Sunday, 2021-04-18

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black_13the TEMPDIR cant be ntfs05:45
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sunkistI want to put together a recipe.  It will download a tarbal from SRC_URI, check the SRC_URI[sha256sum], unpack the tarball, and copy one of the files (pxelinux.0) to the file system at /srv/tftpd19:39
sunkistPretty simple, but when my recipe doesn't inherit any base class, nothing happens (my do_fetch and do_unpack aren't installed)19:41
sunkistI could figure this out19:41
sunkistBut I wondered if there's a base class or a reference recipe that works along these lines19:41
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RPsunkist: if no base class is inherited, it should download SRC_URI and unpack it, it just won't install. I'd look closely at WORKDIR and where you're set S to22:32
sunkistWhen I run `bitbake myrecipe -c listtasks' I get only listtasks, showdata, and do_build22:32
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sunkistRP: so there doesn't appear to be a "do_fetch" task that cares what SRC_URI is set to22:33
RPsunkist: what happens if you run bitbake myrecipe -c fetch ?22:34
sunkistERROR: Task do_fetch does not exist for target myrecipe22:35
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RPsunkist: are you inheriting any classes in your recipe?22:35
RPsunkist: that sounds really odd since base.bbclass declares do_fetch and is always inherited22:36
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sunkistRP: I had the bitbake's base.bbclass instead of oe's meta/classes/base.bbclass22:53
sunkistThere are a ton of includes to other OE files in meta/classes/base.bbclass so it would be hard to bring this into bitbake23:01
sunkistThat said, I'm not trying to build poky, I just wanted to build a couple of packages using the familiar yocto syntax23:02
RPsunkist: you could just copy the bits of base.bbclass you need?23:11
RPsunkist: the bitbake one probably isn't in the best of shape :/23:11
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