Saturday, 2021-04-10

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khemRP:  interesting, is it with the laltest I pointed you to or the one you picked from the mailing list that I sent RFT01:13
khemso I guess all I need is to build nativesdk-gnutls01:15
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khemRP:  I can reproduce it, seems to be a recent enough change01:31
khemwill look into it,01:31
khembtw. I reshaped the go 1.16.3 patch a bit and sent v201:32
khemshould be good now01:32
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khemRP:  pushed a fix for gcc issue
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RPGuest75177: will retest, thanks07:39
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Guest75177RP:  I have updated to addess Andre's comment so you might need to pick it once more :(08:45
JaMaGuest75177: RP: is this planned for harknott or after?08:46
JaMasorry not this one, I meant the gcc-10.3 upgrade08:47
JaMagcc-11 will surely wait for honister, right?08:47
Guest75177pehaps as a backport later in point release08:47
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KotozHi there, i have a problem during implementing steps in  #6: kernel handling and development.09:15
Kotozhere is my machine conf, i just follow what josef had done.09:15
Kotoz#@TYPE: Machine09:15
Kotoz#@NAME: Incharge Arm Cortex-A15 machine09:15
Kotoz#@DESCRIPTION: Machine configuration for running an ARMv7 system on QEMU09:15
Kotozrequire conf/machine/include/tune-cortexa15.inc09:15
Kotoz#require conf/machine/include/qemu.inc09:15
KotozKERNEL_IMAGETYPE = "zImage"09:15
KotozUBOOT_MACHINE ?= "qemu_arm_defconfig"09:15
KotozSERIAL_CONSOLES ?= "115200;ttyAMA0 115200;hvc0"09:15
Kotoz# For runqemu09:15
KotozQB_SYSTEM_NAME = "qemu-system-arm"09:15
KotozQB_MACHINE = "-machine virt,highmem=off"09:15
KotozQB_CPU = "-cpu cortex-a15"09:15
Kotoz# Standard Serial console09:15
KotozQB_KERNEL_CMDLINE_APPEND = "vmalloc=256"09:15
Kotoz# For graphics to work we need to define the VGA device as well as the necessary USB devices09:15
Kotozkotoz@kotoz-Legion-Y540-15IRH:~/Desktop/Embedded_linux/yocto_for_rpi/poky_master/qemu/build$ runqemu core-image-minimal nographic09:15
Kotozrunqemu - INFO - Running bitbake -e ...09:15
Kotozrunqemu - INFO - Continuing with the following parameters:09:15
KotozKERNEL: [/home/kotoz/Desktop/Embedded_linux/yocto_for_rpi/poky_master/qemu/build/tmp/deploy/images/incharge-qemuarm/zImage--4.2+git0+64291f7db5-r0-incharge-qemuarm-20210410082926.bin]09:15
KotozMACHINE: [incharge-qemuarm]09:15
KotozFSTYPE: [ext4]09:15
KotozROOTFS: [/home/kotoz/Desktop/Embedded_linux/yocto_for_rpi/poky_master/qemu/build/tmp/deploy/images/incharge-qemuarm/core-image-minimal-incharge-qemuarm.ext4]09:15
KotozCONFFILE: [/home/kotoz/Desktop/Embedded_linux/yocto_for_rpi/poky_master/qemu/build/tmp/deploy/images/incharge-qemuarm/core-image-minimal-incharge-qemuarm.qemuboot.conf]09:15
Kotozrunqemu - INFO - Setting up tap interface under sudo09:15
Kotozrunqemu - INFO - Network configuration: ip=
Kotozrunqemu - INFO - Running /home/kotoz/Desktop/Embedded_linux/yocto_for_rpi/poky_master/qemu/build/tmp/work/x86_64-linux/qemu-helper-native/1.0-r1/recipe-sysroot-native/usr/bin/qemu-system-arm -device virtio-net-device,netdev=net0,mac=52:54:00:12:34:02 -netdev tap,id=net0,ifname=tap0,script=no,downscript=no -object09:15
Kotozrng-random,filename=/dev/urandom,id=rng0 -device virtio-rng-pci,rng=rng0 -drive id=disk0,file=/home/kotoz/Desktop/Embedded_linux/yocto_for_rpi/poky_master/qemu/build/tmp/deploy/images/incharge-qemuarm/core-image-minimal-incharge-qemuarm.ext4,if=none,format=raw -device virtio-blk-device,drive=disk0 -device qemu-xhci -device usb-tablet -device09:15
Kotozusb-kbd  -machine virt,highmem=off -cpu cortex-a15 -m 256 -serial mon:stdio -serial null -nographic -device VGA,edid=on -kernel /home/kotoz/Desktop/Embedded_linux/yocto_for_rpi/poky_master/qemu/build/tmp/deploy/images/incharge-qemuarm/zImage--4.2+git0+64291f7db5-r0-incharge-qemuarm-20210410082926.bin -append 'root=/dev/vda rw  mem=256M09:15
Kotozip= console=ttyAMA0 console=hvc0 vmalloc=256 '09:15
Kotozis that the best way to show my technical Questions here !09:16
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RPJaMa: 11 is definitely post 3.3, not sure about 10.3, might make 3.3.1?09:30
RPJaMa: 3.3 is in QA now09:30
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Sponge5Hi, I'm trying to use `psplash-write` and the first call works, but the subsequent ones fail. I suspect the open("psplash_fifo",...) errors out13:24
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Sponge5Is it possible that psplash exits between the first call and the second call, even though they're called from ExecStartPre= inside enabled system services?13:29
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vermaeteHow do you unpack in a lower-case directory name?13:41
vermaeteAnd the long thing:13:41
vermaeteA project on github does there releases in a mixed-case tar.gz file.13:42
vermaeteBut, as far as I understand, the recipe should be lower-case.13:42
vermaeteSo, the SRC_URI and so one does the unpacking in a mixed-case  directory.13:42
vermaeteBut the ${B} does expect this in ${BPN}.13:43
vermaeteKind of, clear?13:43
vermaeteI found ways to change the path where to extract,13:43
vermaetea way to rename the download file13:44
vermaeteBut not a clue how to do this, probably even rather common, thing.13:44
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nemgti-ogHello. I want to understand how image features are created (or how to create my own image feature). I took x11-base as an example to follow. My goal is to create a custom image feature like x11-base with one package less (let's say without liberation-fonts). I was able to create my own packagegroup recipe (i.e. for the time with the same packages as x11-base). I use a17:57
nemgti-ogRPI to toy around. When I ...17:57
nemgti-og... exchange the image featuer x11-base for x11-minibase (my custome img. feat.), I see a different behaviour.17:57
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nemgti-og(i.e. not matchbox-terminal is started). By now, I am guessing, that somehow the configuration of the packages on x11-base, si different as if I only include its packages (i.e. via IMAGE_INSTALL), but I haven't being able to corroborate this assumption.17:59
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nemgti-ogis there a way to know which recipe is installing a package in my yocto image?20:40
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derRicharduse bitbake -g to generate a dependcy graph and read the dot file :)20:45
nemgti-oghaaa I didn't know about the dot file. Thank a lot derRichard20:47
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derRichard(don't render it and view it, read it in a text editor)20:48
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nemgti-ogyeap, that is what I'm doing. :)20:51
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