Wednesday, 2021-04-14

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alex88if I have to wrap a node-red recipe, to create for example a user, a systemd service etc, should I create a recipe? because reading the docs it seems that you need to provide a source path00:35
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JPEWkhem: I've queued the meta-mingw patch in master-next03:08
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alex88shouldn't adding a package RDEPENDS_${PN} be enough to install another package/recipe?03:43
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LetoThe2ndyo dudX07:01
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LetoThe2ndstupid question. what are places one could deposit a site.conf? are there any known best practises around?07:02
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qschulzalex88: how do you expect to create the systemd service in your recipe? you're probably going to give a file right? Then that file is in SRC_URI. Not sure recipes without SRC_URI work out of the box, worst case scenario you noexec all the tasks that happpen before do_install?07:41
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derRichardis there a reason why does not list KERNEL_IMAGETYPES?08:13
derRichardi find only something on KERNEL_IMAGETYPE (without "S")08:13
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LetoThe2ndqschulz: hey! hey you! how many beers do you already owe me?08:19
* LetoThe2nd counts days since threat, and points out that there is still no submission to the CFP08:20
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: the main issue currently is I don't know how much time I need for slides I didn't write yet :p08:30
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qschulzexcuses excuses I know08:34
LetoThe2ndbeer beer!08:34
LetoThe2ndi'm not much a fan of slides anyways. propose a show and tell :=08:35
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someone12983Suppose a company created a board but didn't provide any meta-layer or I create my own board, is there a guide/tutorial available on how to create a meta-layer like meta-raspberry from scratch?08:38
qschulzLetoThe2nd: I don't see myself explaining how overrides/operators are working without visual support :D08:42
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LetoThe2ndqschulz: use legos.08:43
LetoThe2ndsomeone12983: theres a bsp document somewhere. qschulz ?08:43
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qschulzLetoThe2nd: I guess?08:57
LetoThe2ndhuh yeah. someone just left, though.08:59
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qschulzderRichard: Don't think it was ever documented? Please send a patch so this omission is gone :)09:06
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derRichardqschulz: well, it is documented in poky/meta/conf/documentation.conf09:07
derRichardKERNEL_IMAGETYPES[doc] = "The list of types of kernel to build for a device, usually set by the machine configuration files and defaults to KERNEL_IMAGETYPE."09:08
derRichardthis is why i'm so confused09:08
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qschulzderRichard: our variable documentation is not automatically extracted from variable's [doc]09:11
derRichardi thought it is09:14
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guest123Hi I'm trying to build an image with "wic" and I get the error "ERROR: No boot files defined, IMAGE_BOOT_FILES unset for entry #1", has anyone experience with wic's raw mode?11:08
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guest123Is this a bug? I run: "wic create -D sdimage-stratix10-emmc.wks -o tmp_out/ --rootfs-dir tmp_rootfs --bootimg-dir tmp_uboot --kernel-dir tmp_kernel --native-sysroot /sbin"11:27
guest123and get the debug output: "DEBUG: Kernel dir: tmp_uboot"11:27
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guest123It works now, but the sd-image has a different size compared with the one which is generated by yocto (the content is the same, so it is just empty space which is added by yocto, i guess?)13:03
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alex88qschulz, ok got it, thank you!14:46
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sahilggi recently started to develop yocto linux for a embedded machine. i have to write it to sdcard everytime :(  to check it. how can i run it in pc only like instructor is doing in youtube video? uname -a output is Linux phyboard-segin-imx6ul-2 4.14.93-bsp-yocto-i.mx6ul-pd19.1.0 #1 SMP Wed Feb 10 01:11:08 UTC 2021 armv7l GNU/Linux14:58
sahilggi am just started and its vast14:58
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LetoThe2ndsahilgg: a) you can use qemu on the pc b) it wont' emulate the specific imx hardware14:59
sahilggso i am unlucky? for this particular hardware i have to write it to sdcard everytime to check the progress?15:00
LetoThe2ndsahilgg: to shorten the round trip, you can often make a board boot off nfs or such.15:00
sahilgg       1: nand15:02
sahilgg       2: spi15:02
sahilgg       3: mmc15:02
sahilgg       4: net15:02
sahilgg       5: back15:02
sahilggthese are the bootloader options available in my machine. i use mmc to use sdcard image15:02
LetoThe2ndwell net sounds promising, right?15:02
LetoThe2ndbut its certainly baord specifc, so please consult the documentatino.15:02
sahilggbooting 'net'15:04
sahilggcould not open /mnt/tftp/none-linux-phyCORE-i.MX6UL: No such file or directory15:04
sahilggBooting 'net' failed: No such file or directory15:04
sahilggbooting 'net' failed: No such file or directory15:04
sahilggBooting failed with: No such file or directory15:04
sahilggPress any key to continue15:04
sahilggthis is the output of it. documentation is incomplete ;--; i have to call him to ask the doubts and notepad file is almost trash that he gave me .15:04
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LetoThe2ndwell booting procedures are highly board specific. so, consult the vendor or whomever provided you with the board.15:05
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sahilgggot it :)15:07
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angolinithere are several tutorials on how to boot from NFS/FTP, I remember writing one several years ago... but I just found this one
angolinimaybe, this can help you on setting the needed variables15:08
angoliniif you're using u-boot, the process will be quite the same for imx6ull or imx6q15:08
angolinior you don't have internet access, maybe?15:10
sahilggthanks @angolini i will try to follow this, it never came into mind to boot via network. luckily i have internet for development of this product. i waste time to solve tiny tiny mistakes of mine while building it  xD15:15
sahilggi have another doubt. i am able to ping with nice ping like 5ms , able to git clone too. but i am unable to install python modules via pip, it gets retrying error i extended the timeout too by using --timeout=120 but it does not do it's work. any way around for thiss? is this good practice to install via pip install inside the image? or15:15
sahilggi have to include it local.conf only all the pip modules?15:15
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albeuI have a task that run a script and i want to have it re-run if the script changes, is it possible?15:38
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sahilggoh that's a tricky situation. following15:45
alex88is wayland/x11 needed to display boot messages?15:46
alex88because I have a rpi4 and with this config I get no hdmi output15:47
alex88oh it seems that enabling uboot and uart worked!15:50
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sahilgganyone have tried to install service or similar service to get remote ssh to yocto device for support ?16:14
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sgw1halstead: ping in pm16:41
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khemRP:  I was looking at analysing the gcc11 reproducibilty fails you reported is there some data on diffoscope output that is accessible ?17:00
khemthis is what you sent my way
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sgw1Hi Folks, I am looking for some help with cmake, which in the past I avoided!  Don't judge the fact that install is trying to do some compilation, but I think that's part of the problem.  Ceph tries to build some python binding C code during the install phase and it's not finding the core libraries and crt related objects.17:52
sgw1It seems to be searching in the recipe-sysroot-native area instead of the recipe-sysroot directory17:53
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cdgarrenI'm working on a recipe to create a programming package for my image. Basically it just packages my rootfs image and a few scripts into a zip file. I'm basing my image off of some of the swupdate recipes. I'm running into an error in staging.bbclass during my do_install. The stack trace is below:17:59
cdgarrenERROR: device-programming-0.1-r0 do_install: Error executing a python function in exec_python_func() autogenerated:17:59
cdgarrenThe stack trace of python calls that resulted in this exception/failure was:17:59
cdgarrenFile: 'exec_python_func() autogenerated', lineno: 2, function: <module>17:59
cdgarren     0001:17:59
cdgarren *** 0002:extend_recipe_sysroot(d)17:59
cdgarren     0003:17:59
cdgarrenFile: '/home/cdgarren/Projects/device/bsp/sources/poky/meta/classes/staging.bbclass', lineno: 552, function: extend_recipe_sysroot17:59
cdgarren     0548:                    dest = newmanifest[l]17:59
cdgarren     0549:                    if l.endswith("/"):17:59
cdgarren     0550:                        staging_copydir(l, targetdir, dest, seendirs)17:59
cdgarren     0551:                        continue17:59
cdgarren *** 0552:                    staging_copyfile(l, targetdir, dest, postinsts, seendirs)17:59
cdgarren     0553:17:59
cdgarren     0554:    bb.note("Installed into sysroot: %s" % str(msg_adding))17:59
cdgarren     0555:    bb.note("Skipping as already exists in sysroot: %s" % str(msg_exists))17:59
cdgarren     0556:17:59
cdgarrenFile: '/home/cdgarren/Projects/device/bsp/sources/poky/meta/classes/staging.bbclass', lineno: 152, function: staging_copyfile17:59
cdgarrenDoes anyone know the fix to this? I've found a few instances of it around the web, but none have any solution.17:59
rburtoncdgarren: might be easier if you include what your recipe is doing18:04
frayLook at the inputs to the call of that python function  either the function itself isn't being called right, or had bad parameters18:04
fraythat would all come from the recipe..  put the recipe in a pastebin and it'll be easier to look at18:04
cdgarrenrburton recipe is here18:06
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cdgarrenI'm also a little confused about what the sysroot is really doing in this recipe. My recipe doesn't use the libgcc-initial package that seems to be part of the issue here. Is it being brought in by the image I'm zipping up?18:37
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RPkhem: there should be, yes. Look at the log output and then find the matching non-release directory18:58
RPkhem: it follows the same pattern each time18:58
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khemRP:  where should look those logs dont say much19:23
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vdlshould I set PACKAGE_CLASSES = "" in the distro conf to avoid the _ipk tasks?20:10
RPkhem: do you have a build link handy?20:14
RPkhem: Non-reproducible packages will be copied to /srv/autobuilder/
khemhow do I copy them out20:16
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RPkhem: binaries are also at that url20:17
khemok cool20:18
RPwell, but you get the idea20:18
khemit will be cool to dump the url in logs20:18
RPkhem: its nice it does this at all ;-)20:18
RPpatches welcome20:18
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unrznbl[m]ok. `bitbake core-image-sato` "just worked" with instructions on ubuntu 20.04 where it did not on fedora 34 (and maybe fedora 33) so I'm good to go but maybe some things are broken. I'll try again and submit a bug if I can reproduce again. :)20:32
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khemRP:  gcc11 switches to dwarf5 for default debug info and I think these diffs are related to that, I have send few dep fixes for valgrind are also related to same20:37
RPkhem: I saw the valgrind fixes, thanks, I'll queue those20:43
khemhopefully will see something for gcc one too20:44
khemI think kergoth had seen similar issue when work-shared was involved gcc did not map paths correctly20:45
khemperhaps kergoth can add a bit to jog my memory here20:45
RPkhem: I think his problem was different, the shared sources were meaning the sources in the debug package were not being populated correctly20:46
kergothyeah, the shared sources weren't copied. just needed a couple additional debug and macro path maps and an addition to package.bbclass to allow pulling sources from those alternative paths. i'll see about submitting it in the near future20:46
khemyes I rememberr20:47
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mischiefis there a way to keep enough debug info for backtraces to work in binaries?22:57
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vdlhow do you enable a custom systemd .mount file at build time?23:07
vdlSYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE and SYSTEMD_SERVICE are use for package recipes, but here I'm adding custom unit files to systemd-conf_%.bbappend23:09
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vdlshould I also add the symlink manually to these systemd-conf files?23:10
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mischiefvdl: just make your own recipe?23:26
vdlmischief: I thought all systemd conf should go into systemd-conf, but I think you're right23:34
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mischiefvdl: no.. only modify that recipe if you need to change the files that systemd-conf installs23:40
mischief(in my project, we delete upstream networkd units for example)23:41
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