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yatesin case this helps anyone else, i figured out how to get at the build dependencies: add -g to the bitbake command, which will result in a <file>.dot file in the build directory, then using graphviz's "dot" command, convert to something viewable "dot <file>.dot -Tpdf -o <file>.pdf"03:25
yatesthis generates a humongous, levely dependency graph.03:25
yatesdanka yocto!03:26
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rfs613yates: nice to know that option works... last time I tried it, 'dot' program never completed (left it running for hours...)12:57
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rfs613qschulz: I finally seem to have solve my issue with gitsm fetcher...13:10
rfs613your tip of forcing the do_fetch was the key.13:11
qschulzrfs613: care to explain what was the issue so that it is part of this IRC channel archives?13:13
rfs613qschulz: the problem basically came down to the fact that the URL of a package using gitsm: changed (because sources got moved to another git server)13:14
rfs613at the same time, one of those submodules also gained a new submodule of its own13:15
*** zyga <zyga!~zyga@unaffiliated/zyga> has quit IRC13:15
rfs613evidently this confused yocto's tracking logic, so it never called the do_download, which then resulted in errors during do_unpack.13:17
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rfs613your tip of doing "bitbake -c do_fetch -f" fixed the problem locally13:18
rfs613it was a bit more of a slog to do the same in CI but I managed eventually ;-)13:19
qschulzrfs613: mmmm, feels like a proper bug report should be opened for that? forcing a fetch shouldn't be needed13:21
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rfs613qschulz: then I'd need to be able to reproduce it on demand... and having already banged my head on this for a week, I'm really not feeling up to any more...13:25
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yatesrfs613: buy you a beer if you do!14:00
rfs613yates: Jenkins in this case... you know, a build system located on somebody else's servers, which you can't debug easily without involving a dozen 3rd parties, etc...14:01
rfs613but all the cool kids are using it so it must be good :-)14:01
yatesyah, must be...14:01
yatesi've [not] had the good fortune to use such things yet14:02
rfs613yates: in the end I think the error message yocto gave me was correct... it was just not making sense to me. As I had just changed the gitsm URL, I assumed the problem was with the syntax of my URL. So I started experimenting with different URLs, at one point switching back to git instead of gitsm, etc.14:02
*** sakoman <sakoman!~steve@> has joined #yocto14:02
rfs613so possibly I made the problem worse by those efforts.14:03
yatesi find many of my problems in my technical work come down to semantic issues and/or definitions of words/phrases.14:04
rfs613the key realization was that it failed to download the repos (do_fetch) and yet tried to clone them (do_unpack). I only figured this out by adding logger.debug() prints inside the python code. Which of course was a whole level I wasn't planning on going into...14:04
rfs613correct, it didn't fail to download, rather, it did not even attempt to download.14:04
yatessounds like a possible bug. would be good to bug-report it14:05
*** nate0202 <nate0202!> has joined #yocto14:05
yatesbut i hear you - everything wants a piece of your time..14:05
rfs613I hear you... but having been on the other end of such reports... I know where it will go... can I reproduce it using latest version?14:06
yatesooo, yeah, i hate that. do you know how many fedora bug reports i filed only to get a string of "EOL - won't fix" resolutions over the next few years..?14:07
yates(my home systems all use fedora - f32 now. started way back at fc3)14:08
rfs613what, not f33... ? :P14:09
yatestalk about CI..14:09
*** mbulut <mbulut!> has quit IRC14:09
rfs613I stopped reporting fedora bugzilla on account of every single bug landing in that EOL pile...14:10
yatesthey need to start coming out with fractional release numbers... f32.0, f32.1, ...14:10
yatesyou too? hrm..14:10
yatesrfs613: are  you using something older than gatesgarth on you CI system(s)?14:14
rfs613yates: dunfell currently...14:14
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yateshow do i grab hardknott?14:31
yates..or just browse it on line?14:32
yatesi want to check of gcc has been updated to 10.3 instead of 10.2 in gatesgarth14:33
ocjhi, is qtwebengine for mips64el supported by yocto?14:34
theodiemyates: , but I don't see 10.3 there14:36
yatesi don't either. thanks theo14:37
yatesi don't either. thanks theodiem14:37
*** zyga <zyga!~zyga@unaffiliated/zyga> has quit IRC14:40
yatesis this just a matter of "haven't gotten around to it" or is there some reason 10.3 is not in the latest yocto?14:43
qschulzyates: gcc is never changed once a release has been made IIRC. You get bumps with new releases. For the release after hardknott, it'll be gcc 1114:45
qschulzyates: c.f.
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yatesqschulz: but gcc-11.0 isn't even released yet..
frayyates hardknott (the next release) is still on gcc 10.215:26
fraythe version after will be gcc 11 (most likely) based on current in-progress work15:26
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RPqschulz: not true, we'd consider gcc bugfixes15:30
qschulzRP: would you consider an upgrade from 10.2 to 10.3 for example?15:32
*** creich <creich!> has joined #yocto15:32
fraywe have in the past, but the upgrades were small, targeted and auditable..15:32
RPqschulz: we have in the past, depending on what was in 10.315:32
RPqschulz: gcc point releases tend to be bugfix/stable15:33
qschulzyates: the earlier YP get started on using newer GCC, the better it is, because we can give feedback to GCC developers about potential bugs or issues before they even release. And also, it helps fixing warnings/errors in other SW and send patches to those projects to support newer GCC too. Hopefully it's not too far from reality what I'm saying but RP will correct me for sure :)15:34
qschulzRP: thx for correcting me15:34
RPqschulz: the general policy is to avoid upgrades, unless it is an upstream stable series with a policy we can align with, gcc tends to be relatively good at point releases15:35
RPgcc 11 is testing in -next so we have a chance to correct the final release if we did find issues and reported them15:36
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mcfriskcan anyone recall what fixes missing python3 raise exceptions logs from bitbake output when comparing sumo and master? spent ages looking at why some fetcher code was failing only to find out that raise FetchError("The SRCREV_FORMAT...") just isn't visible in failing task output. on master it is.15:58
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mcfrisknote to self, old bitbake's really need 2f17b87f9712d0e218d656dae0037d15a019f9f6 to log exceptions properly17:05
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vdlwhere are global cert and key file usually found? in a "files/" directory at the root of the layer?19:05
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yatesfray, RP, qschulz: The reason I'm trying to do this is that I am attempting to build the toolchain for a new architecture: csky. I getting an error in the do_configure for libgcc and I suspect it may be solved with the latest, released version of gcc. Some changes for the csky architecture have been made in the past few months.19:18
yatesi am trying to force an update to 10.3, that is19:18
yatesI tried copying all the *10.2.* files in poky/meta/recipes-devtools/gcc to *10.3.* but it is still building for 10.2. How do i get the populate_sysroot to build for 10.3 instead?19:18
yates(that is, from my gatesgarth checkout)19:19
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rfs613yates: have you got a poky/meta/recipes-devtools/gcc-*.inc file? For me (on dunfell) this one has PV = "9.3.0" hardcoded into it, and this int urn determine name of gcc tarball used.19:35
zeddiihas anyone seen meson refusing to use the host getent ? or declaring it as non-executable ?19:35
rfs613yates: also there is a long list of patches, which probalby won't apply cleanly on a different gcc version...19:36
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yatesrfs613: good catch, but that wasn't it19:59
*** Guest50188 is now known as khem20:00
yateskhem: thanks! just got your email20:00
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rfs613yates: could be coming from another layer maybe?20:01
yatesbump GCCVERSION as well in meta/conf/distro/include/tcmode-default.inc20:01
yates(from khem ^^^^)20:01
khemyates: sent a patch for 10.3 update as well20:01
khemso if you want to try it20:01
yateskhem: thank you! i will try it immediately20:02
*** manuel1985 <manuel1985!~manuel198@2a02:1748:dd5c:f290:587b:5364:9ea5:2dd7> has joined #yocto20:02
khemyou can also try gcc-11 if you want which is in same branch :)20:03
khemif you are feeling adventurous20:03
yatesbaby steps...20:04
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yateskhem: are  you from India?20:09
yatesmy wife is from Bangalore.20:09
yatesshe speaks Tamil, kannadu, and hindi20:10
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manuel__Hi all! I would like to install a Desktop Environment so my device has a desktop with icons and a panel with clock and wifi widget. Which project is the lightest and easiest to configure? Does the need for touchscreen input reduce the set of available options?20:32
manuel__I'm talking about a Yocto-created distribution of course. Which packages shall I put inside?20:33
*** lucaceresoli <lucaceresoli!~lucaceres@> has joined #yocto20:35
khemmanuel__: XFCE would be something to try20:39
yatesi was thinking matchbox-sato is the ticket.20:40
yatesmanuel__: see here:
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RPkhem: - segfault in gcc1122:58
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