?03:24
kergothyates: bitbake finds all config files and classes via BBPATH, which is altered by the layer.conf in each layer listed in BBLAYERS in conf/bblayers.conf03:27
kergothyates: bitbake parses bitbake.conf from BBPATH after the layer setup, bitbake.conf in oe-core is what has a line to include conf/local.conf03:28
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rr123are meta-openembedded-contrib and meta-openembedded the same? so do openembedded-core and openembedded-core-contrib? the layout are the same, the files I checked(a few) are identical03:39
rr123if not what's the difference03:40
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yateskergoth: is there supposed to be a layer.conf in <build>/conf/?04:10
yatesif not, then BBPATH won't have a <build>/conf/local.conf. is this reasoning correct?04:12
yatesthe standard oe-init-build-env does not create a <bild>/conf/layer.conf file04:12
yatesmy MACHINE is being defined in <build>/conf/local.conf. is that the wrong place?04:14
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yateskergoth: ?04:27
yatesin any case, there is indeed a MACHINE ??= <abc> definitionin <build>/conf/local.conf04:30
yatesso it appears the error message is a lie04:30
yateswhat else is necessary for the MACHINE in <build>/conf/local.conf to be seen by bitbake?!??04:31
yatesis the <build> folder supposed to be in the BBLAYERS definition? i didn't think so, so i did not put one there04:32
yateshere is my <build>/conf/bblayers.conf:
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Guest7953RP:  seeing with "util-linux-libuuid: Simplify recipe" patch in master-next06:59
Guest7953send a patch to meta-oe to rename the DEPENDS07:07
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mckoangood morning07:50
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX08:19
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RobertBerger@LetoThe2nd: OIDA09:19
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RPkhem: thanks!09:34
mbulutmorning guys09:42
mbulutwhat's the preferred way to set up a docker container with a yocto sdk?09:43
mbuluti.e., is there any way to just install the rootfs portions of the sdk but without the env setup stuff?09:44
mbulutI tried publish mode (-p) without knowing what it exactly means but it still creates the two sysroots for sdk and nativesdk09:50
mbulutwhat I'm trying to achieve is a vs code devcontainer using a qemux86_64 sdk09:51
mbulutmy best guess on how to do it so far is to install the sdk to a temporary location, e.g.: -y -d /tmp09:53
mbulutthen mv /tmp/sysroots/qemux86-yocto-linux/* /09:54
mbulutand mv /tmp/sysroots/x86_64-yoctosdk-linux/* /09:55
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yannmbulut: iirc there are at least 2 solutions for that, one of them is called CROPS09:56
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mbulutI know CROPS, but afaik that is only for building a yocto project, isnt it?09:56
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mbulutI'm using that already to build the yocto image and the SDKs09:57
LetoThe2ndmbulut: to me it is not clear what you want to do. build in a docker? package the sdk in a docker? build the sdk in a docker?09:57
mbuluthow can the CROPS image be used to develop against the built SDK?09:58
mbulutI want to develop and debug applications using the SDK inside a docker container09:58
LetoThe2ndmbulut: for the esdk approach there is
mbulutI'll look into that, thx10:00
LetoThe2ndmbulut: for a classic sdk, i am not aware of anything out in the public.10:00
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LetoThe2ndmbulut: for vscode, i would rather suggest to look at the stuff rob_w presented at last years vYPDD10:00
mbulutI heard about the extensible SDK before, but we haven't yet adopted that in our workflow so I was looking for the classic SDK path first but if the ext SDK path is easy to adopt I'll give it a try10:01
rob_wnot me ...10:02
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mbulutLetoThe2nd: do you have any pointers where to find that presentation?10:02
* LetoThe2nd points at google.10:02
mbulut:) :-*10:03
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yannmbulut: for the sdk I have something, not published yet but still10:06
mbulutoh really?10:07
yannwe're using the resulting images to test cross-builds of our software in CI10:08
LetoThe2ndyann: do you mind me featuring this on ze tweets?10:09
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yannLetoThe2nd: be my guest :)10:09
yannmaybe it would be worth to have the "launch docker with this config" part too, but I fear it would require some tuning to be generally usable10:11
LetoThe2ndyann: do you have a @ handle i should include for your praise and glory?10:12
yannI should probably make this available as part of
mbulutyann: if I interpret that Dockerfile correctly, this would still require running the environment-setup script before building anything right?10:12
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yannLetoThe2nd: sorry I'm not on tweeter myself - maybe the company handle10:12
yannthat would be @Shadow_Official10:13
yannmbulut: right10:14
mbulutI was looking for creating a docker image where the SDK was installed directly into the container's root folder, so I wouldnt have to hassle with environments and facilitate integration with vs code dev containers...10:14
yannmbulut: you can probably source the environment file from /etc/profile or similar10:15
* mbulut still scraping through to find that darn vs code video^^10:17
mbulutLetoThe2nd: is this what you were talking about?10:17
LetoThe2ndmbulut: should be, yes.10:18
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qschulzwhy is ccache disabled for cmake recipes in cmake.bbclass? The introducing commit isn't that much helpful:
qschulzjust being curious11:41
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LetoThe2ndqschulz: given the patch date i would guess that it refers to problems with really old cmake versions, and it being stuck might be just bad luck.11:44
RPqschulz: that is a very old commit, names I've not seen in a while. We could try removing it and see what breaks11:45
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qschulzRP: missing the red build in the autobuilder :D?11:46
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RPqschulz: we get plenty already :/11:47
qschulzam now trying to understand if something additional is needed to enable ccache? It seems CCACHE is set from ccache.bbclass but that class is never inherited.11:53
qschulzI guess CCACHE should just be set to ccache from the host since it's in hosttools? so probably CCACHE="ccache " would just work?11:54
qschulz(with the additional space)11:54
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qschulzanyway, thinking out loud, not something I'll actively pursue for now since we're using icecc anyway and it disables ccache globally11:55
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RPqschulz: there are tests for ccache if I remember rightly. To enable you INHERIT += "ccache"11:57
LetoThe2ndqschulz: seen that?
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: manual compilation already supports ccache in our project so I hopefully don't have to dig into this. But thanks for the pointer.11:58
LetoThe2ndqschulz: have fun11:58
mcfriskhi, python problems. Lately everything using pypi and setuptools-scm started failing due to some changes in pypi. I'm wondering why meta/classes/setuptools.bbclass in poky does not DEPEND on "python-setuptools-scm-native", and instead pypi is used for everything which is now broken for a lot of of older python recipes..11:59
qschulzLetoThe2nd: I think in the end bitbake just prepends CCACHE to CXX or CC so it should just be transparent for most?11:59
LetoThe2ndqschulz: sounds about right to me.12:00
qschulzRP: indeed, just don't like blindly doing a INHERIT in local.conf :p12:01
qschulzShould have read the ccache.bbclass before asking stuff around. Thx all12:02
RobertBerger@qschulz: OIDA :P12:04
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RobertBerger@qschulz: I saw issues with ccache and toolchain versions ;) If the ccached stuff is in some directoy and you use a different version of the toolchain with old ccached stuff the party starts.12:52
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LetoThe2ndRP: kergoth: not sure who's the best one to comment, but we've narrowed down our problems on the new superduper powered box to the usage of multiprocessing.cpu_count() in bitbake. this returns the number of physical cpus, which in our case substantially differs from the allocated cores. we can somewhat ad-hoc-ishly fix this by passing BB_NUMBER_THREADS and PARALLEL_MAKE for all builds, but actually we thing the better13:02
LetoThe2ndapproach would be to use len(os.sched_getaffinity(0)). thoughts?13:02
LetoThe2nd*sigh* "we think". not "we thing". we are talking about a thing, but at least so far we're not objectifying ourselves.13:05
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LetoThe2ndmroe background:
PaowZLetoThe2nd: congrats for your involvement in the book MELP.. (y)13:25
LetoThe2ndPaowZ: :)13:26
RPLetoThe2nd: people assume that BB_NUMBER_THREADS is not meant to be changed. Its a guess, you should set it to what makes sense in your environment13:33
RPLetoThe2nd: we set it to our own values on the autobuilder13:33
LetoThe2ndRP: yeah I also remember it being set verbose before the auto detection was introduced. but i think the "guessing process" might be improved, because this leads to really unexpected results. or at least it should be documented.13:34
LetoThe2ndqschulz: where's the new fancy docs man?13:35
RPLetoThe2nd: I don't think there is a any way to have a perfect answer and people should override it as needed13:35
RPLetoThe2nd: I know people complain about the memory implications on systems which are memory poor, core rich for example. Should we account for that? Also, if you're building webkit, you may need different values. And so on13:37
LetoThe2ndRP: perfect is probably impossible. but let me explain a bit: we're using a 256-core box now as a builder. but the devs "only" get allocated 32ish cores or such for personal use. so once we kick of personal builds, everything explodes at various staes of the build process, with no clear indication what caused it. until we realized that the guesses went to "256"13:38
LetoThe2ndso what i'm thinking about is either a more convervative guess - or a kind of warning if the guess is probably completely off. (which is not really complicated to detect. like, 256 threads but only 32GB RAM? probably don't fly)13:40
JaMaeven if you change it to correctly detect 32 available cores, then 32 BB_NUMBER_THREADS and 32 PARALLEL_MAKE probably won't be optimal as RP mentioned13:40
RPLetoThe2nd: You can send a patch and you are probably correct that it is a more informed guess but I can just tell that everyone will use the opportunity to mention what they think the right value is13:41
LetoThe2ndRP: I guess that your educated guess about people guessing is.... right :)13:42
smurrayLetoThe2nd: there's no way for it to know if the machine is shared or not would seem to be the problem13:42
JaMawith 2GB ram per core I can still easily trigger OOMK13:42
JaMaon 64core threadripper with 128GB ram13:42
LetoThe2ndsmurray: no,i'm really not talking about shared vs. not shared. just a kind of really trivial check if the ratio is really completely off.13:43
LetoThe2ndand if you ask me also a guess based on scheduled cpus, but that is debatable of course.13:43
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smurrayLetoThe2nd: how are you allocating CPUs, putting the devs in a different cgroup?13:44
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LetoThe2ndsmurray: lxc13:45
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smurrayLetoThe2nd: heh, so yes, a cgroup ;)13:46
LetoThe2ndsmurray: technically yes.13:46
smurrayLetoThe2nd: it might be possible to detect that somehow.  I know LXCFS does some stuff to overlay proc, but that's not used by all LXC users13:48
LetoThe2ndsmurray: the python bug suggests an alternative13:48
smurrayLetoThe2nd: patches welcome, perhaps?  If the result doesn't change for !container users it'd seem reasonable IMO13:51
LetoThe2ndsmurray: my thinking too, but i wanted to get some feedback. it happens that i'm completely off too, as you all know.13:51
qschulzLetoThe2nd: docs.yoctoproject.org13:52
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LetoThe2nddoes the note concerning 20 still make sense here?
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: are you on a multi-CPU architecture?13:59
LetoThe2ndqschulz: 2 sockets, 64 cores each, and of those each HT14:03
LetoThe2nd-> 256 HT cores all in all.14:03
qschulzLetoThe2nd: from very vague recollection, I think rburton might have something to say on that matter? But honestly no clue otherwise. I don't know much about multi-CPU motherboards and the implication of such a setup :/14:05
RPLetoThe2nd: I have no idea why that says "20", doesn't make sense14:05
LetoThe2ndRP: maybe because somebody wanted to avoid drinking age in some legislations?14:06
RPLetoThe2nd: I suspect 20 was crazy large when it was written14:08
rburtonLetoThe2nd: i find over 30-odd doesn't really give you any wins with build speed and stops I/O swarms from 256 jobs running unpack at once14:08
rburton(lscpu says my build machine has 256 CPUs)14:09
LetoThe2ndrburton: so its actually a best effort guess from "some time on some box"?14:09
JaMaagreed, the results in also don't show any significant increase over 1614:10
rburtonyeah i thought 256 was stupid so cut it down a lot14:10
LetoThe2ndrburton: because we actually attached quite a bit of very fast pcie nvme storage to cope with the io14:10
RPrburton: 256 will give better parse times though14:10
rburtonLetoThe2nd: you're welcome to test bb-matrix on your own hardware14:10
rburtonRP: maybe the parse should just scale to number of CPUs automatically as its not long-lasting14:11
RPrburton: you can set BB_NUMBER_PARSE_THREADS (or something similar, I didn't check the name)14:11
rburtoni shall report back on that :)14:11
LetoThe2ndrburton: Y U no magic solution for me? Y I always worky times myself?!?!?14:11
*** yann <yann!~yann@> has quit IRC14:11
rburtonmax_process = int(self.cfgData.getVar("BB_NUMBER_PARSE_THREADS") or os.cpu_count() or 1)14:11
*** gsalazar <gsalazar!> has joined #yocto14:12
RPrburton: we effectively run every core at 100% during parse, we're pretty good at that bit14:12
LetoThe2ndok, i slowly get where we need to tune our builds.14:13
*** mbulut <mbulut!> has quit IRC14:15
*** yann <yann!~yann@> has joined #yocto14:18
JaMaRP: are build time metrics on autobuilder always executed on the same HW? is there some chart for longer period of time (like since zeus?) I'm seeing some significant increases every release and would like to confirm if the same is visible also on autobuilder14:19
JaMae.g. chromium 79 with zeus took half hour, chromium 89 with recent hardknott takes an hour14:20
RPJaMa: they are, yes. The data is there for, longer periods, you'd just have to extract it14:21
*** sakoman <sakoman!> has quit IRC14:21
*** sakoman <sakoman!~steve@> has joined #yocto14:22
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vmesonhalstead:   What there a change going on, on the git server when this happened? CC RP14:55
*** linums <linums!> has joined #yocto14:55
halsteadvmeson: I have been working on the git server but I haven't interrupted services.14:57
*** rob_w <rob_w!~bob@unaffiliated/rob-w/x-1112029> has quit IRC14:58
vdlI can define a machine which compiles only the bootloader, correct? Do I need to specify "dummy" as the virtual/kernel?14:58
LetoThe2ndvdl: as long as no part of the build then depends on the kernel, you can probably do that.14:59
vmesonhalstead: ok, we'll close these bugs than. Also  -- fyi.14:59
vdlLetoThe2nd: context is I'm defining a "machine" for dev to boot from tftp, I only need a configured bootloader on an SD card.15:01
vmesonhalstead: closed that last one, can you close the first please?15:01
vmeson(I'm being the bug board jockey right now... ye haw! :)  )15:02
halsteadvmeson: okay. I'm checking into the server logs a bit more. Then I'll close it15:02
qschulzvdl: why not just compile the bootloader then?15:03
vmesonhalstead: thanks.15:03
vdlqschulz: and format an sd card myself, and document all that for the other devs, while I can have a yocto config for this? :)15:04
LetoThe2ndvdl: its just that sometimes bootloader do build libraries which might or might not have dependencies. thats all i'm saying.15:04
vdlLetoThe2nd: you were very clear ;)15:05
*** linums <linums!> has quit IRC15:06
*** linums <linums!> has joined #yocto15:07
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*** linums <linums!> has joined #yocto15:13
*** yannholo <yannholo!> has joined #yocto15:13
qschulzvdl: create an image recipe with no packages in it and have it prepare your image to be flashed on sd card15:14
qschulzvdl: or you know... just make them change the environment or use a different command to boot and have the normal and tftp "commands" always in u-boot env15:15
qschulzand you switch depending on what you want to do15:15
LetoThe2ndqschulz: i actually think the approach is not bad, having an automated build from zero to dev sd card right from the beginning.15:16
LetoThe2ndvdl: essentially it would be just that, yes. an image with nothing in it other than the bootloader.15:16
*** linums <linums!> has quit IRC15:17
qschulzLetoThe2nd: my point being, the same bootloader can be a production build or a dev build and you just run the correct command at boot from the bootloader to boot either from storage medium or tftp15:17
*** linums <linums!> has joined #yocto15:18
*** linums <linums!> has quit IRC15:23
vdlqschulz: you don't always want a bootloader to be configured for allowing tftpboot. You might have stronger requirement for prod.15:23
vdlSuch "machine" would allow to trigger a copy of the rootfs/dts/kernel images on the tftp server for example.15:24
vdlLike bitbake mc:tftpboot:core-image-minimal would compile core-image-minimal.squashfs and copy to /srv/tftp for instance.15:25
qschulzvdl: for me, the copy to /srv/tftp shouldn't be handled by bitbake. It's a build system, not a CI/CD tool. But my 2¢ :)15:27
*** linums <linums!> has joined #yocto15:27
vdlqschulz: you are correct though, an extended empty image recipe including only the bootloader and defining the wic format is actually better. The specific "machine" configuration would only simplify the dev process (as I suggested, a specific multiconfig would define the correct IMAGE_FSTYPES expected to tftpboot and so on)15:28
*** qschulz <qschulz!> has quit IRC15:28
vdlCome back qschulz :-(15:29
*** psnsilva_ <psnsilva_!~psnsilva@> has joined #yocto15:29
*** qschulz <qschulz!> has joined #yocto15:30
*** psnsilva <psnsilva!~psnsilva@> has quit IRC15:31
abelloniRP: so ionice doesn't apply to async IO while cgroups v2 io does15:32
vdlLetoThe2nd: qschulz is right, a recipe for the SD card with only the bootloader in it would be better. The machine configuration might be optional, but handy to define the WKS_FILE, the default FSTYPE for the rootfs and kernel images, as well as preparing the image and kernel LINK_NAME expected by the bootloader.15:32
abelloniRP: this actually matters because I don't think anything during the build is using O_DIRECT or O_SYNC15:32
RPabelloni: hmm, interesting. Do you need permissions to use cgroups v2 io controls?15:33
abelloniI'll have to check :)15:33
LetoThe2ndqschulz: huh, did we disagree somewhere?15:35
* zeddii is watching the best presentation ever15:36
fray_best_ presentation15:36
*** emrius <emrius!> has joined #yocto15:37
zeddiiseriously. I'm crying it is so good.15:37
frayand now the preentation goes to crap15:37
zeddiiyah. now they are anger tears15:38
vdlLetoThe2nd: if you're referring to my conversation, no you did not disagree, qschulz mentioned but an image recipe would be just enough and I agreed with this (I might've been not clear, sorry)15:38
* zeddii is annoying all channels he can now.15:38
*** PaowZ <PaowZ!~vince@2a01:e0a:52a:1870:bc3b:9e3d:302a:8e00> has joined #yocto15:38
RPabelloni: I think the answer is you do need root to setup the group :/15:38
*** armpit <armpit!~armpit@2601:202:4180:a5c0:b12e:3b13:9c80:b786> has quit IRC15:39
emriusHi, Bitbake is not supported on OSX as this article states: Still, the same article shows that it can be run in a docker container. I'm considering to get one of apples new M1 chips powered computers. Would you assume that the dockerized solution still works out or can anyone already now see reasons that this will technically not work?15:39
*** rcoote <rcoote!~rcoote@2a02:908:692:81c0:1c6f:f48c:3ebc:63d> has quit IRC15:39
*** armpit <armpit!~armpit@2601:202:4180:a5c0:8456:2f59:fdf5:ad8f> has joined #yocto15:40
PaowZLetoThe2nd: 2 CPUs  64 cores HT.. that's one hell of a rig.. what cpu is that ?15:41
Spoosteremrius: while the experience is far from optimal (I run a VM to build bitbake things rn on x64), it looks like VM support for M1 exists. As long as you can run some form of linux VM, there should be a path forward15:42
emriusSpooster: Okay, thanks for the info. I'll probably give it a shot fairly soon. I might drop a comment somewhere regarding same benchmarks. The M1 performance looks pretty neat. Looking forward to try15:44
*** kpo <kpo!> has quit IRC15:44
*** kpo <kpo!> has joined #yocto15:44
emriusI cant wait till linux runs on M1. Looking forward to that even more :)15:44
LetoThe2ndPaowZ: 2x EPYC 774215:45
Spoosterit might be worth taking a deep look in HOW linux is being emulated on M1 right now before you pull that trigger15:45
Spoosterif it's emulating x64 on M1... I wouldn't expect "efficiency"15:46
LetoThe2ndemrius: the question is, do you really want to use it as a daily dev rig or just like a "ad hoc on the road thingy"15:46
emriusSure thing! I'd give it another year before getting one. But my return key starts to behave weirdly...15:46
emriusLetoThe2nd: rather the latter for development. For production we have a larger rig15:46
LetoThe2ndemrius: i personally have just received a thinkpad x1 nano and am super happy.15:47
rburtonSpooster: linux on m1 is just virtualised, its arm64 binaries15:48
rburton(assuming in a vm)15:48
rburtonnative linux on m1 is obviously arm6415:48
rburtonfwiw, the m1 *flies*15:48
emriusLetoThe2nd: Thanks. Looks tempting too!15:50
rburtonLetoThe2nd: how fast can it do a core-image-sato with populated dldir but no sstate15:51
rburtoni need to run that on my m1 mpb with a big enough disk in the VM so it actually finishes15:51
LetoThe2ndrburton: no idea. i'm just using it as a desktop frontend :)15:52
emriusrburton: how long does it take on you mbp?15:52
jmieheI have git repo for libfoo, which includes some example code. I want packages for libfoo and the libfoo-examples … Is it better practice to create: a) two separate recipes and an include file or b) one recipe using PACKAGES and a bunch of underscored vars? In case of b), is it possible to define separate do_install functions for both packages?15:52
rburtonemrius: the mba took about 80 minutes in parallels with passive cooling (very curious if it throttled the cpu)15:53
rburtonhaven't tested on the mbp yet15:53
emriusmba on m1?15:53
emriusI'll drop the order today15:54
*** rcoote <rcoote!~rcoote@2a02:908:692:81c0:1c6f:f48c:3ebc:63d> has joined #yocto15:54
LetoThe2ndjmiehe: b) is way to go, usually. why would one need seperate do_installs?15:54
rburtoni'm very torn between the mba vs mbp.  the lack of touchbar on the air could be considered a feature, but the pro has a fan15:54
jmiehecause the example bins are not installed by cmake and need some extra love15:54
emriusrburton: The lack of the touchbar clearly is a feature! At least for me :)15:55
LetoThe2ndjmiehe: include the extra love anyways, it doesn't matter in the end as they are not picked up if FILES is set correctly.15:56
rburtonemrius: at least they both have a proper escape key15:56
jmieheLetoThe2nd: as always, that makes perfect sense now that I think about it :)15:57
Spooster+1 to the physical escape key16:00
SpoosterI'm still not over it16:00
LetoThe2ndi've been on a mbp for a couple of years. not again if i can avoid it. if i want a makeup mirror, i'll buy one. if i want a laptop, i'll buiy one. not vice versa, and especially not mixing it up!16:02
PaowZLetoThe2nd: those chips are valuated up to $5000 each.. god..  I just run a simple i7-7790K.. :-|16:03
mcfriskfor those stuck with python2, this will likely hit you: e.g. via python-dateutil16:05
jmieheProbably an easy one: Nothing PROVIDES 'libfoo-examples'. Close matches: libfoo RPROVIDES libfoo-examples16:06
qschulzjmiehe: in DEPENDS, you only have recipe names, in RDEPENDS only package names16:07
LetoThe2ndPaowZ: well it enables 4 devs + production here. think tools.16:07
*** oobitots51 <oobitots51!> has quit IRC16:07
jmieheqschulz: so bitbake libfoo-examples will not work if it's "just" a package?16:08
*** Sponge5 <Sponge5!> has quit IRC16:08
qschulzjmiehe: you bitbake recipes, not packages16:08
qschulzthe outcome of bitbaking recipes is packages16:09
PaowZand one recipe may provide *several* packages..16:09
qschulzPaowZ: actually does so in the immense majority of cases16:10
qschulzjmiehe: the catch is that by default, each recipe produces a package with the same name, which makes it rather confusing16:10
PaowZyes indeed, I might have written "it happens that sometimes, one recipe actually give just one package " xD16:10
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vdlCan an image recipe define WKS_FILE or is it only allowed from a machine configuration?16:38
kergothit could, but it'd violate our distro/machine/image orthogonal axes of the build. we want any image to work with any distro and any machine, with few exceptions16:44
vdlkergoth: I might be in one of these few exceptions scenarios. I'm creating a image recipe for an SD card containing only a configured bootloader (for tftpboot)16:45
kergoththat does sound like an unusual case, so not unreasonable for that to be an exception16:46
vdlkergoth: in this scenario, you might only want the sdcard to contain a single vfat partition, nothing else required. This is why I thought defined WKS_FILE in the recipe would be appropriate here.16:48
vdlbut no big deal, I can rely on the WKS_FILE defined by the MACHINE being used.16:56
yateshey guys (kergoth), found my problem: BBPATH = "${TOPDIR)"16:59
vdl{ vs ) ?16:59
yatesi hate it when i do that!16:59
yatesvdl: opposite: ) versus }17:00
yatesbeware excessive self-referentiality...17:03
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rburtonyay another openssl cve17:30
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RPvmeson: there is clearly a hole in our use of ionice since it does not cover async IO. I'm wondering if we could bypass the problems by forcing the qemu's into ramdisks?17:59
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michaeloHi @RP, ndec. Where's the reference specification about supported releases? I know, but I've just found looks much more informative18:09
ndecthe page on the docs website points to all versions of the documentation. the wiki page shows all the YP releases (not just docs)18:10
michaeloSo the wiki page is the official reference right?18:11
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michaeloNote that this wasn't straighforward to find, I had to look for "LTS" in the html docs to find the right link in the reference manual.18:12
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michaeloWould it be a good idea to improve the "Downloads" page so that it's clear what the latest releases are, and which one is LTS?18:14
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ndecmichaelo: argh... because the website was not updated ;)18:21
ndecwe really need to define a new method with all the release information, and make sure it's used by the website, and the docs website.. it was 'slightly' better before the sphinx migration..18:22
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michaelondec: yes, definitely. Let me create the bug that you were suggesting about all this, and then let's look for a solution.18:29
michaelondec: thanks18:29
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SherrinPaulHello, all. I am trying to include the "find" unix command on a image, but I am having a hard time searching for it on a search engine, as all hits I've seen usually points to how to find a package. So, any thoughts on the package name for the "find" command? :)18:47
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Spoosterlooks like `findutils` might be what you're after18:53
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SherrinPaulAh! Sure looks like it! Many thanks, @Spooster!18:54
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mcfrisk_does someone already have openssl 1.1.1k patch prepared? I've compile tested on dunfell, building on master. don't have B/W for gatesgarth currently..19:01
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rr123_what's the syntax about `require ${@bb.utils.contains()}`, i.e. the ${@myfunc()}, this calls myfunc() right? I know some python oop, that uses `import` and `class Child(Parent)` to do inheritance, what is `require, inherit` in yocto? can someone give me a pointer19:26
* rr123_ just realizes bitbake uses bb prefixes just as busybox which also uses bb19:28
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kergothrr123_: see the bitbake user manual for info on the file format19:35
kergothrr123_: see also the yocto chapter of the architecture of open source book. google it, you can read the chapter online19:35
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rr123_thanks, reading, devtools etc are totally new since 201719:38
GeneralS1upidIs it bad practice if i use a local directory (part of the android - repo integration)?19:39
* rr123_ wonders if there is a yocto-best-practice doc/book19:40
rr123_bitbake -e : ERROR: Layer openembedded-layer is not compatible with the core layer which only supports these series: gatesgarth (layer is compatible with hardknott) -- saw this on a fresh 3.2.2 checkout from gatesgarth19:43
rr123_please ignore, i switched to master branch19:43
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yatesthere is nothing sacred about the poky/meta/class/machine, is there? that is, if I add machine definitions and tunings in my own layer, poky/meta-yates/class/machine, bitbake/yocto should include them in the search for machine name XYZ in a MACHINE ??= "XYZ" in a local.conf, right?20:25
yates..if that layer is included in bblayers.conf20:25
LetoThe2ndyates: almost.20:25
khemclass ?20:26
LetoThe2nd1) your layer shall not go into poky 2) the path is meta-yates/conf/machine/yourmachine.conf20:26
LetoThe2ndthen it will be reconized as yourmachine for MACHINE, unless its content sets the name otherwise. (also see the YT on distros. same comcept applies)20:27
yateskhem: no, i meant poky/meta-yates/conf/machine20:27
yatesLetoThe2nd: ok, but what's "almost" about it then?20:30
yatesnot putting the layer in poky is a policy - it should still work as long as the bblayers is set right, should it not?20:31
yates(and I will change that, good point)20:31
LetoThe2ndand you wrote class, not conf. hence, almost.20:31
yatesoh, ok, right.20:32
yateswell i'm getting this when trying to build:
yates"has no defined features" - what are "defined features"?20:34
LetoThe2ndwithout digging myslef, I only can say: dig into other machines and investigate how the named variables are being set there.20:34
LetoThe2ndit certainly is not related to the resolution of the macchine name file, but its content.20:35
yatesi modeled things after the riscv machine, but i guess i've got something hosed20:35
*** sakoman <sakoman!~steve@> has joined #yocto20:35
LetoThe2nds/hosed/not completely right/20:38
LetoThe2ndthe error message indices that you need to define some override.20:38
Guest51999Can we share host build (tools) between builds?20:43
Guest51999I'm sharing SSATE_DIR and DL_DIR but I expect host tools to be shared as well20:44
*** Guest51999 is now known as vdl20:44
*** vdl is now known as Guest8886720:44
LetoThe2ndGuest88867: which would that be and what is the use case?20:45
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Guest88867LetoThe2nd: the use case is speeding builds up, especially in a CI. "gperf", "patch", "elfutils", and so on have to be compiled only once, right?20:47
*** kpo_ <kpo_!> has joined #yocto20:47
LetoThe2ndGuest88867: if you share sstate (and the configurations are compatible) they should be compiled only once.20:48
Guest88867LetoThe2nd: it's just that I'm compiling this image with only the bootloader on it, (dummy linux and empty IMAGE_INSTALL). There are still 1029 steps and it takes a while, seems strange.20:50
Guest88867barebox and wic (and its dependencies) are the only two components involved.20:51
LetoThe2ndwithout seeing the dependencies and tasks involved there's no way to comment. but mind, that getting stuff from sstate also makes for a number of tasks per recipe - albeit very short ones from the second run on. unless you somehow broke the signature checks.20:53
LetoThe2ndbut ~1000 tasks for a build from scratch that essentially includes the toolchain plus wic and tools, sounds legit.20:54
Guest88867LetoThe2nd: for my bootloader-only SD card configured for tftpboot I finally went with a dedicated machine configuration to specify linux-dummy, configuring the bootloader and IMAGE_BOOT_FILES, alongside nodistro and (shamelessly stolen) test-empty-image.20:56
LetoThe2ndsounds like a good approach to me.21:00
Guest88867btw can we define something like a "noimage", similar to nodistro?21:02
Guest88867In this scenario I need to bootloader to be compiled for the given machine, but using virtual/bootloader as the target isn't enough because I need do_image_wic to prepare the SD card, which is obviously bound to an image recipe.21:03
Guest88867Another use case is WKS files lacking --source rootfs partitions. These are good candidates for such "noimage".21:04
LetoThe2ndtechnically you could inject the image bbclass into the booloader recipe. but that makes the recipe unusable for all other cases. so the trivial forwarder image is totally fine.21:04
LetoThe2ndif you think you found a noteworthy usecase you can always send patches/rfc. another option would be to create a custom imagefs type.21:05
LetoThe2ndbut at the moment, i'm not aware of such a thing.21:06
Guest88867LetoThe2nd: injecting the image bbclass into the bootloader recipe (or a copy) would import any non empty IMAGE_INSTALL component, wouldn't it?21:07
*** zkrx <zkrx!> has quit IRC21:08
Guest88867but I guess just setting IMAGE_INSTALL = "" in this bootloader forked recipe would do the trick.21:09
LetoThe2ndi don't exactly see why you want to avoid an image and favor two bootloader recipes. but i'm off anyways for today, have fun.21:11
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Guest88867(to answer, because I want something simple: a bootloader embedded in an SD card partition, nothing more.)21:12
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halsteadkhem: the bleach code is running on Can you test it?21:33
khemhalstead ok, I will throw away my local patch and do a build21:35
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khemhalstead:  seems to work see
khemfinally time to drop a patch that I have lugged around for 3 years !! thanks halstead21:41
*** Spooster <Spooster!> has joined #yocto21:42
halsteadkhem: yay!21:42
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yatesi am getting this error: ERROR: /mnt/hdd/poky/meta/recipes-support/gnutls/ Please add your architecture to siteinfo.bbclass22:15
yatesdo i have to add it to poky/meta/classes/siteinfo.bbclass, or can i accrete it in my own layer's siteinfo.bbclass?22:15
yatesi need to add archinfo, osinfo, and targetinfo to SITEINFO_EXTRA_DATAFUNCS22:21
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khemRP:,,,20,0,0,0::Created,,khem,20,2,0,81562524 is waiting for to be pulled int master-next23:20
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