Thursday, 2021-04-22

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vdlRP: are you telling me that I cannot connect via ssh with root unless I use debug-tweaks?00:14
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alex88vdl, not being able to connect via ssh as root is usually a good idea, but you can probably just allow that by changing the sshd config00:34
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vdlcan you set hostname_pn-base-files = "" from an image recipe, or is it from a (machine, distro, multiconfig) configuration file only?02:00
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thekappeHello guys07:07
thekappeHow can I prevent the kernel-image-fitimage package being installed in the image rfs ?07:07
LetoThe2ndyo dudX07:08
thekappeI'm really struggling, I always end up with both Image and fitImage in /boot07:08
LetoThe2ndthekappe: 1) find out what pulls it in 2) change that :)07:08
thekappebut I need only one of the two07:08
thekappeLetoThe2nd, is there a way to do that ?07:08
LetoThe2ndsure, for example looking at the dependency graphs.07:09
LetoThe2ndbitbake -g your image, then go wild.07:09
LetoThe2ndas well as simply inspecting IMAGE_INSTALL of your image, and oe-pkgdata-util to find the very packages in question07:10
thekappegoing through it07:10
thekappethanks for the hints dudY !07:11
LetoThe2ndhave fun07:11
thekappeI always do07:11
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RPvdl: configuration only. As for the root thing, there may be something else you can set, I'm not sure offhand, I only remember the debug-tweaks option. You could see how that is doing it behind the scenes though07:37
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thekappeoe-pkgdata-util -p tmp/pkgdata/<mymachine> list-pkg-files kernel-image-fitimage08:19
thekappe /boot/fitImage08:19
thekappe /boot/fitImage-4.19.0-xilinx-v2019.108:19
thekappeRunning: bitbake -e multiconfig:<mymachine>:<myimage>  | grep ^IMAGE_INSTALL08:19
thekappedoesn't show anything related to that package. maybe is it include in packagegroup-core-boot ?08:20
thekappeI need a way to don't have it installed08:20
thekappeit's a dynamic package defined here:
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qschulzthekappe: LetoThe2nd suggested to use bitbake -g, not bitbake -e ;)08:26
LetoThe2ndactually i suggested both :)08:28
thekappei've gone trhoug -g08:29
thekappebut didn't find anything related to kernel-image-fitimage in recipe-depends.dot08:30
thekappealso, adding FILES_kernel-image-fitimage = ""08:31
thekappe in a .bbappend doesn't works08:31
qschulzthekappe: obviously? because kernel-image-fitimage is not a recipe but a package?08:31
qschulzor is the name of the file wrong? don't remember much08:32
thekappethought that since it's FILES_ is set in the kernel recipe I would be able to override it08:32
qschulzI would look into, in that case you would have the package name I guess08:32
qschulzthekappe: except that it is a dynamic package as you said, so your variable has no impact.08:33
thekappecat | grep kernel-image08:33
thekappedoesn't return anything08:33
qschulzthekappe: you did -g on what?08:34
thekappeon the kernel recipe08:34
qschulztry on the image recipe08:34
thekappestill no results08:37
thekappecat | grep kernel-image08:38
thekappeand also08:38
thekappecat | grep kernel-image08:38
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fbreHi, I've got dunfell. Here, /tmp is a ramdisk but I can't see an entry in /etc/fstab for mounting /tmp. Do you know where /tmp is configured in the yocto framework?08:54
LetoThe2ndfbre: wild guess: its a systemd unit that does the magic08:59
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qschulzthekappe: just remembered: RDEPENDS_${KERNEL_PACKAGE_NAME}-base = ""09:01
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fbreLetoThe2nd: thanx! I'll have a look into this direction09:02
thekappe RDEPENDS_${KERNEL_PACKAGE_NAME}-base = ""09:03
thekappewon't install any image in KERNEL_IMAGEDEST09:04
thekappein this case I'll have to add kernel-image-image to  IMAGE_INSTALL_APPEND ?09:05
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thekappegot disconnected09:09
qschulzthekappe: bitbake -e and check what's the current content of RDEPENDS_${KERNEL_PACKAGE_NAME}-base (replace KERNEL_PACKAGE_NAME :)), I don't know what it's supposed to be09:10
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qschulzmaybe you have to set it to kernel-image-fitimage in your case?09:10
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thekappeI think that it gets both image and fitimage since the installed images are Image and fitImage shipped by kernel-image-image and kernel-image-fitimage09:15
thekappein my .conf I've set:09:18
thekappeKERNEL_IMAGETYPES   = "fitImage"09:18
thekappeKERNEL_CLASSES      = "mycustom-fitimage"09:18
thekappeso I expected only the fitImage file in /boot09:18
thekappebut also Image is in there09:19
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thekappeBTW, adding RDEPENDS_${KERNEL_PACKAGE_NAME}-base= "kernel-image-fitimage" will add only the fit to the rootfs and I'm ok with it09:25
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misteris it correct that if I build for qemuarm it doesn't make sense to add the rpi layer since it won't be used anyways right?09:31
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mistersince it won't build rpi right?09:40
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pankaj347Hi all,09:49
pankaj347i have built my own image but after booting its aking me password even i haven't set any password. How to remove it ?09:49
pankaj347ya, i have not set any variable related to the password09:52
mckoanpankaj347: the YP default is root user with no password, but depends on your settings09:52
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rburtonpankaj347: set the 'empty-root-password' (or debug-tweaks, which sets that and others) IMAGE_FEATURE and you have no password, just hit return.09:54
rburtonpankaj347: if you didn't do that, and didn't set the password, then the password is unset and you can't login09:54
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pankaj347rburton variable i need to set with 'empty-root-password' ?09:59
rburtonits an IMAGE_FEATURE10:01
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Ad0 - how do I append do_install here? in a bbclass . What calls this bbclass? I need to rename a couple of files. or do a rename after the fact?11:34
Ad0afaik there's no way to override a bbclass directly so11:34
Ad0poky/meta/classes/kernel.bbclass:inherit kernel-devicetree11:35
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Ad0is it as easy as override with do_install_append() in kernel.bbappend  and mv ${D}/boot/devicetree/a.dtb ${D}/boot/devicetree/b.dtb  ?11:38
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qschulzAd0: yup11:48
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thekappeI want to add e2fsprogs-mke2fs (provided by e2fsprogs) to a .bbappend ad DEPENDS += "e2fsprogs-mke2fs" because the program installed by the .bbappend requires mkfs.ext412:16
thekappedoing so, bitbake complains that12:16
thekappeNothing PROVIDES 'e2fsprogs-mke2fs'12:16
thekappeClose matches:12:17
thekappe  e2fsprogs12:17
thekappe  e2fsprogs RPROVIDES e2fsprogs-mke2fs12:17
thekappeHence I am a little unsure on how to proceed.12:17
thekappeadding DEPENDS += "e2fsprogs" will add all the packages shipped by ? How can I select just the one that I need12:18
LetoThe2ndDEPENDS is buildtime dep, RDEPENDS is runtime dep. so you probably want RDEPENDS_${PN} = "e2fsprogs-mke2fs"12:19
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misterCurrently the 5.4 kernel is built, what should I change in order to build the 5.10 release with dunfell?12:25
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thekappeLetoThe2nd, thanks12:26
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LetoThe2ndmister: find a BSP layer matching your needs that provides 5.10. or create one yourself. dunfell upstream is locked on 5.412:26
qschulzthekappe: DEPENDS has recipe name in it, RDEPENDS, package names. If your program builds fine but fails on the target, it's RDEPENDS you need12:36
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thekappeqschulz, now it's definitely clear12:39
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misterawesome irc channel, thanks!12:46
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Ad0thanks qschulz12:59
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Ad0I also see this IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " kernel-devicetree kernel-image-zimage"13:00
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vdlRP: thank you. allow-root-login was indeed the feature.13:35
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vdlto include the source to build inside the recipe, is it better to add an archive, or the source files directly?14:27
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vdlcommiting a tarball seems convenient but not very git friendly (in terms of file tracking)14:28
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LetoThe2ndvdl: best practise is to just not bundle those two things. ;-)14:31
qschulzvdl: create a git repo for those sources, or upload them to a webserver, or whatever is supported by SRC_URI fetchers14:32
qschulzwhy? because SW sources shouldn't be associated with a build system. What if you decide you want to use buildroot in a few years? or whatever buildsystem you can think of...14:33
vdlI know guys... I need to package a sample app for which the build system doesn't have access to the private repo yet, all I have at the moment are the python files.14:46
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vdlso the quick and dirty path at the moment is to place the source of the sample app in the recipe, hence my question.14:48
khemRP:  rburton  seeing do_packagedata_setscene: No suitable staging package found with master in few packages on aarch64 host14:48
khemany ideas ?14:49
qschulzvdl: solution is to take the git archive from downloads directory (DL_DIR) and install it on your server til you fix your private repo access14:49
qschulz(DL_DIR from your PC where you have access)14:49
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vdlqschulz: would bitbake skip the download if I put the source archive manually in DL_DIR?14:53
LetoThe2ndvdl: sources with the recipe are kind of a last resort. tar balls, no way IMHO. manual injection should work, yes.14:53
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vdlLetoThe2nd: so I can write my recipe as expected and manually put my archive in DL_DIR as a temporary workaround14:54
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Ad0still unclear to me how "overlays" directory is created in yocto with uboot and raspberrypi and kernel15:00
LetoThe2ndvdl: i think it should be possible, yes.15:00
Ad0meta-raspberrypi/conf/machine/include/ += "sdcard_image-rpi"15:03
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rburtonkhem: i've seen that on x86 host and have no idea why15:55
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vdlLetoThe2nd: because of the .done stamp file, I don't think I can skip the download step that easily16:08
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yatesis there a mechanism which specifies which recipe or .bbappend under <layer>/recipes-kernel/linux is used for virtual/kernel?16:19
yatesi.e., if i ran "bitbake virtual/kernel"16:20
yatesJaMa: ok thanks. that's in the build/local.conf?16:20
JaMayes if you want to change it locally, or MACHINE.conf sets that16:20
JaMawhen BSP provides own kernel recipes16:21
yatesthanks very much, JaMa16:23
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alex88Is there a way to use runqemu with a full disk instead of just rootfs? e.g. if I want to test multiple partitions/overlayfs etc?17:03
qschulzalex88: you can pass arguments to qemu if you want, I guess that's how you would be able to expose another filesystem to it?17:05
alex88oh ok, maybe there's a way to create a full disk image instead of just the root ext4 file and use that as the disk, I'll look more into that17:05
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JPEWalex88: You can generate a bootable .wic file17:23
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alex88JPEW, oh ok I can use wic, thank you!17:25
JPEWalex88: Ya, I think you need to add QB_DEFAULT_FSTYPE = "wic.qcow2"... I'm not _exactly_ sure how to specify the kernel, we are booting up u-boot as the BIOS and it loads the kernel17:28
alex88ok and I need to make sure that the qcow2 image is generated, that should be easy (right now I only have wic.bmap which I use  for the rpi4 but I wanted to test things with qemu to not having to deploy it continuously)17:30
alex88isn't QB_DEFAULT_KERNEL to specify that?17:30
alex88(the kernel)17:30
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JPEWalex88: Ya. I'm not sure if qemu treats a disk image differently than a rootfs image17:47
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tgamblinRP: w.r.t., did we ever simplify the email to a summary + link? Wondering if I should close it or not18:10
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RPtgamblin: the emails still have charts in so I think we got this working again19:23
RPtgamblin: the performance workers don't change much so I guess once it was working...19:24
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sgw1RP: more strangeness:  cenot8-ty-2 now works and centos8-ty-1 fails19:51
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RPsgw1: very strange :(19:56
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sgw1Yeah, I am going to try a full centos selftest on ty-2 again, I honestly am not sure what to do next to debug this with out a consistent reproducer19:59
RPsgw1: may be you need the latency of a running build on the machine too20:08
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alex88so I've tried to go with both qcow2 and vmdk images however qemu is stuck at boot with "Booting frorm hard disk...", is there any way to get more info on why is it failing? Trying to run the ext4 file works just fine20:30
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JPEWalex88: Ya, so I think the reason for that _might_ be that qemu is looking for the kernel (or a bootloader) on the disk instead of using the one your provides20:48
alex88JPEW, just saw that following ussing virt-manager at least shows some logs by selecting the direct kernel boot and selecting bzImage20:50
alex88I get a kernel panic but at least something20:51
alex88excuse my ignorance, but when you create a wic image and you flash the bmap to an sd, doesn't the disk contain the kernel/bootloader? but the vmdk doesn't?20:51
JPEWI think it depends on the machine20:52
alex88thanks for the advice! I'll look for that20:53
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alex88I had to set that in my image otherwise it would've thrown an error, but it was probably better not to :) at least I know what to look at20:54
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RPsmurray: are the layers in meta-agl meant to pass yocto-check-layer?21:00
smurrayRP: I believe so, but I think only meta-agl-core is wired up in the autobuilder21:01
RPsmurray: none of the layers are currently wired into the check-layer tests and if I try and add them I'm seeing some interesting failures :/21:02
RPsmurray: I'm not sure if this is the setup, the autobuilder, me missing something or something else :/21:02
smurrayRP: I believe it's only meta-agl-core that should be getting tested, but that's more of a dl9pf question21:03
RPsmurray: that is the one we're doing build testing on, not sure about YP compat status21:03
smurrayRP: AFAIK he was doing testing with yocto-check-layer, but I'm not sure the other layers in meta-agl are all 100%21:04
RPsmurray: I'll experiment a bit more, thanks. I just wondered if you happened to know the status so I'd know if it was meant to work! :)21:05
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*** vineela <vineela!~vtummala@> has joined #yocto21:07
smurrayRP: is it a requirement that every layer in that repo pass yocto-check-layer?  We might need to rip some stuff out to make that workable21:08
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smurrayRP: iirc, dl9pf will be back from vacation next week21:09
RPsmurray: it isn't a requirement at the moment, I'm just acutely aware we need better testing as we don't even know the current state21:11
RPsmurray: right, I'll try and ask him what the situation is next week. Meanwhile I think yocto-check-layer has issues too21:12
smurrayRP: I suspect meta-agl-core and meta-app-framework would pass, but not some of the other ones21:12
RPsmurray: I think meta-agl-core fails atm as AGL_EXTRA_IMAGE_FSTYPES is unset causing str() + None to trigger an error21:16
RPsmurray: but I also think yocto-check-layer is broken21:16
smurrayRP: right, that's a problem we need to fix21:16
* RP wonders if anyone here understand python argparser better than him21:17
smurrayRP: I thought dl9pf had told me it passed yocto-check-layer, but I know he sets that variable in the local.conf for the autobuilder21:17
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kergothI've been mulling over having each of my layers include a layer-specific selftest module/case that runs various sanity tests, starting with yocto-check-layer, then extracting the list of appended and added recipes to figure out what to build test and ptest. haven't tried it yet though..21:18
alex88adding WKS_FILE = "qemux86-directdisk.wks" that adds a bootloader row to the wic file it at least moves forward with but then blank screen :) little steps...21:21
*** mattsm <mattsm!> has joined #yocto21:24
alex88well, there's no kernel output, but after a bit I get to the terminal!21:26
RPkergoth: there are lots of ways we could do this, too many choices in some ways!21:28
RPsmurray: I'm pretty sure we'd need a default value for AGL_EXTRA_IMAGE_FSTYPES to make yocto-check-layer work. The layer doesn't parse as things stand21:29
*** agust <agust!> has quit IRC21:29
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smurrayRP: right.  I'll work up a change to that logic, it's bit me using that layer outside of the AGL tree elsewhere21:30
smurrayRP: it's one of those "seemed like a good idea at the time" things21:30
RPsmurray: I have worked out what I'm not doing correctly with the scripts too. Now I can try and make this all run on the autobuilder21:32
*** M4x4dib <M4x4dib!~m4x4dib@2601:2c3:c100:fa50:1028:68cd:20a0:1995> has joined #yocto21:33
M4x4dibGood day!21:34
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RPsmurray: FWIW, adding AGL_EXTRA_IMAGE_FSTYPES ??= "" to agl-core's layer.conf makes that sublayer pass21:44
RPsmurray: agl-core-test breaks with signature changes and a missing readme21:44
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*** psnsilva <psnsilva!~psnsilva@> has joined #yocto21:47
smurrayRP: okay21:48
smurrayRP: heh, I think he moved stuff to that test layer to make it easier to get core to pass21:53
JPEWRP: I've done a log of argparse21:53
smurrayRP: bunch of stuff in the test layers needs meta-oe, I think21:53
RPsmurray: meta-oe isn't an issue here21:54
*** kpo_ <kpo_!> has joined #yocto21:55
smurrayRP: okay.  I think the plan was to avoid a lot of dependencies for core21:55
RPJPEW: I was trying to figure out if positional nargs='+' could work ok with flag nargs='+' options. I think the answer is yes, as long as you do the opposite ordering to the help text21:55
RPsmurray: right, build testing is quite different from what I'm looking at here21:56
smurrayRP: gotcha21:57
RPsmurray: I think we can make "yocto-check-layer ../meta-agl/meta-agl-core ../meta-agl/meta-agl-bsp ../meta-agl/meta-netboot ../meta-agl/meta-pipewire --dependency ../meta-openembedded/meta-oe ../meta-openembedded/meta-networking ../meta-openembedded/meta-python" work as the AGL layer compat testing21:57
JPEWYa... I can't say I've done that before. I've always used `append` to allow the flag to be specified multiple times, e.g. --foo A --foo B --foo C21:57
JPEW-> [A, B, C]21:57
RPJPEW: yocto-check-layer does this, see the above command :)21:58
RPthe help text confused me21:58
smurrayRP: heh, that's definitely a question for Jan-Simon.  It looks like he's done a lot of conditional includes in the bbappends that should allow that to work22:01
RPsmurray: the above working assumes we have a weak default for the variable. I'm going to run with the above and talk to him next week22:02
RPthe app framework needs meta-security which the autobuilder doesn't know about (yet?)22:03
smurrayRP: the app framework layer might be a low priority, the plan had been to move it out altogether but there wasn't time to do so before the last release22:04
RPsmurray: if you want to see this failing live :)22:05
*** LetoThe2nd <LetoThe2nd!uid453638@gateway/web/> has quit IRC22:05
RPsmurray: I think making the above work is a good place to start22:05
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*** fenrig <fenrig!> has joined #yocto22:06
smurrayRP: re the variable, I'd been thinking I'd just rework that anon pythin logic to check if the vars are set22:06
RPsmurray: annoyingly its detecting meta-rcar-gen3-adas inside the meta-agl-bsp layer :/22:06
RPsmurray: that would fix it22:06
smurrayRP: I've had to test with a different distro config for a customer, so it's been on my todo list, I'll poke at it tomorrow22:07
fenrigHi I have some recipes and I've added BBCLASSEXTEND += "native", but is a whole chain of libraries tthat end up in an application. So multiple recipes with this classextend. now the first library that depends on a root library, doesnt get the the header files in the recipe sysroot native, can someone point me out why that is?22:07
smurrayRP: you probably don't want to look super close at the meta-rcar-gen3-adas stuff ;)22:08
RPsmurray: the errors from the script were enough to make me ignore it ;-)22:09
RPsmurray: I think I'll have to drop the bsp layer though as the check layer script can't have one without the other :(22:10
smurrayRP: I'm a bit surprised it'd see that, there's some dynamic layer stuff in meta-agl-bsp that I'd have thought would make that not visible w/o rcar322:11
RPsmurray: I mean that the script takes a path and pulls in any layer.conf files it finds there22:12
smurrayRP: ah22:12
RPsmurray: so I can't exclude one without the other22:12
fenrigBBCLASSEXTEND += "native" doesnt include the header file in <component>-native ?22:13
RPSo far, meta-intel is the only one that has passed the tests :/22:22
RPJaMa, khem: you'll be "pleased" meta-oe did break with the known licensing error from meta-multimedia22:22
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alex88Is there a way to have the disk come up at /dev/sda instead of /dev/vda in qemu?22:53
RPalex88: probably by not using virtio22:55
alex88ok thanks RP22:56
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alex88ended up just customizing the wic file for qemu changing ondisfk from sda to vda and it worked23:25
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