Wednesday, 2021-04-07

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mcfriskhi, with master branch gitsm fetcher changes considerably but it does not seem to invalidate download cached things. How to invalidate all cached downloads for gitsm fetcher? An extra command "git submodule update --init -recursive" needs to be executed on old cached trees before they can be compiled, but new fetcher code doesn't do that as it expects things to be in cache but they aren't05:34
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SJAny help will be appreciated, I am getting this error and I am scratching my head how to debug this problem -  Yocto - tools-profile' in IMAGE_FEATURES (added via EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES) is not a valid image feature. In the local.conf, I have added the following.05:52
SJEXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES = "debug-tweaks tools-profile"05:52
SJ    packagegroup-core-tools-profile.bb05:53
SJ    meta/recipes-core/packagegroups05:53
SJthis looks fine to me.05:53
RPmcfrisk: that sounds a lot like a corner case we've not looked at :/05:56
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SJhow to debug this?06:08
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX06:09
SJI am talking about this issue -
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mcfriskRP: hmm I'll try to reproduce with plain poky master, maybe something on my side is wrong..06:24
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RPmcfrisk: it could just be older checkouts with the newer code :/06:32
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SJ17can you elaborate on it like old checkouts with the newer code?06:38
SJ17Is there any tool  to debug why it cannot find the tools-profile? Where to search for and where it should be for yocto to find?06:39
LetoThe2ndSJ17: i have just kicked off an example build here with tools-profile (qemuarm64, current master) and it happily runs. so chances are that something in your layer stack/machine config disables this image feature. inspect bitbake -e for hints.06:42
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mcfriskRP: I'm also porting gitsm and fetcher2 changes from master to sumo to get gitsm working in off line mode, testing both master and sumo currently. I'll check if find a way to be compatible with old download cached things..06:52
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mcfriskRP: good news, I was not able to reproduce problems with gitsm fetcher and old cached files with plain poky, and with some additional backports seem to have fixed gitsm fetcher in sumo too07:39
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qschulz"mornin'" folks :)08:58
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rburtoni really dislike finding bugs in pseudo09:11
qschulzrburton: who likes finding bugs :D ?09:12
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prajvalshHi. I am working on compute module 4 raspberry pi to get the usb port working. Unable to do it. I am using dunfell. I can see that the overlay necessay for usb has been added in the config.txt after making changes in the local.conf file. but, still unable to get it working. any ideas how to get it working?09:24
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mckoanprajvalsh: what did you set in local.conf to enable it?09:54
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LetoThe2ndrburton: "finding" as in "proving they exist" or "finding" as in "spotting the reason, therefore now being responsible to provide a fix"?09:59
Ad0what's the right way to add sysctl configuration ? like vm.panic_on_oom=1 - do you override a built in recipe or just add your own file? is there some built in means to do it? :)10:05
Ad0I see that procps recipe has one10:06
prajvalshmckoan:I have used ENABLE_DWC2_HOST=1 in local.conf.10:07
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LetoThe2ndrburton: well i like it better than my customers doing it.10:18
* LetoThe2nd is more and more wearing the testing hat around here.10:18
LetoThe2ndprajvalsh: 1 or "1"?10:20
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Ad0I was thinking of just adding an own one in my recipe - like that. but is it more correct to override the procps recipe?10:46
Ad0or some sysctl-related recipe. the disadvantage is that it will probably rebuild the whole thing for a change10:46
Ad0or is this more accurate? I want to add to the sysctl.conf, not override procps' one really10:53
mckoanprajvalsh: ENABLE_DWC2_HOST = "1" should work10:54
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prajvalshmckoan:no it is not working. the config.txt has the overlay that is necessary for the usb port, but it is still not working10:59
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guest231Hi, I'm having a problem with applying patche:11:31
guest231I'm trying to build virtual/kernel, it works if I run the build command multiple times11:32
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guest231But it aborts on the first build command with the error message:11:33
guest231"error: corrupt patch at line 5"11:33
guest231the weird thing is that the patches work11:33
guest231but "do_patch" only applies one patch at a time11:34
guest231I believe this has something to do with the internal scheduling11:35
guest231I.e. I have 3 patches for "virtual/kernel" the first one is applied on the first run, the second one is applied on the second run, and the third run succeds with the 3rd patch11:36
qschulzguest231: patches are applied in the order they appear in SRC_URI11:37
qschulzin one go obviously. The weird behavior you're describing smells very much like some vendor craziness.11:38
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qschulzguest231: could you tell us more about your layers and the yocto version you're using?11:39
guest231I use yocto zeus11:40
qschulzguest231: also, are you using scc files by any chance? I think it should still be sequential and deterministic order11:40
qschulzbut I'm not really using those mechanisms so can't help for those11:40
guest231I'm not aware of any scc files, BB_VERSION is 1.44.011:41
guest231Also we use a custom BSP for our bespoke hardware11:41
guest231Basically, I'd like to fix the vendor craziness11:42
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luneffis there a way to reference recipe-sysroot inside a CMakeLists.txt?11:43
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qschulzluneff: if you don't override CC, CXX, CFLAGS, LDFLAGS, you should have nothing to do IIRC11:45
luneffI know. But I need to add "recipe-sysroot/usr/include/mylib" to includes. I do :-)11:46
guest231qschulz here is the recipe for "virtual/kernel":
qschulzit should probably be added in the recipes and not Cmake? In which case, EXTRA_OECMAKE in recipe with -I${STAGING_INCDIR}/mylib ?11:49
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qschulzguest231: the FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend make no sense in a recipe (bbappend yes, recipe, no), otherwise the rest looks ok11:58
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guest231qschulz What is the recommended way to organise patches? Should I put the folder name in SRC_URI?12:02
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qschulzguest231: ${PN} is already in FILESPATH, patches dir could be put into a dir already matched by FILESPATH (${PN}/ ${BPN}/ files) and then SRC_URI += "file://patches/name1.patch" if you really want the patches in a subdir12:05
qschulzguest231: BP and not BPN sorry. c.f.
qschulzBP and not PN*12:06
luneffqschulz, plain "-I" gets cmake angry. overriding CXX_FLAGS would probably be an error too...12:06
qschulzluneff: CMAKE_INSTALL_INCLUDEDIR:PATH=${@os.path.relpath(d.getVar('includedir'), d.getVar('prefix') + '/')} so does not feel like it's supposed to be supported?12:08
qschulzluneff: what';s wrong with adding <mylib/mylib.h> in your sources?12:09
qschulz(so that you don't need to change the include path of CMake but only of cpp/c files12:09
qschulzonly inside*12:09
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luneffsources are autogenerated by google protobuf12:11
lunefffound a solution, STAGING_INCDIR is ok, wondering how to get the same path without usr/include part. probably ${STAGING_DIR}12:13
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luneffno :-(12:15
guest231Is there some subtlety i'm missing here?  why would one use:12:17
guest231SRC_URI_append += "..."               (looks redundant)12:17
guest231SRC_URI_append = "..."                (why not just SRC_URI +=?)12:17
luneff${STAGING_INCDIR}/../../ works :-D12:18
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luneffyeah, fixed all. thanks qschulz ! :-)12:39
guest231This is the minimal working example which fails: I have to build "virtual/kernel" twice12:53
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JPEWRP: I have some patches in master-next for meta-mingw for testing on the AB, when you have some time. They are for master, not hardknott12:54
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qschulzluneff: RECIPE_SYSROOT is actually what you're after13:11
luneffyes, thank you! :-)13:14
qschulzluneff: still, feels very wrong :)13:14
luneffI know :-D13:17
guest231ok: It can't be a problem with the ordering because it fails with a single patch file as well13:24
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chrfleIf I have recipe A and recipe B, is it in recipe B possible to say that it should always rebuild if recipe A was rebuilt?.. I guess B depends on A in recipe B makes sure A is up to date if B needs building, but any way to ensure that B gets updated if A gets updated?13:42
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chrflecurrently there's a 'do_image[nostamp] = "1"' in recipe B, which I suspect makes it rebuild loads of stuff it doesn't need to13:44
qschulzDEPENDS = "A" in recipe B does that13:48
qschulzchrfle: ^13:48
qschulzchrfle: what exactly are the recipe A and B you're talking about and what is the exact dependencyy between both?13:48
qschulz(are we talking two image recipes, two package recipes or one package recipe and one image recipe, etc...)13:50
chrfleqschulz: recipe A generates a filesystem, recipe B creates dm-verity data for said fs along with an initramfs to mount the fs..... If A changes, I want to re-do B, but if something changes in i.e. the initramfs, I don't want to rebuild A, only B13:51
chrfleI believe both are image recipes13:53
qschulzchrfle: the dm-verity data creation is done in its own task isn't it?13:55
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chrfleI believe so yes.. I must admit that I'm a real novice when it comes to yocto... Just hate that it seems to rebuild things that it should not need to13:55
qschulzchrfle: try to find how the dependency in B recipe to A is set13:56
qschulzbecause basically, my understanding is that the dependency is in B on A, not the opposite13:57
chrfleqschulz: I think this is it: do_image[depends] += "${DM_VERITY_IMAGE}:do_image_${DM_VERITY_IMAGE_TYPE}"13:57
qschulzchrfle: that does make sense yes13:57
qschulzif it's in B recipe???13:58
qschulznot sure, since I would assume DM_VEIRYT_IMAGE is B recipe, so this line is probably in A recipe?13:58
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vdlwith wic, when using part --align 512 --offset 512, will the partition start at 1024?14:02
vdl(assuming it's the first one in this example)14:03
chrfleqschulz: This is the file in question:
chrfleqschulz: it's the nostamp on L25 I'm questioning14:07
chrfleqschulz: here seems to be the patch it's added in
chrfleqschulz: and it seems to me that the entire rootfs is re-generated and the different images are created, then verity data is added.. And I believe it should be enough to re-add the verity data14:08
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qschulzchrfle: the verity data is done in a preprocess command of the image creation so it makes sense from that side at least14:11
qschulzif it's coprrect, different topic14:11
qschulzbut since you want the verity data within your initramfs, it needs to be added before the image is finalized14:12
vdlalso that isn't possible to create a partition < 1M with wic, correct?14:12
chrfleqschulz: this recipe generates the initramfs I believe. So it makes sense to put in the verity information before generating the image.. but building this recipe (as it's nostamp) will that cause the recipes listead in do_image[depends] to be rebuilt as well?14:13
chrfleqschulz: perhaps my problem with rootfs being rebuilt is somewhere else14:14
chrfleqschulz: unfortunately need to collect my daughter from kindergarten now. I'll read up later14:14
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frayWe noticed yesterday that ping doesn't work for a regular user.  Unlike a lot of distributions it's not set +s root.  (For good reason)  However, does the Yocto Project support doing any sort of setcap on the files when creating filesystems?  (I've never tried doing any sort of setcap under pseudo)14:23
*** oberstet <oberstet!~oberstet@> has joined #yocto14:33
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qschulzchrfle: do_image[depends] += "recipeX:do_task" means the do_image task of the recipe in which it is defined depends on the do_task of recipeX. Meaning, if do_task of recipeX is re-run, so will do_image.14:39
*** dmoseley <dmoseley!~dmoseley@> has joined #yocto14:42
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vdlhow can I create a partition smaller than 1M with wic?14:58
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tlwoernerthe layerseries thing is borked?15:08
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tlwoernerERROR: Layer <layer> is not compatible with the core layer which only supports these series:  (layer is compatible with hardknott)15:10
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smurraytlwoerner: does your layer have hardknott in its list?15:21
tlwoernersmurray: yes, they all do15:22
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tlwoernerpulling latest master of openembedded-core causes this to show up15:23
*** awafaa <awafaa!sid716@gateway/web/> has quit IRC15:23
smurraytlwoerner: that does seem odd.  I don't see any changes wrt that in oe-core recently, though15:23
tlwoernertry updating oe-core and building on master15:24
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JaMasmurray: this is the opposite case if his layer doesn't have hardknott in LAYERSERIES_COMPAT then it would say "(layer is compatible with gatesgarth)", what is missing here is "hardknott" after ';' I do see it with current oe-core/master:15:26
*** CosmicPenguin <CosmicPenguin!sid489106@gateway/web/> has joined #yocto15:26
silviofHi #yocto!15:26
silviofI am trying to figure out which task is taking so long in the build process. Is it possible to add timestamps to the logfiles? Or are there other ways to find out?15:26
JaMaERROR: Layer meta-python2 is not compatible with the core layer which only supports these series: hardknott (layer is compatible with dunfell)15:26
JaMatlwoerner: does your checkout have? meta/conf/layer.conf:LAYERSERIES_CORENAMES = "hardknott"15:26
JaMaand isn't your bblayers.conf somehow messed to be missing oe-core? :)15:27
JaMadevtool sometimes does that15:27
JaMawhen adding workspace layer15:27
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*** rfried <rfried!> has joined #yocto15:29
JaMatlwoerner: yes removing oe-core layer from BBLAYERS produces the same error message as what you have:15:29
JaMaERROR: Layer clang-layer is not compatible with the core layer which only supports these series:  (layer is compatible with gatesgarth hardknott)15:29
tlwoernerJaMa: ah yes, my bblayers was missing oe-core !? thanks15:33
*** frsc <frsc!> has quit IRC15:33
JaMasilviof: look at buildstats.bbclass15:34
silviofAh thanks, JaMa !15:35
kergothJaMa: huh, that's a weird error, should submit a bug for a better error when there's no LAYERSERIES_CORENAMES defined15:36
JaMatlwoerner: ^15:37
silviofJaMa: This was EXACTLY what I have searched. And it was already enabled ^^ Thanks!15:41
tlwoernerJaMa: okay, on it15:41
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Sponge5Hi, I know I'm supposed to add my systemd .service files to SYSTEMD_SERVICE, but what about .target and .mount units?15:48
linumsDoes anyone have any experience with saltstack on yocto?15:49
linumsThe recipe is there for that, but it does not seem to work15:50
*** Sponge5 <Sponge5!> has quit IRC15:52
tlwoernerkergoth: JaMa: bug submitted →
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RPCan I convince anyone to send a patch as well? please? :)16:10
*** zyga <zyga!~zyga@unaffiliated/zyga> has joined #yocto16:16
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chrfleqschulz: I see, it seems reasonable then.. what about the do_image[nostamp] = "1", does that mean when do task of recipeX is being re-run, the one with depends will always be re-run, even if it seems like it could use a cached one?... Or is it always re-run when a build in invoked?18:22
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RPchrfle: that means the task in question will always rerun19:41
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chrfleRP: no matter if any dependecy changed or not?20:08
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tlwoernerregistration is now open for the Yocto Project Summit:
tlwoernerdon't forget to submit your CfPs (CfP closes April 25)20:19
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RPchrfle: if it is set as nostamp it will rerun regardless20:24
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chrfleRP: ok, thanks!21:36
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KotozHi guys, is it possible to ask Questions here! i come from Yocto live code23:47

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