Wednesday, 2021-03-31

JPEWRP: Like: `OMP_NUM_THREADS[vardepvalue] = ""` ?00:16
JPEWRP: I'm pretty sure the variable has to be exported; we don't really know where some tool might be using native OpenMP00:17
khemJPEW: we have XZ_DEFAULTS where we control number of threads xz uses we could have something similar for openmp as well00:19
JPEWkhem: OK, ya00:20
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moto-timomake -j $(nproc) ... what could go wrong? lol01:00
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JPEWRP: OK, that works. It's a rebuild-the-world change though :/02:13
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mckoangood morning06:41
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prajvalshHi. I'm working on compute module 4 to build the custom OS. I'm using the poky and dunfell branch. I'm not able to get the usb working on it. I have tried adding ENABLE_DWC2_HOST variable in the local.conf and adding the dtoverlay command directly to config.txt file. I was not successfull in doing so. Need some suggestions on this07:03
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RPdenix: that is a really good question, not sure. It should have figured out that something was providing it and we've not needed that anywhere else07:20
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mcfriskhi, is gitsm fetcher utterly broken in terms of full download cache and off line builds? even on master/dunfell?07:31
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RPmcfrisk: good question, I know there were issues, not sure of the current status07:35
mcfriskI was hoping master/dunfell would have gitsm fully cached in downlaod cache but doesn't seem to be the case, and fetcher fails if I set BB_NO_NETWORK = "1"07:41
RPmcfrisk: would be good to document how to break it I guess, maybe an open bug07:42
GeneralStupidHi, my network interface comes up very late. I switched from sysvinit to systemd, before systemd it was ok... I removed systemd-networkd (bad idea?). For me it looks like, that my udhcpc unit file starts the network. What is the 'correct' way?
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mcfriskRP: stupid questions, why not with gitsm (or any fetcher) just tar the full source tree after do_fetch() and cache and restore that when building off line07:51
mcfriskah sorry, do_pack/do_patch would be the way then. changes the way SRC_URI's are cached..07:52
mcfriskcaching too much, e.g. multiple copies of git trees, would be better than not being able to cache or off-line-build at all07:55
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RPmcfrisk: the system is trying to be clever about caching and updating which breaks down with gitsm. I did think the major issues had been resolved :/08:01
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LetoThe2ndRP: when did being clever ever work?08:04
mcfriskat least for me, there are a lot of failures from gitsm users when I try to build without network. seems like caching doesn't work at all, or at least some commands in setting up the trees only work with the git servers are available. I guess I have to dig deeper08:06
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yannzeddii: what logs am i missing ?  see what i see at - the only information I can see about which scc's are really used is in the logs I added.  I did not mean to offend or anything (the kmeta stuff is really nice and I understand a huge amount of work was needed to get there), just I really did not find the info (sorry, I think the frustration thereof made it into my commit tone)09:15
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DanmerZHi! What is the command to open the recipe environment in a separate terminal to be able to configure/build specific package the same way it is done by Bitbake?09:44
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BimBamBimDanmerZ: -c devshell ?09:46
DanmerZBimBamBim that's it, thanks. I just could not find it in docs.09:46
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jmiehenot just yocto-related, but I'm sure you know the answer: Is there a exec-like filter for the "find" program to only display results where an exec is true? Like "find . -type f -exec-like stat {} \| grep Windows \;", should only show M$ related files12:05
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jmieheso anyway, is there a better suited IRC room to ask questions like that one?12:06
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derRichardjmiehe: exec sh -c "your oneline script..."12:11
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jmiehederRichard: so actually the answer to "i want something like -exec" is "just use -exec then" :facepalm: thanks!12:17
derRichardthis is at least what i usually do. i exec some shell script :)12:19
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LetoThe2ndneed some short syntax help. how to CFLAGS_append only for target, not for -native?12:39
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: CFLAGS_append_class-target = " -DLETO"12:52
qschulzbut I think you have TARGET_CFLAGS already?12:52
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LetoThe2ndqschulz: you lost me. I just need to pass "-DWHATEVER" to the target build of sqlite.12:53
LetoThe2ndqschulz: so you'd go for TARGET_CFLAGS_append?12:54
qschulzCFLAGS_append_class-target = " -DWHATEVER" should do the trick, don't know about TARGET_CFLAGS12:55
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: CFLAGS_append_class-target_pn-sqlite if you like local.conf :p12:57
LetoThe2ndmuahahaha local.conf12:59
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LetoThe2nd... that moment when you realize that your build broke because you c&p-ed a constant from google, effectively replacing "_" with " "13:13
qschulzLetoThe2nd: smh, THAT close to remove you from the first responder team13:16
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_habnabithello i've been told to join because yocto is using eval in places it's not necessary13:54
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jmiehedifference between useradd, useradd_base and extrausers?14:01
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LetoThe2nd_habnabit: okay?14:03
_habnabitLetoThe2nd, yeah idk this is just what i was told to do14:03
yatesare the authors of the poky/meta/classes/siteinfo.bbclass file here?14:04
LetoThe2nd_habnabit: who told you? what is the context?14:04
yatesLetoThe2nd: i believe _habnabit wants to discuss the usage of eval() in siteinfo.bbclass. i suggested he come here because i suspect the authors of that file (siteinfo.bbclass) are on the channel14:05
_habnabityates, not a he14:05
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yatesoh, sorry14:06
qschulz_habnabit: please formulate your question :)14:06
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_habnabiti need to go to the pharmacy now anyway but i was linked to
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LetoThe2ndok, but what is the question? there isn't even an eval() in that paste, at least not from grepping it.14:07
yatesLetoThe2nd: that's true. the eval() is part of the bb.utils.better_eval(call, locs) function14:09
yatesi think _habnabit believes using eval() is unnecessary and wants to explain how this functionality (appending to the siteinfo dictionaries) can be done, but i'll let her respond14:11
yatescan better be done14:11
LetoThe2ndwell is it only about that one usecase? is it about the implementation of  in general? all effort is welcome, but... this is more like pulling things out of a nose bit by bit. maybe an explanatory/asking mail to the ML would be better?14:12
yatesyes, about that function. yes, ML may be better. thanks LetoThe2nd14:13
LetoThe2ndtechnically this even goes to bitbake, but we're not into nitpicking, so any of yocto@ or openembedded-devel@ would be suitable as a start.14:14
yatesgood point. hopefully she sees this when she gets back14:14
LetoThe2nd*they see it. that was the requested pronoun, for the record.14:16
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nate02Does anyone have any experience running nightly builds on a cloud compute server like AWS or linode? How expensive is that?14:27
LetoThe2ndnate02: it depends (TM). if you want to do without sstate (e.g. test the whol build), then you're better off just buying the HW14:33
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: which I assume would be recommended for releases, right?14:38
LetoThe2ndqschulz: there are many "nightly builds"14:40
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: I meant to say for companies when they do releases, to not build from sstate-cache14:41
LetoThe2ndqschulz: it is, but we don't know if the OA wants to do releases.14:42
LetoThe2ndjust "nightly builds" :)14:42
yatesis "bb.plain()" the right function to use within a python function to "print" to the bitbake output?14:45
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RPyates: yes14:48
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qschulzyates: bb.plain, bb.error, bb.warn, bb.fatal,, bb.debug IIRC14:49
qschulzbb.warn is nice, prints by default and is colored in orange/yellow14:49
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RPqschulz: s/ iirc14:53
SpoosterI'm here to parade my ignorance and hope someone can point me in a better direction than what I've been able to dredge up via google.14:56
SpoosterI'm looking to make sure that vc4graphics are included and bundled with the image we're building... which at this point, is native Wayland + Weston14:56
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Spoosterno X14:56
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Spoostersome sources indicate that vc4 graphics are just automagically included for raspberrypi4-64 machines... but if they aren't... then it should be a trivial MACHINE_FEATURES_append14:57
Spoosterso far so good... but I'm not sure I know of way to verify that the graphics drivers are installed on the resulting image14:57
Spoosterthe only thing I'm finding, are people suggesting I run glxgears... which I think is x-onl14:58
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Spoosterchrome on wayland has been quite picky, and won't start unless we disable gpu acceleration... so I'm 99% sure it's just an issue on chrome-ozone-wayland on dunfell15:00
Spoosterbut trying to verify that the driver is at least _present_ seems like something that shouldn't be hard to check... I just haven't been able to figure what I could be looking for15:00
SpoosterI DO have a /dev/dri/card0 and /dev/dri/card1 which seems to imply that I have a definite something in this space15:01
jmiehewhat is packagegroup-machine-base?15:07
qschulzSpooster: I usually use kmscube for testing GPU support, it comes with libdrm-tools IIRC15:07
Spooster@jmiehe machine is set to raspberrypi4-64 in my kas.yml15:08
Spoosteri'll take a look at kmscube15:08
qschulzSpooster: if the vc4 GPU driver is built-in the kernel, you can check on the target by reading the content of /proc/config.gz and check for the option (and test with kmscube for example)15:08
qschulzSpooster: if it's built as a module, you can check with buildhistory or bitbake -g that kernel-module-<insert name of vc4 driver> exists in your image15:09
qschulzSpooster:  libdrm-tests I think actually15:10
SpoosterI don't seem to have a /proc/config.gz but I'll take a look to see if I can find evidence of kernel-module-vc4-kms-v3d or kernel-module-vc4-fkms-v3d15:10
qschulzSpooster: if they are built-in, you won't find them (obviously, since they are not modules :) )15:11
jmieheIs it better practice to "inherit core-image" or to "require"?15:12
jmieheis there any difference?15:12
qschulzjmiehe: inherit core-image, so the difference is all the rest15:13
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qschulzjmiehe: the notable addition seems to be packagegroup-base-extended added by default but honestly I'm reading the files right now15:15
jmieheqschulz: i actually don't see where core-image is even defined15:17
jmiehewait, it's in classes ofc, my find didnt include bbclass :D15:17
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tlwoernerSpooster: enabling vc4 is the default with meta-raspberrypi. you have to explicitly disable it if you don't want it (i.e. DISABLE_VC4GRAPHICS)15:18
jmieheip a15:19
jmiehe… wrong terminal, sorry15:19
Spoostertlwoerner: That all lines up with what I was seeing... thanks! Still looking to figure out what chromium's issue is... but I think I'm on a good path for now15:19
tlwoernerSpooster: i usually enable buildhistory, which gives me a list list of installed-packages.txt, that i can look through to see what ended up in my image15:22
Spoosterthis seems... like something I should read more on15:22
tlwoerneri agree with qschulz kmscube is a good tester for accelerated graphics that is independent of windowing system15:22
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tlwoernerglmark2 with PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-glmark2 = " drm-gl" is also a good windowing-independent acceleration graphics tester too15:23
tlwoernerglmark2 is in meta-openembedded/meta-oe/recipes-benchmark (or benchmarks?)15:23
tlwoernerSpooster: add the following to local.conf15:24
tlwoernerINHERIT += "buildhistory image-buildinfo buildstats-summary"15:24
tlwoernerBUILDHISTORY_COMMIT = "1"15:24
tlwoernerthen, at the end of your build, check "buildhistory/images/<machine>/<c library>/<image>"15:25
Spoosterhow much filespace should I expect this to take?15:25
tlwoernerand you'll find installed-packages.txt and files-in-image.txt15:25
SpoosterI'm unfortunately in a space where I have to keep things lean15:25
tlwoerner$ du -sh buildhistory/15:26
tlwoerner70M     buildhistory/15:26
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tlwoernerit depends on the number of images, machines, c libraries…15:26
tlwoerneri guess you could not enable the BUILDHISTORY_COMMIT15:26
*** risca <risca!~quassel@> has quit IRC15:26
tlwoernerbut then you lose the ability to use git diff to see what changed between builds15:27
*** risca <risca!~quassel@> has joined #yocto15:28
SpoosterI'll have to find some time to get this running in my CI15:28
yatesqschulz: thanks!15:34
Spoostertlwoerner: tyvm15:35
tlwoernerSpooster: once you have chromium running you can just open a new tab and use the following URI: "chrome://gpu"15:36
Spoosteryeah, that's ultimately what I'm trying to narrow in on15:36
tlwoernerit will show you whether gpu acceleration is enabled/working15:36
Spoosterchromium won't open unless I pass `--disable-gpu`15:37
Spoosterso naturally, a lot of things are disabled15:37
tlwoerneroops, lol15:37
Spoosterno worries15:37
Spoosterkmscube under the weston user (we're running Waylend/weston as non-root) reveals interesting issues: `Failed to export dumb buffer: Permission denies`15:38
tlwoernertoo bad chromium didn't have a drm-only backend15:38
Spoosterso I think I have my smoke... time to find the fire15:38
Spoosterkmscube is spitting out so much output, that I need to scroll in my terminal, but I can't seem to capture it's text by piping it to | less15:42
kergothSpooster: 2>&1 | less, it's likely going to stderr.15:44
Spoosterno... it's even stranger than that15:44
Spoosterthere are 4 messages going to stderr... and I can work with that15:44
Spoosterbut the majority of the output is just....... not going to stdout or stderr somehow15:45
kergothif you're seeing anythign else, it may be coming from your drivers to the kernel console, check dmesg15:45
SpoosterI'm in my desktop environment, running `kmscube` in a terminal in the environment15:46
SpoosterI get what looks like similar output to when I run it as root... I can ssh into the device as the root user in this debug build... so I might just use that15:46
Spoosterbut running as the display user reveals some of my trouble... I'm just confused as to how running `kmscube` produces a page of output, but `kmscube 2>&1 | less` only prints 4 lines15:47
Spoosterdmesg doesn't have what I'm looking for15:49
*** cp- <cp-!> has joined #yocto15:53
tlwoernerSpooster: the logging in kmscube itself is quite straight-forward. almost all printf() and fprintf()15:58
Spoosterthen why on earth is `kmscube | less` empty?15:59
tlwoernermaybe there's buffing going on, and the rest of the output only comes with an explicity flush or when the app terminates?15:59
tlwoernerit's possible the other output, other than the 4 lines, comes from libraries it links to?15:59
tlwoernerand maybe those libraries have some voodoo going on (like detecting the terminal type of STDOUT/STDERR and changing behaviour as a result?)16:00
tlwoerner(just guessing)16:00
Spoosterthat's my only guess...16:00
tlwoernermaybe try redirecting to a file and gracefully exiting the app?16:00
Spoosterempty file16:00
tlwoernerthe OpenEmbedded Happy Hour is in, roughly, and hour! See you there! :-D16:00
tlwoernerSpooster: (the OEHH thing wasn't directed at you specifically ;-)16:01
SpoosterI mean... I'm not going to say no16:02
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denixRP: with RDEPENDS and that warning, it ends up building full set of nativesdk-perl, but then doesn't package it into buildtools-tarball due to RDEPENDS. I was wondering if setting DEPENDS would remove the warning and don't even build nativesdk-perl, since it's not needed16:35
denixsorry, I meant PROVIDES, not DEPENDS - this is for dummy-sdk-package ^16:38
*** kiwi_29 <kiwi_29!> has joined #yocto16:39
RPdenix: I'm just wondering why we don't see this elsewhere16:47
denixreminder - OE happy hour is in less than 10 minutes!16:53
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frayWe're having an issue where crt0.o (for baremetal) is being stripped and breaking linking.  If we add SYSROOT_INHIBIT_STRIP = '1' that of course fixes it.   It appears the symtab section is being stripped off as well as others.  I'm surprised a crt*.o would be stripped ever..  Is this standard behavior in Linux?17:13
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marexfray: hey, any news on meta-xilinx-standalone hello-world sources ? :-)18:11
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SpoosterThe OEHH was fun! It was nice having that open in the background while I was fooling around with my builds. Trying to narrow down an issue that's slowly starting to look like a permissions issue in EGL on a 64bit raspberrypi4 image. (dunfell, but we're starting to tweak dunfell with things like the latest wayland/weston recipes from master)18:56
SpoosterAt the end of the day, I'm just trying to run `chromium` without --disable-gpu, and now I'm at this point.18:57
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Spoosterrunning kmscube dumps a bunch of text:
SpoosterChrome errors at some point in the bowels of EGL:
*** otavio_ <otavio_!> has joined #yocto18:58
Spoosterthese uevents seemed interesting:
Spoosterooo... just got glmark-drm dumps out some error codes that appear to be egl specific:
Spoosterjust got glmark-drm to dump*19:02
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renegadeHow do I override a machine configuration, Do I just put a new .conf file in my layer with the same name?20:19
kergothrenegade: you could, but that would require the correct order in bblayers.conf to take effect. you'd be better off creating your own machine which includes the other and sets MACHINEOVERRIDES appropriately20:23
renegadeSo in my case I'm trying to make some changes for the raspberrypi4. So I would go and make custom_rpi4.conf and then inside that I would set MACHINEOVERRIDES = "raspberrypi4"20:30
renegadeIs that correct?20:30
renegadeor rather MACHINEOVERRIDES = "raspberrypi4:${MACHINE}"20:33
opellohi, i created a local layer to hold some backports and gave it priority 90, i stuck a really old version of thrift in there and it seems to have been preferred over the newer version in meta-oe without a PREFERRED_VERSION_thrift being set, and i don't quite know how to figure out why20:37
jordemorttwo questions: 1. am i correct in thinking that only packages, and not entire images, are stored in the sstate cache? and 2. is there any way to cache an entire image in the sstate cache?20:42
jordemortbasically i want to end up with something like two different build nodes, which share an sstate cache but not a build directory, and if i build an image on one of them and then build the same image on the other one, it will be copied out of the sstate instead of recreated20:43
opellojordemort: my understanding is that task results get stored in the sstate, which can be disabled by setting task[nostamp] = "1"20:48
opello(not packages, nor images; and if you have a task that produces an image you should be able to stick it in there and get it dutifully tar'd up; but there may be more nuance here)20:49
jordemortopello: thanks, i'll see what i can figure out20:55
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jordemorthm, i'm not seeing `nostamp` anywhere obvious in the recipe for my image, but it's definitely being recreated every time21:03
jordemort(if i remove the "build" directory between builds, that is)21:03
jordemortwhereas the packages are clearly being reused21:04
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opello says images shouldn't rebuild unnecessarily21:06
jordemortit's true, if i don't remove the build directory between runs21:08
opelloyeah, i don't see 100s of MB of sstate tarballs named for the image either :)21:09
jordemorti feel like i need to achieve a fuller understanding of how sstate functions21:10
*** rpcme <rpcme!> has joined #yocto21:11
jordemorti have a feeling the use of the deploy directory for that stuff plays into it somehow?21:12
rpcmeI could not find any documentation / message board post on this:  I have some configurations using dhcp-server and dhcp-client.  I am trying to build on master but it looks like they got moved/ripped out... is there a replacement?21:12
opellojordemort: probably, i know we've used the tmp/deploy/images/ directory explicitly (and scripted the run so that the image is done first, then subsequent repackaging is done) but that always felt messy21:13
rpcmeI guess I will need to change to dhcpcd21:17
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jordemorti think i can pull off what i want to do with --dump-signatures for eacn of the images21:42
jordemortthe output of that seems to be deterministic, with or without an empty build directory21:42
jordemortso if i do that before a build, and compare it to a previous run, i can skip the build if it's unchanged, without having to keep the build directory around21:42
smurrayrpcme: dhcpcd is the replacement client, kea the replacement server21:51
rpcmesmurray: thank you I don't know why server was there originally (I didn't write it) but the client is what's needed.21:52
smurrayrpcme: there's also a dhcp client in busybox that you could try, iirc21:53
rpcmesounds good.  obv that would be smaller footprint21:53
smurrayyeah, if you're already using busybox, it's "free" if it works for your usecase21:55
smurrayalso, if you happen to be using systemd, systemd-networkd might be an option21:56
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khemCrofton|cloud: it does perhaps look like a bug in gcc9 AFAICT but its not narrowed down enough to look further into gcc9 perhaps some indirect fix in gcc10 has fixed it22:24
Crofton|cloudit has motivated me to do more ptest though22:25
khemrpcme:  udhcpc is in busybox but won t do ipv6, you might use something like dibbler but perhaps dhcpcd will cover all bases for you22:25
rpcmekhem: thank you.  I will totally consider once I get a working baseline on master22:27
khemif size matters, then udhcpc+dibbler is a good compromize22:27
khemCrofton|cloud: if this is too critical performance wise perhaps consider using older gcc that will pan out ok22:30
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Crofton|cloudit is just annoying supporting older gcc in newer layers22:30
khemmaybe use meta-arm and IIRC they provided 8.3 in dunfell time frame22:30
khemCrofton|cloud:  yeah other way around will be painful newer gcc will induct more misery on to older code22:31
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denixRP: I'm not sure why I don't see the warning in poky. but I can confirm that it still ends up building and packaging nativesdk-perl for buildtools-tarball, even though it's not used22:47
denixRP: I saw the warnings in Arago distro, initially for other SDK builds that use dummy-sdk-package, but to make those don't make anything stupid, I tried buildtools-tarball, which is unmodified from oe-core and got the same warninging and behavior22:50
*** stephano <stephano!~stephano@> has joined #yocto22:51
denixRP: btw, tried adding PROVIDES in dummy-sdk-package, but that may need more work, as it then throws duplicate providers errors, obviously... and switching PREFERRED_PROVIDERS may be too much to deal with :)22:52
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armpitkhem, your last change to meta-odroid is causing this: cc1: error: '-Wno-error=array-parameter': no option '-Warray-parameter'23:17
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khemarmpit:   hmm is it on master. ?23:44
*** radsquirrel <radsquirrel!~radsquirr@2603:3015:e15:5bf2:d0b3:d9ff:fede:b022> has joined #yocto23:45
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armpitI plan on leave that on out for hardknott as YP has a gcc 10 version23:51
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