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MustafaHello guys, I have been setting up a new build machine and I keep getting the same do_unpack error for multiple tasks. In the log file it says "Cannot open: No such file or directory" but I go to that directory and  I see the file there with a .lock extension at the end. Anyone has any clues to what is going on?01:10
yatesMustafa:  you could "rm -fR <builddir>/tmp" and try again, at the risk of losing some time in re-fetching01:15
Mustafaokay. let me try. thx!01:16
yatessure, hope it works. i wonder why that state arose in the first place, though.01:18
rr123_what is the @ symbol in recipes? @ is decorator in python, i found nothing explained in bitbake for @01:20
rr123_other than FOO = "${@foo()}"01:20
rr123_i know it means calling foo() but would like to find where it is documented01:21
Mustafayates, I did have an error in my DL_DIR and SSTATE_DIR. I had a ~ sign there. I did fix it by using absolute path but will see.01:21
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Mustafastarted a new build and it looks like that solved. Not sure yet but we will see. Thanks for the tip01:22
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Mustafai was always running bitbake -c clean. I thought that clean up the tmp dir but maybe I am missing something.01:23
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pankaj347Hi all,06:54
pankaj347i have small concern with BSP layer of Yocto and android, i want to understand what is exact diff between them,where they will vary from each other because it seems like android is built on top of linux kernel ????06:54
pankaj347Can someone please help ??07:04
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mcfriskread about GNU/Linux and Android SW architecture, that will show you the diff. sounds like you want us to solve your school homework07:10
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mckoangood morning07:30
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pankaj347mcfrisk no i dont want you to solve my school homework i was just asking for the way to do it myself07:42
pankaj347Thanks for suggestion07:43
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX08:11
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michaeloHi ndec: - The bug we were talking about yesterday. Don't hesitate to add your ideas!09:17
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michaeloHi rr123_ : I sent a patch corresponding to your idea to improve the "Quick Build" doc: - Reviewers are welcome!09:20
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Sponge5Is there a way to disable "sanity" checks for oe-selftest? I'd like to use it to just check existence of files in ${D} and every invocation calls for bitbake -e and other stuff making it super slow...10:55
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JosephAntonyI am having a large code base with yocto build system. As part of anaylsing a bug, I need to find out details about one particular function.11:29
JosephAntonyI need to find out which library implements this function. Out of so many libraries generated using bitbake, how to know which one implements this function. ? When I grep for name of this function, it is been defined  in several code repos by different recipes.11:29
JosephAntonyHow to identify the exact library. ?11:29
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jmieheI have an application creating a plethora of build artifacts.11:40
jmieheI end up with an executable foo/app and auxiliary files foo/aux1 foo/aux2 etc.11:40
jmieheTo run foo, the whole dir is needed. What's best practice to install such an app?11:40
jmieheCurrently, I install the dir as /usr/libexec/foo/ and create a /usr/bin/foo script with cd and exec.11:40
jmieheDoes this comply?11:40
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LetoThe2ndJosephAntony: bitbake -e should give you the complete evaluation including paths.11:40
LetoThe2ndjmiehe: if it works, i wouldn't object. just make sure you're using a correct way of installing the directory, not just cp -r11:42
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jmieheLetoThe2nd: It just feels wrong, as the aux files are not executables. Is /usr/share better suited for stuff like this maybe? Maybe even /opt?11:45
jmieheI do install correctly, but what'd be wrong about cp -r besides permissions?11:45
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LetoThe2ndjmiehe: permissions and ids, is that not enough? for the actual destination selection, i wouldn't be too strict - assuming that you are the integrator and can completely design the filesystem, do whatever feels right and works. the FHS can give some pointers.11:49
LetoThe2ndi personally would probably go for /usr/share, but hey, thats certainly not authorative11:49
jmiehewait, ids as in uid and gid or as in inode stuff as well?11:56
jmieheLetoThe2nd: ↑11:57
LetoThe2nduid/gid AFAIK11:57
LetoThe2ndthere is a good example on stackoverflow, just google for it.11:57
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rr123what's the difference between `bitbake -s` vs `bitbake-layers show-recipes`, the latter output more recipes somehow12:56
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RPrr123: bitbake -s is a much older command13:12
rr123so I should use bitbake-layers show-recipes then, refresh old memories about yocto and info are kind mixed13:14
rr123it's definitely getting better, if there is a simple page about what is preferred commands, what is 'obsolete/phasing-out' that would be nice13:17
RPrr123: I don't think any decision has been made about that, I'm just saying bitbake-layers is a more recent/modern command so it is more capable than bitbake -s which is older and doesn't really understand layers13:18
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eFfeM1Hi, anyone an idea what is wrong if I get a "package has no installation candidate"?.(and how to get rid of it)13:57
eFfeM1The package is something I made myself, it has no real content, only a do_install() that does a pip3 install of a .whl file that comes from pypi13:57
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Guest88867hi all -- how do you guys manage python and (machine) dependencies? (i.e. cross-build dynamic librairies and such)14:21
Guest88867do you have packages for all python librairies, or do you embedded an environment libre virtualenv/pipenv with a compiler etc.?14:24
LetoThe2ndGuest88867: standard approach is recipe per library. see meta-python.14:24
Guest88867LetoThe2nd: just found it, thank you.14:26
yateswhere does "getVar" come from? is it a function defined within python itself, or some functionality added by bitbake?14:28
yatesi looked in the bitbake manual and, while it provides several examples, it doesn't specify how it works14:28
yatesat least not that i found14:29
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JPEWyates: It's provided by bitbake14:38
yatesJPEW: where is it defined? e.g. where are the arguments defined?14:39 in bitbake14:39
yatesk, thanks JPEW14:40
JPEWyates: Be warned: there be dragons (and a cookie monster) in there :)14:41
yates"cookie monster love cookies!"14:41
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Spoostermake sure you have enough to pay the toll14:45
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yatesis d ==
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kergothyates: d is a DataSmart object, not a python module15:36
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yateskergoth: well has a GetVar() function:
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yatesis a class? if so, does it have its own getVar() method, or is it inherited from DataSmart class?15:55
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yatesis the bb module part of poky?16:05
yatesi mean is the source in poky? i don't think so - "find . -name" came up blank16:06
derRichardbb is bitbake and is part of poky16:07
yatesthe source is there?16:07
kergothpoky is bitbake+oe-core+meta-yocto/meta-poky16:08
kergothalong with the rest of the modules in the python package..16:09
yatesk, thanks kergoth16:12
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RPkergoth: somehow that funcs flag change is breaking an sstate selftest :/17:36
RPkergoth: I started to look into it but found the stdout/stderr handling for the test parallelism is broken so got totally sidetracked :/17:36
RPkergoth: oe-selftest -r sstatetests.SStateTests.test_sstate_noop_samesigs if you want to take a look17:37
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vdlhow can I hook a custom scp command after do_image_squashfs from my local.conf?17:40
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:41
*** Kyubi <Kyubi!~Kyubi@> has joined #yocto17:48
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yatesyou can't do "scp" in python, but there is probably some library you can import to do it17:53
kergothRP: that's... odd. i'll take a look17:56
JPEWIf you drop the "python" prefix on the function, it will be a shell function which might be easier in this case17:56
yatesJPEW: +117:57
yatesalthough i admit a special abhorrence of bash scripts...17:58
*** dreyna <dreyna!> has joined #yocto18:04
*** dreyna <dreyna!> has joined #yocto18:06
vdlbut question is, can I do that from the local.conf, or do I have to bbappend the built image recipe?18:15
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hechosanyone use yocto over voidlinux19:13
vdlhechos: what's your question?19:14
hechosalready compile but im not sure about dependecies19:14
hechoslet connect to other server and give more idea what logs say.19:15
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hechosguys need some help19:30
hechosapparently got no errors but cannot run my build19:30
hechoshere is the logs:
vdlhechos: I recommend you to build in a container satisfying all the host requirement19:35
hechosvdl: yes is was im thinking.19:35
hechosvdl never work with docker.19:35
hechosvdl: what is the best strategy to start?19:36
hechosdebian docker or ubuntu docker?19:36
vdlhechos: I would use a docker image already satisfying yocto dependencies19:36
*** kaspter <kaspter!~Instantbi@> has quit IRC19:37
hechosvdl: okey where can download it?19:37
hechosseem better to isolate enviroment to build right?19:38
*** ENPJ <ENPJ!~ENPJ@2a02:8108:4840:1360:27e7:a82d:bec3:cada> has joined #yocto19:40
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vdlhechos: I suggest you to use kas, that's a wrapper for bitbake-based project, which provides a kas-container wrapper script to run the build in docker:
*** MysticMice <MysticMice!~MysticMic@2001:8a0:ec66:8000:e947:a02b:7ffb:c227> has joined #yocto19:43
vdlbut you can directly use the said docker image if you prefer:
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alex88Hi everyone, first time using yocto, I went through the quickstart and I see that my config in build/conf is git-ignored, if we want to have our own "project" so have our own git where we keep track of the changes, what's the right way? create our own layer? or our own distro?19:48
*** hechos <hechos!~hechos@> has quit IRC19:48
vdlalex88: it really depends on what you're trying to achieve. I'd start simple with a single repository (layer) containing all you need.19:49
*** hechos <hechos!~hechos@> has joined #yocto19:50
vdlyou'll figure out later if you need a custom distro, if it needs to be in a separate layer inside the same repo or in its own repo, etc. Just start simple.19:50
*** smrtz <smrtz!d8c540f0@unaffiliated/smrtz> has joined #yocto19:50
alex88vdl, thanks! should we have our own repo with just a layer and when we want to build the image we clone yocto and add our layer, or should we clone yocto, add our own layer folder and push that to our repo and in case we want to udpate we rebase the original yocto repo?19:52
smrtzHey guys! I'm getting started with using Yocto at work, and I've got our existing stuff in a self hosted pip and rpm server. The RPMs use pip in the pre install scripts to handle dependencies.  I need to add our internal pip server to the pip config, add the internal rpm server to the rpm config, and then just install the existing packages. Is19:54
smrtzthere a way to just have Yocto add an existing RPM to the build instead of having it create a new one from the source files?19:54
*** kiwi_29 <kiwi_29!> has joined #yocto19:54
JPEWhechos: There is also pyrex:
*** kiwi_29 <kiwi_29!> has quit IRC19:55
vdlalex88: start with a repo being the layer itself, containing conf/layer.conf, recipes-*, etc. I suggest you to start right away with kas, that's a tool (think of it as Make) which reads a .yml file (think of it as a Makefile) and handles the download of the layers (such as poky), and bootstrap the build/conf/*.conf files.19:55
hechosJPEW: im reading how docker works.19:55
hechosact like VM19:55
*** kiwi_29 <kiwi_29!> has joined #yocto19:55
* armpit man, JPEW is pushing kitchen ware19:55
* armpit pyrex19:56
alex88vdl, thanks a lot I'll look into kas!19:56
hechosyeah thanks vdl19:56
hechossorry got logoff to setup docker.19:56
vdlalex88: as JPEW pointed out, there are other tools, anything that suits you is fine. It might just help you wrap your head around the basic first steps.19:57
alex88so with my later + kas I'll be able to get all I need create a minimal image (which is all I want).. the less files I have around the better it is :D19:57
alex88thanks JPEW I'll look into that too!19:57
hechoskas is more complete over pyrex right?19:58
*** kiwi_29 <kiwi_29!> has quit IRC19:59
JPEWhechos: Sort of. kas does a lot more than pyrex; pyrex just focuses on wrapping the build in a transparent container20:00
JPEWDisclaimer: I wrote Pyrex and don't use kas ;)20:00
*** MysticMice <MysticMice!~MysticMic@2001:8a0:ec66:8000:e947:a02b:7ffb:c227> has joined #yocto20:00
JPEWhechos: If pyrex it working properly, you won't even really know it's there; you still run the command `bitbake ...` and it transparently makes that run in the container :)20:01
vdlkas could use pyrex in fact :/20:01
alex88just to make sure, my repo should start with the contents of `bitbake-layers create-layer meta-mylayer` right?20:01
vdlalex88: that's a good start yes20:01
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hechosJPEW: okey.20:03
JPEWvdl: Ya, I've thought about that before20:03
vdlalex88: but what matters the most really is conf/layer.conf, everything else are examples.20:03
hechosso you recommend use pyrex to get more familiar with yocto build process20:03
*** dead-eye-blaze <dead-eye-blaze!> has joined #yocto20:04
vdlJPEW: pyrex could use kas as well, works both ways20:04
JPEWhechos: I think it would be a good idea for you to get familiar with the Yocto build process, period. I wouldn't worry about kas or pyrex or containers or build environments too much until you have a handle on the way the build process works20:05
alex88vdl, which is where I'll be able to do config changes like when I've changed build/conf/local.conf in the quickstart?20:05
JPEWvdl: I haven't looked at their containers too much... Pyrex has some... unusually... things it has to do to run "transparently"20:06
vdlJPEW: problem is, he's using Voidlinux... And any non-officially supported distribution for the host is gonna be a PITA20:06
JPEWvdl: Ah, I missed that20:06
smrtzCan I just drop an existing RPM into the DEPLOY_DIR_RPM directory to have yocto install it?20:06
kergothpyrex would be a good start without impacting your workflow if you can't rely on host support20:06
JPEWarmpit: My second job is selling Pampered Chef to my friends and family.... want some ;)20:08
vdlalex88: no. conf/layer.conf describes the layer, its dependencies, etc.20:08
JPEWhechos: Are you using poky?20:08
alex88vdl, and where should I configure the machine type, package_classes etc?20:08
vdlalex88: local.conf, to start simple.20:09
alex88oh in the root of the repo? let me just create a layer and see what's in it (I was still building the minimal default image for testing)20:09
*** smrtz <smrtz!d8c540f0@unaffiliated/smrtz> has quit IRC20:12
vdlalex88: basically yocto is just an umbrella project for many layers. The job of the user is to somehow fetch the required layers on their machine, specify them in build/conf/bblayers.conf, specify at least which machine and distro to build in build/conf/local.conf, then run bitbake <image>. And there are tools out there to simplify/automate some or all of these preliminary steps.20:13
vdl(in order to have the "bitbake" command, a bootstrap script must be sourced.)20:15
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dead-eye-blazeQuick question, how would I go about pulling an RPM from a package server and installing it via the bitbake? I assume I would build a recipe to do so, is this possible? Assume that the correct arch is defined in the RPM. The GOAL is to package python code in a multi-arch RPM so I can add my directory/file setup to the included python files and use20:25
dead-eye-blazethat RPM packaging for multiple purposes (i.e. yocto, x86, x86_64, etc...). Any ideas?20:25
alex88vdl, right, but if we (as a company) have a repo with a single layer, then whoever checks out the repo will have to do the required build/conf/* changes to build the image right? so the repo won't have all the required information to build a final image20:28
dead-eye-blazeI know the right way to do this would be to build a recipe and have bitbake build the RPMs, but it would be a shame to have to do the packaging "twice" to build yocto RPMs with all the files and directories I require using recipes and then do it again with RPM building for other arch purposes when I'm doing the work once already.20:28
vdlalex88: correct. That's why the default yocto way is to specify the requirements in the README file (read a few to see what I mean).20:29
*** Guest10762 is now known as mischief20:31
vdlalex88: if you want your users (including yourself) to simply clone and execute a single command in order to build a final image, you need to either write your own script which clones, creates bblayers.conf and local.conf, sources the init script and triggers the build; or you use a tool like kas which allows you to specify all this in a .yml file and run your build with "kas build <yml-file>".20:32
alex88oh ok, I'll search for some yocto projects..20:32
alex88vdl, will probably go that route, so I can (hopefully) have my layer + the yml file to build everything20:32
vdlI can show you an example if you'd like20:33
alex88I'd love to, I just don't want to ask too much and use your time :)20:33
vdlmy pleasure, it's friday.20:34
vdlalex88: in order to build the "core-image-minimal" image for the poky distribution for the beaglebone board, you can use this .yml file:
*** aidanh <aidanh!~aidanh@unaffiliated/aidanh> has quit IRC20:35
alex88oh ok, I see it defines the machine, target, distro etc... so I"ll just have to have that plus my custom layer with the required customizations... (and somehow add the sstate mirrors etc)20:36
vdlalex88: then either you install kas on your machine, or you use the docker container they provide which satisfies the basic yocto dependencies and includes the kas tool:
alex88yeah I was reading about it here
*** sakoman <sakoman!> has joined #yocto20:37
vdlalex88: with these two files, simply running "./kas-container build file.yml" will download everything and build an SD card image in a container, bootable on a beaglebone.20:37
alex88looking at it seems that the "meta-project" will be our repo20:38
alex88and I can have also multiple yml files that reference a base one so we can build multiple images (in our case probably beaglebone black + rpi)20:39
alex88so a regular user will just create a folder, clone the repo in it and run kas build20:40
alex88sounds simple enough :)20:40
*** aidanh <aidanh!~aidanh@unaffiliated/aidanh> has joined #yocto20:41
vdlalex88: yes, if the repo containing the .yml file is a layer itself, you can specify it in the list of repos with an entry not containing "url" nor "refspec".20:41
alex88right, like this one ou can specify it in the list of repos with an entry not containing "url" nor "refspec".20:41
alex88like this one
vdlalex88: yes, the layer needs a name, which is "meta-custom" in this example (it can be anything, it just described $PWD)20:43
alex88I'm wondering if we should instead have a single repo where everything except the meta-custom folder is gitignored so in the future we can maybe add more layers into one repo and the user doesn't have to create a parent folder to do the build20:43
vdlalex88: that's what I'm doing. I let kas download the various meta-* layers in the source repository, and I specify them in .gitignore20:45
vdlI used to build in the parent folder but going back and forth was boring for development.20:45
alex88ok so that's not a bad practice20:45
alex88good to know :)20:45
alex88yeah exactly, it's a single project but it'll be nice to be able to have multiple layers to organize the code.. those can also be moved outside later if needed20:46
*** sakoman <sakoman!> has quit IRC20:47
vdlalex88: as long as you don't need to share only a subset of the layers outside the company you can also have many layers inside your repository and specify them in the .yml file with layers: ...20:48
*** sakoman <sakoman!~steve@> has joined #yocto20:48
alex88and that's the yml file inside a single layer, or you mean creating a yml file in the root?20:48
alex88or layers:... references all the layers in the parent folder?20:50
vdlalex88: I meant that your repository can be a layer itself, containing conf/layer.conf and recipes-* folders, or it can contain many layers, meta-foo, meta-bar, etc.20:50
alex88my idea was to have it contain many layers20:51
alex88so when you clone the repo you already have the parent folder you need to build the project20:51
vdlalex88: in the former case, you'd specify meta-mylayer: in the .yml file. If the latter case you'd specify meta-mylayer: layers: meta-foo: meta-bar: ...20:51
alex88oh because in the latter meta-mlayer is the name of the repo containing the sub-layers?20:52
alex88e.g. repo called meta-mlayer which contains meta-foo, meta-bar20:52
vdlalex88: the best practices is to have one yocto layer per machine/distro/features, but for example I still use a single layer with all my machines variants, a few distros and custom package recipes.20:53
vdlbecause I just don't have the need to split or share portions of them at the moment.20:54
alex88ok, let me just try what i can come up with, so I can better understand what I'm doing :) thanks a lot vdl! it sounds like this is going to be a lot of fun! let's see what time I go to bed tonight :)20:54
vdlalex88: I strongly suggest to start simple: one layer (the repository itself) containing everything and a single .yml file.20:56
hechosJPEW: yeah poky why?20:56
alex88vdl, I'm doing that, just as a subfolder, so I can have the main folder ready for my colleagues, if that doesn't work out I can easily move the layer in the root20:57
vdlalex88: (and the kas-container wrapper script from the kas repo)20:57
alex88vdl, yup!20:57
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alex88got the first image building! now I just need to add the sstate cache to save some work.. also I had to use `meta-myrepo: { path: meta-myrepo }` in the kas config since the layer is in the subfolder of the repo21:17
kergothRP: ah, the noop_samesigs test wants to confirm sigs dont change due to buildhistory addition, but buildhistory does add to the sdk postprocess operations, which previously didn't change checksums. might need vardepsexclude?21:21
alex88is there a page where I can see what the default minimal image includes? I see it building sqlite/python and other tools I don't really need (unless they're needed in a very minimal OS)21:27
*** Kyubi <Kyubi!~Kyubi@> has joined #yocto21:30
alex88oh might be because of debug-tweaks21:31
*** ayoung <ayoung!~ayoung@2601:19c:4680:ee30::282c> has joined #yocto21:38
alex88nope :)21:38
vdlalex88: might be some host tools as well21:41
alex88hopefully the final image won't be too big, it didn't seem to include so many packages looking at
alex88like "docbook-xls-native" or "gnome-desktop-testing".. :) why...21:48
vdlalex88: yocto pulls in a lot of stuffs, especially for the host21:50
*** dead-eye-blaze <dead-eye-blaze!> has quit IRC21:51
alex88so this is only required for the host? maybe it builds everything that's available and then includes only what's needed?21:51
vdlwith a bit of work you can have a pretty small image, but if you're looking for a build system with the smallest footprint by default, you're not looking in the right direction in my personal opinion ;-)21:51
alex88because looking at the minimal image packages, it really looks it only contains what's needed to boot and login :/21:52
vdlthere you go21:52
alex88I'll look into the .dot files to see why it's building 3+k packages :)21:53
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alex88 doesn't look so minimal22:22
*** zkrx <zkrx!> has joined #yocto22:29
alex88ok got it down from 3+k packages to 1.8k :)22:29
alex88oh wait, there is also poky-tiny as a distro22:32
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RPkergoth: that sounds like it might make sense22:46
alex88is there a default target image size? I'm getting this error
alex88or, where does it define the partitions to be used?22:59
RPkergoth: did you have a fix?22:59
alex88if I change IMAGE_OVERHEAD_FACTOR shouldn't the calculated IMAGE_ROOTFS_SIZE change?23:07
alex88well, using IMAGE_OVERHEAD_FACTOR = "2" fixed the problem, however it doesn't sound like a good solution, it means openembedded isn't able to calculate the final image size?23:10
*** robbawebba <robbawebba!~rob@> has joined #yocto23:24
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robbawebbaHello, I'm currently running into a bitbake worker issue in which bitbake fails due to a BrokenPipe exception: This issue just appeared on my team's release build infrastructure, and has not occurred until today. This is happening on a new Google Cloud Platform machine, and it occurs during the *second* bitbake command run during the build. The first command23:43
robbawebbais to clean a bunch of recipes (even though they have not yet been built), and the second command is to build an image recipe. Any ideas on how to resolve this issue?23:43
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