Thursday, 2021-04-01

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khemarmpit:  I think if you change the patch to use. -Wno-error instead will fix it for both gcc10 and 1101:08
khemI dont have a tree handy so will take some time for me to get there, if you have it handy try the change out01:08
khemchange -Wno-error=array-parameter to -Wno-error01:08
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armpitkhem, I will try02:19
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armpitkhem, yep, that did it. I will push a fix later tonight03:07
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khemthanks armpit and sorry about that I forgot about gcc10 :)05:07
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silviofIs it possible to remove a dependency of the `do_patch` function?06:28
silviofI have this in a recipe and would like to remove this dependency in another layer: `do_patch[depends] += "xenomai:do_patch"`06:28
silviofSomething like the following did not work: `do_patch[depends]_remove = "xenomai:do_patch"`06:28
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mckoangood morning06:40
erbogood morning06:40
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX06:55
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erboyo yo :)06:56
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LetoThe2ndho ho06:59
LetoThe2ndand a bottle of rum!06:59
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erbosound like a plan for easter07:07
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GeneralStupidEverytime i startup, the network link is not ready. I have to set an IP, then it takes some seconds and the link becomes ready...08:11
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bluelightningcouple of questions relating to SWAT09:12
bluelightning1) for the quoted master-next commit seems no longer fetchable from git, making it a bit difficult to assess any link to patches that were incorporated - any suggestions?09:13
bluelightning2) relates to meta-agl, does this get any particular special handling?09:14
rburtonmeta-agl should have or be getting a bugzilla entry09:20
rburtonbut afaik its still in testing so i'm guessing RP is still kicking at it?09:21
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JaMarburton: still interested in mesa-gl?10:24
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rburtoni agree that anyone touching mesa should be verifying mesa-gl still works10:44
rburtoni should throw a test case into oe-selftest10:45
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JaMarburton: thanks10:53
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rburtonbluelightning: do you have any devtool patches pending?  (wishful thinking mode)
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thekappehello guys !11:46
thekappeIs it possible to modify the install task of a recipe based upon the image being compiled ?11:47
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thekappeI have two images (A and B ), if A is being built only softwareA must be copied in ${D}, otherwise softwareB. The recipe building softwareA and softwareB is the same11:48
LetoThe2ndthekappe: as usual, yocto chant #1 applies.11:51
LetoThe2ndbesides that, whats the problem with softwareA and softwareB being different packages that are being pulled in?11:51
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thekappeLetoThe2nd, it sounds like arab to me :D12:00
thekappebut I'll follow your package hint12:00
thekappethanks !12:00
qschulzLetoThe2nd: where's the page on your website with all the Yocto chants :) ?12:01
thekappeI'm not very familiar with the system12:01
qschulzthekappe: recipe data is local, so you can't change a recipe from another (an image recipe is a recipe(12:01
LetoThe2ndthekappe: i think i did a session on package splitting. #4 or #5. essentially thats what you want.12:04
LetoThe2ndqschulz: substantial parts of my website are only existing in my head (yet), unfortunately.12:06
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dwaynesohnsonhi I'm dwayne12:41
dwaynesohnsonHow can I boot into uboot command line when running runqemu?12:42
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dwaynesohnsoncertain key combination?12:42
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rpcmeI cannot locate this as a known issue with the raspberrypi bsp.  I am building in a container - does anyone recognize the pattern?  It's probably something simple- search isn't giving me any meaningful results either. Thank you for any direction you can give - I will start working with another bsp to see if I can get the same signature12:51
dwaynesohnsonwe know it is good weather, but someone still here?12:53
LetoThe2nddwaynesohnson: qemu doesn't run through u-boot (unless you're on a very specific setup). it can go to kernel directly.12:53
dwaynesohnsonLetoThe2nd seriously? '=(12:54
dwaynesohnsonso it skips the boot stage and directly loads the kernel you say?12:54
LetoThe2nddwaynesohnson: um, yes?12:54
LetoThe2nddwaynesohnson: look at the cmdline it uses.12:54
dwaynesohnsonyes, that is why I asked because I thought it was strange, the qemu limitations I guess then12:55
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LetoThe2nddwaynesohnson: you can technically make it u-boot. its just not the standard, and probably will require some good tinkering.12:56
LetoThe2nd first google hit, essentially.12:56
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dwaynesohnsoncool, thanks!12:58
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thekappeLetoThe2nd, qschulz, thanks for the hints13:39
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rabbit9911So I am seeing that the base hash is changing on my recipes that use externalsrc because the value of S is changing (when I build from different directories). Is this expected?14:23
qschulzrabbit9911: the value of S is changing?14:30
rabbit9911Yes I use externalsrc to point to some code in my repo14:32
rabbit9911So I have two checkouts of the same repo and thus the absolute paths to that source is different14:33
rabbit9911I am expecting cache hits because the repos are exactly the same just at different locations14:33
qschulzrabbit9911: worktrees?14:35
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rabbit9911I have a layout like    /repo/root/source  /repo/root/yocto  and /repo2/root/source /repo2/root/yocto    and a recipe in yocto that uses externalsrc with a path /repo2/root/source or /repo/root/source14:42
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qschulzrabbit9911: are /repo2/root/source and /repo/root/source complete git repo or is one a git worktree of the other?15:01
kergothrabbit9911: sounds like you might need to add S to the basehash whitelist to exclude it from checksums globally, or you could presumably arrange for externalsrc to set the vardepvalue of S to the old non-externalsrc value15:04
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vmesonarmpit: rustup  then
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GeneralStupidIs there any alternative to network-manager, if i want to configure the network via dbus?15:20
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smurrayGeneralStupid: connman has a dbus interface15:25
GeneralStupidsmurray: thanks i will try that15:26
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smurrayGeneralStupid: note that it has some limitations if you want to do things like multi-homing or fancier routing15:27
smurrayGeneralStupid: or at least we found that in AGL (Automotive Grade Linux)15:27
GeneralStupidsmurray: i only need to configure the IP, automatically, dynamically and have a fallback to AutoIP. I manage MDNS via avahi's dbus interfacce15:28
GeneralStupidsmurray: so i think it could be enough15:29
smurrayGeneralStupid: yeah, that sounds within it's capabilities15:29
smurrayGeneralStupid: I suspect systemd-networkd may also have a dbus interface, but I've not looked15:30
GeneralStupidsmurray: i just found some mail listing posts that they are planning a dbus interface but they dont have one ATM (but they are from 2016)15:31
GeneralStupidI would expect some kind of documentation if they would have one15:31
smurrayGeneralStupid: heh, that suggests it didn't happen15:31
smurrayGeneralStupid: if you ignore the AGL app framework side of things, the dbus interfacing code in this might be of some use:
GeneralStupidi think so15:32
armpitvmeson, thanks for the info. i will check it out later tonight15:34
GeneralStupidsmurray: yes, as a starting point it looks good for me thanks al ot15:34
smurrayGeneralStupid: no worries, good luck15:35
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vdlif a package expects a user-provided "foo" dir, how does it work? Should I bbappend the recipe and add the dir to SRC_URI *and* copy it myself to ${WORKDIR}?15:59
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vdlit looks like FILEEXTRAPATHS_prepend + SRC_URI_append is enough16:05
yatesthe file poky/meta/classes/kernel-arch.bbclass has a function map_kernel_arch that searches valid_archs for the passed architecture16:07
yatesi put test code in to iterate through valid_archs and I get this:
yatesthe header of kernel-arch.bbclass also states that this valid_arch's are from the kernel's arch folder. i cloned the kernel and it has "csky" as an arch directory, yet i don't see it in my enumerated list16:09
yatesis this because yocto is using an older kernel?16:09
zeddiibecause it's just a list. that was input at one point. new additions are done if someone cares about an arch.16:11
yateszeddii: yeah, well it's not just a list cause it's preventing my new architecture from being accepted.16:11
zeddiiso patch it16:11
* zeddii shrugs16:11
yateswhy would the function not just dynamically create the list from the kernel's arch directories ?16:12
zeddiior override the bbclass in your layer with your own. It is literally just a list we whacked in in the past, it has changed as ppc became powerpc, and x86 unified, etc.16:12
zeddiiI mean it could. but why add that complexity. The source isn't available when it runs.16:12
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yateszeddii: doesn't the linux kernel source always have to be downloaded for any linux image? what is so complex about parsing a directory? the answer to your question "why add that complexity" is "so that yocto core can handle new/changed kernel architectures dynamically without patching .bbclass files"16:17
zeddiino, the kernel source doesn't always need to be downloaded.16:17
zeddiikernel-arch is at the very bottom of the depenency stack.16:17
zeddiiand sorry, but adding new architectures is extremely uncommon.16:18
yatesi am so lucky...16:18
yateszeddii: how can a linux image be built with linux source?16:19
zeddiiso you can't really start a download of the kernel source, to get an architecture, for a class that is part of the kernel build. there's a cycle in that graph almost immediately.16:19
zeddiiuboot arch is also in that same file.16:19
zeddiikernel-dummy can be used.16:19
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yateszeddii: by "override the bbclass in your layer with your own," did you mean my own kernel-arch.bbclass?16:22
zeddiiunfortunately yes. only temporarily of course. Since you can't bbappend a bbclass. that's your option. But your class can actually include the base one, and then only override the part that it needs, etc.16:22
zeddiiI'd just do that to prove the architecture, etc, and then obviously send a patch to oe-core to add it in. A new arch in that list isn't going to cause any drama on the list (it isn't like it is implying official support or anything just by being there).16:23
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yatesso if i put a "INHERIT += kernel-arch-bbclass" in my layer.conf and then provide a mylayer/classes/kernel-arch.bbclass, it will override the one in meta/classes?16:27
yateskernel-arch.bbclass rather16:28
zeddiiI don't think so. I've only done it via require/include from my the bbclass itself. But it has been years since I've done it, so the semantics are blurry.16:28
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yatesi should probably just tias16:29
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yatesthanks zeddii16:30
yatesthat didn't work16:39
Crofton|cloudzeddii: How is Hurd support coming along?16:40
zeddii"almost ready"16:41
zeddiiGNUStep will be the graphical shell of choice as well.16:41
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khembut Fuschia is a realitty or redox OS16:59
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JaMakhem: will test that mesa-gl patch later, now builder is busy building the built-time-benchmark with qemuarm (to compare with qemux86-64 times) as you mentioned in YPTM17:15
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champagnegquestion about image-live.bbclass, is there a build dependency towards the image defined in INITRD_LIVE? Can't find anything to that effect. Or is INITRD_LIVE assumed to be already built?18:16
champagneg^ kk spoke too soon, I see that do_bootimg depends on {initrd}:do_image_complete18:21
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khemJaMa:  I think so far it looks like my issue is crufty VM but have to validate more18:57
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samwhey everyone. I'm really struggling to get the docker engine up and running on a reference `qemuarm64` build21:16
samwI keep getting met with: failed to start daemon: Error initializing network controller: Error creating default "bridge" network: Failed to Setup IP tables: Unable to enable NAT rule:  (iptables failed: iptables --wait -t nat -I POSTROUTING -s ! -o docker0 -j MASQUERADE: iptables v1.8.4 (legacy): Couldn't load target `MASQUERADE':No such file or directory21:17
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