Tuesday, 2021-04-13

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LetoThe2ndyo dudX06:26
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qschulzMornin' folks08:05
qschulzvdl: IIRC, dm-verity requires a squashfs, so if there's a way to specify config fragments dependencies, do it that way. But as khem said, it's up to you, you can have config fragments per feature or per "machine" configruation. It's up to the BSP layer maintainer to decide08:07
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qschulzi'm trying to backport openssl 1.1.1k in our thud branch (openssl 1.1.1b is the default in poky)... I do not understand why Yocto is complaining "Multiple versions of openssl are due to be built. . Only one version of a given PN should be built in any given build. You likely need to set PREFERRED_VERSION_opens08:30
qschulzsl to select the correct version or don't depend on multiple versions."08:30
qschulzI even set PREFERRED_VERSION_openssl in my machine configuration file (which IMO shouldn't be needed?) but to no avail08:30
qschulzis this an issue with the 1.1.1k and 1.1.1b version not being different enough (does Yocto take correctly into account the k/b part of PN?)08:31
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bluelightningqschulz: it absolutely does take the full version string into account08:41
bluelightningprobably worth running bitbake -e | less and then search for PREFERRED_VERSION_openssl to see if your setting is being overridden somewhere08:42
qschulzbluelightning: PREFERRED_VERSION is correctly set, but why is it needed in the first place? my two layers are of different priorities so the one with the highest prio should be the one providing openssl shouldn't it?08:48
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bluelightningqschulz: there must be a a PROVIDES and corresponding DEPENDS which is forcing the other one to be picked as well08:48
bluelightningbitbake -DDD should report more detail about how the selection is happening08:49
bluelightning(it would be nice if it would just do so up front in the warning... hmm)08:50
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qschulzso, it seems to work just fine if I ask to build openssl explicitly (picks the 1.1.1k)08:51
qschulzI'll let you know but the PROVIDES is a good pointer08:51
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qschulzbluelightning: aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggggg http://cgit.openembedded.org/openembedded-core/tree/meta/recipes-connectivity/openssl/openssl_1.1.1b.bb?h=thud#n21009:13
qschulz(we unfortunately use openssl10-conf (that I expected to be coming from openssl10 recipe and not openssl)09:13
bluelightningoh line 20909:14
qschulzbluelightning: ah yeah sorry, it does not seem to highlight the line as on github/gitlab09:14
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qschulzbluelightning: thank you very much for the -DDD pointer, very verbose but very helpful. I think I rely a bit too much on bitbake -e those days :)09:19
bluelightningno worries09:19
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qschulzand to be complete, for the IRC archive, RPROVIDES_openssl-conf = "openssl10-conf" RREPLACES_openssl-conf = "openssl10-conf" RCONFLICTS_openssl-conf = "openssl10-conf" needed to be added to 1.1.1k recipe since we are still using openssl10 somewhere else and thus 1.1.1b which has those lines was picked for openssl10-conf instead of 1.1.1k09:30
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rburtonecdhe: re inotify, if you patch it out, yes.  why? doesn't cause problems really.10:41
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ecdherburton: is inotify hard to patch out?  Was attempting specifically to bitbake on not-linux13:52
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JPEWecdhe: Probably.... I think that's going to be a pretty uphill battle13:55
rburtonecdhe: if you're thinking BSD then the code isn't *hard* to patch out13:56
ecdhethat's where I'm headed with this13:57
rburtonbut building a linux platform on BSD isn't trivial13:57
ecdherburton: any prior art I could reference?13:57
ecdheI've heard the failure stories13:57
rburtonpoky-contrib:ross/darwin if it exists13:57
rburtonit was basically commenting out the inotify bits13:57
rburtonthe problem is building on bsd, inotify is trivial13:58
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ecdherburton: I was going to start just by bitbaking a few recipes14:00
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rburtonall the breakage will be in bootstrap14:01
rburtonfeel free to give it a go14:01
rburtonbut its a world of pain14:01
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ecdhebootstrap... bootstrapping gcc?14:01
rburtonall the native stuff, but yes gcc included14:01
rburtonfeel free to give it a go but there's a reason containers are awesome14:02
ecdhecontainers are indeed very useful14:02
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rburtonone of the most annoying things is packages that assume tools are gnu tools14:04
rburtonespecially in tools which are linux specific so don't expect to be cross-compiled on bsd14:05
ecdherburton: it helps that flags like sed -i are becoming more common in non gnu tools14:05
rburtonand i've no idea when pseudo on bsd was last tested14:05
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ecdherburton: just to be honest, that's the first thing you've mentioned that unfamiliar to me14:06
ecdheI've looked at the gcc bootstrapping process and all dependencies14:07
rburtonI'd say the problems are 1) pseudo 2) gnu-assumptions14:07
rburtonstart by building pseudo outside of OE and running the test suite14:08
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LetoThe2ndrburton: gnumptions?14:08
ecdheross/darwin is gone https://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/poky-contrib/log/?h=ross/darwin14:13
rburtoni probably blew it away as it didn't work, was years old, and was mostly just commenting stuff out14:13
rburtonstart with pseudo, then you don't have to worry about bitbake yet :)14:14
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R0b0t1I'm having a really weird issue fetching something with git. I can't pass git a git:// link, I must use ssh://. but when I use ssh:// bitbake tries to use scp14:41
R0b0t1how do I change this behavior14:41
R0b0t1I am absolutely positive this is the issue, even if that solution is not the one, because normal git invocations can't accept git:// uris14:42
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LetoThe2ndR0b0t1: missing a protocol= parameter, maybe?14:49
R0b0t1haha I just found that14:50
LetoThe2ndR0b0t1: have fun.14:53
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zeddiiRP: they reason they probably said 5.10 is that there were some filesystem fixes in 5.10 for y203815:26
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zeddiiand the other version is more 5.6 than 5.515:26
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linumsIs anyone here who uses icecream?15:39
rburtoni think JPEW does but we're in the technical call right now15:43
linumsI know he does, he helped me earlier15:45
linumsThanks, than I'll wait for him15:45
rburtonJPEW: poky-contrib:ross/taskthreads is something related i kicked a bit at a while ago15:47
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linumsI actually have pretty basic issue with it, so if someone could point to a description, I would be happy with it15:59
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linumsI'm building arm right now, and I don't understand the concept how the compiler and stuff should be deployed to the machines16:00
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qschulzlinums: what's the question?16:44
linumsI would like to know how can I copy the cross compiler, and the libs needed for the packages to the build agents through yocto16:53
linumsBecause they're not present during the build on the slave build agents16:54
linumsBut it is pretty obvious that I should not do it manually :D16:54
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creichhi there, is there any known problem about missing licenses when rebuilding some image using yocto?17:13
creichhere's the background17:13
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creichi am working on some proprietary project and was able to completely build an image17:13
JPEWlinums: icecc will copy the toolchain to the builders; this should happen automatically if you are using icecc.bbclass17:14
creichnow during a rebuild, get lot's of warnings about: The license listed Zlib was not in the licenses collected for recipe zlib17:14
creichin the end the whole build fails, due to some missing file17:14
RobertBerger@creich: which Yocto version do you use?17:15
creichRobertBerger: how can i find out?17:16
creichi am new to the project and the image configuration was already there17:16
creichi encountered the problem several time now and always ended up rebuilding everything from scratch17:16
RobertBerger@creich: all your layers should have the same version, so it would be a good idea to find out ;)17:16
creichbut i would like to get a deeper understanding and probably fix it17:16
RobertBerger@creich: typically it's branches17:17
RobertBerger@creich: let's see your layers first: bitbake-layers show layers17:17
RobertBerger@creich: version: bitbake -e | grep ^DISTRO_VERSION=17:18
RobertBerger@creich: which you should also see when you bitbake something17:19
creichi found 'zeus' btw17:19
RobertBergerOK - old ;)17:19
creichok. but old doesn't explain why that problem just occurs out of nothing17:20
creichbut where should i start to dig?17:21
creiche.g. i tried to rebuild glibc17:21
JPEWlinums: Specifically, the ICECC_ENV_EXEC specifies the script that builds the toolchain archive, the patch of which is stored in the poorly named ICECC_VERSION variable. icecc uses ICECC_VERSION as an environment variable to know which toolchain to send to the remote builder17:21
creicheven checked listtasks and tried to run populate_lic17:22
creichnothing worked17:22
creichif i rebuild it from scratch i guess the files will be back and everything works as expected :/17:22
creichbut it feels wrong to always use that kind of 'solution'17:22
creichif there is any doucumentation i should read on 'how to debug..' or smth i'd be glad ti get some hints :)17:23
linumsJPEW: now I've realized, that I'm not using icecc properly17:25
RobertBerger#creich: Does your problem only occur when you build an image, or when you build the package?17:28
creichi build an image17:28
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creichfrom reading the error message i posted, it seems like there is some part trying to collect all license information17:29
creichbut it doesn't find some files and thus brakes17:29
RobertBerger@creich: it tries to create the license manifest and fails17:30
creichthe part i don't understand is how those files got lost in the first place17:30
creichjust to rule out any local changes, i go back to rebuild on a clean workspace again17:30
creichand try to keep very close track to my steps17:30
creichmaybe i broke something without noticing17:31
creichbut the only thing i did after the last build was adding a 'one line' bbappend file17:31
creichremoving it didn't solve the problem17:31
RobertBerger@creich: at least zlib should work ;)17:32
creichi was just trying to disable one systemd service17:32
creichbut that shouldn't explain the current problem17:32
creichanyways, thx for the time and help so far17:33
RobertBerger@creich: what is this? /home/user/coding/c3ecu/tmp-angstrom-glibc/../deploy/glibc/licenses/hem20/state-scripts-umi/recipeinfo17:33
creichas i said, i'll just try to rebuild and see if that at least works again17:33
creichi don't know.. i thought thats part of the normal build process17:33
creichi can investigate17:33
creichopenembedded-core/meta/classes/license.bbclass:    with open(os.path.join(destdir, "recipeinfo"), "w") as f:17:35
creichseems to be part of openembedded17:35
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marc1Recently installed an SDK generated with hardknott and got: tar: ./sysroots/armv7vet2hf-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/dev/console: Cannot mknod: Operation not permitted20:34
marc1Any ideas?20:35
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nemgti-ogcan I use the SYSTEMD_SERVICE to run an application which is not a service at boot up? Or what is the preferred way to start an application at boot up if it is not by means of a systemd service?20:47
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alex88Hi everyone, if I have to add e.g. nodejs into our recipe (I'm using kas and doing the development into a single recipe) what should I do? I've tried to add IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " nodejs" and added the meta-oe layer into the project but I get20:51
alex88ERROR: ParseError at /work/deps/meta-oe/meta-oe/recipes-dbs/postgresql/postgresql.inc:39: Could not inherit file classes/python3targetconfig.bbclass####################20:52
alex88unless there's an error with the python3targetconfig recipe because the other inherit mentioned in http://cgit.openembedded.org/meta-openembedded/tree/meta-oe/recipes-dbs/postgresql/postgresql.inc#n39 work?20:52
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khemare you using same branches for both oe-core/poky and meta-openembedded repo ?20:53
alex88I think so, 3.2 is gatesgarth right? https://gist.github.com/alex88/44c484ea81758c63b42e20f2f692bedf20:53
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renegadeAny clue why a cm4 image won't boot when u-boot is enabled. It seems to work fine when not using u-boot20:56
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R0b0t1hi, is there an intended way to build for a chroot so that things can be run on an x86 machine?21:01
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alex88seems that changing to gatesgarth-next changes the error to "ERROR: ParseError at /work/deps/meta-oe/meta-oe/recipes-extended/libimobiledevice/libplist_2.2.0.bb:9: Could not inherit file classes/python3targetconfig.bbclass"21:10
alex88don't think it's a bug with the layer tho, I mean it's a simple image with nodejs.. nothing too crazy :)21:10
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alex88oh seems that I have to update oe-core https://github.com/openembedded/meta-openembedded/issues/317 but that needs to be done in the poky repo?21:14
alex88because if I try to get oe-core myself I get "Multiple init scripts found (openembedded-core vs. poky)."21:15
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khemjust use latest dunfell branch of poky21:18
khemand latest dunfell for meta-openembedded21:18
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alex88dunfell instead of gatesgarth?21:18
alex88oh, just saw that 3.2 doesn't 3.2.x but 3.2.0, I'm trying with 3.2.3 now21:18
alex88*doesn't mean21:19
khemyeah use latest of gatesgarth if you are on gatesgarrth21:19
alex88thanks khem! let's wait for the 1.7k tasks now :)21:20
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unrznbl[m]hello, was trying instructions here: https://docs.yoctoproject.org/3.2.3/brief-yoctoprojectqs/brief-yoctoprojectqs.html on fedora 34 and got errors on the `bitbake core-image-sato` or `bitbake core-image-minimal` step. `| ../../elfutils-0.180/libebl/libebl.h:248:46: note: previously declared as an array ‘int[6]’` on the minimal one and `ERROR: Task21:25
unrznbl[m](virtual:native:/home/craig/src/poky/meta/recipes-devtools/ninja/ninja_1.10.1.bb:do_compile) failed with exit code '1'` with sato. Any tips? Would fedora 33 be a better idea? (obviously not beta so certainly a good idea to revert to 33)21:25
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kergothhmm, anyone created selftests to deploy into new layers which run yocto-check-layer against it? debating adding selftests to every layer i create to test aspects of it, starting with compatibility21:56
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unrznbl[m]I am trying ubuntu 20.04 instead since that is mentioned as supported and ubuntu is mentioned "first" in instructions. :)22:01
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vdlis there a standard way/config/deamon to manage and configure modems?23:28

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