Monday, 2021-04-12

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LetoThe2ndyo dudX06:25
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mckoangood morning07:52
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* LetoThe2nd mourns.08:50
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derRichardLetoThe2nd: :-)11:17
* LetoThe2nd wants to feel like one of the cool kids at least once! :)11:18
derRichardcool kids use tiktok11:19
derRichardLetoThe2nd: lol :-)11:26
* derRichard has the same t-shirt11:27
LetoThe2ndderRichard: and who says that i'm not already preparing the YPS announcement there?11:27
derRichardyou're my hero!11:28
* LetoThe2nd bows.11:28
LetoThe2ndbut on a more serious note: we're really trying to improve on "marketing" and working on understanding the audience and how to reach out. but it's "complicated"11:30
derRichardmarketing to find new customers or to promote yocto itself?11:32
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LetoThe2ndthe latter, as speaking for those who are involved in yocto "advocacy". i'm not a consultant nor working for a company that sells such services, so finding customers is certainly none of my interests. unless you include babbling into a webcam while having a beer as paid consulting, then i'm onviously totally interested!11:34
derRichardIMHO promoting events on linkedin/xing works well11:35
LetoThe2ndLI is certainly one of the major platforms for our kind of project/business, yes.11:37
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kmaincentHello, I am working on the node recipe. It need to build the host tools in 32bit.11:55
kmaincentHow can I add a dependency on a 32 bit native recipe (here zlib for example)11:56
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derRichardkmaincent: i'd prefix the recipe name with "lib32-" to depend on the 32bits variants12:04
qschulzderRichard: i don't think lib32 would apply to native recipes12:07
derRichardoh. :-(12:07
rburtonnodejs already has a recipe. why do you need to build host tools in 32-bit?12:12
kmaincentrburton: because currently it can not built snapshot, and we won't be able to move to nodejs v14 without fixing this.12:14
rburtoni'm struggling to believe that nodejs *needs* 32-bit binaries to build on a 64-bit host12:14
kmaincentyes, the tools built need to be in the same 32/64 bit as the target to use them properly.12:16
rburtonthe tools are stupid and should be fixed then12:16
kmaincentmmh not enough expert to fix v8 engine.12:18
kmaincentand I think there is a reason that v8 needs to have it working like that.12:18
rburtonnormally, because people don't think about cross12:19
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LetoThe2ndrburton: s/about cross//g12:24
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albeuHi all! I have a tool that make use of the Tinfoil API, is there any way to use it from a recipe? When I try I get "No reply from server in 30s"14:03
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JPEWRP: Mind another go at master-next of meta-mingw? I updated the SHA1s so the fetch should succeed now.14:21
JPEWIt's also possible that the 7.0.0 -> 8.0.0 upgrade will fix GCC 1114:21
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vdlhow can I add a newline in a variable?14:55
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qschulzvdl: what exactly do you need a newline for?15:03
vdlqschulz: a layer I'm using requires a variable to have newlines in it15:05
vdlqschulz: because it does file.write(d.getVar('FOO').replace(r'\n', '\n'))15:06
RPJPEW: failed but much later than last time:
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ScorpiHi. is it possible to invoke strip with the --strip-debug option in the strip part of binary handling? I want to do this to get stack traces in the systemd journal when a program crashes15:16
qschulzvdl: shouldn't \n just work then? or you have some typo in your replace()?15:16
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Scorpiwithout this, only the current call name of each thread is shown in the log, and no complete call traces15:17
qschulzScorpi: IIRC, you can install the debug package version (-dbg), which is not stripped, would that work for you?15:18
Scorpiqschulz: I know that. My aim is to get call traces of devices in production enviroments15:19
Scorpiqschulz: installing a debug package is fine for cases where I know that there is a problem and how to reproduce it15:20
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kergothsounds like you want to always install that one then.15:21
Scorpikergoth: that would be an option if it wouldn't be that large15:22
Scorpikergoth: that's why I want to use strip --strip-debug, to get binaries that are only slightly larger, but get full call traces15:24
vdlqschulz: no typo. Do you need a literal \n in the string? is it what r\n means?15:25
kergothScorpi: may be of interest, set ting PACKAGE_MINIDEBUGINFO = "1" will cause our package.bbclass split_and_strip to inject that compressed mini info into the binary without the -dbg package installed15:26
kergoth"The intent of this section is to provide extra minimal debugging information for use in simple backtraces"15:26
Scorpikergoth: oh, thanks, I'll try that15:27
kergothi'd never heard of it before now, was reading package.bbclass to see how to change the strip arguments :)15:27
kergothbut seems promising15:27
Scorpidamn, not supported by my poky version as it seems15:28
kergoth(aside: looks like the arguments are hardcoded in meta/lib/oe/package.bbclass in runstrip(), and the value of the STRIP variable is assumed to be a single executable name, not arguments, so you can't currently influence it)15:28
prabhakarladHi all, I am trying to copy a folder containing files and symbolic links using "cp -r", but I still see files missing in RFS. any pointer what I could be missing ?15:28
kergothbut you could presumably do INHIBIT_PACKAGE_STRIP and then add your own packagefunc to strip it the way you want15:29
Scorpikergoth: yes, I assumed that as a possible option, thanks for clarifying15:30
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yannany clue about the best way to submit patches to meta-linaro ?  their README suggests their gerrit, which has no visible "create account", and, whose archives at stop abruptly on last Dec 1st.  Would have asked Koen but he's not been very visible here lately, right ?15:35
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qschulzvdl: r'\n' is a python raw string (basically, replace looks for the character \ followed by the character n and replaces it with \n (which is a newline)15:37
qschulzvdl: c.f.
qschulz(learned something new today :) )15:38
vdlqschulz: got it, thanks.15:41
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vdlhow do I need to format my SRC_URI to clone a local repository (just for testing)?16:21
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vdlbitbake isn't happy about git://${TOPDIR}/../project"16:21
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qschulzvdl: just give it the absolute path on your system without using ${TOPDIR} or ..16:24
qschulzgit:///home/vdl/yocto/some-git for example16:24
qschulzor maybe it works already, you need to add ;protocol=file after git://${TOPDIR}/../project16:24
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vdlqschulz: it complains about invalid SRC_REV even though the commit exists16:28
qschulzvdl: does it exist in the master branch?16:31
vdlobviously SRCREV instead of SRC_REV works...16:32
* vdl face palm16:32
vdlThe variable naming can be confusing with OE/bitbake :-)16:32
vdlqschulz: git:///home/vdl/yocto/some-git;protocol=file is what I needed btw (since I don't run a git server). Thank!16:34
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qschulzvdl: unfortunately, I'm not sure we can detect which variables are not used16:42
qschulzI mean we probably can, but bitbake.conf (for example) which is used as base for all recipes probably contains lots and lots of variables that aren't used by the recipe16:42
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vdlqschulz: I meant that some variables use underscore, others don't, there are no strong naming convention for variables, making it hard to catch typos16:49
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qschulzvdl: yes I know, the point was that I was not sure we would be able to catch typos16:51
qschulzbut that'd be super neat16:51
yannhm, Koen's email as listed in meta-linaro/README is bouncing, any needs for concern ?16:52
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Guest75177yann:  I think that README should be updated17:03
vdldoes yocto requires the file of a python application to be located at the root of the project, or can it be e.g. in an src/ subdirectory?17:06
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yannGuest75177: we'll see if my emails at least reach someone...17:24
yannI was also wondering if it would not make any sense to have meta-optee as a standalone repo, rather than living in meta-linaro where it's not obvious it's even maintained17:27
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Guest52974Hello, i'm trying to install yocto on Garuda linux(Arch linux), following the instructions on Arch wiki, but when installing "bitbake" i'm getting dependency issue, that python-django18 package was not satisfied, when searched for that package on arch website, is there any other way for resolving this issue17:28
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kergothGuest52974: you shouldn't be "installing" bitbake at all17:30
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qschulzyann: meta-arm has optee recipes too17:35
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qschulzGuest52974: and Arch Linux is not supported by Yocto, we suggest to use containers instead. E.g. pyrex or CROPS (github projects, easy to find)17:36
vdlqschulz: cloning a local copy ended up being stupid. How do I point to a local source tree? bitbake doesn't like SRC_URI = "file://${TOPDIR}/../app/subdir". Do I need EXTERNAL_SRC or something?17:38
yannqschulz: oh, sadly the layer index pointed me only to meta-optee when I searched for "optee" in layers, and I missed that :/17:38
yannthere are sooo many optee recipes in tons of repos! :fearful:17:38
yannok, next step rebase my work onto meta-arm :)17:39
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qschulzvdl: you said it worked, why has it stopped now?17:40
qschulzyou can modify S if you want to have your source tree in a subdir of your git repo17:40
vdlqschulz: the python app I'm writing the recipe for has its into a app_root/src/app subdirectory17:41
vdland I realized for quick testing git:// wasn't ideal (I'll have to commit any tweaks in the sources first)17:42
qschulzvdl: use devtool for debugging17:43
qschulzvdl: or externalsrc (which is the mechanism used by devtool)17:44
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fullstopHi.  On my platform opkg is very slow to install packages, about a minute to install a 5kb package.  Is there any way to speed this up?19:31
fullstopIt seems like a second run is much faster than the first one, so I assume that it's io bound19:32
fullstopparsing stuff in /var/lib/opkg/info ?19:36
vdlcan a raw file on the SD card be mounted as a file with WIC? e.g. part /mnt/foo --source rawcopy --sourceparams "file=foo"?19:38
khemfullstop: seems related to io yes,  perhaps you can benchmark your disk19:39
fullstopkhem: That sounds like an exercise in sadness but I guess it needs to be done.19:40
fullstopIt's overlayfs over encrypted ubiblock of squashfs, if that makes sense.19:41
fullstopMany layers.  With that being said, it was slow before I added them.19:41
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fullstopstrace shows me that it's spending most of the time reading .list files from /var/lib/opkg/info20:08
fullstopThere's close to 1000 of those.20:09
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khemfullstop:  I dont think opkg can help here, perhaps its your file system setup which is to blame here20:33
khemfullstop:  maybe mount /vaar/lib/opkg on tmpfs and see if it speeds it up, if it does then you know for sure its not opkg20:33
fullstopright, I can just copy the files to a directory in tmp and set the config option for opkg to test that.20:34
fullstopkhem: that significantly cut down the time required.  Some of it was systemd dbus stuff after reinstalling the service, but it is about 50% of the time required before.20:42
fullstopthis was measured after "echo 2 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches"20:42
khemhmm dropping the caches will slow it down. Are you measuring raw performance20:43
fullstopNo, "time opkg install --force-reinstall PKGNAME.ipk"20:44
fullstopcaches are dropped in both cases, though, so clearly a significant bottleneck is reading the files from NAND.20:44
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khemI did not understand what reduced to 50%20:44
khemand how is systemd dbus coming into picturee20:44
fullstopSorry, it was about 60s with the info directory on flash and about 30s with the info directory on tmpfs20:45
fullstopsystemd dbus is coming into the picture because of postinst commands, presumably.20:45
fullstopyes, the postinst runs some systemctl stuff.  This happens in both cases, though, and I understand that it will take some additional time on this particular package.  This will not be the case with all packages, so I'm not overly concerned with the additional time that it takes..20:46
khemright yes services will be restarted if they are updated etc20:47
khemso just changing the file system reduced it to half so you know where the problem is20:48
fullstopYes, but unfortunately there's not much that I can do about that one.20:48
fullstopother than cheat.. and cat all of the files in the info directory at startup.  :-)20:49
fullstopI remember doing that with an oracle database decades ago in order to pre-load certain tables in the cache after a cold boot.20:50
khemperhaps look into your file system as well. IMO opkg is perhaps symptom20:50
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ecdheCan bitbake function without inotify capability?21:59
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vdldo you guys define kernel .cfg snippet per feature, or per kernel driver/subsystem? (e.g. a feature foo.cfg requiring both squashfs and dm-verity, or squashfs.cfg and dm.cfg)23:09
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khemvdl: there is no hard and fast rule, but it cuts across features which work together and are dependent23:17
khemin your examples they look more like independent23:17
khemecdhe:  bitbake needs inotify23:18
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