Monday, 2021-04-19

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LetoThe2ndyo dudX06:12
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mckoangood morning06:36
hmw1good morning06:36
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prabhakarladHi All, Is it possible to add EXTRA_OECMAKE_ for two machines and say x, y and not for z ?09:15
qschulzprabhakarlad: either repeat it (e.g. EXTRA_OECMAKE_x and EXTRA_OECMAKE_z) or make use of MACHINEOVERRIDES mechanism to add a "family" in there which x and y machines are part of but not machine z09:18
prabhakarladqschulz: thanks for the pointer09:19
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yannwe should certainly add a note to that this layer is obsolete are that its contents are now maintained in meta-arm. I cannot submit a change with my account there, who can do that ?09:59
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rburtonI think I can do that now10:11
rburtonah bit its still getting commits10:11
rburtonif its not to be used then the master branch can just be removed10:11
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Maheshi want strip some of python packages (unnecessary) from the build10:15
* RP is curious whether bitbake-getvar in master-next is useful10:16
Maheshso that it will reduce the size of python package10:16
Maheshpython modules10:16
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Maheshhow can yocto facilitate this10:17
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mr_qwertzIs there a simple way how to create a symlink for the rootfs e.g. my_rootfs.ext4.gz so that the MACHINE is not included in the filename?10:32
mr_qwertzOr that the MACHINE is not part of any image recipe?10:34
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Mahesh[3:45:42 PM] <Mahesh> i want strip some of python packages (unnecessary) from the build10:35
qschulzmr_qwertz: should help you out10:37
qschulzmr_qwertz: otherwise: if you just want to add symlinks10:37
qschulzMahesh: don't add them to your image? If that is not the issue, find out where those packages are added (DEPENDS/RDEPENDS?) can they be not included depending on PACKAGECONFIG option?10:39
qschulzbitbake -g will be your friend10:40
Maheshhow to know packages which are not necessary10:41
mr_qwertzqschulz thx10:42
LetoThe2ndMahesh: so you do actually ask "i want to install less but i don't know what i can leave out"?10:43
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LetoThe2ndMahesh: well then you probably better start out by understanding your requirements, as the yocto build can remove many things, if you can tell what. if you can't tell, yocto is not going to help you.10:46
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derRichardMahesh: set NO_RECOMMENDATIONS :-)10:59
derRichardbut there be dragons10:59
derRichardso listen to LetoThe2nd10:59
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derRichardLetoThe2nd: \o/11:34
derRichardgood sound11:34
LetoThe2ndderRichard: by now i have sme form of metal for almost any keyword. just to annoy rburton, of course.11:35
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MaheshLetoThe2nd how to useĀ  PACKAGECONFIGĀ  variable for removing specific moules of python package12:11
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zeddiiRP: something clearly went off the rails in my build!
zeddiithat, I've never seen before!12:32
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RPzeddii: I have seen it before, fun when it happens :)12:41
zeddiiI remember Tom Zannusi did that on purpose with his python templates he was adding for whatever tool it was .. his design lives on!12:43
RPzeddii: those were insane :)12:51
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RPzeddii: I particularly like the directories called else and if :)12:54
zeddiihehe. good times!12:57
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yanntlwoerner: did you have any time for kernel bsp ?13:09
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RPzeddii, jonmason: - you can argue about who needs to fix that :)13:43
tlwoernersorry, not yet13:45
tlwoerneryann: are you happy with the changes you posted? (they're marked WIP)13:46
tlwoerneryann: i pulled in the one patch already13:46
zeddiiRP: that's with my tweaked kern-tools patch ? if so, I'll fix it.13:46
tlwoernerreduce bbappend duplication13:46
tlwoerneryann: and i pulled in the baud rate change13:47
rburtonzeddii: thanks :)13:48
zeddiithese are of course, just warnings that have always been hidden :D I'll just need a bit of time to get my local builder setup to reproduce it. I had to remove all my old state due to yet another ailing disk.13:49
yannwell, I'm happy with the general direction.  I have one fixup for the remaining WIP (put "bsp" in "files/" instead of "linux-yocto/" to avoid poluting FILESEXTRAPATHS).  Otherwise, I guess we can work incrementally from there if the approach suits you13:49
yann(incidentally my optee patches build onto that unpublished fixup ;) )13:50
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tiefgruenHi :-)14:09
tiefgruenI am reading about wic in the manual.14:09
tiefgruenwic create <wks-name> -e <image>14:09
tiefgruencreate a wic image?14:09
tiefgruenThe output I get are the partitions seperately.14:09
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swupdateThere is a huge task do_swuimage that calls several Python functions. Is there a possibility that _append can also be used for a nested Python function that is not themselve a task?14:14
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qschulzswupdate: test and you shall see :) (use bb.warn() in python tasks or bbwarn "" in shell tasks to make it super obvious)14:21
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zeddiiRP: I remember you were saying something about increased parse times. Or maybe I imagined it. It might be part of my messed up build, but I was seeing a two minute start up time on my builds this morning. Trying to decide if I should debug further or chalk it up to a corrupted build.15:06
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zeddiihah. gcc has been packaging for 23 minutes.15:24
zeddiigood times.15:25
zeddiibut yet, I see no signs of memory pressure or disk issues.15:25
* zeddii fires up perf15:25
zeddii0: gcc-10.3.0-r0 do_package - 23m6s (pid 25802)15:25
zeddiithe kernel is trying to catch up!15:25
zeddii0: gcc-10.3.0-r0 do_package - 23m6s (pid 25802)15:25
zeddii'er .. 0: linux-yocto-5.10.30+gitAUTOINC+b7125842b7_8465e471f5-r0 do_package - 18m58s (pid 41147)15:26
RPkergoth: see what you think of the bitbake-getvar patch I sent. Torn on bitbake vs bb and a few other details15:36
RPzeddii: I fixed a parse time issue15:37
RPI think do_package has some kind of performance regression somewhere :/15:37
zeddii0: linux-yocto-5.10.30+gitAUTOINC+b7125842b7_8465e471f5-r0 do_package - 32m5s (pid 41147)15:39
zeddiiand people wonder why we didn't like slinging kernel source everywhere and make work-shared :D15:39
qschulzzeddii: are you building on a Raspberry Pi :p ?15:41
RPzeddii: oh, I wonder if this is because we fixed gcc's source handling15:42
* RP bets that was it15:42
RPalthough that shouldn't have changed linux-yocto15:43
zeddiiI haven't even switched to meta-arm to try and do that kernel warning fix.15:43
zeddiiat this rate, it'll be june before I send a patch15:43
zeddii0: linux-yocto-5.10.30+gitAUTOINC+b7125842b7_8465e471f5-r0 do_package - 36m24s (pid 41147)15:43
zeddiiI'm polling the machine's stats, nothing is showing as error or super pressured. I may just try the windows fix and reboot the builder. which is sad, since I have about 7 months of shell history there :D15:44
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qschulzzeddii: (helping as much as I can...) what about tail -f /proc/41147/fd/2 ?15:46
RPzeddii: would be nice to know what its doing15:46
RPzeddii: might help us improve15:46
zeddiinothing very intersting:
zeddiiI'll check the process state now, it may just be hung up on something.15:47
zeddiibut there are others: 1: kernel-devsrc-1.0-r0 do_install - 38m39s (pid 42662)15:47
zeddiibut the rest of the tasks are chugging away15:48
zeddii2: cpio-2.13-r0 do_package_qa - 33s (pid 30154)15:48
zeddiihmm. that process is doing an objcopy15:48
zeddiiand going very, very slowly through all the modules.15:49
RPzeddii: it is expected to loop over those, just not sure why its so slow. It should also be doing them in parallel. Did you disable PARALLEL_MAKE?15:50
RPI think it would hook for BB_NUMBER_THREADS anyway15:51
zeddiisame local.conf as before. but I agree. super strange. I'll keep an eye on it and keep poking.15:51
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zeddiiI'm just totally into setting a world record now!15:52
zeddii0: linux-yocto-5.10.30+gitAUTOINC+b7125842b7_8465e471f5-r0 do_package - 44m54s (pid 41147)15:52
zeddiiwhat's 45 minutes between friends ?15:52
RPzeddii: are you sure your disk isn't dead, or connected with wet string or something? ;-)15:55
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RPzeddii: I think I've seen times like that but only when I was deleting builds in parallel with running them (or when there was a rouge runqemu eating 100% CPU of a single CPU)16:00
zeddii:D brand new disk! smartctl and the kernel are showing no issues, neither did iotesting.16:00
zeddiiagreed, there is something else being evil, and it is hiding from me.16:00
zeddiiI'll just restart and see how it goes. I've set my record, the kernel finished packaging!16:00
qschulzwould it make sense to add timestamp to log.do_<task> so that it's easier to debug those kinds of issues? (I'd assume at least..)16:04
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RPqschulz: I did try that and it was surprisingly difficult to get right16:18
RPrburton, Saur: who is going to fix the btrfs-tools issue with meta-gplv2? :/16:21
SaurRP: We do not use btrfs...16:21
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SaurRP: I have not seen anything about btrfs-tools. Where should I look?16:25
RPSaur: is the problem. Looks like its a ptest dependency in util-linux so we can probably just remove that for gplv216:26
RPI've put a patch on master-next to see if that helps16:29
RPconfirmed, that does seem to fix it16:31
qschulzRP: what were the issues if I may ask?16:33
RPqschulz: btrfs-tools changed to LGPL-3.1 and now breaks meta-gplv2 which excludes the license16:34
SaurRP: Though I guess it will affect running ptest for util-linux if you have meta-gplv2 enabled?16:34
RPSaur: sure. Not sure I'm going to worry about it16:35
SaurNah, I wouldn't either. :)16:35
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rburtonyann: congrats you broke meta-arm :)16:40
rburtonnot sure how it didn't break in testing but that's testing for you16:40
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yannoh uh :)16:51
yannrburton: any clue why i don't get this QA error ?16:53
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yannlooks like my setup is closer to the testing one ?16:54
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vdlhow can an image avoid building the kernel and bootloader?17:06
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zeddiirburton: jonmason: the warnings that RP noted this morning come from the defconfig.  I can get rid of them in multiple ways ... but want your input.17:42
zeddiithese are the warnings :
zeddiiI can create a fragment that just sets them to the value we want, we can patch the defconfig, we can declare them non-hardware (and hence no warning) ...17:43
yatesmy trek to get a toolchain built for the csky architecture is currently parked at libitm - there is no implementation for csky. is libitm _required_ for each architure or is it optional?17:43
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jonmasonzeddii: IMHO, it needs to be fixed in the upstream defconfig17:48
jonmasonthey are modifying the defconfig by hand and not regenerating it17:49
jonmasonwe're working around some similar silliness in meta-arm-bsp (different warnings though)17:49
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zeddiiI can come up with something to mask them in the linux-yocto builds, or I can carry a linux-yocto patch for it. or we convince RP to ignore the warnings ;)17:51
johnro1987Hello .In previous projects using yocto 2.1 we had only 1 sdk and we were able to a toolchain.cmake file to include in configuration steps and later into and proper IDE to navigate C/C++ sources.Now in yocto dunfell there are multiple sysroots .. any pointer on how to implement same solution?17:52
jonmasonzeddii: I think a patch would be better, then we can try to upstream it (and get upset when they say no)17:54
jonmasonstable kernel broke qemuarm64-secureboot between 5.10.21 and 5.10.22.  So I've been bisecting all morning17:55
zeddiiack'd. I'll cook something up.17:55
zeddiiheh. the myth of the stable kernel in action! ;)17:56
jonmasonon a positive note, I have gitlab ci running testimage now to find it faster17:56
zeddiinice. I should figure that out myself.17:56
jonmasonit took me 2 weeks, but mostly because I'm stupid17:56
jonmasonI'd be happy to walk you through it17:57
zeddiiso about a month for me17:57
jonmasonthe trick is to understand that gitlab runner does not run the gitlab docker images inside it, but as a peer17:57
zeddiiI'll take you up on that offer. I'll put it on the list with the CVE bash and try to get to them.17:57
* zeddii clicks17:58
jonmasonI'm thinking of doing a follow on to Paul Barker's gitlab CI talk, "gitlab CI for dummies"17:58
zeddiiI'd be down for that.17:59
zeddiiwhich reminds me. I'm probably almost out of time to submit something for the summit.17:59
* zeddii scrawls that on the list.17:59
zeddiiI can just re-offer my failed talks from last time.17:59
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Crofton|cloudI'm tempted to annoy people and show how the layer management issue is actually been solved with git submodules18:10
swupdateUse as everybody18:11
jonmasonswupdate: I am using that18:13
jonmasonI'm even "fixing" the docker image to allow for testimage (builder user needs sudo)18:13
jonmasonas soon as I get it fully working on x86 and arm64 builders, I'll push the changes18:14
* zeddii uses git pull18:14
jonmasonzeddii: you should at least have a shell script and cronjob18:14
zeddiino way. I want to chose when updates happen. this isn't a CI I'm talking about :D18:15
jonmasonsstate pre-population with overnight builds18:15
zeddiidoing features, maintenance, bug fixes, etc, I chose when I want to risk explosions :D18:16
jonmasonthat is fair18:16
zeddiiI was clicking around the gitlab stuff you linked, Still can't tell what does what. Clearly I need to do some reading.18:17
zeddii@jonmason are those builds being farmed out to your infrastructure ?18:18
zeddiiI wouldn't mind being able to trigger some of that for meta-virt. a bit less for my kernel stuff.18:18
jonmasonmy desktop has 2 runners18:18
*** camus <camus!~Instantbi@> has joined #yocto18:19
jonmasonessentially, you get gitlab runner docker, then decide how to run the CI.  We're using kas inside a docker18:19
zeddiiand it uses your runner to exec on the build h/w of your specification ?  that's the main thing I want.18:20
*** kaspter <kaspter!~Instantbi@> has quit IRC18:20
*** camus is now known as kaspter18:20
jonmasonwith a prepopulated sstate, it takes about 40 mins to build everything and run testimage18:20
jonmasonyes, it is all running locally18:20
jonmasonno servers or cloud18:20
zeddiiI'll definitely have to dig into it then. that ticks the big boxes.18:20
jonmasonMaybe I should write you and howto as a start of a talk, and you can tell me whats missing and if I'm very stupid or not18:21
zeddiiThat would be awesome. I have cycles to try and do feedback.18:22
jonmasonok, I'll try to get what I have cleaned up and sent to you in an email18:22
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Crofton|cloudhas is read only though?18:49
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jonmasonCrofton|cloud: what do you mean?  you can specify what to build (like branches) and pull images out19:06
Crofton|cloudthe submodule has the got hashes of the layers19:11
Crofton|cloudand branches19:11
Crofton|cloudand you can edit and make new branches snd submiot work upstream19:11
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jonmasonyes, you can fetch specific versions or track upstream.  with gitlab you can schedule jobs. it works out well19:29
rburtonCrofton|cloud: our kas/ci stuff is all in meta-arm if you want to dig in19:38
rburtonmeta-security does the same sort of thing19:38
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jonmasonrburton: if meta-security used kasproject/kas docker image, they could reduce their gitlab-ci.yml by 3 lines :)19:53
jonmasonI was going to try it out once I got all of our stuff sorted19:54
jonmasonzeddii: YP Summit CFP ends tomorrow!  You better dig up some old stuff fast ;-)19:58
LetoThe2ndjonmason: off by one... week, actually.
zeddiiphew. I can put it off for a lot longer! ;)20:05
jonmasonLetoThe2nd: in my defense, I'm not sure what day it is20:05
zeddiijonmason, isn't it riot-eve ?20:05
* zeddii runs20:05
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jonmasonit may be.  there was a mini-riot last night locally.20:06
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* LetoThe2nd riots off to bed. G'Night dudX20:23
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vdlwhat is more common term in the yocto vocabulary to describe the system on which the build happens? "host" or "native"?21:29
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jonmasonvdl: I would say the build system is the "host" and "native" is the environment on that system21:44
RPvdl: native is probably more usual. The trouble is GNU cross build has specific meanings for build, host and target and they don't mean what people think they do :/21:50
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vdlRP: I see. Same concerns come to me when I'm designing a system with "host" and containers. While "container" is explicit, "host" images are more prone to confusion.22:35
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vdlWhen a package isn't available in common layers, do you guys import the recipe in your layer, or do you use the layer providing it as shown on
vdlI don't have strong opinion for simple packages such as "sshpass".22:46
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khemvdl: usually it will depend on your use of that layer, if its just one recipe or you need more core pkgs from it.23:20
* armpit sshpass should move to meta-oe23:34
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